Kelli's First Exam

As Kelli and her mother Melinda walked down the long hall of the OB/Gyn ward at University Hospital Kelli’s legs shook with fear and anticipation. As a child and early teenager Kelli had been to the doctor many times. Remembering the agony and embarrassment of those visits, Kelli could not even imagine what a visit to a doctor of this type would be like. As they neared the end of the hall the met a tall slender nurse who escorted them into an examining room. Once inside, the nurse took Kelli’s blood pressure, then weighed and measured her.

Kelli thought; “This is no different than seeing the regular doctor, maybe this won’t be so bad after all.” Then all of Kelli’s nightmares started to come true.

The nurse said, “The doctor will be in shortly to see you Kelli. While I am gone you will need to remove your clothing. You may keep your socks, panties and bra on for the moment.” Then she told Kelli’s mother Melinda to wait outside until Kelli was ready to go.

Kelli forced herself to hold back tears of fear as she watched the nurse and her mother leave the room. After a few moments of contemplation she began to undress.

On wall of the large examining room was mirrored so she could see her rapidly maturing body with great detail. She had small B cup breasts, a flat firm stomach, firm rounded buttocks, and slender toned legs and thighs. Once disrobed Kelli took a seat in the chair next to the examination table and impatiently waited for the doctor to arrive. After fifteen endless minutes Dr. Baker arrived. After greeting Kelli he began to read her charts. After reading them in detail Dr. Baker exclaimed, “Well Kelli, it looks as if my nurse has forgotten to take your temperature. We’ll quickly do that before I get on with your exam.”

Kelli thought, “ Great just something more to slow this down.” She watched as Dr. Baker took a long digital thermometer out of a drawer.

Dr. Baker held the thermometer under a faucet perhaps to warm and lubricate it, then he said, “OK Kelli, please remove your panties and lie down on your stomach.”

“What?” Kelli asked.

“It is necessary to take your temperature rectally to get the most accurate reading,” stated Dr. Baker.

Concealing her anxiousness and embarrassment Kelli complied. She felt the doctor ever so gently spread her buttocks, then she felt the cold, stiff thermometer at the sensitive entrance to her bottom. As Dr. Baker slowly inserted the object into her anus she began to whimper. The doctor paid no attention to this as he finished the task of inserting 3/4 of the length of the thermometer inside her body.

Once the proper length inside Dr. Baker covered Kelli’s butt with her gown then set the alarm on his watch for 5 minutes.

Lying in supine position with a foreign object up her butt Kelli felt helpless. It was chilly in the room and the thermometer was most uncomfortable.

In a quivery voice she asked Dr. Baker, “How much longer?”

Dr. Baker responded, “Only about 3 minutes Kelli. If you do your best to relax it will make the thermometer much less noticeable, I know it’s un-comfortable.”

Kelli began to take deep breaths and tried to relax but nothing seemed to help. After 3 endless minutes Dr. Baker once again lifted the back of her gown, parted her buttocks and removed the thermometer. Kelli jumped and whimpered again when she felt the sensation of the object being removed. Dr. Baker replaced the rear flap of her gown then wrote the reading of the thermometer on her chart. He then turned back to Kelli who was now setting on the side of the exam table.

He said, “Now Kelli, I would like you to lie on you back.”

With a sigh she did as he said.

The doctor then began to poke and prod at her belly, working his way down to her pubic region. Kelli remained to appear physically calm but on the inside she was frantic. She was not comfortable with this strange man whom she’d never met before feeling her like this. Dr. Bakers hands were now dangerously close to her pubic triangle. He now pushed firmly with the tips of four fingers just above her pubic hair. This make Kelli feel as if she and to pee, really bad. Dr. Baker pushed harder, harder, Kelli could no longer hold it in. She whimpered the word “ooouie” as she relaxed her bladder. At that moment he took the pressure off her abdomen. Kelli was relived. “I never want to go throughout that again,” she thought to herself.

“You have an excellent urinary reflex,” Dr. Baker stated. Kelli did not respond. She was still trying to recover form the overwhelming discomfort the strange man had just caused her.

The doctor walked toward the exam table Kelli was seated on. He pulled out the set of stirrups mounted to each side of the table. He said, “OK Kelli, now just lie back and place your legs in these stirrups.” Kelli felt as helpless as a new born lamb as she spread her legs and put them in the cold metal restraints. She knew this was the worst of the experience, and was anxious to get it over.

Dr. Baker tied the stiff plastic straps around her ankles making any movement of her legs impossible. He then opened a drawer on the side of the exam table and took out a small Graves Vaginal speculum. He said, “I will now examine your vaginal canal Kelli. Just relax and this will be over soon.”

He held the spoons of the speculum between the palms of his hands to warm them, then he folded the young girls gown up over her tummy exposing the area from her belly button down to her most private parts.

Dr. Baker parted Kelli’s outer vaginal lips. Kelli helplessly sighed at his touch. He then began to introduce the speculum into her virginal canal. The tearing of her hymen caused Kelly to jump and moan in pain. Dr. Baker just said, “Relax Kelli.”

He then inserted the tool the rest of the way into her vagina. Kelli could now sense more than feel that the speculum was deep inside her. The doctor then opened the speculum. This hurt terribly.

Kelli screamed. Tears now in her eyes she sobbed. “Oh, it hurts, please stop, please stop!”

Dr. Baker said, “I know it’s painful Kelli, I will make it as quick as possible.” Kelli laid there crying softly to herself as the doctor looked at the inside of her vagina and took a pap smear.

As Dr. Baker removed the speculum Kelli’s thighs shook. The tearing and rough treatment she had just endured left her crotch very sensitive. She let out another shriek as the tip of the speculum brushed by her injured hymen.

Without hesitation after removing the speculum Dr. Baker began to examine Kelli’s external genitals. Kelli cringed when the doctor moved the protective hood off of her clitoris then firmly pinched the sensitive tissue. He then lightly touched her clit with a sharp needle with a wire on it. This caused Kelli to scream and attempt to close her legs. “That was testing your pain tolerance down there,” Dr. Baker said. “I’d like you to clinch your fists for me, this will hurt, scream if you need to.” With that he picked up another sharper instrument and pierced the flesh of her tender clitoris. As he expected Kelli shrieked and once again and began to cry. He withdrew the needle from her clit and quickly applied an alcohol saturated q-tip to the wound. The sharp sting of the alcohol caused her to scream again.

Dr. Baker then told Kelli, “I will let you relax for a while down there. Now I’m going to examine your breasts.” He asked her to completely remove her gown, then he helped her to remove her bra.

As Kelli once again lie on her back as the doctor palpitated her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Kelli thought to herself, “This has been the most embarrassing day of my life, not to mention the most painful.”

Upon completion of the breast exam Dr. Baker said, “Well Kelli, we are almost done. All I have left is the rectal examination, then a conference with you and your mother.”

“Rectal examination ?” Kelli repeated in her head. “I never thought this day could get any worse. First I bare my crotch to him and he tears me open like a sealed envelope, he pokes a needle into the most sensitive part of my body, now he wants to mess with my butt. What next?”

Still completely nude Kelli now lay on her belly prone to the world again. She experienced the familiar feeling of Dr. Baker spreading her buttocks. This brought back memories of that horrible thermometer. The feeling was different now though. Still very embarrassing but not as much so. This strange man had been witnessing Kelli in various states of nudity, and touching her most private parts for over 30 minutes now.

Kelli felt another object enter her bottom. An object much bigger than the thermometer. She soon realized that it was Dr. Baker’s finger probing inside her butt. Kelli was mortified. Nervous and embarrassed she felt the tears start to build up again. The movements of Dr. Bakers finger inside her rump were becoming more and more painful. Suddenly he removed his finger. Relieved Kelli began to turn over.

“Not so fast young lady,” the doctor said. “We’re not finished just yet.” She saw the man take an object from the drawer which looked similar to the speculum he’d used in her vagina earlier.

“Lord no,” she thought to herself.

Despite her prayer Dr. Baker quickly inserted the cold dry tool into her anus. She let out a moan as the muscles of her anal sphincter tensed against the ostoscope. “Push against the motion like you are trying to go to the bathroom,” the Dr. Baker stated, “It’ll make this much easier.”

Kelli did as he said. She was amazed at how easy the instrument now slid into her. “Now clinch you fists and take a deep breath,’ Dr. Baker said to Kelli. She did this expecting pain and pain was what she felt as the doctor opened the ostoscope. It felt as if her anus would rip open, but of course he stopped before that happened.

Kelli felt pressure inside her bottom as the doctor probed in there with a long q-tip taking a specimen. He then quickly closed the ostoscope and removed it. “What a relief,” Kelly thought. She sat up on the table and watched as Dr. Baker placed the q-tip in a specimen bag to be sent to the lab. Looking down at the table she saw some trickles of blood on the paper sheet. She thought it had come from her vagina earlier but she then realized it was too fresh.

Dr. Baker turned to her seeing the blood. He quickly gave her a sterile strip of gauze and told her to hold it between her buttocks. She did this, then he told her he would need to cauterize her anus to prevent infection in the small tears the ostoscope caused. Kelli watched him take a large tool with a rounded end from a near by cabinet. The doctor then told Kelli to kneel on the exam table bent at the waist with her arms at her sides. This position made Kelli feel more prone and exposed than ever. He once again asked that she push against the tip of the instrument as it entered her body.

“Doctor did not push that thing in near as far this time,” Kelly thought to herself. “What is cauterization anyway?” She soon found out. The round tip of the instrument placed just inside her anus began to heat up. It got hot quickly, before she could scream or shriek it had already painfully burned her flesh back there and had been removed. Now, she just felt a deep soreness inside her butt.

“You can turn around and sit down now Kelli,” Dr. Baker said. “I know that hurts but it will prevent a nasty tear when you go to the bathroom in the next few days.”

“Oh,” Kelli said. She was tired of all of this. She thought to herself, “I just want to go home.”

Still naked sitting on the edge of the exam table Dr. Baker turned to Kelli. She had not seen him fill two syringes. The doctor asked her, “Kelli, have you ever had a shot in your hip?”

Kelli thought, then spoke. “Yes a long time ago. The last one I had was a tetanus shot in my arm. Do you really have to give those to me ?” she said. “The last one I had hurt really bad and was sore for weeks.”

Dr. Baker replied “Yes Kelli, I feel it necessary to give these to you. One is an antibiotic and the other is a pain killer. With all the poking and prodding we’ve done on you the risk of infection is high, and you will need the pain killer for your clitoris. It will get real sore before it heals.” Kelli said nothing, she did not hear the man’s explanation. She had been thinking back to the shots she had in her butt when she was in the 6th grade, how difficult and painful they were to take.

“Well, lets get on with this,” Dr. Baker said to Kelli. “Just lie on your belly again and I’ll make em’ quick.” With a fearful sigh Kelli turned over once again presenting her bare butt to the doctor.

Kelli felt a cold wet cotton swab being rubbed on her upper right buttock, she then smelled the pungent aroma of rubbing alcohol. Seconds later she felt the stab of the needle to deliver her first shot pierce her tender hip. This sudden “stick” caused her to jump. She then felt a sharp stinging sensation as Dr. Baker injected the serum into her buttock. Endless discomfort. She thought he would never be done, then just as quickly as it started the sting was finished. The doctor promptly swabbed her hip again with alcohol and applied a Band-Aid.

“Are you all right Kelli?” asked Dr. Baker.

Kelli responded “Yes doctor, I am OK.”

“That wasn’t as bad as you expected was it ?”

“No” Kelli said, “No that wasn’t as bad as I remember them.”

“That was the pain killer,” Dr. Baker said. “I’ll put the antibiotic in you left hip. You will feel this one more.”

Kelli, braced herself for what to come. Last time Dr. Baker told her that something would hurt it did, bad.

She knew this shot would. She felt the alcohol being swabbed on her left hip this time, then the prick of the needle. Immediately after the needle she felt a driving combination of pressure and pain in the left side of her posterior. By the second this feeling got worse and worse. All of the time Dr. Baker was chanting, “ouie, ouie, ouie, ouie.” This was not making matters any easier for Kelli to handle. She felt tears building in her eyes again. As the pain of the injection got worse she started to whimper. This one had already taken twice as long as the last one and was hurting 10 times worse. Suddenly Kelli realized that Dr. Baker had removed the needle, but her hip still hurt as if he were still giving the shot.

On top of the pain deep inside her butt muscle she felt the burn of alcohol being swabbed over the needle puncture, then stabbing pain as the doctor applied pressure putting on the Band-Aid. Her hip muscle was now pulsating. Dr. Baker said, “Just lie here a moment and calm down Kelli. I know that one hurt but the pain will subside shortly.”

Kelli lie on the table still nude, whimpering as Dr. Baker disposed of the syringes. He approached her. “You may say here as long as you need to Kelli,” he said to the girl. “When you feel able you may get dressed then your mother will show you to my office.”

Shortly after Dr. Baker left the room, Kelli began to carefully put her clothes on. Her clitoris ached, her vaginal opening presented soreness with each move of her legs, her anus felt numb, and her hips felt stiff and sore. Once completely dressed she walked out the exam room down the hall and into the waiting room where her mom was waiting for her.

When Kelli’s mother saw here walk through the door she ran up and hugged here. “I’m so proud of you!” she exclaimed. “Dr. Baker said you did a very good job.”

Still with her arm around Kelli, mother and daughter walked down the hall toward Dr. James Baker’s office suite.

Upon entering the doctor shook hands with both then requested they have a seat. “Kelli is doing fine,” Dr. Baker said. “She is maturing well, she is actually two growth stages ahead of schedule.”

“That’s great,” said Melinda.

“I would like to schedule a follow up exam in 2 months,” Dr. Baker added. “I recommend Kelli have her hymen surgically reduced. It is your decision but I do think It would be a wise decision, as it’s membrane is tougher than most.” Kelli cringed at this thought. “Just let me know your decision at your next visit.” said the doctor. “I would also like you to collect a sample of your menstrual flow and give it to me when you return Kelli. You can pick up a specimen cup at the lab before you walk out.”

“Well that’s about it,” Dr. Baker said. “Take it easy for the next couple of days Kelli, and you may want to rub some Vaseline on your clitoris and you anus tonight.”

“Oh and try not to pee until morning, that will prevent undue irritation.”

“OK” said Kelli.

As Kelli and her mother exited the building Kelli breathed a sigh of relief. She then asked her mother, “Why do I have to go back to that place?”

Her mother replied, “because you are in the process of many changes in you body, especially down there.” “I just want to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

“Oh…” said Kelli, not understanding. She then thought to herself, “Well at least it’s over, for now. It couldn’t be as excruciating next time.”

Too be continued……….