Karen's Treatment

By AquaGent

Karen felt very nervous as she unfastened the clasp of her brassiere. Releasing her breasts, she noticed that her nipples swelled immediately upon contact with the cool air of the examining room. She picked up the crisp white gown and slipped her arms into it before fastening it at the neck. Finally, she slipped of her panties. The cloth was slightly damp where it has been in contact with her vaginal lips.

She was about to embark on a trip to fantasy land.

As she clambered onto the exam table and laid back, she thought briefly of how it had come to past. Only two weeks before, had she been at a weekend party. Her friends had introduced her to Craig. She had certainly liked his above average looks, but it was when she discovered that he was an intern, that she got really interested. It wasn’t the promise of money, she had more than enough of that. It was the potential allure of romancing a doctor and of possibly living out a long held notion of turning a physical examination into something far more racy.

She had found Craig to be a passionate and skilled lover. During their several evenings together, they had even engaged in anal intercourse. Karen smiled as she recalled the first time the head of his penis had entered her back there. The slow and gently insistent pressure of the slick knob as it opened her, and the slight nip of pain that quickly became arousal as he entered her. He was slightly thicker than the dildo she had frequently inserted into her ass. That seeming small bit of difference was noticeable. It hurt as it opened and penetrated her, but not really. It was more like a quick pinch, and then he was in her; all hard and hot and swollen.

As she laid there recalling it, she felt a familiar stirring. She felt a slight bit of moisture developing. She was very tempted to touch herself, but waited impatiently and stared at the pattern of the ceiling tiles in the cool little cubicle.

After one very passionate exchange with Craig, when she was lying next to him as they softly caressed each other following yet another explosive coupling, she had popped the question.

She had asked him if he would consider fulfilling one of her fantasies.

So, here she was, lying clad only in one of those silly gowns, waiting in anticipation. Waiting for things to unfold. Eager to live out her passion and yet slightly worried that it might be so much less than she hoped for.

She had entered the walk-in clinic where Craig was on duty, late in the day, a half hour before they closed. Claiming to have tummy pain, and slight bloating, she had been ushered into the examining room and asked a battery of questions. After that, the nurse had taken her vital signs, and had instructed her to disrobe to her panties and put on the gown. Karen, had taken it upon herself to also remove her underwear.

As the butterflies grew more insistent, she began to fidget. What the Hell was taking to so long, she wondered.

The door opened and there he was. Standing there in his long white coat, stethoscope draped around his neck, and clipboard in hand.

“Hello, Miss Armstrong, I am Doctor Givens. It seems you have a tummy problem, tell me about it.” He announced as he closed the door.

“Yes doctor, it’s very tender and a bit painful.”

“I see. Well, let’s take a look shall we.”

With that, Craig lifted back the flimsy cotton gown exposing her from the rib cage on down. She shivered slightly as his fingers touched her abdomen and began to probe and move over skin. Her nerves were a jumbled mess as his hands roamed over her lower abdomen and ran just across the line of the top of her pubic hair. She could feel herself beginning to tingle a bit and could even feel a slight swelling of her pussy lips.

“Well, there is definitely some sort of swelling here. I think we will have to investigate further. When did you last have a bowel movement, Karen?”

“Ummm, I’m not sure doctor, yesterday morning I think.”

“I see, not that unusual. Even so, there could be an impaction. I think we’ll be best served if you have a rectal examination. I’ll just go and summon the nurse to assist and be present.”

“Oh really, Doctor. Is that necessary?”

“Oh yes, Karen, we must check to see if you have an impacted fecal mass.”

“No, not that part Doctor, I know you have to do that. Do we really need the nurse? I’d prefer it if she wasn’t present.”

“Well, that is very strictly against our rules here at the clinic. A female nurse is always to be present during all pelvic and rectal examinations. It’s to assure the propriety of the exam is maintained.”

“Oh, but that’s really not needed Doctor. I trust you completely and I’m sure nothing would ever happen that would be unprofessional.”

“Well, I suppose we could do that just this once.” Craig replied as he glanced at his watch. “It is very late in the day, and the nurses are all getting ready to leave in any regard.”

Craig turned back and smiled slightly at his lover. “Why don’t you just slip your legs up into these rests and we’ll get this bit of nasty investigation over with.”

Karen lifted each leg in turn and laid it into the padded rests of the stirrup devices that Craig attached to the examining table. As she did, she noted that he adjusted each so that her legs were spread widely apart. It was exciting her to be exposed to his gaze in such a vulnerable position.

“I’m just going to fasten each leg in place so you don’t accidentally slip during the exam.” Stated Craig in a firm reassuring tone. “We wouldn’t want you to fall from the table.”

As he stood at the foot of the table, she could see him gazing hungrily at her exposed vagina and anus. He reached into a drawer at the foot of the table and took out a package. As she watched, he peeled it open and withdrew a pair of sterile latex gloves. Rather than the normal procedure of donning them away from her sight, he made an elaborate production of sliding his hands into each glove. Snapping the cuffs and stretching the tight latex over each hand, he flexed and wiggled his fingers. She was really tingling now. Knowing that his strong thick fingers would soon be inside her made her even more aroused.

As Craig sat of the stool and lowered the end of the table, she felt even more exposed and a tiny jolt of anticipation ran through her. She closed her eyes and focused her attention on the sensations. She could feel his warm breath on her bare skin as she lay exposed to his gaze.

“I’m going to insert a lubricated finger into your anus, Karen. It might feel a bit uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt.”

She almost lifted clear of the table as the tip of his finger touched her. She could feel the coolness of the lubricant and tightened involuntarily against it. Then his finger slid easily into her hot ass. The smooth gloved length of it penetrating her deeply as she felt him twist the finger as it entered. His long thick finger pressed deeper into her rectum and probed the smooth lining. She moaned softly as he moved the finger slowly around inside her.

“It doesn’t hurt you, does it?” He asked softly

“Oh no, it feels quite nice, Doctor.” She replied as she slowly moved her hips.

“Yes, you seem to be getting aroused by it. Do you enjoy anal stimulation, Karen? Do you have anal intercourse?”

“Ummm, well, this is sort of embarrassing, but yes, I do like anal stimulation and anal sex.” She replied, barely speaking over a whisper. “Is that what my problem is, Doctor?”

“No, your anus and rectum seem to be in fine condition. In fact, given that you engage in anal sex, they are in great shape. There is no apparent loss of muscle tone at all. No, I think your problem is a fecal impaction in your lower colon. Do you know of any reason why that would be?”

“Ummm, well, I haven’t been eating my usual diet lately. I have been too busy and have relied on snack foods to get by.”

“I see, well that is very likely what has happened. I think you need a large enema to help break up that impaction and soften your stool so that your constipation will be alleviated. Do you know how to administer an enema to yourself, Karen?”

“No, doctor, I don’t think I do know how to do that properly, can’t you help me out?”

“Well, normally, I would have my nurse give you the enema, but since everyone has gone home for the day, I suppose, I will have to do it for you.”

She felt him withdraw his finger from her and watched as he peeled off the latex gloves and tossed them into the wastebasket. As she lay there, exposed and vulnerable, she could feel her pussy tingle and felt the longing to have something back inside her ass. She laid there contended and yet on the edge of extreme arousal as he took a large clear bag from the cupboard and began to fill it with warm water from the faucet.

“I am going to add a bit of stool softener to your enema, Karen. Rather than a synthetic mix, I will use nature’s own answer. A cup of lemon juice should be sufficient.”

“Doctor, that looks like a very large enema, I don’t think I can hold all that much.”

“Don’t be alarmed or worried, I will use a special retention nozzle to assist you in keeping the enema inside long enough for it to do its work.”

With that, he turned back and showed her the bag brimming with warm water, the solution mildly clouded by the lemon juice he’d added to it. He hung the clear bag from the hook on an I.V. stand and draped the vinyl tubing over it. While she watched in growing anticipation, he donned a new pair of gloves and then attached a deliciously naughty looking nozzle to it. A bright green in color, it looked thick an inviting attached to the end of the tubing. Craig took the tube in hand and bled the air from it into a small stainless steel basin. Then, he wheeled to whole thing back to the table where Karen laid waiting for her enema.

As she had watched, her excitement had grown. The anticipation was almost greater in its intensity than what she was sure would follow. She could feel how her pussy lips had engorged as Craig had made her enema ready. She could feel the very first tiny tingles of sexual excitement. She knew she was on the verge of a very powerful experience. Even her nipples were tingling and she longed to touch them, or have them touched.

As Craig sat between her legs once more, she closed her eyes and waited. As he touched her anus with the tip of his lubricated finger she moaned and lifted her pelvis from the table. Even though she had tried not to, she couldn’t help herself. It felt so fantastic as his finger entered her hungry ass. She wanted it in her, deep and penetrating. Then, as though he had read her mind, she felt the full length of his long finger press high inside. Once again she moaned. As she had hoped he would, Craig began to move the finger in and out of her. He twisted and turned it as he did, and she moved her hips in time to his stroking of her rectal tissue. As he pulled the finger out, she felt the tip of the fat enema nozzle replace it immediately. It felt so incredible as the flared bulb-shaped head of it entered her anus. She felt it pause there and let loose a small cry of pleasure as he twisted it in her tight ass. Then the nozzle entered her and moved high inside.

She felt electrified, every nerve stretched taut by the feelings in her ass. It was even better than she had ever dreamt possible. Like most of their games so far, reality had far exceeded anything she had imagined.

As if these intense feelings were not enough stimulation, she almost shrieked as the balloon inside her rectum began to inflate. Like a burgeoning mushroom cloud, it expanded inside with a very enticing and growing feeling of fullness. She could not recall ever feeling so alive.

She only heard him half saying her enema was about to begin. Her focus was so intensely concentrated on the feelings coming from her ass, that she was almost oblivious to all else.

The first tiny gush of warmth made her moan loudly. It was like icing on the cake, and she could resist no longer. Reaching for her nipples, she rubbed them and squeezed them gently. Gone was all pretense of pure medical need. She wanted to orgasm.

“Make me come, Craig, oh please make me come.” She begged.

It hit like a freight train. As soon as he touched her swollen clitoris with his gloved finger, she clenched her pelvic muscles. Her orgasm surprised even her. Although she knew she was excited, she had no idea it was that close at hand. It swelled and ran through her as he rubbed her gently.

“More, more, more!” She urged.

He replied by pressing harder. It was fantastic. The hot water entering, the fullness in her ass, her nipples all swollen and stimulated, she came once again. This one falling immediately on the heels of the first.

And so it went for the next five minutes. One crashing explosion after another. Each a bit more intense than its predecessor. Each one lifting her a bit higher and draining her reserves until at last she lay panting and fully spent. She had barely been aware of him. And even now it was only as she relaxed and opened her eyes that she discovered he had replaced his fingers with his talented tongue. She took it in at a glance. The wetness on his lips and face as he smiled wantonly at her.

“That was unbelievable, Doctor. But what about you?”

As he slipped down his trousers and showed her his engorged penis, he smiled and said; “You will need something to help take your mind off your enema while you hold it, Miss Armstrong. Perhaps sucking this will do the trick?”