Kellie's Treatment

I wandered into the pharmacy, and headed for the prescription counter. The pharmacist’s assistant looked up, and saw me.

“Hi, Dr. P. Your order’s ready.”

I looked through the box of meds and supplies he’d handed me. It all seemed to be there, and I made ready to go. Then I was distracted by an argument between the pharmacist and his assistant.

“Look, I wouldn’t mind an overtime delivery most nights, but I have to be somewhere at 6!”

“It’s just a few blocks, and Dr. Collins says this lady’s totally miserable. This store gets a lot of doctor’s business because our service is outstanding, and we deliver. You’ll just have to be late.”

I wandered over to the counter. I knew Collins, a local GP. We’d referred patients to each other on occasion.

“Could I help?” I asked.

Butterman, the pharmacist, looked over. “You turning delivery boy, Doctor?”

“Well, if it’s that close, it’s not a big deal. You got the meds?”

He handed me a bag, and I looked inside and whistled. There were several boxes, and they all had one major similarity. I read the instruction printout, and grabbed my phone. Collins apparently was wearing his, since he picked up on the first ring.

“Collins, Proctor here. You planning to switch to my specialty?”

“What do you mean, switch? What’s this about?”

“I’m at Butterman’s Pharmacy. The assistant has a problem delivering that order to Kellie Donnelly, so I asked if I could help - it’s on my way. Interesting bunch of meds, here, to say the least.”

Collins thought a moment. “Oh. THAT med order. The poor girl’s hating life. Her boyfriend brought her in today. The initial complaint was for headache and nausea, and then examination turned up some other items. For starters, she’s got a nasty stomach flu that’s going to last for about a week. That’s what caused the nausea and headaches. Then, the resulting diarrhea triggered her very first-ever case of hemorrhoids. Finally, with the dehydration, and holding back from pain, she got impacted. It’s a shame, she’s a nice kid. Cute, too.”

“Wow. I see, now. So that’s why this is all nonprescription except the Tigan for nausea. You do anything for her in the office?”

“Yep. Injected Tigan and a painkiller, then gave her an enema. She had fits over that - it’s why I didn’t include an enema bag in that order. Gave her a tube of hemorrhoid cream with local anesthetic. I sent her home with the boyfriend. She’s good to go for about another hour, but after that…”

“Doctor, as your colleague and fishing buddy, I hereby volunteer my services as a consulting physician, free of charge. Besides, it’s on my way. I’ll get the young lady fixed up. You on for Saturday?”

“Thanks, and you bet. Found a great bass spot on Pratt Lake. See you then”.

I hung up, and turned to the pharmacist and his assistant. “Zeke, I’ll go ahead and cover for Fred, here. The lady might need some assistance that’s beyond him, anyway.”

Butterman looked at me and winked. “Have fun, Doctor. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

“Butterman, you’re a dirty old man. I am going to fulfill my mission in a professional fashion, bringing comfort to a suffering patient.” I looked over Collins’s list. “Be right back.”

I picked up a couple more things, added them to the pile, and stacked Kellie’s order on top of mine. ……

A short drive later, I knocked on her door, with her meds and my doctor’s bag in hand.

A young lady, rather cute, with long blonde hair answered. She seemed a bit taken aback by my doctor’s coat and bag. I held up the bag of meds.

“Kellie Donnelly?” I asked.

“Yes, who are you?”

“My name is Dr. Proctor. I was over at Butterman’s Pharmacy when your order was ready. Their delivery boy had a problem, so I volunteered - you’re on my way home. I’ve also spoken to Doctor Collins about your problems and treatment.”

At the word “treatment”, she turned beet red, and stammered a bit, “He told you what’s wrong? What he d-did?”

I smiled encouragingly. “Now, don’t worry. I’ve done everything he did, for countless ladies. There’s no need to be embarrassed. He did, however, ask me to help you with some of these medications the first time. You’ll need to learn how to give them to yourself. May I come in?”

“Okay…” We walked into her house, and I set down my bags on the table. She watched as I started pulling out boxes and packages.

“Now, Kellie, to deal with that fever, we’ll have to take your temperature with this thermometer. Then, when you’re too hot, this acetaminophen will help with that and the headaches. The Tigan, here, is for your nausea. The rest is for your constipation and those hemorrhoids.”

“Oh, God. PLEASE help me with those. They just popped up on me, and they’re driving me CRAZY! But, wait, how am I supposed to take all this? Dr. Collins gave me shots because I throw up pills! I can’t even stand a thermometer in my mouth!”

“Don’t worry, Kellie. These aren’t pills. And none of this goes in your mouth…”

“What do you mean? It isn’t shots, is it?”

“No, these are suppositories, for rectal administration. They also sent some anesthetic cream for the hemorrhoids, and the thermometer is a rectal one. You’ve never had a suppository?”

“N-no… Do they hurt?”

“Not usually. We’ll want to put some cream on those hemorrhoids first to numb them, though. Where’s your bedroom?”

“This way… Do we HAVE to do this?”

“No, we don’t HAVE to. Not if you enjoy all those symptoms that’ll come back when Dr. Collins’s treatment wears off. Now, stop being a baby. I’ve treated thousands of ladies, and examined all their bottoms. It’s my specialty.”

I followed her into the bedroom, and began laying out items on the dresser. I opened packages, and discarded wrappers as I went. Rectal thermometer, Acetaminophen and Tigan suppositories, hemorrhoid suppositories and cream, and a large box of extra-strength glycerines. I didn’t bother opening the tube of KY jelly, grabbing one of anesthetic hemorrhoid ointment instead.

I checked my watch. From what Collins had told me about the dosage on the shots he’d given her, they’d be wearing off in a bit. I unwrapped a Tigan and an Acetaminophen suppository, donned a glove, and looked up.

“Kellie, our first order of business is making sure that the headache and nausea stay gone. Please remove your panties, and lie on the bed on your tummy.”

She immediately turned an incredible shade of red. “Ohhhhh! You mean you’re going to put those in my BOTTOM?”

“Well, ah, that IS where suppository usually goes, Kellie. Haven’t you ever had one?”

“N-no… Can’t we do this some other way?”

“Well, I could get you some pills, but you can’t take those. And Dr. Collins said you’re not too fond of shots. Now, bottoms up like a good girl.”

She turned her back, reached under her robe, and slowly lowered her panties to her knees. I watched, and said, “All the way off, now…”

She complied, and I enjoyed the view as she bent over to slide them off her feet. Finally, she lay down on the bed. I approached, and said, “Now, reach back and spread your cheeks for me, please.”

“Oh, nooo…. I can’t do that!”

“Well, if you can’t, then get up onto your knees, with your bottom up and head down on the pillow.”

She complied, apparently trying not to think about how much more exposed she was. It was obvious why she was suffering - she had a nasty case of external hemorrhoids at least, and I’d have bet on internals too, before even examining her. I screwed the rectal tip onto a tube of anesthetic ointment, and squeezed out enough to lubricate the nozzle. I squirted another bit onto my finger, and placed the tip on her anus. She jumped, gasped, and then settled back down, quivering. I slowly massaged the slippery goo into her crack, feeling her struggle to hold still. Then, I inserted the nozzle of the tube, and gave her a healthy squirt. She jumped and quivered again, then despite herself, she wiggled her bottom as I withdrew the tube.

“All right, Kellie. Ready for your suppositories?”

“No, but you’re going to stick them in my bottom anyway, aren’t you?”

“You bet. Now, just relax. This won’t hurt, with that anesthetic cream…”

I placed the tip of the Acetaminophen suppository at her opening, then slowly pushed until it rested just inside, with my fingertip at her pucker. I let her stay that way for a moment, feeling the sensation. Then, with one smooth motion I buried it the full length of my lubricated and gloved finger. I couldn’t tell for certain, with her red face buried in the pillow, but I thought I heard a low moan escape her. I picked up the Tigan, and inserted it even more slowly, letting it slip out a bit on each partial push until it was in.

“There, Kellie. You took those like a good girl. That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“It was embarrassing! I haven’t had anyone put anything up my bottom like that before, until Dr. Collins did!”

“Now, Kellie… Don’t tell me that you’ve never had your rectal temperature taken?”

She looked down, and actually shuffled her feet a bit. If anything, her blush got deeper.

“Y-yes, my mother took it that way when I was little…”

“Ah, so you remember. Speaking of which, let’s get your temperature while those suppositories melt.” I’d lubed the thermometer with some anesthetic cream, and now I shook it down. “It wasn’t so bad, was it? Didn’t hurt, did it?”

“It was awful!” She always put me over her lap, like I was still a little girl!”

“Ahhh. And how old were you when she switched to mouth?”

“N-nine, Doctor…”

“Well, then. You shouldn’t have any problem now. Would you rather get over my lap?”

“NO! …. I mean, … that wouldn’t be good, would it?””

“It’s okay with me, if you’d prefer that…”

“I don’t prefer anything!”

“Well, we have to get your temperature. The way you’re behaving, I think over the lap is best. Come here, now.” I sat on the bed, and urged her into a prone position, over my lap. With her situated, I spread her buttocks and slid the thermometer into her with a twirling motion. She responded by burying her face in the pillow again. I moved the thermometer around a bit, then in and out, and then twirled it between my fingers. Each change of movement brought a little jump of her bottom.

I paused, and pulled apart her cheeks for a good look at the thermometer standing up in her anus. She whimpered and struggled a bit, getting even more embarrassed as I looked. I let her buns relax back into place, and resumed stimulating her bottom with the thermometer. I noticed a bit of moisture starting, forward, but didn’t comment yet. I was still trying to keep things on a medical footing. Finally, the time was up, so I removed the thermometer. I wiped it down, and checked the reading. It was 100.0, only about a half-degree above normal rectal.

“All right, Kellie. You can sit up for a bit, “ I said. “Here, look at the reading.”

She stared at the thermometer, still glistening a bit with lubricant. I waved it at her, and said, “Looks like Dr. Collins did a good job of cleaning you out…”

She turned bright red again, and glared at me. “Oooohhhhh! Don’t EVEN talk about that, that, ENEMA!”, she yelled.

“Sorry, guess you didn’t like that, eh?”

“NO! And I don’t EVER want one AGAIN!”

“No problem,” I replied. “He just included these glycerin suppositories for the next time you get constipated.”

“Noooooo… I don’t WANT them!”

“Well, I’m going to show you how to insert them yourself, so you can decide later when you get plugged up again. Meanwhile, look at the thermometer. See the reading?”

She squinted at the glass, and I rotated it until she could see.

“99?” she asked…

“More like 100 while it was in you. 99.6 is a normal rectal temperature, and you’re a bit high. It’d be worse if I hadn’t given you that Acetaminophen suppository. How’s your tummy, by the way? Not acting up?”


“See, that Tigan suppository’s starting to work. Now, let’s make sure that you know how to take your temperature.”

“That I WHAT?”

“You’ve got to be able to take your own rectal temperature every few hours, to make sure that the fever doesn’t come back. And once we’ve done that, I’ll show you how to insert your own suppositories. Now, first things first.” I handed her the thermometer, and an alcohol wipe. “Clean it off, then I’ll show you how to lubricate it and shake it down.”

She gingerly grasped the instrument between a trembling finger and thumb, and swabbed it with the alcohol prep. I made her keep at it until the thermometer was clean. Once that was done, I handed her the KY, since she’d had enough anesthetic cream for the moment.

“Now, Kellie. Grab it by the back end - right, opposite from the silver. Now, shake the silver end, checking the mercury until it’s below 96. Good, you’ve got it. Now, squeeze enough KY onto the tip to make a nice big glob.”

She complied, holding the thermometer away from her like a poisonous snake.

“That’s good. Now, on the bed, and I’ll show you the first position you can use. Get on your knees, head down. Just like when I inserted your suppositories.”

She did, and I had her reach back, and insert the thermometer. She shuddered as the glass rod went in about 2/3 of its length.

“Good girl. How’s that feel?”

“Weird! And slippery! and COLD!”

“Well, you’re supposed to warm it up. Now, if you’re feeling bored, try moving it in and out, like I did.”

She gasped, and glared at me, then reluctantly began twiddling it around in her bottom. As her anus relaxed, she began wiggling involuntarily. I also noticed that the vaginal moisture was getting more pronounced. I let her go on, watching the show, for the three minutes that a rectal temperature usually takes.

“All right, Kellie. You can take it out.” I handed her a tissue. “Wipe it down, and let’s see the reading.”

I showed her how to rotate the scale upward, and read between the arrows. “99.8, good, that’s normal rectal. Use one of the Acetaminophen suppositories if it gets over 102.” She shivered a bit at the word, “rectal”, then made as if to put down the thermometer.

“Not so fast, there. Here’s an alcohol prep, wipe it down. Then shake it down and lubricate again, and I’ll show you the next position.”

This time, I had her lie down in Sims position - on her left side, knees pulled up into a fetal position. I guided her hand down, poised the tip at her anus, which quivered and tried to tighten. In that position, of course, it couldn’t.

“Good, Kellie. Now, insert the thermometer again. That’s it, a little more, good - just about 2/3 in. You want the bulb all the way into your rectum… How do you like this position?”

“I don’t! I don’t like ANY position with a thermometer in my bottom!”

“Well, is it easier to relax than knee-chest?”

“Y-yes… Can I take it out, now?”

“No, it has to stay in the whole three minutes, again. Hold it so it doesn’t come out.” She groaned a bit, but held the thermometer obediently. Gradually, her efforts to stay still failed, and she began moving it around a bit again. I let my eyes roam around the room, and lit on a package on her dresser.

“Well, well. What have we here? Kellie, why do you have an unopened butt plug?”

“OH!!! Why did you have to mention that?!”

“Well, it IS sort of staring me in the face. Boyfriend get it for you?”

“Yessss….. He wanted to try it on me this weekend, but I got sick. I’m not sure if I want to let him.”

“Well, I can show you a use for it… Now, what’s that reading?”

This time, she reached for a tissue, wiped it, and read it without needing more instruction.

“99.8. Do I have to do this AGAIN?”

“No, go ahead and clean it off, then put it back in its case with some alcohol. You can also roll on your tummy and relax once it’s in. By the way, once you get the thermometer put away, I’ll need you back in knee-chest position - I want to check on those suppositories.”

She put up the thermometer, and almost flounced back to the bed. This time, instead of burying her face in the pillow, she glared over her shoulder at me while I lubricated a finger.

“What are you going to do now?”, she demanded.

“Once I’ve checked to make sure the medicated suppositories are absorbed, I’ll teach you how to insert your own, using these generic hemorrhoid ones. They don’t actually do much of anything besides lubricate you, so we can insert a bunch without overdosing or anything.”

While I was talking, I approached her bottom. She winced as I buried my thoroughly lubricated finger in her rectum, feeling around. I didn’t feel any residue from the Tigan or Acetaminophen, so I withdrew and wiped off my finger.

“Kellie, you can lie down for the moment,” I said as I began unwrapping a strip of six suppositories. “We’ll start with a couple of these, on your back.”

By now, she wasn’t even putting up token objections. She lay down on the bed, and I had her pull her legs up as close to her chest as possible. Being a rather limber girl, she pulled them almost to her tummy. I had her wrap one arm around her legs, and then handed her the suppository. Demonstrating with another, I showed her how to hold it between her thumb and middle fingers, index finger on the back end. Then, I guided the tip to her anus. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, and resisted a bit. I increased the pressure on her hand a bit, and the suppository touched her bottom…

“All right, Kellie. For starters, just push until your fingertip’s on your anus. It helps if you hold the suppository just inside for a bit to melt and lubricate you.”

She complied, probably to some extent because she didn’t want to push it in any further anyway. I let her remain that way for a few moments, then decided she was ready.

“All right, Kellie. Push it in.”

“All the way?”

“Of course. Push your whole finger up into your bottom.”

She did, burying her slim index finger to the knuckle. Realizing the level of attention I was paying, she started blushing furiously again.

“Good, Kellie. If the urge to expel is calming down, you can remove your finger. Here’s another one, try inserting it on your own.”

She grudgingly accepted it, and slid it in. I’m fairly slow about inserting suppositories in female bottoms - I like my work. There’s a lot to be said, however, for reluctance and embarrassment. She slid her second in even more slowly than one of mine.

“Good girl, Kellie. Now, let down your legs, and we’ll try one in knee-chest. Bottoms up, now!”

She rolled over, and I handed her the suppository. I noted with interest that she had to push further back and expose her bottom more than she’d originally planned, in order to manage a convenient insertion. This one went in a bit more quickly, indicating she just wanted to get it over with.

“Now, Kellie. Let’s get you back in Sims position… That’s the one on your left side, knees pulled up. Yessss… Perfect.”

I handed her the next suppository, and guided her hand back. She found her anus with the tip, and slid it in much more smoothly. I handed her another. By now, she was getting used to this. I noticed that she even tried my in-and-out motion. The third and final one of the pack was almost melted by the time she finally buried her finger.

“Okay, Kellie. Decided which position works best?”

“I-I think, that last one. It’s more relaxed.”

“Good. Now, let me unwrap one of these glycerines, and we’ll get all those out of you.”

“W-what does a glycerin suppository do?”

“Well, next time you get plugged up, these will clear you out. PROVIDED you retain them long enough.”

“Long enough? How?”

“Well, actually, that butt plug of yours will do the job perfectly. Let’s lube it up…” I had mercy on her, and lubed the plug with the anesthetic ointment. Then, I handed her an unwrapped glycerin suppository.

“You’ll want to get that one in deep and fast, now…” I warned.

She did, hurriedly burying and removing her finger. I handed her the plug.

“Okay, this goes in the same way. To make it easier, take deep breaths, and push back on it.”

I guided her hand, and added a bit of pressure as the plug’s tip began to stretch her tight little anus. She grunted, panting as it went in, then gasped as the shoulder entered her rectum, leaving her clamped around the tight neck of the plug.

“Okay, Kellie. Roll on your back, I want to check something.”

I donned a fresh pair of gloves, and grabbed the KY. I pulled her legs up and apart, and lightly touched her labia.

“OH! What are you doing?!”

“Well, you’ve been having a moisture reaction to all this. I want to check it.”

“All right, go ahead… You’ve already poked me everywhere else.”

I inserted first one finger, then two, into her vagina. She wiggled around, especially as my thumb found her clit. I massaged it a bit, enough to get her hips bouncing on the bed, then settled down to slow, in-and-out strokes of my fingers. The butt plug had the interesting effect of pushing my fingers into Kellie’s G spot, producing even more quivers. Suddenly, I felt the thrusts and contractions in her vagina that signaled impending orgasm, and began briskly stroking her clit until she came. I withdrew, and looked down at her. This time, the flush on her face wasn’t embarrassment…

“Feel better, now?” I asked.

“Mmm, yes. But now I HAVE to go… Please!”

“Well, if you actually were constipated, I’d make you hold it at least a half hour, but this time… All right.” I walked her to the pot, had her bend over, removed the plug, and in a sudden fit of mercy, left her to expel the suppositories in private.

By the time she’d gotten done, I’d cleaned things up. I was all set to go, except one last thing. She came out of the john, and saw me holding up the tube of hemorrhoid cream, nozzle attached.

“Kellie, before I go, you may want some of this…”

“Yes, please. Will you do me?”

“I think I’ll let you do yourself. You need to learn….”

“All right. What position?”

“Whatever’s comfortable.” I watched as she took the tube, and lay down in Sims position. She slowly inserted the lubricated tip, then moved it in and out as she squeezed.

“How’s that feel, Kellie?”

“Mmmm, nice….”

“Okay. You look like you’re done there. I think I can find my way out.”

She jumped off the bed, came over, and hugged me.

“Thank you, Doctor. I’m sorry I was a bad girl…”

“Don’t worry, you had quite an introduction to anal medicine, there. Not surprising that it caught you with your pants down, so to speak…”

As she walked me to the door, she said, “Well, thank you. And I’ll be sure to take my medicine on time. And to eat regularly. I DON’T want to need another glycerin suppository. ‘Bye, Doc.”

“‘Bye, Kellie. Hope you feel better soon.”

I jumped in the car, and headed for home with unseemly haste, needing to relieve a bit of swelling on my own part…..