Karen Gives John An Enema

It had been a hard day. The drive home didn’t hold any hope for much better. The freeway traffic stopped and started in the usual spots, but tonight it was going especially slow. John kept punching the buttons on his car radio in a futile effort to ease the frustration of the traffic. No luck. His mind drifted to his new friend, Karen. He met Karen on an airplane last month. They hit it off immediately and started dating. Tonight he was going over to her place for dinner and spend the evening. The traffic was causing him to be late. More buttons. More traffic. Finally he came to the exit that led to Karen’s house. John arrived at her house a half hour late.

He rang the bell. Karen answered with a smile. John saw she was wearing bib-overall shorts and maybe nothing else. Beneath the denim was only Karen’s soft skin. He could see her shoulders and gentle outline of her breasts before they disappeared under the denim. She had cut her hair short, shorter than his. He admired her new hair style. He explained about the traffic. Karen assured him she understood.

“Take off your shoes John,” She said and left the doorway foyer and disappeared down the hall. Even though he had seen her breasts before he looked for her breasts as she turned but the denim did its job. John felt a tinge of an erection.

He took off his shoes leaving them near the door and followed her trail to the hall.

“I like your new hair cut,” He said.

He turned to go down the hall when he saw her. Without smiling Karen said, “Time for your enema.” In one hand she was holding an enema bag slightly above her breast. In the other hand she was holding a nozzle vertically. A white tube formed a parabola connecting the two.

“What?” John said in amazement.

“I’m going to give you an enema, go into the bedroom,” She told him.

John understood the situation. He knew what an enema was but this was completely out of the blue. He had butterflies in his stomach. He didn’t know what to do. He surprised himself when he turned toward the bedroom without saying a word. As he walked down the hall towards the bedroom the butterflies became worse.

“I like your new hair cut,” He stammered, “When did you get it done.”

“I had it cut today. I think it will be easier to keep, anyway I’ll let it grow this winter.” Karen said as the rounded the corner to the bedroom. “Take off your shirt.”

John looked around the large bedroom. He had been there before. Next to the bed was a floor lamp with four curved arms. The bed covers had been turned down and only fitted sheet covered the mattress. Large stacks of pillows were at the top of the bed, he started to panic. John was even more amazed at himself when he started to unbutton his shirt. The tinge of an erection by now had turned into a complete hard-on, but his underwear kept his penis pointing down. This condition made him uncomfortable but he was not in pain. He removed his shirt. The large bulge in his crotch did not go unnoticed by Karen.

“John,” Karen said, “when I give the enema I want you to wear some special gloves. Would you mind?”

God she was sexy in that outfit, John thought. What is she trying to do? His erection pressed harder against his pants. “What kind of gloves?”

Karen hooked the open top enema bag on one of the lamp arms and stuck the nozzle through the hole in the top of the bag. She took the shirt from John saying “Their really not much, I think you would enjoy wearing them. Would you wear them for me? I’ll show them to you”. She went to the dresser and opened the top drawer and presented the gloves. They looked like cooking mittens with a type of lace around them. “Here try them on.” She presented one mitten.

For his part, John looked at the mittens, determined which hand was needed and put his right hand into the mitten. “See its not that bad.” John felt this was just a little weird but played along. He put his other hand into the other glove. He strained to see her breasts as she bent to put on the glove, but no luck.

“How does they feel?”


“Now make a fist.”

John made a fist with both hands. Karen then used Velcro to freeze his hands in fists.

“Is this OK John?”

“I guess.” John said

Then she moved behind him. She took a small chain and secured his hands behind him. His hands were by his side but he couldn’t move them forward. The butterflies and panic were becoming more obvious and now bells and whistles were going off inside him. She kissed his the side of his neck from behind. Not passionately but it sent a tingling sensation down his spine. This made his erection harder. Then she gently bit his neck.

“Is this OK?” She said softly.


She turned him around and reached for his belt. “I’ve been dreaming about doing this to you all day.” She said as she undid his belt. She unhooked his pants. It was a little awkward but she got the job done. She unzipped his fly and pulled pants past his hips down to his ankles. “Hmmmm” she cooed as she saw his erection straining against his underwear. “Sit down on the bed.”. John kind of waddled back towards the bed as his pants at ankle height restrained his motion. He almost fell but he was near the bed and was saved from falling by sitting on the bed. He hoped she wouldn’t notice his clumsiness. She noticed. “Scoot up to the pillows.”

She helped him arrange himself so the pillows held his shoulders and head. With his head erect he would watch the coming events. She pulled off his pants one leg at a time. Then she removed each sock, leaving only the underwear. “Lift up” Karen told him. He lifted his hips so she could remove his underwear. As she removed it John was surprised at the feeling it gave him. His penis wanted to be harder, but it couldn’t. As she removed his underwear his penis sprang almost vertical. “You seem to be enjoying this” Karen said referring to his erection that was accented by his hips being pushed forward to remove his underwear. “You are incredibly sexy, I can’t help myself,” John responded. “You’re sexy too and your penis looks delicious. I might have it for desert.”

John lifted his feet and Karen finished removing his underwear. He was completely nude. She stared at his erection as it pulsated with each heart beat, John noticed some pre-cum started to form at the end of the opening. He looked at her but she stared his balls tight against his groin, then at his ass. “Nice ass John.”

Karen went over to her dresser and got two rubber gloves from her drawer. She plunged one hand into a glove wiggling her finger to get a good fit. Then she stroked each finger to smooth the rubber. John looked on as she repeated the same procedure with the other hand. When she was finished she wiggled all her fingers to test the glove’s fit. She went back to the draw for a tube of K-Y jelly. She removed the cap and put a small dab on the middle finger of her right hand.

“Bend your knees John.”

His knees bent. The little bells were screaming now.

“More.” she told him.

He obliged. He felt her spread the cheeks of his ass and the smear the cold K-Y jelly on his hole.

“This won’t hurt a bit.” With that she stuck her middle finger up his rectum and into his colon as far as she could. She twisted and turned her finger slightly as she probed. She could feel his colon was empty. She probed his prostrate gland. Pushing on rather hard quite a few times. Each time she pushed she could his penis pulsate. This gave her a sense of power over him.

John moaned. His hips started to rotate slightly. He was trying to come and needed something or anything to stimulate his cock. She removed her finger from his rectum. “I could learn to love you John, you are turning me on.” She went into the bathroom that was adjacent the bedroom. John was breathing through his mouth now. He heard the water running. “I’ll be just a minute.” Karen called out. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine.” He lied.

“Would you like some music?”.

“No thanks.”

She returned with a pitcher of water and filled up the enema bag. He could still hear the water running. While she was filling the bag she asked, “Have you ever had an enema before?”

“Yes I’ve some when I was a kid.”

“Did you like them?” She said topping off the bag.

“I don’t remember.” He lied again. He remembered.

She went back to the bathroom and in a minute she returned. He couldn’t hear the water running anymore. She slipped her suspenders over her shoulders and let the bib and suspenders fall. John stared. Her breasts were small but they had the cutest nipples he’d seen. The nipples were erect now.

“You’ve got lovely breasts Karen, can I kiss one for you?” John said laying there.

Karen removed the nozzle stuck in the top of the bag. She looked at him and started licking the nozzle to provide some lubrication to work with his already lubed asshole. “Later John, if your good I’ll let you kiss them.” The shutoff clamp of the tubing was close to the bag. She pinched the tubing close to the tip and released the clamp letting a little squirt of water hit John’s stomach. “Sorry.” She said. He flinched but managed a smile. She parted his cheeks once again and inserted the tip into his rectum. “How’s that?”

“Its OK Karen.”

She taped the tube to his thigh then let her fingers go and the water started to flow.

“Oh…” John muttered. The sensation of the water flowing hit John and he wasn’t quite prepared. He did an involuntary wiggle as his ass tightened to keep the water from leaking out. This only made his erection harder. Karen was pleased with her work. She gripped his penis around its girth and pressed on its gland hard with her thumb until she felt his ‘bone’. The precum had made the gland slippery and she slipped her thumb over the head. John thought this could be the end. He couldn’t keep from squirming under her influence. He had never experienced such sensations before. Karen released his penis. The water still flowing, John looking on from the bed, Karen slid the shorts over her hips and they dropped like a rock to the floor. She was completely nude. She had shaved her pubic hair! John had always admired her mound. He imagined he could put three fingers between her thighs with her knees together at her mound. Now he could see her vaginal slit. The skin was gently tucked into the slit from either side.

His precum started to drip. Karen saw that John didn’t take his eyes off her newly shaved area. “Do you like it?” She asked.

“Do I ever.” John replied.

“Good.” She climbed onto the bed with her ass to his face. John could only focus on her vagina and butt hole. “I want you to kiss it”

“No problem,” John said. A wave from the enema hit John and he strained to tightened his ass around the enema nozzle. The water kept coming. He put his mouth over her vagina, but she quickly moved her asshole to his mouth. He was taken back by the gesture, but thought what the hell, and let his tongue probed her rectum.

“Hmmmm… that feels soooo good.” Karen said. The warmth of his mouth on her butt made her tingle. “How’s your enema?”

“Its pretty intense.” His words were garbled by her ass. Karen wanted to press her ass down hard on his face to gain more sensation, but didn’t. His tongue in her butt and his warm mouth felt so good.

“You do this so well.”. She reached for the white tube and pinched off the flow with her thumb and finger. Then let it go and watched his penis strain against the air. When she stopped and started the flow like this, John felt some strange sensations causing a semi-involuntary kagel. She did the procedure a number of times. John put the energy into making love to her rectum. Karen was getting very wet. As she watched the bag empty, her hand found its way to her newly shaved mound. She slowly started to rub her pubic area.

After he’d taken over half the bag Karen reached over and closed the clamp stopping the flow of water. “I want to fuck your brains out” she told him. “Put your legs down.”. John put them down and was laying flat. Karen swung her ass around and sat down on his thighs. She looked at him laying there and admired his body. She milked his penis for all the pre-cum she could get from it and spread the slippery stuff over the head and shaft for lubricant. She got some from his belly and spread it over the lips of her vagina. John saw her smile as she started rubbing her lips again in one hand and grabbed his penis in the other. She spread her lips and positioned his penis to penetrate her.

John looked on her shaved cunt. He bucked his hips trying to enter her. “Easy John, just go for the ride.” He stopped trying to enter her. She made sure there was enough lubricant, reached for the clamp and lowered herself on him. John still had the enema nozzle in his ass. She felt so good to him. He started to moan. When he had entered her as far as she could she stopped moving her hips. He opened his eyes and saw her looking back at him, he wanted to hold her but couldn’t. He heard a ‘click’ when she released the clamp. When the water hit his colon he felt his climax build inside. The water flowed without mercy.

The first spasm took him completely by surprise and he didn’t have time to do anything with his penis at first but quickly started to buck his hips. He lifted her up on his next spasm, and she bore down on him with all of her weight and he still lifted her off the bed. He started shouting and moaning uncontrollably. He relaxed for his second spasm and some of the enema leaked. He tightened and came again lifting Karen as high as he could. Karen wanted him deeper. She pushed to get all of him she could. More enema leaked and a third spasm came to him. John was out of control of his emotions and body. He just came and came until he couldn’t come anymore. He tried but just couldn’t and finally stopped struggling. Karen reached over shut the clamp. She bent over and kissed him gently on the lips. John weakly kisses her back. She kissed his neck as she pressed her body next to his.

After a few minutes of relaxing John said “I have to go hon.”

Karen told him, “I didn’t get off yet, I want to get off first.”.

“I want you to get off, but I have to go.”.

“Please, I want to get off with the water inside of you. It sounds a little weird, but I think its so sexy, I know something that might help.” She slowly lifted herself from his cock. He was still half erect, and the familiar tinge hit when he looked at her shaved pussy. Karen saw him stare and move her hips closer to his face as she got off the bed. He knew that since he had kissed her asshole he couldn’t contaminate her vagina.

Karen went into the bathroom and returned with the pitcher of water and refilled the bag. She went over to her dresser and pulled out a long round object. It was a dildo that was about 3/4 inch thick and 9 or so inched long. Originally it had a straw in its center but she had removed it and she used it as an enema nozzle. “Bend your legs.” John bent. She removed the nozzle from his ass, quickly ripped the tape from his thigh. Then she put the enema nozzle into the dildo. “This will help you.” Karen said as she was spreading K-Y jelly over the top. John keep looking at the bag, her face, breast and shaved pussy. John felt the dildo go in and in. Karen pulled it out again. “Just wanted to see how it would fit. Did it hurt?”.

“No, but I still have to go…” Karen shoved it back in and gave it a 360 degree twist when it was inserted. She delighted in the power it gave her as John asshole tightened as she turned the instrument. “Hold still I’ll be right back.”.

“I’ll be here.” As if he could leave. John looked at the bag and figured it was well over half gone. He looked at his dick and found it still erect. He started to question the whole situation when Karen came back into the room with a pitcher of water to refill the bag. The little bells started the alarms going again. They were countermanded by the sight of Karen’s body and shaved pussy. His penis gave him signals of starting to stir. His bowels however, were giving him signals of panic.

“Just some more water to make sure the enema will work.” She told him as she was walking toward the bed. She noticed he did not look her in the eye but his eyes were riveted somewhere near her hips. “Did I ever tell you that you had a big dick?” She arrived at the bag and turn her back to him. He continued to stare at her ass drinking in every curve and smell he could. She poured the water into the bag then bent at the hips to put the pitcher on the floor, exposing all she could for his view.

“Are you more comfortable now?” She asked as she stood up. “I still have to go.”

She released the clamp and the water started to flow. She grabbed his penis and started to squeeze the gland. Then she gently felt his balls. His erection became hard again. “I want to suck you penis, can I?” She purred.


Karen sat on the bed next to him and kissed him on his lips. It was an open kiss and their tongues pushed between their mouth. Karen held him with her other arm. John felt a little helpless and his arms were still behind him but he did enjoy all of this attention. She offered him her breast and he took her nipple in his mouth. He played with it between his lips, sucking on it. She was getting a tinge in her vagina from his efforts. He ran his teeth over its end. Then he gently but firmly bit at her nipple.

“OWwww” she jerked back. She actually was turned on by the jester but didn’t want to let him know. She slapped him rather hard on his leg. “Not so hard! I wouldn’t do that if I were in your position.” She threatened. It was a convenient excuse. She went to the lamp that was holding the enema bag and raised the bag about another six or so inches. The pressure on his bowels and anus immediately increase. She crawled on the bed and offered her ass to his face. He found her asshole and plunged his tongue in. “Now that feels good.” She cooed. It sent waves through her. She bent down and put his penis inside her mouth. She reached over and pinched off the tube stopping the water flow. She released and licked gland, pumped the shaft with her free hand. Karen liked to suck the cum remnants and savored the burning in her throat from the cum. She felt some of his cum drip from her. John felt it drip from her vagina on his chest. His erection was completely hard now. Karen removed his penis from her mouth to check the flow. The bag was almost gone.

John was still engaged in her asshole. The strange new sensations he was feeling had completely overwhelmed him. Now he felt his bowel getting full, quite full. He strained to make room for more, but it offered little relief.

He mumble “I’m full.”

But it came out “Hmmm lllll”. Karen looked at his belly and saw it was swollen. It was what she was waiting for.

“Almost done John.” She told him as she grabbed his penis and pressed down on the gland and squeezed. “Hang on.” She started pumping his shaft up and down.

She removed her ass from his face. “I’m very full, it kinda hurts.” He said at the first opportunity.

“I know, but you’ll be OK,” she assured him. He was cramping and he never had felt so full. John looked down and saw his belly extended. All the alarms were resonating in his brain. She smiled and told him she loved him. She reached down and pulled out a medium sized butt plug.

“What’s that.” Asked somewhat panicked when he saw it. Karen put some K-Y jelly on it and then ran her finger up and down its side smearing the grease over its surface.

“This is a butt plug John. We don’t want any more accidents do we?” She asked in an accusingly. He didn’t have a come back or any fight left. He was completely at her whim. “Roll over on your stomach.” John started to move be his body didn’t respond in quite the same way as it did a few minutes again. Karen gently helped him, and he rolled over and ended up in cross-ways on his stomach his penis under his belly. Karen got on the bed and positioned herself to insert the device in his ass. She parted his cheeks with her free hand the started to insert it.

John felt it go in. In a day of surprises, it should not have surprised him when he liked the sensation it produced but it did. He was embarrassed to admitted it. He felt his asshole spread as she put it in. He felt the sensation as she slowly pulled it out. He realized that she had started to fuck his asshole with the butt plug. He heard her make little noises and the plug slowly went in and out. His penis was getting harder and he ended up positioning his ass so accept the plug better. The cramps and fullness were still there but the pressure on his penis and ass helped the situation.

Karen watched his ass go to a ring around his ass as she insert the butt plug half way home. She slowly with-drew it, put it in again and withdraw. The sight of his asshole expanding then back to a small hole excited her. She started to massage her pubic bone, outer lips and then her clitoris. Alternating between her clitoris and lips she pushed the butt plug in and out. She saw that he positioned his ass to accept the device she held and this excited her even more. As she felt a wave of climax come over her she just pushed the butt plug all the way in.

John’s asshole spasmed as the butt plug went in. He wanted his ass to close as it had before but the thing was inside and as he try to close his ass the plug just went further in until it came to a stop with his asshole preyed apart. He heard Karen making sexual noises and was turned on but he couldn’t she her. Then he felt her get off his legs and say “Roll over.”

He obliged. Using a leg to roll himself over he rolled onto his back. His hands came to rest under his ass and he felt the butt plugs based against his cheeks. A new wave of cramps from the enema and he wanted to draw up his legs but his stomach muscles weren’t responding as he expected and Karen was climbing over him. A determined woman now Karen wanted his penis inside for her next orgasm. She quickly put his penis inside her and started to draw herself up and down on his shaft as she let out load yelps and screams.

He felt the pressure go away as he started to reach orgasm again. Karen had not had this powerful an orgasm in some time. She wanted him deep inside of her as wave after wave of orgasms struck her. Everything inside her was on fire. Then she gently pressed on his abdomen. John writhed in pain and she had one another powerful orgasm. She yelled and screamed and the fell limp over him as she hugger him and little tremors came across her body. She rested there a minute and propped herself up on her elbows and started kissing John. She felt so close to him and it had been so good. “You do that so well John.”, She told him. John managed a smile, but his mind was on the enema he held inside. Karen saw John’s expression and decided to tease him a little. “I could just stay here forever with you inside me.” She whispered in his ear, then started to nibble on the lobe.

“Karen, I really need to go.”

“OK, I’ll help you up.”. Karen slowly lifted herself from John penis. She crawled around behind him, grabbed his neck with both hands and started to lift him up. John helped as best he could and soon found himself sitting on the edge of the bed. He felt the blood flow into his hands, but the pressure of his weight sitting on the butt plug caused a cramp hit and he stopped his forward progress. “C’mon,” Karen urged. John stood up, he was shaky. He couldn’t stand up strait so he walked hunched over. “You’ll feel better in when you get to the bathroom,” Karen said as told hold of his still erect cock and let him to the bathroom. Each step he took he could feel the butt plug move inside him. “You know John, I think you could learn to like enemas. You are so sexy,” Karen said.

John thought of a bunch of things to say but didn’t have the strength to argue the point. He wanted to talk with her about freeing his hand, but he found himself staring at her breasts again. His penis was still hard and now she had grabbed his balls and was leading him to the place he wanted to be. These facts did not get past Karen who looked him in the eyes briefly from admiring his extended abdomen and rock hard penis.

“Step into the tub, I’m going to pull the butt plug out.” John stepped into the tub it cold hit the bottom of his feet. “Bend and put your head against the wall, and when I pull it out, don’t shit on me or I’ll put it back in.” The challenge didn’t mean much at this time, he just didn’t want to make any mistakes. Karen maneuvered her hand to grab the butt plug by it base. She put her other hand on her wrist and with all of her mite she pulled the butt plug free.

John’s anus went into spasms. He tried hard to keep the enema from squiring out, but he couldn’t tell what had happened. “Good boy,” he heads Karen say. He felt her steady as he straightened up and stepped out of the bathtub. The toilet was not far. He backed to the toilet as Karen guided him. Then finally he got to sit down. He looked up and saw Karen’s shaved pussy inches from his face, the glistening butt plug at her side. Karen bent over grabbed his penis and stuck it under the seat then switched on the exhaust fan. John realized that he hadn’t started to go. Karen turned and walked away. Through it all John still admired her ass. He had no choice, the enema came out in torrents. The pain did not ease at first, but took what seemed forever and the cramps when away as pure water shot from his ass. Karen went to the sink and started to clean the equipment.

“Sounds like you really had to go,” Karen said with a smile. Another wave hit and this time the soap Karen put in the refill started its work. Shit came and came from him. “You know John, you really ought to take better care of yourself. All of this shit will make you sick you grumpy.” More shit came out. He reached back with his elbow and flushed the toilet. His hands behind his back were becoming an annoyance. “I think this enema is just what you needed. You were full of shit when you got here, that’s why the traffic upset you so. You are going to be relaxed when you leave here tonight.”. Karen left the room and John heard her dial the phone. He tried to listen to hear what she was saying but the he couldn’t stop going long enough to make out anything. Karen walked back into the bathroom still naked.

John could help staring at her. “‘Bout done?” Karen asked.

“I think so.” John replied

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Karen said. “Bend over.”.

John bent over his knees and Karen came over and cleaned his bottom, balls and penis with toilet wipes. “Feel better John?”

John was still sitting on the stool his mind taking stock of his body. It was OK. He started to stand but his knees were wobbly from the ordeal. It had drained him, but he was not hurt and he felt surprisingly good about it. It had been and evening of surprises that had not yet hit his psyche. He rested back down on the stool and looked up Karen and told her he was OK. He saw her leaning against the sink counter with her legs crossed at the ankles. She had a slender tube he judged to be about four feet long. The tube was stiff as she arched it up. She was looking at him over the top of the tube’s arch. Karen lined the top of the arch of the colon tube to the bridge of John’s nose then said, “Ready for your next one?”.

However the story does not have an ending. What is she holding? A stomach tube? An irrigation tube? Or what? What is she going to do with it? When will it be continued? Is this real? Or somebody’s fantasy ?