Karen’s Physical

Karen had applied for a new position with a food distribution firm. In her interview with Ms. Simmons, the Director of Personnel, she was advised that all appeared to be in order for her hiring, but that since she would be coming into contact with product, Karen would need medical certification that she was free of any disease that could cause contamination and place the company in legal jeopardy. Accordingly, an appointment had been made for her at St. Mary’s Teaching Hospital for an employment screening evaluation.

Not knowing if she should wear anything special for her appointment at the hospital, Karen decided that she should at least be comfortable, so she wore her favorite turtleneck pullover. Since she assumed that a breast examination just might be part of the procedure, she decided to dispense with a bra. Not knowing if she would be required to don the usual hospital johnny-gown or permitted to wear her own clothes during the exam, she decided to wear conservative white panties, stockings and garter-belt, rather than panty hose. Karen chose a knee-length light tweed skirt and heels to round out her outfit.

She had been instructed to report to the Internal Medicine Screening Dept. and present her appointment papers to the receptionist. Karen was relieved to find there were no other patients in the reception area when she arrived. Medical examinations always embarrassed her, and even though other people would be here for the same reason, she preferred to enjoy a semblance of privacy.

“Oh yes, Karen. We have been expecting you. Please have a seat. Nurse Oglethorpe will come for you in just a moment,” said the receptionist, with a friendly smile. That made Karen feel a bit more relaxed. She settled down to wait for her name to be called, trying to imagine just how involved this “screening examination” was going to be. Just as she started to close her eyes, she heard the door to the inner room open and a female voice call her name.

Startled, Karen looked up into the friendly, smiling eyes of Nurse Oglethorpe, a vivacious blonde, who appeared to be a very well preserved and mature woman in her forties - blond hair pulled back into a no-nonsense bun, typical starched white nurse’s uniform, but a bit tighter fitting than usual. “Welcome, Karen. We are so happy to see you. Please come with me.”

Karen followed Nurse Oglethorpe through the door and into an examining room, where she was directed to remove her coat and sit on the examining table.

“Well, Karen, Dr. Trump will be in momentarily to conduct your examination. Your employer has ordered a complete screening, and I am sure we can expect your total cooperation to complete this procedure as quickly as possible, the Nurse stated in a suddenly businesslike manner. “Normally, we require our patients to wear a johnny-gown for the examination, but if the necessary parts of your body can be accessed easily enough, I am sure we can dispense with that unpleasantness,” she said.

This made Karen feel better because johnny gowns were hardly becoming to any female, and Karen was a very attractive woman who enjoyed looking feminine. Nurse Oglethorpe was just getting her clipboard out to record Karen’s medical history when the door suddenly opened, and Dr. Trump entered the room. Karen was relieved to see that he had rugged good looks and was fairly distinguished looking for a man in his thirties. He was, however, in a hurry and apparently eager to complete this examination and get on with other matters he needed to attend to.

“Well then, it’s Karen, is it? I see that your new employer has ordered a complete internal screening for you. We’ll try to make it as pleasant as possible and get you out of here as soon as we can. I’m afraid I’m in a bit of a hurry right now, so I’ll need to move the process along as quickly as possible. I would appreciate your understanding and cooperation, okay?”

“Yes, Doctor,” Karen said, happy that that Dr. Trump wanted to get it over with quickly.

“All right, Nurse. Let’s get started. Please initiate the startup procedure.”

“Yes, Doctor” “Karen, please lie down on the table and roll onto your stomach,” said the nurse.

Karen sighed and did as she was told, resting her face on her folded arms. The nurse grabbed the hem of Karen’s skirt and firmly pulled it up so that her white panties came into view. When Karen’s panties were completely exposed, Nurse Oglethorpe placed her fingers inside the waistband of Karen’s panties and, without any ado, firmly pulled them down to her knees, leaving Karen’s bottom completely exposed. Karen shivered as the air-conditioned air wafted coolly over her bare skin. She wasn’t happy about being exposed in front of the doctor and nurse this way, but she figured that her clothes would be required to be removed at some point, so she just accepted the inevitable with resignation.

Karen watched as Nurse Oglethorpe went to the equipment table and took a thermometer from one of the drawers. She was a bit dismayed to see the nurse unscrew a jar of Vaseline and dip the end of the thermometer deep within it. It was obvious to Karen that her temperature was about to be taken rectally. She became a bit embarrassed to be exposed in quite this way and said,

somewhat hesitantly, “Ugh, Nurse, can’t we just do this in my mouth?”

“I’m sorry, Karen, nut this procedure requires a rectal temperature. Just relax and cooperate, and we will get this over with as quickly as possible.”

With that, Nurse Oglethorpe spread both of Karen’s cheeks with one end and quickly inserted the rectal thermometer deeply within Karen’s tightly clenched bottom cheeks. The nurse held the thermometer firmly in place with her right hand while she placed her left hand firmly pressed on the small of Karen’s back. Karen felt like a little child who was being held in place by her strict mother.

To add to her feelings of embarrassment, she heard the doctor and nurse engaging in small talk, while she lay so exposed on the examining table with a glass thermometer clenched tightly between her bottom cheeks. It brought her back many years to childhood when her mother did that to her whenever she was thought to be feeling ill.

“All right Karen, time’s up,” said the nurse. With that, Nurse Oglethorpe spread Karen’s cheeks apart and slowly removed the thermometer with a twisting motion that made Karen squirm. “Well, doctor, what do you think?” said the nurse, handing him the thermometer for his inspection.

“Yes, I’m afraid there is a slight elevation,” said Dr. Trump, with a frown. “We had better be thorough on this one. I just hope Karen will cooperate and not give us a hard time.”

Karen wondered what he meant by that and started to get up, but then felt Dr. Trump’s hand on the small of her back. “Just stay as you are for now, Karen. We’ll have you change position in just a moment. Just close your eyes and try to relax.”

Karen turned her head toward the wall where a medical equipment cabinet was located along with a sink and high, curved faucet. She watched as Nurse Oglethorpe turned on the water and let it run while she rummaged in the cabinet for something.

Karen’s eyes opened wide and she gasped as she saw the nurse remove a stainless steel can that had an amber rubber tube attached to the bottom of it.

Opening one of the drawers, Nurse Oglethorpe removed a large, curved black pipe that ended in a rather large bulb, about 1.5 inch in diameter and attached it to the end of the tube Karen’s heart nearly stopped beating when the nurse held the can under the faucet which was now pouring out nearly steaming water, and then added the contents of three soap packets to the hot water. Karen realized then that she would be getting an enema - and a good strong enema, at that. When the nurse lifted the can out of the sink and placed it on the counter, she inserted a long spatula and stirred the sudsing liquid until the soap suds ran over the top of the enema can. It was obvious to Karen that the can held at least three quarts!

When Nurse Oglethorpe turned around and walked toward the examining table, she held the can high with one hand while she held the long curved nozzle with the other. The smile on the nurse’s face made poor Karen cringe with fear, and her buttock cheeks started to shake without control.

“Poor dear,” said Nurse Oglethorpe with a wicked grin. “It appears that our little girl is afraid. She’ll probably give us a hard time and squirm all over the table. We’d better use the restraining straps, or we’ll never get done. We’ve got a long way to go.”

“Oh, dear, “ said the doctor. “You’re probably right. If she’s shaking like this already, God only knows what she will be doing in a little while. We’d better put the straps on.”

With that, Nurse Oglethorpe pulled Karen’s back up so she was in a kneeling position on the table. She then placed thick rubber straps that been attached to the sides of the table around Karen’s waist, arms and thighs and fastened them so that Karen was firmly bound into a kneeling position with her legs spread wide and face and chest flush with the table surface. Karen was hardly able to move.

“Please, doctor. Do we really have to do all this. I really don’t want to be tied down like this,” stammered Karen with a pout.

“I’m sorry, Karen. But this procedure requires your complete cooperation. I am afraid we must bind you securely to prevent any accidents from occurring. Please try to relax and we will be done before you know it. You’ll feel much better afterwards, I can promise you.”

Karen watched in horror as Nurse Oglethorpe began to cover the nozzle with Vaseline. She knew where it would be going next. Her mind flashed back in that moment to the terrible memory of that night in her grandmother’s house when she was ten years old.

Her family had gone to visit her grandmother for Christmas. Karen was never really very fond of the old woman. She had never been particularly friendly and always somewhat of a prune. She seemed to be of the old school that mandated that children were to be seen and not heard. Her parents tried to make Karen feel better by telling her that one of grandmother’s neighbors would be at the house for dinner as well; a single mother with a twelve year-old son, hoping this would make her more interested in going along. She was only mildly interested in meeting the boy, but acquiesced because she really had no choice in the matter anyway.

It was a reasonably pleasant evening, the woman and her son, Bobby, seemed to be friendly, and everyone got along pretty well. As they were seated at dinner, grandmother, in her typically intrusive way, started asking Karen’s parents how everything was, Karen’s school work, etc. To Karen’s horror, she heard her mother casually mention that Karen had been particularly difficult to deal with lately because of her problems with complaints of upset stomach that had kept her home from school for several days and she had to stay home from work to care for her.

“Why, what did you do for her stomach problem, dear?” said grandmother.

“Oh, just tea and toast, and plenty of bed rest. She didn’t seem to have a fever. She’s just been in a grumpy mood lately and difficult to live with,” said mother.

“Oh, for goodness sake, exclaimed grandmother, with an air of finality. All the poor girl needs is a good, old-fashioned soap enema to straighten her out. She’s obviously constipated and an enema is the best thing for it!”

Poor Karen nearly died when she heard her grandmother say that right at the dinner table, and in front of her neighbor and his son, as well. Karen felt like crawling into the ground to disappear forever. She had never felt so humiliated in all her ten years in this world. She couldn’t even bring herself to look at anyone at the table. All she could manage was to say in a breathless whisper, “Grandmother, please. This is so embarrassing. Must you talk about this now?”

“Nonsense, child,” poo-pooed grandmother, with no obvious sign of concern for Karen’s feelings at all. “A nice, soothing enema will make you feel much better. I’ll just give you one as soon as we finish dinner, while the ladies clear the dishes away and set the table for dessert. That will be plenty of time for a nice flush. You’ll feel much better. You’ll see.”

And with that, grandmother began to talk about other matters as though nothing out of the ordinary had transpired. Poor Karen couldn’t even bring herself to look at Bobby or his mother. She just kept her head down in abject shame and stared at the table.

Before too long, dinner ended, and grandmother suddenly stood up and announced that she would have to excuse herself in order to prepare Karen’s enema. She turned and headed straight for the bathroom. Karen’s cheeks blushed furiously, and she suddenly turned to her parents and stammered, “Mom, Dad, please don’t let her do this to me!”

Unfortunately for Karen, her parents weren’t going to be of much help. Her mother simply stated matter-of- factly, “Now look, Karen, I know you would rather not have an enema, but you haven’t been well lately, and grandmother really does know best, so why don’t you just behave yourself and stop pouting like such a brat!” Her father just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I really do think mother is right. You have been a bit of a grump. I think the enema might make you feel better. Besides, you should know better than to try to disobey your grandmother.

Karen, with a sinking heart, stole a quick glance over at Bobby and his mother and noticed they were smiling at each other over Karen’s plight. She knew she was sunk.

A few minutes later, grandmother emerged from the bathroom holding an old-fashioned white enameled enema can in one hand. The long amber tube that trailed from the bottom of the can ended in a thick curved black rubber enema nozzle that had a ridged and fat tip. Even from the table, everyone could clearly see the steam rising from the top of the can and the thick white suds streaming over the sides of the can and dripping onto the floor. It was filled to the top.

Grandmother pointed to Karen with her free hand to come and follow her. Karen turned to her mother in a last-ditch attempt to avoid the inevitable. “Mom, please, don’t let her!”

Before mom could answer, grandmother strode over the table, grabbed Karen by the hand, and literally dragged her from the table and into her bedroom. No one said a word, but sat in frozen silence at the spectacle before them.

Grandmother pulled Karen over to the straight-backed chair next to the dresser and hung the full enema can on the high post attached to the dresser mirror. Sitting down on the chair, she pulled the hapless girl over her lap. She raised Karen’s dress over her hips, grabbed the top edge of her white cotton panties with both hands and firmly tugged them down to her knees. She hooked one of her legs over Karen’s ankles to keep the girl from wriggling off her lap and grabbed the nozzle with one hand, placed it in her lap while she took an open jar of Vaseline from the dresser and inserted the nozzle into it. Spreading Karen’s cheeks with one hand, she suddenly thrust the nozzle completely into Karen’s tightly clenched bottom, making her cry out. She continued to press the nozzle home until it was inserted to the hilt inside the poor, struggling girl.

“Now, Karen, I am going to open the clamp and begin the enema. You are to take your water like a good girl without complaining. If you try to get off my lap before I give you permission or start crying like a spoiled brat, I will keep you here with me for a week and see that you get a good, strong enema every day!” grandmother commanded. And with that, she opened the clamp and the hot sudsy water began its flow into poor Karen’s bottom.

Karen thought that by clenching her cheeks together very hard she would be able to keep the water out of her body. She was wrong. Try as she might, she could do nothing to stop the water from having its way with her. The enema can had been hung high to ensure good fast flow, and the water was hot and laced with strong soap. It was almost as if grandmother was out to punish Karen by making the enema as difficult for the young girl to take as possible and by humiliating her in front of the other guests.

Poor Karen was now to the point of tears. Her stomach cramped furiously and the soapy mixture threatened to explode from her body at any moment. She was acutely aware that she would soil her panties and dress if she leaked and begged her grandmother to stop the flow.

“Oh, please, please, stop the water, grandmother. I can’t hold any more,” she pleaded,

with tears forming in her eyes.

“Nonsense, child. You are a big girl now. The water will continue until the can is empty. Hush now or you will be staying with me for the next week.” She placed her free hand firmly on Karen’s back to hold her in place and keep her from squirming off her lap.

“Remember, Karen - every drop, or you will be getting more. And so, all discussion with her grandmother was ended, and poor Karen was consigned to her fate.

After what seemed like an eternity, the can was empty and the flow ended. The churning caused by the hot suds in her belly had become unbearable and Karen was openly crying and begging for relief from the terrible cramps.

“Young lady, I am terribly disappointed in you. I had expected much better control from you. Get off my lap now and pull up your panties. You may use the bathroom off the dining room to relieve yourself. Now go!”

Karen pulled up her panties and scampered for the bathroom just as fast as her legs would carry her. The cramps were fierce and the growling in her stomach was urgent. At this point she didn’t care that she needed to go through the dining room were all the guests were seated at the table to get to the bathroom. She didn’t even think of the incredible spectacle she presented to all of them as she flew toward the bathroom holding her poor distended belly. Once safely in the bathroom, Karen tugged down her panties and sat on the toilet just in time as the flood exploded from her distended bowels. When her expulsion had ended, and she cleaned herself, the poor girl had to go back into the dining room to face the stares of everyone present, especially Bobby…….

All these thoughts flooded back into Karen’s consciousness as she now lay exposed on the examining table with the nozzle firmly embedded in her bottom while Nurse Oglethorpe, with an evil snicker on her face, pressed her firmly to the table surface with her hand. As the water entered with a rush and passed her anal sphincter into the dark recesses of her private place, Karen relived that terrible night at her cruel grandmother’s home. Thankfully, however, at least now, no one else was present to witness her humiliation in the name of employment. The inexorable pressure of the hot suds in her belly grew until she moaned in distress and wiggled her clenching bottom in an effort to dislodge the nozzle that was so securely placed there.

“Now, Karen,” admonished the doctor, “We can’t have you wiggling around like that. You’re almost finished with your first enema. Do behave yourself!”

“FIRST ENEMA???” thought Karen with alarm. Was there going to be more? The sudsy water drained from the can with a gurgle and the ordeal was over, or so she thought. Dr. Trump slowly twisted the nozzle from Karen’s tightly clenched cheeks and placed a shallow pan on the examining table just under Karen’s raised cheeks.

“All right, Karen. Please expel the enema now. The pan I have placed beneath you will catch everything. Just let it all out right now,” Dr. Trump commanded.

“Right now? Here? In front of you like this?” poor Karen couldn’t believe her ears. They actually wanted her to shit right in front of them while she was still strapped to the table like a sacrifice!

“I’m sorry, but we need to analyze your intestinal contents for your employer. I’m afraid we can’t allow you to use the bathroom. Please release your enema now, Karen.”

“Karen, if you don’t let go right now-and I do mean now-I am going to give you a second enema while you are still holding onto the first bellyful! Do I make myself clear???” Nurse Oglethorpe suddenly shouted harshly.

With a sigh of resignation, Karen forced herself to relax her anus and allowed the churning and steaming contents to escape into the waiting pan. Loud noises from pent-up gas and much splashing accompanied her expulsion, but her relief came quickly as her distention eased and her bowels emptied.

Nurse Oglethorpe pushed a buzzer on the wall and the door soon opened to admit a young man who appeared to be no more than 18 into the room. He wore a lab coat and the nurse gave him the covered pan to take into the lab for analysis. Poor Karen shrunk back in abject shame as this boy stared at her trussed to the table, so intimately exposed while Dr. Trump cleaned her dripping bottom with a cool wet cloth.

After the door closed behind the departing lab technician, Nurse Oglethorpe removed the straps from Karen’s body and helped her to roll over onto her back. Karen was relieved to be able to change her position, but was apprehensive at what was to come next. She opened her eyes to scan the examining room and gasped in utter shock at the sight before her. She had thought all along that she was alone with the doctor and nurse, but she was wrong - very wrong!

There, near the ceiling, behind what Karen had first thought was a mirror, was a balcony behind glass - a spectators’ gallery. And it was filled with people!!! Some wore white lab coats, but some wore business suits. There were men as well as women, and they were all staring intently at her. Every single one of them had just witnessed Karen’s humiliating enema treatment at the hands of the doctor and nurse.

It was then that Karen remembered - this was a TEACHING HOSPITAL. It dawned on her then that she was the subject of a lesson for all those who were watching!

As her eyes painfully looked at the faces staring at her, heart nearly stopped! There, in the center of the first row, was Ms. Simmons, then Karen suddenly caught her breath in shock. The Personnel Director of her new employer. She had seen everything, and she had this strange, knowing smile on her face!