I have been reading alt.sex.enemas almost from the day it began. On rare occasions I have read some very informative articles about enemas, their use and their history. In each and every case they were penned by males and therefore presented from the male point of view. This is not hard to understand because males do dominate the world of klismaphiles. Although females may be rare, we are not extinct. To provide the definitive female introspective, I have penned this essay. It is my hope that if nothing else, you will gain some new insights from this change in perspective.

So, just what is a Klismaphile? They are individuals who make frequent use of clysters (enemas) for perceived health benefits or as a component of sexual release. In the later case, the activity almost always falls into the classification of a fetish (non sexual objects that incite sexual arousal). Based on the statistics I have, women “generally” fall into the first group. Because of the physiology involved - anal nerves, sphincter, prostate, hormones etc, males seem more capable of direct venereal excitement through the use of enemas. Conversely, my research indicates that very few females report enjoying the same intensity of sexual excitement as males. Speaking from my own experiences with enemas, I think I can confirm this. But, in fairness, I must admit that I definitely get turned on by the process of giving enemas, although this is purely psychological. There may be some very slight pleasurable sensations that I could testify to, but nothing like the great feeling of a multiple clitoral climax. The majority of the women who use enemas that I have surveyed, do so mainly for health reasons. More commonly to offset occasional irregularity around their periods.

Enemas are commonly used by both sexes as a prelude to anal sex and occasionally when involved with roll play such as Bondage and Discipline scenarios. According to current psychiatry, we gals are genetically engineered to crave penetration (under the right circumstances:) and this usually implies a submissive quality. I do know some women who get turned on by the compelling illusion of force to submit to the will of another. The toys that are sometimes typically involved, be it a penis, dildos, butt plugs, or enemas are somewhat incidental to the psychology involved, at least that’s how I see it. Occasionally, enemas are also associated with another phenomena called Infantilism; that is, adults who desire to be treated as a children. It is not unusual for many individuals to have a wide variety, or mixture of fetish interest, particularly if they mix or roll play with a variety of other participants.

The medical benefits of enemas are still hotly debated, with the majority of physicians that I have contacted citing no scientific evidence to support or justify widespread use. On the opposite side of the coin, no scientific evidence exist to indicate that moderate use of enemas is at all harmful. Unfortunately, I have never heard a physician willing to admit this. Some doctors will identify enemas as possibly having a placebo effect. That is, if the patient believes it helps, it seems to appear to help. Whether a placebo effect or not, from my investigation, there seems to be a preponderance of testimonials that enemas bring on a consistent variety of post benefits. The most common being a relaxed physical state and feeling of well being that appears to be experienced by either sex. Some sanatorium studies have indicated a link to the onrush of peristalsis (involuntary contractions as the colon is forced to expand) as a possible trigger to some subsequent changes in brain chemistry that alters mental and physical disposition.

Many old folk remedies suggest the enema as an excellent vehicle to introduce medicinal cures to people with a variety of ills. It has been my experience that none of these remedies (usually herb based) are very effective over the long term. However, herbal enemas still manage to have their proponents and believers to this very day. As an example, for many years coffee enemas were touted as a sure cure for cancer. Accordingly, coffee enemas were used very liberally in many clandestine health clinics south of our border. It’s my guess that Juan Valdez was cleaning out more than just the colon. Unfortunately, none of these holistic remedies has ever indicated much singular or consistent success.

Many colonic clinics will make pseudo scientific claims about things like “free radicals”, “oxygen therapy” and “electrolyte balance” in their various pitches. I know several people (including a girlfriend) who swear by colonics, so I tried one. The colonic lasted about forty minutes and included “oxygen therapy”. The only thing I can report with certainty is the excessive post flatulence I experienced. Otherwise, it is my opinion that my “free radicals” are still plotting the overthrow of my gall bladder. Still, the practitioner was a friendly gal, and in many ways the service was reminiscent of the relaxation and pampering received while getting my hair done. If you ever decide to try a colonic, I suggest you shop as carefully as if you were picking a personal physician.

Few if any colonic clinics will administer enemas. I am not certain if it has to do with Board of Health regulations or AMA restrictions. On the other hand, there are many underground (non licensed) facilities for administering enemas and colonics. Major cities like New Your have dozens. My suggestion here is leave the questionable facilities alone and stick with S&S (Solo & Safe). If you must experience an enema with a partner, find a professional dominatrix. These women are generally very experienced and understand what’s needed. The good ones are always worth the fee’s they charge and usually enjoy giving enemas. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to meet several. Their fascinating stories will one day make the big silver screens, that’s for sure. If you elect to use one of these professionals, I suggest several things. First, never lose sight of the nature of the client/service relationship. Their ability to make a livelihood is somewhat based on repeat business. They know what you want to hear and usually deliver, but they really don’t want you following them home after work. Many will fain or actually develop lesbian relationships in order to prevent giving signals of personal availability.

The enema has frequently been attributed to having certain traumatic effects on the young. Many pre seventies families used enemas as a means of maintaining deportment among their children, aside from whatever medicinal benefits the parents believed enemas to have. In some of these cases, the results are usually notable in terms of an evolving fetish that almost immediately becomes a part of the child’s life. It should also be noted that many childhood enemas that were lovingly and considerately administered have also had some life long effects. There are also a large number of adults who reported the use of enemas at home but with no traumatic or life lasting effects. The only conclusion I can see here is that some young, as well as older, later recipients of enemas, may be predisposed to a kind of enema imprinting.

For those who were permanently effected, there seems to be no middle ground in their adult bias. They either feel victimized or liberated by the experience. My research indicates that individuals who have been unsuccessful with integrating and coming to terms with their interest are the ones most likely to feel victimized. At one time there was a general consensus that most all interest in enemas was related to childhood experiences. My info says not so. As more and more information becomes available, it is now fairly evident that chronological age has very little to do with the interest or fetish. The number of individuals who were introduced to enemas in early, mid or later life, with a subsequent continuing interest, appears to be uniformly dispersed over age groups. The home and hospital being the two most common proving grounds.

Many people are erotically driven by the very word “enema” as if it had strange, magical properties. Others may get weak kneed at the ominous sight of a bulging enema bag. This is quite typical in a fetish scenario. The words “it’s time for your enema”, often brings nostalgic memories, chills, sweats, pleas and embarrassing erections to many klismaphiles. People with an enema fetish are often very private and ultra discrete about their interest; frequently seeing themselves as being afflicted with a prurient interest so oddball that no one could possible ever understand it, much less accept their involvement in it. For this reason, many partners never broach the subject with their spouses. And other more venturesome types, have had their admissions flatly trounced on, or summarily rejected as being too weird or strange to be considered as foreplay by their lovers. This almost always adds to the intensity of existing levels of frustration. For those individuals, there is no best advice or easy remedies, only the reassurance that resolutions are still reachable with compromise and resolve.

My research also suggest that klismaphiles are not as unique as they may think themselves to be, although as a group, we do tend to be brighter and more creative than most people. But, we are really not any more or any less lonely, deprived, romantic, neurotic, self centered, boring or anything else that you can think of, to compare against. Well, perhaps we do enjoy complaining more.

If cyberspace has had any real positive effects in improving the human condition, it deserves a gold star in terms of how it has helped unknown numbers to discover that they are not alone with their special preferences (remember Penthouse?) There are unquestionably those who will banter that misery loves company, but I prefer to see one aspect of cyberspace as the meeting ground of formerly lost kindred souls. Perhaps other more gregarious types see cyberspace as an opportunity to meet new friends, and explore or expand their knowledge of self. Some even have aspirations for meeting their yet unknown significant other, or making some money, or just having a good fun, risqué time. In essence, I believe the intrinsic purpose of a cyberspace Newsgroup like alt.sex.enemas is to provide a platform to any citizen with something relevant and cogent to say. That is why I am here now. To conclude my tug on your ears, I do not think it is possible for any human being to live without experiencing a fetish. People who get turned on sexually by lingerie, perfume or shoes are basically experiencing their own brand of fetish. These are just ordinary people, as are we.