Kas Goes to the Doctor

Kas pulled himself up out of bed. Damn he really did not want to go to the office today. He had felt shitty for three days now. Upset stomach, listless, and bloated he showered, dressed and left for work.

Three hours later he had accomplished nothing when the door to his office burst open and his colleague Royce poked his head in. “Ya ready ?” he asked.

“Ready? For what?” came the short reply.

“We are supposed to run today. Are you coming?” It was then that Royce notice how sick his friend looked. “Christ, Kasdan you look like shit!”

“Excuse me,” Kas said as he hurried to the bathroom in his office. Royce heard him vomiting and went in, bending down next to his long time friend he put his hand on his back. “Kas have you seen a doctor?”

“No,” came the weak reply. “I’ll be fine, really, I just feel a little bloated that’s all.”

Royce frowned. “Let me make an appointment with the doctor I go to, Ok?” Kas nodded. What did he have to lose he thought. Royce came back a few minutes later, “Let’s go. Dr. Jensen can see you right away.” As they pulled up to the little white frame house Kas was surprised. Royce grinned. “The Doc’s practice is at home.”

Once inside a receptionist took his name and had him fill out a new patient form, then showed him into the exam room. “If you will get undressed and put this on please…” She handed him a terry cloth wrap. “The doctor will be right in.”

“Kasdan, what a nice name. Hello, I’m Doctor Jensen.” Kas shook the hand extended at him and thought of a dozen ways to get even with Royce. The doctor was a woman! and a beautiful one at that.

“Now if you will lie down,” she patted the table. “We can begin.” He heard her snap on a pair of exam gloves and then she began to probe his stomach. When she pushed on his lower belly he tensed.


“Well …umm yeah,” he stuttered.

“Ok. Lets get a temp and your blood pressure. Roll over on your stomach,” she instructed. Kas rolled over and then realized where she intended to put that thermometer. I

“Is that really necessary?” he asked, the apprehension in his voice clear.

“Yes,” came the reply. “It is more accurate then when we do it orally,” she smiled.

“B-but I have never had anything put in there that I remember.”

“It will be ok, I promise just relax. This will be a bit cold.” He tensed as she pulled apart his buttocks and the cool jelly came in contact with his little back door. “Ok,” she said in a soothing voice, ‘Give us a couple of deep breaths Kas, Ok ?” He felt her insert the cool metal probe. It was larger than a regular thermometer.

“Ooooooommmmmm…” he groaned as it slid deep into his bowels.

“It will take a couple minutes to register.” She moved to take his blood pressure while they waited for the temp to register. Her smile was warm and he closed his eyes as she slid the cuff on his arm and pumped it up. It was a little elevated but he was nervous about what was happening to him so she was unconcerned. The thermometer beeped and Kas felt her sliding it from him. “Your temp is a little high,” she said. “Now just relax again. I need to do an anal exam.”

“Ohhhhh…” he groaned as her finger slid easily into him.

“When was your last bowel movement?” she asked. A frown creased her brow and she slid her other hand under his belly and pushed while her finger probed deeper into his anal opening.

“Uuggggggggmmmmmmmmmm!” he groaned. “That hurts!”

“I know, Sweetie,” she crooned. “Just a minute more.” Kas was flushed and sweating as she withdrew her finger. “So. When was your last bowel movement??”

“I don’t know. About three or four days ago. Maybe longer,” he said.

“Well then let’s get started,” she said. “If you would lay on your stomach and bring your knees up to your chest please….”

Kas did as he was told but felt more exposed than ever. He felt her warm hand on his testicles, rolling each one gently to check for any growths. “When was the last time you ejaculated?”

Kas was silent.

“Kasdan…?” she called his name. “It has been a long time hasn’t it?”

“Yes,” he said quietly, his face flushing redder.

“Don’t be embarrassed Sweetie your sac is very swollen so I was just making sure that was the reason and you were not injured there. I am going to put a cuff on you ok?”

He felt her slip a cuff around his swollen sac and tighten it. “Mmmmmmf…” he grunted as it trapped his aching balls. Her warm hands encircled his penis as she pulled it backwards and slipped it through an elastic O ring attached to the table. It held his cock tightly in a backward position between his legs. It did not hurt, in fact it felt good and the sensation was giving him an erection.

“Kasdan…” her voice was serious. “I am going to insert a suppository deeply into your rectum followed by two cups of warm water to help activate it. It is a powerful laxative to help get things moving. Is that all right?”

He nodded he took a deep breath and felt her begin insert the large thing into him. It was about six inches long and as thick as his thumb. “Ooooooooohhhhhh, ummmmmm, errr…” he groaned. “Docccc…!”

“It’s ok Sweetie,” she murmured. He heard the gurgling as she filled the syringe bulb and slid it into the tight little hole.

“Unggggg!” he grunted as she squeezed warm water spewed up into him. “Ooooooooerm,” he moaned as the remainder of the liquid spurted into him.

“Now honey, it shouldn’t take too long to work, about fifteen minutes. Can you hold it that long?”

Kas nodded and closed his eyes this was intense he thought. Everytime he moved, his cock was stretched. It was sweet torture. He heard her doing something behind him and felt several soft layers of cloth being placed under and in between his buttocks. Then a hard bolster pillow was placed next to his stomach.

“When you start to feel cramps I want you to roll over onto this and it will help disperse the gas and move the solution down so you can eliminate it.”

Kas was going to ask where the bathroom was but when he opened his mouth out came a long guttural moan as the first cramp hit. “Aarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!” He instinctually rolled on the bolster gasping. “Uhhuhuhuhu! Docc!” he grunted.

She was there now rubbing his back. “Ride it out Honey,” she crooned. “That’s a good boy…”

“Ohh ohh !” Kas moaned. “These cramps are intense!”

“Don’t push Honey. Just let it come by itself.”

“But I need to go to the bathroom!” he cried.

“Kasdan, you would never make it to the bathroom. No one does. All my patients empty right here.”

“Ohhhhh…” he moaned. The cramps were coming nonstop now and each time he rolled the stretch and relax sensation on his penis felt like he was being stroked by an expert. Kasdan began to call her name over and over. “Doc, doc, doc please I’m going to …uggggggggg!”

Dr. Jensen watched as her handsome patient began to move his bowels. “Good,” she soothed. “Very good.” His skin was flushed and a sheen of sweat coated his body as he quivered uncontrollably.

“Ohhhhhh… I’m wetting,” he moaned. “I’m sorry…” Kas was mortified at his inability to control anything. He was moving his bowels, emptying his bladder and he wanted to come sooooo bad his ball ached for release.

“Kasdan, emptying your bladder is a normal occurrence during procedures like this. Men get erections and even cum,” she told him as she wiped him and replaced the soiled cloths with clean ones.

His breathing was harsh and ragged as the Doc rubbed his back. “Easy now. You did very well Sweetheart” she praised.

“But I made such a mess!” He looked like a little boy who’s soiled his pants she thought. Lord he was handsome and cute at the same time.

“Kasdan,” she said gently. “This is what I do. If all this stuff bothered me or grossed me out how could I help people who come to me ? Now rest!”

Kasdan lay there thinking about what was next. He had never had an enema in his life! The thought made him nervous and excited him at the same time. The thought that Royce had this done to him too made him even harder. He slowly slid up pulling on the ring that held his organ in place, closing his eyes he slid back and forth pulling and jerking himself. It felt sooo good!

“Kasdan,” he heard her voice in the hall and was brought back from his haze. The door opened and in she walked carrying a large clear bag filled with soapy water, a long hose was attached to it. The doctor walked over and hung the bag on the hooks. He heard her attaching something to the hose but could not see what. He heard the snap of exam gloves and the sound of lubricant being squeezed on them. The doctor smeared the jelly on the inflatable nozzle then turned to her patient. Kas stiffened as he felt her open his buttock and smear the jelly on his little opening.

“Relax Kas,” she murmured. Her finger slid into him and he groaned. Pulling down on the little opening she began to insert the nozzle. Kasdan tensed

“Oohhhhh what is that ?? I can’t!”

She rubbed his back. “Push down Kas. Like you have to empty again.”


“Good good,” she soothed. “Do it again.”

“Uggggggggggh!” he grunted as the tube slid in. She watched the little hole spread wide and the fluted bulb began to slip in.

“Ohhhhh!” Kasdan cried out, just as it disappeared into his tight virgin hole. He panted heavily and his body quivered as he grew accustomed to the pressure in his rectum.

She rubbed his bottom. “This will help you hold all this water honey,” she told him. “You must take it all for it to work. Do you understand?”

He nodded and she released the clamp. At first he did not feel anything but gradually the pressure grew. She rubbed his slowly distending belly, moving the water higher and easing the cramping.

His balls ached and as his belly swelled it pulled his cock tight. “How much more ?”he groaned.

“Just a little bit sweetheart. Honest,” she told him as the last of the 4 quart bag drained into him.

“Now just hold it for a little bit and then you can go. Ok Sweetie ?” Kas lay there rubbing his bloated stomach. He pushed against the balloon inside him. The action made his balls tingle but he was very aware of the need to empty his bowels of the huge load it carried. It had been fifteen minutes now and the cramping was not going away.

“Doctor!” he cried.

“All right honey,” she placed the towels all around and under him then released his penis from its prison. The hiss of the air as the inflatable nozzle deflated startled him. “Easy Kas. Relax..”

“Unggggggggggg… It’s sliding out,” he moaned. His eyes were wide as he saw how hard he was. She pressed on his huge belly and slowly pulled the inflatable nozzle the rest of the way out.

“Ooooooooooooooo!” he grunted as it slipped out and the Doctor released the ball cuff.

“There…” she soothed as she rubbed his sore sac and pushed on his belly.

“Mmmmmmmmm Arghhhhhhhh…” Kasdan grunted as his bowels exploded into the soft diapers. “Oh Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmm…” The feelings were unlike anything he had ever felt.

She gathered him in her arms and laid his head on her chest with her soft gloved hand she began to stroke him. “I have never done this to any of my patients Kas,” she quietly told him as she continued to stroke his swollen cock. He groaned and water spewed out again when suddenly he moaned and turned his head into her shoulder.

“Ohhhhh Myyyyyyyy Unggggggggggg!” he jerked and trembled as streams of white exploded from his cock. It was so intense he thought he might faint. She held him while he finished emptying his bowels. Then cleaned him up.

He lay quietly as she gave him the final rinse enema which he did not have to retain. He just enjoyed the feeling as the liquid flushed in and back out. Kasdan must have drifted off to sleep because when he woke he was clean and covered with a warm blanket.

“Hello,” she said. “How do you feel?”

“Sleepy but very good, thank you,” he said.

“Great, are you able to get dressed your ride is here.”

“Yes,” he smiled.

Kasdan appeared looking very different from the sickly looking guy Royce had brought here yesterday. That fellow was gone and in his place was the old Kas.

“I need to see you again in a few days Kasdan for a follow up Ok?” the doctor said.

“Yes!” He could not wait !