Kitten Kapers

Ren looked down at Kitten with love and adoration in his eyes. He loved her beyond reason and wanted to show her all the joys he could bring her, but he was afraid.

They had been dating for a few weeks, and they had even gone to bed together the other night. But the arousal and desires that one can create for another sometimes lie outside the bounds of conventional activities and he was afraid.

So, as they sipped an after meal drink earlier this evening he had slipped a soporific into her glass and she now lay on his “workbench” naked before him and would soon begin to awake . and he was afraid.

Afraid he would offend her, afraid she would not accept his gifts of sexual arousal as freely as he would give them.

Taking his mind off his fear for a moment he looked again at Kitten and his workbench. It was designed for comfort under most unusual circumstances. Although it could not be considered a “bed” it was very similar to one with a “firm” mattress on it. There was a pillow of softest down, covered with satin under her head, with her beautiful auburn hair spread out upon it he had “arranged” her most beautifully. The work bench also had other conveniences attached to it there was a source for a continual supply of water that was a constant 100 degrees just slightly warmer than body temperature. There was a novel way to collect any waste material human or any other items one would normally discard . he did wish, though that there was another, more elegant way to refer to it.

Ren considered himself an artist in the field of sexual arousal and desires, and had brought other ladies here to his private quarters; but this was the first time he had ever been deeply in love with the girl. He wanted her to love him totally and completely to trust him without limit wanted her to want to learn to give him back the same pleasure as he wished to give her and so, so much more and he was afraid.

Afraid she would reject him after this night. That she would never see him again. That he would have to live without her for the rest of his life. He silently wondered if he could do that.

But still he had to try he had to introduce her to his world. If she would accept it, he would . well he would think about that later.

Kitten stirred on the table and he thought “I had better hurry she has been prepared already I must complete the scenario before she wakes completely.

And later, if she still speaks to me if she will allow me to continue, then I will prepare her when she is fully awake where she can come to love this joy as well. “

Forgetting his fear for the moment, Ren left her side and began final preparations stepping around the screen positioned so that, as he stood at her side later, he could monitor progress of the equipment behind it but so that she could not see anything to startle her. He wanted her first experience to be nothing but pure bliss if he could make it so.

Ren eyed what he intended to use at this time, having put the equipment he used to prepare her thus far, away. There was a metal stand which had an adjustable portion, so it could be raised about 3 feet from its normal height of 6 feet and hanging from the top of it was a transparent enema bag with very prominent black markings on it about every inch. These marks were to indicate a total of either 4 or 6 or 8 ounces of liquid between the marks. The measurement of volume at any given time was of the utmost importance.

He filled it to the top mark , testing the water for proper temperature, smiling, and very carefully allowed enough water through the attached tube to be sure there was no air in the line. There was a small enema nozzle attached to the tube only about 3/8 inch around and about 2 1/2 inches long. Ren then snaked the tube under the screen and attached it to the side of the table with one of his retaining clips devices to hold items for him at the ready so he would not expend wasted time looking for things at inopportune moments. From a drawer at the end of the table he withdrew another tube

This one was about 12 inches long with a “Y” configuration at the top or the bottom however you wished to describe it. It too was about 3/8 inch around, with two divisions in the tube one about twice the size of the other, and, of course, each opening ending on one of the “Y” ends. It was a medically designed catheter that he now proposed to insert into his Kitten. After placing this too, in a retaining clip, he went back to her side

Carefully placing Kitten’s legs in specially designed stirrups the same as one is used to seeing in the doctor’s office, but longer, actually allowing her legs to rest on each one comfortably, Ren pushed a button on his control panel and her legs were raised to a comfortable height with her knees bent at about 90 degrees. Another button moved them outward from the table a little, then a little more, until he could see her smooth bottom fully exposed and the lips of her vagina pink and slightly wet from his previous ministrations. She had had normal reactions to his preparation, and her sexual organs were a bit aroused and she was wet with her own lubrication.

Ren caught his breath again at her beauty and helplessness as she lay there before him. Gently, he reached out ahhh he could not help himself and caressed her labia and her mound, covered with a soft fur that matched her wondrous tresses. As he reached, he bent over and kissed her lips and her breasts and her belly and finally her mound, touching her most sensitive spot carefully assuring himself there was still lubrication there he would not hurt his love for the world. As he did so Kitten stirred again.

Reminded that she would soon wake, Ren quickly walked to the end of the table, positioning himself between her spread legs with the full access to her anus and vagina and clit and . again he caught his breath and not resisting the impulse, gently caressed her anus inaudibly he whispered “not now my dearest love later we will do that”.

Picking up the catheter, and opening the top of his drainage basin with a foot control, Ren carefully spread the lips of Kittens vagina searching for the entrance to her urethra which he had gently dilated earlier as she lay before him in this position.

“Ahh, there” he thought finding the opening small and exposed to his loving gaze he made sure the “Y” end of the catheter was in the top of the basin, and placed the other end of it against her small inviting opening gently pressing it but cautiously. With a heart full of love and desire, he pressed a little harder, until this flower opened up and allowed him entrance being careful to allow the flexible tube to follow the natural curve of her body he pushed it in an inch he stopped trembling slightly with excitement and love she was sooo lovely down there he continued pushing , two inches were now buried in her urethra. As he continued pushing he leaned forward and gently licked her clit that was also exposed to his view and care. At last three inches were inserted into the heretofore untouched private regions of the girl he loved beyond passion, and at that point, a trickle of urine found its way out the exit and into the basin

“Good” he thought she must have an empty bladder for the best effect. He waited patiently as her fluid passed out of her estimating about 6 ounces before the flow slowed to a halt. Cautiously and carefully he continued to insert the catheter to feeling for any signs of resistance or of involuntary reaction to any pain he might cause however, there was none and as it was well lubricated from his previous ministrations, 9 of its 12 inches was finally inserted just allowing the “Y” to be available to his needs.

Holding the catheter, now nestling inside her and unbeknownst to her, causing a bit of an irritation to her urethra, Ren quickly attached a 1/2 inch diameter clear hose to the larger side of the catheter exit, draping the hose into the basin carefully and then attaching it to the side of the basin with a clip, he pulled the Coverlet r over the basin to make what appeared to be a smooth resting place, but which had an opening so as not to pinch the drain hose.

The drain hose had a standard flow clamp on it and he closed it. Next Ren got the enema nozzle from its retaining clip and inserted it into the other side of the exit of the catheter of course, this would now be an “entrance” to Kitten’s bladder for the instillation of water at his wish since there was also a control clamp on the tube from the enema bag to the catheter.

Almost without realizing it Ren whistled a little under his breath thinking of things to say to his darling Kitten . while he tried to distract her from what was going to happen to her.

Quickly Ren lowered her legs, and positioned her as he wished. He turned her a little to face him she was now lying on her side carefully adjusting the catheter and enema hose, and drain between her legs, he drew one of them over the other in a comfortable position of sleeping with one leg in a slightly bent position. Not wanting her to become chilled, he threw a silken blanket over her. He checked the water supply and then pulled up a chair to her side so when she woke she would see him instantly. Then he sat to wait.