Katharine's Appointment With Dr. Garrett

By Anonymous

She sat in the waiting room, reading the latest issue of some insulting women’s magazine; there’s got to be more to life than these crappy love quizzes. Come on, let’s just get this over with.

“Katharine, follow me, please.” The assistant finally called her name, and K. followed, pretty much hating the ultra-serious atmosphere and especially the vaguely medicinal smell of the whole doctors office – if her company hadn’t insisted on this, she wouldn’t be there, that was for sure. They reached a small examination room and the nurse motioned her inside. “Doctor will be with you shortly. There is a gown on the wall – please remove your clothing, and I’ll be back in a few minutes to take a blood and urine sample.” With a curt smile she left the room and the door clicked behind her.

Katharine looked around; these places never get any better. And no music, or anything to distract one from the business at hand. Well, better get this going. She began to undress, quickly, efficiently, hesitating just a moment as she unhooked her bra. Her breasts were large and round, with generous nipples, her tits not perhaps as perky as they once had been, but generous and she rather liked them. She reached for the gown and slipped it over her shoulders just as the door opened and the nurse returned. “All done? Good. Now, let’s get your urine sample. Please sit up here on the table.”

“Uh, don’t I just fill up some bottle and hand it back to you?” Another businesslike smile. “With all these drug problems around, the company insists we be present when the sample is taken. It won’t take a minute.”

Katharine started to protest, but then thought, what the hell. If the lady wants to watch me pee, I guess that’s all right. She lifted herself onto the exam table and watched the nurse take out a small funnel-shaped device attached to a container. “Now, I need to place this – “ the nurse started to say, and lifted the edge of Katharine’s gown. Their eyes met for a moment. “You will have to remove your panties, also, please.”

Katharine smiled apologetically. “Didn’t have time…sorry.” She slightly lifted off the table and pulled her panties down; the nurse pulled them off her legs and laid them with the rest of the clothes. The nurse pushed the gown up Katharine’s thighs now. “Could you please open your legs a little?”

Her legs parted, not revealing a dark secret place, but instead, a smoothly-shaven genital area. “I started taking the hair off a while ago, “ she offered a bit lamely, when she detected a slight reaction from the nurse, whose fingers hovered just a second before her fingertips gently pulled Katharine’s labia apart and carefully fitted the funnel against her patient’s urethral area.

“Certainly makes this a lot easier and neater,” the nurse offered, making sure the device was flush against Katharine skin. She then pulled the gown hem down a bit, covering the funnel, trying to make this particular transaction as discrete as possible. “Any time you’re ready…” she announced, holding the funnel tight against her.

“So, I just..?” The nurse nodded. “Well, here goes,” Katharine said quietly, and relaxed herself, trying not to be too aware of the equipment between her legs and the woman who was waiting to collect her pee. Okay, she thought, let’s do it. After just a second delay, she felt herself open up, and the urine began to stream into the container, filling it up. Katharine had of course gone before she left the house, but she emptied herself again.

“Well, that’s it, I guess.” The nurse pulled the funnel away and set the container on a nearby counter, then reached for a piece of moist toweling. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up and ready for Doctor.” The nurse ran the towel between Katharine’s legs, quickly yet thoroughly, and rearranged the gown, which reached midway to her knees.

“I didn’t think this exam was going to include any gynecological stuff. This is for my work, you know.” Katharine’s pulse quickened a bit.

“No, it’s nothing specific. Just a general check, that’s all. It will be over before you know it.” She glanced at Katharine, and patted her hand lightly. “Don’t be concerned. You’ll do just fine.” Katharine was just about to protest again, when the door opened and the doctor strode in, reading from a file.

“Helen, is this another person from Tele Vid Industries?”

“Yes, I am.” Katharine spoke up, kind of resenting being addressed in the third person. And damn it, look at me, she thought.

The doctor stopped in his tracks. “Oh, I’m sorry. Your company’s been on a hiring binge and you’re about the tenth person in here since last week.” He extended his hand. “Dr. Garrett. Hi.” He looked to be about 45, probably over six feet tall, brown hair, pleasant looking, seemed friendly, too.

“You’re right,” Katharine smiled. There ‘s a big new project starting up – I just moved here.” She didn’t mind the small talk; anything to avoid getting down to business. HIS business, that is.

“Well, that’s great. Everything going okay, nurse?” He set Katharine’s file down and came to stand in front of her.

“Yes. We’ll get the blood sample and the other vitals after you’re through.” The nurse moved to stand by the end of the table.

“Fine. Let’s get started, then.” He slipped the stethoscope into his ears, and gently placed it against her upper chest over the gown as she breathed, perhaps a little more heavily than normal, then he began move it around. The disc descended between her breasts, which gave under the light pressure, and traveled around them, and under their roundness. Dr. Garrett then moved the disc to her back, where he untied her gown and opened it slightly. His stethoscope touched bare skin, moving in circles over her back, as he listened intently. “All right…very good.” He kept up a soothing commentary as he examined her. “So, how do you like the city so far?”

With one hand, Garrett slipped the gown down off Katharine’s shoulders in a casual move, and she found herself naked to the waist before she knew it, her breasts exposed, her nipples annoyingly on the hard side. “Gosh,” she blurted out before she knew it. She hadn’t expected this, not yet. Her voice brought Garrett’s hand to a halt. “I’m sorry, did you have a question?” His hands had been palpating her neck and shoulder area.

“No, I guess not. Sorry.” She half-heartedly brought her arms up a little higher, trying to display a trifle of modesty. “And uh, the city seems great.”

His eyes swept down to meet hers. “It is. You’ll really like it.” He moved back a step from the table. “Arms at your side, please,” he asked, staring intently at her chest area. “Sit up straight, please, Katharine.” Her posture immediately improved and he smiled briefly. “That’s great.” He moved closer again, and his hands began to move over her breasts, feeling their depths, revealing their secrets. He pushed and pressed on her, but with a dispassionate ease that almost calmed Katharine. He lifted each breast in his hand, as if weighing it, all the while chatting away while his fingers roamed over her naked skin, his eyes now and then glancing up, but then returning to their duties.

“Would you lay back, please?” His hands lightly pushed her back onto the table. She reclined, the top of the gown now situated around her waist area, her breasts flattened but still very round. Dr. Garrett’s hands moved over her again, and this time she had nowhere else to look but up at him as continued the exam, this time paying particular attention to her nipples, which he pinched and compressed several times. “Everything seems fine here,” he said. “You do monthly self-exams, don’t you, Katharine?” He looked down at her, smiling, as if this were the most natural circumstances under which to be conversing.

“Yes, of course.”

“That’s good. You have rather a dense breast composition and you really need to do a thorough job. Don’t rush it.” She expected him to pull the gown back up over her upper body, but his hands merely continued on their professional path, palpating her torso, pressing on her abdomen, moving further down her body. Katharine was beginning to feel too exposed, but didn’t want to sound like a baby, so she just lay there, once glancing over the nurse’s way to see her arranging some instruments on a tray. She just wished her nipple weren’t so hard.

“Any menstrual irregularities?” Garrett inquired. “Regular cycles?” His hands were now positioned at the bunched up gown around her waist. He stopped there.

“Yes, no problem. I’ve always been like clockwork.”

“You’re lucky. I saw that you use a diaphragm. They’re great if you use them right.”

A wave of slight modesty swept over Katharine. And the room was a little chilly – her nipples were still hard, and she really wanted to stop being naked. “Well, I do,” she answered.

Dr. Garrett’s fingers paused on the fabric of the gown. “It looks like you’re in good shape,” he pronounced, pulling the garment back up and over her shoulders.

Great, Katharine thought. Let’s cut this thing short and get me out of here. He was a terrific doctor and everything, but it could only go downhill from here. Just as she was about to sit up, she felt the bottom of the gown being lifted up and a cool rush of air on her naked lower body. The nurse was now positioned next to the doctor at the end of the table, and Katharine felt her calm professional hands on her right knee.

Garrett was looking at her shaven smoothness. Such a contrast to the usual view from his angle. “May I ask a personal question?” Dr. Garrett said with something less than a medical edge in his voice.

Katharine couldn’t help but give a chuckle. “Considering the circumstances, is there any other kind?” She could feel his warm hand just above her pubic mound, resting there, casual and professional.

“There seems to be a lot of women these days removing the hair – is this some trend I’m not aware of? It used to be quite rare. Lately, I’d say at least 10 percent of the women I see have done it.” He seemed genuinely interested in the phenomenon.

“I can only speak for myself, but I really prefer it and it’s no trouble.” She felt only a little weird discussing her hairless cunt under these conditions.

“You’re definitely not alone,” he said. “Now, just please relax, Katharine. A few second later, she felt her legs being parted and Garrett’s plastic-gloved finger eased itself down her cleft, moving swiftly past her clitoris, as he felt her labia between his fingertips, touching every area there, in an exam more thorough than any she had ever had. He pressed, he pushed; his fingers, singly and in groups, moved over her genital area until he knew every detail of her anatomy. And Katharine couldn’t even say she hated it. It felt almost soothing, to her surprise. He all but ignored her clitoris; guess he figured that must work okay. He kept us his little commentary, too. “That looks fine, okay, let’s just feel this once again,” he murmured quietly. Her legs were still not widely apart, so she didn’t feel quite so exposed as she might have. This wasn’t so bad, not at all.

“Katharine, I’m going to use the stirrups now to do a pelvic. Could you please scoot towards the end of the table.” The nurse’s cool hands pushed her butt forward and took hold of her ankles to place them in the metal holders. This automatically opened her legs, spreading her genital area wide and making the lips part.

“Dr. Garrett, do you really need to – “ Katharine knew it was silly to protest this, it was a standard procedure, but it was horrible, so matter how professional the doctor acted. Next time, she vowed, I’m getting a lady doctor. It can’t be this awkward.

“Katharine, I know this is always uncomfortable. Sometimes it can help if you see what I’m doing. Would you like to watch this part of the exam? We have a mirror we can set up. I would recommend it, actually. You will probably learn something.”

Nothing could be worse than lying there exposed. “Thank you, I would like to watch.” What the hell, she thought.

The nurse placed a small pillow under Katharine’s head to raise it a little, as the doctor maneuvered a large mirror on a stand and positioned it next to the stool he was using. Katharine almost gasped as she focused for the first time on the image – there she was, completely exposed, every private part of her bathed in bright light, her labia pink and glistening from the doctor’s ministrations, yet she felt undeniably in control of the situation, somehow. It was empowering to see herself like this. Of course, she had often used a mirror at home to look at herself, but this was different. Very different.

“You see, this is a little better isn’t it ? I don’t recommend this to my older patients, they’re not as comfortable with their genitals usually, anyway, but I think this is a good solution.” She met his eyes as they glanced up at her for a second. “The mirror in a good place for you?” he asked.

“Yes, it’s fine.” She was transfixed by the blatant power and beauty of the image she saw. Now she was almost enjoying this part She could see her clitoris, mostly hidden under its hood, and her vaginal opening, moisture beginning to seep from deep inside her – she could see everything, and so could Dr. Garrett and the nurse. And the stark impact was emphasized by her shaved cunt. They could see it all. It was stunning.

“Katharine, I’m going to use my fingers to feel around your outer genital region again,” and as he spoke, she could see and feel his fingers moving over her again, the image in the mirror mesmerizing, as she watched him touch her. “I’m examining your large lips – labia majora – now your inner lips, your urethral opening.” His voice calmed her and made her a part of the exploration. “I’m just going to push back the clitoral hood..” This made Katharine squirm a little –she was very sensitive, and she was trying to keep calm as he used two fingers to push the hood back, and his finger prodded her clitoris. He could see a reaction– there was a slight contraction of the entire vulva region. Without the hair, every movement was very noticeable. And Katharine saw it too, in the mirror. Garrett’s fingers were starting a sexual reaction, and she tried to dismiss it. He sensed her tensing up. “Okay, that’s fine.” His fingers left her clitoral area, and rested between her lips.

“Now I’m going into your vaginal opening.” His index finger slid down and slowly pushed inside her, encountering slight resistance at the introitus; once inside, she could see him move his hand to press all sides of her entrance. “I’m going to hook my finger up and see if we can’t locate your G spot – have you ever done that?”

“Uh huh. But it doesn’t seem to work too well.” She could barely speak, entranced as she was by the sights and touches she was experiencing. “Okay, I think we’ve got it.” She could feel him deep inside her, his finger massaging inside her vagina on the upper wall. “You feel anything, there? It’s definitely swelling up under my finger. I don’t want this to go farther than you want, but It’s worth knowing it’s not just a myth. You feeling that?”

“I…I don’t know. I can’t tell.” Katharine really was trying to concentrate on what he was doing, his.. exam? Didn’t feel like one now exactly, but she actually felt like she was learning something this time, not just the doctor.

“Sometimes it feels as if you have to urinate.” His other hand was gently pressing down just above her pubic mound. He continued to move his finger gently inside her. “I really just wanted to show you where it is – some patients are comfortable and want to go that extra step to see what it’s like to orgasm this way, but we can stop right now. I want you to feel okay about this.” He stopped his movements. “I see so many women who know so little about their own bodies. I just can’t stand women not knowing all that they can do for themselves. It’s really a health issue as much as a sexual one. I know you didn’t come here for this, but…”

Katharine’s inhibitions were by now fast disappearing in the spirit of scientific investigation. She felt as though she and this kind Dr. Garrett were on the verge of wonderful discovery, and his knowledgeable commentary was helping her along. She didn’t feel odd – she wanted to feel more. “No, I appreciate this. I sort of would like to see what happens.”

He gave her a quick reassuring smile. “Well, then let’s see. Nurse, could you please bring a towel over here to the end of the table.”

“What’s that for?” Katharine asked, as the nurse placed the towel up against Katharine’s rear end on the table. “Am I going to urinate?”

“No.” As Garrett answered, his finger started up the movement again inside her. “One fairly common side effect of G Spot stimulation is female ejaculation, more so than with any other method. Have you ever experienced this, Katharine? Nothing probably will happen, but let’s be ready.”

“Female ejaculation?” Oh great, now she was going to spurt all over her doctor. Well, if he doesn’t mind, neither do I. Suddenly she felt something sort of give inside her. “Oooohh,” she moaned softly. “God.” All at once her genitals starting pulsating, not from anything external, but deep, deep inside her, as his finger kept up its relentless regular rhythm. “Something’s happening…”

“Okay…okay, let’s just keep on going here, Katharine. I’ll be able to feel it.” It was just a few seconds later when Dr. Garrett felt Katharine’s vagina constrict around his finger, and she was thrown into a series of incredible internal orgasmic contractions. As she looked into the mirror, she saw a stream of liquid emerge from her vaginal area, as Dr. Garrett pressed the towel to her entrance and sopped up the fluid.

And then it was over. “Katharine, wasn’t that amazing? You see, both the G Spot and female ejaculation are absolutely real. And it’s a crime that women don’t know about it. “

Katharine’s genitals were just calming down about now. “Yes, thank you.” She looked into the mirror. She was red, engorged, her genitals looked alive. “It was fascinating.” Somehow whatever hesitancy she had at the beginning of the exam was completely gone – and this was the best doctor she had ever gone to.

He was continuing the exam now, more conventionally. The nurse handed him the speculum. “I’m going to insert the speculum now.” It slid inside Katharine easily, and he continued the conversation while peering inside her, and performing a pap smear.

“I took whatever human sexuality courses I could get my hands on – and I couldn’t believe my colleagues weren’t as interested in this area as I was. And it certainly is gratifying to help someone learn something rather than just go through the regular exam stuff.” Katharine felt the usual pinches and slight discomfort as he completed the smear, but it was nothing like the usual. “You look just fine in there – good color, nice and pink, good moisture. And good muscle tone. That was a terrifically strong orgasmic contraction you had. I wish I could have measured it.”

“You can measure that?”

Dr. Garrett was pulling the speculum out of her now. She watched as it emerged from inside her and her vagina closed up again. “Oh, I almost forgot. You want to look at your cervix? Come here.” He reinserted the speculum inside her and moved the mirror directly in front of her and positioned the light to illuminate the area. “Sit up a little. Take a look.”

Katharine sat up, and as she did so, the gown slipped down off her shoulders and off her body, leaving her completely naked. But it didn’t matter now. She looked into the mirror and looked inside herself, seeing the pink dimple that was her cervix, and the lush conch- colored interior of her own vagina. It was beautiful.

“See?” He opened the speculum a little more and directed more light into her. “Now, how can anybody not want to know about that?” He sounded like a proud father.

She reclined back down again, her totally naked body in a state of super-awareness. The nurse smiled at the doctor; clearly, she enjoyed this too. She noticed the gown on the floor and went to pick it up, but Katharine shook her head. The nurse instead draped a small towel over her breasts. “I don’t know how I can thank you. You’ve done more than any doctor I’ve ever had to actually help me. I really appreciate it.” And she meant it. Dr. Garrett sat back down on his stool and wiped down Katharine’s genital area. “Oh, I almost forgot – let me show you how we can measure vaginal strength.” The nurse handed him a dildo-like object. “This is it. It goes in, and you squeeze, and we can measure the pressure. Would you like to try it?”

“Sure.” Katharine watched as he began to push the object into her – it was larger than the speculum, and he went slowly, letting her vagina adjust to the wider diameter. “Hmmm…that’s pretty big. It’s really stretching me.” Garrett held his finger on the device to keep it inside. “Remember, the vagina is incredibly elastic, both in length and width. This is nothing. Think of a baby! But it is more than the speculum.” He attached some wires to what looked like a gauge, and they connected to the device. “Okay, Katharine, now you squeeze your muscles, and this will measure the pressure.”

She tightened her vagina around the instrument. “Now, hold it just a moment while I get a reading…okay, relax. And again….” Katharine’s muscles grew taut, and it felt almost like the beginnings of an orgasm with someone inside her. This was somehow more sexual than the G Spot part of this exam, and she began to feel exposed again. Finally, he said “Okay, that’s enough. Very impressive.” In the mirror she saw her vaginal opening distended by the device, and Dr. Garrett fiddling with the connections.

“The specific readings wouldn’t make any sense, but you have excellent muscle strength. Among the strongest I’ve ever recorded. Now, this is a little different than in involuntary orgasmic contraction, but it gives a range.”

“How would you ever test an orgasmic contraction, anyway?” Katharine was curious at this point.

“Well, in the lab, a woman masturbates to orgasm, and they get the data that way. The meter can be done with a control cord from a remote location. It’s pretty common clinic practice.” He started to unclip the connectors.

“Wait…Doctor. Could we try that, too?” This was an interesting experiment, and she wanted to help Garrett if she could.

“Oh, I don’t have the remote cord set-up, sorry.” He continued to unhook the meter.

It’s now or never, Katharine thought. “Look, I don’t mind. Forget about the remote – we can do it here. It’s okay. I mean, everything’s set up already.”

Dr. Garrett looked at her. “You don’t really have to do that. I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way.”

Katharine was insistent now. “No, really, it’s fine. At this point, you’ve got me interested in this. Just tell me what to do.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I would love to get the data.”

“Yes, please, just tell me what you want.”

“We’re already hooked up. Um…” Dr. Garrett hesitated just a moment.

“You, uh, need to stimulate yourself to an orgasm.”

Katharine’s hands started towards her pubic area. “I can do that. I’ve never done it in these circumstances, but I think I can.”

“I can go away and come back in a few moments if that would help.” Garrett started to push the stool away from the table and back off.

“No, no. Let me just get going here.” Katharine’s hand paused just a second before she dropped her index finger down to her clitoris and touched it gingerly. “I just need a little lubrication.” She dipped her finger lower and bumped into the vaginal probe, even though she was watching herself in the mirror. “Oops. Sorry.” She felt around the edge and gathered some moisture and brought it up to her clit. “Okay.” She began to gently rub herself, watching her fingers move around her sensitive spot, glancing up to see Dr. Garrett trying not to stare, but he was aware of her movements and monitoring the minute changes in her vaginal muscles as she stimulated herself.

Katharine saw the nurse leave the room. Weren’t they supposed to always be in the examining room? She hesitated a second.

Dr. Garrett noticed. “Is there something wrong?”

“The nurse. She’s gone. I thought that – “ At that moment the nurse reentered the room carrying a box and came over to the table.

“Sometimes it’s easier with a little help.” She pulled out a vibrator and plugged it in. “This has worked before.”

Katharine looked over the large wand-type machine. “You have things like this lying around a doctor’s office?”

“I do some non-orgasmic women’s therapy groups sometimes.” The nurse seemed to really want Katharine to try it, so she turned it on and applied it near her clitoral area. The feeling was instantaneous and intense.

“My god…this is going to take about 30 seconds.” She rode with the feeling, and it literally wasn’t more than half a minute later when Katharine felt the familiar buildup coming on, and all at once she was wracked by a gut-wrenching orgasmic spasm that clenched her vaginal muscles.

“Oh…oh…!” She pulled the vibrator away from her body and felt her insides go rigid again and again, each contraction registering on Dr. Garrett’s little machine. She tried not to make noise, but another little whimper escaped her lips as another wave passed through her cunt. It was a mighty climax, intensified by the vibrator and by the circumstances, and Katharine felt a little sheepish after it was over.

The nurse had been watching the whole thing, and her satisfied smile was Katharine’s “job well done.”

Garrett didn’t say anything for a moment. “I had no idea,” he said after his silence, “how interesting this would be. The readings are simply amazing. I don’t know how to thank you for this opportunity.” As Katharine lay back again, she watched in the mirror as he slowly pulled the device from her vagina, carefully wiping her genital area with the towel when it was out, as a flow of her juices followed. After a few minutes the meter was completely disconnected, and Garrett turned back to Katharine, who was still resting, her feet up in the stirrups, her entire pubic region engorged and puffy. He gently rested his hand against her vulva as in a benediction.

“Thank you,” he said quietly.

The nurse finally lowered Katharine’s legs, and now she was primly lying on her back, and the nurse at this point handed her the gown again and helped Katharine to a sitting position. Her breasts were also engorged, nipples enlarged after her orgasms, and after a moment she held the gown in front of her, finally realizing she was completely naked.

“Okay, well, I guess that’s it.” Garrett gave her a big smile. “Thanks. You’ve got a clean bill of health. You be sure to come back if you need anything.”

“Thank you. I will.” Katharine watched Dr. Garrett leave the room with her file, and she hopped off the table, standing naked as she reached for her clothing. This was one trip to the doctor that she would really remember.