By Exadore

Chapter 1 - Jimmy goes to Father’s

It was the every other weekend that came every other week. Jimmy had packed his overnight bag to go spend the weekend with his father who lived about an hour south of his mother’s home. The divorce had occurred over four years ago but the feud between his mother and father was still rather fresh. Jimmy’s father is a doctor, a well-respected surgeon and oncologist. Four years earlier Jimmy’s mother found out about an affair that his father was having with a young intern at the hospital. Considering current White House affairs it seems somewhat petty in retrospect, but Jimmy’s mother was unforgiving. She took the large suburban home, the Lexus, and a whopping child support settlement for her only son. Jimmy’s father seemed to repent after being caught and had not remarried or dated since the divorce.

Jimmy was indifferent. His father saw him as much as he was legally allowed to, and his mother protested every visitation. It’s a shame when the children are used as a tool for a fight between two adults, but Jimmy was the only weapon his mother still controlled, and she used it against his father whenever possible.

Jimmy’s father picked him up after school on Friday afternoon. He was required to meet his father at the curb since his mother had decreed that his father would never step foot in that house again. Jimmy complied.

“Hello Jimmy!” Father greeted his son opening the car door for him.

“Hi pop.” Jimmy answered somberly, throwing his overnight bag into the back seat and climbing into the midsize Ford.

Weekends with his father were becoming less of a treat and more of an ordeal as Jimmy matured. Jimmy didn’t know anyone in the other town, he couldn’t call anyone because it was long distance, and he and his father had little in common as far as interests were concerned.

“Why so glum boy?” Father asked as the two began to drive off.

“Oh, I’m not glum. I’m OK” Jimmy assured his father.

“How’s mom, everything OK on the home front?” Father continued.

“Yea, I guess. You know Pop she really hates your guts.” Jimmy announced in boyish bluntness.

“Well, I deserve it Jim. Your mother is a wonderful woman and I screwed up. Maybe someday she’ll find it in her heart to forgive me,” said Father.

“Don’t hold your breath Pop. Anyway, its good to see you, and I’m glad we’re together and everything…” Jimmy continued.

“But there’s nothing to do at the old mans house” His father completed Jimmy’s trailing sentence.

“I just don’t know anyone, that’s all.” Jimmy concluded.

There were a few people in town Jimmy did know, but he hadn’t seen much of them since the divorce either. His father’s brother and daughter lived only two blocks from his father’s current apartment. His cousin Kim was four years his senior. When they were younger they had played together quite a bit, but Jimmy had not even seen Kim since the Christmas before last. Playing together would be hardly appropriate for either of them at this age.

“Well, I’ll tell you what. There’s a big classic car show going on tonight over at O’s drive-in. How about you and me tooling down there for a root beer and hang out looking at the cars ?” Jimmy’s father announced.

“That would be cool!” Jimmy answered, becoming less tentative about the boredom factor.

“Tomorrow night we can catch a movie if you want. I would like to see the latest Lethal Weapon, I hear it rocks.” Jimmy’s father continued.

So much for boredom. Mom would never allow Jimmy to see an R rated movie. This was turning into a good weekend. Jimmy relaxed and settled back in the seat for the hour drive south on the freeway.

“How’s school going?” Father continued with the small talk.

“It’s OK” Jimmy answered in his youthful disinterested way.

“Any girl friends I should know about?” Father asked.

“Dad!” Jimmy scoffed.

“I was just asking. I had a couple of girlfriends when I was in seventh grade. Do they still teach sex ed. in seventh grade?”

“Oh my god.” Jimmy murmured, ignoring his father’s innate conversation and looking out the car window.

The truth of the matter was that Jimmy did not have a girlfriend. There were several attractive young ladies who had caught Jimmy’s attention this year, but they were not very interested in Jimmy. He was at a most awkward age for boys, their feet and hands grow disproportionately to lanky long arms and legs, and Jimmy was suffering on all fronts, including a loosing battle with a mild case of reoccurring acne. The formalized sex education, or “health class” as it was known had only just begun. They had not gotten to any of the good parts yet but Jimmy, as with all seventh graders gender not withstanding, had thoroughly read ahead and through the chapter on reproduction.

“Nice weather for October.” Jimmy commented, desperately attempting to change the subject.

His father smiled and patted Jimmy on the leg. “Yes, very nice weather son”

Chapter 2 - The Car Show

The evening was progressing wonderfully. Jimmy and his father were enjoying the car show and had just eaten a splendid cholesterol-packed meal at the locally famous drive in. Some of the cars were owned by doctors that Jimmy’s dad knew. One such vehicle was a marvelously restored 1960 Corvette convertible, into which Jimmy was allowed to sit due to his fathers connections. Jimmy was sitting in the fancy old sports car daydreaming about how easy the girls would fall into his lap when someday he owned such a vehicle. So intense was his fantasy that he did not notice the beeping sound emanating from his father’s waste. Jimmy’s father read his pager and immediately went to his cell phone.

“What’s up Mike ?” the doctor (and corvette owner) asked his friend.

“I’ve got one going south. I have to go in: Now.” Jimmy’s Father answered in a most serious tone.

“I can take the boy home Mike. Might as well let him stay and enjoy the show.” The other doctor suggested. “Besides, Jimmy looks like he would like to ride home in my baby here.”

“Can I dad?” an excited Jimmy asked.

“Why not. I’ll call your Uncle Dave on my way to the hospital and see if you can stay there until I get home. Do you remember where Uncle Dave lives?” Jimmy’s father asked.

“I’m pretty sure.” Jimmy answered.

Jimmy’s father was already trailing out of sight.

“Thanks a million Steve. Jimmy I’ll see you in a little bit. I’ll call you Steve after I talk to my brother.” Jimmy’s father said as he disappeared through the crowd.

“Your father is a wonderful man Jimmy,” the old doctor informed Jimmy.

“Yea, he’s pretty cool.” Jimmy responded.

The car show began to break up about 11:00. By midnight Steve and Jimmy were cruising towards Jimmy’s fathers house in the classic automobile. Steve had spoken to Jimmy’s father on his cell phone earlier. Jimmy’s cousin Kim would be “baby sitting” Jimmy at his fathers house until his father returned home, which may not be until late Saturday morning. Jimmy was attempted to explain to his father that a baby sitter was not necessary, but his father did not want his mother to have any excuse to further restrict his visitation rights, and home alone would be all the reason she would need.

Jimmy had not seen his cousin for over a year and a half, and then it was a most brief meeting. Kim was developing into a very pretty young woman. At seventeen, Jimmy was a little nervous about staying alone with his cousin.

Jimmy and Kim (or Kimmy as he had known her when they were little) were not kissing cousins, actually far from it. There was an incident that Jimmy recalled on the way home from the car show that had occurred at a party at his Uncle Dave’s house two years before the divorce. Jimmy was only seven years old at the time and Kimmy was eleven. Jimmy remembered the incident vividly.

Kimmy had two of her girlfriends staying over that night for a slumber party, Roberta and Sherry. The three pre teen girls were most ornery and giggly, and did not want to play much with poor Jimmy, who was suffering from both an age gap and a sexual gap from his otherwise would be playmates.

“You girls be nice to Jimmy, he’s a guest here too Kimmy,” Kim’s mother instructed her.

“Yes mother.” Kim acknowledged.

“Psst, Kimmy… “ Sherry called to her friend. The three girls huddled and whispered, then giggled, all the while looking at Jimmy. Jimmy was uncertain but the plans appeared to be including him.

“OK. Come on Jimmy, you can play a game with us.” Kimmy said putting her hand out to take Jimmy’s. The two other girls giggled and covered their mouths as they led the young boy away.

“You girls behave and play nice with Jimmy,” Kim’s mother again resolved.

“Yes mother, we will,” Kim answered. The three girls led the little boy upstairs to Kimmy’s room where the “slumber” portion of the party would take place later that evening. Pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags cluttered the bedroom floor. Kim had a large room and a lot of toys. Like Jimmy, she was an only child and was spoiled, just a little.

“What are we going to do?” Jimmy asked.

The two other girls seamed to have a real giggling problem this evening. Kimmy explained the plot to Jimmy, who trusted his older cousin.

“We’re going to play hospital. You’re going to be in a terrible car wreck and I’ll rush you to the hospital. I’m the doctor and Sherry and Roberta are Nurses. We’ll make you better.”

“OK,” said Jimmy. The role-playing make believe sounded like fun.

Jimmy hopped up on the bed and pretended to be driving a car, very fast with lots of gears and shifting.

“Ruuuuum, Ruuuuuum, Errrrrrrt, Ruuuuuuum!” Jimmy’s sound effects invoked more giggling.

“Just crash all ready,” Kim prompted closing her bedroom door tight.

Jimmy made a barrage of crashing sound effects, flinging himself from the bed and lying on the floor in a mangled position.

Kim produced her own sound effects as the pretend ambulance drove to the scene of the terrible accident. “Errrrrrrrrrr. OK Nurses, get him in the ambulance.”

The two girls wrestled with Jimmy’s limp body. He made no attempt to try and move himself, adding to the realism of the game. They finally got him onto Kim’s bed on his back. The three of them then sat at the foot of the bed to drive the ambulance back to the hospital. Sound effects and bouncy roads abounded as Kim leaned from side to side turning her pretend steering wheel.

“You better take his pulse nurse Roberta,” Kim instructed.

Roberta climbed onto the bed beside the pretend crash victim. Jimmy had his eyes closed and was moaning. He had engulfed himself in his part. Roberta took his limp hand and felt for his pulse. “He’s still alive doctor,” she informed Kim.

“Good, Were almost at the hospital” Kim announced.

One last “Errrrt” from Kim and the ride was over. “OK girls, were at the hospital now. How bad is he hurt?” Kim asked.

“He’s pretty banged up. We’ll need to check him out all over,” Sherry announced.

“OK Then, lets get our doctor tools,” Kim said.

Jimmy opened one eye to peek at what the girls were doing. They had a large cloth purse that was full of fake medical equipment. They had a stethoscope, a large plastic syringe, and some other stuff that Jimmy couldn’t quite see.

“Roll him over,” Kim instructed.

Jim heard a giggle from Roberta but continued playing his roll. The girls rolled his limp body onto his stomach.

“Pull his pants down so I can take his temperature,” Kim ordered.

Jim’s eyes were suddenly wide open. This was not part of the game at all. “Oh no you don’t” Jim protested.

“You have to if you want to play the game. Besides, if you play with us then one of us will be the patient next time.” Kimmy informed the boy.

“You promise?” Jimmy asked, considering his position of further participation.

“I promise.” Kimmy answered.

For some obscure twist of childish logic, Jimmy accepted the story and Kimmy’s promise for future games. He would like to be the doctor and get to take one of the girls’ temperatures. Jimmy laid back down and again began to moan, reestablishing his part where it had left off. Roberta and Sherry wasted no time lowering the young boy’s pants and underwear down to his ankles. Jimmy felt two hands separate his buttock exposing his tiny anus to the chilly room temperature air. A third hand inserted a finger full of petroleum jelly onto his tiny sphincter. He was not sure who was doing what but he believed Sherry was holding his backside open and Kim’s finger was doing the lubricated probing. A crayon served the purpose of the rectal thermometer. The three girls were giggling, gathered over the young boy’s backside as the wax rod entered into Jimmy’s rear. The pretend thermometer was released to protrude erectly from his backside. Jimmy felt his penis becoming very erect as the three young girls examined his bottom. After several minutes, the crayon was removed.

“We need to look at his front, roll him over,” Sherry announced.

Jimmy had lost control at this point and went along with the girl’s game. His tiny hairless penis stood at attention as the girls rolled him onto his back. Roberta covered her mouth to hold in her girlish giggles at the sight of the tiny erection.

“I think his pee-pee is broken, We’ll have to look at it closer,” Kimmy announced, remaining most serious in her role.

“I’ll pull the skin down so we can see the tip,” Sherry announced.

Sherry had a little brother about a year younger than Jimmy. For some reason, Jimmy surmised that he was not the first patient of the medical team of Kimmy and Sherry. Roberta was somewhat of an outsider and did not play regularly with the other two girls. Roberta had an older sister, but this was probably the first time she had ever seen a boy’s penis. She was also the one with the most giggles.

Jimmy could feel Sherry’s tiny hands grasp his immature erection. She retracted his foreskin exposing his engorged penile glans. The three girls were tightly huddled over the small erection examining every flaccid in great detail. Sherry stroked his tiny rod several times bringing the erection to an even more fulfilling state. Finally she laid the small organ flat against his stomach, exposing his tight scrotum and testicles for further examination. Jimmy felt another tiny hand fondling his young testicles; the whole experience was rather fun at the time.

“Where does the pee come out?” Roberta asked innocently.

Jimmy felt Sherry’s experienced hands once again raise his tiny shaft and retract his foreskin.

“Right here” he heard Sherry answer. He could feel her fingers separating his tiny urethra opening, the three girls getting a most intimate look at his private parts.

“I think its better now,” Kimmy announced “But we better test it.”

Kimmy got up from the bed and retrieved a plastic mixing-bowel used in her make-believe kitchen.

“Get up Jimmy, you have to pee in this bowel so we can make sure your pee-pee works.” Kimmy told the young patient.

Jimmy did as instructed. They had him stand up on the far side of the bed protected slightly from view should someone enter the room. The three girls sat down in front of him while Sherry held the mixing bowel for Jimmy’s urination test. It took a little work as Jimmy stood in front of his cousin and her two friends, attempting to push some urine through his tiny erection. Finally, a squirt came out. Jimmy held his penis and aimed it into the bowel as the three fascinated young girls looked on.

“Jimmy! Its time to go honey!” Jimmy’s mother shouted obviously approaching Kim’s bedroom door.

“Quick, pull your pants up!” Sherry insisted, sliding the mixing bowel under Kimmy’s bed.

Jimmy was well ahead of Sherry’s instruction. Jimmy’s mother opened the door to see the three girls and Jimmy emerging suspiciously from the far side of the bed.

“There you are, come on we have to go now.” Mother instructed.

“I’m coming mom,” Jimmy answered.

After Jimmy’s mother left the room the three girls huddled around Jimmy.

“You can’t tell and neither will we,” Kimmy instructed in a whisper. “That way next time you can be a nurse and Roberta will be the patient.”

Jimmy smiled and looked at his would be first patient. Roberta was not giggling. In fact, she looked very concerned about the prospect of being on the receiving end of this game.

“OK” Jimmy whispered back.

Unfortunately for Jimmy, next time never came.

The Corvette drove up to Jimmy’s father’s apartment door.

“Looks like someone’s home,” Said Steve observing the lights and a figure peeking from the window.

“Yea, that’s my cousin Kim. Thanks for the ride.” Jimmy answered.

“My pleasure son. I was glad to do it.” Steve answered.

Jimmy opened the apartment communal entryway door and waved goodbye to Steve. As he walked up the steps to the second floor entrance, he couldn’t help but wonder if Kim remembered their childhood game as vividly as he had just recalled. Perhaps, he would find out.

Chapter 3 - Good Girls Don’t Smoke

Jimmy entered the apartment with his key. The room was dark except for the glow from the Television. Seated on the couch in front of the TV was a young lady wrapped in a blanket.

“Hey Jimbo, it’s about time you got home.” a familiar female voice announced.

Jim did not like being called Jimbo. Jim, Jimmy, even James was OK, but not Jimbo. Kimmy had never referred to him this way before so he decided to return the insult.

“Hey Kimbo, glad you could come over,” Jim answered turning on the living room lights.

Kim squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light. Jim’s eyes squinted as he adjusted to the sight of Kim. His little cousin had grown up quite nicely. Kim stood up removing the blanket from her shoulder to come over and greet her cousin. Kim was only a little taller than Jim, a situation that obviously would be changing over the next several years. She was a tiny girl, about 5’5, no more than 100 lbs., with deep haunting green eyes. She had reddish brown straight hair that cascaded over her shoulders and midway down her back, currently in a ponytail. The last time the two had met, Kim had very little chest to speak of. What a difference a year and a half had made. Kim’s upper torso was fully developed and filled out her High School sweater nicely. Kim’s skirt was a wrap around design that connected in the middle, kind of a cross between baggy shorts and a mini skirt. Her long thin legs were unprotected except for a pair of frilly white socks covering her feet.

“Boy, your getting big,” Kim said approaching her cousin.

Jim instinctively took a step back.

“I won’t bite,” Kim said, noticing Jim’s retreat.

Kim threw her arms around her long lost little cousin. Jim wrapped his arms around her tiny waste and returned the hug, She was very small and it felt pretty good hugging this petite young lady, even if it was his cousin.

“There. Now that that’s out of the way come on in and sit down, we have some catching up to do.” Kim informed a now somewhat flustered and flush Jim.

The two sat on the couch and watched TV. Kim was quite a talker. She filled Jimmy in on all of the family gossip he had been left out of the past several years, and was able to extract some information about Jim’s other side as well. The two talked and laughed and watched TV. Jim could not help but stare at his cousin whenever she wasn’t paying attention. She looked ravishing.

About 12:30 the phone rang. Kim answered it.

“OK. That’s all right, we were just talking and watching TV. Yea, he’s right here.” Kim said covering the mouthpiece and handing the phone to Jim. “It’s your dad.”

“How’s it going pop?” Jim asked. “I see… No, we’re cool. Kim and I were just jamming about the old days… yea… I’ll see you when you get here. OK, Bye”

“Looks like were on our own for a while. Pop’s got to watch his patient and might have to do surgery again. I’m sorry if I screwed up your evening, it is Friday night and I can stay here alone.” Jim informed Kim.

“It’s OK. I’m having fun, besides, my old man has put the hammer down on me lately, I wouldn’t be allowed out this late if I weren’t here.” Kim informed her cousin.

“What did you do?” Jim asked, trying to imagine Kim being in trouble for anything.

“Oh, he thinks I’m boy crazy, that’s all.” Kim answered.

Jim wondered what events had lead Uncle Dave to this conclusion, but elected not to push the conversation.

The two settled in for an evening of late night shows and old movies. Jim momentarily left for the bathroom to get rid of some of the evening’s sodas. When he returned, Kim was not around. It was nearly 1:30 in the morning, “Perhaps she went out to her car for something.” Jim surmised. He glanced out the window of the apartment, then heard a noise coming from the balcony. As he approached, he heard voices.

“Yea, that was really cool.” He heard Kim say through the screen of the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. Kim was on the phone with someone, but at this hour? He was about to open the balcony door when he smelled something, something not smelled around his father. Kim was smoking a cigarette! Jim’s father was an oncologist. He had buried more patients from cigarettes than he had ever saved. Jim’s grandmother had been a cigarette smoker, and her son eventually buried her as well. In fact, that was Kim’s grandmother too. Uncle Dave was as convicted about smoking as Jim’s father. Kim would be in BIG trouble. Jim figured that Kim’s “boy crazy” story was not quite all of the factors behind her troubles at home. There was obviously more to the story. Jim stood motionless listening to the conversation.

“Uh huh, oh, it was a great party. I’ve never been that wasted. That stuff was killer weed man.”

“Killer weed!” Jim thought, now intensely hiding yet trying to be in better earshot.

“Oh, I didn’t go all the way with him, I don’t think I did anyway. I don’t even remember taking my cloths off. I’m really glad you found me when you did or I might have been playing engineer in a few more minutes. Well I better get off the phone… Yea… I’ll tell him you said hi, see ya Sherry.”

Jim stood up and moved into the shadow of the screen. He watched as Kim meticulously field striped her cigarette butt and discarded the pieces over the railing of the balcony. A stick of gum to finish the charade and she was ready to re-enter the house. The lighting made it difficult for her to see into the balcony door. She did not see Jim standing there until he slid open the door as she approached.

“Oh!” Kim jumped as the startling realization of someone’s presence in the doorway. “You’re not watching TV?” She asked

“No.” Jim stated eyes fixed on his cousin’s silhouetted profile against the outdoor lights, smiling with the conceit of the information he had recently attained.

“I was just talking to my friend Sherry, I wanted to know how the football game went.” Kim said attempting to extract exactly what Jim knew.

“I know.” Jim said, still smiling.

Kim felt flush and continued to explain. “Do you remember Sherry?”

“Oh yes.” Jim said, still smiling as Kim continued to squirm.

“She said to say hi.” Kim concluded, waiting for Jim’s next move.

“I know.” Jim said.

This indicated that he had heard at least some of the conversation. Kim began to panic. “You do?” she asked.

“Uh huh.” Jim nodded. Jim then left the door and returned confidently to the living room couch.

Kim didn’t say a word. She closed up the balcony door and returned to the couch, hoping the whole conversation would go away now.

“You know,” Jim began. “Gum alone will never fool dad, and probably not Uncle Dave either. They can smell cigarettes a mile away.”

Kim knew she was busted, but she was unsure of the extent of the damage or how cool her cousin was going to be. He seamed to know about the smoking from experience, perhaps she was OK if he was cool like her.

“Do you smoke?” Kim asked her cousin, hoping for a positive response.

“Hell no. You think I’m some kind of idiot?” Jim retorted.

Wrong answer. Kim felt very nervous. Jim seamed a little angry that his cousin was smoking, and with the answer she just received about the subject, she was very uneasy.

“How long have you been smoking pot?” Jim asked point blank.

Kim’s face went pale and her mouth dropped open in surprise. This was worse than she thought. She really needed to turn the tables on this guy.

“You little brat!” she attacked. “You were eves dropping on my whole conversation weren’t you. That’s really un-cool!”

“That long huh.” Jim answered, staying most composed.

Jim had heard his mother and father argue repeatedly over the past several years. Mom would always rant and rave and dad always kept his cool. The more she raved, the cooler dad was, and the more she would become irate. Kim’s adversarial communication skills were no match for a boy from a broken home. He had heard it all and had learned quite well.

“It’s none of your F#!%*)@ business how long I did anything! I didn’t do anything wrong. You can just F#!% yourself little boy!” Kim snapped.

Jim didn’t say a word; he just sat and stared at the TV.

“Are you going to squeal?” Kim asked, calming down from her cornered animal routine.

“I wasn’t, but since I’m supposed to go F#!% myself, I think Uncle Dave needs to know.” Jim answered most comely. “Besides, it’s for your own good, you’ll thank me when you are older.”

His totally adult mannerisms crushed Kim’s last spirit of attack. She had to find a way out of this, but direct attack was obviously not working.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. You’re a good friend and we’ve had a lot of secrets we have kept together over the years.” Kim began.

The reference to the childhood hospital game was obvious. She apparently did remember that evening and the games the girls played with Jimmy.

Jim looked at his cousin. She was obviously frightened. Her large green eyes glowed in the reflection of the TV. She was sitting at the end of the couch with her feet tucked underneath her bottom. As Jim’s eyes perused over his cousin’s perfect body he noticed that he could see up the leg hole of her half skirt. He could make out just the white fabric covering her youthful crotch. Jim and his penis had been up and down all night, and now glancing at his cousins panties and the surrounding circumstances gave Jim an idea.

“Yea, we have had some secrets.” Jim agreed, smiling at his cousin.

Kim smiled in relief. Perhaps she had gotten through to him. Her smile was captivating, but that had little to do with Jim’s plans for the rest of the evening.

“Do you remember the time you and Sherry and Roberta and me played hospital?” Jim asked jovially.

“Yea, we never told anyone,” Kim laughed.

“Yea, me neither,” Jim laughed, luring his prey into his web. “You made me promise not to tell anyone. When I make a promise, I abide by it for ever,”

Kim was feeling very relieved. Perhaps he would promise not to tell anyone about the cigarettes, or the pot smoking.

“Do you always keep your promises Kimmy?” Jim asked, using Kim’s childhood nickname.

“Oh yes, always. That’s what friends are for.” She agreed.

“I’m glad to hear you say that. Do you remember what you promised me?” Jim continued, preparing the trap to close.

“What? I promised you something?” Kim said, attempting to access the relevance of the statement from her memory.

“You promised me that the next time we played that I would get to be the doctor. Remember? And you always keep your promises right?” Jim asked.

Kim stopped laughing. Her memory of their childhood sexual exploration was vivid. Jimmy’s was the first penis she had ever touched, and it was the only time she had ever observed a boy urinating. The images of the evening were burned into her memory, but what was Jimmy suggesting now?

“What do you want me to do?” Kim asked concerned about the answer.

“I want you to be the patient, like you promised. And, if all goes well, I’ll make you another promise to keep your little escapades with Sherry a secret.” Jim said laying out the deal.

“What kind of patient do you want me to be?” asked Kim, still unsure about Jimmy’s intent.

“You’re going to be a crash victim, just like I was. I’ll be the doctor and take your temperature and fix your pee-pee, just like you did.” Jimmy answered.

“You’re kidding right ?” Kim answered indignantly. “Jimmy, we were just kids. We’re not kids anymore.”

“I know.” Answered Jimmy, his broad smile plastered across his face.

Chapter 4 - Let the Games Begin

“OK, let me get this straight” Kim said speaking with her hands as well as her voice, “If I let you see my ass, you won’t tell?”

“Kimmy” Jim continued, now in full control, “Don’t make it sound so dirty. We are just going to play a game, like we did when we were kids. I get to be the doctor, and you’re the patient, like you promised. After we play, I promise not to tell. But you also have to promise to quite smoking, for your own good.”

Jim rose from the couch and proceeded to his father’s study. The study did not resemble a private study in any conventional sense. Jim’s father was an oncologist and a surgeon, but he also doubled as the local family practitioner for friends, family, and their children. Anyone who had an ache or pain would come to Jim’s father first. If their conditioned warranted further treatment, an office visit would then be arranged. Over the years, and piece by piece, the local doctor’s private study had emerged as a well equipped examination room, complete with examining table, sink, cupboards, and an assorted array of medical instruments.

Jim at first considered having Kim come into the room for their game, but he was becoming a little nervous about the whole endeavor. The room also had an ominous uncomfortable presence about it. This room was where real exams were conducted, including exams on Jim whenever he was ill or needed a physical. He searched through the cupboard and found a rectal thermometer and a tube of K-Y jelly. Jim’s investigation also turned up a stainless steel speculum. Jim had never seen such an instrument before and was unsure of its use. He imagined that it must have a dental purpose. The examination table was reclined into a half-sitting position with stirrups attached. Jim looked again at the table and envisioned that it was in the wrong position to have Kim lying on her stomach. Its true purpose eluded his innocent thirteen-year-old mind.

Jim returned to the couch where Kim was seated.

“Wheeeer” Jim blurted making a vain attempt at a siren. “OK Kimmy, we’re at the hospital now, lie down on your stomach.”

Kim had to giggle. She remembered their childhood game and decided it would be worth the embarrassment to protect her secrets. A little over a year ago, she and Sherry were sharing one of their first cigarettes. Kim’s mother busted them. Kim was sent to her room to await her father’s arrival from work. Punishment at Kim’s house was often creative. Kim’s mother and father would thoroughly discuss the crime and determine an appropriate resolution. Kim was then brought from her room to await sentencing. Aside from an occasional tap on the bottom during early childhood, neither parent had ever been physical. Kim heard the door and knew father was home. First order of business would be to resolve Kim’s fate. The two seemed to take an exceptionally long time to derive a suitable punishment. Kim’s traditional punishment had always been revocation of privileges and manual labor. This incident was obviously different. Smoking was highly taboo in their household, a contributing factor in its allure to Kim in the first place. After what seamed an eternity, Kim’s mother finally knocked on her bedroom door. Kim knew it was time for her sentencing. She put on her best pout face and smeared her makeup to make it appear as though she had been crying. With her head held low, Kim opened the door.

“Come along,” Her mother instructed.

Kim’s mother seamed nervous, almost as if she was the one being punished. Kim followed her mother downstairs to the family room. As Kim entered the room behind her mother she noticed that a wooden back kitchen chair had been placed uncharacteristically in the middle of the room. Father was standing beside the chair holding his leather belt.

“Kim, we have always trusted you. You have not only disappointed us but you have made us very concerned. Your mother and I discussed what to do with you regarding the smoking incident. We have decided that the only way to get through your smart-ass attitude is a little old fashion discipline. Come over to the chair.” Father instructed.

Kim was petrified. Her childhood spankings had never amounted to more than a hand tap on her rump, not to mention she was much too old for such a barbaric treatment. Father obviously intended on striking her with his belt. Perplexed and horrified, she had no idea what was in store.

“Take your pants down and bend over the back of the chair.” father instructed.

“MOM!” Kim pleaded.

“Do as your told young lady!” Her mother snapped uncharacteristically.

Kim began to cry and unbuttoned her tight fitting jeans. As she dropped her pants real tears were streaming down both cheeks. Surprisingly, the “sympathy and fear” tears appeared to have no affect on her otherwise “easy” parents.

“Stand behind the chair and bend over its back, then reach down and hold the sides of the seat” Her mother instructed.

Kim’s pants fell to the floor as she stood behind the chair. She looked at her mother in utter terror. As instructed, Kim bent herself over the back of the chair and grasped both sides of the chair’s base, stretching her panties tight across her protruding buttocks. Kim’s mother knelt down in front of the chair. Kim thought momentarily that she might get away with a “shock probation” treatment. Surely they only intended to scare her, they would never actually strike her backside with a belt. Her mother looked as if she was about to go into an apologetic litany. To Kim’s surprise, her mother reached over and grabbed each of Kim’s wrists, holding them firmly in place. At almost the same instant, Kim felt a slight breeze as her father lowered her underwear to her knees exposing her perfect sixteen-year-old bottom.

“MOM!” Kim pleaded once more at the embarrassment and impending punishment.

The pain inflicted as the first stroke of the belt met Kim’s ill-prepared buttocks was excruciating. Kim screamed, then almost blacked out as the second welting blow immediately followed. Six strokes later the brutal punishment ended and Kim collapsed to the floor sobbing openly and holding her blistered backside.

“Kim, we’re so sorry, but it’s for your own good. This is the only time in your life that we will have to save you,” Mother babbled.

Kim realized that her parent’s ill-guided attempt at salvation from the politically incorrect act of smoking was genuine.

“I’ll never strike you again sweetheart, unless you smoke again.” Father said hugging his beaten daughter. “Then, the strokes will be doubled.” he concluded.

Kim could still feel those strokes, the only ones she had ever received. She did not like contemplating a repeat performance. Although her father was rarely strict, he was a man of conviction. Kim knew that the promised beating would be carried out should she be convicted again. Kim decided, then and there, that she could quite smoking, and Jimmy and her father were right, it was for her own good. Besides, she was very fond of Jimmy and this could be fun seeing this young boy go nuts over the sight of her exposed body.

“OK you little pervert,” Kim said positioning herself face down on the couch.

The tension was rising. Jim felt as if the temperature in the room had just risen twenty degrees. This beautiful seventeen-year-old girl was going along with his game! After she positioned herself, Jim sat down on the edge of the couch adjacent to his cousin’s bottom. Her tiny body was beautiful, and her backside was perfect. Jim nervously sat his thermometer and lubricant on the coffee table. He stared at his cousin’s bottom, reluctant about his plan. He could not believe he was about to pull her pants and underwear down and be allowed to fondle her perfect posterior, yet, there she was. Jim reached under the elastic band of her shorts. Kim responded by raising her bottom slightly into the air, assisting with the process.

Jim pealed her shorts over her hips and down to her knees, exposing her white bikini style panties tightly hugging her otherwise naked buttock. Jim stared at the sight, soaking in every moment. His penis was fully erect and about to explode. Jim had read the health class book sections on premature ejaculation and wet dreams, but up until now, Jim had never had an orgasm. He continued the unveiling and pushed Kim’s shorts to her ankles. All that stood between Jim and his first live view of the ultimate female form was a thin layer of white cotton fabric.

Jim reached up and placed his hands under both sides of Kim’s panty’s elastic band. Kim responded by raising her bottom even higher than before. As Jim pealed her panties over the globes of her backside he felt himself nearing an orgasm in his shorts. Unsure of the feeling, he successfully suppressed it. As the panties inverted over her bottom, the tag at the back of the garment flipped past Jim’s view. He continued pealing them down over her thighs. Her naked bottom emerged, protruding slightly into the air. Jim could not blink as he continued to lower her underwear. Finally he was treated to an anterior view of Kim’s vertical slit from her bent over position. Her pubic hair was thin and curly and barely covered any of her vulva. Jim came in his pants, but just a little, continuing to suppress his pre ejaculatory emissions. Kim’s body was beautiful. She was seventeen and had marvelously formed firm buns with a slight bubble-butt appearance. She lowered herself back to her horizontal position, hiding her private girl parts once again from Jim’s immediate view. Jim continued to work her panties past her knees and down to her ankles. He wanted nothing to obstruct his view of his ravishing cousin’s backside.

Jim’s trembling hands reached down and caressed Kim’s buns. They were smooth and warm and very firm. Jim pressed on one of the globes forcing it to part slightly from the other. He was beginning to approach her anal opening. Jim then reached into her crevice and parted her buttock with one hand, exposing her tiny puckered hole. He knew what he had to do. He released her backside and proceeded to unpack the rectal thermometer from its protective housing. He opened the tube of lubricant and spread some of the jelly onto the tiny glass rod. He then placed the thermometer on the edge of the coffee table, lubricated end hanging over the edge, and placed some additional lubricant on his index finger. Sitting the tube on the table, he proceeded to re expose Kim’s puckered sphincter.

Jim’s lubricated finger approached Kim’s tiny exposed hole like a cruise missile. Impact was a glorious feeling. Jim slowly pushed the lubricant into her hot tiny opening, eventually forcing his index finger to follow. He worked his finger in and out up to the first knuckle. To his surprise, Kim appeared to be enjoying the experience. Jim eventually retrieved his greased up thermometer.

Jim peered down the crack of Kim’s spread backside, desperately attempting to catch a little more of the anterior view of her vulva he had been treated to earlier. Such was not to be the case as Kim teasingly kept her legs tightly together. The thermometer entered her anus without resistance. Again, Jim distinctly heard a moan from his cousin that did not appear to be in protest of the procedure. Jim worked the thermometer between his fingers, drilling the tiny glass rod deeper and deeper into Kim’s bowels. After inserting the device several inches, only half of the thermometer was still visible. Jim released his cousin’s buns allowing the natural beauty of her backside to be presented with Jim’s prize, a thermometer extending from the depth of her buttocks to meet the outside world. Jim sat staring at this beautiful sight, his penis begging for some type of relief.

“Five minutes,” Jim informed his patient clicking on the time via the TV remote.

“You can leave it in longer if you want,” Kim replied.

Jim was shocked, realizing that for the first time this evening he may be losing control. Kim was facing the back of the couch, relaxing with Jim’s prize thermometer extending from her naked bottom, Jim was entranced with the sight, and neither heard the footsteps.

“What is going on here!” Jim’s father asked standing in front of the coffee table.

Chapter 5 - Busted

Jim sprang to attention placing himself between his father and his exposed cousin. Kim whipped her head around to see her uncle standing over her. She instinctively attempted to cover herself with the blanket she had wrapped herself in earlier, unfortunately impaling her rectum with the thermometer against the back of the couch as she rolled onto her side.

“Uhhhh.” Jim stammered trying to contrive a logical explanation for the embarrassing situation.

Kim had rolled back onto her stomach preventing the thermometer from being totally buried into her bottom, but had successfully covered her derriere with the blanket.

“I’m sick Uncle Mike. I asked Jimmy to take my temperature and he could only find a baby thermometer.” Kim explained.

“Yea, that’s all that happened,” Jim quickly agreed.

Jim’s father was very suspicious of the story, and even if true, it was still unacceptable behavior on the part of both youngsters.

Jim’s father approached his young niece. He sat down on the edge of the couch next to Kim where Jim had earlier been seated. Jim’s face was bright red with embarrassment and fear. He was unsure of what his father’s reaction was going to be. Kim, still hindered by her thermometer, remained stomach down on the couch. Jim’s father slowly removed the blanket that was feebly protecting Kim’s modesty and exposed her beautiful and fully naked backside, complete with a nearly engulfed rectal thermometer. Neither Jim nor Kim could move. Jim standing, Kim lying face down, they both staring at each other petrified. Jim’s father slowly withdrew the thermometer. He stared at Kim’s perfect bottom for about another 30 seconds, then held the thermometer up to the light.

“Well, you don’t have a fever Kimmy. Why don’t you pull your pants up while I call your parents and let them know you’ll be coming home now,” Jim’s father said most calmly.

Jim’s father left the room carrying the small glass rod. Kim immediately pulled up her underwear and pants. Jim could not help but feel some remorse with the knowledge that such an opportunity would probably never come his way again, but at the same time he was relieved by his fathers apparent acceptance of Kim’s quick thinking explanation.

“I can’t believe this,” Kim whispered as her and Jim headed for the door to retrieve Kim’s shoes and jacket. “Do you really think he bought that?”

“No way. Pops too sharp for that. Lets just hope he’s too tired to care.” Jim whispered back.

Jim’s father was in his study when he called his brother.

“Dave, yea Mike. I’m home. Kimmy’s getting ready to come home now. … Yea, long night … No, I lost her. The lung transplant wouldn’t take. Pity too, she was only 49 and has a teenage daughter about Kimmy’s age. Damn cigarettes since she was sixteen.”

Throughout the conversation Jim’s father was looking at the small glass thermometer that moments earlier had been protruding from his nieces delicate bottom.

“And Dave, we have a situation here. I don’t think its anything but you should probably know about it.” Jim’s father continued.

He proceeded to explain the precarious situation Kim was found in when he had returned home. Jim’s father had to suppress his double standard sense of pride in Jim’s ability to get the seventeen year old girl to part with her pants after only a few hours together. It just didn’t seem to add up.

“Oh really?” Jim’s father continued his conversation. “I didn’t know. That could explain a lot. Do you want me to check? OK, hang on.”

Kim was fully dressed and standing by the door with her coat on when Jim’s father emerged from his study. “Kim, Jim, come over here” he called.

The two youngsters obediently proceeded to the middle of the room to meet Jim’s father.

“Kimmy, give me your hands” he asked.

Kim looked at Jim quizzically. Jim in turn gave her a modest shoulder shrug equally confused by the strange request. Jim’s father took each of Kim’s hands in his own. Bringing them to his face he inhaled deeply. The smell of cigarette smoke was obviously present. A drawback of smoking, especially when you are disposing of ashes and field stripping the butts.

“Let me smell your breath young lady,” Jim’s father said sternly.

The smell of cigarette smoke, heavily masked by spearmint gum, was also still present. Kim was beginning to shake with nervousness, realizing what he was looking for, and had probably found. He released Kim’s hands and moved over to his son.

“Jim,” he said sternly placing his hands out as he had done with Kim.

Jim obliged, unaware of what was going on except that his father was obviously upset about the results of Kim’s olfactory inspection.

Jim’s inspection was more intense than was Kim’s. His father repeatedly took very deep breaths over Jim’s fingers. He finally seamed relieved.

“Your breath young man,” Jim’s father ordered.

The smell of popcorn and soda pop was enough. No gum and no trace of smoke relieved Jim’s father.

“Well, let me ask my original question again, and perhaps this time someone will tell me the truth. What is going on here ?” Jim’s father asked authoritatively.

Neither youngster spoke.

“I need to go Uncle Mike. My parents are waiting for me.” Kim began, hoping to escape.

“Your father is on the phone awaiting a report from me about your escapades this evening. What should I tell him?” Jim’s father asked Kim.

Kim felt flush. “I’m really not feeling good.” She answered honestly.

“Perhaps all the cigarettes you smoked this evening have your stomach upset?” Jim’s father responded.

Jim looked shocked. He realized the purpose of the bloodhound performance, and equally realized that Kim was in much more trouble than he was. This was not about Kim being bare bottomed when his father came home; it was about Kim’s smoking.

“Oh Uncle Mike, don’t tell my dad, he’ll kill me. Besides, Jim made me promise never to smoke again and I promised! I only had one cigarette!” Kim pleaded, beginning to cry.

“Is this true Jim?” His father asked.

“Yes sir,” Jim answered, still frightened about his own uncertain fate. “That ’s why I thought she might be sick, because of all of the diseases that cigarettes cause.” Jim said attempting to bolster his own position about the other event.

“I see,” His father replied, barely containing his laughter at Jim’s attempt to justify his actions. “Let me talk to your dad Kim, then we three will continue this conversation. You two sit down on the couch and wait there.”

Jim and Kim sat on the couch. Kim began to cry openly as she could almost feel the welts forming on her bare bottom. Eight strokes with the belt had left blisters on her bottom for a week the last time she was caught. She could barely imagine what sixteen strokes were going to feel like. Jim put his arm around his cousin.

“It’s going to be OK Kimmy. My dad seamed to believe you when you said you weren’t going to smoke again. Besides, they can only ground you for so long.” Jim said attempting to comfort his cousin.

Kim cried even harder. “You don’t understand. There going to KILL me…” Kim sobbed.

“Shhhh…” Jim abruptly hushed his cousin simultaneously turning down the TV.

His father had left the study door open. His boisterous voice could be made out in part as he spoke to Kim’s father. The two partners in crime listened intensely in an attempt to catch a glimpse of their fate.

“Yea, you were right Dave. What’s that? Oh, ……. blackmail I guess ….. remember when we were 13, yea and we played doctor with Renee Graves because we caught her in the street on her bike and threatened to tell her mom? …… Yea we were rotten. Hey, I’ve got an idea …..”

With that last note, the study door shut tight. Kim continued to cry, vividly remembering her previous punishment from a year and a half ago in her mind.

The door to the study reopened and Jim’s father stepped through. He sat on the couch beside Kim and put his arm around her. Kim momentarily stopped crying. Perhaps Uncle Mike had worked a pardon for her otherwise tragic fate.

“It will be OK Kimmy,” Jim’s father began.

“It will?” Kimmy choked out between sobs.

“Your father said to come straight home. He said you know exactly what your punishment is and you might as well come home and get it over with.” Jim’s father concluded, still gently hugging his niece.

“Oh God,” Kim cried and began sobbing openly.

Jim was becoming concerned about Kim’s fate. Perhaps they really were going to kill her. He had never seen anyone this upset about being punished, himself never being on the receiving end of any corporal punishment.

“Unless…” Jim’s father continued.

Kim stopped crying. The note of a reprieve brought hope to an otherwise dire situation.

“Unless what?” Kim asked desperately.

“Well, I talked your dad into allowing you to stay here and let me check you over. You see, Jim was correct. Cigarettes do cause a lot of diseases. You father said that if you decide to stay here and get a checkup, and listen to me explain all the harm that cigarette smoking can do, that you would receive no punishment at home.”

Kim thought about what her uncle had just said. Listen to a boring speech, get a checkup, which Uncle Mike always provided anyhow, and she was off the hook! She jumped up and hugged her savior uncle.

“Oh Uncle Mike, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she cried kissing him on the cheek and hugging him.

Jim was thoroughly perplexed and had no idea what Kim was so thankful about. He was however glad to see the evening was ending on a happy note.

“Well,” Jim yawned and stretched. “Looks like you two still have a long night, I think I’ll turn in.”

“Oh no you don’t. You’re in on this too.” Jim’s father replied standing up and returning to the Study. “Take your coat off Kimmy, I’ll call your dad and let him know you decided to take the alternative.”

“OK Uncle Mike, thank you, thank you!” Kim repeated as Jim’s dad disappeared into the study.

“Are you nuts?” Jim asked Kim after his father had left the room.

“No, I’m saved!” Kim replied jovially.

“I think you’ve lost it.” Jim replied sitting disgustedly back into the couch.

Jim’s father’s speeches were about as interesting as watching paint dry. He had visual aids consisting of pieces of tumors and dead smoker’s lungs, and Jim had heard them all before. “I wasn’t the one smoking, why should I have to suffer.” Jim muttered to himself beneath his breath.

Kim bounced over to the closet and hung up her coat. She was returning to the couch when Jim’s father reentered the room.

“OK Kimmy, you’re off the hook.” He announced.

Kim ran skipping across the room and hugged her uncle again, thanking him profusely. This was about all that Jim could take.

“Pop, why do I have to sit through this stuff again, I don’t smoke.” Jim complained.

“You’re not here for smoking young man. You’re here for your sudden interest in medicine.” Jim’s father answered. “And Kimmy, I think you should stop hugging me, this is punishment, and you may not enjoy it as much as you think.”

“OK Uncle Mike, I’m sorry.” an overjoyed Kim answered.

Jim realized that this was his punishment for taking Kim’s temperature. In a way it was a relief. If his only penance was to look at some gross medical pictures, he was thankful.

“All right, lets get started.” Jim’s Father began sitting on the couch between the two youngsters. “What diseases do cigarette smoking contribute to?” he asked.

“Lung cancer.” Kim answered.

“Heart disease.” Jim answered “and high blood pressure, and emphysema.”

“Very good, what else?” Jim’s father continued.

Kim and Jim looked at each other trying to think of some other disease cigarette smoking may cause.

“Low birth weight?” Kim asked, remembering reading the warning label on a pack she had recently purchased.

“Yes, it has been linked to low birth wait, and a lot of other problems for children of smoking mothers. It has also been linked to most forms of cancers, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colorectal cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, cancer of the lymph nodes, cancer of the mouth and tongue, stomach cancer, throat cancer, and possibly even liver damage.” Jim’s father answered.

Jim and Kim again looked at each other, surprised at the list of problems just presented to them.

“Wow.” said Kim, now genuinely concerned about her health. “I didn’t know that.”

“When you develop cancer it generally develops as a small cyst. An initial cyst appears as a lump that is slightly harder than the surrounding tissue. As it grows, it becomes larger and easier to detect. The trick is to detect it early, that way it can be treated and eradicated. If you wait until they are big enough that they bother you, it may be too late.” Jim’s father went on. “That’s why, since Kimmy has been smoking for over a year now, it’s necessary to check her for all of the types of cancer I just mentioned. And since you’re so interested in medicine Jim, you’re going to assist me.”

“WHAT!” was the chorus response from a now concerned Kim and a now wide-awake and hopeful Jim.

“Uncle Mike …” Kim began to protest.

“Or you can go home and accept your fathers punishment Kim.” Jim’s father concluded.

Kim was sunk. Jim was elated. He WAS going to get to be the doctor after all. Cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, colo-rectal cancer, breast cancer! Kim needed a good check up and he was going to assist!

Chapter 6 - Punishment by Any Other Name

“Lets go into the office and get you prepped Kimmy,” Jim’s father instructed.

A large sigh, a glance at her elated cousin, “OK Uncle Mike,” Kim said.

It was 2:30 in the morning when the three of them entered Jim’s father’s study. Kim had been in the room with Uncle Mike many times when she was sick. She had not taken her cloths off in front of him since she was a small child, and back then the exam room was at the house. Jim’s father flipped the series of switches on the wall by the door, brightly illuminating the room with a flood of columnar fluorescent lights. An additional surgical lamp hung on a multi-jointed swing arm from the ceiling over the examination table. The exam table was currently configured for a gynecological examination, sort of a half-chair configuration. The back was set in a reclining position with the abdo-section of the chair ending abruptly, the bottom leg section hinged down and out of the way. In its place extended two stirrups that ended about a foot above the surface of the abdo-section. Jim had never imagined a gynecological pelvic exam. His youthful adolescence had persuaded him only recently to begin thinking about girls at all. The purpose of the exam chair’s current configuration completely eluded him.

Kim on the other hand looked at the chair in horror, her face going pail at the sight of the metal stirrups. Kim had never had a pelvic exam. Uncle Mike was her one and only doctor, and no such exam had ever been suggested. She knew of such exams from conversations with her Friends. Sherry had become sexually active at sixteen. Her parents were very open and outspoken on the subject and had put their daughter on birth control, realizing the alternatives and the fact that her promiscuous behavior was for the most part not going to be subdued. Sherry had explained her experience at the gynecologist in great, and somewhat embellished, detail.

Kim sighed in relief as her uncle swung the stirrups to their retracted position and raised the leg end of the table. He also lowered the back of the chair until the three-part examination table became a single horizontal bench. He then pulled out the large paper sheet roll and prepared a new covering for his niece.

“Get undressed and hop up on the table Kimmy,” Jim’s father instructed.

“How much do I need to take off?” Kim asked.

“Everything,” Jim’s father answered.

“Uncle Mike!” Kim protested, looking at her elated cousin.

“OK, You can leave your underwear on,” Jim’s father consented. “Come over here Jim, we’ll get you a lab coat and I’ll show you how to scrub up,” he continued.

Jim was most disappointed. His cousin in her underwear was not going to be nearly as exciting as the initial order. Jim’s father could see the disappointment in his son’s face as they approached the sink.

“The first rule in any patient doctor relationship is to make your patient feel comfortable and relaxed,” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim looked up at his father’s face. His father was smiling and winked at the boy. Jim got the message. Kim’s underwear was not permanent, only temporary to help ease Kim into a familiarity with her new doctor.

The sterile looking white lab coat was a little large, but it fit. Jim rolled the sleeves back to facilitate washing his hands. Jim’s father turned on the water and lathered his hands and wrists with disinfectant soap. Jim followed suite imitating his father’s actions. After they dried their hands, Jim’s father instructed the boy to put his arms out in front of himself so he could “glove up”. Jim did as told. Jim’s father placed the Latex examination gloves over the boy’s hands, snapping the wrists as he extended them. He then repeated the procedure on himself.

Jim glanced at Kim to observe her in her final stage of undressing. She had removed her high school sweater and her shoes, and was bent over with her baggy shorts around her ankles, loosening a foot from one of the leg holes. The view of her panty covered bottom brought back Jim’s erection. The bulge in his trousers would be unnoticeable with the bulky lab coat. He began to wonder if his father was equally aroused at the sight of Kim’s scantily clad perfect body, and wondered if the lab coats were worn for reasons other than sanitation.

Kim hopped up on the examining table wearing her white cotton panties, a small white bra, and her small white frilly socks. The paper covering on the table crumpled beneath her bottom as she attempted to get a stable roost. Jim’s father handed him a stethoscope and placed a second about his own neck. The exam was about to begin.

“The first thing we do in a physical of this type is take the vitals, this is known as the history and physical, or H&P for short.” Jim’s father informed his son. “There are four parts to the H&P, observation and inspection, percussion, palpation, and auscultation. The first thing we do is take the patients temperature and blood pressure.”

“Auscultation?” Jim asked curious about the definition of the large words.

“Observation and inspection is looking, percussion is tapping, palpation is touching, and auscultation is listening,” Jim’s father explained. Jim nodded affirmatively absorbing the information.

Jim’s father laid a clipboard with an attached H&P form on the examining table next to where his barely clothed niece was seated. He then handed Jim a thermometer.

“You’ve already taken her rectal temperature, which is more accurate, but get an oral reading just for good measure.” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim removed the oral thermometer from its plastic case and shook it down as he had seen his father do so many times before. He then placed the thermometer into his young cousin’s mouth. Kim giggled a little, as Jim had to reach up slightly to reach her mouth.

“While her temperature is registering, we will take her blood pressure. Have her extend her right arm so that it is even with her heart, then wrap the cuff snugly around her upper arm. Not tight, just snug.” Jim’s father instructed.

“Raise your arm for me Kim.” Jim ordered.

Kim complied and Jim placed the cuff around her bare upper arm. Jim was only inched from her bra and could see her breasts peaking from beneath the cups. It was as close as he had ever been to a woman’s bare breasts.

“Now, place the bell of your stethoscope underneath the cuff on the inside of her arm, over the vein. That’s it.” Jim’s father continued. “Now, I want you to listen to her heart beat through the stethoscope.”

Jim placed the instrument in his ears.

“Pump the cuff up quickly. Right now you don’t hear anything. As the cuff pumps up, you will hear Kim’s heart. Keep pumping until you don’t hear it then pump two more times,” said Jim’s father.

Jim did as instructed. Sure enough after several pumps he could hear a beat, several more pumps and the beat went silent. He pumped two more times as instructed. Jim’s father then turned the small chrome knob and began to release the pressure.

“Watch the gauge closely and write down the number where it says systolic as soon as you hear the beat again,” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim watched the tiny gauge closely. At 130 he heard the heart beat and wrote the number down on the clipboard.

“Good, now when you hear the beat becoming muffled get ready, and when it stops write that number down where it says diastolic,” Jim’s father continued.

Again Jim listened and watched. The beat became muffled, then disappeared all together. The gauge was at 85. Jim wrote down the number.

“Great, Kim, Your doctor says your blood pressure is 130 over 85. A little high but reasonable.” Jim’s father informed his niece. “Take the cuff off Jim, then take the thermometer out and write down her body temperature.”

Jim dutifully followed his father’s orders. To his surprise, his erection had subsided. The sight of his beautiful seventeen-year young cousin in her underwear was not nearly as enticing now that she was a patient. Jim was enjoying actually performing the detailed medical examination.

The exam continued for another fifteen minutes with Kim seated in her underwear. Jim listened to her heart and breathing, took her pulse, examined her ears, eyes, nose and throat, and closely inspected every mole and freckle covering her body. Jim had so enjoyed the examination from a physician’s point of view that he had almost forgotten the sexual overtones of the procedure.

“OK Kim, lets take your bra off and have you lie on your back on the table,” Jim’s father instructed.

Hello! Jim’s penis woke right up on that instruction.

“Uncle Mike, with Jim here?” Kim asked pitifully.

“He’s your doctor Kim, not me, remember. He needs to check your breasts for lumps.” Jim’s father responded. “Unless you would rather…”

“I’m doing it,” Kim retorted unbuttoning her small white bra. The alternative at home was worth the evening of embarrassment. Besides, Jim was acting very professional.

Jim’s eyes were glued onto Kim’s upper torso as her tender breasts were released from the captivity of her brazier. She looked at her doctor-cousin blushing slightly, but had to laugh at his facial expression and his apparent inability to close his mouth.

“On your back Kimmy,” Jim’s father instructed.

Kim laid back. Her breasts were a perfect 36C. small, firm and pert with fully erect nipples and small but pink areolas.

“Jim, this is your first breast exam. Kimmy, this is probably your first breast exam as well?” Jim’s father asked.

“Yes sir,” Kim answered, embarrassed by her exposure.

“For the right breast, have Kim put her right hand behind her head. Then move your index and middle fingers gently in small circular motions. Begin with your index finger next to her collarbone. Move your hand in a circular fashion, clockwise around the breast. You will feel a ridge of tissue in the lower curve of her breast. When you reach the top of her breast, move in three fingers and continue circling. Continue sliding up and in until you reach the nipple.” Jim’s father clinically instructed. “When you get to the nipple, rub it until it becomes erect then squeeze it gently. If there is any discharge, you must write it down on the chart. If you feel any nodules in the breast during your inspection, they too must be written down. Let me show you.”

Jim’s father expertly demonstrated the clinical breast examination. After one complete orbit, it was Jim’s turn to take over. Not only had Jim never touched a woman’s breast before; he had never even seen one except in magazines. The site of Kim’s teenage breasts was breathtaking. Jim eagerly began his task, trying to take his time to savor the moment. Her breasts were surprisingly soft. Jim had always imagined a woman’s breast to be firm like Kim’s buttock and was surprised by the tender nature of the fatty glandular tissue. Kim seamed to be enjoying the frontal message. Upon reaching the nipple, there was no need for further stimulation. Kim’s nipples were at full attention. Jim touched and messaged the sensitive tissue just for good measure. He was enjoying this part of the exam, and it appeared his erection had returned to stay. Jim completed the right breast then circled the table for a repeat performance on the left breast. He was surprised by the fact that Kim’s breasts upon intimate inspection were not the same size. His father explained that it is normal for breasts to be different sizes, a fact that Kim, as a self-conscious teenager, was relieved to hear as well.

The breast exam took almost twenty minutes. Kim was becoming very sexually aroused at her cousin’s slow and methodical message of her breasts. She felt her vagina becoming moist and her labia and clitoris engorged. She was thankful her panties were still in place yet was concerned about the wet spot developing between her legs.

“I don’t feel any lumps Pop,” Jim finally concluded.

“Great! Write it down on the chart. Kimmy, you can sit up.” Jim’s father responded.

Kim sat up slightly flush at the near orgasmic experience. She was silently thinking about masturbating upon arriving home this evening. She felt the need to finish what Jim had inadvertently started. She was glad the exam was over.

“Next we need to talk about the digital rectal examination procedure,” Jim’s father continued.

Kim’s flushness went to immediately to panic.

“We will perform Kim’s exam with the patient in the decubitus position, but face down instead of laterally.” said Jim’s father. “Kim, take your underwear off and crawl up on the examination table on your hands and knees.” He instructed in a most professional tone.

“Uncle Mike!” Kim protested.

The serious look Jim’s father reflected upon the protest vanquished all opposition as futile. Kim looked at her exhilarated cousin, sighed, and stood up to remove her last bastion of dignity. Her white cotton panties, which Jim had only hours earlier enjoyed the pleasure of lowering, were now a crumpled cloth around Kim’s ankles. One foot at a time, she stepped away from the tiny undergarment, then, completely naked except for the frilly white socks, climbed onto the flat examining table, hands and knees as instructed. Kim attempted to keep her knees together as much as possible. Jim strategically positioning himself at the bottom of the table, providing himself a magnificent view of his cousin’s anterior position. The 90-degree posture of her knees to torso forced her tiny buttocks to open slightly. Jim enjoyed the glancing view of her anus, and the continuing cleft of her vulva disappearing between her legs. Jim’s father presented his naked niece with a tiny pillow similar to one you might receive on an airplane.

“Put your head down on this, and I want you to reach back and grab your calves,” Jim’s father instructed.

As Kim carried out her uncle’s orders, Jim’s view improved considerably. Kim’s buttocks were now protruding skyward at an acute angle, her perfect buns naturally separating into the air. The disquieting position also forced her to open her legs slightly to maintain her balance. For the first time in his life Jim was looking at a live view of the female genitalia. His penis was begging for relief. He wondered how it would feel to place his engorged organ into such a wonderful sight. The sound of his father’s voice prevented another spontaneous mini ejaculation.

“With the patient in the face down decubitus position it is easy to perform the rectal digital examination” Jim’s father clinically expounded. “ The anal opening should be visually inspected, with note made of any skin breakdown, fissures, and protrusions from the anal opening.”

Upon those words Jim’s father motioned for him to approach Kim’s extended posterior. As Jim closed in on is cousin’s bottom Jim’s father, standing along the side of the table, grabbed both globes of Kim’s perfect backside. His thumbs extended past mid lateral towards her partially exposed anus, and then opened his niece’s bottom for his son’s inspection.

Jim was about to come in his pants, regardless of the fact that his clinically retentive father was presenting this erotic view of his cousin. He was thankful for the lab coat, attempting to maintain his composure he veered into Kim’s bottom. Her vagina was clearly exposed and partially opened from his vantage, as well as the intended target, her fully stretched and exposed puckered anus.

“Put some of the lubricant all over the index and middle finger of your right hand. Also place some on her anus and begin working it in,” Jim’s father instructed, still holding his Niece’s bottom open for his son.

Jim did as instructed. Kim’s anus was tight and warm, just as it had been before when he had prepped her for her rectal temperature several hours earlier. Jim noticed that Kim’s vulva seamed to be expanding as he probed. He now had a view of the inner lips of her labia, creeping their way out of their previously unexposed hiding place deep within the folds of her womanhood. He diligently stroked her anus with his lubricated-gloved index finger, his father holding the young girl open and bare.

“The finger should be inserted just past the rectal sphincter and not advanced until the sphincter relaxes.” Jim’s father instructed as he noticed Kim’s sensitivity to Jim’s inexperienced examination techniques “Rectal exams, while still uncomfortable, are not painful when you follow that rule. All sides of the rectum should be palpated for polyps, which may be sessile or pedunculated. Intraperitoneal metastases may be felt anterior to the rectum as hard protruding projections into the rectum.”

Jim looked at his father. It appeared most bizarre. Jim’s thirteen-year-old index finger was inserted half way into his seventeen-year-old cousin’s perfect bottom, which was being held open by his father, who had just ruined Jim’s near orgasmic experience with a litany of obscure medical terminology.

“What?” Jim asked annoyed at the distraction.

“Sessile means attached by a base, pedunculated means it is attached by a stalk. If you feel anything but smooth tissue you better allow me to make a second diagnostic opinion. Now, insert your finger fully and hook it back, feel her tissue all the way around,” Jim’s father answered.

Jim was unsure about any of his father’s medical terminology, but the instructions were clear, as was the overall implication. This highly sexual intimate experience could be something done daily as part of one’s job, and you get paid for it as well. Jim decided at that very moment that medicine was to be his chosen career.

His finger continued its probing. Kim’s tight hole finally relaxed enough to swallow both of Jim’s fingers all the way up to his hand. Kim moaned at the intrusion into her bowels. As he turned his hand and hooked his engulfed fingers, Kim gasped. She once again appeared to be enjoying the rectal stimulation. Jim was most confused. Kim’s vulva was as tiny as the rest of her pert tight body. Her genitalia were exposed most profusely in her head-down rear-in-air position. Jim could see the moisture excerpting from her vagina as he continued his though rectal examination.

“It’s all smooth inside Pop. Not a bump anywhere,” Jim announced withdrawing his fingers from Kim’s backside.

“Fantastic. See Kimmy, this exam isn’t so bad, and it’s something you need to get used to as a smoker,” Jim’s father purposely needled his niece.

Kim resumed her seated position on the table. She was ready to cry and orgasm at the same time. She was most ashamed, not of smoking but of halving to endure this humiliating treatment. Kim covered her naked body as much as possible with her hands and arms. She had hoped to be allowed to dress, but she knew in her heart that the exam was not complete. Jim’s father walked over to the table and dropped the bottom leg section towards the floor. As he extended the foot stirrups, Kim felt as if she was about to throw up. Jim’s father then pressed the button to raise the back of the exam chair into about a 30-degree angle.

OK Kimmy, lie down on your back and place your feet in the stirrups.” Jim’s father ordered.

Kim complied realizing that, as a patient, there is no dignity.

“Pull your bottom down to the end of the table,” Jim’s father promoted “Further down,” he continued. “That’s it, now a little further.” He continued. Kim felt air on her lower back as the end of the table was reached.

Kim’s bottom was positioned at the end of the shortened table, knees bent and feet wresting in the stirrups. Her buttocks extended just past the end of the shortened table yet Kim kept her knees tightly sealed. Jim had been busy preparing for the next and most anticipated part of the examination. Newly gloved, he was ready, and so was his penis, standing erect beneath his lab coat fighting the restrictions of his underwear. Jim remembered Kim’s intimate exam of his erect rod from years earlier. It was his turn now.

“Jim, this is an examination stool” Jim’s father explained as he pushed over the short stool.

It resembled a stool Jim had seen at the state fair in a barn used for milking cows, except this one was metal and had wheels. It was still short with a round padded seat, just like the milking stool. Jim’s father placed the stool at the end of Kim’s examination table.

“Sit down boy, you have some examining to do.”

Jim spontaneously ejaculated for the second time this evening. He again repressed the feelings but felt a warm wet gooey feeling along his left leg. Once again he thanked God for inventing lab coats. Kim was lying on her back on the exam table. Her knees were up and opened slightly, forced into the position due to her feet placement in the stirrups to each side of the table. A blue cloth draped her entire lower abdomen. Jim knew that this drape was her only protection from his curious eyes.

His position on the stool placed his nose at the same level as Kim’s pointed anus. He was looking directly at her protruding bottom, hanging slightly over the end of the examination table, her exposed sphincter still pink from the irritation of his earlier rectal examination.

Jim’s father approached Jim and Kim with a trough he had just filled with water at the sink. As he sat the trough on a tray table beside Jim, Jim observed there was a medical instrument in the tray, apparently being washed or warmed by the water. It was the same instrument Jim had found earlier when looking for the thermometer. It was stainless steel and appeared to Jim to be a dentist’s tool, perhaps for holding open a patient’s mouth. Jim’s innocence made the erotic site of a prepared speculum a total mystery to the young boy. Jim’s father lifted the privacy draping over Kim’s crotch and placed it over her knees, lowering it slightly in the middle so Kim could still see the top of her cousin’s head. He then pushed Kim’s knees apart positioning her in the position most suited for a full gynecological examination. Jim’s eyes glued themselves of his cousins exposed genitalia. His father then turned on the surgical lamp hanging on the multi- jointed arm from the ceiling. After positioning the light, Jim had an exceptional illuminated view of his cousin’s private parts. Her pubic hair was thin and did not obscure the view of the details of her puffy mound. Her labia were swollen with the erotic nature of the exam and were uncontrollably beginning to protrude from the depths of her vertical slit.

“First we need to examine the external genitalia,” Jim’s father announced.

Jim’s father reached between Kim’s legs and opened her tender mound. Jim intensely looked into her illuminated wet genitalia, trying to asses and permanently record every nuance of the experience.

“Make a piece sign” Jim’s father told Jim.

Jim complied, raising his right hand middle and index finger into a V shape.

“Place your fingertips next to both of my index fingers,” he instructed.

Jim placed his fingertips into the warm moist folds of his young cousins spread labia, next to his father’s index fingers as instructed. Jim’s fingertips here now straddling Kim’s urethra, her labia major separated on each side of Jim’s “peace sign”.

“You need to palpate the Labia for any nodules. You can use your other hand and do the left side, then switch hands and do the right.” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim looked confused. His father released his hold on Kim’s genitals, allowing Jim’s fingers to now feel the warmth of her enclosing vulva. His father then grasped the left lip of Kim’s labia and began to gently pinch it between his index and middle finger. “Like this,” he told Jim.

Jim caught on quickly. Holding his cousin open with alternating hands, Jim gently rubbed every inch of Kim’s labia. She had equally lost control. The gentle message had brought her womanhood to full steam. Her vagina was naturally well lubricated and her clitoris was now fully erect. Jim had inadvertently been rubbing up against it during his through palpation, which had not helped matters at all from Kim’s perspective. Jim, however, did not even notice Kim’s tiny bud bulging for attention. His fathers trained eyes were very aware of Kim’s current condition.

“We must examine the clitoris as well,” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim’s curious and confused look told his father that the young boy did not even know what a clitoris was, let alone its purpose in sexual matters.

“Lets extract the foreskin and examine the glans,” Jim’s father announced. “Keep your hand there.”

Jim continued to hold his cousin’s labia apart, exposing her urethra to the outside world for the longest period of time in the girl’s young life. His father placed both hands on either side of his young niece’s clitoris and pulled back, extracting the foreskin and exposing a most erect and sensitive glans clitoris. Jim was amazed. It appeared to be a miniature penis that was apparently very excited. The stroking action of the foreskin over her highly sensitive clitoris, and after the labia message from Jim, brought Kim to the verge of orgasm.

“This is her clitoris. It is analogous to the male penis, and in fact is the same organ in fetuses during very early development.” Jim’s father announced. “Stimulation of the clitoris causes it to become erect and leads to female orgasm.”

With that statement Jim’s father began to rub Kim’s bud with his thumb. Kim was about to come and nothing was going to stop her. She tried desperately to suppress the urge, but it was inevitable.

“Place your index finger as far as you can into her vagina, slowly, until it is all the way in,” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim had been waiting to see what he was going to be allowed to do in this area. Kim’s vagina was highly lubricated and put up little resistance. Her inexperience in sex afforded Jim’s finger a very tight fit, but accommodating all the same. Jim kept pushing, surprised that there appeared to be no end to this passage into Kim’s body. A hard mass finally greeted Jim’s index finger. Kim jumped as her cervix was touched for the first time. All the while, Jim’s father had continued to expertly message Kim’s clitoris, keeping her on the brink of orgasm.

“Feel something?” Jim’s father asked.

“Yes” Jim answered, “Something hard.”

Jim was concerned he had located a large tumor. His father was not.

“That’s her cervix. Push your finger up to the top of it then push up some more towards me, rotate your finger real slowly in circles against the top of the vagina in that area,” Jim’s father instructed.

Jim did as told, and Kim was the point where she could hardly breath. Jim’s father was now masturbating Kim openly with his gloved thumb.

“How does that feel Kim?” Jim’s father asked his bewildered patient.

“Ahh, Ahh , Ieeee” Kim attempted to answer, desperately trying not to orgasm with her cousins finger deep in her vagina.

“That’s called your G spot Kimmy, it’s a great way to have an orgasm. You have to be ready to explode, just let it go, you can scream if you want, its all part of the exam.” Jim’s father announced to a bewildered but relieved Kim.

Kim realized that he was not going to stop until she came, and she could no longer hold back. Jim’s finger was doing things her immature masturbation techniques had never dreamed of.

“Ahh, Ahhh” She gasped, “AGGGGGGGGGGGGG…..”

Kim contorted, lifting her bottom off of the table, crushing her crotch into her uncles rotating thumb. Jim felt her vagina spasm around his finger several times as a torrent of juices flowed from her crotch. Jim’s father removed his thumb and instructed Jim to remove his finger. Kim was exhausted yet highly embarrassed at the fact that her uncle and cousin had just masturbated her to the greatest orgasm of her life. She was hoping the exam was now finished. Jim stared at Kim’s spent crotch in utter amazement. He never realized that girls could encounter such intense sexual experiences. Jim’s father smiled and winked at his son, his back turned to his embarrassed niece.

“Any bumps on the Labia son?” Jim’s father asked.

“Maybe one,” Jim announced. “Right here, near the base of this one.”

Jim’s father was concerned. He palpated Kim’s labia again in the position where Jim had noticed something. The outer base of the top of the Labia appeared to have a hair follicle of abnormal size, perhaps clogged, perhaps just sprouting. It was nothing to worry about, but the opportunity to continue to teach Kim a lesson could not be overlooked.

“I see,” Jim’s father announced. “You always write these things down on the chart. We don’t discuss them with the patient until after the exam.”

“What’s the matter Uncle Mike?” A concerned and spent Kim asked.

“Oh nothing dear, just a little bump, something you will have to get used to as a smoker. We’ll discuss it after your exam,” Jim’s father answered. “Your bimanual exam is next.”

Jim again looked confused.

“The bilateral exam is where we examine the cervix and ovaries by touch. Lubricate your middle and index finger of your right hand again, not that Kim will need much lubrication now.” Jim’s father began. “Now, open her labia with your other hand and insert your fingers gently into her vagina. Place your other hand on her lower abdomen. Remember that hard thing you bumped into during Kimmy’s release of tension?” Jim’s father politely asked. “That is the cervix. The bimanual exam is the palpation of the cervix and other reproductive organs, again feeling for nodules, polyps, or lumps. Push your fingers in until they just touch the cervix. Pressing down on the lower abdomen will push the cervix onto your fingertips. Feel the surface for any bumps. It should be firm and hard. Don’t push too hard or Kimmy here will go into orbit. You should be able to gently move the cervix from side to side between your fingers, this gives you an idea of its tenderness by noting the patients reaction.”

Jim diligently and tenderly fondled his cousin’s internal organ. It was a most enjoyable procedure, and most interesting. Kim’s cervix appeared to be a firm lump at the end of her vagina that was about an inch or so in diameter. As Jim’s fingers investigated its surface, they found Kim’s cervical ops. It felt like a little hole and Jim’s now curious index finger began to investigate. Kim jolted back as the sharp menstrual cramping feeling shot through her abdomen.

“Easy Jim. We’ll know more when we look at it. For now, lets move on to the ovaries. Pull your fingers back a little so they are not touching her cervix. Put your fingers together, palm up, and push toward this spot over here.” Jim’s father instructed, pointing to the area on the right side of Kim’s mound to a point where her ovary would be found. “Your fingers should be right about under the ovary. You then gently press like this and sweep the ovary down. This allows you to trap it between both hands.”

As Jim’s father expertly pushed at just the right spot, Jim felt another oval lump press against his fingertips. Jim’s father released his external pressure and motioned for his son to try the procedure. Jim successfully felt the ovary, then repeated the procedure on the other side. He noted on his chart that one ovary was larger than the other was. He finally withdrew his fingers from his cousin’s tender vagina. Her labia was still engorged and her position in the stirrups allowed her vulva to gape open slightly, affording a perfect few of her now exhausted love canal.

“Do you know what this is?” Jim’s father asked his son, raising the speculum from its wet resting- place. Jim shook his head negatively. “This is a speculum. We use it to examine a woman’s cervix.”

“We just did that, didn’t we?”

“Well yes, but did you forget? There are four examination techniques: observation, percussion, palpation, and auscultation. We have felt, we have tapped, there is nothing to hear, so now we must look.”

“How can we look inside?” Jim asked

“That’s what the speculum is for. It is inserted into Kim’s vagina, then opened to allow us to look inside. We can use a flashlight to see the cervix.” Jim’ father answered.

Jim was now most excited. The prospect of Kim being exposed even more than she already was invigorated the boy.

“The water acts as a lubricant. Stroke a finger or two in and out of her vagina to make sure she is relaxed, then I will insert the speculum,” Jim’s father instructed.

Although this “game” was being carried out as punishment for Kim, Jim’s father as a physician had no intention of allowing Jim to accidentally injure his niece. Misuse of a metal speculum could be damaging. Jim stroked Kim’s tight vagina several more times with his gloved fingers. Kim seamed to be maintaining a certain level of natural lubrication. Jim also noticed her clitoris seamed to have regained some of its earlier size, sticking its tiny head out from beneath the folds of Kim’s inner lips.

“OK now …” Jim’s father began, replacing Jim on the examining stool.

Jim looked closely over his father’s shoulder as he messaged Kim’s slit several times. He then separated her lips and began to insert the closed bills of the speculum into her vagina. Kim jumped slightly, but Jim’s father relentlessly and slowly worked the metal instrument deep into Kim’s open legs. When it was fully inserted, Jim’s father rotated the instrument into a horizontal position and squeezed the lever opening Kim’s vagina deep within her abdomen. He then adjusted the screw to lock the open bills in place. Next he adjusted the other end of the speculum, separating the back of the bills forming an open tunnel into Kim’s body. Kim squeaked a brief protest at the sharp pain of being opened so widely. The final set screw locked the device into its fully open position.

“Sit down here and take a look,” Jim’s father instructed handing his son a small flashlight.

Jim regained his position on the stool and proceeded to illumine Kim’s vagina and cervix for the first time. It was most interesting looking at the organ hidden so deep into his cousins body. Her cervix was plump and pink and had a tiny opening in its center.

“We need to perform a PAP test Kimmy to check for cervical cancer,” Jim’s father announced.

Jim’s father again traded places with his son. Jim maintained a crouched position behind his father to retain his birds eye view. His father then removed a tiny brush attached to a long rod from a sterile package. He inserted the rod into Kim’s vagina.

“You will feel a little pressure now, kind of like a menstrual cramp, but it will be over in a moment.” Jim’s father announced to Kim.

Almost before completing his statement, Jim observed his father inserting the brush sharply into the center of Kim’s illuminated cervix. Kim jumped and the brush was removed. When he removed the brush from her gaping vagina, he deposited the brushes contents onto a microscope slide, then discarded the brush. The slide was sealed and set aside. Jim noticed several drops of blood oozing from the center of Kim’s here before virgin cervix, still illuminated by Jim’s flashlight.

“Well, that’s it Kimmy,” Jim’s father announced removing the speculum.

Kim sat up and began to dress herself, returning her panties and bra in lightning quickness. Jim noticed that Kim was crying as she continued to dress. His father had left the room momentarily.

“Are you OK Kimmy ?” Jim asked approaching his half-dressed cousin.

“Yea, I think so. I’m so embarrassed, and that last thing hurt.” Kim answered.

“It looked like it would. Well, don’t be embarrassed, you have a beautiful body. Besides, I’m going to be a doctor, so it really is OK. Plus that, you don’t have cancer!” Jim comforted his cousin.

Kim smiled at the kind words. She dressed and left, kissing her cousin goodbye.


Kim has not smoked since the experience. Her and Jim have become close friends and visit together whenever Jim is in town. The age difference does not seam to make a difference anymore since the examination. The escapades of the evening have never been repeated, however Kim does intentionally dress teasingly whenever they are together.

Jim looks forwards to visits to his father’s house, and spends every available free moment reading in his father’s office, mostly gynecological books. Jim’s mother does not know anything about the night of the exam, nor does she know what Jim reads while at his father’s. All she does know is that Jim has become a model student, carrying a near 4.0 GPA since the fateful October weekend.

He told his mother “You need good grades to get into a good med school.”