Julie's Examination

By Lokki’s Darkest Fire

Julie hurried along the sidewalk, the heels of her shoes clicking busily. It was nearly one o’clock, and this was one appointment she didn’t want to miss. She pushed impatiently past a frail-looking old woman, nearly bowling her over, but didn’t pause to apologize. Her long dark hair billowed behind her as she sped along; she looked, and was, a perfect specimen of healthy, beautiful youth and arrogance. She had places to go and things to do, and people could just stay the hell out of her way.

Ah, here it was. The Holmewood Clinic for the Study of Human Sexuality, the sign read. Julie didn’t really give a damn what the place’s title was, or indeed what they studied; all she needed to know was that they were willing to pay three hundred bucks to experiment on her tight little bod. And that three hundred was going to come in handy in preparing for this weekend’s skiing trip with Mark. She smiled a little as she pushed open the door of the office building, imagining her tall, handsome boyfriend’s expression when she got him back to their room and unveiled that sweet little chemise she intended to buy tonight. She loved to see the lust suffusing his face when she wore even the most marginally sexy clothes in front of him, loved to tease him with the sight of her body. Maybe this she’d actually let him fuck her this weekend; it all depended on how prettily he begged. She glanced down at her watch and noticed that it was now one-oh-four.

The receptionist looked up with a coolly professional smile as Julie approached the desk. “Good afternoon, Miss Prater. The doctor is ready for you.” There was a hint of admonishment in her tone, as though the doctor’s time were much too important for him to be kept waiting even a few minutes, and Julie felt an angry flush spread over her cheeks. She opened her mouth to tell this snotty bitch where to go, but something about the sterile atmosphere of this place stopped her. She had been surprised last week, during her preliminary examination, to find the clinic no different in appearance from any other doctor’s office. She had expected something a little more…comforting, but instead there was the same mildly oppressive feeling that she remembered from her rare visits to her family physician.

The door connecting the waiting area with the actual laboratory opened now, and a tall, blonde woman in nurse’s whites smiled warmly at Julie. “Come on in, honey, we’re all ready for you.” Julie was a little taken aback by the endearment, but shrugged it off as just one of those things nurses say; or perhaps the woman just remembered her from her last visit, and felt like they were old friends. Who knew? Returning the woman’s smile with a small one of her own, she obediently followed her into the inner recesses of the clinic. The antiseptic smell that seemed to permeate all medical settings filled her nostrils, and she felt a vague uneasiness rising within her, along with a mildly embarrassing surge of arousal. The nurse opened the door to an examination room and motioned her inside.

Julie blinked in surprise at the sight of a very large and ominous-looking piece of machinery which dominated one whole side of the room. She stopped dead in the doorway, staring, until the nurse gently nudged her forward. “Just sit down in one of the chairs for now, dear. The doctor will be here shortly.” Well, that was to be expected, she thought absently, waiting for him even though she had been a bit late for her appointment. She took a seat in one of the black vinyl-covered chairs and gazed in awe at the machine while the nurse slipped her chart into the plastic holder on the door. The woman paused for a moment in the doorway, and Julie looked at her inquiringly. “Hon, in this office you have a choice as to whether or not you want to wear a gown while we perform the study. I know you wore it last time, but since we’re going to be examining almost every area of your body today…?” She trailed off uncertainly, and Julie shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine.” Her response brought an approving smile from the nurse. “All right, sweetie. The doctor’ll be with you in a moment, then.”

Julie relaxed into her chair, returning her gaze to the strange machine. What was it for, anyway? There was a sort of seat at the front of it, but it was shaped in the form of a large H with outward-curving sides, so that the thighs of the person sitting upon it would be the only thing really supported. Julie drew some small comfort from the fact that the seat seemed to be well-padded; she had no doubt that today would see her set upon that device. After all, she was here to have weird experiments performed on her, wasn’t she? And when she left she’d be three hundred dollars richer; let them have their fun. Maybe the doctor would even get his rocks off from exploring her sweet pink pussy. Who cares, she told herself. I’m in this for the money.

She was entertaining thoughts of what the strange machine might be capable of doing when the door to the exam room opened, startling her. She jumped guiltily and turned to face the doctor, feeling a slight warmth come to her cheeks. She was a little surprised by his youthful appearance; during her first visit, she’d not met him, her only contact having been with the nurse. He smiled kindly at her, his brown eyes warm. “Well hello there, Julie. How are you feeling today?”

She smiled back at him flirtatiously, giving him the full force of her white teeth against carefully tanned skin. “Horny. Isn’t that what you wanted to know?” His eyes widened for a moment before he chuckled, and Julie felt a tingle of triumph at having gotten through his doctor’s armor for a moment. The hospital aura of this place had broken her stride for a little while, but she was damned if she was going to act like the typical lab-rat. She was a woman, and a damn attractive one; no way was she going to be relegated to “just another patient.” Not by a doctor as cute as this one.

His eyes flickered over her, and he frowned slightly. “Didn’t the nurse tell you to remove your clothes? We can’t perform the study with them on.” She shrugged, aware that her body shifted seductively under her clothing as she did so. “No, she didn’t say anything. Hold on, I’ll take them off.” Looking directly into his eyes, she reached for the bottom of her sweater, expecting him to stop her and offer to step outside. But to her surprise, he simply stood and watched as she pulled the garment up and over her head, revealing perfect, youthful breasts unfettered by a bra. She smiled as his eyes dipped downward to view her flesh, and she rose, now determined to give him the full show. Kicking off her shoes unobtrusively, she moved her hands and her gaze to the buttons of her jeans, pretending to fumble with them in order to prolong her little striptease. She stole a glance at his face and was a bit offended at the lack of expression there; with a small sniff she opened the fly of her jeans, sliding them and her underpants down her long legs and off.

As he watched the young woman attempting to seduce him, Dr. Edmunds kept his face carefully blank, although he snorted inwardly. When his kid brother had begun telling him about the high-box bitch in his Calculus class who only got a passing grade by wearing micro-miniskirts and crossing her legs in class, his mind had flashed instantly to similar girls he had known, girls who had snubbed him throughout his high-school and college days, before his skin had finally cleared up and the idea of dating a future doctor had become quite attractive in female minds. He had never really gotten over the humiliations he had suffered at the hands of various beauty queens, could still hear their laughter as they discussed his utter audacity in asking one or another of them for a date. He could well sympathize with Jacob when he spoke of having less than a snowball’s chance in hell of ever touching this one…but then Jacob, the lucky little shit, had an older brother who could help him in his cause. He glanced over the girl’s shoulder at the hidden videocamera and smiled a little, knowing that his little brother was enjoying the sight of her flesh unknowingly displayed for him.

“All right then,” he began crisply. “What we’re going to do today, Julie, is to gather data concerning the female body’s responses to various kinds of stimulation. I know that sounds a little frightening,” he smiled disarmingly, “but all it really means is that we’re going to try different ways of bringing you sexual pleasure, while measuring the contractions of your vaginal muscles as you approach orgasm. Does that sound about like what you expected?”

Julie was still a bit sulky at his non-response to her nudity, but she suppressed any outward sign of it, telling herself that he was simply keeping his professional mask on in order to keep from embarrassing her. “But I thought that’s what the nurse did last time, Doc. She had this thing up inside me, and she said that it was measuring the contractions when I…you know.” She blushed prettily and quite purposely, glancing up at him from beneath her lashes, and he barely restrained himself from laughing aloud. This little slut was really trying her best to get his interest, he thought. Little did she know that she already had it, and not for the sake of research. The thought brought a too-wide smile to his face, and he moderated it quickly, lest she become suspicious. “Well, that was what the probe was doing, Julie, but that was just a preliminary measurement, to let us know what signals your body sends when your climax approaches. You see, we’re not really interested in the orgasm itself in this study. We’re looking more for ways to predict the moment, so to speak. So little is known about the subtle variations in sexual response among women; we’re looking for similarities among all of you, so that we poor males might have a better chance of pleasing our partners.” He grinned wolfishly at her, and was not surprised to see the pleased triumph in her eyes before she dropped her gaze. Go ahead and think that I’m flirting with you, dear. We’ll have plenty of time for you to realize that you’re not the one running this show. “So you see, we needed that data in order to know when to stop the stimulation today, so that you don’t reach orgasm before we’re ready.” That brought a slight look of worry to her face, and he turned away quickly to keep from laughing.

“Now what I need you to do, Julie, is just step right over here to the examining table and lie down, on your back.” When he felt that he could control his facial expression sufficiently, he turned to face the young girl who climbed onto the padded leather table, the white paper barrier crackling beneath her weight. “Feet in the stirrups and scoot down to the end of the table, please.” She looked annoyed. “Doctor, I had an internal and a Pap smear done last time I was here. Do we have to go through this again?” She was thinking of the chemise she wanted; the lingerie boutique closed at six, and she didn’t want to be here forever.

“No, we’re not going to do a full internal, Julie. I just need to examine you for a moment, make sure everything’s up to par and ready for the study. It won’t take long.” She sighed and placed her bare feet in the stirrups, flinching a bit at the coldness of the metal. He turned to a nearby cabinet and donned a pair of latex gloves, making sure to give them the final snap loudly enough so that the videocamera would pick up the sound. Hope you’re enjoying it, Jacob. He hooked the nearby examining stool with his foot, pulling it closer to the table, and sat facing the young woman. Glancing over to the tray of instruments beside the table, he smiled in satisfaction; he did love his work, especially when the patient was as young and lovely as this one. He picked up the tube of KY jelly and squeezed a bit onto his gloved right forefinger, feeling a tingle of anticipation at the thought of touching the sweet flesh before him. Not bothering to rub the lubricant onto his finger to warm it, he rolled his stool forward a bit and casually opened the pouting lips of her sex with the fingers of his left hand, relishing her soft gasp. As he slowly inserted his finger into her vagina, he noted the flushed and glistening appearance of her entire sex; she was clean-shaven, allowing him an unobstructed view of her body. Her swollen labia and slightly protruding clitoris gave mute testimony to her arousal, and he noticed a slight twitching of the latter as he probed her soft warmth. Keeping a watchful eye on her reactions, he began slowly exploring her sex, curling his finger upward slightly as he slid along the upper wall of her vagina until he encountered a small patch of spongy, slightly rough-feeling tissue.

The change in her body was immediate and dramatic as he began pressing rhythmically against that sweet spot, massaging it gently in a beckoning gesture. She sucked in a deep breath, her thigh muscles tensing slightly, and her clitoris gave a violent jerk, then flushed a deep red as the hot blood of sexual arousal flooded its tissue. A soft groan escaped her lips, and he smiled gleefully for a moment before withdrawing the finger rather suddenly, ignoring her quiet gasp. “I’m going to do a rectal examination now, Julie. You’re going to feel my finger against your bottom, and I need you to bear down slightly against it, all right?” He squeezed a bit more KY onto the gloved digit, waiting for her protest.

He was not disappointed. “Doc, I don’t want anything up there! Come on now…” He rose and looked down at her sternly, noting the hectic flush of color in her cheeks from mingled embarrassment and arousal. “Julie, this is all part of the preparation for the study. If you don’t want to go through with things, just tell me, and you can put your clothes on and go home.” Without the money was the unspoken addendum, and Julie gritted her teeth. “All right, all right…go on.” She’d just close her eyes and think of other things…like this weekend, for instance.

He laughed silently, pleased by her obvious reluctance, and reached to spread the stirrups a bit wider, until the small twin globes of her buttocks were opened sufficiently to allow access to her anus. The small puckered rosebud was a dark brownish-pink in color, quite pretty, and judging from her resistance to its exploration, he would bet on its being untouched. Lovely… “Now just relax, Julie…and bear down when you feel my finger.” He reclaimed his seat. Smiling a little, he reached up slowly and brushed his finger across her hole. Seeing her shiver a bit at the unexpectedly pleasurable sensation, he then began pressing against the tight ring of muscle. She pushed obediently, and the sphincter opened a bit, allowing his fingertip entry. He pressed a bit harder, feeling the resistance slowly fading, until his latex-clad finger finally slid most of the way inside her body. She whimpered softly, and he felt his cock stir in response, the slow tingle giving him cause to be grateful for the concealing length of lab coats. He was entranced with the tight warmth surrounding his finger, and a sudden idea made him bite his lip to hold back a wicked smile. “Uh-oh.”

She opened her eyes in alarm. “Uh-oh?” He reveled in the slight fear in her voice; how he loved wielding the power of a doctor, the unwilling awe felt for those who know the human body better than most, and the idea of using that power to subject this arrogant young beauty to the humiliation she deserved sent a jolt of electricity through his groin that was unlike anything else. He slowly slid his finger from her body and stripped off his gloves, standing. “I’m afraid you’re a bit impacted down here, dear, and that could interfere with the accuracy of the data we want to gather. We’re going to have to clean you out.”

She blinked. “What do you mean, ‘clean me out?’ Like a laxative or something?” A horrifying suspicion was growing in her mind, and she prayed that he wasn’t saying what she feared he was. His soft laughter at her question brought a miserable flush to her cheeks, and she knew that her fears were correct. “No, my dear. A laxative would take far too long to produce the necessary results. I’m afraid you’re going to have to have an enema.” He saw her jump slightly at the mention of the word, and his cock lurched in answer; this was going to be more fun than he had thought. He expected a violent protest from his young patient, but surprisingly, she merely nodded, a dark blush staining her cheeks. Hmmmm…

“All right.” She wouldn’t have admitted it under threat of death, but the fear produced by the idea of this handsome young man giving her an enema was mildly arousing. She excused her submission to the procedure by telling herself that it was necessary in order to complete the experiments and collect her money, but at her very core of consciousness she sensed the importance of the three hundred dollars slowly fading in her mind, replaced by a tingling anticipation of pleasure. At the bidding of the young doctor, she pulled her feet from the table’s stirrups and rested them upon the very end of the table, relaxing for now.

Dr. Edmunds excused himself for a moment, leaving Julie to collect herself and think of things to come. He instructed the nurse to enter the exam room and prepare the enema equipment for use, along with administering a small dose of medication to their young patient; the statuesque blonde smiled widely and hurried to obey. The doctor himself strode down the hall in the opposite direction. Coming to a small room approximately the size of a walk-in closet, he opened the door and stepped inside, smiling as the young man seated at the television console turned to him. “Man, Tom! This is fucking unbelievable…you really gonna give her an enema?” The doctor smiled fondly at his younger brother. “You better believe it, kiddo…plus a few other things that I think you’ll like.” He raised a hand as Jacob opened his mouth excitedly. “No, I’m not going to tell you. Suffice to say that you’re going to see your little Julie in some situations you never even dreamed of.” He grinned. “Gotta go…just wanted to check and make sure the video was coming through okay.” Before he even turned toward the door, Jacob’s gaze was returned to the screen. Horny little bastard…just like his big brother. Tom chuckled to himself as he exited the room.

Meanwhile, in the examining room, Nurse Bennett was helping Julie to a sitting position, a glass of water held in her right hand, and a small plastic cup containing a blue tablet sitting on the nearby tray. “Now dear, we’re going to administer a very mild sedative, just to make sure that you don’t have any excess tension that might interfere with your body’s reactions. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that will make you sleepy or anything of the sort…it will simply relax you slightly. Now drink up, that’s a good girl.” Julie was mildly annoyed at the condescending note in the nurse’s voice, but she obediently swallowed the offered medication. I need something to get me ready for this, she thought. In truth, the sticky wetness between her thighs could not be completely attributed to the KY jelly…but that was something that she was not prepared to admit.

The door opened, and Dr. Edmunds stepped in, his gaze automatically going to the enema bag suspended by an IV stand next to the examining table. He smiled in approval, then turned to Nurse Bennett. “You’ve given her the sedative?” Only the nurse caught the slight hesitation before the last word, and she fought back a giggle at the naughty glint in his eye. “Yes, Doctor. She should feel the effects in just a few moments.” Indeed she should, thought the nurse. The powerful diuretic she had just administered to Julie was bound to induce a rather quick and uncomfortable need to urinate…at just about the time when the enema would begin its work as well. The doctor smiled at her, and she saw her own excitement mirrored in his gaze. “Good. Now Julie,” he said, turning to the young patient, “one of the requirements of the tests we’re going to be running today is that they continue uninterrupted…that means no breaks of any kind. The tests will last only about three hours, so I’m sure you’ll be able to go that long without going to the bathroom, don’t you agree?” Without giving her a chance to answer, he nodded to the nurse, who smiled quickly and departed. “After your enema has been administered, Nurse Bennett will insert a very small catheter tube into your urethra. That’s going to drain your bladder more fully than you would be able to on your own, which will also help with the accuracy of the data we want. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but it won’t really hurt, and it will really help in our study. So just relax and bear with us, okay?” He smiled, and the girl sitting on the table flushed a bit and smiled back. She was feeling a bit uncomfortable with these preliminary procedures, but the tingling arousal between her thighs was undeniable, and she murmured assent to his plan in a quiet voice very much unlike her normal tones.

He beamed. “Good…now, all you have to do is just lie back and bring your knees up to your chest…I’m going to give you a standard two-quart enema, and you’ll have to hold the solution inside for about ten minutes. If you start to cramp while the solution is going in, let me know, and I’ll stop the flow for a few seconds until it passes.” He paused. “Oh, and breathe deeply…sometimes that helps. Ready?” She nodded, blushing…what else could she do? She lay back slowly, assuming the position he had dictated.

The doctor savored the sight of the dark-haired beauty behaving with such sweet submission. What a change from the haughty little thing that had first stepped into his office! But this was just the beginning; before this visit ended, she would know the limits of her body’s capacity for arousal…along with the delicious addition of pain to her pleasure. Oh, this was going to be wonderful. Making sure to stay slightly to one side, to allow Jacob a full view of the lithe young body upon the table, he donned another pair of gloves and lifted the enema nozzle for inspection. He knew that Nurse Bennett would have sterilized the equipment both after its last use and before this one, and he noted with satisfaction that she had thoughtfully lubricated the nozzle as well. That left him with only the delightful task of readying the girl’s anus for the slender intruder. Smiling comfortingly down at her, he applied yet another dollop of KY jelly to his finger and reached down to her body once more. Julie gasped softly as he began massaging the slippery gel into her, and he felt his erection throbbing harder than ever. She had her eyes fixed on the ceiling, giving him full opportunity to savor her expression as his finger invaded her anus. She bit her lip softly, her brow furrowing as she tried to relax her muscles, and the mild suffering apparent upon her angelic face was nearly his undoing. He withdrew his finger and busied himself with the enema nozzle, willing the tightness in his loins to subside. God, he would have to be careful with this one. One finger up her ass and she almost had him coming in his pants. He was grateful when Nurse Bennett reappeared with the catheter equipment; any distraction was welcome.

“Now, Julie, I need you to relax as much as you can.” His voice didn’t tremble, thank God. Bracing himself against the surge of excitement that he knew would come, he took the vaguely penis-shaped enema nozzle in his hand and pressed it against her tightness. “Push down, dear.” She gasped sharply as the instrument began its entry into her body, and he exchanged a long look with the nurse, feeling his heart pound. Pressing more firmly as her body’s resistance faded, he soon had the nozzle seated deeply within Julie’s rectum. “All right…I’m going to start the water now, Julie…just relax and take a few deep breaths.” Her face slightly flushed, the girl nodded understanding, and Dr. Edmunds released the clamp upon the rubber tube. Almost immediately Julie gasped in shock as the warm liquid began flowing into her bowels. Closing his eyes for a moment, the doctor held the nozzle firmly, keeping it completely still inside her. God, this was delicious, he thought. He could do anything he wanted to this girl, repay her a thousand times over for the sins she had committed along with those other little snobs…and he had a feeling she would merely lie there and endure it. She whimpered slightly as the bag continued to drain its contents into her body; about one-half quart had now entered her. “Oh, please…stop for a minute!” She gasped and grimaced as a cramp struck her, and he reached for the clamp almost reluctantly. “Breathe, Julie…that’s my girl…” Without being told, Nurse Bennett stepped forward to begin massaging the girl’s belly, helping the cramps to ease. She looked up at the doctor as she worked, her eyes bright with lust, and he knew that she was reveling in the taut feel of the flesh beneath her hands. When Julie’s breathing returned to normal and she seemed more relaxed, Dr. Edmunds again reached to open the clamp, allowing more of the warm fluid to invade her body. She groaned softly with the increased pressure, and he realized that the diuretic was beginning its work as well. The girl’s entire belly must seem full to bursting, with the pressure of her uterus, engorged with blood from her arousal, only adding to the ache. He somewhat regretted not telling Jacob of the full plans for Julie; the younger man would have enjoyed knowing that the demands of her bladder would continue to increase throughout the afternoon. But a guy’s gotta have some secrets, he thought, and grinned to himself.

A thought struck him suddenly, and he reached to click the clamp shut, ceasing the flow of water into the girl’s body. Approximately one-half of the bag remained, and Nurse Bennett looked at him inquiringly. He winked at her quickly. “Well, that’s that, Julie. Now we’ll just need you to hold that for a few minutes.” Looking over at the nurse, he silently mouthed the word twenty, knowing that the girl would soon be so caught up in the sensations flooding her body that she would have no idea how much time had passed; all she would know would be the urge to release the liquid churning in her bowels. The volume of the enema was smaller than originally planned, but since Julie wasn’t really constipated, one quart of liquid would certainly get the job done. With a smaller volume of solution used, the doctor knew that the usual cramps associated with the process would be much less, resulting in the ability to hold the liquid for a longer period of time…and unless he was mistaken, a slow buildup of arousal in the receptive young girl. Nurse Bennett smiled and nodded. “You’ve never had an enema before, have you, Julie?” the woman asked. “N-no…” came the soft answer, and both doctor and nurse felt a surge of excitement at the sound of slight confusion in the girl’s voice. The pressure in her belly was powerful, bordering on pain, but with the combination of her earlier passion and the now-sharp need to relieve her bladder, she felt a strange and utterly uncontrollable throbbing of her clitoris, as though she could come without any encouragement at all…and she didn’t want to be aroused by this! She blushed, feeling that the two people watching her could easily spot her excitement…which they could.

“Well since you’ve never done this before, sweetheart, we’re going to have to give you a little something to help you retain the liquid until it’s time to go.” The nurse’s kindly voice was somehow deeper now, but Julie was oblivious to this as she felt the pressure in her belly turning to slight cramps. She moaned softly, not seeing the identical expressions of lust the sound produced upon the faces of the two people above her. Vaguely she wondered what the nurse meant, but she nodded assent, not really caring anymore what they did. She felt somewhat lightheaded, her entire body flooded with warmth from the water filling her; even the pain of the small cramps was muted, as though it were happening to someone else.

Nurse Bennett quickly stepped past the doctor, to the instrument tray beside the table. Selecting a shiny black object from the array of equipment there, she expertly lubricated it with the KY jelly, nodding to the doctor when she finished. “Now Julie, what we’re going to do is remove the nozzle now so that you can move about a bit more freely. In order to help you retain the water for the necessary time, we’re going to insert a plug into your bottom…are you ready?” A softly moaned affirmative answer sounded, and Dr. Edmunds stepped back to allow the nurse room to work.

“Julie, as soon as this leaves your anus, I need you to tense your muscles so that the solution stays in there, all right? I’m going to put a towel underneath you just in case…there. It’s okay if a little leaks out, but we really need for most of it to stay inside you for the whole time. Okay…easing the nozzle out…all right…and…now!” The nozzle slipped free and Julie groaned loudly as the need to release the pressure inside her grew almost unbearable. Some of the solution dripped onto the towel beneath her, but she quickly clenched her muscles tight, trapping the rest inside. The nurse smiled approvingly as she laid the nozzle into a tray attached to the IV stand, then immediately placed the anal plug against the girl’s body and began to push. Julie was of course unable to push against the intruder to allow it freer access to her body, and the feeling of invasion was much stronger as the lubricated latex plug was forced into her anus. She moaned in pain as the object reached its widest point, then narrowed sharply so that her muscles clamped tightly around it, trapping it inside. Trembling, she lay there limp, a slight sheen of sweat coating her body.

Nurse Bennett smiled and patted Julie’s thigh. “Very good, my dear. How are you feeling?” The girl moaned quietly in answer, and the nurse chuckled. “A bit full, eh? Well, it won’t be much longer…but now it’s time for your catheterization. Here, just put your feet back up into the stirrups.” She helped the girl to position her body for the procedure, lifting her feet and placing them in the cold metal stirrups, then spreading them wider than ever. Julie groaned softly as the new position seemed to increase the already-immense pressure in her lower belly, and the nurse pressed her thighs together unobtrusively beneath the concealing fabric of her white skirt, feeling the throbbing of her own sex. Donning a pair of sterile gloves, she reached forward and casually parted the girl’s labia, revealing the sweet pink opening below her fully erect clitoris. Julie gasped sharply at the woman’s touch, her body jerking slightly upon the table, and Nurse Bennett cautioned herself to go slowly, lest the arousal and excited pressure within the girl’s body build to a climax…after all, that would ruin the “tests” scheduled for today. She carefully wiped the girl’s open sex with a cotton pad soaked in antiseptic, smiling as Julie cried out softly at the touch of the cold liquid. Not to worry, my sweet, I’m going to warm you right back up again. Discarding the antiseptic wipe, the nurse reached for the tube of KY jelly and squeezed a generous amount onto her hand. Replacing the tube in the tray, she rubbed her fingers together, simultaneously lubricating all four digits of her right hand and warming the slippery gel. She then returned her left hand to its duty of spreading apart Julie’s labia and began applying the lubricant to the girl’s mound, massaging gently.

“Oh God…” Julie whimpered before she could stop herself. The feel of the nurse’s hand upon her sex, combined with all the other sensations assaulting her, was bringing her perilously close to an explosive orgasm, and she was mortified to be this aroused by another woman’s touch! No one of her own gender had ever touched her in this way, and she was astonished at her own reaction to the gentle probing; her clitoris felt swollen to twice its normal size, her vagina seeming to melt into a pool of liquid heat. She felt a strange trembling within her lower belly as Nurse Bennett began massaging and lubricating the area of her urethra, the movements sending shocks of pleasure upward to her clit…oh God, she didn’t want to come from this! But it was going to happen…just a few more passes of those deliciously tantalizing fingertips and she was going to explode.

Nurse Bennett smiled as she listened to the girl’s quiet sounds of reluctant pleasure, purposely prodding the engorged clitoris upon each stroke of the urethral opening. An expert at her job, she watched the tiny organ carefully, and when it suddenly began to draw back into its hood in preparation for the contracting waves of orgasm, she abruptly stopped all stimulation, leaving her patient gasping for breath, torn between relief and frustration. Seeming oblivious to the girl’s plight, she calmly turned and selected a narrow tube from the sterile tray. She considered for a moment simply allowing the girl’s urine to collect in a bedpan after catheterization, but rejected that idea. The thought of watching Julie’s blush as she saw a clear bag filled with her own waste was just too delightful to resist. Having worked in the medical field for several years, the nurse was inured to most disgusting sights…but her patients were not, and their embarrassed reactions to the functions of their own bodies was a never-ending source of amusement to her. So a bag it would be…

Julie shuddered slightly as the pleasure of the probing faded, to be replaced by an ache that rivaled the cramping of her belly in its discomfort. She didn’t want to admit how badly she had wanted-needed-Nurse Bennett to bring her to orgasm. She bit her lip against a groan of desire, feeling her clit pulse and throb as though searching around for more stimulation. She felt the woman’s hand return to her sex and nearly cried aloud, feeling the fingers spreading her lips wide once more, exposing the pearly pink flesh. Then the lubricated catheter tube began moving against her body, seeking an entrance, and her eyes widened at the new sensation. The nurse quickly found the tiny opening to Julie’s urethra and began pressing the tube against it…slowly, so slowly, the tiny invader forced its way into the girl’s resisting flesh, drawing a long groan from her lips. Still the tube moved forward, searching for the gateway to her achingly distended bladder.

Julie gritted her teeth as, after an agonizingly slow progress, the catheter finally entered her bladder. She gasped at the sharp burning sensation, then her eyes widened as urine began to flow unrestricted down the tube into the collection bag…this was unlike anything she had ever felt before, this rapid, effortless draining of her body. She groaned with pleasure at the relief, feeling as though she could even stand the pressure of the enema now, just as long as that terrible stretching of her bladder was taken away. She felt the throbbing of her clitoris subside somewhat and sighed. At least now I don’t have to worry about coming my brains out while a nurse massages me.

When the contents of Julie’s bladder had emptied fully into the collection bag, Nurse Bennett pretended to examine the connection of the carrier tube to the bag’s neck, slyly closing a small clamp at the end of the tube that invaded her young patient. Soon enough, the medication the girl had been given would induce another intense need to urinate; now the hot liquid would merely travel down the catheter tube before encountering the barrier of the clamp. The nurse knew from long experience that the demands of Julie’s bladder would simultaneously distract her from and intensify the sensations of sexual pleasure, and she looked forward with great anticipation to witnessing the girl’s agony. “We’re just going to leave the catheter in place for the duration of the tests, Julie. Sometimes…well,” she gave the girl a conspiratorial smile, “the intensity of the feelings induced here have a tendency to cause ‘accidents’ in some patients, but with the tube in place, that won’t be a problem.” Of course it wouldn’t, the nurse mused as Julie nodded weakly. She knew that the closed tube leading from her patient’s urethral canal was every bit as effective a barricade as was the anal plug that mercilessly held in her enema. And speaking of which…she checked her watch. Yes, it was time. “All right dear, it’s been long enough for the enema to do its work. You can visit the bathroom now.” The girl sighed with relief before attempting to sit upright. Nurse Bennett quickly stepped forward to help, supporting Julie’s collection bag with one hand and her back with the other, but the discomfort of moving with a full quart of warm liquid within her bowels was still great, and the young girl moaned softly. With the nurse’s help, Julie slowly removed her feet from the stirrups and climbed down from the table. She was acutely aware of the plug holding in her enema, along with the strange tube that led from her private areas to the bag the nurse was holding. As she moved across the room, the liquid within her body seemed to slosh around a bit, and she looked down, gaping in disbelief as she saw the slight distension of her stomach. She went pale at the thought of how much fluid she had taken, and as the nurse led her to the door, she wondered if she were going to be able to hold it in for the trip, even with the aid of the anal plug. As the nurse reached for the doorknob, Julie felt a moment of panic. “Wait! I don’t have any clothes on!” No way was she going to walk through this clinic stark naked, especially not with a tube up inside her and a plug up her ass!

Nurse Bennett looked mildly annoyed for a moment, but she stepped to the drawer set into the side of the exam table and drew out a ridiculously thin paper gown. “You’re the only patient here, Julie, so there’s no one to see you but us…but if this will make you feel better, go ahead and put it on.” She handed the gown to the young girl, who slipped it over her nudity gratefully, leaving the split in front and holding it together like a robe. “Now, let’s get you to the bathroom, young lady.” The nurse opened the door and motioned Julie out into the hall.

The thirty seconds or so that it took for them to reach the bathroom were the longest of Julie’s life. Finally, her bare feet met the tile and she headed straight for the toilet. “Thanks, I’ll hold that.” She reached for the collection bag that Nurse Bennett still held in her hand, and the older woman’s apparent reluctance to surrender the bag and leave the room shocked her. Was she planning on being present while Julie voided her enema? If so, she’d better think again! “I can take things from here, nurse, thank you.” The woman eyed her for a long moment, then a small smile appeared at the corners of her lips and she nodded. “All right, dear. Press that call button on the wall if you need anything…and be careful removing that plug.” She handed Julie the collection bag and stepped out, closing the door behind her.

Inside the tiny video control room, Jacob hit the button that his brother had said would give him a view of the bathroom’s happenings. Sure enough, the screen flickered for a moment, then filled with the scene of the lovely young woman sitting upon the toilet. He thought of her scoffing reaction when he’d finally gotten up the balls to ask her out last year, and a snide smile spread across his face. Maybe he’d never get to actually touch that pussy, but he sure was getting a good view of it! The image of Julie’s horror if she knew that he was witnessing the humiliating procedures being performed on her brought a pleasant ache to his groin, and he began rubbing the length of his erection through his pants as he watched her. She reached behind herself to remove the plug, and he smiled in anticipation.

Julie purposely avoided looking into the toilet as she rose, instead glancing into the mirror while the contents were flushed away. Her face was shiny with perspiration, and her eyes were wide and dark, the pupils dilated so that only the barest hint of the iris showed around them. Now that the pressure of the enema was finally relieved, she was experiencing an almost disappointing emptiness, and she realized that her arousal was still very much in evidence. Her hand moved to her sex of its own accord, the middle finger parting the slick labia and finding her clitoris swollen and tender. She shivered, still staring into the full-length mirror as she began to masturbate in earnest, seeing the tiny organ swell and darken beneath the caresses of her finger. Her lips parted with her quickening breath, the teasing finger pressing firmly against her body as she moved it around and around her clitoris, never quite touching the organ itself, but stimulating the delicate flesh surrounding it until the delicious ache became unbearable. With each pass of her finger below her clit, she brushed the catheter tube, and the sweet shuddering pain that passed through her with the movement only aided her rapidly approaching climax. With a long, low moan, she felt the agonizingly intense contractions of her sex and lower belly begin, her clit throbbing madly before jerking with spasms of pleasure beneath her finger, again and again…her knees buckled as the climax finally released her body, and her left hand shot forth to brace herself against the door. Gasping, she raised her eyes to her own reflection and smiled. Let them do what they want now…at least I got off once! She turned toward the toilet and gathered several sheets of tissue, using them to wipe at the wetness that coated her sex and thighs.

Nurse Bennett was waiting outside the bathroom when Julie opened the door, and one glance at the girl’s slightly flushed cheeks and placid expression told her what had happened. She smiled inwardly, but only asked if Julie were quite finished. The girl smiled. “Oh, yeah…um, what did you want me to do with the plug?” The nurse told her to simply leave the item upon the cabinet for now, noting with approval that the girl had thought to place a pad of toilet tissue beneath it. Together they returned to the examining room, where Dr. Edmunds waited.

“Ah, you’re back, good. Are you ready to continue, Julie?” He savored the sight of the young beauty clad in only a paper gown, noting along with the nurse the girl’s high color and relaxed demeanor. Just couldn’t wait, could you? Well, we’ll take care of that too. “Just take off your gown, hop on over here and sit down, dear. It’s getting a little late, and we don’t want to have to rush the tests.” He indicated the strange machine, and Julie felt a twinge of apprehension along with a surge of renewed arousal. Nurse Bennett took hold of the girl’s collection bag as she helped her out of the paper garment, then onto the strangely-shaped seat. “There we are…just get comfy, dear.” Surprisingly, the seat of the machine was not terribly uncomfortable, the thick padding supporting her body much better than she had expected. The middle bar of the “H” sat directly beneath her perineal area, leaving both her sexual organs and anus completely accessible, and the feeling of such exposure sent an unexpected thrill through her body.

The nurse was sliding some sort of metal bar from the front of the machine, and Julie saw that the appendage had a crossbar with handgrips not unlike those of a bicycle’s handlebars. The bar extended until the grips were directly above her head, and she realized that she was to hold onto them. Feeling a sort of relief at having something to do with her hands, she raised them to the bars, drawing a pleased smile from Nurse Bennett. “Yes, that’s right, love…just hold on to those.” To Julie’s surprise, the nurse then drew a retractable thin leather strap from its hiding place near the right handgrip and looped it about her wrist, pushing the small ring at the strap’s end through a slit cut in the leather itself before fastening a tiny lock onto it. “What the hell are you doing?” Julie sputtered, outraged by the thought of being bound. “Shhh, Julie…for the data to be accurate, your body has to remain still. You remember that from last time.” Well, that was so, but then Julie had been allowed to merely lie still upon the table, and she pointed this out to the nurse, who chuckled. “Yes, but these procedures will be much more complex, and some patients have a hard time keeping still…the straps are just a precaution. Come on now, be a good girl and just hold still for a moment…there we are…” Still uncertain that this was necessary, Julie nonetheless kept her left hand in place for the application of the leather strap, and was not surprised when the nurse next knelt down to fasten her ankles to similar bars that she pulled from the bottom corners of the machine. The woman smiled at her patient as she straightened. “All ready.”

All ready indeed, thought Dr. Edmunds. The sight of this dark-haired beauty with her hands and feet bound, every part of her body exposed and ready for whatever pleasure or punishment he chose, was intoxicating. Smiling his thanks to Nurse Bennett, he moved forward. “Get the chart, please, nurse.” The tall blonde moved to a nearby cabinet as he moved round within Julie’s line of sight. “This next development might make you a bit uncomfortable, Julie, but it’s all part of the testing procedure. I’m going to insert a sort of probe into your mouth, and what that’s going to do is tell us your oral reactions to the stimuli. We’ve been noticing that many women experience a slight involuntary movement of the tongue upon the approach of orgasm; we want to see if you’re one of those.” He saw that the girl seemed satisfied with his explanation; turning to Nurse Bennett, he gestured for the device.

This part of the “exam” had actually been Jacob’s idea. The doctor’s kid brother had quite the love of seeing pretty girls in bondage, and he had created the ominous-looking probe from an ordinary plastic penis gag which buckled around the head. With the addition of a few wires that led to a completely empty plastic box (it was really the casing from an old voltmeter that their father had had in the garage for years), the gag looked very much like an actual scientific testing device. The doctor gave the nurse a smile which also encompassed the area of the hidden camera. Not bad, kid.

Turning back to Julie, he showed her the bogus probe. “This isn’t large enough to cause you any trouble, but it does have to be buckled in rather tightly, all right?” He was surprised and gratified to see her immediate nod, and he smiled again, mentally filing away the fact that his dear patient seemed to have an oral fixation. Interesting…

The young patient opened her mouth obediently as he lifted the gag to her, and he enjoyed the sight of the black plastic sliding slowly between her lips. Stepping round behind her, he buckled the soft leather straps as tightly as he dared, not wanting to actually hurt her. He caught sight of Nurse Bennett gazing at the operation with an open look of lust upon her attractive face and winked at her, safely away from Julie’s view. The girl did look nice all bound and gagged, he had to admit. But now it was time that he “discovered” Julie’s bathroom antics. When the gag was secure between her lips the doctor again moved round in front of her, pulling his examination stool with him. He smiled warmly into her eyes as he spoke.

“Just a preliminary examination to ensure that you’re ready for the tests, Julie. Nurse, the chart…” The blonde picked up an electronic pad that resembled a large calculator; pressing a few buttons, she retrieved Julie’s file to the screen. “Ready, Doctor.” Dr. Edmunds reached to the ominous machine and pressed a button to begin recording his comments, while the pretty nurse began making notes upon Julie’s electronic chart. “Wednesday, October 15th. Subject is an eighteen-year-old female, heterosexual, Caucasian, height five feet seven inches, weight approximately one hundred thirty-two pounds. Overall health is excellent, reflexes normal, no known STDs or abnormality of the reproductive system.” His warm hands moved upward to Julie’s left breast, and her slight intake of breath brought another smile to Nurse Bennett’s lips as the doctor continued. “Manual stimulation of left nipple brings normal erectile response…reaction is identical in right breast…subject seems to have no unusual sensitivity or tenderness in the breast region.” He stopped suddenly and reached over to switch off the recording device, frowning. “Nurse, come here for a moment.” Nurse Bennett obediently put down the pad and approached the bound patient, dropping down to a squatting position beside the doctor’s stool.

“Look at this,” the doctor stated, indicating the girl’s exposed sex. “What does that look like to you?” The nurse pretended to study the organs before her, knowing that the close perusal was steadily increasing the girl’s discomfort. “Well, the labia majora are not quite as engorged as they were earlier in the examination. Also, her clitoris has retracted somewhat, although the overall appearance of her sexual organs is one of slight distension and tenderness.” The doctor turned his head to the nurse, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “And what does that mean to you, Nurse?” She kept her face perfectly straight as she replied. “It would appear that the patient has reached orgasm at some point in the process, Doctor.” She reached out with one cool finger and brushed the girl’s clitoris lightly; the still-sensitive organ jumped beneath the touch, and Julie groaned softly against the gag. “Yes…the heightened sensitivity would also indicate recent climax,” she finished, bringing a slight blush to Julie’s cheeks.

The doctor frowned up at his young patient. “Julie, why didn’t you tell us that you had experienced an orgasm? If we hadn’t noticed, it could have seriously skewed the data. As it is, we’ll have to work for a bit to bring you back to the point of arousal at which we need to begin testing.” Julie flushed and whined apologetically, and the doctor patted her cheek as he turned on his stool. “Never mind then, we’ll fix you right up.” He nodded to Nurse Bennett as he found a small cabinet upon the face of the machine; he opened the door and reached inside, producing a bizaare-looking apparatus upon which he bestowed a fond smile before returning his attention to Julie. The pretty blonde nurse was busy withdrawing another appendage from the bottom of the machine; this piece of metal extended to a point directly below the girl’s exposed anus, and the black rubber bulb thrusting upward from the end of the steel arm left little doubt as to its purpose. Julie, he was pleasantly surprised to discover, seemed to be most accepting of this development, and he added anal-erotic stimulation to his growing mental list of the girl’s likes.

He smiled at the nurse when she glanced up from her efforts, nodding permission for her to continue with Julie’s preparation, and she shot him a grateful look, her eyes bright with excitement. She rose and walked over to the tray where still stood the tube of lubricant, and he took the opportunity to step in front of his patient and show her the device he held in his hands. “Julie, this is a wonderful little invention that I think you will like very much.” He grinned a little devilishly. “What I’m going to do is attach this,” he held up a pinkish-clear plastic cup that resembled an orthodontic retainer, from which dangled six slender straps “to your clitoral area. Now as you can see, there are two small metal prongs set into the plastic here. Don’t worry, they’re not going to be poking into you! What these are going to do is send a very mild electrical current through your clitoris. I know it sounds horrible, but I assure you, the sensation is very pleasurable and erotic, and it should bring you back to the desired level of arousal in no time. Okay?” He waited for her approval, and was not terribly surprised to see her pupils dilated hugely as she gave a slow nod. Oh, you’re just going to love this, my little slut…at least until you realize that you can’t come from it. “All right then, let’s get you set up.” He bent down between the girl’s legs, thoroughly enjoying both the view and the slightly tangy scent of her young sex, and spreading her labia, he began to apply a small amount of conductive paste to her clitoris–which, he noticed, was beginning to show signs of arousal once more. “I know this is a little cold; I can’t help that, but it will warm up soon. It’s to help hold the stimulator in place,” he commented. As he held the plastic cup to the girl’s sex, ensuring that her swelling clit was captured neatly between the metal conductors, he deftly buckled and tightened the harness about her thighs and waist, knowing that even should the paste fail, the straps would keep his little toy pressed tightly enough against that sweet little body to maintain the stimulation.

Nurse Bennett returned now, having donned latex gloves and thoroughly lubricated her fingers with KY jelly…squatting down behind Julie, she grasped the rubber phallus positioned beneath the girl’s anus with her left hand and began to massage the lubricant over its surface, her cheeks flushed a bit with arousal. Her right hand, completely coated with the slippery substance, moved upward and found her young patient’s rear, slipping between her buttocks to massage her sphincter gently. Dr. Edmunds glanced up at Julie’s face and thought to himself that if the gag in her mouth were a real gauge of oral reaction, it would probably have gone into overload by now. Completely engrossed in the sensations of having her anus stimulated once more, following so quickly on the heels of the probing of her clitoris, the girl was sucking quite avidly at the plastic cock embedded in her mouth, her eyes closed. As the nurse’s hand reluctantly left her ass, Julie whimpered very slightly behind the gag, but she moaned at the feel of the dildo being pressed against her tight opening. Due to the earlier stretching of her muscles by the anal plug, along with the relaxation brought about by her orgasm, the girl’s anus opened quite readily to the new invader, and before too many seconds had passed, it sat comfortably within her body, buried to its full length.

“Now, Julie…we’re going to stimulate you until you are just about ready for climax, then we’ll let you calm down a bit. After that the measuring probe will be inserted, and the tests can begin…all right?” The girl was nodding before he even finished his question, and the doctor snorted inwardly, but kept his expression perfectly neutral. “All right then, Julie…here we go.” He reclaimed his seat upon the rolling stool and nodded to the nurse, who reached for the switch that would activate the vibrations of the anal dildo. His own hand found the sliding switch which controlled the level of electrical stimulation administered to the girl’s clitoris. “Beginning the stimulation now.” Click, the two devices whirred into life in unison, and Julie screamed against her gag.

Oh God…it was like nothing she had ever experienced! The tiny amount of electricity coursing through her clit was nearly painful in its intensity, producing long, slow spasms that felt like agonizingly powerful orgasms in themselves…and yet it wasn’t enough. There was no explosion, no release, only wave after wave of pleasure/pain that tore ragged sobs from her throat. And the vibrating dildo in her ass seemed enormous, buzzing away and sending shocks of pleasure up and down her spine. She shrieked as the sensations reached a new plateau, and suddenly everything stopped. She was left panting, dripping with a sudden outpouring of sweat, her hands no longer clutching the grips, but merely hanging from their leather bonds. She whimpered quietly.

The doctor gazed at the girl’s back, seeing her shiver with the aftershocks of sensation. His voice was slightly hoarse as he instructed Nurse Bennett to fetch the vaginal probe, and he saw the woman stumble very slightly as she turned to the cabinet; apparently her knees felt as weak as did his own. The nurse’s cheeks were deeply flushed as she returned with the instrument, kneeling between Julie’s trembling thighs as the girl looked down at her wearily. Vaguely the lustful expression upon the nurse’s face registered in Julie’s mind, but she felt curiously removed from the proceedings, and the sudden insistent probing of the device at the entrance to her body immediately dispelled any thoughts of impropriety. Julie whined against her gag and tried to press herself forward to welcome the intruding probe, but this of course was not possible, as the strange seat upon which she was placed prevented any real movement of her hips. A groan escaped her lips as the smooth metal phallus began to enter her vagina, stretching the sensitized flesh wide as it filled her completely. Unlike the penis gag so recently transformed into a “medical response gauge,” this was an actual scientific device designed to measure the contractions of a woman’s vaginal muscles, along with gathering such data as pulse rate, vaginal temperature, and the levels of bodily fluids produced by the intense sexual stimulation Julie was about to experience. A long, thick cable snaked from the end of the probe, ending in a plug which the nurse now inserted into a socket upon the side of her handheld computer. Immediately a flood of data appeared upon the pad’s small screen, attesting to the probe’s efficiency. Nurse Bennett smiled absently at the display before returning her full attention to Julie’s body.

It was a strangely beautiful picture before her, the tall, slender young girl now sufficiently recovered to grip the handles above her head, her eyes closed as she adjusted to the sensation of the massive metal cylinder that stretched her body wide. Her thighs were held apart by the oddly-shaped chair upon which she sat, the metal arm of the machine reaching between them to thrust its rubber cock into the tight recesses of her anus. The small clitoral stimulator was held to her body by straps that surrounded her waist and thighs, giving her the appearance of wearing a tiny and not-too-successful pair of panties. Below this, the tiny catheter tube snaked from the girl’s urethra, the clamp at its end effectively blocking any release of the hot fluids that slowly filled her. And as a final, erotic indignity, the enormous probe itself thrust deep inside Julie’s vagina, its unyielding form causing yet more tension to gather in the young girl’s loins.

Julie herself was so distracted by the delicious sensations still pulsing through her body that she at first did not notice the pressure of her bladder; her entire lower abdomen and groin were still afire with flashes of pleasure. But as Nurse Bennett stepped back to place her hand upon the switch that controlled the anal vibrator, the signals that the girl’s body was transmitting finally registered, and her eyes fluttered open. Seeing the nurse’s intention, Julie immediately began to cry out against the “probe” that filled her mouth, trying to gain the woman’s attention. Something’s wrong with this stupid catheter! But this, of course, did no good; the blonde woman simply patted the girl’s knee in a reassuring manner and nodded to the doctor, signaling her readiness to continue testing.

Julie, panicking, began to struggle against the leather bonds, her tongue attempting to force the plastic phallus from her lips so that she could speak. Why weren’t they responding? Couldn’t they see that something was wrong? But Nurse Bennett simply smiled up at her beautiful patient. “Don’t worry, dear…none of this is going to hurt you.” Much. A final smile at Dr. Edmunds and the young girl’s torment was begun anew.

Julie’s eyes, open wide in her frantic attempts to gain the medical staff’s attention, suddenly rolled back slightly and closed as the powerful stimulation assaulted her once more. A long, protracted groan sounded from behind her gag, and a sudden tightening of her lower abdomen was clearly visible to the watching doctor. He smiled, his thumb moving to slide the control of the stimulator’s intensity up just a bit higher. The results of his efforts were immediate and pleasing; Julie’s hips began to buck slightly against the restraining seat of the testing machine, and soft, muffled cries escaped her lips. A quick glance at the screen of the small computer pad told him that he had reached his goal of stimulating the girl to the very edge of orgasm…and keeping her there. The probe buried deep inside Julie’s body reported a regular rhythm of increasingly powerful contractions of her vagina, along with a drastic rise in body temperature, and he could see for himself the liquids beginning to flow from her body, even around the massive metal cylinder that filled her. Perfect. The doctor knew that prolonged electrical stimulation of the girl’s clitoris, however mild the current, would soon desensitize the flesh to the point that even if he had wanted to bring Julie the orgasm she so craved, he would be unable to do so for quite some time. The thought of witnessing her agony and frustration sent such a powerful jolt of arousal through his straining cock that he knew he could not wait any longer. The girl was completely lost in the sensations that the equipment was inflicting upon her; it was time for a little relief from his own tension. He pointed at Nurse Bennett, then at the examining table.

The beautiful blonde nurse knew her job well. Without a second glance at Julie’s writhing body, she stepped quickly to the table and positioned herself over it, lifting the skirt of her uniform to reveal the white lace garter belt and stockings that she wore, along with a tanned, beautifully firm ass and shaven pussy. The doctor took in the sight with an approving smile, his hands already working at the fly of his trousers. Stepping in close behind the nurse, he dropped the pants to his ankles and began running his hands over the muscular ass presented to him. Secure in the knowledge that Julie would not notice the sound, he drew back his hand and delivered one stinging slap to Nurse Bennett’s buttocks, eliciting a soft squeal of pain. He smiled cruelly as he watched her back arch, pressing her ass upward into the air, searching for another blow. But he had delayed his own pleasure long enough; placing his hands upon her buttocks, he positioned himself between her widespread legs and thrust forward, the incredible slickness of her arousal enabling him to slide completely into her body with one stroke. The beautiful nurse cried out in mingled pain and pleasure as he began fucking her violently, his thrusts fast and hard as he watched the torment of his young patient. His fingers dug into the flesh of Nurse Bennett’s ass as he moved, their groans mingling with the hum of the machinery and Julie’s own cries.

The combination of the feel of the hot, tight flesh stroking his cock, along with the sight and sound of his young patient’s fruitless attempts to reach orgasm, soon had the doctor’s passions at a fever pitch. He strained to thrust even deeper into the beautiful nurse’s body, feeling her walls contracting around him as her own climax approached. His fingers clutched at her buttocks, pressing deeper and deeper into her flesh as he moved, until he heard a strangled cry from her throat and felt her vagina clamp down on his erection with a pressure that was nearly painful. The sound and feel of her orgasm was the final trigger, and with a loud groan he surrendered to the demands of his body, thrusting deep one last time and flooding the nurse’s body with his seed. They strained and writhed together for a long moment, both staring at their helpless patient as their climaxes washed through their bodies, until with a final shudder the doctor collapsed forward onto the form beneath him.

Julie, meanwhile, was lost in a hell of sexual stimulation. How long had it been there, this terrible ache within her belly? Her clitoris was shuddering and contracting violently beneath the electrical current, she could feel it, but somehow it was never quite enough to bring her to climax. She moaned desperately, hating the oral probe that prevented her from calling a halt to this, feeling the tears stream from her closed eyes. The pressure in her bladder was becoming nearly painful now; she knew that something had gone wrong with the catheter tube, but somehow the need to urinate was making the sensations shooting through her clit even more intense. Her nipples were tight and hard, achingly sensitive, and she could feel her pussy tightening around the probe that stretched it wide, while the dildo in her ass sent its own vibrations shuddering through her. She drew a deep breath and screamed against the gag, praying that the doctor would hear her and stop this torture.

The doctor did indeed hear her, and his laughter mingled with that of Nurse Bennett as they disentangled themselves and rose from the table. Nonchalantly cleaning himself with a handful of tissues, he pulled on his trousers and walked over to the counter where lay the computer pad. Reading the data with a practiced eye, he noted that all signs pointed to the fact that Julie’s clitoris had reached the level of desensitization that he had hoped. It was time to stop the “testing.” Looking at the clock on the wall, he smiled, knowing that the girl’s need to urinate must be agonizing by now. He smiled at Nurse Bennett, still busily wiping at her body with tissues, and motioned her to her post beside Julie. Together they switched the machine’s switches to “off”, releasing the girl from this portion of her torment.

Julie whimpered loudly as the stimulation abruptly ceased, feeling her body still tremble and shudder with unabated arousal. Flashes of heat and cold seemed to pass through her body, and there was a ringing in her ears that brought to mind the few occasions when she had drunk too much at a party. Her arms ached slightly from having been bound over her head for so long, and her both her anus and vagina were sore from the cruel stretching dealt them by the medical equipment. Even without the electricity coursing through her clit, the tender flesh still jerked and pulsed with spasms of need, creating a literal ache within the young girl’s body, but all these sensations were secondary to the throbbing agony of her distended bladder. She whined pleadingly against the gag.

Nurse Bennett savored the sound of Julie’s distress as she slowly began drawing the vaginal probe from her body. The contractions of the young patient’s vagina were still so powerful that her body clutched at the metal phallus, but with a final gasp from Julie, the probe slipped free, and Nurse Bennett smiled as she stripped away the latex sheath that covered it. Her mind still spinning with the aftermath of pleasure and the growing demands of her bladder, Julie did not see the tall blonde bite her lip and shudder in pleasure as the scent of her patient’s overstimulated sex met her nostrils. The anal dildo was likewise pulled free, the gentle removal nonetheless drawing a whimper from Julie. Dr. Edmunds decided that Julie had been silenced long enough. He was not so exhausted from his wrenching climax that he failed to appreciate the beauty of Julie’s eyes, turned pleadingly up to him as he reached to unbuckle her gag…it was a picture that would long stay with him, he knew. He smiled warmly at her as he pulled the bogus probe free.

“Oh God, please…I have to go to the bathroom!” Julie was beyond caring about the childish sound of the words, but the doctor merely gave her an odd look. “But Julie, you just had an enema…surely you can’t have to go this soon?” The girl didn’t even notice that Nurse Bennett was removing the bonds from her ankles; she shook her head violently. “No, it’s not that…I have to…” She blushed.

Dr. Edmunds smiled. “Ah, I see. You feel the need to urinate?” At her miserable nod, his smile widened. “That’s a perfectly normal reaction to the intense stimulation you’ve just experienced, Julie. But you see, you don’t really need to go. Your body is sending you signals that your bladder is full, but it’s only a phantom sensation…it’s a result of the increased blood flow to your uterus and sex organs.” He watched the girl’s brow furrow in confusion at his words and hurried ahead, forestalling her questions. “I don’t want to embarrass you, my dear, but what your body is really asking you for is sexual release.” He bit back a laugh at the intensity of the girl’s blush, then smirked inwardly at her accepting nod. Oh well…I suppose the poor little slut’s been kept waiting long enough. Despite Tom Edmunds’ contempt of the girl, he had the usual male enjoyment of the visual delights provided by a woman’s pleasure, and he found himself looking forward to witnessing Julie’s long-delayed climax. He smiled into her eyes as his hand moved between her widespread legs.

He was not surprised to see her acceptance of this development; the girl was so desperate for release that she saw nothing strange in allowing a near-stranger to caress her. Julie’s eyes closed as his fingers brushed against her engorged sex, and a groan escaped her lips. The doctor smiled at the sound, and with a wink at Nurse Bennett, who sat back on her heels to watch, he slipped one finger between the folds of the girl’s labia and began a slow stroking of her clitoris. A sharp gasp was his reward, as the young patient arched her back in response to the sensations, and he increased the pressure of his finger against her flesh. The lubrication produced by her body was such that the pad of his middle finger slipped easily back and forth against the swollen organ, and he knew that the slight roughness of his skin would produce a nearly unbearable friction.

Julie was moaning uncontrollably now, her eyes tightly closed, and Nurse Bennett unobtrusively slipped her own hand up her skirt, her fingers tickling lightly at her entire mound, teasing herself. Dr. Edmunds looked over at her and smiled as he pressed just a bit harder against Julie’s clitoris, feeling it throb beneath his touch. The tiny organ was still slightly numbed by the electricity, but in time the movements of his finger would awaken it sufficiently, he knew. Until then, he was prepared to simply sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds afforded him. He moved a bit faster.

“Oh God…” Julie whimpered. The friction of the doctor’s finger against her aching clit was replaced now by a firm manipulation of the organ, the deliberate back-and-forth movements combining with the pressure to bring a series of intense spasms to her lower abdomen and groin. She moaned as she felt the pleasure build inside her body, but the ache emanating from her bladder still nagged at her mind, preventing her from losing herself completely to passion. She tried to concentrate on the sensations building from her clit, her breath coming faster. God, she needed to come! But somehow the pleasure seemed to rise only to a certain point, no further…the harder she tried to reach orgasm, the more it eluded her, and she growled in frustration.

Dr. Edmunds felt his cock stirring once more as he witnessed the girl’s struggles, and he smiled, massaging her clitoris even more firmly, forcing her ever closer to the climax he knew would come soon. But not soon enough for your taste, is it, Julie dear? His pulse began to quicken as he watched her, feeling the flesh beneath his finger swell and throb with arousal. Faster, faster he moved, hearing the girl’s moans grow louder, then suddenly turn to cries as the tiny organ finally surrendered to the relentless stimulation, stiffening beneath his touch, then tightening in a series of wild contractions, each more powerful than the last.

Julie screamed in agonized pleasure as she felt the climax rip through her body, the delicious drawing sensation in her belly intensified by the electric spasms of her clit, which shuddered and pulsed beneath the finger that still moved upon it. Nurse Bennett quickly moved forward to release the clamp that had tormented the girl for so long, watching in amusement as the contents of her stretched bladder coursed into the collection bag. The sudden deliverance from the aching pressure of her bladder, combined with the incredible force of her climax, was too much for the already-exhausted young woman, and for the first time in her life, Julie fainted.

Immediately, Dr. Edmunds ceased his movements, and Nurse Bennett rose to support the young girl’s sagging form, relieving the tension of her bound wrists. The doctor rose from his stool and unlocked the leather bonds with a practiced hand, then lowered the girl’s arms, massaging her shoulders to relieve their stiffness as he waited for her to awaken. He smiled up at the beautiful blonde nurse as he worked, and she returned his look fondly. “You’re an artist, Tom.”

He chuckled. “As are you, Sarah…as are you. Many more performances like this one and I’ll have to give you a raise.” His pretty partner laughed gaily, shaking her head as she stroked her patient’s hair absently. “Oh hell, the benefits here are so good, I’d probably work for free! Not that that’s an offer…” They grinned at one another, then replaced their mirth with professional masks as Julie began to stir. She moaned softly, her eyelids fluttering, and when she caught sight of Dr. Edmunds smiling gently down at her, a blush heated her cheeks. “Did I pass out?”

“Yes, you did. Are you feeling better now?” The double meaning of his words was not lost on Julie, and her blush deepened as she recalled her wild reactions to his touch. She nodded, averting her eyes. Suddenly realizing that her head was pillowed against the breasts of Nurse Bennett, she moved to rise, wincing a little at the soreness between her legs. The doctor stepped back a bit, still smiling, and Nurse Bennett likewise retreated, leaving the girl to stand upon legs that still trembled. She glanced over to the chair where her clothes lay folded, then realized for the first time that her body was covered with perspiration and the fluids of her arousal. She stood uncertainly, crossing her arms over her breasts.

Nurse Bennett was the first to speak. “Would you like to take a shower, Julie? We do have facilities here.” The woman was shocked by the grateful look the girl shot her, remembering the arrogant young beauty who had entered this room a few hours before. It was difficult to believe that this was the same girl. Amazing what a good orgasm’ll do, she thought bemusedly, but she only nodded kindly at Julie’s murmured thanks. Handing the girl a second paper gown, she directed her to the shower, watching in satisfaction as her young patient gathered her clothes and departed meekly. When the door had closed behind Julie, she turned to Dr. Edmunds with an amazed expression. “What the hell brought that on?”

He shrugged. “Who knows? Remember, I study sex, not psychology.” He grinned at her, and she laughed. “And what a scholar you are, Doctor.” She stepped a little closer, her smile an invitation. “Would you like a bit of help with your…homework a bit later?” The doctor laughed and swatted her playfully on the ass, drawing a sigh of pleasure from her lips. “Indeed I would, you horny wench. But right now I’ve got something to do.” He kissed the nurse roughly, then headed out the door and down the hall to the control room, leaving the pretty blonde to tidy the examining room.

Jacob was beside himself. When Dr. Edmonds opened the door he had to restrain himself from shouting, mindful that Julie was still in the building. “Holy shit, Tom! That was great! Man, if this videotape didn’t come out, I’m going to be pissed OFF!” The doctor laughed. “Calm down, Jake. There’s no reason the video wouldn’t come out right…you’ll be able to watch Julie’s exam as many times as you want, you little pervert.” He punched the boy’s shoulder affectionately, and Jacob grinned up at him. “Yup, a pervert, that’s me. Runs in the family.” Tom laughed heartily, then pulled up a chair, reaching across as he sat to press the button that would stop the tape’s recording and rewind it in preparation for Jacob’s departure. “Now look, kiddo, while I’ve got you here, I’m going to piss you off myself by bugging you about college. Mom and Dad wanted me to talk some sense into you, and you’re not leaving until we get this straightened out.” He took a deep breath, ready to enumerate the many advantages of continuing education, but was forestalled by Jacob, who raised his hand in a “don’t bother” gesture. “Tom, don’t worry about it, man…I’ve already decided what I’m going to do.” At his brother’s questioning look, the young boy grinned widely.

“Shit, man, I’m going to med school!”

The End