Kissing Cousins

By [email protected]

Part 2

The Morning After

The morning after my first enema session with aunt Josephine I was at a bit of a loss on how to act. Feeling sheepishly stupid, not in the least for having worn the nightgown to bed, I got up and washed. I remember feeling quite refreshed, having slept very deeply and soundly. But as I went downstairs to the breakfast table I wondered how I was expected to act now that I had been ‘initiated’ into the family ways of supervised cleansing.

As it turned out nothing different was expected of me than before. Aunt Josephine was her usual bright and cheerful self and made no mention whatsoever about what had happened last night. Intimacies, or what I had thought to be intimacies, were not referred to or hinted at, certainly not over the breakfast table. Lynn was her usual self : annoyingly condescending or femininely aloof as the whim suited her.

In a way I was relieved that no mention was made of anything, but after a few days I wondered what the routine was in aunt Josephine’s household. Were these ‘treatments’ a once a month thing ? weekly ? a spur of the moment decision ?

I wouldn’t say that I was eagerly looking forward to a repeat, but on the other hand, the prospect of another evening with my cuz in the nude wasn’t all that awful to contemplate either. And I had to admit that my insides had never worked and felt better. There seemed to be something in all of this. My aunt’s final handjob had been a pleasant event and a couple more before the vacation ended would not have been amiss either.

As my aunt suggested (ordered ?) I had refrained from indulging in acts of self-abuse (ha ha) and was frankly feeling the strain. Of course. being so highly strung permeated almost everything with a sexual meaning and connotation. I was sexually charged and high on the feeling. I wondered if persons practicing carnal abstinence experienced similar feelings. If so they must go through life seeing erotic significance in the most innocent and innocuous of things and settings.

But I was just a teenager, woefully lacking in self-control and not at all bent on living the life of a (lewd-minded) ascetic. So while I wanted to stay on aunt Josephine’s good side, and did as she asked, I was aching for some form of relief.

Lynn Brings Along a Friend

One evening aunt Josephine went out and left me to my own devices. It would have been more fun if she had left me to my own vices instead, but I guess that was out of the question. Lynn was out with a friend or something so I was alone. Before she left my aunt gave me needless instructions on what to do should I get hungry or thirsty. She also ruffled my hair and told me to be ‘a good boy’ while she was away.

“Just to make sure when I get back, I’ll check to see if none of Lynn’s unmentionables are missing and have mysteriously ended up in your room.” She gave me a big smile while she said it; as if it were a sort of joke, but at the same time she was warning me not to attempt any monkey business.

“Gee aunt Josi, I wouldn’t do that again.”

“Uh huh, and the check’s in the mail…I wasn’t born yesterday. Just be good. OK William ?”

“Sure, I promise.”

She drove off leaving me to what I thought would be an evening of peace and quiet.

Half an hour later, I heard the back door open. I groaned. It was Lynn, back early. As she entered the room I saw she had a friend along. At first I thought she was with a boyfriend or classmate, but as I got a good look I realized she was with a female friend. The other girl had very dark hair, cut short which gave her a boyish look. But upon a more careful and discreet look at her chest I noticed two little protuberances where her breasts should be. She was definitively female, though in other attire could have passed for a boy.

“Oh, you’re still here,” I heard the disappointment in her voice. “Where’s mom ?”

“She left already.”

“Oh ? I thought you were going along.”

“She didn’t mention anything ….”

Lynn shrugged, acting as if she were making the best of a bad situation. “She won’t be back early. I know her habits. Probably looking to get laid.”

I reddened. Such talk was not the norm in my parent’s home.

“I guess you’re not much use to her…” Lynn snickered, looking at her friend who also broke into a grin.

“Lynn, why don’t you introduce me to…” the other girl said.

“Whatsizname ?” She pointed at me.

“Yeah, to whatsizname..”

“This is my ‘younger’ cousin William.”

“Hi,” said the other girl. “My name is Allison. Everyone calls me Allie.”

“Hi Allie.” I got up and stood looking at her, not knowing what to do or say. She smiled back.

Lynn looked at both of us and raised her eyebrows. “C’mon Allie, let’s go upstairs and leave William to whatever he was doing before we came.” She snickered, “I hope we didn’t interrupt anything naughty.”

They started up the stairs and called back to me, “William, we’re gonna be trying on some of my lingerie. If you want, you can come along and join us. There’s bound to be something in your size….” That really broke them up. Holding each other and giggling like fools they went upstairs.

Well, it looked like Lynn hadn’t been able to keep her mouth shut, no matter what she had promised aunt Josephine. It pissed me off to no end since there was no way I could prove to my aunt that Lynn had blabbed about my punishment. I slumped back down in the chair, imagining ways of getting even with my cousin. But the more I tried imagining a means of retribution, the more I was began to wonder what the two girls were doing upstairs. Were they really trying on Lynn’s lingerie ? That would be a sight. What I wouldn’t give for a peek into her room right now.

I didn’t have to imagine much about my cousin’s anatomy, though it had been all lookee and no touchee a few days ago. Not unlike watching a nice blue movie or studying a centerfold. Great as far as it went, but ultimately unsatisfying. That wasn’t even taking Allison into consideration. I wondered what she looked like undressed and drifted off into a rather perversely concocted reverie, highly improbable but detailed nonetheless.

Partway into my fantasy I was interrupted by Lynn calling me from atop the stairway. “Oh cuzzy boy. Come here, there’s something I want to show you.”

“What is it ?”

“You’ll see. C’mon. It’s something you’ll like.” She had her hands in back of her waist and a big smile on her face. I didn’t like the looks of this and was of a mind just to ignore her.

“You tell me first.”

“No, it’ll spoil the fun. C’mon, I won’t bite.”

“I dunno…”

“Oh don’t be such a wet rag. I just want to say that Allie really thinks you’re cute and would like to see more of you.”

Did my heart skip a beat ? Maybe not literally but it felt like it. I could hardy believe what I was hearing. “Huh ? Are you trying to jerk me off ?” Whoops, that must have been my Freudian slip showing. “I mean…what do you mean ?” If she wanted me flustered, Lynn couldn’t have found a better way. She beckoned with her head, indicating I come to her. Slowly I climbed the stairs.

“Like I said cuz, Allison thinks you’re so adorable and would really like to see more of you. In fact we both would….in this.” She showed me what she had been holding behind her back : it was a piece of her lingerie, another white satiny garment, this time something for the upper-body with straps and lace.

“Are you out of your mind ?” I didn’t know if I was more furious than embarrassed. “What if I tell your mother about this ?”

She blinked her eyes looking the innocent. “Tell her what cuzzy ? Me and Allie have been upstairs minding our own business. I wouldn’t know what in the world William is talking about, mom. Why don’t you ask Allison ?” She was mimicking a conversation with aunt Josephine and mad as I was, I knew she would be able to pull it off.

“Look, just leave me alone, OK ? You must be crazy if you think I’m gonna wear that……that ….thing for you two girls.”

“It’s a camisole Willy, and you’d look so adorable in it. C’mon, do it for me and Allie. Last time you liked it so much.”

“I did not.”

“Then why was your thing so stiff all the while ?”

“That’s just because….I mean that’s the way it is… the way it works….” I couldn’t very well say that my prick got stiff from pure embarrassment alone. “I dunno…I just can’t help it…”

“Oh, it’s OK to admit it was fun. Lots of boys enjoy dressing up in their sister’s clothes.” She smiled. “Look, why don’t you just do it, OK ? For me and Alison. We’ll do something nice for you in return. Maybe Allie will wear something cute and skimpy for you. Doesn’t that sound nice ?”

It did, but I wasn’t about to trust my cousin. “No, thanks Lynn, just forget about it. I‘m not going to wear it.”

“Sure ?”

“Absolutely. No way.”

“Tell you what, cuz. I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

Oh spare me. Lynn coming on like a wiseguy. At least she didn’t do a Brando imitation.

“I hid some things of mine in your room, some more cute little unmentionables.” She pulled up her shoulders quickly and grinned innocently. “When mom comes home, I’m gonna ask her if she’s seen any of them and then I’m gonna ask you and I wonder who’ll end up turning beet red in the face ? Then she’s going to look through your room and find them and then I wonder who’s going to be in a heap of trouble ?”

I started towards my room.

“And don’t bother looking. You wouldn’t find everything anyway. And besides, from the mess in your room, mom would know you’d been up to something.”

I felt my heart sinking. She was probably correct. What to do ?

She dangled the thing in front of me again. “C’mon, don’t be such a sissy William. Let’s go to my room where you can change. If you be a good little boy, Allie and I will do something for you in return. OK ?”

“What will you do ?”

“Ohhh…something that I know you’ll like. You’ll see….c’mon.” She took me by the hand and led me to her room.

Another Fine Mess

It looked like I was trapped. I couldn’t figure out how Lynn had done it. One minute I was downstairs, quietly minding my own business, lost in a personalized smutty daydream, the next my cousin had me dancing to her tune, meekly submitting to her idea of a sexual fantasy. Or maybe it was her idea of humiliation. If so, she wasn’t far off the mark.

But to be honest, I felt a twinge of naughty anticipation as well. There was going to be an element of nudity involved in all of this, mine certainly and maybe the girl’s as well. That was something to look forward to. My prick began to swell as Lynn led me by the hand into her room and closed the door behind us..

Allison was sitting on the bed, hands nervously hidden between her crossed legs. She smiled at me with puckered lips and raised eyebrows as I entered the room. “Was it hard to get him to come…?”

“Silly, we don’t want him to come so soon…You know what I mean.” and she started snickering. “No, it wasn’t hard for me to entice my cuz. He’s a sucker for racy lingerie. Really turns him on…” She waved the camisole in the air.

Lynn stared with elbows on her hips while looking me up and down. She went over to her friend and whispered something in her ear. They both started giggling.

“OK cuz. Time to strut your stuff.” She held out the camisole. “Let’s see how you look.”

“I don’t think this is such a good idea.” I protested.

“You don’t ? Well, I do. Listen kiddo, you either do as we agreed or your ‘aunt Josi’ is going to be royally pissed off at you when she gets back. Make up your mind. Either shit or get off the pot…” Her eyes lit up. “Say…that gives me an idea.”

Me too, but I was hoping she wouldn’t catch on.

“Allie’s always been curious what enemas are like. You dress up like we say and we’ll let you watch as she gets one. How’s that sound ?”

Decidedly better. But now it was Allison’s turn to object.

“Hey, c’mon Lynn, you’re being pretty generous with the proposals around here. Don’t I have a say in this ?”

“Sure you do sweetheart, but don’t worry about Willy. He’ll behave himself and do as he’s told. No touching the merchandize.”

“I’m not merchandize…”

“Sorry,” Lynn said, “You know what I mean…just joking. Tell you what Allie, we’ll give one to William first. How’s that sound ?”

Allison’s face broke out in a smile, “That’s better….”

I didn’t know what to say. These two girls were acting as if I were a trained puppy, ready to show my tricks. If I had thought it would have done any good I would have walked out then and there. But I didn’t dare. I was afraid that Lynn just might do what she threatened me with. And then I would be up the creek. So I just shut up and did nothing. And besides….it might turn out to be interesting after all. Allison looked cute and I wanted to see more of her in the nude …or any other way for that matter. And if she was going to see in my Sunday best I guess that was a form of intimacy as well.

“OK you.” Lynn was talking to me again, “Time to change, let’s get a move on. Catch.” She tossed me the piece of lingerie. I caught it.

I sighed and acted like I was making the best of a bad situation. “Where can I change please?”

“You know better than to ask a question like that cuz. Where do you think ?” she grinned.

Yeah, she was just like my aunt in that regard. I was to undress in front of them. Well so be it. I untied my shoes and tried flipping them up in the air, like a sultry stripper, but all I managed was to almost trip over myself. I stumbled back and forth.

“Stop making like Gypsy Rose Lee. If anything, you look more like Laurel and Hardy in a burlesque house.”

Was that supposed to be a compliment or an insult ? I just happened to love watching those old movies. I sat down on Lynn’s bed and pulled off my socks. Which part next ? I hesitated. T-shirt or pants ?

The last time my aunt had insisted that I take my pants off first. So I decided that was how it was to be. I had to maneuver around a bit to get it past my erection as unobtrusively as possible but that was a non-starter. It was fairly obvious after all that I was stiff and raring to go. My briefs went next. Last I took off my T-shirt and sat down on the bed, hands demurely crossed over my lap.

“None of that, no sitting down. Stand up and show us how you look. Then you dress up nicely for us, understand ?” Lynn ordered.

I stood up and she twirled her finger indicating I turn around for them to inspect. Allison was staring rather intently at my lower region while Lynn sported a knowing smile. “See how much he likes showing off, Allie ?” she said to her friend. “Wait till he dresses up, then he’s even cuter. And his thing gets even stiffer.”

“Really ?” Allison asked. “It’s pretty big as it is. But I thought they were all gross and hairy and everything. His is so smooth.”

“I know, darling isn’t it ?” My mom shaved him a few days ago.”

“She must have real careful with the razor.”

“Oh no, I mean she used a cream,” confided Lynn.

“Like girls use on their legs ?”


“Oh wow, was he all stiff then too ?” Allison asked. Lynn nodded knowingly. “With your mom present and everything ?”

“Oh sure, you should have seen him shaking all over, he liked it so much,” Lynn said. “Next time she’s going to do his legs as well.”

“That I have just got to see !” Allison clapped her hands together. “Cripes, he might not turn out to be half bad-looking that way. I gotta hand it to your mom Lynn, she knows how to make a male halfway presentable.”

“She sure does, and that’s not all either. I’ll show you later on….but first….”

I had been standing there listening to the girls’ exchange, half angered for being talked about like I wasn’t present, half aroused at the things they were discussing.

“…don’t you think it’s about time you got dressed, sissy boy ?” Lynn said turning her attention to me.

Resignedly but also secretly aroused, I slipped the garment up over my head and pulled it down, wriggling my arms through the straps. The laced hem hardly came to below my navel and even as I was straightening it out I felt my prick harden even more and a tingle of pleasure ripple along my insides.

“Now you’re being a good little boy, William. Or should I say a good little ‘girl’ ?” The girls snickered. “Turn around now and show us your pretty camisole. That’s right….very good.”

I did as Lynn said and daintily made a full circle on my toes. Well, daintily wasn’t quite the word, but I didn’t stumble or fall.

“Well, that’s very good for starters. Let’s see what else we have for our little girl here…” Lynn looked around in one of her drawers taking out several items.

“Hey, c’mon,” I said. “I put the thing on for you girls, now it’s enough.”

“Is it ?” Lynn said looking exaggeratedly at her friend with wide eyes. “What do you think, Allie dear ? Is it enough ?”

“Gee, I hope not. Your cousin is so cute. Can’t he model a few more things for us ?” Allison played along.

“I’m pretty sure. In fact I’m almost certain ‘she’ will, won’t ‘she’ William ?” Lynn was holding up something else frilly. It was a garter belt with straps.

“Look, Lynn. I did as you asked. Isn’t that enough ?” I said.

“It’s OK for starters sissy-boy, but this is so much fun it would be a shame to stop now. Right Allie ?” Her friend agreed shaking her head and grinning broadly if somewhat uncertainly. “See cuzzy ? The show’s just begun. Here, put this on and don’t let me hear any back talk.”

I took the garter belt and looked, pretending to be at a loss on how to wear it. Maybe if I acted the incompetent I could get back into my regular clothes and out of the clutches of these females.

But it didn’t work out that way. Lynn just took the garter from me and told me how to put it on. Then she choose a pair of nylon stockings to go with it, so they went on as well, though not without some unfeigned fumbling on my part while trying to hook them up to the garter. Apparently females had to be rather nimble with the fingers in order to dress properly. I just couldn’t get it right.

“Maybe I should help your cousin with the fasteners ?” Allison said.

Lynn smiled at the suggestion. “Sure, go ahead. He’s just a clumsy butterfingers like all boys. If his prick weren’t so obscenely large he’d probably never be able to find it without a flashlight.”

That was an unwarranted remark. I had always been quite able to find my prick, unaided or not.

Allison rather eagerly lent a hand, kneeling down in front of me to grab the hem of the nylons. She lowered them down to under my knees first, then gave a good pull and stretched them tight up along my thighs. She expertly attached the fastenings to the garter belt, managing several times to cop a feel in between. I never would have thought her so nimble at first glance, but she really had a way with her fingers.

Finished, Allison stood up to give me a look over. She patted me on the behind indicating I turn around and gave me another good squeeze on the prick en passant.

“He’s cute like this,” she said.

“Isn’t he now ?” Lynn chimed in. “They should dress up more like this.”


I figured they were talking about males in general, but said nothing, hoping their interest would fade. Ha ha, was that ever an idle hope. Far from being satisfied, Lynn and Allison chose out several more pieces of intimate lingerie and had me put those on as well. Some were rather difficult to put on, so I was helped out by one of the two girls. The only constraint they had was not to give me anything that would have covered my prick. There was no way I would have been able to stick it into one of Lynn’s panties without getting it all out of shape.

Finally, after about a dozen different types of lingerie they ran out of items. Apparently I had run the gauntlet of Lynn’s little collection. “OK ? Are you satisfied now ?” I asked.

“Wellllll….” Lynn grimaced in mock earnestness. “I dunno cuz. You’re just so darned cute, it would be a shame to let you get out of those pretty things.”

“C’mon now, Lynn. Enough is enough. I did as you asked. Let’s just stop.”

“Boy, you sure a spoilsport. Not really the life of the party, are you ?”

I wasn’t aware of any party being thrown and told her so.

“You know, we could have us a little party…..a little fun…if you play along that is…”

Was she proposing something ? I wasn’t sure I had heard right. “What do you mean, Lynn ?” I asked.

“Oh don’t act so dense. Would you like us to dress up for you ?” Lynn looked at Allison and grinned. “We might even have something special for you…if you’re a good boy that is.”

“Like what ?”

“That’s a surprise.” Lynn whispered something in Allie’s ear and they both sniggered. “Look cuz, you just wait here for a minute. We’ll be right back.” Lynn grabbed Allie’s hand and led her out the door.

I stood there debating if now wouldn’t be a good time to beat a hasty retreat. But instead of decamping tout sweet, I sat down on Lynn’s bed and patiently waited for the girls to return. In a way all this was fun. Seriously, how often do you think I’d been asked to undress in front of two good looking, if ornery, girls ? And besides, there was no escaping my cousin in this house. That I had already figured out.

A Surprise

They both came back carrying several items wrapped up in a towel. I couldn’t see what they were even though I tried to get a look.

“I thought you were going to dress up for me ?” I asked, not really expecting Lynn to honor her earlier promise.

“Impatient little boy. Don’t be in such a rush.” Lynn displayed a grin on her face. “We just went to get some special things from Mom’s room. We got them just for you. Didn’t we Allie?”

“Oh yeah….just for you.” Allison couldn’t hide her giggling and held a hand in front of her mouth. “Juuuust for you….”

“Can I see it then ?” I asked.

“Sure ?”

“Sure I’m sure.” I answered.

“OK. Now open your mouth and close your eyes, I have for you a big surprise…” she mimicked the children’s rhyme in a sing-song voice.

I didn’t trust her and waited.

“C’mon cuzzy, you can trust me. I won’t put anything nasty in your mouth. Honest. Cross my heart and hope to die…” Lynn was reverting back to her childhood. Or maybe she had been watching too much TV lately.

“Do you expect me to trust you when you’re acting so childish ? What’s all this ‘cross my heart stuff‘ ?” I remembered something I had once read in a book. “If you want to swear an honest oath, why don’t you do it like in ancient times ?”

“How’s that ?” Lynn asked.

“You’re supposed to grab your genitals with your hand while you make a promise.” Of course I didn’t go in for any such nonsense, but figured it was good for a gag. At least it was worth a try at getting the girls out of their pants.

Lynn made a silly face. “Will that make you happy cuz ?”

I nodded.

“OK,” Lynn placed a hand between her legs. “I promise.”

“It doesn’t count that way. You have to be holding your bare sex organ.”

“Oh for goodness’ sakes. Don’t be so silly. Nobody ever did that.”

“Well, they did.” I insisted.

“Oh well, if you want to get a peek at our cunts, you should have just said so. We’re willing to oblige you on that score, aren’t we Allie ?” Lynn said grinning at her friend.

“Sure, if that’s all it’ll take to make you happy William.”

I wasn’t so sure that would be all it would take, but at least it was a good beginning. The two girls lowered their jeans and stepped out of them. Lynn slid her panties down and cupped her pussy. Allison did the same. “OK ? See ? We promise…” They both broke out in giggles. “C’mon, now it’s your turn. Open your mouth and close your eyes..”

Grudgingly I complied, opening my mouth warily. I heard Lynn approaching and then felt something cold and rubbery pressed up against my lips. I pulled away. “Yechhh…what in the world is that ?” I asked.

It was a needless question since I recognized at least the most obvious part of what Lynn was holding. It was a black plastic/rubber shaft shaped as an erect prick, attached to a pad with straps. It was an imitation penis.

“It’s one of mom’s toys. A strap-on dildo.”

“I know what they are. You were just holding it too close.”

“Yeah sure. Do you know what it’s for ?” Lynn asked with a glint in her eye.

Now I may have been rather inexperienced in certain areas, but I wasn’t born yesterday either. Avid reading of naughty magazines had taught me this was the preferred plaything when two girls get together, one of them strapping it on to fuck the other. This was one of the fabled pastimes of Lesbian Sex (note the capital letters). Anything of this nature had up to now just been the subject of fevered dreams and imaginings on my part.

Thinking for once that I was on a par with Lynn I acted very self assured. “Oh sure. That’s one of those things that girls wear.”

Lynn’s smile grew even larger. “Very good, cuzzy. Very good indeed. Of course males don’t need anything like this now, do they ?”

“Well, of course not…”

“Unless their thing is so puny or limp it doesn’t amount to much.” She grabbed hold of my ‘thing’. I wondered why she never just called it a penis or prick. “But we don’t have to worry about with you, do we William ?”

She certainly didn’t.

“It’s called a strap-on dildo. Ever seen one in action before ?” Lynn made obscene little thrusting motions with the plastic shaft and her hips simultaneously.

“Not really. But I’d like to.” I decided to throw caution to the winds.

“Well, isn’t that a coincidence. You see, Allie and me just happened to be planning on giving you a little demonstration. Would you like that ?”

“You were ?” I was trying to figure out where all of this sexual benevolence was coming from. Stupidly I attributed it to rampant horniness on the girls’ part.

“Sure we were, weren’t we Allie ? She looked at her friend who nodded back.

“Oh yeah, we just couldn’t refrain.”

“You don’t mind participating, do you cuz ?” Lynn asked arching up her eyebrows knowingly.

Mind ? Me ? What a silly question to ask a teenager. Of course I was thinking with my balls and not my brains or I would have been more wary.

“No, no. I won’t mind at all…” I answered, visions of the girls in naked, hot, torrid embrace fleeting through my head. I wondered who was going to wear the dildo, or if they would take turns.

“Good.” Lynn said. “Which one of us should put it on first ?”

Which one ? I figured it wouldn’t matter all that much if they were both going to take a turn at it, though I must confess that in my mind’s eye I couldn’t picture Allison as being the active partner. Somehow Lynn seemed to be typecast for the role. That being the case, I decided to see if Lynn would go for some reverse thinking.

“Allison’s the guest tonight. Why not let her go first ?” I ventured.

“Oh William, that’s a lovely thought. How thoughtful of you.” Lynn seemed pleased. She turned to her friend. “Is that all right with you Allie ?”

“Sure, why not ?” Allison replied. Lynn handed Allison the device.

“I guess we can get started then ? OK with you Allie ?”


“Fine. Need any help getting it on ? Want William to help you ?”

This was becoming to be too good to be true.

“I guess so. Why not ?” Allison said.

“Why not indeed ? C’mon Allie, you’re gonna have to strip down now, or we won’t be able to dress you up properly.”

Yes, this was definitively too good to be true. Allison blushed. It was just a hint mind you, not much more than that since she was smiling so broadly, as she slipped off her clothes. As I had figured she wasn’t all that large in the chest department and overall was built very slim and thin. But, she was naked and she was a girl and for me that was enough for the moment. Besides, she had the tightest little behind I have ever seen on a girl.

When she was undressed she placed her hands on her hips and turned around, as if to allow me an all around view. I liked what I saw. My cup was running over, verily.

Lynn then handed me the dildo and invited me to help Allison strap it on properly. She told me to stand behind her friend and fasten the leather thongs. Allison had to spread her legs open several times and we were so close that my erect prick rubbed up against her body quite often, but she didn’t seem to mind. From the quick look I got at her naughty region, I saw that she had trimmed her pubic hair into an equivalent of a crew cut. Or maybe her mother had. Who knows what the custom was down here ? Much as I wanted to, I kept my hands to myself. They trembled and I ached to just reach out and grab her to me but like a good little boy I didn’t touch.

I don’t think I was all that much help really, after all, I had never done anything like this before. I just followed Allison’s lead, slipped a strap through a buckle here and there and helped tighten the device so that it was securely wrapped around Allison’s groin, rubber prick sticking outwards in imitation of my own.

When we were done, Allison grabbed the black shaft and thrust her hips to and fro several times. “How do you like it ?” she asked.

Personally I would have preferred a view of her open pussy, but this was fine as well. Lynn almost cooed with delight. “Not bad at all, Allie. Very becoming. You look almost as virile as William.” She fingered the lingerie I was still wearing, another camisole type of garment. “In fact, even more…ha ha.”

I had almost forgotten what I had on by now, but Lynn’s remark reminded me. But so what, I thought. If this was the price I had to pay for a private Lezzy show, I was willing to pay it. Silly me.

Lynn followed suit, undressing quickly. She went and got something she had brought along. It was a tube of lubricant. She handed it to me. “Cuzzy, why don’t you help Allie out by getting her prick ready ?”

“You want me to lubricate the plastic…thing ?” Now I was the one who couldn’t call the dildo by it’s proper name.

“Of course. It had better be greased up, or it’s going to be rough going in.”

“OK, if you say so…” I had never considered the exact mechanics and pre-flight procedures of Lesbian sex so to speak. But when I thought about it, it made sense of a sort. I eagerly squeezed out a dollop of lotion and began rubbing it over the black dildo shaft. Allison thrust her groin out in a very provocative posture.

When I was done the rubber shaft glistened wickedly. Lynn handed me a small towel to clean my hands on. I wiped them off quickly, eager for the main attraction to begin.

“Why don’t we all go over to my bed ?” Lynn suggested. My heart was beating very rapidly in expectation. It showed in my prick as well, which seemed to be merrily twitching away in synchrony. Lynn placed a hand on my shoulder to guide me along. She indicated that we both sit down.

I was wondering where and how I should position myself for the best view when Lynn told me to just stretch out on my back and relax. I thought that an odd position but obeyed anyway, figuring that once the girls got into the pace of things I could sit as I liked, maybe even join in the fun.

Well, Lynn had certainly figured on letting me in on the fun all right.

“Well cuz, you’ve been better behaved than I thought. I guess that deserves a little something, doesn’t it Allie ?” Allison moved in closer on my other side. Lynn put her hand along the back of my neck and caressed me there. I felt ripples of desire flow down along my spine. My cousin then kissed me on the mouth, probing gently with her tongue and teasing me by running her hand through my hair.

“Now you be a good little boy for us, promise ?”

“OK…”I figured she meant that I keep my hands to myself while the girls were at it. That I could bring off.

“Good…now lay down on your back and I’ll put a pillow under you.” I didn’t see the need for that but did as she asked anyway. “Pull up your legs to your chest and just relax…I’ll help you out here…”

My penny dropped as I saw Allison kneel down on the bed in between my spread legs. “Hey…what’s going on here !!??” I tried to get up but Lynn held me down by the shoulders. “C’mon, what do you think you’re doing for crying out loud ?”

“Well duh William, what do you think ? I told you we were going to give you a demonstration of the strap-on dildo.”

“I thought it was for you two…”

“Well, we’re both gonna take turns…”

“No, no, I mean I thought you were going to ….do it to each other…”

“Fuck a girl with a dildo ? Jeez, what universe do you come from ? I don’t need an imitation prick to get Allie off.” She shook her head in amused contempt. “You’ve got a lot to learn kiddo.” Lynn flicked her tongue in and out rapidly and grinned. She had a way of doing that that seemed positively lewd, even to me. “This is what us girls use.”

She then pointed to the dildo. “And this is what us girls use when we want to poke a boy up the behind.”

I grimaced and blushed.

“It’s better than just a finger, it sorta helps men get in touch with the more feminine side of their nature.” She giggled and ruffled the camisole. “But you’re well along the way already, aren’t you sweetie ?”

“I can’t do that Lynn.”

“Sure you can. It’s fun. You just have to relax. You’d be surprised …”

“I don’t think so…”

Lynn sighed in mock resignation. “Well I guess Mom will be mightily pissed off at you when she comes back….”

“Oh c’mon Lynn. Why don’t you just leave me alone ?”

“Because it’s fun, that’s why, you little pussy you. Jeez what a wimp. If you act like this you’ll be a virgin for the rest of your life.” I took it that she meant an asshole virgin, which was fine by me.

Allison came and sat next to me. “Really, William. It’s just something you’ve got to do a first time. Afterwards you’ll wonder why you were so scared in the first place.”

“Yeah, and after all the trouble we’ve gone to seduce you.”

Seduce ? It sounded more like entrapment to me. Lynn was still holding me down on the bed.

“You know cuz, Mom’s going to get around to this sooner or later anyway. Why not get a little practice in with me and Allie ?”

“You mean aunt Josephine is going to use this on me ?”

“What do you think she keeps one of these things for ? She can’t very well use it on herself…ha ha. She likes to use it on her boyfriends. And I’d bet the farm that you’re next in line.”

Good grief, and to think these were my relations. What kind of extended family did I have ? A few days ago I would have found such a prediction hard to believe. But now I knew it had the ring of truth. I sighed. I felt a wave of helplessness approach.

“I just don’t think I’d like it Lynn. And besides, it’s too big anyway.”

“You liked the enema mom gave you, didn’t you ? Don’t deny it.”

I said nothing, but Lynn was right. She formed a ring around the dildo with her thumb and index finger and held it in front of my face. “It’s not all that big anyway. This isn’t even a life-sized penis replica.” It looked large enough to me. Especially considering where it was supposed to go.

“Tell you what. Enemas help you loosen up and relax your anus. Let’s give you a quickie and take it from there, OK ?”

I hesitated.

“Do it for me …” Allison gave my prick a playful twitch and puckered her lips. God she looked cute that way.

“Yeah, do it for my horny girlfriend cuz.” Lynn made eyes at me too.

These girls were really something. If there was something they wanted, they were going to get it one way or the other. So I grudgingly relented, but not without misgivings. “OK, I’ll let you try it, but just once.”

“I knew you’d see it our way.” Lynn let me up and took me by the hand. “C’mon, let’s get some water up your behind so we can get this show on the road.”

The Girls Give Me an Enema

What had filled me with dread a few days ago, I greeted with relief tonight. At least this was a procedure that I was acquainted with. I mean what’s an enema compared to a royal reaming up the bum ? Small potatoes, that’s what.

Lynn led us to the bathroom in the hallway, which was smaller than my aunt Josi’s. But it had all the right equipment : sink, bathtub, commode, fluffy bathrug….. As further proof of Lynn’s premeditation of tonight’s activities she took a rolled up towel out of a cabinet. Guess what was inside ?

I wasn’t in the least surprised to see her take a red rubber device and drop it in the sink for an initial washing. It wasn’t like the enema bulb my aunt had used last time and it wasn’t a warm water bottle type of device either. Instead it was a hand sized rubber bulb that had two long tubes attached to either end. I wondered how it worked.

As Lynn turned on the hot water faucet and added a generous amount of liquid soap, I peered at the instrument. Lynn dropped a black nozzle into the sink alongside the enema device. “Ever seen one of these cuz ?”

Of course she knew I hadn’t, but neither had Alison apparently. “You can’t get much water into one of those,” she said.

“Silly, this is an enema pump. Sort of a hand pump for a continuous flow of water. You keep one end in the water and the other goes up the behind. There’s a cut off valve inside the bulb that keeps the water from flowing back out. It’s really neat. You can feel the water surging inside of you. Sometimes they call it a self-administrating pump but it’s best if someone does it for you.” Here she grinned. “And it’s more fun too…”

I bet it was.

My cousin worked up a good head of suds and washed the rubber instrument thoroughly, pumping water through the tubing vigorously. She lathered the nozzle with soap and lovingly rubbed it between her fingers. “Ohhhh it’s so slippery like this. I bet it would slide right up into your behind in nothing flat.”

Right, and burn and sting. I declined. “Just put something else on the nozzle Lynn, Vaseline or whatever…”

“Haven’t got any whatever, guess I’ll stick with the soap…” she laughed but rinsed the nozzle off nonetheless. She then filled the sink with clear warm water, adding a little bit of powder.”

“Don’t put in too much soap…” I said.

“No soap tonight, just some baking powder and herbs. This is for relaxation, not a thorough cleaning.”

That sounded nice.

“Come over here, closer to the sink….” I did as Lynn indicated. “Good, now turn around and bend over…a little more.”

Lynn made me feel as if I were kowtowing to her. Maybe I was. But it was ass-backwards in any case.

“Allie, do you want to grease him up ?”

That was a silly question. Before I knew it Allison had parted my buttocks open wide and began to apply something cool and slippery. I don’t think she had much experience since she was rather rough and nervous, something that bode ill for my immediate future. I hoped she wasn’t planning on banging my behind in the same manner.

“How much should I put on Lynn ?” Allison asked.

“A lot, and don’t forget to do the inside as well…”

Lynn’s friend promptly shoved her finger up my anus and wiggled it about, pumping in and out as well. She was standing to one side of me and in order to keep my balance I had to change position and hold on to her waist. Once again I felt the rubber dildo rub up against my body. I shivered in anticipation, and nuzzled my cheek and lips against Allison’s belly. My, but she was soft and smelt good.

In a way I wished she would slow down and take her time with the greasing and enema. This was something I could really go for all night long.

Allison withdrew her finger and rubbed me on the head. “You liked that, didn’t you ?”

I sighed deeply and nodded.

“Well, you be a good boy and in a little while I’ll do something even nicer for you. All right ?”

“OK,” I moved up a little higher and ran my face along her breasts. I could feel her stiff nipples with my nose. Moving higher I flicked my tongue over them. Instead of pulling back or berating me, as I had expected, Allison thrust out her chest and steadied my head by placing an arm around my neck. She pressed my face to her body and gratefully I put my arms around her.

“It’s time to stick the nozzle into his behind, Allie.” I heard Lynn say.

“Can’t you do it while he’s busy like this ?” Allison asked. “It feels nice…”

Lynn relented and laughed shortly. “Sure, why not…just be careful he doesn’t bite when I shove it up him…”

I had no intention whatsoever of doing so, but I did give a little surprised grunt as Lynn parted my behind and slipped the nozzle into me. She wriggled it around for good measure until it was nestled snuggly in my anus.

She must have then started pumping, since I felt a steady surge of warm water flowing into my bowels. Behind me I heard a soft subdued whirring, whizzing and gurgling sound as the water in the sink was sucked into the bulb and pumped through the tubing into my rectum.

There was no soap in the solution so I felt hardly any irritation. But soap or not, the amount of water squirted inside of me was enough in itself to make me aware of an urge to expel. There was no urgency to it, but slowly I began to feel full. It was a delicious, warm feeling, almost lazy and self-indulgent.

Emboldened by Allison’s non-rejection of my intimate little kissing, I let my hands roam over her body. I caressed her other breast briefly and then moved down lower, forgetting for the moment that she was wearing a naughty little device around her groin. Somehow or other I grabbed hold of her free hand and instinctively moved it to my achingly stiff prick. I had hoped she would begin to finger my sex organ or go in for some squeezing, pumping or whatever.

Instead she immediately pulled away and clucked in disapproval. “Tsk, tsk, this is not the time or place for any of that…” she chided and pulled away, leaving my lips sucking empty air.

I was surprised. If this wasn’t the time then I wondered when it ever would be. But, the girls had their own agenda and I wasn’t privy to it.

“You’ll just have to learn and control yourself. Try and be more patient William…” Lynn said. She then pulled the nozzle out and told me to hold the water in me until she gave me permission. “Sit down if you must…”

This I did, sitting on the closed toilet lid. I could feel the water working its’ way up into me and grimacing, I pushed my buttocks together to help keep it all in.

Meanwhile Allison and Lynn were gathered around the sink, studying the surge device as Lynn pumped water through the tubing. Now I could distinctly hear the water flow through the bulb and splash into the sink. Listening to the jet-like flow of water gave me a thrill. Just to think that a similar gush of liquid had been squirt into my behind ! It excited me to no end.

Finished, Lynn removed the surge pump from the sink and dried it off, carefully removing the nozzle first. By then I had been holding the water up for about ten minutes. Lynn told me to get up and raise the toilet lid.

“You can let go now cuz, “ she said. “I think Allie’s eager to get to the next part of the evening’s fun.”

I wasn’t. Though in all fairness I admit I had calmed down a bit and figured that it couldn’t be all that bad either. Besides, I was really worked up and aroused, especially after being given the enema.

I sat down and closing my eyes let my sphincter open of itself. The water flowed out in squirts and splashes, effortlessly and pleasantly. There was no burning due to added soap or other irritants. After a series of gradually diminishing expulsions I was empty. And ready for the main event of the evening.

A Jolly Rogering

Before heading back to Lynn’s room, the girl’s cleaned me off with soap and washcloth, scrubbing every little nook and cranny they could find between my legs and buttocks.

“You’ve gotta be clean for something like this, cuz.” Lynn said as she almost worked the washcloth back up my anus. She gave a vigorous little twist and the held the washcloth up to the light for inspection : “Hmmmm… looks OK to me. What do you think Allie ?”

Her friend pretended to look carefully. “He’ll pass I guess”

“Good,” Lynn rifled through the medicine cabinet and came up with a box of plastic wrapped objects. “We’ll take these along.”

She showed me the box : Prep H suppos. They sure had something for anally administered medication and aids in this household. “Don’t make such a face William. These are for your benefit, not ours.”

“I bet. You just love sticking things up people’s behinds.”

That was true enough for it was the first time I saw my cousin almost blush. But she maintained her haughty poise. “These contain a soothing additive, a sort of light desensitizer. Bend over and we’ll pop you one or two.”

Lynn patted my behind and beckoned me into position. She unwrapped two of the cylinder shaped objects and flopped them up into my anus in nothing flat. One, two and they were in and nestled snugly in my rectum, already melting and spreading goo. I hardly even felt them go in.

It finally looked as if all the preliminaries were over. Not that I was in a hurry, mind you, but after a while the prospect of letting Allison fool around with me was beginning to scare me less and excite me more than I had imagined. After all, she was a nice looking girl, had allowed me more liberties with herself than I was used to and didn’t seem all that rough.

We went back to Lynn’s room. The dildo need some re-lubrication by this time, in spite of it not having been put to use yet. My cousin took care of it quickly while she had me lay down on my back, legs spread high and wide. She sat down next to and grabbed my ankles. I moved my head up close to her thighs.

“Ready William ?” she asked.

“I guess so…”

“OK, remember : this is the night we popped your little cherry, cuz.”

Apparently Lynn had different ideas about what losing your virginity meant. I was still traditional and liked to think it referred to a good old fashioned fucking, the in and out kind. But one step at a time I guess.

Allison put some more lubricant on her finger and worked it around my hole, quickly sticking a finger in and out. I accommodated her without problem. She then knelt between my outspread legs, smiled at me and blew a kiss. Moving herself around on her knees she placed the tip of the dildo up against my anxious bumhole. Involuntarily I pulled back a bit and raised my bottom higher in the air. That was a more accessible position for Allison. I felt her guiding the plastic shaft up against bottom. She got it flush into my anal opening and began to make small thrusting motions with her hips, forcing it in bit by bit.

Small sized or not, the plastic penis was larger than I thought comfortable. “Don’t make such an awful face, relax a bit, just let go…” I must have been screwing up my face from the tension. I deliberately tried to relax. I breathed deeply.

“That’s right, now push outwards with your muscles…” I began to flex my arms and legs. “Push like you’re going to the bathroom, for goodness’ sakes. What did you think I meant ?”

I think I blushed, which under the circumstances must have been rather unordinary. Lynn couldn’t sustain a giggle either, “I swear William…how anybody can be so stupid I just don’t know…”

I didn’t either. “I’m sorry. I’ve never done this before.”

“You’re telling me ? Well never mind. Just do as I say…push gently and relax…that’s it…”

As I flexed my anal sphincter, I could feel the dildo slowly sliding in and past my opening. Then it was in. I was filled up, my anus pulsed around the plastic shaft and I felt Allison’s hips move to and fro.

“Not so fast…please… wait a little bit…” I gasped.

Allison slowed down and lowered herself down over me. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling face. She was too far away to kiss, and it would have been awkward if not painful to do so anyway.

I grabbed Lynn’s hand and tried to guide it to my prick. But she wouldn’t take hold of it. “Not now cuz, we’ve already told you that. No playing around with your boy parts. You’ll have to wait.” She placed her finger over my lips as if to shush them. I began to kiss and lick her thumb with my tongue.

“Oh my, he wants something to occupy his mouth with while we roger him….I have just the thing.”

She shifted position and knelt on the bed next to me. Then she opened her legs and lifted one up and over my head and sat down straddling my chest. Need I say that her genitals were in my direct line of sight ? Lynn moved forward until her pussy was just a few centimeters away from my face, about a tongue’s length actually.

“Why don’t you be a good little boy and kiss me down there ?” she said. Coming closer she lowered herself all the way and I felt my face engulfed by her presence. She was wet and aroused. I had of course never had occasion to engage in this kind of activity before, but just one little lick of her wet slit was all it took to tell me that my cousin was aroused and aflame with desire. Maybe not for me, but such trifling distinctions were unimportant at the moment.

It was my first taste of pussy and though I was distracted by Allison’s pumping away at my anus I knew it should be a moment to savor.

Actually it was a bit of a shock for me. I mean, sure, I knew people did this all the time, but I hadn’t expected my turn to come so soon or so unexpectedly. And certainly not from my annoyingly pesky cousin. Life’s full of surprises.

It turned out to be a nice one at that, though at first I was a bit fastidious and didn’t put my all into it. But Lynn snuggled around with her hips, moved up and down and held her lips open with one hand while pushing my head into her. She wasn’t all that subtle.

I kissed, then tentatively started some cautious licking, found she didn’t taste bad at all, then put some effort into it. Oral sex with my cousin was a wet, slippery and at times suffocating business. It was not what I had expected, nothing ever is of course. It was nicer than I had hoped. If someone hadn’t been banging my bumhole, I think all of my attention would have been concentrated on that juicy little pink slit of Lynn’s. That and trying to get a breath of air from time to time.

Lynn finally moved off of me and I tried to wipe my face clean. I had to turn and use the pillow. She saw me and had to suppress a laugh. “That wasn’t bad for a first time, but you’re going to need more training to get it right. It’s not a simple as it looks, is it ?”

I thought I hadn’t done all that bad, but apparently there was more to oral sex than met the eye. There always is.

“I guess not, Lynn…” I said between breaths as Allison kept up her thrusting. It was beginning to get uncomfortable. “Do you think you could stop now, please ? I’m getting a bit sore…”

“Already ? Not much staying power…”

“Please ? Hasn’t it been long enough ?” It was starting to hurt.

“Yeah I guess so…..” She told Allison to stop.

Gratefully I felt the dildo withdraw from my anus. I heaved a small sigh of relief. My anus burned a little and felt particularly tender, but it felt good as well and in a way I was rather proud of myself. I doubt that many of my friends back home had ever experienced something like this.

Alison unstrapped the dildo and came over to me. She gave me a kiss on the mouth. “You did OK, really….for a first time. Did you like it ?” Allison asked me.

“Well, it was all right….. I feel sore though.”

“Oh you poor little thing, want me to kiss it for you and make it go away ?” Lynn teased. Or maybe not. I just made a face.

“You’ll learn, don’t worry. And you’ll learn how to lick pussy as well. There are certain spots you’ve got to pay more attention to.”

Both Lynn and Allison giggled. “Wanna watch ? I guess you’ve earned it.”

I wanted to ask ‘watch what ?’ but just nodded. I hoped they were finally going to go at it together, girl on girl. I was right. The girls embraced, kissed, fooled around, played with each other and finally took up position, mouth to cunny. I leaned on my shoulder, content to just watch while stroking myself from time to time.

They gave a good show, better than I had expected or ever dreamed of. Both finally came, Allison quietly while shuddering to and fro. Lynn was a shade noisier and shook her head from side to side. They both lay exhausted in each other’s arms for a while, catching their breath.

After an interval Allison looked at me. “Lynn, your cousin’s still all stiff. Shouldn’t we let him come now ?”

“I guess there’s no harm to it…why not ?” They both crawled over to me. “Allie, you jerk him off. Don’t forget to stick a finger up his ass. I’ll teach him how to kiss. OK ?”


Lynn took me in her arms and started kissing. From time to time she whispered something naughty into my ears, but truthfully, it didn’t take much effort before I orgasmed, spurting a long gush of sticky semen while shuddering in my cousin’s arms.


That concluded the evening’s fun and games. We were all rather wet and sticky, and not only from the summer heat. The girls cleaned up Lynn’s bedroom while I was sent to take a quick shower. Afterwards, they washed as well and joined me downstairs.

I had thought they were going to leave me alone, now that Lynn had had her fun, but instead she fixed a little late night snack. While watching something silly on TV the girls chatted and joked around.

I suddenly thought of something. “Lynn, you’ve got to go upstairs and get your things out of my room. You promised.”

“Geez cuz, didn’t you know I was just bluffing ? There’s nothing for mom to find.”

“Honest ?”

“Sure kiddo. Honest. I wouldn’t set you up like that.”

I hadn’t been so sure of that before our little session together. I must have made a questioning face.

“Really, I think it’s going to be more fun having you around than I thought at first.”

What a coincidence. That was my feeling exactly.