Klysmaphilia : The Story of a Family


Julie Daniels closed the front door of her home and walked alone through the early morning sunshine to the bus stop. She usually waited for the school bus with Chad, her younger brother, but he wasn’t feeling well and had remained home.

“Mother will check him now that the house is empty,” Julie observed to herself. The bouncy teen smiled as she ambled towards the bus stop. She pictured the likely scene now taking place in the house behind her.

From experience Julie knew what was happening up in her brother’s bedroom. First, Chad would have his temperature taken. Mother, a stickler for accuracy, would use the rectal thermometer. Second, if the glass rod indicated a fever, Chad was certain to get an enema. In their home an enema was standard procedure whenever someone was ill.

Julie grinned and blushed. The convalescent always got an enema. Flushing out the system with a good enema was mother’s first response to all illnesses. You got an enema at the onset of a cold, upset stomachs or for that catchall malady, sluggishness. Mother would definitely give Chad an enema. Julie would see the familiar red enema bag hanging in their bathroom when she got home.

As she thought about it, her excitement grew and the blush bloomed into a warm flush that expanded over her pert body. Her mouth dried and a shiver of goose bumps raced over her suddenly cool flesh. The teen’s sensitive nipples throbbed as she pictured her brother getting his enema. The naked and helpless boy sprawled across mother’s lap. His exposed butt waited for the liquid invasion. Above, suspended from the shower head, hung the glistening enema bag, brimming with its hot saline solution. From the bottom of the bulging entity the long, undulating hose snaked down to nozzle in Mother’s grasp. The rectal tip, coated with Vaseline, was about to enter his shivering buns.

Julie’s pussy tingled. The high school senior squeezed her thighs together and an oily moistness soaked her panties. She stumbled trying to ease her discomfort. She stopped and took a deep breath. Fortunately no one was around to observe her agitated state.

Enemas were an incredible turn on for Julie. Enemas were her secret passion. The young girl loved every aspect of that intimate activity. The sight of an enema bag thrilled her. The idea of receiving an enema sent her into giddy fits of anticipation. She loved the exquisite sensations when the nozzle penetrated her anus. She sighed contentedly when her belly filled with enema solution. The randy teen reveled in the luscious satisfaction of releasing the contents of her bloated guts. All those splendid sensations paled when compared to the orgasm induced by masturbating during an enema. The incredibly intense and powerful climax Julie obtained from enema masturbation generated immense pleasure and satisfaction. For Julie, ordinary finger masturbation paled next to the delirious ecstasy of enema stimulated climax.

The curious teen considered how she would feel if she gave someone an enema. Julie imagined giving her brother the enema and the idea excited her. She pictured her hand on the nozzle protruding from Chad’s protesting behind. She pictured herself opening the clamp to start the enema. She would insist Chad take the entire bag. Julie’s thighs clenched. Her wet panties stuck to her engorged pussy and her aching nipples pressed painfully against the confines of her bra. Her neck flamed crimson and her breath increased as she continued the fantasy.

Chad would protest he couldn’t take it all. Julie would be firm and insist he remain still until the enema bag was empty. Chad was nude and his penis, Julie observed, was very hard. She wasn’t sure what she was wearing. Julie was on the verge of climaxing when the school bus arrived. The embarrassed girl gasped–she hadn’t noticed the bus drive up.

She hurriedly attempted to compose herself before the stained, yellow doors opened. She entered quickly and hurriedly took a vacant seat near the rear of the bus. She folded her arms across her chest and turned to stare out the grimy window. She crossed her legs. The movement plastered her drenched panties against her aroused slit. A tiny smile crossed her lips. She almost had an orgasm in the middle of the street. Julie stared out the dingy window and recalled how her anal pleasuring blossomed.

Julie stood naked before her full-length mirror and evaluated her seventeen year old body. Her light blonde hair reached her shoulders and framed her oval face nicely. Her still-developing conical breasts perched proudly on her smooth chest, their full shape suggesting the ample roundness yet to come. She especially liked the way her translucent nipples jutted from the pale centers of her areoles. Her boobs gave her no reason to be jealous of either her mother or her aunt in that department.

She sighed when she eyed her stomach and hips. “Admit it,” Julie told herself. “You have to do something about this extra weight.” Her hands held her tummy. “This isn’t youthful chubbiness, I’m carrying around several pounds of plain old ugly fat.” Julie turned, looked over her shoulder, and studied her ass. It was firm, round and very sexy looking. She wiggled it provocatively and watched the tight flesh bounce. “At least I’ve got a good ass!”

Julie bent over and placed both hands on her creamy nates. She caressed the springy flesh several times. She then slowly separated the gorgeous mounds until she exposed her crinkled ass hole and could just see her pussy. Julie’s nipples grew stiff as she stared at her most private parts.

She straightened and faced the mirror. She watched the reflected image as her hands began to explore her crotch. The curious hands brushed aside the soft growth to expose her narrow pink slit. The questing digits lightly stroked her petal-thin outer lips. Fingers from one hand pressed the puffy flesh of her mound. The other hand ventured to touch the moistening slit. The wanton girl in the image licked her lips and smiled.

Julie slowly ran her middle finger over the outside of her pussy. Little by little the teasing digit probed deeper. Her cream flowed as her finger continued its gentle probing and stroking. Suddenly the finger dipped deep into the hot, oily wetness. “Oh that feels good,” she whispered. The pad of her exploring finger spread the slippery fluid over her virgin womanhood.

Shortly she had her swollen pussy lips saturated with the satiny fluid. She spread the love cream to her clit and massaged her love juice over her hidden pleasure button. Her clit quickly responded and swelled until its sensitive head poked out from its fleshy shroud. She rubbed provocative circles around it. Julie gasped and murmured in pleasure every time her fingertip slid over her clit’s glistening, exposed tip.

She fought the urge to get off immediately and reluctantly abandoned her sensitive clit. She pressed her slick middle finger into her tight love channel. The slippery digit sunk deep, as deep as Julie could possibly reach. She wiggled her finger in the wet suction of her aroused virgin opening. Julie stroked the tight spongy interior of her yearning pussy. With her other hand, she squeezed her sensitive boobs. She took an engorged nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pinched. The ache inflamed her already aroused breasts to even greater sensitivity. She pinched her other nipple harder. She began to pull on them as well.

“Oh yes! Do it harder! That’s it,” she whispered to the reflected image. “You know what I want.” She tossed her head. The wild image nodded. Julie pushed her index finger into her sopping pussy. Both fingers rubbed and twisted inside the tight channel. Faster and harder her fingers moved back and forth and in and out. Loud squishy noises assaulted her ears. She rubbed urgently. Musky secretions coated her hand and wrist.

Julie was ready and couldn’t hold back any longer. She pinched and tugged her nipples a final time. Her hard, sensitive clit begged for her stimulating touch. She had to get herself off. Watching herself in the mirror masturbate was exceedingly exciting. Julie could almost imagine someone else was doing it to herself.

Julie’s breath became ragged and short. She watched her fingers urgently manipulate her virgin pussy. Through sweat-fogged eyes she saw her chest bloom beet red in pre-climax excitement. Her breathing quickened and became short, breathy gasps. This was it. Her buried fingers worked harder and faster. She knew she was about to experience an incredibly intense come. Suddenly her pussy spasmed around her buried fingers.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Julie’s fingers brought her off. She stared at her reflection. “Yes! Yes!” She encouraged the flushed, ragged image. “Do it! Do it!” The musky stink of sex filled her nostrils and drove her wild. She frantically urged, poked, pinched and rubbed her clit and pussy as she rode the fantastic masturbatory orgasm to conclusion. Julie caught her breath and smiled. She felt sexy. Her composed reflection belied the feeling, however. She made up her mind to lose ten pounds.

Julie dragged herself out of bed. “One week of skimpy meals and sweaty exercises,” she thought to herself, “And I’m miserable.” She stood on the bathroom scales and moaned. “Great, I haven’t lost a single pound,” she muttered. Julie donned her bathrobe and reluctantly went down to face her unappetizing breakfast.

Mrs. Daniels noticed her daughter’s depressed mood. “What’s the matter, honey?” “Oh, just my diet, Mom,” she answered. Her tone was listless and dejected, far from her usual bouncy self. “Not feeling too good,” her mother stated. She looked at her daughter. “Julie, are you constipated?” Julie looked up, “I guess so. I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days.”

Her mother smiled sympathetically. “We can take care of that easily enough. I’ll give you a good enema. That will make you feel better.”

An enema! Julie flinched at the sound of the word. She hadn’t had an enema for some time. She missed getting them she belatedly realized, but with everything else on her mind lately, hadn’t given the enema experience much thought. She recalled the special feelings and wicked thrill enemas gave her. Slightly embarrassed, she silently wondered if, considering her recent masturbation activities, getting an enema would still produce those fondly remembered nascent sexual feelings.

“Let’s go,” her mother told her. “We’ll get you cleaned out and back on track. I want your diet to succeed.” “Right now?” Julie asked, taken by surprise. “Of course,” her mother replied. “There’s no sense putting it off. The sooner you have the enema the sooner you’ll feel better.”

Julie didn’t argue. She followed her mother to the bathroom she shared with her brother and silently watched the preparations. Her mother opened the linen closet and took down the shiny black box from the top shelf. Her mom removed the open-topped red rubber enema bag, tubing and nozzles from their storage place and set them in the sink.

“Spread a few towels on your bed,” she told her daughter. “You’re too big to go over my knees,” she explained, smiling. Mrs. Daniels turned on the faucet and began washing and rinsing the enema equipment.

Julie did as she was told. She blushed and her nipples stiffened when she realized she would soon be naked. She sat on the bed and wondered what this enema would feel like. She hurriedly stood when heard her mother turn off the water.

Mrs. Daniels came out of the bathroom carrying a jar of Vaseline.

“Take off your robe and night gown and lie face down on the towels.”

Julie blushed deep crimson as she complied. She hoped her mother wouldn’t notice how hard her nipples were when she pulled off her gown.

Mrs. Daniels, watching for such signs, immediately noticed her daughter’s aroused condition. She smiled and nodded. Her little girl was developing into a sexy woman. She admired her daughter’s shapely behind while she hooked a gob of Vaseline out of the jar with the first two fingers of her right hand.

“Just relax, Julie,” she said. She gently pried apart the perfect milk-white mounds of flesh. Her daughter’s legs parted at her touch. Mrs. Daniels had a thorough view of her child’s most private parts. She stared and absently licked her lips. Tight curls ringed her daughter’s cute, and obviously aroused, pussy. Julie’s anus was a tiny pink pucker. It was all Mrs. Daniels could do to avoid bending over and planting a kiss on her daughter’s wet womanhood. She made a mental note to discuss enemas with her sister the next time they spoke.

Mrs. Daniels applied the thick lubricant to her daughter’s puckered anus. The sticky stuff was cold and Julie twitched at her mother’s initial touch. Julie found she enjoyed the touch her mother’s fingers as they massaged the Vaseline around her back hole. Julie relaxed as her mother’s warm fingers gently rubbed tight circles around her rectal opening. When she felt her mother’s index finger probe her tight hole a shiver went up her spine and she involuntarily clenched her anal muscles. Her clitoris responded as well.

“Easy, baby,” her mother soothed. The finger remained in place. “Stay relaxed sweetheart.”

Mrs. Daniels persisted and managed to insert the tip of her finger into her daughter’s crinkled orifice. She rotated it slowly to relax the tense muscle. When she felt the sphincter loosen she withdrew her finger, gathered up a small amount of lubricant and pushed it into her daughter’s reluctant opening.. It felt good to have her finger in there-it was so hot and tight-and she was reluctant to remove it.

“That’s it baby. If you don’t tense, it’ll feel better.” Julie gulped and struggled to obey. Shivers raced over her naked body and goose bumps rose over her cool flesh. She desperately wanted to squirm and move her hips in response to her mother’s invading finger. Mrs. Daniels continued to probe her daughter’s wonderfully tight anal opening. She scooped up more Vaseline and with diligent effort managed to insert her finger half its length into her child’s anus.

“There,” she announced when she decided she had adequately lubricated her daughter’s anus. She rotated the buried finger several times before slowly withdrawing it. The action left Julie trembling.

“Now you are properly prepared for your enema.” Julie watched her mother return to the bathroom and listened to her fill the enema bag. She felt exposed and vulnerable, yet she was also secretly excited. Something inside her had been awakened by her mother’s intimate touch. It was as if her mother knew exactly what to do to make her feel good.

Her reverie was interrupted when her mother returned carrying the enema bag. Mrs. Daniels sat next to her daughter. Julie noticed the nozzle wasn’t the one she was used to. Her mother had attached a larger, thicker nozzle. The Vaseline coated shaft looked tremendous to her inexperienced eyes.

Her mother told her, “Spread open for me, Julie.” Julie thought of saying something but didn’t trust her voice. Instead, she took a deep breath, let it out slowly, parted her buttocks with her hands and whispered, “I’m ready.” She expected the huge nozzle to hurt when her mother inserted it and to feel absolutely awful one it was stuck up her behind.

“I’m going to be gentle as possible,” Mrs. Daniels reassured her daughter. She placed the blunt tip against her daughter’s crinkle anal ring and pressed. Julie’s anus was clenched tight however, and even by twisting the rigid plastic nozzle, Mrs. Daniels couldn’t insert it using just one hand.

“Push out for me, Julie. The nozzle will go in easier if you relax,” she coaxed.

Julie took another deep breathe and willed herself to relax. She felt the thick nozzle slowly enter her nervous hole. Her mother continued to push and twist until the entire length of pipe was embedded in her lovely rear. Julie was surprised to realize that the nozzle didn’t feel all that bad. Her butt felt full but not uncomfortable. She further relaxed her ass muscles and let out her breath. Mrs. Daniels waited for her daughter to relax. When she saw Julie exhale she opened the clamp to begin the enema.

The metal clamp’s audible pop and the sudden initial surge of warm solution caused Julie to tense in surprise. Her mother was ready for this reaction. Her hand rested lightly on the nozzle and she deftly pressed the slippery shaft back in when Julie’s constricting sphincter tried to force it out.

“Just remain relaxed, honey,” she soothed. “You’ll get used to the flowing water in a minute.” Mrs. Daniels waited until she felt her daughter relax before elevating the heavy rubber enema bag.

Mrs. Daniels watched her daughter’s upturned ass as the enema flowed into her guts. Those perfect mounds twitched a few times around the intruding nozzle before settling down. She smiled knowingly when Julie parted her legs.

“I guess I owe you an apology,” her mother began. “I should have noticed your condition sooner,” she explained. “I shouldn’t have put this off for as long as I did.”

Julie took another deep breath and tried to remain calm. She concentrated on the pleasant feeling the flowing liquid produced in her belly. She liked the way the warm fluid rippled through her abdomen. Her mother sat where Julie could watch the progress of her enema.

Mrs. Daniels raised and lowered the slowly deflating enema bag in concert with her daughter’s rhythmic breathing. Her other hand remained on the nozzle to ensure that it remained fully inserted.

As her enema continued, Julie gradually lost her nervousness. She especially liked the feeling of the hard plastic pipe stuck up her rear. Her butt clutched at the rigid intruder. That felt good to Julie. Unfortunately the action made the nozzle slip out of her grasping rear. Her mother’s vigilant hand prevented the slick nozzle from popping completely out. Julie had the pleasure of feeling the thick shaft once again slide deep into her rectum. This pushing and pressing duet continued for the duration of the enema. Julie immersed herself in the enjoyable feelings gurgling through her abdomen. To her growing embarrassment, Julie noticed the expanding warmth and increasing fullness was turning her on.

The entire enema process sexually excited her like never before. The sight of the full red enema bag glistening with its load of hot water sent chills down her spine. The feeling of the hard plastic nozzle jammed up her exposed rear was immensely exciting. The volume of water she had to take caused her to shudder in anxiety. Her pussy creamed and her hard nipples ached. She should have felt embarrassment at being so exposed but she wasn’t. Far from it. She rubbed her sensitive nipples against the rough texture of the towel and squirmed her ass against the buried nozzle in an effort to relieve her pent up sexual tension.

The movements had the opposite effect. She became more turned on and closer to climaxing. She wanted to touch herself, but didn’t dare. An almost inaudible moan escaped her lips. Mrs. Daniels noticed the change in her daughter’s state and nodded. She elevated the draining fountain syringe and watched the blatant display of sexual arousal with bemused

interest. A knowing smile played across her lips. “Like mother like daughter,” she thought as the last of the enema bag’s contents drained out.

“There, was that so bad?” “No, no it wasn’t,” Julie admitted in a quiet whisper.

She heard the clamp click shut and felt the nozzle withdraw from her rectum. Julie’s ass twitched at the sudden loss. She had grown accustomed to the hard plastic shaft stretching her anal opening. Her tight hole missed that rigid intruder. Her mother daubed the wetness around her anus with a few tissues. She pressed the damp wad against her daughter’s puckered anus and squeezed her ass cheeks together.

“Close your legs and hold your enema as long as you can, sweetheart,” her mother directed. “We took about ten minutes to give you this enema, try to retain it for another five.”

Mrs. Daniels took the enema bag into the bathroom and washed it. Julie watched her mother leave with the enema bag. She listened to the sounds of her mother washing it off. The warm fullness in her belly felt good despite the pressure to evacuate. She violently squeezed her ass cheeks around the tissue wad as the memory of the intruding nozzle sent shivers through her body. She knew she’d want to experience that wonderful feeling again!

Her mother came out of her bathroom just as the cramps became too severe to ignore. Julie rolled off the bed and dashed for the toilet. A severe cramp doubled her over as she sat on the commode. “Oh!” she gasped as a huge burst of liquid and feces exploded into the bowl. Julie gulped air and clutched her abdomen as the enema let loose. Incredible chunks of shit burst from her wet, gaping hole.

The relief was amazing. Julie caught her breath and flushed the toilet. She knew from experience that there was still more bowel movement to come. She didn’t have to wait long before another wave of peristalsis engulfed her guts. These cramps weren’t as severe and Julie was able to monitor her progress. The additional expulsions were easier to pass. The fecal material slide out of her anus in long ropy passes. Julie no longer felt sluggish or bloated. She smiled at the swaying enema bag as her rectum noisily released the last of its enema-flushed, pent-up load.

“I feel better now,” Julie admitted to her mother a little later.

Mrs. Daniels hugged her daughter, “I knew you would. Now you won’t have any trouble losing weight.”

“What do you mean?” Julie asked, secretly thinking she knew the answer.

Mrs. Daniels addressed her blushing daughter, “To help with your diet you should have an enema every morning. A daily enema is just what you need to ensure that your body rids itself of toxic wastes.”

“You mean you’re going to give an enema every day?” Julie blurted out.

Mrs. Daniels smiled, “I think you are old enough to do it yourself.

Wouldn’t you prefer that?”

Julie flushed deeper, this time with excitement. She was eager to explore the wonderful feelings the enema had awakened in her. “Uh, I guess so. Sure, I can manage it by myself,” she managed to say.

“That’s good.” Mrs. Daniels smiled at her daughter. “You’ll also be less inhibited if you are by yourself.” Julie’s face reddening even more as she nodded in understanding.

Later in the day Mrs. Daniels entered her daughter’s bedroom and handed her a small package.

“To use for your enemas,” she told her.

Julie opened the paper sack. It contained a large tube of K-Y Jelly. She didn’t know what to say. “It’s less messy than Vaseline,” she heard her mother explain. The stark white box also said the product could be used for sexual intercourse.

“Wash the enema equipment in hot soapy water before you begin,” Mrs. Daniels instructed. “Rinse it thoroughly and fill it with warm, salted water. Don’t use soapsuds, it isn’t necessary. Always fill the enema bag to capacity.”

“How come?” Julie asked in spite of her embarrassment. “Because, once you get used to it,” Mrs. Daniels explained, ignoring her daughter’s furious blushing. “You’ll be able to take the entire bag without discomfort. To get maximum benefit from the enema always strive to take as much as you can comfortably hold.”

Mrs. Daniels moved the curtains away from the wall behind Julie’s bed. “Hang the enema bag from this hook,” she told her daughter. Julie looked at the old drapery tie-back and nodded. “It’s at the right height, and remember to remain relaxed, “ she concluded. “It’s that simple.”

The next few mornings Julie experimented. She figured out how warm to make the solution and how to control the flow to avoid cramping. She kept her tube of K-Y Jelly in her dresser. She didn’t want her brother to see it, which was silly she knew. Julie wasn’t up to speaking to him about her enemas even though she knew he was fully aware of her morning activities.

After Julie established her daily enema procedure, she began concentrating on the wonderful feelings induced by the flowing water. Her butt quivered in delight when she inserted the hard nozzle and her pussy creamed when her rectum filled with the deliciously warm water. Invariably, half way through the enema, her free hand would reach for her swollen clit. The flowing water and the intruding nozzle excited her immensely. All it took was a few dips into her drenched pussy and several strokes on her clit to bring her to a fantastic orgasm.

Every night she got herself off thinking about her next enema. Her fingers caressed her pussy as she went over the details. She loved the smell of rubber enema bag and the way it bulged when filled to overflowing with hot water.

Best of all, Julie loved inserting the lubricant coated hard nozzle into her tight ass. Her pussy always became sopping wet when she imagined the nozzle slipping into her eager ass. Her fingers dug into her swollen pussy and spread her love juice over her stiff clit. She rubbed it until she frigged herself to orgasm.

Within a week of her discovery of the pleasures of the enema, Julie’s thirsty rear was easily swallowing the entire contents of the that shiny red enema bag. Every enema session included a massive, intense climax. Julie began thinking about the other uses for K-Y Jelly.

Several weeks later Julie found herself home alone. She masturbated several times and, still feeling randy, decided to explored her parent’s bathroom. She wasn’t sure what she was looking for but she was utterly amazed at what she discovered.

Inside the linen closet behind the bathroom door Julie discovered an incredible array of enema related items and equipment. Her parents had several different enema bags and a large assortment of hoses and nozzles. These devices ranged from the plastic tip like her mother had used on her to a long thick bulbous one that immediately reminded Julie of a dick. What caught her attention though, was a cone shaped device about four inches long made out of spongy plastic.

Julie picked up the formidable object and examined it carefully. The massive thing tapered to a blunt point at one end. It quickly flared out then necked down to a long narrow base. She tried to encircle its circumference with her thumb and index finger and found she couldn’t.

It’s function was obvious, yet Julie couldn’t imagine something that large fitting inside her ass. Julie looked at the penis-shaped nozzle again and compared its size to the butt plug. She could see that the plug was much wider though not nearly as long. Julie thought a moment. It was apparent that one or both of her parents could accommodate the nozzle and the butt plug. That surety of knowledge excited Julie immensely. She was aware of anal sex and had often fantasized about it but the thought of actually having a penis enter her anus was rather terrifying. She was nervous enough about regular sex. She’d seen and touched her brother’s hard-on enough times to marvel at its size and wonder how something that large could fit inside her vagina without hurting. She hefted the butt plug. Her hands went cold. Something that big up her ass was scary. Julie fondled the large rubbery cone and thought it over.

“It’s like my enemas,” she said out loud. “Mother told me eventually it would be easy to take and hold a full enema bag. All it took was practice.”

She cupped the butt plug with both hands and brought it close to her face. She kissed it.

“Eventually,” she whispered.


Chad fidgeted in bed, anxious for his mother to come check him. He would get an enema if his mother considered him ill. Chad wanted an enema. He delighted in the helpless feeling of submitting to the tube. Chad relished the transformation his body underwent during the enema process. The initial agony. Severe stomach pain and gut-spasming cramps induced by the hot, filling enema solution. The pleasurable feelings that followed. The indescribably wonderful sweet release of relieving himself on the commode when the enema was finally over. He tried to contain his excitement when his mother finally entered his bedroom. She came to his bed and placed her hand on his forehead.

“You’re warm, all right,” she said after a moment. “We’ll check your temperature to be sure.”

Mrs. Daniels took her children’s temperature rectally, a method Chad didn’t mind. He liked the way the slim glass rod felt when it slid into his hole. It didn’t bother the teen that his mother would see him naked. Chad was accustomed to family nudity and wasn’t ashamed to let other family members see his naked body.

Chad watched her retrieve the thermometer from the bathroom he shared with his older sister, Julie. When she came out, Chad obediently rolled over and lowered his pajama bottoms.

Mrs. Daniels parted her son’s firm butt and inserted the Vaseline coated thermometer into his puckered anus. Chad’s ass clenched around the cold glass rod after she twisted it deep into his tight hole. Chad settled down to wait for the thermometer to register his temperature. To pass the time he recalled his first enema experience. He was nine years old. His mother had taken him into the bathroom and removed his pajamas. She then sat on the edge of the bathtub and placed a large towel on her lap. He hadn’t noticed the red enema bag hanging above her head.

After she spread the towel, she picked him up and placed him face down across her lap. Before he could get comfortable Chad felt her pry apart his tiny butt and push something hard into his baby ass. Chad remembered screaming at the sudden intrusion. He had tried to wriggle away but his mother had held him down. Even though he had cried and begged, she didn’t let him up. His mother had firmly held him down the entire time the enema flowed into his small gut. She had told him not to fight it.

After the first couple of times Chad took her advice. He discovered he liked getting an enema. Enemas made him feel good. Ever since his early teens, Chad eagerly anticipated receiving an enema from his mother.

After the allotted time, Mrs. Daniels pulled the thermometer out of her son’s ass. “Well,” she said reading it, “You are running a fever.”

Chad hitched up his pajama bottoms and turned over. His erection tented the front of the loose fitting bottoms. The slick remnants of Vaseline felt good between his ass-cheeks. Impatient for the verdict, he watched his mother return to the bathroom.

He shivered with excitement when he heard her open the door to the closet where the enema equipment was stored. Chad was going to get the desired enema.

He listened to sounds of preparation with mounting excitement. He practically jumped off the bed when he heard the water stop running and his mother command, “Chad, come in here.”

When Chad entered his bathroom his eyes immediately darted to the shiny red enema bag hanging over the bathtub. The wet bag appeared to be full. His gaze followed the hose to where its end lay coiled on the hamper. Goose flesh rippled over his slim body when he saw the black rectal nozzle stuck down in the Vaseline jar.

Familiar with the routine, Chad needed no prompting to undress. He quickly pulled off his pajamas and stood naked, waiting for his mother to finish her preparations. His firm young ass, eager for the feel of the nozzle, dimpled in anticipation.

His incredibly stiff penis pointed up at his belly button. He made no attempt to conceal his erection. Chad always got an erection when he received an enema. He considered it a normal reaction and even after puberty turned his child-sized penis into an adult-sized male sex organ Chad, who masturbated after receiving an enema, didn’t alter his attitude towards his enema hard-ons. Chad had long ago assumed it was a natural effect and he had no reason to think otherwise.

His mother smiled at him as she sat on the edge of the tub and spread a large towel across her knees. Chad’s cock twitched and his balls tightened in excitement when she picked up the Vaseline jar and the end of the enema hose. She quickly coated the rectal tip with a large gob of Vaseline and motioned him over with it.

Chad willingly climbed onto her lap. He needed to support himself with his hands he discovered. He spread his legs without being told and was rewarded with a gentle pat on his upturned buns. His engorged cock pressed between his mother’s knee and his stomach. Mrs. Daniels pried her son’s ass apart. She smiled at the traces of pubic hair matted down by the thermometer’s recent passage. Chad was no longer a little boy. A fine growth of dark hair covered the area around his crinkled anus and spread down to over his tight balls. His penis, hard as usual, felt like a wooden rod against her knee. She sighed to herself when she realized this would have to be the last time she gave her son an enema over her knees in the bathroom. She pressed the rigid nozzle into his tight opening.

Chad relaxed his muscles when he felt the nozzle enter. The enema tip was thicker than the thermometer and it felt good sliding up his ass. As soon as the nozzle was in place his mother opened the clamp. Chad readied himself for the first spurt of hot liquid. The hot, solution rushed down the long tube and burst into his rectum. Even though he was expecting it, Chad’s body jerked in response. His mother quickly placed her free hand on his lower back to steady him. Chad welcomed the warm flood. The invading liquid spread warmth through his belly and teased his groin. The hot liquid felt so good that Chad audibly sighed in pleasure. He nestled down to enjoy his enema.

As the enema continued, Chad became uncomfortable. His rectum was full and painful cramps spasmed through his guts. Involuntarily Chad’s ass clamped around the nozzle and tried to force it out. Vainly, he tried clenching his sphincter muscles to slow down the flow. He discovered he couldn’t. The hot liquid relentlessly forced its way into his bloated rectum. Chad squirmed and whimpered as the discomfort became pain. Perched over his mother’s knees he didn’t have any room to maneuver.. He was helpless to stop the pain. Unable to remain silent, Chad begged, “I’m uncomfortable and it hurts real bad, Mom. You gotta stop the cramps.”

Mrs. Daniels pinched the tubing clamp partially shut and spread her legs. Holding the nozzle firmly in place, she told her son, “I’m sorry, honey. Take some deep breaths, it’s almost over.” The restricted flow and better support relieved some of the intense pain.

“That’s a little better, Mom.” Chad panted. In spite of the pain, Chad’s cock remained stiff. He concentrated on his hard erection and tried to convert the pain in his belly into the familiar pleasure of anal stimulation.

Mrs. Daniels was acutely aware of her son’s rigid cock. It pressed against her leg through the folds of towel and every time he shifted position his rock hard prick poked her thigh. She stoked his quivering buns and murmured words of encouragement to him. Chad silently endured the uncomfortable enema. Even with the restricted flow, the cramps were very painful. Chad tightened his grip and gritted his teeth. Breathing in ragged gulps of air, he grimaced in agony as the last of the enema drained into his bloated, thigh-compressed guts.

When the red enema bag was flat, Mrs. Daniels closed the clamp and placed a wad of toilet paper around the nozzle. She withdrew the nozzle and pressed the wad against her son’s hole and held it firmly in place.

The pressure of his mother’s legs against his bloated stomach made retaining the enema difficult. Chad’s mother always made him hold his enema five minutes. Normally this was something Chad could do, but not this time.

“Now!” Chad begged immediately. “I really gotta go! It hurts so bad, Mom! Please!”

Mrs. Daniels recognized that her son was at his limit. She helped him

up and onto the commode. She observed his stiff erection with amused


“You were very good, Chad and I’m proud of you,” she told her suffering son. Not bothering to removing the deflated enema bag from over the tub, she left her poor boy alone with his agony.

Between spasms of glorious release, Chad studied the object of so much pain and pleasure. The flattened red bag and its long skinny tail sent shivers over the teen’s naked body. The image was very powerful and somehow primal to the teenager. It evoked two compelling images-submission to agony and heights of pleasure. Chad took hold of his raging hard-on and furiously stroked it. He pounded his intense climax out as an offering to the mighty rubber vessel. Tremendous gobs of semen spurted from his purple cockhead as Chad grunted out his sexual release.

Spent and drained, Chad clean himself and thought about his sister. “Julie’s going to know about my enema,” he said to himself. She couldn’t very well miss it he knew, since the evidence would be in plain sight over the bathtub. Mother always left the enema bag out when it was being used.

“Julie will see the enema bag when she opens the door on her side of the bathroom.” He found he wasn’t embarrassed by that fact and he wondered what his sister’s reaction would be.

Late in the afternoon his older sister came to see him. “How you feeling?” she inquired.

“I’m all right, I guess. I suppose you have my assignments,” he added, gesturing to the books she was holding.

“I’m afraid so,” she answered handing him his work books. She sat at the end of his bed and looked at the bathroom door.

“So,” she said without preamble, “You got an enema this morning?”

Chad looked up. “Yeah, I did.” His brow furrowed. “Mom put me across her knees, it was uncomfortable and made the enema difficult to take.”

“Well,” Julie replied, “You’re bigger now. Maybe Mom just forgot how much you’ve grown this past year.” She thought about seeing her brother receive an enema. The idea still excited her and a thrill shivered through her body.

She imagined him getting an enema. Her eyes fixed on her brother’s crotch and Julie recalled what his erection looked like. “Remember to relax next time,” she eventually said. “It will feel much better if you do.”

“Yeah.” Chad smiled. Rarely did you receive only one enema from Mom. The rule during an illness was an enema a day. Sometimes mother administered several a day if you were very constipated.

Early the next morning, Chad’s mother woke him to check his temperature. Still groggy with sleep, Chad heard his mother say he was still running a fever.

Chad vaguely heard his father and sister leave for the day as he drifted in and out of sleep. He woke a short time later and went to the bathroom. As he brushed his teeth he eyed the hanging enema bag. The thought of getting another enema caused an eager stir in his loins.

Chad got back in bed and waited. His mother came into his bedroom a short time later and entered the bathroom. She came out carrying several large towels.

“I think you’ll be more comfortable if I give you the enema here,” she informed her son. Mrs. Daniels arranged the towels in the middle of Chad’s bed.

“Take off your pajamas and lie on your stomach in the middle of these,” she told him.

Chad stripped off his pajamas and positioned himself as directed while his mother prepared the enema. He was excited about this new routine. He wondered if Julie had said anything to her.

His mother emerged carrying the enema bag. It’s shiny red surface glistened with droplets of water. Chad could tell it was filled to capacity. It looked wonderful. The nozzle in his mother’s hand was well greased.

“You’ll have to spread open for me, Chad,” His mother said with a smile. “My hands are full.”

Chad eagerly cooperated. He reached back with both hands to spread his ass and lifted his hips off the bed to afford his mother a clear target at which to aim the greased nozzle.

Mrs. Daniels deftly inserted the nozzle into her son’s waiting opening and popped the clamp. She sat on the edge of the bed and elevated the heavy bag to begin the flow. She rested her hand between her son’s firm buns and held the nozzle in place with two fingers. Whenever it began to slide out, she pressed it slowly back. This action sent rhythmic shivers through her son’s ass. Mrs. Daniels smiled.

Taking an enema on the bed was a lot easier. Chad rocked side to side as it progressed. The motion alleviated the cramps and dispersed the growing pressure. He also discovered the motion stimulated his rock hard boner. Without quite realizing it, Chad began to hump his cock against the rough material of the towel.

Chad felt wonderful. The hot solution coursed through his bowels and teased his balls. His expanding abdomen didn’t protest the fluid invasion. He looked at the enema bag. It still held quite a bit of liquid.

Seeing Chad’s glance, Mrs. Daniels lowered the partially full bag. “Continue to relax and breathe deep, Chad,” she encouraged. “You’re doing just fine, honey.”

Chad panted. His guts cramped and he willed the spasms in his stomach to subside. The pain eased, but the pressure continued to increase. Chad started to squirm in an effort to find a position that would grant some relief. His ass-cheeks clenched around his mother’s hand as a wave of cramps hit him.

His belly was sticky from something secreting from the tip of his hard-on. Bolts of pleasure shot through his stiff cock as it slipped over his taut stomach and rubbed against the rough towel. Chad raised his hips and felt his cock pull away from his belly. He relaxed his hips and felt the sensitive underside of his cock brush against the damp towel.

Mrs. Daniels’ fingertips touched Chad’s tight scrotum. She could feel her son’s balls expand. She knew he was close to orgasmic release.

“That’s it, Chad,” she encouraged. She twisted the nozzle back and forth.

“You’re doing fine, baby. You only have a little more to go.” She pressed the nozzle completely into her son’s clenching ass.

“Almost done, honey,” she soothed. Her finger tips pressed against the base of his hard shaft as she elevated the flattening enema bag to hurry the remaining liquid.

Chad, oblivious to his mother’s presence, writhed and bucked on the bed in blatant sexual arousal. The last of the enema solution drained into his flooded rectum. Suddenly, the awful pain became an explosion of orgasmic pleasure. Chad’s cock spasmed and he gave a cry of surprise as pearl after pearl of semen squirted from his steel-hard penis. He moaned in ecstasy and pain as his enema orgasm engulfed him. Chad shuddered uncontrollably for what seemed an eternity and then went limp when his massive orgasm subsided.

Mrs. Daniels kept her hand on the nozzle the entire time. She didn’t say anything. When her son was still she removed the nozzle and plugged his dribbling hole with a large wad of tissues. She took the enema bag into the bathroom and washed it.

The fearsome pressure in his guts soon had Chad flying off the bed. His cock slapped against his bloated belly as he raced for the bath-room, his only objective was to get to the commode. After letting go of the first rush of liquid Chad noticed his mother.

She smiled at him and finished washing the enema bag. She hung the wet enema bag and tubing over the bathtub.

“I’m sorry I didn’t give you the enema yesterday like this one. I should have known you were too big to fit over my knees.” Chad’s mother nodded at his bedroom. “Hereafter we’ll do your enemas like this one.” She smiled and left him to finish emptying his guts in private.

Julie entered her brother’s bedroom later that afternoon. She sat on the edge of his bed and asked, “Feeling better?”

Chad smiled at his big sister. “Oh yes, quite a bit actually.”

Julie glanced at the bathroom door. She was eager to hear all about her brother’s latest experience. “Was your enema any better today?”

“Yeah, it was,” he replied, smiling broadly. “This time Mom gave me the enema on my bed.” Chad sat up. “It was much easier that way.” Julie wanted to know more. “How much did Mom give you?”

“It seemed like the full bag,” he answered. “It kinda was a lot to take but I managed it.”

Julie looked at her brother’s crotch. His baggy pajama bottoms couldn’t conceal his boner. She moved closer to him and placed a hand between his legs. Julie casually closed her fist around the swollen organ. The firm shape of her brother’s cock was plainly visible through the thin cotton material. She squeezed her fist and a small wet spot blossomed around the tip of his cock.

“Tell me all about your enema,” she whispered.

Chad’s boner hardened in his sister’s grip. He smiled as he recalled his enema. “Mom made me lie on some towels. The water felt real nice. I liked the way it slowly filled me up.”

Julie fondled his hard-on. It had been some time since she had played with her brother’s penis. They had thoroughly explored each other’s bodies when they where younger and had continued it though puberty. Julie became infatuated with his maturing cock and for a while she had masturbated her little brother every night. It fascinated and delighted her to see and bring about his orgasms.

“I’ll tell you a little secret,” Julie whispered. “I also like getting enemas.”

She unsnapped his pajamas and folded the material out of the way. Julie scrutinized her brother’s penis. His cock was larger than the last time she had played with it and it sure was hard. His balls were drawn tightly against the underside of his shaft. She remembered how much he enjoyed it when she manipulated him before. Julie took his cock in both hands and slowly pumped his turgid shaft.

Chad closed his eyes and sighed deeply. “You were lucky. You got to have all those enemas when you were dieting.” His voice quivering from his sister’s manipulations.

Julie smiled and squeezed harder. She was amazed at how hard her brother’s dick was. She could tell he was close to coming. His ejaculations used to take her by surprise. She didn’t think that would be the case this time.

“Uh huh. Enemas feel so nice! I do enjoy taking them.” She stroked her brother’s hard-on. “I get off on them, too.”

His sister’s hands felt very different from his own. He shifted his position so it would be easier for her to pump his cock. “I shot off during my enema,” he admitted.

“You did?” Julie’s hands worked furiously up and down on her brother’s thick cock.

“Yeah, while Mom had the nozzle stuck in my butt, my dick shot off and . . . Oh Julie, oh Julie, oh Julie,” Chad urgently whispered over and over as his cock spewed liquid pearls.

Julie pulled her brother’s dick until she drained all his spunk. The force of his orgasm surprised her. She gently wiped off his spent cock before tucking it back inside his pajamas.

“We’re not the only ones who enjoy the healthful benefits of enemas,” Julie began.

“What do you mean?”

“I recently overheard mother talking to Aunt Helen about enemas.”


Julie smiled. “It should come as no surprise that both Mom and Dad take frequent enemas.”

“I guess not,” Chad admitted. “It makes sense.”

“Well, from what I heard of Mom’s conversation,” Julie continued, “Our Aunt Helen also follows a similar routine.”

“What do you think will happen when we visit Aunt Helen at Spring Break?”

Julie considered it likely their trip would entail quite a bit of enema activity. “Aunt Helen is a lot like Mom. She probably gives Sarah enemas same as mom does us. So I’d say there’s a good possibility we could get an enema or two while we are there.”

“That would be nice,” Chad said.

Julie smiled. “You don’t have to wait that long. I’ll give you an enema whenever you want one.”

Chad blushed, “Really?”

“Sure. Mom knows I use the enema bag whenever I want. It’ll be easy for me to give you an enema whenever we have the opportunity.” Chad returned her smile. “You’re pretty neat, and thanks.” He pointed at his crotch. He remembered the times they had explored each other’s private parts. “I’d like to return the favor when I get better.”

That was the reply Julie hoped for. “That would be great.” She kissed his forehead. “I remember how much you liked kissing my boobies. Meantime I’ve work to do, see you later.”

Julie actually wanted her brother to do it to her right there. She needed relief! The sight of her brother’s cock shooting off and the thought of giving him an enema was too much. She had to herself off immediately but knew she couldn’t risk it just then. She went into her bedroom and sat on her bed. Her hand snaked into her panties and she quickly brought herself off. It wasn’t great but it slaked the fire burning in her crotch.

The following day was Saturday. Chad woke up early. He could tell he was no longer running a fever. Happy to be feeling better, he got up and went to the bathroom.

He peered into his sister’s room and saw that she was still asleep. He pulled her bathroom door shut and tried to be as quiet as possible. When he finished he climbed back into bed and thought about the past few days.

Sounds from the bathroom disturbed Chad’s reverie. He got up and went to greet his sister. His sister was brushing her teeth when he knocked on the half open door.

Julie motioned him in. Chad entered and sat on the commode. His sister rinsed her mouth and said, “Good morning. How are you feeling today?”

“Better. I slept well.” He couldn’t help stare at the enema bag. Julie looked too. He recalled their earlier conversation.

“You’ll get another enema this morning, you know,” she told him.

“Mother likes to be thorough.”

Chad nodded. “I know, but Mom and Dad won’t be up for a while. We have time if you want to take an enema now.”

Julie took the enema bag down and looped the tubing in her hand. “Would you like to watch me take an enema, Chad?”

“Can I?”

“I’d like for you to watch. I think it might be fun.” Chad took a few towels to his sister’s bedroom while his sister prepared her enema. He sat on her bed and anxiously waited for her. His cock poked out the flimsy material of his pajamas. It took all his self control not to touch his hard-on.

Chad stood when Julie entered her bedroom carrying the full enema bag. He watched her hang it from the hook behind her bed and took the nozzle when she handed it to him.

Julie retrieved her tube of K-Y Jelly and quickly shrugged out of her nightgown. She allowed her brother a swift look at her nudity before stretching out on the towels.

Chad’s balls drew up tight against the base of his cock. His sister’s nakedness really excited him. Her hips and buns looked fabulous and the quick glimpse he’d gotten of her conical breasts and pubic patch made his penis twitch and ooze fluid. He didn’t dare touch his cock. He knew the slightest contact would trigger his climax. Chad wanted to savor this as long as possible before shooting his load. Julie squeezed a ribbon of K-Y Jelly onto her fingertips. Chad watched as she parted her beautiful buns and lubricated her anus. She didn’t just dub it on, he noticed. She took her time massaging it in. “Hand me the nozzle,” she told her brother.

Chad quickly complied. “Here you are, Julie.”

Julie took the plastic rod in her hand and placed it against her anus.

“Here goes.”

Chad watched his sister skillfully insert the slim nozzle into her rectum. Chad swallowed. His sister’s ass looked sexy and inviting. He wanted to touch it, caress it and kiss it. Chad stared at the dark patch barely visible between her legs. His sister’s pussy captivated him. He didn’t think he’d ever grow tired of looking at.

Julie murmured sensuously and opened the clamp to begin the flow of enema solution.

Chad moved closer to the active enema bag. His penis throbbed and he ached to jerk off. Witnessing an enema was too much! The sticky spot on his pajamas grew to the size of a quarter. His hard-on quivered as it oozed pre-ejaculate.

Julie stared at the wet bulge in her brother’s pajamas. She sighed in obvious pleasure.

“Oh Chad, the enema feels wonderful. I can feel the warm water traveling through my belly. Come closer brother and show me your lovely hard dick.”

Chad moved closer to his sister’s face and pulled down his pajama bottoms. His cock jutted stiffly, its purple mushroom head glistening with pre-ejaculate. His dick threatened to spontaneously erupt at any moment. Chad fervently hoped he could hold back his climax a while longer.

Julie smiled at her brother’s arousal. She massaged her belly with her right hand and now and then squeezed the enema hose clamp with her left hand. When she squeezed it shut she panted several times before opening it to resume the flow. Her right arm continued to move beneath her stomach.

Chad watched Julie massage her belly. He desperately scrutinized the enema bag. Its swollen shape slowly faded as its contents emptied into his sister’s pliant guts. As he watched his sister’s actions changed. Julie panted continuously and her right hand stopped massaging her belly. Her legs twitched and her hips rocked. Her hand, he saw, now manipulated her pussy.

Julie’s eyes locked on her brother’s rigid organ. Its taut, bulbous head glistened with the sticky secretions oozing from the slit at its tip. A thick vein stood out in stark relief from the tight skin of its shaft. Chad’s balls, covered in a fine shock of curly hair, sucked tight against the base of his quivering cock.

“Jerk off for me, Chad,” Julie gasped. “I want to see your wonderful cock shoot off.”

Chad grabbed his inflamed organ. “Julie,” he immediately stammered out. “I can’t hold back. I’m gonna come!”

Julie selfishly fingered her sopping pussy and spread the oily fluid over her stiff clit and rubbed. Her eyes followed her brother’s flailing cock. She heard him gasp. Chad’s cock spasmed and showered her face with its pungent load.

Instead of pulling away, she urged him closer. Chad leaned towards her flushing face and furiously stroked his gushing cock. Julie grunted as the gouts of spurting semen splashed her face and hair. Her body stiffened for an instant at the onset of orgasm and then writhed in raw sexuality as she wallowed in the incredible climax.

She barely got the enema clamp closed before her spasming behind ejected the slim rectal nozzle.

“Nice,” she murmured.

Chad pulled up his pajamas. He was a bit weak in the knees but his cock was still hard. “Yeah, it was.”

Julie rolled off her bed and went into the bathroom. “Take care of that stuff, will you?”

“Sure thing.”

Chad gathered up the hose, removed the empty enema bag from its hook and scooped up the towels. He looked for come spots but couldn’t see any. He joined his sister in the bathroom.

“Oh Chad,” Julie began but a large burst of liquid waste from her bowels interrupted her.

They both laughed and to their surprise, neither of them were embarrassed.

Chad washed the enema equipment.

“That was good. Oh so very good,” Julie commented when her bowels finished draining.

Chad rinsed the enema bag and tubing, carefully wiped it off and hung it back up. Behind him his sister flushed the toilet.

“I’ll have to clean up before Mom gets here to give you your enema,” she told him.

They both broke into giggles. “Quiet,” Julie admonished her brother. “We don’t want them coming to investigate.”

Chad nodded and left his sister to finish cleaning up. He got back in bed and dozed off.

His mother woke him. She felt his head and nodded. “Looks like you’re getting better. How do you feel?”

Chad answered, “I feel okay. I didn’t have any trouble sleeping last night.”

Mrs. Daniels nodded. “That’s great.” She left his bed, entered the bathroom and started the water running in the sink.

Chad got out of bed and followed her into the bathroom. “Are you going to give me another enema, Mom?”

“Yes,” she replied. She took the enema bag down, coiled the hose and took it all to the bathroom sink.

Chad watched her rinse out the enema bag. His penis quickly stiffened and he blushed. His thin pajamas couldn’t conceal his erection, nor did he try to hide it from his mother’s sight.

“Why don’t you spread the towels for me and get ready,” she suggested.


Chad grabbed the same towels Julie had used and took them to his room. He removed his pajamas and positioned himself on the towels. His hard penis felt like a bar pressing into his stomach. He wondered if he would shoot off again.

Mrs. Daniels finished rinsing the enema bag. Chad’s unabashed erection meant he wasn’t ashamed over his reaction to his previous enema. In fact he was eager to receive another enema. She intended to help him there. Chad’s mother picked up the wet rectal nozzle. “Time for Chad to graduate to something a bit larger,” she thought. She dried the thin pipe and went to the linen closet. She took out the well worn enema box, opened it and took out the douche nozzle. She smiled. The larger, longer nozzle would stretch Chad’s hole and reach deep enough to provide him with an unexpected thrill. She was certain her son would like that!

She didn’t bother to put the worn enema box back in the closet. She had a feeling this enema bag was going to see a lot more use. Rather than make it difficult to get to, she’d hang it on a hook inside the linen closet. With it easily accessible and handy the children would be tempted to use it more frequently. Belatedly she realized she should have done that during Julie’s diet.

She went back to the sink, rinsed off the douche tip, adjusted the water temperature and filled the enema bag to capacity. Chad repeated the motions from the day before. He held is ass cheeks apart and raised his hips when he heard his mother approach. She didn’t say anything to him. He felt the cool sticky touch of the Vaseline against his hole but then something different. Chad first thought his mother was trying to push her finger up his butt, but he quickly realized it was the enema nozzle.

“It feels different this time,” he told his mother.

“That’s because I’m using a larger nozzle,” she informed him. “You’re bigger now,” she explained. “This will make taking the enema much easier.”

Chad didn’t know about that, but he did know that he liked the way the thicker nozzle felt entering his hole. He heard the clamp open and felt the surge of warm water. His mother pushed the nozzle. It was longer than the other one as well. Chad shuddered as the thick tip passed up his rectum. It pressed against something that made his cock twitch and ooze fluid.

When the cramps hit Chad decided to do as he saw his sister do and began rubbing his belly. It felt good to do that and the initial wave of cramps quickly ended.

Mrs. Daniels noticed what Chad was doing. “Good, Chad. That’s the way. Stay relaxed and enjoy the enema, don’t tense up.”

Chad looked at the enema bag. It was almost empty. He kept massaging his stomach and took deep slow breaths. He wasn’t going to shoot off this time. It felt real good to have that large nozzle stuck up his rear and to have his guts swell with the deliciously warm liquid. Mrs. Daniels closed the clamp. The enema bag was completely empty. She set it down on the towels and slowly pulled the nozzle out of her son’s cute butt. She pressed a few tissues against his anus and told him to turn over.

Chad turned onto his back. His hard penis lay tight against his taut, bloated belly. He wondered what was going to happen next. Mrs. Daniels took the enema bag into the bathroom and placed it in the sink. She returned to the bedroom and stood near the bathroom door. She looked at her young son and admired his firm teenaged body. His stiff penis and tight balls looked so inviting. His muscular legs were covered with a light growth of hair. Chad was massaging his belly with wide sweeps of both hands. His efforts to hold back the enema caused his thighs to rhythmically contract. His penis quivered in its nest of thick curls.

Mrs. Daniels didn’t trust herself. If she continued to stand there she’d likely to attack her helpless son. The thought of engulfing his cock in her mouth and sucking him while he struggled to retain his enema was too much to endure. There will time enough for that later, she reminded herself. If things worked out like she thought they would, her sister would have that pleasure first. Or her own daughter, she reminded herself.

She returned to the bathroom and washed the enema bag. She decided to leave the douche tip attached to the hose and hung the enema equipment back up over the tub. A little overt encouragement never hurt. Chad gasped in pain. He couldn’t hold the enema any longer. Being on his back helped and he was thankful his mother had suggested it. He rolled off his bed and hobbled into the bathroom. His mother was drying her hands. Chad sat on the commode. He didn’t bother to tuck his hard-on down into the bowl. He left it poking out from his thighs and let loose. The enema load gushed out in a ferocious torrent. A small amount of clear fluid dribbled down his shaft as he expelled. His mother left him.

Julie listened to her brother empty his bowels. The sounds excited her and she imagined how he felt expelling his enema. The cramps and pain from the water’s pressure, then the joyous relief and feelings of pleasure as the straining load all came out. A knowing smile played across her impish face.

After her brother finished his shower, she entered his bedroom. She knew their parents had left the house. They wouldn’t be disturbed for some time.

Julie’s hair was still damp from her shower and she wore only her dressing robe. She was deliciously naked underneath the thin garment. She sat on his bed and leaned close her brother. Her eyes sparkled with delight. “And how was your enema, little brother?” Chad sat up and recounted the entire incident. “Mom came in and told me she was going to give me another enema,” he began. Julie started to play with the buttons on his pajamas. Her warm hand slipped into the waistband and cupped his balls.

“Mom had me spread the towels on my bed while she filled the enema bag.”

Chad lifted his hips and his sister pulled his bottoms down to free his erection. Julie wrapped her hand around her brother’s hard-on and lightly stroked it.

The smooth satiny skin of his cockhead looked very enticing. Julie leaned close and ran her tongue once around the head of her brother’s cock.

Chad drew a sharp breath and thrust his hips to encourage the motion of his sister’s caressing hands.

“Mom used a different nozzle, too,” he continued in a shaky voice.

“I saw,” Julie replied. “Doesn’t it feel great?” Julie looked at the taut purple head of her brother’s dick. A drop of clear fluid appeared at the slit. “The nozzle I mean. I know this feels great.” She squeezed his shaft.

“Yeah, it felt real good. So did the enema. I got full but not too full. You know what I mean?” Chad felt his sister’s hot breath on his cock. “My dick got real hard and the enema and the nozzle felt great, but I didn’t shoot off like last time.”

Julie licked her lips. Her brother’s cock looked so enchanting. “Oh I know all right.” Her belly fluttered at the memory. Her mouth hovered over his cock. “Let’s see if we can’t get it to shoot off now.” Julie opened her mouth and engulfed the end of his quivering cock.

Chad gasped and grabbed a fistful of covers when he felt his sister’s hot mouth close around his dick. He tried to remain still and found it impossible. His legs scissored several times and his butt clenched.

Julie rolled her tongue around his cockhead and sucked. She treated his cock like a large lollipop. Her lips never quite left his cock as she sucked his taut cockhead in and out of her mouth. She teased his slit with the tip of her tongue and licked the underside area of his glans. She found the taste to her liking. Her hands and mouth worked in unison. She stroked his hard shaft up and down as she ate his cockhead.

Chad mewed. His orgasm was about to trigger. His legs convulsed uncontrollably. He arched his back and thrust up to meet his sister’s hot mouth.

Julie, realizing her brother was about to come, locked her lips around the head of his cock and sucked hard while her fist pounded his shaft up and down. Chad groaned and his cock erupted. Julie held his cock in her mouth as a series of violet shudders shook her brother. Three good spurts of hot semen jetted into her mouth and she sucked them enthusiastically. Her brother didn’t squirt as much as he did earlier, and Julie was thankful. She didn’t think she could handle that much spunk without gagging. As it was, her first blow job was rather impressive and incredible.

Julie released her brother’s spent penis and slowly raised herself until she was straddling him. She opened her robe and revealed her nakedness to her panting brother.

“Lick me, Chad,” she commanded. She pulled her brother’s head toward her crotch.

Chad tore his eyes from her gorgeous tits and moved until his face pressed between her quivering legs. Her moist silky pussy rubbed against his chin. Her heady aroma intoxicated him and Chad eagerly licked his sister’s pussy. She tasted fantastic. He had only one problem. His position only allowed him shallow access to her marvelous pussy. He couldn’t properly lick and probe her hole. The best he could manage was to kiss and lick her outer lips.

Julie realized the problem and pulled away. She moved to be beside her brother but Chad slipped off the bed. He knelt next to the bed and guided Julie’s legs until they where draped over his shoulders. He cupped her buttocks and pulled her forward until her hips reached the edge of the bed.

Chad leaned in and kissed his sister’s pussy. He inhaled deeply and savored her musky fragrance. It drove him crazy with passion. His tongue dove into her slit and lapped the oily juice that copiously flowed from her vagina. Julie quivered and squirmed under his rapid tonguing. His cock stood straight out, stiff and ready for another ejaculation.

“Oh yes, Chad. That’s a good boy. Eat me. Lick my pussy,” Julie murmured. Her hands caressed her breasts and she pinched her nipples. Her brother’s mouth and tongue felt absolutely wonderful. It was better than fingering herself. Much better.

“Oh, oh,” she gasped. “I’m coming! I’m coming! Harder! Lick harder!”

Chad pressed his mouth to his sister’s pussy. He glued his lips around her clit and flicked his tongue rapidly over the little nubbin poking up from the tiny mound of flesh. Her thighs clamped around his head and her hips gyrated wildly when she came. Chad stayed attached to her pussy. He kept licking and sucking. He couldn’t get enough of her sweet nectar. It was like he was addicted to her pussy juice! Julie tried to push him away but Chad wouldn’t release her crotch. He sucked her fluids and struggled out of his pajama bottoms. He swung himself onto the bed and pulled his sister onto her side. He did it without loosening his hold on her pussy. Julie moved her lower leg so it supported Chad’s head. Chad crabbed his lower body towards his sister.

Julie responded by assuming the same position. She brushed the hair from her face and regarded Chad’s hard-on. She kissed it but didn’t take it into her mouth. Instead she licked his shaft and gingerly kissed his balls. She immediately felt Chad’s reaction on her crotch. Encouraged, she held his cock out of the way and licked wide circles over his tight scrotum. Then she pulled his cock into her mouth. She took as much of it as she could manage and slowly pulled it out. She licked down his shaft and sucked his balls and repeated the sequence. Chad now had the freedom of movement to energetically lap his sister’s crotch. He started above her clit and tongued his way to her vagina. Her juices coated his face and got up his nose. He didn’t care, she tasted wonderful and he never wanted to stop licking her pussy. He gripped her fleshy buttocks and pulled her closer. He wanted to explore every inch of her womanhood. Chad pressed his face hard against her crotch and sucked. He licked. His tongue flicked and probed every fold of pink flesh. He tongued lower, inspired by his sister’s moans. Her thighs squeezed his head when his mouth found her anus.

Chad didn’t think about what he was doing, he just did it. His lips covered his sister’s brown bud with a shower of wet kisses. His tongue licked around and over it. He glued his lips over it and sucked. Had someone told him he would eagerly suck an ass hole he would have thought them crazy. Now he didn’t even pause to consider what he was doing, it was natural. His tongue darted over her tight anal ring and tried to push its way past the rubbery circle of muscle. Julie couldn’t believe it. She was on the verge of another orgasm. This climax promised to be even stronger than the first one. She licked Chad’s nut sack and the bulging root of his cock and then swept her tongue over his anus.

Chad’s butt jerked at the touch of her tongue. It felt like an electrical shock. He wanted it but he couldn’t stand it. Julie pulled him back and teased his anus once again with her hot tongue. Chad twitched and attempted to endure her ministrations. He couldn’t tolerate it for long! He was just too sensitive back there. He increased his own licking in an attempt to take his mind off the shocks of pleasure emanating from his ass.

Her brother’s musky scent filled her nostrils. Julie gasped, it was difficult to breathe. Her impending orgasm made it impossible for her to catch her breath. She gulped air and glued her tongue to her brother’s anus.

They climaxed together. Julie shuddered and emitted a squeal of primal passion. Chad gulped air as his cock, purple and rock hard with engorged blood, jerked against his sister’s throat. He felt several strong ejaculations but only a small amount of semen dribbled out of his cock.

Julie rolled away from her brother. “The next time,” she panted, “We do this one at a time.”


Mike Daniels woke and stretched. He blinked sleep from his eyes and absently fingered his stiff cock. He turned towards his sleeping wife. She stirred and he embraced her.

“Good morning, darling,” she murmured.

“Morning,” He moved closer to her and pushed back the covers. The cool air crinkled her nipples. Mike obligingly covered one with his hand and the other with his mouth.

Sally wrapped her arms around her husband’s strong bare back. “I like it when you wake me up this way.”

Mike sucked her nipple into his mouth. His tongue circled it as he sucked. His lips parted and he drew in as much tit flesh as he could. He played with her other nipple as he sucked. He rolled and pinched it with his fingers until it swelled and grew hard. Mike kneaded the firm flesh. He liked the feeling of her acorn-hard nipple as it poked the palm of his hand.

Sally reached down and lightly caressed her husband’s hard-on. She ran her nails along its sensitive underside. The organ twitched in response. She felt an oily drop of lubricant leak from his piss slit. She cupped her husband’s balls and massaged the root of his shaft with her middle fingers.

Mike stopped sucking her tits and moved up to kiss Sally. His lips met hers and he kissed her deeply. Their tongues intertwined and fought. Their lips mashed against each other as they sought maximum contact. Mike rolled on top of her and Sally whispered, “There’s something I want you to do later.”

Sally parted her legs. Mike moved until his hard-on pushed against his wife’s pussy. “What’s that?”

“I’d like for you to give Chad an enema this morning,” she said. Sally parted her pussy lips with her fingers and guided his rigid fuckpole to her hot snatch.

Mike slowly inched his cock into his wife’s pussy. Her outer pussy lips weren’t wet. He liked the feeling of forcing his dick into her tight love channel. It was almost as good as ramming his cock up her ass.

“I thought I’d give you an enema this morning,” Mike answered. “After I fucked your pussy, that is.”

Mike flexed his hips. The movement withdrew his cock until just the head was lodged in her tight opening. He raised himself up on his arms and, with a sudden thrust, plunged his hard-on fully into her tight pussy.

Sally responded with a gasp. Her pussy was extremely wet now. Her husband again stroked his cock and buried it to the hilt inside her warm love channel.

Sally ran her hands over Mike’s back, “Chad should have another enema. Afterwards darling you can give me an enema. You know I want one.” Mike continued sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. He was pleased to see his wife squirm in pleasure beneath him. “Why do you want me to do it all of a sudden? You’ve been giving him enemas all week.” He increased the tempo of his pistoning cock.

Sally thrust her hips up to meet Mike’s fucking. Her hands roamed over his back and buttocks. Sally was in love with her husband’s ass. His butt was so hard and tight! She caressed his firm, hairy buns to urge him to fuck her faster and harder.

“You know Chad gets an erection every time he gets an enema,” she explained.

“That’s nothing new,” Mike answered. “The little squirt pops a hard-on every time the enema bag comes out.”

“Chad finally ejaculated during an enema. It happened Friday. Your `little squirt’ had a very strong, intense orgasm in spite of my presence.”

Sally grinned. “The stimulation from the enema was too much for him and the poor dear obviously couldn’t contain himself. It’s time he learned why.”

Mike shifted his weight to one arm and pinched Sally’s nipples with his free hand.. “Fine, tell him.”

Images of her son’s recent enemas flashed through her mind. Sally dug her nails into Mike’s ass. Witnessing her son get off from the stimulation of an enema had excited her immensely. “I rather you showed and explained it to him.”

“Okay,” Mike smiled. “I know what to do and say. Like father, like son.”

She pulled her husband’s thrusting hips closer. “Oh yes,” she whispered. She wasn’t sure if she was confirming that her son was like his father in that respect or if she meant it to mean she was near orgasm.

“Fuck me. Fuck me deep! Fuck me hard!” It was both.

Mike rammed his cock faster and faster into his wife’s pussy. Her hole was slippery and loose but her vaginal muscles clenched his driving shaft. He knew she was about to climax.

Sally wildly rubbed her hands over her husband’s ass. In a short time her son’s ass would be filling up with an enema. His boy-cock would be hard and ready. Sally wanted that cock! She wanted to shower it with kisses and suck it down her throat. She wanted to have her baby fuck her front and back! Sally pulled at Mike’s ass cheeks and raked them with her nails.

“Oh! Oh!” she gasped. “Now, hurry!” she whispered. “Shoot off now! I’m there!”

Mike’s ass went rigid, his balls tightened and his cockhead swelled in response to his wife’s orgasm. He rammed his shaft into her pussy and held it. He took a deep breath and grunted loudly. His cock spasmed and erupted.

Sally locked her legs around Mike’s hips and held his cock deep in her pussy. She loved it when he climaxed in her pussy and she imagined she could feel his jism spurting inside her. Condoms were a prerequisite for safe sex, but Mike’s vasectomy precluded the necessity for wrapping his rascal during vaginal penetration. She continued to climax until he collapsed on top of her.

Mike kissed her deeply. “Don’t move,” he said after a while. “I’ll soon be back to give you an enema and fuck your hot ass.”

He eased his slick cock from her wet pussy and got off the bed. After a quick shower he put on a robe and went to his son’s room.

Sally went into the bathroom after her husband left. She peed, washed her hands and face and brushed out her hair. She opened the closet and examined their collection of enema equipment. Sally chose an enema bag similar to the children’s one and connected a length of latex tubing to it. For a nozzle she picked one of the large rubber douche tips. The five inch long, three quarter inch diameter nozzle would expand and loosen her ass nicely. She left the assembled enema bag and nozzle on the vanity and went back to bed to contentedly wait for her husband’s return.

Mike entered his son’s room. Chad was still in bed. “How are you doing, champ,” he asked.

Chad turned over and faced his father. “Fine, I guess.”

Mike got right to the point. “Great, but to be sure another enema is in order.”

At the mention of the word Chad blushed. He stared around his room, not knowing what to say.

His father entered the bathroom and emerged holding several towels. He flung them at Chad. “You know what to do, champ,” he told his son. Chad indeed knew what to do. He stripped off his pajamas and spread the towels in the middle of the bed. His penis was tumescent, but not yet rock hard. He hoped his Dad wouldn’t embarrass him about it. He was thankful that his mom never mentioned his erections. Chad wasn’t sure how his father would react to his boner. He got in position and tried not to think about it.

His dad returned with the jar of Vaseline and sat behind Chad. He removed the lid and scooped out a mass of Vaseline. Mike parted his son’s nates and smeared the thick stuff around Chad’s puckered anus. “Mom tells me you’ve been very good for her this past week,” his father said. “She told me you didn’t fuss when it came time to get your enemas.” Mike continued to rub small circles around Chad’s anus. Chad answered in a quiet voice. “I know they are good for me and I don’t actually mind them.”

Mike stopped rubbing his son’s anus and swirled his index finger in the Vaseline. He placed the thickly coated finger on Chad’s anus and carefully twisted his greasy finger past his son’s rubbery anal muscle. He intended to see just how receptive and sensitive Chad’s ass was to stimulation.

“That’s good,” his father continued. “Enemas have many beneficial effects. It’s good you understand that.” Chad’s hole was very tight but elastic. Mike readily managed to fully insert his finger into his son’s rectum.

“There’s a small gland back here called the prostate,” he explained to his son as he inserted his finger. “Just relax,” he told Chad. He twisted his finger and applied a slight downward pressure. “It’s a male sex gland and it’s sensitive.”

Chad jumped at the internal touch. He tried to remain still. “Oh wow, Dad. What did you do?”

Mike chuckled, “Nothing much, I’m massaging your prostate gland. This is a simple way to see if the gland is healthy and developing properly.”

Mike continued his gentle anal massage. He also moved his finger back and forth in his son’s tight back opening. He felt his son’s erection and Chad’s anus spasmed around his moving finger. Chad had a strong anal muscle and a few of the pinches were painful. Mike’s own cock stirred as he imagined what it would be like to have his penis rather than his finger buried in his son’s rectum.

“Stimulating this gland produces a pleasurable response,” his father explained. “It’s nothing to be ashamed about. In fact, it’s a normal reaction. It means you are a healthy teenager.”

Chad gripped the bedclothes. His father’s finger was driving him wild. His sister’s lips were nothing compared to what he was feeling! He felt light-headed and his entire body tingled. He was going to come and couldn’t hold his orgasm back. He didn’t want to hold it. He wanted to come more than anything. He gasped in disbelief when he climaxed. Great shuddering spasms shook his body. Spurt after spurt of semen jetted from his penis. It seemed like he was shooting off for hours. It was more than he ever shot before.

Mike vainly tried to keep his finger in place as Chad shot his load. His son’s strong clenching ass wouldn’t let him. His finger squeezed out after the second ejaculation. He went to the bathroom to wash his hands and fill the enema bag. Now he’d see to what extend Chad enjoyed anal stimulation. Mike didn’t think he’d be disappointed. Chad calmed his breathing and peeked at his belly. He was amazed at the puddle of semen plastered to the towel and his stomach. His penis was still hard. His ass quivered. He realized he still had to take an enema!

Mike returned to his son’s bed. He held the nozzle in his right hand and the full enema bag in his left. The hose hung freely between the two. He smiled when he saw his son spread his cheeks and offer his ass to the nozzle. Mike bent over and placed the tip against Chad’s well greased hole. The nozzle slid effortlessly up his son’s rectum. Mike let go of the nozzle, “Here goes, champ,” he said and opened the clamp. The enema water flowed with a quiet hiss.

Unlike his mother, his father stood at the foot of the bed to hold the enema bag. Chad couldn’t see the lovely bag to judge his progress but he didn’t mind. The warm water expanding his guts felt wonderful. Chad was very relaxed and didn’t feel shameful or depressed about having an orgasm. Quite the contrary! Chad was in a blissful state of contentment. He took long slow deep breaths and savored the advancing fullness. His reverie broke when he felt the nozzle withdraw from his ass.

Mike smiled down at his son. “You did great, champ. That’s the way to take an enema!”

Chad felt exuberant. The urge to go was strong but he waited for his Dad to finish washing the enema bag before getting up. He knew he could maintain control over the pressure and hold back the enema. When he finally sat on the commode his expulsion was copious and very satisfying.

Mike left his son to empty his bowels and hurried back to his bedroom. He needed relief! Chad’s tight ass and enormous orgasm had excited him. He wondered if he’d get the chance to poke his son’s butt. Perhaps, but right now Sally waited for him and her ass was there for the taking!

“How did it go?” his wife asked him when he entered the bedroom.

“As you thought it would.” Mike grinned. “Chad’s developed a fine appreciation for anal stimulation. I massaged his prostate gland and the little bugger shot off like a rocket. He took his enema without complaint and he retained it for quite a while.”

Mike removed his robe and sat on the bed. “I’d say he’s ready to move onto bigger and better things.”

Sally agreed, “Well if things go as planned at my sister’s you’ll have two more butts to fuck!”

“Not to mention what I’ll have,” she told herself.

“You think Julie will be amenable too?”

“Your eldest child has been syringing herself on the sly since her diet. She’s a natural anal erotic. It’s fortunate Chad got sick when he did. I’m certain all this recent enema activity will make her eager to experiment.”

Mike nuzzled his wife’s breasts. “When do we make the trip to your sister’s anyway?” he mumbled from around one of her nipples. “In a few weeks.” Sally felt the stirrings of desire awake as her husband greedily sucked her nipples. She thought about the coming trip.

They had discussed their children’s sexual development many times. They wanted their children to enjoy their bodies to the fullest without shame or inhibition. At the same time neither wanted to force anything on them or make their children do anything they didn’t already desire.

How to accomplish this puzzled them until Sally learned about her niece. Sarah was an only child and about Julie’s age. She was very precocious according to her sister, Helen.

Sally had enjoyed growing up with Helen. They were less than a year apart in age. The two of them shared a bedroom as kids. They were very close and didn’t have any secrets from one another. As girls, they both loved getting enemas. That was fortunate, for in their house, enemas were routine weekly affairs. Their mother was gentle but insistent. When she decided an enema was called for, you took it, young lady, and no back talk.

The sisters always received their syringings together. Helen got hers first because she was older. Later in bed, they spoke of getting enemas in incredible detail and mercilessly teased each other about it.

About the time of her menarche, Helen learned that their parents used anal intercourse as a method of birth control. She shared this intimate knowledge with her sister one night. Sally took the news solemnly at first and then started making enema jokes about their mother and father.

Helen teased her about it and before either girl knew exactly how it happened they were busy exploring their developing bodies. What started out as natural curiosity soon evolved into full-fledged mutual pleasuring. That first masturbation session led them to explore each other’s body in earnest. They both had strongly developed anal-erotic tendencies by puberty.

This secret knowledge merely gave them the vehicle in which to pursue it to its logical conclusion. Both girls became adept at intimately pleasuring each other. It was Sally’s idea to use her hairbrush as a penis substitute. She nearly fainted from pleasure the first time Helen inserted the rounded handle up her rear. Later they were lucky to both marry men who where amicable to anal play. The four of them enjoyed some pretty wild times before the kids came along. It was natural that they would provide the same stimulation to their children that they so much enjoyed.

Helen, Sally recalled, had told her they often swam nude in the family pool. This past summer Sarah used these occasions to make some rather blatant sexual advances towards her father.

Her sister knew her daughter found enemas stimulating so to divert some of Sarah’s randy exuberance, Helen began to find more reasons for Sarah to receive an enema.

After Sarah responded enthusiastically to the increased syringing, Helen graduated her to high colonics. When Sarah reacted favorably to the long tube, her sister-under the guise of larger enema nozzles-introduced Sarah to anal dilation.

Eventually her bold sister deemed her daughter ready and she gave the green light to her husband. The next time Sarah presented herself to her father, much to her delight, he responded. She took her father’s cock up her ass and had six orgasms in as many minutes. Helen told Sally she was certain Sarah would share her knowledge with her cousins. Julie and Chad would learn from their cousin. Helen and Carl would be there to ensure they learned well.

Mike let go of the nipple he’d been sucking. “Ready for your enema?”

“Oh yes,” Sally said kissing her husband.

“Then I want your cock to fuck my ass. The enema bag is ready and waiting.” Mike went into the bathroom and emerged with a large towel and a tube of lubricant.

“Slide over,” he told her.

Sally lazily got out of his way. Mike placed a pillow in the middle of the bed and covered it with the towel. Mike screwed a small nozzle onto the tube of lubricant and told his wife, “On the pillow, Sally.” Sally obediently raised her hips and slid her ass onto the edge of the pillow. She parted her long legs and flexed her knees. Mike inserted the slim plastic nozzle into her crinkled ass-ring and squeezed the tube. He squeezed until the thick lubricant flowed out around the thin nozzle. Satisfied, he withdrew the applicator and squeezed it again. Mike gathered the clear gel clinging to the applicator and added it to the mass around his wife’s dark opening. He took his time smearing the lubricant over his wife’s puckered orifice. He couldn’t help think about Chad’s tight, virgin ass as he did.

“That feels so good, darling,” Sally murmured.

Mike returned to the bathroom and filled the enema bag. He carefully emptied the long hose of any air and left the bathroom carrying the wet, sexy object.

Sally watched Mike carry the bloated enema bag over to the hook behind their bed. Sally flushed a deep crimson when he hung it up and approached her with the nozzle. “Yes!” she thought, “Give it to me like you gave it to Chad.”

Mike twisted the blunt douche tip in the lubricant around his wife’s hole. He teased her ass with it by moving its bulbous end around and around her crinkled orifice. Every third or forth revolution Mike pressed it against her dimpled rosebud. Each press was a bit harder. Sally raised her knees and jutted her ass towards the teasing nozzle. Mike finally pressed it past her ass ring and inserted it.

“Oh yes,” Sally murmured. She relaxed and waited for her enema to begin.

Mike pushed the nozzle completely in his wife’s ass and opened the clamp. He watched the enema bag sway as the flow commenced.

“Ah,” Sally sighed when the water reached her rectum. “That feels so good in my ass, hon.” Sally panted and slowly rubbed wide circles over her stomach.

Mike knowingly nodded. Sally’s pussy glistened with moisture and its outer lips were swollen and vermilion in color. He kept a steady pressure on the nozzle to prevent it from slipping out.

“Tell me more about the enemas you recently gave Chad.”

Sally took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “The first day he stayed home from school I gave him the enema over my knees, in the bathroom,” She looked at her husband, “Like I used to.” Sally took another deep breath. “His hard-on pressed into my thigh,” She smiled at the memory. “It felt like a steel pipe. Our little fellow isn’t so little anymore.”

“In more ways than one.”

Sally chuckled. “Anyway, it was rather uncomfortable for him. Still, he didn’t complain. He managed to take it all.”

Mike stroked her pussy with his free hand. She was very wet. He dipped a finger into her vagina and Sally gave a little shudder.

“I had him lie on his bed for the others. Gave him the full two- quarts and switched to the larger nozzle after he climaxed. He took the full bag each time.”

Mike took the enema bag from its hook and raised it over his wife’s ass. “I can’t wait to fuck your ass.”

Sally rocked and rubbed her belly as the water filled her guts. “Yes, yes, my darling,” she moaned. Her ass rapidly clenched around the thick nozzle. Wet noises came from her pussy as he fingered her. Her husband raised the bag as high as he could. She pushed his hand away from her pussy and fingered herself.

Mike pressed against the protruding portion of the nozzle and held it fast to her spasming hole as Sally squirmed beneath him. Her hand was slick with pussy cream as her fingers madly rubbed her swollen sex. His wife shuddered in orgasmic release and then lay still.

Mike closed the clamp on the empty enema bag and withdrew the nozzle from his wife’s wet ass. He plugged her dripping hole with a wad of tissues. He took the enema equipment into the bathroom and returned for his wife.

Sally was panting. Her normally flat belly protruded tautly with its liquid load. She felt good. “Ready, honey?” he asked.

Sally raised her head, “Yes, help me up.” She extended her hand. Mike helped her off the bed. Sally clutched her abdomen and shuffled towards the bathroom. He followed her into the bathroom. He washed the enema equipment while Sally expelled her enema.

“Ah!” Sally sighed as a great torrent of warm liquid immediately splashed into the porcelain bowl. “Oh darling, that feels so good!”

Mike smiled, “I know it does,” he said. He hung the enema bag and tubing over the tub. “I’ll be waiting,” he told and went back to bed. He didn’t have long to wait. When Sally took a two-quart enema low in the bowel, she expelled quickly. She discharged the contents of her guts in five rapid bursts. She’d have another bowel movement later in the morning, she knew. Sally wiped the wetness away and flushed the toilet. She washed her hands thoroughly in the sink. When the water was good and hot she squatted in the tub and used the hand-held shower spray to rinse her crotch and backside.

Sally reclined next to Mike. They embraced and kissed. Mike pushed his wife onto her stomach, “Time to get nasty,” he told her. Sally watched him open and put on a condom. Mike grimaced as he unrolled the tight rubber on his stiff shaft. Mike liked using rubbers. Initially, the snug fit was uncomfortable, but the condom helped maintain his erection and it also increased his staying power. Both very desirable when fucking a tight, hot ass! From a practical standpoint, a rubber also made cleaning up afterwards a whole lot easier. Mike also knew there was a health benefit in avoiding bladder infections.

Mike grabbed the tube of lubricant and kneeled at the foot of the bed. He ran his hands up the backs of his wife’s legs until he reached her upturned ass. He gripped both fleshy mounds and began kneading them. His wife responded by spreading her legs and wiggling her hips. Mike leaned towards those delicious buns and planted a kiss on one of her cheeks. His tongue darted out and licked the spongy flesh. He kissed and licked her hindquarters until her derriere was wet and quivering. Sally felt her husband’s lips touch the base of her spine. She shivered when his hot tongue licked her coccyx. She drew a sharp breathe when Mike began to slowly kiss and lick his way down the cleft between her buns. The stubble on his chin tickled and she had to inhibit the urge to wiggle away. The deeper he advanced down her crevice the harder it was to remain still. When his questing tongue touched her anus she violently twitched her ass.

Mike’s strong hands held his wife’s fanny still. He elbowed her legs farther apart to gain better access to her hidden charms. He probed her anus with his tongue and licked back and forth over the circular opening. He forced the tip of his tongue past her sphincter and licked her anus. He kissed and sucked the insides of her luscious tush until her nether passageway was drenched with saliva. They ass fucked in three stages. The initial stage loosened and relaxed Sally’s anus. It wasn’t a requirement, but getting an enema first helped. An enema was sexually stimulating for Sally. The pleasure she received from the enema intensified the desire for anal penetration. Additionally, her anal muscles and rectum “remembered” the nozzle and the water so they remained somewhat dilated and relaxed. That helped Sally suppress what was normally a very strong, firmly constricted muscle when Mike’s cock forced its way past. Mike stood and smeared his sheathed cock tip to root with lubricant. He rubbed some of the gooey gel around his wife’s soaked anus and moved into position behind her. He took hold of his cock with one hand and parted his wife’s glistening buns with the other. Mike carefully placed the tip of his hard-on against her anus and pushed.

His slick cock met resistance immediately. Mike halted his thrust and supported himself with both hands above his wife’s prone body. He flexed his hips and his hard pole of flesh again endeavored to pass through the stubborn ring of muscle. He eased off then shoved again against his wife’s bottom. His cock penetrated a bit farther on each stroke. Intromission wasn’t his objective just yet. His intent was to dilate Sally’s anus. He continued this activity for several minutes.

When she felt Mike’s cock poke at her hole, Sally gasped at the at- tempted intrusion. She forced her ass to relax and thought about the good feelings to come. She slowly picked up the rhythm of her husband’s strokes and began to meet his thrusts. Slowly, and with a conscious effort, Sally relaxed her anal muscles. Mike’s cock still felt too large. She wanted his cock up her ass.

“Open up, let him enter,” she told herself. “He’s going to fuck my ass, yes he is.” The blunt poking started to feel good.

Mike noticed the change in his wife and stopped trying to force his cock into her ass. Sally was ready for the second stage of their ass fucking routine. He grabbed the tube of lubricant with the nozzle attached and slipped the nozzle into his wife’s enlarged hole. He squeezed a considerable amount of it into her rectum and repositioned himself.

Sally took over the action. She guided his cockhead past her sphincter and into her rectum. She did this at her own pace. Mike patiently held still while his wife grunted and strained to accommodate his formidable cock in her nether passageway. She took her hand away from his cock. His cock was past her anus and the pain was tolerable. Sally took a few deep breaths and willed herself not to tense her anal muscles. The pain faded from her stretched and strained rear. In its place was an incredible, wonderful feeling of fullness.

Finally she gave her husband the green light. “Fuck my ass,” she whispered.

That was what Mike was waiting to hear. He pushed his cock the remaining distance up her ass and fell onto her back. Her nuzzled her ear and bit her neck.

“I’m going to fuck the shit out of your ass,” he told her in a coarse whisper.

His hips started to undulate. His cock moved in and out of her ass like a thick turd that didn’t know which way to go. Mike didn’t pull out too far but his downward strokes were sharp and deep.

“My cock is fucking your ass hole,” he hissed. “How does it feel to have my hard cock fuck your ass? Do you like my cock up your ass?”

“Oh yes! Fuck the shit out of me. Shove your hard prick up my ass!

Give it to me up my ass!” Sally responded.

Mike obliged. Sally loved for him to talk dirty when they ass fucked and he was happy to gratify her. Her ass, while still very tight, was easier to fuck. He increased his tempo. Mike wondered if he’d be able to get off before Sally had her anal orgasm. Sally answered his question a moment later when she started to moan.

“Oh fuck me, fuck the shit out of me!” she cried.

Mike knew exactly what to do. He shoved his cock as far as he could up her spasming ass and pinned her arms.

“My long, hard cock is all the way up your tight ass,” he told her. Sally struggled to free her arms but Mike kept them pinned to her heaving sides. “I’m fucking your ass with my hard cock and you’re coming. You’re climaxing with a cock buried up your ass and there’s nothing you can do about it. You love it, you bitch.”

At the utterance of the forbidden word, Sally’s climax peaked. She writhed and shuddered. Her chest, aflame with ecstasy, heaved as she gasped for breath. Sally’s ass ground against her husband’s crotch as her tremendous orgasm engulfed her. Her bucking hips slammed hard against his thighs. She squeezed shut her eyes and screamed. She lost conscious control of her anal muscles. Her strong rectal muscles contracted violently.

Mike drew a sharp breath at the pain shooting up his compressed shaft. His wife’s sphincter muscles attempted to eject the invading member. It felt like his penis was caught in a vise. Stifling a painful cry,

Mike carefully pulled his cock free from his wife’s clenching burrow. Mike waited for Sally to catch her breath. “Enjoy it?”

Sally turned to face him. A smile covered her sweat covered face. “What do you think?”

“I think,” Mike replied. “That it’s my turn for some fun. I’ve given two enemas this morning and ass-fucked till you nearly passed out with pleasure. My ass is ready for some attention and I’ve a raging hard-on that needs relief.”

“Wash your pecker,” Sally told him, “and I’ll finish you off.”

Mike was just as sensitive as Sally was “back there,” as they used to refer to it. The quickest way to get him to climax, she knew, was to jerk him off while he was getting an enema. He never failed to shoot a load when she did that.

If she wanted to prolong his climax, to make him squirm and beg, she would suck his cock while giving him an enema. That drove him crazy. Her mouth didn’t provide sufficient friction to quickly trigger an orgasm while her hot tongue and wet lips teased him unmercifully. Sally enjoyed doing that, but what she really got off on was penetrating Mike’s ass with a dildo. Fucking his ass like he fucked hers. She loved the pleasure and pain dilemma it posed for him.

Sally opened the nightstand drawer and removed one of their dildos, a large jar of Vaseline and another condom. She unrolled the rubber over the pliable artificial shaft and applied a thick coating of Vaseline over its surface. The condom made it easier to clean up afterwards in additional to adding to the realism of the model prick. Mike returned to bed and saw what Sally had in mind for him. He nodded and got into position by placing several pillows beneath his hips and spreading his legs. He was sufficiently excited and expected Sally would be able to fully inset the ersatz cock fully up his ass. Sally dipped her finger into the jar and hooked out a large gob of Vaseline. She rubbed it around Mike’s hairy anus and poked her coated finger into his rectum. She withdrew her finger, gathered up more grease and pushed it back inside his tight hole. She made sure she lubed him up good and then wiped her fingers.

Mike hadn’t had a real cock up his ass for quite some time and he frankly missed it. It had been four or five years since the last group sex party with Sally’s sister and brother-in-law. Carl and Helen were as uninhibited as he and Sally and the four of them could really party.

He remembered the pool game between himself and Carl. It was right after the wedding. In the process of getting to know each other, the two brothers-in-law had done considerable damage to a case of beer. Mike recounted his collage football days while Carl whipped his ass in eight ball.

The conversation headed into the locker room and jock strap jokes. That lead to assistant coach stories and before he realized it, Mike was telling Carl about the guy who did rubdowns.

This kid had absolutely fabulous hands and could soothe the sorest muscles without adding to the existing pain. In no time he had you relaxed and your mood mollified. Rumor was he was gay but Mike didn’t care. One day the guy mentioned using enemas as a way to relax. Mike missed getting enemas. His mother had stopped administering enemas to him when he was in high school and he didn’t have much opportunity to get them since starting college. This sounded like a good way to get an enema without appearing like he was weird or crazy. He agreed to try one.

The assistant coach noticed right away that Mike was no stranger to enemas. Mike accepted the coach’s suggestion to masturbate during his enema at the second session. After that the sessions progressed to the inevitable conclusion. Mike allowed the coach to jerk him off, then to finger his ass before inserting the nozzle. From there they proceeded to mutual enemas and masturbation, eventually ending up with anal intercourse.

The next day, during a wild foursome, Mike, busy eating his wife’s pussy, felt something cold and sticky smeared over his exposed ass-hole. He expected Helen’s finger or vibrator to enter his ass, what he got was Carl’s cock. Mike yelped in surprise but didn’t pull away. Sally wanted to know what was going on, and Helen told her, “Carl’s about to ride your husband’s Hershey highway.”

Mike could tell Sally found that exciting, her pussy juice increased and she pressed her crotch harder against his mouth. Mike closed his eyes, forced his ass to relax and eagerly sucked his wife’s juicy love opening. Helen meanwhile fingered his balls and cock while diddling a vibrator over her clit and pussy.

Grunts from both men filled the sex-sweaty bedroom. Mike let out a loud “OH!” when Carl’s cock penetrated his anus. Mike furiously sucked his wife’s clit and pussy to distract himself from the flaming agony filling his stretched-to-the-limit hole. Carl thrust his cock completely into Mike’s ass and then fucked his brother-in-law with short, rapid strokes.

Helen squeezed Mike’s balls and pumped his shaft. She could tell that he was going to come any second.

“Hey Sis,” she teased. “Your hubby likes it up the ass as much as you do. Carl’s really ramming his ass. You should see it. They’re going at it like there’s no tomorrow. Mike’s balls are tight and heavy, Sis. He’s going to shoot his wad any second. I’m pulling on his cock and I can feel his come building.”

Sally barely heard her sister’s commentary. She was wallowing in the wonderful sensations Mike’s mouth was causing. She was close to climaxing herself. Her hands cupped her breasts and she pinched her stiff nipples.

Mike flushed and gasped for air. He was going to come! Carl fucked faster and Helen jerked his cock up and down like she was shaking a cocktail mixer. He grunted and stiffened. Helen pumped every drop of come out of his dick.

Carl pulled out and finished himself off with his hand. The two sisters climaxed together, Helen from the vibrator wedged up her pussy and Sally from the ferocious tongue job.

Until he got the real thing, Mike enjoyed the pseudo. Sally placed the fat blunt tip of the fake cock against her husband’s anus and rotated it. An initial thrill ran up Mike’s spine and his cock twitched.

Sally pushed on the dildo until she encountered hard resistance. She eased off and repeated the motion, much like the way he did when ass fucking her. Each forward stroke she pressed a little harder and eased off a little later. She followed Mike’s nonverbal clues and timed her actions to the rhythms of his body.

Mike enjoyed the blunt probing. He took it slow, knowing he couldn’t rush penetration. He pushed back and relaxed, willing himself to open and take the thick instrument. It felt good. It felt wonderful. Soon it would feel incredible.

When Sally masturbated she frequently used either a dildo or vibrator. She liked inserting a dildo in her pussy for the nice full feeling it produced when she took a two-quart enema with a colon tube. Sometimes she took an enema with their penis-sized rectal dildo - but only when

she was striving for that extra, mind-blowing orgasm - otherwise she couldn’t accommodate the huge thing up her ass. To her, a dildo was just too unyielding to be really lifelike. She found that inflexibility too painful to take. A real cock fit better and felt better inside her ass. She marveled that her husband routinely enjoyed being fucked in the ass with a full-sized dildo.

“Go,” he whispered. “Push it up my ass.”

Sally pressed and, as the dildo moved, maintained a steady pressure. About two-thirds of the dildos tip was past Mike’s anus when she felt her husband bear down. Sally pushed back and the thick tip slowly disappeared into her husband’s expanding anus. Sally paused but was careful not to let the dildo slip out. She picked up Mike’s rhythm again and inched the rubber phallus all the way up his greased ass. Mike sighed. His rectum felt impossibly full and stretched to the limit. He had to endeavor not to attempt to force the intruder out.

“Use your hand on my cock.”

Sally took hold of his hard-on and began to lightly stroke it. A drop of clear fluid appeared from his slit. She licked it off with a quick flick of her tongue. Sally eased out the dildo a few inches and pushed it back in. Mike groaned and writhed in response. It was Sally’s turn to torment her husband.

“So you like getting fucked in the ass,” she said in a course whisper.

“This plastic prick makes your cock jump and twitch.” She stroked the dildo in and out several times. “It fills your ass like your cock filled mine. Now you know what it feels like to get ass-fucked.”

Mike moaned and struggled to remain relaxed in order to prolong the time until he climaxed. His cock was going to shoot off any second and he desperately wanted to eject that massive thing clogging his rectum. He could only think of his brother’s-in-law ass fucking and his son’s upturned behind with an enema nozzle stuck in it. He wanted to fuck and be fucked. Fuck and be fucked.

Sally increased her stroking and tightened her grip on her husband’s shaft. He was about to come, to shoot his load over her hand and onto his belly. Sally pushed the dildo deep into his ass. It was difficult to do as his anal muscles were bunching and constricting. Mike stiffened, then yelled and erupted. Oh how his cock erupted! Sally lost count of the number of spurts flying from his purple cockhead. She pulled the dildo out in one steady fluid motion, headless of her husband’s cries of pain.

Sally pulled the greasy, shit-streaked condom inside out as she removed it from the dildo. She wrapped it in a tissue and placed it and the dildo on the nightstand.

“Time to get cleaned out, honey.” She announced as she stood. All Mike could do was moan and roll over.

Sally went into the bathroom and filled the enema bag with very warm water. She always gave Mike an enema after playing with his ass. He didn’t like it much, but she insisted. She had an enema before anal sex and he got an enema after. She would be gentle but Mike would have to take the entire bag.

Sally returned to bed and hung the enema bag on its hook. She parted Mike’s firm (and very greasy) buns, inserted the rubber douche nozzle and opened the clamp.

Mike took some deep breaths and resigned himself to getting an enema. It wasn’t uncomfortable, the warm water was very soothing, but Mike was sexually drained and couldn’t enjoy the enema that way. Instead he relaxed and savored the spreading warmth.


Julie woke to hear father’s voice coming from her brother’s room. She had left the door to her side of the bathroom ajar and now she was glad she had. She sat up in bed and listened intently. Julie was able to hear her father tell Chad he was going to give him an enema, but she couldn’t make out the rest or figure out what was taking so long. She wished she could see but didn’t dare approach the bathroom door. Eventually she heard her father turn on the water and fill the enema bag. Those sounds were familiar enough! Julie slid a hand underneath her nightgown and began to finger her pussy. The thought of Dad with a full enema bag in his hands sent a thrill over her body.

Chad wiped his butt and flushed the commode. He felt light-headed and he still shivered every so often. He stood and, on shaky knees, padded over to the tub. He turned on the shower and stepped into the hot, stinging spray. The water felt wonderful! He began to revive and his head cleared somewhat. He didn’t know what to make of his experience, but he knew he wanted to learn more.

His sister interrupted his reverie. “Wash your back?” she asked. Julie was naked except for a shower cap covering her hair. Chad was surprised to see her but not displeased. Drained of sexual energy as he was, he eagerly welcomed the opportunity to fondle her breasts and ass, not to mention being fondled in return.

“Sure, come on in, the water’s fine.” Julie stepped into the tub. It was a tight, but not impossible, fit. She got wet, grabbed a wash cloth and the soap and began scrubbing her brother’s back.

Julie’s hands caressed his ass. “Dad gave you an enema this time?” Chad loosened the muscles in his buttocks. “Yeah. He came to check on me.” Chad paused and savored his sister’s strokes. Her soapy hands were running up and down the length of his crack and kneading his buns. He decided to tell her what happened. “Dad put his finger in me. Not just to lubricate for the nozzle, but all the way in,” Chad said. He didn’t look at his sister. Chad found it easier to tell it if he didn’t have to face her. “Dad told me there was a gland back there, a sex gland, and he massaged it with the tip of his finger.”

Julie looked at the enema bag hanging on the wall and thought of the things she saw in her parent’s closet. “What happened?” she asked.

Chad coughed, “It felt weird at first, like I had to pee, but not really. Then it felt good. It felt so good I came.”

Julie giggled in surprise. “You shot off with Dad’s finger up your butt?” “Uh huh, but Dad wasn’t mad at me. He said it was a natural reaction. I guess he expected that to happen.”

Julie stopped rubbing her brother’s ass. “My turn,” she announced and positioned her self under the spraying water. Chad moved behind her and rubbed the soap over his sister’s body. He soaped her back and then leaned closer to do her breasts. Her nipples were hard, he discovered, so he ran his fingers over them several times. Julie pressed her ass against his hips in response. Chad reluctantly returned to working on her back and buttocks.

“After I came he went and got my enema ready,” Chad continued. “I still liked getting the enema even though I had just shot my load.” Julie understood what he was talking about. Anal stimulation was a part of the enema experience but there was more to it than that. Enema pleasure had many components. Each part equally contributed to the resulting enema bliss. Anal stimulation was part of it, but there also was the submission to the enema, the hot water, the spreading warmth, the mounting pressure, the growing pain, and the final relief. Each of which contributed to the uniqueness of the passionately desired and much needed enema.

Julie took the enema bag off the hook and proceeded to fill it from the shower. She hung the full bag back up, rinsed herself off and turned off the shower. She faced her brother and lovingly looked him in the eyes. She handed him the nozzle and told him, “I want you to give me an enema.” Chad took the wet nozzle and held it in his fist. He looked at his naked, wet sister. Her nipples prominently stood out from her breasts and her chest was a deep crimson, not entirely the result of the hot water. Julie looked at her brother’s tumescent penis. She reached for it and held it. The flesh hardened and his balls constricted in reaction to her warm touch. He swallowed and nodded. “How do you want me to do it?” Julie reluctantly let go of his cock and bent double. She pulled her buttocks apart. “Use your spit to lube my ass and the nozzle.”

“You want me to put the nozzle in my mouth?”

“You’re willing to tongue my butt and you’re worried about putting an enema nozzle in your mouth? That’s silly, besides the nozzle is clean.”

“I didn’t think of that,” Chad replied sheepishly. He knelt, pulled his sister’s behind to his face and buried his mouth between her gorgeous mounds. His tongue quickly found her anus. He gave the little crinkled bud several licks. Julie twitched her buns when his tongue hit her sensitive orifice. She pressed back to encourage him. “That’s it, get it nice and slippery.” Chad responded with vigor. His lips enclosed Julie’s circular opening while his determined tongue pressed its way past her crinkled ring of flesh. Chad spread copious amounts of saliva over his sister’s craving anus. When he felt saliva dripping down his chin he brought the nozzle up to his mouth. He twirled the bulbous tip between his chin and Julie’s cleft before pushing it into his mouth. Chad sucked the fat end into his mouth and ran his tongue over its hard surface to get as much saliva as possible on it. He pulled away from his sister’s drenched ass and opened his mouth. He carefully took the rectal lollipop out of his mouth and placed it against her closed anus. He pushed. “Ow,” Julie yelped.

“Sorry,” Chad muttered. He spit on the nozzle and tried again, this time working the tip around her opening, but it still wouldn’t enter her ass. Chad leaned in and again tongued her ass. He forced the tip of his tiring tongue past her sphincter muscle and with it a quantity of fresh saliva. He licked the nozzle once more and tried again. This time he was able to get it inserted. He opened the clamp. Julie sighed. It soon became obvious that she wouldn’t be able to take the enema in her current position. “Give me room.” Chad got out of the tub and Julie quickly got down on her hands and knees. Her enema stuck ass faced the drain. Chad sat on the edge of the tub and held the jutting nozzle, most of which was still outside her beautiful ass.

Julie quickly realized she couldn’t hold back against the strong pressure from the highly elevated enema bag. Disappointment faded when she realized she wouldn’t have to. She could leak, it wouldn’t matter. She could spray into the bathtub and clean up afterwards. Julie also realized she wouldn’t have to stop at one enema. She could take as many enema bagfulls as she wanted. “Chad,” she told her patiently waiting, and dripping, brother. “Keep the enema bag full, I want to see what it’s like to take a continuous enema.”

That sounded interesting! Chad looked up at the bulging enema bag and back at the nozzle sticking out of his sister’s pert ass. He swiveled his feet into the tub and let go of the nozzle. Chad turned on the tub faucets and adjusted the flow to a slow splash. He played with the temperature until the splashing water felt nicely warm on the inside of his wrist. His feet rested next to his sister’s. Julie rested her head on her forearms and spread her legs as much as the tub allowed. She relaxed and tried not to think about holding back.

“Chad, make sure the nozzle doesn’t slip out.”

Chad quickly grabbed the long shaft protruding from his sister’s upturned ass. He gently pushed it deeper into her exposed hole. Water leaked out of his sister’s ass making it easier for him to completely insert the nozzle. “I’ve got the nozzle all the way in,” he told her. “I’ll hold it there so don’t worry.” Julie felt the unyielding rod probe her rectum. Boy, did she have cramps! She checked her panic and suppressed the urge to force out the nozzle. Julie took a deep breath and relaxed her abdomen. Hot liquid trickled down her thighs. It felt surprisingly pleasant. Chad watched in rapt fascination. He had a perfect view of his sister’s ass receiving an enema. The warm water running over his hand and wrist felt nice. The flowing water from the tub spout washed away the wastes. Chad used his foot to push the larger fragments of shit through the hair trap. When the enema bag was two-thirds empty he closed the clamp. He stood, took down the enema bag, refilled it and returned it to its hook before popping the clamp.

Julie got into the rhythms of this unusual enema. She filled and emptied as her body dictated. She made no attempt to control how much she retained before allowing the enema water to flow out from around the intruding nozzle. This style of enema felt wonderful and exhilarating. Unfortunately, the discomfort of her position bothered her. Her knees felt numb and her arms ached from the strain of supporting her torso against the tub’s unyielding surface. She wouldn’t be able to stay in this position much longer.

“This is the fifth bag, Sis,” Chad’s voice announced. He sounded impressed. “Okay, I can’t stay like this much longer. If we do this again, I want to try lying on my back. Refill the bag and when it’s empty take out the nozzle.” Chad nodded and realized she couldn’t see him. He patted her ass and she responded by wiggling it.

Julie decided to retain as much of this last enema as possible and let it all out when Chad pulled out the nozzle. Julie felt it would be fun to let it all fly loose.

“The enema bag is empty, Sis. You’ve taken all of it,” Chad announced. He withdrew the nozzle and watched. Julie gulped air and concentrated on having a bowel movement. She told herself she was relaxed and going to shit. It was all going to come out. She felt the urge, insistent and compelling. Her full gut overrode the vestiges of Julie’s subconscious inhibitions. Her anus dilated and let fly. “Oh!” Julie gasped in wonderment. It felt glorious to expel! The nude teen pushed and grunted with all her might. Shitting in the tub was almost like having an orgasm. Chad watched the brown torrent gush from his sister’s hole. He was amazed to see she still had several good sized pieces of shit left in her rectum. Periodically a brown nugget interrupted the stream jetting from her ass and landed at his feet. He gathered them up with his toes and forced them down the drain. He didn’t want to leave anything behind that would give away their activities.

Julie caught her breath. The torrent slowed to a trickle. Was it possible she had close to three quarts inside her? It sure felt like it coming out. “Chad, help me up.” She leaned back onto her heels and offered her arm to her brother. He pulled her up. She leaned on his shoulder and kissed him briefly on the lips. “That was something else!” She told him. Chad closed the shower curtain and started the shower. They quickly cleaned the enema bag and themselves, it wouldn’t do to use all the hot water. They then got out of the shower, toweled off and stood for a moment silently sharing their passion.

Julie looked at her naked brother. She felt so alive and passionate. There was no turning back, only progress to make, passions to awake and desires to satisfy. She pulled him close and kissed him again. They had never seriously kissed before. “Funny,” she thought. They’d explored each other’s body many times. She’d allowed Chad to suck her nipples and finger her pussy. She’d stroked and played with his cock many times during the past few years but they never seriously kissed or fucked. One down, one to go, she mused.

Chad responded with equal enthusiasm. His lips mated with his sister’s and his tongue teased and fought with hers. Chad tasted her heat and wanted more. He could feel his sister’s hard nipples pressed into his chest and his cock was sandwiched between his belly and her thigh. Chad gripped her ass with his hands and pulled her closer. He swiveled his chest against her breasts and rubbed his hard-on up and down her thigh. Julie’s hot breath mingled with his and her nails raked across his upper back.

They broke for air. Julie pulled the shower cap off her head and gave her hair a toss to loosen it. She didn’t say anything, trusting her brother’s judgment. Chad leaned down and drew a nipple into his mouth and sucked it. His hands cupped the underside of her breasts to make it easier to suck them. He sucked hard and noisily, drawing as much of his sister’s firm tit into his mouth as possible. He made large wet circles over her pink areola and flicked the tip of his tongue over her hard nipple. He switched to her other tit, then back to the first. Julie had a difficult time maintaining her balance. She was close to orgasm and didn’t want to be distracted. She frantically searched the long, narrow bathroom. The only thing she could think of to do was to lie down. She lowered herself to the bathroom floor, pulling her busy brother after her.

Julie guided her brother’s energetic head towards her crotch. He kissed and licked her ribcage and belly. His tongue darted into her belly button causing her to flinch and urge him on. He licked the insides of her thighs several times before finally directing his attention to her engorged pussy. Chad buried his face in his sister’s crotch and licked her pussy. He found her outer pussy lips to be dry but when he probed past those pink petals he tasted her oily hot syrup. He inhaled deeply and savored her aroma. Chad loved his sister’s pussy cream. He zealously lapped and sucked her pussy until her squirming made him shift his attention to her clitoris. Julie rocked her hips to give her brother easier access to her passion bud. Her clit was ultra sensitive and when his tongue touched it she recoiled as if she’d been shocked.

“Oh Chad,” she whispered. “Make me come. Lick it good and make me come.”

Julie’s chest started heaving. She abandoned her brother’s head and began pinching her nipples. Her hips rocked and her thighs shook. Her breath became ragged and compressed. She climaxed with a series of short, powerful grunts. Julie forced Chad’s head away from her pussy. He was willing to continue eating her but she couldn’t stand the additional stimulation. He looked up at her and grinned, his chin and mouth glistened with her juices. She pulled him up and on top of her. Her musky scent invaded her nostrils. Julie kissed her brother, curious to taste herself. She tasted her brother’s lips and relished her own tangy essence. Chad’s tongue flailed wildly inside his sister’s hot mouth. Her odor still assaulted his nose and her active mouth reminded him of her pussy. He tried not to think of his rock hard cock. It was pressing against his sister’s pubes and he didn’t want to do anything to cause her to stop.

Julie’s mind raced. She’d learned so much during the past few days that she hadn’t had time to consider what it all meant. She didn’t want to make a mistake yet she desperately wanted to feel her brother’s cock inside her. Julie nuzzled her brother’s neck. “Oh Chad, that was wonderful,” she whispered. “Now I want to do something for you,” she told him.

Julie pushed her brother up until he was sitting. She turned onto her stomach and parted her legs. “Put your cock between my ass,” she told him. Chad quickly got behind his prone sister and laid on top of her.

“Like this?” he asked when he had his hard-on nestled between his sister’s springy mounds. He supported most of his weight with his arms.

Julie nodded. “Yeah, that feels good. Don’t worry, you can rest your body on my back, you’re not too heavy,” she added. Chad lowered himself until he was covering his sister’s naked back. He began to kiss the back of her neck and play with her hair. Julie flexed her buttocks. She felt her ass cheeks squeeze his cock. She liked the way it felt and repeated the activity several times.

Chad took the hint. He wasn’t sure if it was deliberate or not on his part, but he soon found his cock dry humping between his sister’s naked ass. Julie matched her contractions to his movements. Tight when he pushed up, loose when he stroked down. It was maddeningly tantalizing to have his cock tease her there! Chad increased his tempo. The friction of dry skin against dry skin hurt but he didn’t care. He was practically fucking his sister and it felt wonderful. Chad began to raise his hips as he moved so his cockhead could better slide up his sister’s crack. He kissed the back of her neck and urgently whispered, “I’m going to come Julie. Right now, I’m coming!”

Julie clamped her ass around his hot cock and rocked her hips. She felt him stiffen and shoot off but couldn’t feel his come on her ass until his cock started sliding in it. Chad rolled off his sister’s back. He got up, got a washcloth and cleaned his sister’s ass and his cock and belly. Julie stood. She lightly kissed her brother. “That was special.” She smiled, still casual about their nakedness. “We’re special. I’m glad you are my brother.” Chad was relieved to hear her say that. He didn’t want to do anything that would hurt her. “I’m glad you’re my sister. I’ll do anything you want.” He hoped she’d take that the way he meant it.

Julie smiled and bounced on her heels. “We’re going to have years and years of fun, brother.” Julie came close to him. “And it’s only going to get better,” she whispered. Chad hugged her. “I love you, Sis.”

Julie squeezed him back, “I love you too, little brother.”


Sarah Billings played the tip of her vibrator over her moist pussy. She was naked, her legs spread wide, in the middle of her large water bed. A uniform tan, attesting to the fact that she routinely went nude outdoors, covered her petite body.

The smooth plastic tip entered her vagina. Sarah inserted a couple of inches of the plastic phallus and rotated it in a wide arc to spread her pussy cream over her outer labia. She stroked the vibrator back and forth several times in her pussy. The buzzing dildo felt good up there, but Sarah never got off with it lodged in her pussy. It had to be on her clit for that! She moved it between her pussy and her clit. Sarah needed to get off and she couldn’t wait. Her parents were busy fooling around in the pool. It was one of their favorite ways to fuck. Dad in the water, Mother sitting on the pool’s edge. He’d eat her out until she was good and wet and turned on. Dad would then rise out of the water onto Mom and stick his cold hard cock into her hot wet pussy. Then the two of them would slip back into the pool, locked together at the hips. Dad would tread water and support them while mother flexed her pussy muscles around Dad’s buried cock. They kept this up for what seemed like hours until they, or rather Dad, finally had an orgasm. Mother usually had several small comes before the big one at the end.

Sarah sighed. She couldn’t see how they could stand all that inactivity! She’d watched them do this countless times and always lost patience because, as she often said, “Nothing’s happening!” Sarah knew she had nothing to complain about. They took care of her randy desires often enough. She smiled and began making small circles over her clit with the vibrator’s tip. She started to thrust her hips, which caused her bed to undulate in a slow erotic manner.

“Oh yes,” she thought, they took care of her! Mom at first, finally Dad and then regularly as a family threesome. Sarah closed her eyes, she held the vibrator in both hands and teased her sensitive clit and moist pussy. She recalled the incident that started it all.

It was the first time she was able to get a good view of her parent’s lovemaking. It was a bright summer morning and Sarah had gone for an early swim. She dozed on a deck chair sunning herself when she heard the noises from her parent’s bedroom.

They had left the sliding glass door partially open to let in the cool night air. The unmistakable sounds of sex carried to where Sarah was lying. She was accustomed to her parents lovemaking and at first didn’t pay them any mind. But as she listened lying naked in the hot sun, Sarah’s attention focused on her mother’s cries of ecstasy. Previously, Sarah had noticed their lovemaking activities through closed doors. This time, however, it was like they where right next to her.

Sarah’s intense curiosity finally overcame her embarrassment. She had to investigate what they were doing that caused such energetic screams of intense pleasure. She quietly got up and tiptoed to her parent’s bedroom.

Sarah’s mouth fell open when she peered into the open door. Her mother was on her knees with her head buried in pillows. Her father knelt behind her and had his hands on her upturned ass. He was energetically thrusting his hips back and forth against her mother’s shapely behind. It took her a moment to comprehend what was going on. Her father wasn’t screwing her mother in the pussy, he was furiously fucking his wife in the ass!

Sarah was amazed that something that huge - she considered her father’s cock to be enormous - could fit up her mother’s ass. Sarah was even more amazed at how much her mother was enjoying it. As Sarah watched this unbelievable carnal display she became incredibly turned on. She started fingered herself as she watched. She climaxed immediately but wasn’t near satisfied. It was all too much! Her fingers continued to rub and poke into her small virgin pussy. She came again while watching her father’s monstrous organ slide in and out of her mother’s ass. When her mother collapsed screaming in orgasm Sarah got herself off again, almost passing out this time from the intensity of it.

She gulped air and watched her father withdraw his formidable cock from her mother’s gaping ass. Her father peeled the condom from his glistening organ and began to furiously jerk off. Her father grunted and arched his back when the first spurt of come jetted from the taut, purple head of his rock hard cock. Sarah watched in awe as her father’s cock spewed gob after gob of semen over her mother’s still quaking buns.

Sarah moved away from the glass in an erotic fog. What she had witnessed was incredible. If getting off on anal stimulation produced such intense orgasms, no wonder enemas were so important in their household! She recalled her regular enema sessions and how she looked forward to them. She pictured her father’s cock sliding in and out of her mother’s behind. Sarah knew she would one day have that incredible organ sliding in and out of her own ass!

She behaved like a wanton little tease around the house. Sarah went naked as often as possible around her father and contrived to rub up against his crotch at every opportunity. He responded playfully to her blatant exhibitionism, but he either ignored her advances or simply sent her on her way.

One Friday evening Sarah’s routine changed. She got her enemas on Fridays. Sometimes she received one enema, other times two or three. As far as Sarah could tell the number depended on her mother’s whim. Sarah didn’t mind the number of enemas she was given, however two enemas in a row were her favorite. Getting two enemas in one session made her real horny and she could to get off right after the second one. Her mother gave Sarah her enemas in the upstairs bathroom, before Sarah took her bath.

Sarah got ready for her bath. She stripped off her clothes and brushed out her short hair. She expected her mother to arrive at any moment. Instead, she heard her mother call her downstairs. Not knowing what to expect, Sarah donned her robe and went down. She padded down to her parent’s room where her mother was waiting. Her mother was wearing a red lounging outfit and holding an enema bag in her hands.

“For me?” Sarah asked as she followed her mother into her parent’s lavish bathroom.

“Yes darling,” her mother replied with a smile. “Tonight, after this enema, you are going to experience your first high colonic.” Sarah saw that her mother had prepared a place for her on the padded bench that ran along one wall of their bathroom. She removed her robe and laid down. She watched her mother fill the enema bag. Sarah grew eager as she waited for her enema to begin, being full of warm water was always enjoyable. She wondered what it would feel like to get a high colonic.

Mrs. Billings hung the full enema bag above the bench. She opened the lubricant and squeezed out a good amount. Sarah parted her legs when she felt her mother’s touch.

“This enema is like all the others you’ve had and I want you to take it all,” her mother explained. “Then, after you’ve expelled it, I’ll give you the high colonic. I think you will find it rather enjoyable and pleasant.”

Sarah felt the thick tip of the enema nozzle against her anus. She pushed back against it and felt it slip up her ass. Her mother opened the clamp and the warm water began coursing its way through her accommodating abdomen.

“And the other one, Momma?”

“You’re now big enough for a high colonic, Sarah. You’ve demonstrated that, often enough, lately.”

Sarah had an idea what her mother was getting at. She decided to make the most of it. “You’re going to use the long rubber tube?” Sarah took a couple of deep breaths and rocked her belly. The enema was filling her up.

“That’s right, darling. Regular high colonic enemas, besides promoting good health, are a good method for toning your anal muscles. High colonics will teach you to control your sphincter muscles.” Sarah tried to think. The enema was distracting her. Her attention kept wavering between her mother’s words and the feelings in her belly. The pressure was increasing and it was hard for her to remain still.

“What do you mean, Momma?” she finally managed to asked. Her mother pushed the enema nozzle deeper into her daughter’s clenched ass. “Sarah,” she began. “You like getting enemas, don’t you?”

“I don’t mind them, if that’s what you mean,” Sarah answered.

“That’s not what I mean and I think you know that. You enjoy your enemas, don’t you? You like the way they feel when you get one and you like the way you feel afterwards.”

Sarah acknowledged her mother’s observations with a nod.

“Do they arouse you sexually?”

Again the quick nod.

“Well, that’s fine. In fact it’s wonderful,” her mother said. “It means there’s an entire other area of sensual pleasure open to you.” Her mother gave her a knowing smile. “You’re lucky because you will be able to not only enjoy traditional sex but also delight in the special pleasures derived from anal stimulation.”

Sarah panted, her guts were full and her ass was spasming around the thick vaginal nozzle embedded in her rear. Her mother closed the clamp and withdrew the nozzle. Sarah willed her muscles to relax. Slowly the tension faded from her back and leg muscles and she sighed. As usual it felt good to have a full enema inside her petite body.

Helen took the empty enema bag to the sink. She returned to her daughter’s side. The serene expression on Sarah’s face told her Sarah accepted what she had told her. Helen placed a wad of toilet paper against her daughter’s puckered anus. “Turn over, honey,” she told her.

Sarah turned onto her back and raised her knees slightly. Her normally flat belly was distended and taut with the contents of her enema. Her mother began to gently stroke the smooth curves of her abdomen.

“You did good, honey. You took the full two-quarts, but you always do, don’t you.”

Her mother continued to massage her swollen stomach as she talked. Sarah sighed and lowered her legs. Her mother’s warm hand felt wonderful.

“Do you remember when you couldn’t take a full bag?” Her mother continued. “In addition to growing up and getting bigger, your body had to attune itself to the water.”

Helen’s hand brushed over her daughter’s public mound as it swept around her abdomen. “It’s the same way with anal pleasure.” Her fingers rubbed Sarah’s labia as they passed over her crotch. “Unlike conventional sex here,” Her fingers pressed into Sarah’s pussy and came away wet. “Anal sex requires preparation and training.” Helen fingered her daughter’s pussy. “Do you want that training, darling?” She rubbed her middle finger over Sarah’s stiff clitoris.

Sarah moaned and squeezed her legs together. Her mother’s fingers felt wonderful but she also had to go! “Anything,” Sarah thought, “I’d be willing to do anything for more of this.” She nodded several times then grunted loudly in orgasm.

Helen helped her daughter up. Sarah was a bit wobbly when she stood so Helen assisted her over to the commode. She went to the sink and washed the enema equipment.

Sarah thankfully sat down and loosened her bowels. Relief was immediate and forceful. Sarah wasn’t inhibited in the least as she sat there massaging her spasming belly. It felt fantastic to pass all that solid fecal material and water so she didn’t try to hold any of it back as it all spurted into the bowl. She flushed the toilet and started to wipe herself.

“Use the bidet, sweetheart,” her mother told her.

Sarah moved to the oval fixture and sat facing the rear. She’d played with this marvelous creation many times and knew what to do. She adjusted the water temperature and raised the spray head. She directed the gently spraying water between her ass and pussy for several minutes. It felt great.

“Dry off Sarah, it’s time for you high colonic.” She heard her mother tell her. She looked over her bare shoulder and saw her mother waiting for her by the bench. Her mom held a long red tube in her hand. The tube attached to the enema hose, which in turn attached to a full enema bag hanging above the bench. Sarah got up, toweled off and joined her mother. She was ready for the next phase of her development.

Sarah wasn’t sure how her mother intended to get what looked like three feet of tubing up her ass, but she was willing to let her try. In the other hand, Sarah saw that her mother was holding a tube of K-Y Jelly. A small nozzle was screwed onto the end of the tube.

“It starts off like a regular enema,” her mother explained while Sarah got back into position. Helen waited for Sarah to spread her legs and part her small buns before continuing.

“A lot of lubricant helps,” she said and inserted the tiny plastic applicator into her daughter’s anus. Helen slowly squeezed the tube until the clear gel flowed out from around the embedded nozzle. She withdrew the K-Y nozzle and wiped the excess lubricant onto the insides of Sarah’s cheeks.

“The colon tube is very flexible so you’ll have to really open up for me so I can get the tip inserted.” Helen parted her daughter’s buns to expose the russet colored pucker of her tiny anus. She placed the blunt tip of the colon tube against the greased depression and twisted it past her daughter’s yielding back door. She pushed in three inches and stopped.

“I’ll start the flow now,” she announced and opened the clamp on the enema hose.

Sarah felt the hot water enter her rectum. It felt different to have water flowing into her rectum without the rigidity of a regular nozzle stuck up her ass. She could feel the tube pass through her anus as her mother pushed it farther into her waiting rectum. She tensed when she felt the invading tube encounter resistance. She could actually feel it inside her.

“Relax honey, that’s what I mean about having to learn,” her mother soothed. “The tube has to make a turn and if you don’t fight it, it can progress without difficulty or pain. We’ll let more water in before we continue.”

Sarah took a deep breath and willed her spasming stomach to relax. The thick tube felt good sliding through her anus. All she had to do was relax and it could continue to slide. Sarah’s stomach muscles relaxed. She parted her legs, which had closed.

Helen resumed pushing the colon tube up her daughter’s pert ass. “Just as your rectum and colon got used to having two-quart enemas, they will get used to having this colon tube fully inserted.” Helen stopped when she had sixteen inches of its length inserted. About a pint and a half of water remained in the enema bag. “For now I’ll only insert half of it.”

Sarah felt fantastic, she turned to face her mother. “Why only half way, Momma?”

“There’s another sharp turn farther on and it could be painful to force the tube past it. Also, I want you to get used to the new sensations.” Helen looked at the enema bag. It was almost empty. “There’s something else about high colonics,” she told Sarah. “Since the enema is introduced higher up in your rectum and colon, the water gets to flow both up and down, flooding your intestines completely. Therefore you can easily take more water with a high colonic than from a low enema.” Helen closed the clamp on the deflated enema bag.

“Would you like more water Sarah?”

Sarah nodded.

“Good girl,” Helen moved to the sink and filled a pitcher with hot water. “About another pint should do for the first few times, I should think.” She poured the additional water into the enema bag and opened the clamp.

Sarah was amazed at how effortlessly the added water flowed into her already full belly. When the bag was again empty Sarah felt very full but not unduly uncomfortable.

“I don’t think I can hold it for very long, Momma.” She said.

“That’s okay darling, you don’t have to.” Helen left the colon tube in place and helped her daughter up. The long rubbery tail swayed between her wet thighs as Sarah hobbled over to the commode. Helen reached between her daughter’s legs and slid out the tube. Sarah sat and noisily expelled the mostly liquid contents of her distended belly.

“Momma, do you take high colonics too?”

“Regularly, baby. It’s what keeps me young.” Her mother laughed.

“How long before I’ll be ready,” Sarah began and stopped. She wasn’t sure if she could say it.

Helen stopped cleaning the enema equipment and looked at her naked daughter. Sarah was unabashedly rubbing her small breasts as well as her abdomen while she evacuated her guts.

“You want your father, don’t you?”

“Yes Momma,” Sarah answered in a small voice.

“Well, he wants you too.”

Sarah’s face lit up. “He does!” she blurted out before she considered what her mother’s reaction might be.

“Sarah honey, we both want you, but not until you’re ready. We’ve both noticed your actions, you little tease. Dad and I think that’s fine but we want to make sure you understand everything.”

“Oh I do, Momma,” was Sarah’s quick response.

“I don’t mean the mechanics involved. We know you’ve watched our private videos.”

Sarah blushed. She thought she’d been so careful with her parent’s erotic movie collection. She’d gotten quite an education watching all those couples. Sarah wanted to try all the imaginative things she saw.

“Your father and I talked it over and we decided it would be all right for you to eventually join us in our lovemaking.”

Helen wiped dry the enema bag and hung it up. She opened a drawer in the vanity. “Tomorrow you graduate to this,” She held up the large rubber nozzle from a one pint douche squeeze bulb. “After you get accustomed to having this lodged in your cute little rear and you can take the entire length of the colon tube, we’ll get serious.”

Sarah sat on the bidet and sprayed herself clean. She bounced up and down with excitement. Her dreams were coming true, she was going to fuck her father.

Even as eager as Sarah was, it took time to get her ass ready to accommodate her father’s penis. Her mother outlined her training schedule. Sarah was going to receive enemas more frequently in preparation for dilating her anus and training her rectal muscles. Her father would participate in administering her enemas and Sarah would be allowed to assist in her mother’s enema sessions.

The following morning Sarah was summoned back to the bathroom for her first lesson. Her mother was wearing a pink shorty and nothing else. The nightie didn’t quite cover her mother’s thick patch of pubic hair and Sarah could plainly see her mother’s dark nipples and the outline of her breasts through the sheer material. Sarah stepped out of her nightgown and hopped onto the bench.

“To obtain the utmost pleasure from anal sex,” her mother frankly began. “Several conditions are required. The recipient must be sufficiently aroused to enjoy it, physically prepared to accommodate a penis in the rectum and knowledgeable about the procedure to do it correctly.”

Sarah’s enemas were administered from a closed-top combination bag. She loved the sight of the dimpled red bag full of liquid slowly deflating its wonderful contents into her straining little body until she was rewarded with the sight of it’s wet surfaces plastered together.

Now, in her parent’s large bathroom, her mother switched to using a yellow “douche” latex folding syringe for Sarah’s enemas. When full, this style of enema bag deformed much more than the combination bag. And, unlike the familiar combination bag, it had to be practically empty before it resumed its natural shape.

As Sarah watched her mother fill this enema bag she realized the reason her mother had used the combination bag for her enemas was that, when full, the combination bag didn’t look like it held as much water as it actually did. Since it didn’t appear like Sarah was getting a large enema, she didn’t protest the quantity she was expected to take. She could imagine the argument she would have made if her mother had told her she was expected to take a two-quart enema rather than just giving it to her. As a consequence, Sarah was able to take two-quart enemas since she was twelve years old. When she eventually learned how much the enema bag held, it didn’t seem like that much. Her mother hung the full enema bag above the bench and attached the large nozzle to the hose. “This nozzle, when fully inserted, will penetrate you rectum about the length of an average penis,” her mother informed her.

“Of course this nozzle isn’t nearly as big around as a penis,” she added. Helen set the nozzle down, picked up the lubricant and sat behind her daughter. Sarah laid down on her stomach facing away from her mother. Helen, legs folded in the tailor position, sat between her daughter’s parted legs.

“I know you’re excited about this,” her mother began. “Because if you weren’t we wouldn’t be doing this,” she continued. “But even so, it won’t be easy and it will require some effort on your part.”

Helen squeezed the tube until she had a large gob of gel on the tips of her first two fingers. She spread her daughter’s dainty buns and rubbed the slippery stuff over her anus.

“If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll learn to climax from anal stimulation alone. But don’t worry about that now. Heavens, there are plenty of woman who don’t climax from vaginal stimulation. Even without climaxing, anal stimulation feels good, as you well know.” Helen greased the length of the nozzle. “Your first lesson,” Helen began. She placed the blunt tip against her daughter’s anus. Its white rubber grooved prow completely covered the crinkled opening.

“Is getting used to something large up your behind.” Helen rotated the nozzle a few times against Sarah’s anus before pressing it into her daughter’s rectum. Sarah flinched when she felt the nozzle probe her ass and her first reaction was to clench her butt.

Helen expected that to happen. “Relax, baby. If you tense up like that when you first feel something enter you back there you won’t learn how accommodate and enjoy an erect penis.”

Helen eased back the nozzle while Sarah composed herself. “When you feel it going in, don’t tense,” she instructed her daughter. “Push back and open up as it goes in and remain relaxed once it’s inserted.” Helen again pushed the large rubber nozzle into her daughter’s tight ass. This time she was able to get it past her daughter’s sphincter. Helen opened the clamp on the enema hose to start the flow of hot water.

Sarah clenched her butt in reaction to the gush of hot liquid hitting her bowels. She yelped in pain when her spasming rectum encountered the thick nozzle.

“Pay attention Sarah,” her mother commanded. “If you fight the nozzle, if you allow your muscles to tighten and stay constricted, it will end up hurting.”

Helen forced the remaining length of nozzle into her daughter’s pro- testing hole. “Control yourself. You can do it. You’ve taken lots of enemas, this one is no different.”

Sarah sobbed, “But it hurts, Momma. Can’t you take it out?” Sarah tried to relax. The fat nozzle felt very uncomfortable and she couldn’t help but try to eject it from her little hole.

Helen held the nozzle firmly in place. “Don’t try to push it out Sarah. Relax, baby. You can do it.”

Sarah blinked to clear her tear filled eyes. “I’m trying, Momma. I really am, but it’s so big!”

Helen held the nozzle with her left hand. She placed the slippery fingers of her right hand on her daughter’s vagina.

“Sarah, relax, baby.” She soothed. Her middle finger entered her daughter’s virgin pussy. “I promise it will feel good if you just relax.” Helen’s finger rubbed the spongy interior of her daughter’s hot, tight vagina.

Sarah stopped sniffling. The nozzle didn’t feel as bad as it first did. She definitely liked what her mother was doing in her pussy. Sarah was still very much aware of the thick intruder lodged in her ass but she had stopped trying to eject it.

Helen pushed her index finger into her daughter’s womanhood. Sarah’s pussy was very wet. The enema bag was two thirds empty and Sarah was moaning in carnal pleasure.

Helen encouraged her daughter, “That’s it, baby. You’re doing just fine.” Helen’s fingered the spongy walls of her daughter’s aroused vagina. “The big white nozzle is all the way up your tight hole and the enema bag is almost empty.”

Sarah climaxed. Her pussy spasmed around her mother’s finger’s and her ass convulsed around the thick nozzle. Blocked by the nozzle, her sphincter couldn’t completely close. This resulted in a jolt of intense pleasure from the nerve endings surrounding her anus. It was a new and wonderful experience. Sarah cried out in pain-tinged orgasmic pleasure.

Helen slowly eased out the embedded nozzle and reluctantly removed her soaked fingers from her daughter’s climax-drenched pussy. Sarah’s musky sex scent overwhelmed her. Helen sniffed her fingers and smeared her daughter’s juices over her upper lip so she could surreptitiously savor her daughter’s heady aroma. Now she needed relief! Sarah, her chest still heaving from her climax, got up and quickly went to the commode. Her enema came flooding out in great surge from her dilated hole. It felt good to have all that waste and liquid rushing out of her ass.

Helen took the enema bag down and washed it thoroughly in hot soapy water. She left it in the sink and went to her daughter.

“How are you feeling?” she asked.

Sarah smiled, “All tingly and excited.” Another blast of enema water jetted into the bowl, slowed to a trickle and stopped. Sarah reached for the toilet paper.

Helen smiled in return. “Not tired then?”

Sarah shook her head no as she wiped her butt and went to use the bidet.

“Good, would you like to give me an enema?”

Sarah stopped what she was doing. “Can I? I’d like that, Momma.” Helen nodded. “Just one thing.” She opened the enema nozzle drawer.

“You have to wear this while you do it.” Helen held a small butt plug in her hand. “It’s no bigger than the nozzle we just used.” Sarah looked at the slim appliance. It’s tip was smaller than the nozzle’s, but then it flared out thicker before reducing to the size of a regular nozzle. It had a long, narrow base and was about four and a half inches in length.

“Okay Momma. I’ll let you put that thing up my butt if I can give you your enema the same way you gave me mine.”

Helen smiled, “Deal, sweetheart.” Helen was very pleased with her daughter’s answer. It would give her an opportunity to see how adventuresome her daughter was.

Sarah flushed the toilet. She stood and watched her mother coat the butt plug with K-Y Jelly.

“Spread your legs and bend over,” Helen told her willing daughter. Sarah quickly obeyed. She spread her legs and leaned forward. She wiggled her jutting butt a few times before holding her luscious mounds apart with her hands.

Helen rubbed some K-Y around her daughter’s exposed pucker before she placed the butt plug in position.

“Okay baby, relax,” she told her daughter as she pushed the pliable device into her waiting rectum.

Sarah felt the rounded end of the butt plug slide past her sphincter. She tried not to tighten her ass muscles and was partially successful. She straightened her spine, then squatted against the unfamiliar intruder and finally raised her left leg.

Helen continued to push the butt plug into her daughter’s rear despite Sarah’s contortions. Sarah stood straight and closed her legs when Helen pressed the short, novice trainer home.

Helen looked at her daughter’s dimpled buttocks. “Really baby, you don’t have to strain to hold it in. Relax, you’ll get used it in a few minutes.”

Sarah smiled bravely. It felt like she needed to shit but she knew she mustn’t force it out. She took a few tentative steps. The movement felt very weird, but not unpleasant. The butt plug stayed put. Her mother smiled. “Why don’t you get on the bench while I get the enema ready?”

Sarah nodded. She slowly walked over the bench and kept her thighs together when she gingerly sat down.

Helen filled the enema bag with hot water and hung it over the bench. She handed her daughter the tube of K-Y Jelly and pulled off her shorty. She handed her daughter the nozzle and waited.

Sarah looked at her naked mother. Her mother’s dark nipples were erect. Compared to her mother’s prominent milk chocolate colored nipples, which were as big around as her thumb, her own nipples seemed to be mere stubby pink pimples.

Helen noticed what her daughter was staring at. She reached out and brushed her hand over Sarah’s budding breasts. Sarah’s hard nipples felt like steel beads embedded in bread dough.

“Your developing fine, sweetheart,” she answered the unasked, but obvious, question. “Don’t forget, breasts continue developing until you are twenty years old. And I nursed you for nine months, that makes a difference also.”

Helen cupped one, then the other, of her daughter’s small breasts. “Every girl worries about her boobs,” she told her daughter. “My advice is don’t. Let nature take its course. Now, what about my enema?”

Sarah gestured with the white rubber nozzle. “Get in position, Momma. I have to give you an enema.”

Saying those words sent a thrill through Sarah’s body. Her ass tightened around the butt plug, which induced another shiver of pleasure. She opened the tube and squeezed out a ribbon of lubricant along the length of the nozzle. Sarah spread the stuff over the nozzle with her index finger.

Helen dutifully got into position on the bench and silently waited for her daughter to begin.

Sarah parted her mother’s buns with the thumb and fingers of her left hand. She discovered she needed a third hand to hold the greased nozzle if she was going to lubricate her mother’s anus before inserting the nozzle. She didn’t want to set the coated nozzle down so Sarah placed the ungreased end between her teeth.

Her mother’s revealed anus was a dark, creased ring of prominent pink flesh. Sarah rubbed her index finger over the dusky opening. She took the nozzle out of her mouth and placed it on target.

“Here goes, Momma. Remember to relax!”

Sarah pushed the nozzle. It slid easily into her mother’s ass. Sarah kept her hand on the end of the nozzle while she opened the enema clamp.

Helen sighed when she felt the water enter her rectum. She had used the same enema bag instead of getting out one of the larger capacity ones. She wouldn’t have any difficulty retaining two-quarts while Sarah experimented with her.

Sarah kept checking the nozzle’s placement as the enema progressed. Her mother’s thick mat of pubic hair protruded below the embedded nozzle. Sarah wanted to touch her mother there. She waited until the enema bag was draining the last of its contents before she ventured into heretofore forbidden territory.

“You need to retain this enema, Momma,” she said. “And I’ll help you.”

Sarah closed the clamp and switched hands on the nozzle. She slid her right hand underneath her mother’s crotch. Her mother responded by raising her hips.

Emboldened, Sarah wasted no time. Her middle finger probed her mother’s pussy and encountered little resistance. Sarah was able to completely insert her finger into her mother’s oily interior. She frigged her mother’s vagina.

Helen rocked her hips against her daughter’s curious hand. Sarah’s finger was frustratingly small. She needed something additional. “More, baby,” she whispered. “Add your other fingers.”

Sarah thought that was a good idea. She couldn’t probe her own pussy like this. She was enthusiastic about exploring a vagina from this new angle. Sarah added her index finger and began twisting her two fingers in her mother’s pussy. Her mother responded with a shudder and a moan.

Sarah worked her remaining fingers into her mother’s saturated pussy. Her wrist pressed against the surface of the bench as she frigged her mother. With all of her fingers well inside her mother’s pussy all Sarah could manage to do was to rotate her hand in a short arc. Helen pressed her pubes against her daughter’s hand. Sarah was trying hard to pleasure her but she still had a lot to learn. No matter! It felt good, and a bit wicked, to have her baby trying to get her off. Helen decided to fake a small orgasm. She didn’t want to disappoint her daughter and, to tell the truth, she’d only be cheating a little.

“Oh, oh!” Helen exclaimed. She panted loudly and thrust her hips up and down. Sarah believed her and stopped frigging her pussy when her mother quieted down. Helen emitted a genuine sigh when she felt her daughter’s hand leave her pussy.

Sarah eased the nozzle out of her mother’s back hole. “That’s enough, Momma,” she announced. “You can go to the toilet now.” Helen got off the bench and leaned down to her child. She lightly kissed her on the lips. “Very good, Bean.”

Her parent’s hadn’t called her “Bean” since her adolescence growth spurt a few years ago. She took it to mean that her mother thought she was again growing - albeit in a radically different manner.

Helen sat on the commode and loosened her pent-up bowels. She expelled about half of the enema. The rest of the enema liquid had time enough to diffuse through her colon. She didn’t concern herself about the retained liquid nor worry about “seconds.” She would either pass it later or absorb it and pee it out later. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Come here, Bean.”

Sarah got up and went to her mother. The butt plug was noticeable but not uncomfortable. It felt more like there was something wedged between her cheeks than lodged up her ass.

“Bend over and let me remove the plug.”

Sarah faced away from her mother, spread her legs and bent over. She felt her mother’s hands on her butt, then between her cheeks. Her mother’s hand rested on the base of the butt plug.

“Push it out, Bean,” her mother told her.

Helen pried the base of the butt plug away from her daughter’s cleft and eased it’s length out of her ass. Once the bulbous portion was past her sphincter, it popped right out.

Helen set the slick anal toy on the vanity and daubed her dripping nates with toilet paper. “On the bidet with you so I can finish up.” Sarah hopped onto the bidet and thoroughly rinsed off her butt and crotch. She washed the butt plug and enema equipment while her mother finished her ablutions.

Helen was quite satisfied with her daughter’s progress. She saw no reason not to proceed with her plan to train her for anal sex.

“Bean” became the code word for Sarah’s training. Whenever her mother called her by that nickname Sarah knew another enema session would soon ensue.

Her enema sessions alternated between large nozzles and capacity stretching high colonics. Sarah climaxed at least once during her sessions, either from her own manipulations or from her mother’s deft touch. About their fourth session Helen explained the objectives of her training.

“The enemas using the large nozzle and the butt plug are to stretch your anus. At your age and size it would be very painful to go directly to butt screwing,” her mother began.

“The high colonics are to get you used to keeping your abdominal muscles relaxed. The greater volume of water used also helps you learn to accept “friendly” pain. It hurts for a while, then it feels good.”

Sarah agreed. Her first few high colonics ended with her in tears, and her begging her mother to stop the flow and pull out the tube. The long tube felt strange poking its way into her colon. Sarah had screamed in pain when her mother forced it past the second obstruction during her second high colonic. Then she swore she was going to throw up if she got any more water. Her mother had persisted, despite her squirming and complaining. Sarah took an extra pint of water and had the colon tube’s thirty inches fully inserted up her protesting behind by the time it was finally over.

When Sarah got off the bidet from that awful experience her mother took her back to bench, sat her down and told her, “Bean, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy that.”

Her mother pushed her back, parted her legs and knelt between them.

“Let me kiss it and make it better,” she told her astonished daughter.

Sarah meekly complied and got her first sample of oral stimulation. Her mother expertly tongued her labia and anus until Sarah was impatiently squirming beneath her. She moved her mouth to her daughter’s clitoris and skillfully brought her to an intense orgasm.

Sarah’s subsequent high colonics went easier. The additional water was still painful to take, but the colon tube was able to enter her body with less and less difficulty. Eventually her mother was able to fully insert it only after a pint of enema liquid had drained from the bag. At that point, Helen switched from the folding latex enema bag and began using one of her large capacity open topped fountain syringes. Sarah was well on her way to taking three quart high colonics while her mother routinely brought her to orgasm orally afterwards. Two months later Sarah got a surprise during her regular enema session. She was up on the bench waiting for her mother to insert the butt plug. Her enema was over and she was looking forward to the butt plug’s comfortable fullness.

Helen parted her daughter’s ass and rubbed K-Y Jelly on her anus. She then attached a small nozzle to the tube, which slipped easily into her daughter’s hole. Helen completely inserted the slim pipe and firmly squeezed the tube to force a large amount of lubricant into her daughter’s rectum.

Sarah wondered what was going on back there since she couldn’t see what her mother was doing. She soon felt the familiar butt plug enter her ass.

“Stay put, Bean,” her mother instructed. “We’re going to try something larger tonight.”

Sarah tried to see what “something larger” was but her mother held it out of sight.

“All right Bean, time to graduate,” her mother announced.

Her mother stroked the butt plug in and out of her ass several wonderful, thrilling times before removing it.

“If this is going to work you are going to have to remember to remain relaxed,” her mother lectured.

Sarah felt more lubricant squirt up her ass. She wiggled her butt in anticipation and then felt something big and round against her anus. An anxious Sarah took a deep breath and willed her ass to relax. The pressure against her anus increased. Sarah raised up to meet it. Still it increased. It felt like there was no end to the roundness trying to force its way past her sphincter. Sarah tried to push back, to open herself up.

The pressure turned to pain. The pain to fire. Still there seemed no end to the hugeness of it. Sarah whimpered, she so much wanted to succeed. She desperately wanted to be ready for her father’s cock. She gasped for air and pushed back, only to scream out in pain. Helen eased off but kept the head of the dildo against her daughter’s tortured anus. “Don’t give up, Bean. You’re doing fine, just don’t tense. A little bit at a time and we’ll have it in and you’ll see that it isn’t so bad.”

The pressure increased again. Sarah raised her hips and pushed back. She willed her ass to expand and take the intruder. It actually felt good until the fiery pain overwhelmed her. But she screamed again when the sharp pain became too much to stand.

Helen backed the dildo part way out of her daughter’s expanding hole. She didn’t pull it completely out so as not to lose the progress she’d made. “Trust me, Bean. Once you get past the pain it will stop hurting and feel good. I know. Surrender to the pain, welcome it, ignore it, take it. You can do it.”

Sarah calmed her breathing and let the tension drain from her body. She drew a deep breath and let it out. “Okay Momma,” she said with determination. “Go ahead.”

The fullness returned. Sarah raised up to meet the invader. The pressure increased until it became a searing, unbearable pain. Sarah’s ass felt like it was on fire. She bit her lip and pushed her ass into the pain.

“Oh!” Sarah exclaimed. “Oh, it’s in me. I can feel it in me!”

“Easy, Bean,” her mother advised. “Relax.”

Sarah lowered herself onto the cushions. Her ass spasmed causing a stab of pain to shoot through her abdomen.

Helen had about half the length of the rubber phallus inserted in her daughter’s straining hole. She eased it out.

“Rest a moment Bean. When I put it in again it won’t be so bad.”

Sarah lay still and calmed her heaving belly. It was fantastic! She actually had it up her ass. She felt the bulbous head push against her poor hole. Sarah lifted her hips to meet it. This time she didn’t panic when she felt the fiery pain of the passage of the dildos head through her sphincter.

Helen left it in a little longer before pulling it out. “Bean, finger yourself, you’ll find it’s easier if you’re stimulated.”

Sarah reached down to her neglected pussy. She thought about her father, fantasizing that it was his dick that was penetrating her virgin ass.

Helen once again violated her daughter’s ass with the artificial penis. This time she didn’t stop pushing until its entire length was inserted.

“You’ve got six inches of rubber cock up you butt, Bean. Your father is going to be proud of you!”

Sarah’s fingers dug into her oily pussy. It felt like she had a baseball bat up her ass! Her orgasm was quick and incredibly intense! Helen helped the dildo slide out of her daughter’s spasming ass. She knew the thick intruder would quickly become unbearable once her daughter’s intense orgasm subsided.

Sarah turned to face her mother. She stared at the object in her hands. It was a life sized replica of a penis. She’d done it, Sarah had finally been penetrated by a cock. She smiled in self- satisfaction.

Helen smiled back. “See, I told you it would be all right.” Helen went to the sink and washed the phallus in hot soapy water. Sarah went to sit on the bidet. The gentle hot spray felt wonderful on her still burning rear.

The following Friday Sarah was disappointed that she wasn’t called to her parent’s bathroom. She was certain that her father was about to get in on her training. She masturbated furiously in the bathtub and again in bed.

The following morning her father said, “Bean, care to join your mother and me in our bedroom?”

This was the first time he had called her by her nickname. Sarah knew it was time. She enthusiastically agreed.

Her Dad joked with her, telling her he now had two women to take care of. Sarah beamed in delight.

They entered the bedroom. Sarah’s mother was on the bed, completely nude.

“Rule one,” her father said as he began to undress. “Everyone is naked past this door. So strip!” he said giving his daughter a playful swat on the butt.

“Rule two,” he announced once they were both undressed. “Is everyone gets an enema.”

Helen got off the king sized bed. “Come on Sarah, your father is going to give us each an enema.” She kissed her husband and walked with her daughter into the bathroom. “Later it will be his turn.” Sarah watched her father give her mother the enema. It was very exciting. Her father used the latex enema bag and the large white rubber douche nozzle. Her mother faced the wall, laying on her left side. When her father opened her buttocks to lubricant her anus, her mother pulled her right leg up to her breasts. Her father inserted the nozzle and opened the clamp to begin the enema. Sarah’s mother sighed contentedly when the warm liquid entered her ass. With mounting excitement, Sarah watched her mother enjoy the enema. When the bag was flat, her father closed the clamp and withdrew the thick nozzle from her mother’s rear. Her mother turned onto her back and massaged her pouching abdomen with both hands.

Sarah remained quiet and attempted to stay still. It was difficult for her to do so. The sight of her mother enjoying her enema coupled with her father’s nakedness and arousal was making her light headed. Her father’s marvelous penis was almost fully erect. She had watched in admiration as its size increased during mother’s enema.

Sarah thought her father’s cock was beautiful. A dense growth of pubic hair half obscured his balls. His cock grew out of this solid black mass like a majestic redwood soaring above the forest floor. The veins on his swarthy shaft where like cables twining around a pole. His large vermilion cockhead looked like a delectable satiny mushroom. Sarah wanted it more than anything!

Her father refilled the enema bag and hung it back up over the enema bench after her mother got up to empty her guts. He replaced the douche nozzle with a slimmer, olive shaped tip, pipe.

“Your turn Bean,” he told her.

Sarah eagerly got onto the bench.

“On your stomach,” he instructed her.

Carl watched his woman-child quickly obey. He was delighted she was so eager. Her exposed, plump ass was so sexy! Carl had to restrain himself from ravishing his daughter right then. He would have her soon enough, he knew. Her proffered ass made his hard cock twitch. The sounds of his wife’s evacuation brought his attention back to the matter at hand. Carl lovingly greased her tiny rear with a copious amount of K-Y Jelly before dipping the retentive nozzle into her willing ass.

Sarah opened up when she felt the bulbous nozzle probe her anus. Its narrow length entered her ass and she immediately felt the surge of warm water flow into her rectum. She kept her eyes glued to her father’s now very erect penis. Sarah was incredibly turned on. She squirmed during her enema as she imagined that massive organ stroking in and out of her willing ass.

“Easy girl,” her father admonished. He held the nozzle in her ass so her gyrations wouldn’t dislodge it.

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut. Her belly was taut. She felt the fullness of the enema water pressing against her abdomen. She pressed her legs together and clenched her butt around the nozzle. She pictured her father’s penis entering her ass. Suddenly an orgasm shuddered through her quivering body. She hadn’t even touched herself and she came!

Sarah caught her breath and relaxed her muscles. Her father waited for her orgasm to subside before he removed the nozzle. He smiled brightly at her.

“Good girl,” he complimented.

Sarah sat on the toilet and watched her father clean the enema equipment. His penis jutted over the edge of the vanity while he washed everything in the sink.

Her expulsion finally over, Sarah bounced off the commode and onto the bidet. She saw her father take her butt plug out of the drawer and cover it with K-Y Jelly.

“Bend over and spread ‘em, Bean,” he said when she finished drying herself.

Sarah dutifully assumed the position and let her father insert the familiar butt plug. She stood and wiggled her ass. It felt good to have that intimate intruder in place but she desired the real thing. Carl led his daughter into the bedroom. Helen assured him that Sarah was ready for his cock. She certainly showed enough interest in his dick, she hadn’t taken her eyes off of it since they’d undressed. The plan was to get Sarah so turned on and excited that she wouldn’t hesitate when the time came to take his cock up her ass.

First he had to take care of Helen! Keep up with the homework, as they called it. Since it was a threesome, Carl got on his back on the bed. That position allowed him to service both of them simultaneously.

Helen straddled her husband’s loins and began fondling his balls and hard-on. She knew he was close to coming and she wanted his delicious cock buried in her love channel when he shot his load. Helen squatted over his cock and lowered herself onto his rigid shaft. Carl’s cock felt wonderful as it filled her hot pussy.

Carl thrust up to meet his wife’s descending pussy and buried his manhood as deep as he could in her enveloping warmth.

“Come here Bean,” he called to his waiting child.

Sarah climbed onto the bed and let her father position her. She realized he intended to lick her pussy while he fucked her mother! Sarah maneuvered her crotch over her father’s mouth and gleefully surrendered to his expert ministrations.

Carl inhaled his daughter’s scent. She smelled wonderful. He tongued the oily juice seeping out of her cute pussy. She tasted as sweet as she smelled! Carl pulled her close to his mouth and began sucking and licking his daughter’s virginity.

Sarah shuddered when she felt her father’s tongue lick her labia. She hoped her reactions wouldn’t cause the butt plug to slip out. As if he read her mind, Sarah felt her father’s hand press against the base of the plug. The added pressure sent ripples off excitement up her spine.

Sarah started coming and couldn’t stop. She grunted and groaned. Her body heaved and her head in swung in rapid gyrations in response to her father’s experienced tonguing. Sarah grabbed the headboard with both hands to prevent herself from falling over.

Helen rocked back and forth on her heels, slowly fucking herself on her husband’s cock. She watched her daughter sway as her mate initiated her into the wonders of sex. Any doubts she might have harbored that Sarah wasn’t ready were erased by her daughter’s carnal grunts and wild actions.

Helen felt her husband’s cock swell. His hips rose to meet her descending pussy and his cock thrust deep and fast into her. She sensed he was about to come. Excited, no doubt, by their daughter’s uninhibited behavior.

She wasn’t quite ready herself, but she made do. Helen mashed herself down until she felt her pubic bone touch her husband’s. She brought years of practice into play and skillfully constricted her vaginal muscles until her husband’s turgid cock was locked in her silky vise-like grip.

Carl grunted and went rigid. He gripped his daughter’s firm ass cheeks and buried his tongue as deep as possible into her delicious, virgin pussy. His wife’s pulsing vagina milked his engorged organ and tortured his swollen cockhead. She had made her pussy tight, but not, he realized, as tight as his daughter’s virgin ass would be.

Helen fingered her clitoris as she manipulated her husband’s cock.

She pictured his mighty organ entering their daughter’s cute ass. She wouldn’t see it this time, she knew. She reached out with her free hand and stroked her daughter’s swaying back.

Carl shot his load into her pussy. Helen clamped down as hard as possible and fingered her clit. She was close to getting off but not yet there. Her husband stopped moving. Carl was spent for the moment. Helen continued to massage her clit and she achieved a small orgasm. It took the edge off, but left her wanting more.

Flushed and trembling, Sarah collapsed next to her father. Helen eased herself off her husband’s hips to lie next to them. Sarah hugged her mother and buried her face into the hollow of her neck. Helen stroked her daughter’s hair and gathered her petite body in her arms.

“Are you ready, Bean?” Her mother asked. She turned onto her back and positioned her slim daughter on her chest and stomach.

“Oh yes, Momma!” Sarah enthused as she embraced her naked mother. Her tiny breasts pressed into her mother’s ample bosom.

Carl rose, retrieved a few items, and returned to sit next to his wife’s legs. “Do as your mother says Bean and everything will be all right,” he told her.

Carl marveled at her perfectly shaped ass while he gently positioned his daughter’s legs to lie along side his wife’s hips. Carl smiled. His daughter’s compact behind was perched above his wife’s pussy. Not only was his daughter’s ass open and accessible, he could also reach his wife’s just fucked honey hole. Carl withdrew the slim butt plug from his daughter’s upturned ass and set it aside.

Helen continued to stroke her daughter’s hair. She saw her husband pick up the K-Y Jelly. She told Sarah, “Now your father is going to lubricate your ass.”

Sarah felt the slim applicator nozzle slip past her relaxed anus and her rectum fill with the thick paste. Her father was making sure she had enough lubrication! It felt like he’d squeezed at least half the tube up her butt.

Carl set the depleted tube aside and picked up a condom and the dildo Helen had used to stretch Sarah’s anus. Carl placed the rubber over the dildos blunt end and unrolled it. That precaution wasn’t for Sarah’s benefit. It was for Helen’s. Carl knew his wife would get a thrill out of having Sarah’s ass-stretching instrument buried in her pussy while he was taking Sarah’s anal virginity.

Sarah nestled down between her mother’s breasts and got comfortable. Sarah felt the familiar blunt roundness against her anus and she willed herself to relax. It was difficult! She was so excited by the prospect of finally getting her father to fuck her in the ass that she couldn’t concentrate. Her ass twitched at the faintest touch and goose bumps rippled over her body. Her legs quivered and she gasped for air.

Helen petted her daughter and whispered soothing words. Her warm hands rubbed Sarah’s back. She calmed Sarah down by degrees and soon had the anxious teenager breathing normally.

Carl restrained himself and took his time with the dildo. So much so that Sarah wondered if he was ever going to get it past her resilient ass ring. He wanted this first time not only to be special for his daughter but also a pleasurable one. That was just as well, since he required a bit of time for his cock to recover. Carl knew he’d need a steel-hard erection if he hoped to penetrate his daughter’s virgin asshole.

His daughter’s ass was beautiful to behold. Carl felt his cock stir as he studied Sarah’s flawless buttocks. He parted her twin mounds and slowly worked the dildo into his baby’s tight nether passageway. Carl worked the thick shaft methodically past her guardian ass muscles.

Incredibly, Sarah had an orgasm when he punched the dildos bulbous head past her sphincter muscles. His daughter let out a sharp scream of pain followed by the unmistakable sounds of an orgasm. Carl immediately eased the dildo out while his wife whispered words of encouragement as she held and caressed her daughter.

When Sarah’s contractions ceased Carl resumed the stretching exercises. By now Sarah’s inner thighs were coated with lubricant and excretions. The dildo slid effortlessly toward her anus.. Carl en- countered resistance only when three-quarters of the synthetic shaft’s bulbous tip was past Sarah’s dilating anus. Carl pushed it into his daughter’s ass.

Sarah yelled out in pain and tried to raise her hips. Her father pushed the dildo completely into her ass. Helen held her firmly down and reminded her to remain relaxed.

Sarah blinked tears from her eyes and lowered her hips. “I’ll try,” she said. “It’s just that I wasn’t expecting it, is all, Momma.”

Sarah was babbling and her mother understood. In spite of everything, now that the time was near, Sarah was getting nervous.

“Now don’t worry baby,” Helen encouraged. She rubbed her daughter’s shoulders in an attempt to banish the tension that was building. If Sarah remained tense it wouldn’t be pleasant for her. “Just relax and everything will be all right.”

Sarah drew a few shuddering breaths and tried to relax. She felt silly.

Carl worked quickly. He unrolled a new condom on his cock and slathered his rigid shaft with lubricant. It was time. He positioned himself behind his daughter. His knees locked Sarah’s legs against her mother’s thighs. Carl grabbed the base of the dildo and slowly eased it from his daughter’s quivering butt. He was pleased to see that her open anus did not immediately wink out of sight. Carl leaned back on his feet and stripped the condom from the dildo.

He popped the bulbous head into his mouth and coated it with a judicious amount of saliva. He leaned down, parted his wife’s pussy lips with one hand and inserted the dildo into her moist pussy with the other.

“What?” Sarah asked in response to her mother’s sudden movement and gasp.

“Oh nothing Bean,” she answered. “Your father just tickled me.” How was she going to concentrate with that thing lodged in her pussy, she wondered. It was still warm from being inside her daughter’s ass. Helen contracted her vaginal muscles a few times and was rewarded with that wonderful feeling encountering an unyielding shaft produced.

“Now stay relaxed, baby,” Helen reminded her daughter. She wrapped her arms around her daughter’s hot, trembling body.

Carl leaned into his daughter’s waiting ass. He supported his weight on one arm and used his free hand to guide his cock towards his daughter’s virgin asshole. His cock slid easily between her satiny smooth and well-lubricated cheeks. He hit the mark without difficulty and immediately began thrusting. Sarah was as prepared as she was going to be, Carl knew.

Sarah pushed back when she felt her father’s penis slide over her buttocks and touch her anus. She quickly discovered that her father’s penis didn’t feel the same as the dildo. For one frightening thing, his cock was thicker around than the dildo.

Sarah squeezed her eyes shut and screamed when her father penetrated her rectum with his massive organ. She kept sobbing, “It hurts, it hurts,” over and over.

Helen held her daughter tight so she wouldn’t try to squirm away.

“It’s going to be all right, you’ll see. Just don’t tense up.”

“Oh Momma, I want it but it hurts something awful,” Sarah cried. “Make him go slow, please.”

Carl thrust the remaining length of his cock into his daughter’s tortured hole.

“Ow!” Sarah screamed. She tried to bolt but couldn’t get out of her mother’s firm grasp. She went limp but couldn’t forget the pole stuck up her tiny ass. It felt like her father was tearing her apart. Her ass burned like she was being filled with liquid fire. No enema or dildo exercise was ever like this. The pain was incredible and intense beyond tolerance. All she could think of was getting that thing out of her ass!

Carl knew he had to get her mind off the pain and onto the pleasure. He was sure he wasn’t physically damaging her, but if he didn’t do something soon Sarah would continue to tense up and eventually injure herself. He tried the direct approach.

“Oh Bean, you’re ass is just wonderful. It feels incredibly wonderful to fuck your ass with my hard cock. Your ass is terrific!”

Sarah swallowed back some of her panic. She never heard her father speak to her like that. She stopped her protesting. She shivered and tried to relax.

Helen loosened her embrace and resumed her caresses. “Your father finally has his cock up your ass. Just the way he does it to me.” That was a shock to hear. It sent a wicked thrill through her pain- wracked body.

“What’s it like to fuck your baby daughter in the ass with your hard prick?”

“Fabulous,” her father replied to her mother’s incredible question. Sarah discovered she liked being the subject of dirty talk.

Carl felt the change in his daughter’s attitude. He gently flexed his hips to short-stroke his cock. Sarah ass was beyond tight. It was way up there in vise-like. Thank God for all that lubricant or his poor cock would be rubbed raw after a few minutes of back door action. He continued his commentary. “Sarah’s ass is so damn tight and hot my dick can hardly stand it. She really turns me on!”

“Will you come up her ass?” Sarah’s mother’s asked. “Will Sarah’s hot tight ass make you shoot your load while your prick is deep in her bowels?”

Astonishingly, Sarah began to enjoy it. She didn’t think she’d ever get used to her father’s massive cock up her ass. She noticed that while it was larger than the dildo, his cock had features the dildo lacked. It was warm for one thing and pliable as only living flesh could be. Now that she was over her initial panic she realized a live cock was much more desirable than a rubber model.

Carl grunted. Fucking his daughter’s virgin ass was hard work. “Bean, your virgin ass is driving me crazy.” He increased his thrusts and his thighs slapped against her springy mounds as he pistoned his cock in her greased, tight ass.

Sarah moaned. The pain was a dull ache, hardly noticeable. The pleasure was incredible. She wondered if once she started coming if she would ever stop. Her hands found her mother’s breasts. She squeezed the firm flesh in time to her father’s thrusts.

Helen watched the sweat fall from her husband’s flushed face as he intensely worked at fucking their daughter’s ass. She wished Sarah would suck her aching nipples, but she didn’t want to say anything to distract her. Helen flexed her vaginal muscles. The contractions forced the dildo out of her wet vagina.

Sarah climaxed. She yelped and gulped air. Her body shuddered and convulsed. Her yelping grew louder and higher in pitch but did not stop. Wave after convulsive multi-orgasmic wave shuddered though her cock-skewered body.

Carl’s cock was unmercifully squeezed by his daughter’s uncontrolled orgasmic spasming. He managed to free his throbbing organ by pulling back during the brief moments when his daughter’s anus wasn’t locked tight around his buried shaft.

Freed at last, Carl stripped the condom off his suffering organ. He took his cock in hand and began to manipulate himself towards his own waiting orgasm.

Sarah’s ass lay exposed beneath him. Her quivering buns vibrated around her still-gaping anus that moments before held his large organ. He pumped his cock as he watched that marvelous ring of flesh slowly contract. He saw that the dildo had slipped from his wife’s pussy so he pushed it back in. She sighed when he did that.

Sarah still shuddered from her climaxes but she was slowing down. Her mother loosened her arms and Sarah rolled off her mother’s sweaty chest. She saw her father kneeling over her mother’s thighs and furiously pumping his purple cock. She moved closer to him. She felt very good and incredibly affectionate. She reached for his cock. Carl turned towards his daughter and understood what she wished to do. He smiled and held his cock out for her. She was only able to get the head of his cock inside her mouth. It was enough. He continued to pump his shaft with one hand while she sucked and licked the taut silky surface of his throbbing cockhead. He stroked her hair and face with his other hand. Sarah loved her father more than anything now and she was eager to please him. She happily sucked her father’s cock.

Sarah’s mouth was just the extra stimulus Carl need to shoot off. He stiffened suddenly and pushed his cock into Sarah’s mouth. Sarah gagged but continued to tongue her father’s organ. Carl squeezed his cock and jetted his semen into his daughter’s hungry mouth. Sarah withstood the sudden hot onslaught for its short duration, only choking when her father pulled his spent cock from her straining mouth. He held her tenderly while she coughed out his milky discharge.

Helen, who had brought herself to a successful climax while watching her daughter give her father head, rose to join them in a three-way embrace.

Carl carried his exhausted daughter into the spa room. The three of them entered the steaming hot water and continued to embrace as the pulsing jets and swirling liquid soothed their tired muscles. Afterwards Sarah had the added pleasure of giving her father a large, hot enema while her mother watched.

Sarah scissored her legs and pressed the tip of the vibrator along side her sensitive clitoris. Her breathing tempo increased. She clenched her anus and rocked up and down. Her motions set her bed undulating. She heard the contained water slosh. She often thought of her water bed as a huge enema bag and the sound excited her. Sarah’s tan chest darkened as her capillaries dilated. Her spine arched and a guttural grunt exploded from her open mouth. A beautiful orgasm bloomed in her crotch and surged through her tanned body like an electrical shock.

“Oh! Oh!” she exclaimed over and over. Sarah pressed the vibrator against her spasming pussy for as long as she could tolerate climaxing. Her body went limp and gently swayed with the surging water. Sarah smiled. Her cousins would soon arrive.


Chad and Julie packed and repacked several times for the trip. They were both so excited about the visit that neither could decide what to take and what to leave behind. Finally their mother took charge and gave each child one suitcase and a day bag.

The long, uneventful drive was rather boring. Though the two teenagers fidgeted, they occupied the time by listening to music and playing with Chad’s Gameboy. Sally and Mike were pleasantly surprised that the journey wasn’t marked by the bickering that previously occurred in long car trips. It was a relief to see outward evidence their children were maturing into young adults.

They arrived late in the evening at Sally’s sister’s house. After a group greeting and unloading the two tired youngsters were shown to their bedrooms. Julie was given a spare bedroom next to Sarah’s room and Chad was placed in a small room at the other end of the hall. Sarah explained to her cousin’s where things were while they unpacked and got ready for bed. Julie wondered where her folks were going to sleep and concluded that there must be a room for them downstairs. In spite of all the excitement, the three teens were soon settled in and asleep.

In the living room below, Sally kicked off her shoes, nestled into the plush recliner and took a long drink from the tall glass in her hand. “Ah,” she exhaled. “It’s great to be out of the car.”

Mike echoed her sentiments. His muscles ached from driving. He slowly shook his head in a physical attempt to rid himself of the electronic sound effects still bouncing around in his skull.

“What ever happened to travel bingo?” he muttered to himself.

“What was that?” Helen asked as she returned from seeing the children off to bed.

“Nothing,” Mike replied. He rotated his shoulders and twisted his head around. “Just tense from driving.”

“Why don’t you use the spa?” Helen offered.

Mike stretched and started to reply, his brother-in-law interrupted him.

“Best thing for you,” Carl added. “I’ll help you.” He rose from the couch and led the way. “Besides,” he said, gesturing at his wife,

“It’ll give the gals a chance to gossip.”

Mike nodded and followed his brother-in-law out of the living room.

“Chad and Julie seem rather mature,” Helen observed when they were alone.

Sally smiled and took a drink. “Oh they are, quite,” she replied. Helen playfully kicked the side of the recliner. “Are they?”

Sally giggled. “Yup. They’re maturing right along.”

Helen sat on the floor and massaged her sister’s feet. “So tell me about it.”

“Oh that feels good.” A foot massage was always welcome. Sally sighed and collected her thoughts.

“With Julie I knew for certain this summer,” Sally began. “She was constipated.”

“So you gave her an enema,” Helen interjected.

“Right, I gave her an enema. Julie was on a diet. That was fortunate for me because it provided a reason to continue giving her enemas.” Helen looked at her sister. “You haven’t been syringing your kids regularly?”

“It had been a long while since I had given her an enema,” Sally explained. “I’d meant to keep up a regular schedule with her but you know how it is with teenagers. It’s difficult to find the time. Mike and I barely have time for our own weekly enema sessions.” Helen squeezed her sister’s foot. “Sarah gets an enema every week - has been since she was nine years- old–but I only have the one.” Helen stopped herself. “What happened with Julie?”

Sally continued, “She reacted rather positively to the enema.” She took another drink. “In spite of her constipation, it was very obvious she found the enema sexually stimulating. The pretext of the diet provided a daily opportunity for her to become intimately familiar with the uniquely arousing properties of enemas.”

“I allowed her to take the enemas herself during her diet. After that episode, Julie continued to self administer enemas whenever she thought she could get away with it.”

Sally laughed. “I made it easy enough for her! The enema bag was kept in their bathroom and during her diet I had provided her with several tubes of K-Y Jelly. I was clear that I considered her to be mature enough to judge her own needs. I told her, like her monthly period, her personal hygiene was her business.”

Sally stretched and yawned. “There was never any doubting Chad proclivities, that boy is incredible! You know he always liked getting an enema, even when he was little. He never fussed or objected to them ever though he’s had some rather painfully uncomfortable ones.” Helen nodded. She looked forward to satisfying her nephew’s desires.

“Chad was ill recently,” Sally added. “You know what that meant.” Helen chuckled. “An enema a day, just like mother did with us two.”

“You got it Sis! I got the opportunity to give him several enemas.” Sally paused, inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled.

“My cute little boy ejaculated during one of his enemas!” Helen laughed. This was great news. “You’re kidding? My little nephew shot his wad while you were giving him an enema?”

Sally nodded. “He always gets an erection when he receives an enema.”

She smiled, sipped. “It was fun watching his penis develop through childhood and puberty.”

She returned to the subject. “Chad’s had quite a few enemas since puberty. His erections were always remarkably strong during his enema and I’m sure he masturbated afterwards. I guess this time he couldn’t control himself.”

Sally recalled the recent scene. “I was giving him an enema on his bed and, while the water was still flowing, his stiff prick shot a huge amount of semen. There was a great big stain on the towels!”

Helen grinned. “What happened next?”

“I kept the nozzle stuck in his rear while he shuddered and rocked and from the way he trembled and shook, I’d say it was his first intense climax. I didn’t say anything and neither did Chad. We finished the enema like nothing happened.”

Helen leaned closer, this was better news than she had hoped for.

“Anything else?”

Sally took another drink. “Julie took the opportunity to use the enema bag during Chad’s illness. It was left hanging over the bathtub and I’m sure she used it at least once. Finally, I had Mike give Chad an enema to confirm my perceptions.”

Helen drank from her own drink. “And what did Mike find out?”

Sally giggled. “That Chad is one horny little bastard!”

“What happened?”

“Mike stuck his finger up Chad’s ass before he gave him the enema. Mike said he did it to see what Chad’s reaction would be. The little bugger loved it! Chad’s not so little dick shot off from the stimulation. Mike said Chad then took his enema without complaint. He said it was very obvious that Chad found the enema pleasurable in spite of his recent orgasm.”

Helen looked over her shoulder. “You know what those two are probably doing in there, don’t you?”

Sally nodded. “Yeah, let ‘em. Mike’s earned it, he drove the whole way.” She dismissed her husband from her thoughts. “What about your randy daughter?”

“Sarah is doing very well,” Helen laughed. “She teased Carl with her cute little body until I stepped in. You should have seen her the first time Carl did it. The wanton little tease must have climaxed a dozen times!”

“How far have the two of you gone with her?”

“We have threesomes about one a week. Her father gives her an enema first. Sarah loves it and we always begin that way. We either bring her to orgasm orally or Carl penetrates her ass. It’s only anal sex with Sarah, Carl won’t screw her pussy until she’s had a chance to experiment with someone her own age. She also likes to watch, so sometimes Carl and I will go at it while Sarah masturbates herself to exhaustion.”

Helen chuckled. “She likes it when Carl takes me from the rear. She gives me an enema and helps her father lubricate my ass, all the while chatting away about how wonderful it’s going to be.”

Sally was getting turned on by her sister’s frank admissions. She sat upright and put her empty glass down. She stood, then retrieved her shoes. “I’m beat,” she told her sister.

Helen stood. “Then let’s go to bed.” She led the way to the bedroom. The sofa-bed in the master bedroom was open and made up. “We figured it’d be more convenient for you and Mike to in be here.”

“You two figured right,” Sally told her sister. She undressed and walked nude into the master bathroom.

Helen, also naked, was using the bidet. “Why don’t you take a quick shower?” She told her sister.

“My thoughts exactly,” She replied.

Sally was alone in the large bathroom when she stepped out of the shower. She toweled herself dry, turned off the light and entered the bedroom.

The bedroom lights were dimmed and her naked sister was in the middle of the bed. The turned down the covers reached only her knees. Sally climbed in next to her older sister.

Helen embraced her sister. “Since my husband is taking care of your husband, it’s only fair I take care of you.” Helen kissed her sister’s upturned throat.

Sally imagined the scene going on in the spa room-rough, man-to-man sex. At the moment she didn’t care to know the specifics. She parted her thighs and cuddled closer to her sister. She felt her sister’s leg press against her crotch.

“Yes,” she softly answered.

Helen gently kissed her sister. Sally’s mouth opened in response. Helen tenderly kissed the proffered lips and ran her hands up and down her sister’s side and back.

Helen kissed her sister’s chin and throat and nuzzled the hollow of her neck. She pushed her compliant sibling onto her back and moved until she was even with her sister’s smiling face. Helen took her sister’s face in her hands and caressed her hair. She delicately kissed her forehead and eyes and then kissed her mouth. This time she probed her willing sister’s mouth with the tip of her tongue. Sally responded to her sister’s tongue by darting her own tongue into her sister’s mouth. Sally stroked her sister’s back and boobs. Sally ran the palms of her hands over her sister’s exposed breasts. Helen pressed herself against her sister. Their breasts melded. Aroused nipple poked soft flesh. Four points pressed four spots. Neither could tell whose nipple was where. Neither cared. Helen kissed the rise of her sister’s neck. Sally caressed the back of her sister’s head. Legs moved and thighs pressed. Moistness appeared, welled up, became oily wetness and spread. They kissed again. Their lips met and parted over and over. Tongues darted between mouths and over lips. The two sister’s took their time. They savored each moment, each action, as if it was the ultimate experience.

Their skin was flushed hot and exceedingly sensitive. Their bodies glowed with arousal and passion. A light, feathery touch caused twitches and jerks. A gentle caress, shivers and shudders. Their eroticism was like fiery magma boiling below the surface. Any moment it would erupt white-hot and all-consuming.

Helen moved her hand to her crotch. She dipped her middle finger into her wetness and brought the coated finger to her sister’s lips. Sally inhaled deeply and kissed the finger. She did the same with her hand and Helen savored her sister’s musky essence. The aroused sisters pressed close and passionately kissed. Their calm demeanor discarded, the incestuous pair hugged and kissed with a frenetic obsession. Their legs jockeyed for position and advantage on the other’s crotch.

Helen grabbed her sister’s wrist. She guided it to her sister’s crotch. “We’ll do ourselves,” she whispered. “We will come together.”

“Like we used to,” Sally remembered. She was aching to get off. Her swollen pussy was sopping wet and her clit was stiff and ready. She pressed her labia together several times before her fingers probed the inner recesses of her slit.

Helen didn’t pause with any such preliminary activity. She inserted two fingers into her vagina and rubbed small circles over her inner labia. Immediately she sensed her orgasm build.

Their kissing grew in intensity. Tongues no longer playfully darted, but fought to probe the furthest over the most area. The women gulped air when there was a break in the kissing and snorted for breath when one was determined to continue the oral assault.

Sally fingered her very sensitive clitoris. She couldn’t stand to directly touch it. Her fingers rubbed back and forth astride it’s fleshy shroud. The indirect friction sent her giddy with rapture. She was on her way to a multiple, and incredibly intense, orgasm. She vocalized her pleasure.

Helen responded in concert with her sister. She mashed her lips to her sister’s and the two of them locked tongues. Helen bent her wrist as far as possible. Her fingers probed deep, as deep as she could possibly reach. She wished she had thought to use her vibrating dildo, but it was too late now. Her fingers dug at the spongy interior of her pussy while her exposed thumb rubbed over her clitoris. Her orgasm, feeding off her sister’s mounting climax, rose up inside her and readied to burst forth.

Helen panted and emitted incoherent sounds from deep in her throat. Her sister gasped next to her and grunted out her own building orgasm. The two sisters climaxed simultaneously. Wordless plosives filled the bedroom as both women joyously rode surge after surge of self-paced sexual release.

Helen cradled her panting sister in her arms. Sally nuzzled her sister’s shoulder. It was wonderful to be together again. “What are your plans for Julie and Chad,” Sally asked after a while. Helen absently stroked her sister’s hair. “I’m going to give them both enemas of course. After you and Mike leave they’ll both get an enema. From what you’ve told me, I’ll have Carl administer Chad’s. I think your boy will benefit from a high colonic enema. I imagine Chad will enjoy the colon tube.”

She kissed her sister’s forehead. “As for sweet Julie, I’ll give her a very nice enema. I’ll have Sarah present, that should initiate a few interesting reactions.

She laughed, “After that, we’ll play it by `rear’.” Sally laughed at her sister’s pun and then they kissed, slowly and sensuously.

The two men entered the spa room. Mike stripped off his clothes while his brother-in-law adjusted the spa’s controls. Carl turned on the underwater lights, the water pump and the air blower. Once the spa was going he turned off the overhead lights. Roaring water echoed through the large room.

Carl gestured to his brother-in-law. “Go on in, I’ll be right back.” He disappeared into the bathroom and returned naked, carrying several towels. He placed the pile next to the spa within easy reach. Mike perched on one of the underwater benches and relaxed in the hot swirling liquid. His arms and legs radiated from his tired body to capture as much of the vibrating liquid as possible. His head tilted back and he tried not to move. It felt wonderful.

Carl slipped into the roiling water and moved behind his brother-in-law. He placed the palms of his hands on Mike’s shoulders and slowly massaged the tight muscles under his fingers.

Mike happily hummed as the tenseness slowly left his weary body. His brother-in-law’s hands felt wonderful. Carl’s presence acutely loomed in Mike’s senses. “What the fuck,” he thought. “I deserve a little action.”

“That’s what I needed,” he announced after a few minutes of massage. Mike slipped off the edge of the underwater seat, turned and launched himself towards the opposite edge. Millions of tiny bubbles flew past his body. Mike found one of the large water jets and positioned the small of his back in the path of the pulsing stream. The pounding water felt great. He turned and faced the stiff current. He raised himself until the forceful stream encountered his balls. He couldn’t keep his nuts in line with the fast flow. He felt Carl bump into his back.

“You want it up the ass?”

Mike turned around and reached for his brother-in-law’s cock. He squeezed it. “Yeah. Fuck me up the ass.”

The two men climbed out of the hot, foaming water. Carl spread a bath towel on the floor next to the spa and stretched out on it. Mike joined him in the classic “69” position.

Neither man was adverse to sucking cock. That they were engaging in several homosexual acts didn’t concern or bother them. Both men were secure in their sexual identity. What they were doing didn’t have anything to do with “lifestyles” or “orientations.” This was raw, undiluted sex. Plain and simple, they were going to suck and fuck each other for the raw pleasure of it.

Both men intended to exploit the dichotomy associated with fellatio that only men understand and appreciate. They weren’t conscious of this paradox, nor did they speak of it. It would be accomplished innately because both men wanted to ass fuck, not suck each other off. Oral stimulation of the penis and scrotum produces incredible, and eventually intolerable, sexual stimulation. A skillful fellatio session will leave a man writhing in sexual agony, craving and begging for orgasmic release. That is the dichotomy, for, as incredibly fantastic as it feels, cock sucking alone, because of inadequate friction, won’t induce an orgasm. There must be adequate friction to trigger the climax.

The required friction can, of course, be easily supplied. A blow job-oral stimulation to orgasm-is orally-stimulated, manual masturbation. A skillful blow job combines vigorous penile stroking at the height of oral stimulation. Coupled with energetic sucking this is a combination guaranteed to produce a most delightful-not to mention much sought after-orgasm.

Carl rolled towards his brother-in-law’s crotch. He rested his head on Mike’s inner thigh and kissed the head of Mike’s turgid cock. As he did this he felt Mike’s mouth engulf his own stiffening penis. Carl sucked the engorging cock fully into his mouth. He extended his lips to gather in as much of the stiffening member as possible. He pulled his mouth away until his lips just held the tip of Mike’s cock. Carl licked the surface of Mike’s engorged cock. He ran his tongue over the ridge on the underside of Mike’s organ. He licked Mike’s sack and sucked one and then the other ball into his mouth. He opened his mouth and took in Mike’s boner. He was careful not to scrape it’s delicate surface with his teeth. Mike’s penis was erect but not hard. A typical condition for an orally stimulated penis.

Meanwhile Mike concentrated on Carl’s nuts. He licked circles over the loose wrinkled sack under the root of his brother-in-law’s dick and his tongue scampered over the hidden ovals contained within. Mike knew the right amount of pressure to use on that ultra-delicate area and used only his tongue to fondle the exquisite objects.

Carl twitched and squirmed in response to his brother-in-law’s expert tonguing. He raised his upper leg out of the way to give Mike more room. Meanwhile his own actions were eliciting a visible response. Mike’s abdomen and ass tightened in reaction to his cock sucking. Mike moved his mouth away from Carl’s balls. His brother-in-law had a nice hard-on. Mike opened his mouth and engulfed the cock that would soon be pounding its length up his ass. He kept his lips pulled back and his tongue out of the way until he felt the tip of Carl’s cock touch the back of his throat. Instead of pulling away, Mike closed his lips around the taut flesh and rolled his tongue over the invading organ. He moved his head back until he had Carl’s massive cockhead between his lips. He teased the smooth surface with the rough side of his tongue.

Carl shivered and resisted the urge to shove his cock back into Mike’s mouth. Instead he stopped sucking on Mike’s dick. He left the wet organ alone licked is way to Mike’s ass. He wanted an ass he could really fuck and he knew Mike had such an ass. Carl’s hot tongue darted between his brother-in-law’s hairy buns. He felt Mike release his cock and move to afford him better access. Carl pulled his brother-in-law’s buns apart and licked the dark passageway hidden between them.

Mike moaned and opened his legs as much as he could. In a manner of minutes Carl’s cock would be wedged up his ass. “Oh fuck,” he said in reaction to Carl’s relentless licking. “You’re mouth is fucking driving me bat shit!”

Carl stopped rimming and chuckled. “Is that so?” He pushed his brother-in-law’s legs out of the way and sat up. He opened a condom. “Get on your knees and show me your ass hole so I can fuck your hot ass!”

“Fuck you!” Mike answered playfully as he did as he was told.

“If you want,” Carl replied, nonplused. He knelt behind his brother-in-law and busied himself spreading K-Y Jelly over his latex-wrapped cock. Carl squeezed K-Y Jelly onto three fingers. “Show me where the sun don’t shine!”

Mike folded his legs and settled his dimpling butt on his heels. He leaned forward to separate his ass cheeks. His brother-in-law reached between Mike’s muscular thighs and rubbed the slippery jelly around and into his yearning anus.

Carl removed his hand from his brother-in-law’s ass and grabbed his own dick. He held it close to the root and shook his dick a few times to ready it for the dirty deed. His cock was hard and ready. Mike raised his ass off his heels and spread his legs. His cock pointed at the floor at a forty-five degree angle. His dick was rock hard and his balls hugged the underside of his hairy shaft. It had been too long since his last good ass fuck!

Carl grabbed his brother-in-law’s hips and pulled them to his waiting dick. He then grabbed the base of his cock and guided the thick member to the slicked target.

Mike felt the thick cock slide between his buns. He locked his elbows and pushed his ass against the violating shaft. Sharp pain flashed through his loins as the tunneling mushroom bore past his stretching anal sphincter.

Carl continued to grasp his dick until his cockhead penetrated Mike’s tight anal ring. He loved the painful constricting sensations that rippled up his shaft. He didn’t let the pain impede his progress. Relentlessly his cock gained entrance to Mike’s secure shit-chute. He let go of his prick when his hand was mashed between his pubic bone and Mike’s slick buns. He figured his dick would move rather than bend when he shoved its remaining length up his brother-in-law’s ass. Mike panted and forced himself to relax. It would take some time to get used to Carl’s huge cock. The painful part ended when Carl’s cockhead pushed past his resisting sphincter.

Carl forced every possible inch of his hard-on up his brother-in-law’s ass. He roughly pulled Mike’s hips against his pelvis to ensure complete penetration.

“Your ass is fan-fucking-tastic!” Carl grunted when his dick was lodged fully up his brother-in-law’s butt. He started fucking Mike’s ass. He used long, hard strokes, same as if he was fucking a pussy. His cock moved with relative ease once he established his rhythm.

“You’ve been practicing,” he observed.

Mike grunted his reply. “Yeah.” A drop of seminal fluid bubbled out of his cock. His flailing dick splashed the clear discharge over his stomach.

Carl continued to drive his cock up his brother-in-law’s ass. It was a unique pleasure to ram his cock up an ass as hard as he wanted without having to concern himself with his partner’s sensibilities. He made the most of the opportunity.

“Getting it from that boy of yours?”

Mike shook his head. “No such luck,” he panted. “Sally, she does it to me with a full sized dildo once in a while.” He swallowed saliva.

“Not as good as the real thing.”

Carl grinned. “You got that right. This is ass fucking!” He in- creased his rhythm. “Oh, fucking the girls up the ass is okay, don’t get me wrong, but a man’s ass can take it harder. Really gives your cock a workout.”

Carl drew sharp short breaths through his clenched teeth. He furiously plunged his hard cock in and out of his brother-in-law’s tight hole. “I’m going to fucking shoot my load any second!” he said in a hoarse voice. He slammed his hips into his brother-in-law’s ass and rammed his spasming dick deep into his rectum.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Carl shouted. “I’m fucking shooting come like a fire hose!” His hips thrust up with each ejaculation in an attempt to force his dick farther into its hot, tight prison.

Mike ground his ass against his brother-in-law’s pounding cock. What a workout! He never felt such exquisite pain! His cock! Mike desperately needed to pull it off! He rested his head on the back of his left hand and grabbed his aching member with his right. He was close, so fucking close he could taste it! He pumped his shaft. He pumped furiously, squeezing his cockhead and pounding his nuts at the terminus of each stroke.

Mike raised his head, the veins on his neck stood out like purple cables. Sweat ran into his eyes. His goddamn cock exploded and his entire body shook. He milked it for all that he was worth. Blot after blot of sperm flew everywhere.

What a fuck! Carl pulled his spent dick out of his brother-in-law’s spasming ass hole. He was beat. He caught his breath and helped his brother-in-law up.

“Shower,” he said and pointed. Mike stumbled towards the large bath- room. Carl shutdown the spa’s controls. The condom still dangled from his limp dick. He peeled it off and joined his brother-in-law in the stinging spray.

The two grinning men showered in silence. As they toweled off Carl finally spoke. “So Sally does it to you once in a while with a rubber dick.”

Mike nodded. “Yeah, usually after I’ve ridden her Hershey highway,” he added.

“That so?” Mike asked. “Tell me about it.”

“Not much to tell,” Mike began. “I give her an enema, then fuck her ass. If she feels like it, she greases my butt and sticks a dildo up my ass. I’m on my back so she can suck me off while pumping that plastic dick in and out of my ass. After I shoot off, and it’s really something, Sally gives me a two quart enema. I’m used up but the enema is soothing and feels good.” Mike looked his brother-in-law in the eyes. “What about you?”

Carl shrugged. “Enemas for me.” He smiled wickedly. “Sarah gets a big kick out of sticking the tube up my ass. Helen can really do a number on me while I fill up, but I get off sticking my cock up asses. I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve stuck your meat up virgin teenage ass!” Carl whistled. “Tight beyond belief!”

Mike thought about his niece and his own daughter naked, their gorgeous asses wiggling invitingly. He licked his lips. He also had a son. The possibilities, he told himself.

They left the spa room and casually entered the shadowy bedroom. The scent of sex hung in the air. Sally disentangled herself from her sister’s arms and rose to met the naked men.

She took her husband’s arm. “Feel better darling?”

“Much,” Mike replied. He kissed his wife.

“Good, let’s go to bed.” She led Mike to their couch.

Carl turned off the lights and got in bed. He embraced his wife. She passionately kissed him and then disappeared beneath the covers. She moved her body around and presented her husband with her musky center. She took his limp dick into her mouth and gently sucked it.

Carl rested his head on his wife’s inner thigh. He inhaled her sexy fragrance and kissed her labia before parting her lips and extending his tongue into her bitter juices.

Sally and Mike kissed. Mike, hyped up from anal stimulation, grew hard as his wife caressed his nuts and cock. Sally savagely sucked her husband’s tongue into her hot mouth and her tongue whipped over the captured organ. Clamped together, the two of them rolled until Sally was on her back.

Mike arched his back and Sally grabbed his cock. He thrust forward while Sally guided his tumescent hard-on into her wetness. She hugged him as his cock entered her. Mike slipped his arms underneath her body and plastered himself to his loving wife. Mike flexed and pivoted his hips. They both savored their lovemaking.

Carl’s tongue licked his wife to a mini orgasm. Helen hummed around her husband’s cock and increased her sucking. She wanted him inside her pussy. She arched away from his active mouth and moved up next to him.

Carl moved on top of his wife. Helen’s pussy was wet enough for him to insert his half erect dick. His cock stiffened into a passable hard-on as he stroked his organ in Helen’s slippery smooth warmth. Across the room the sounds of his in-laws fucking rose in intensity. Helen squirmed beneath him. The sounds affected her as well. Mike moved faster. His wife’s breathing rapidly became short and guttural. Her hands gripped his flexing ass and pulled him closer. Her vaginal muscles spasmed around his buried cock. She bit into his shoulder to suppress her outcry but muffled grunts still escaped from her throat.

Helen listened to her sister climax. She loved it! She urged on her own release, heedless of the sounds she was making. Carl manfully helped his wife climax by pumping his sore organ in and out of her sopping love channel.

Helen grunted. Animal noises echoed through the large bedroom. Mike listened and his cock responded. He shot his load into his wife’s palpating honey hole. “I love you,” he whispered in Sally’s ear.

“Hmm, that was nice,” she murmured as Carl eased his sore dick out of his wife’s relaxed pussy.


Breakfast was a noisy, convivial affair. Sarah turned out stack after stack of pancakes until her father told her they had enough. Helen served up fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee while Carl cooked eggs to order.

After the breakfast dishes were cleared away and the kitchen returned to a semblance of normalcy, Julie asked if they could go swimming.

“Can we?” Chad enthused when he heard his sister’s request. He was anxious to show off his diving skills.

Carl looked at his wife and brother-in-law. Seeing they didn’t have any objections, Carl answered, “Sure.”

His response was greeted with cheers and squeals of delight, which he quickly cut off.

“Remember the pool rules, you guys. Absolutely no horseplay or you will be grounded for the duration of your visit.”

The three teenagers were properly sober. “We know the rules, Dad.” Sarah replied.

“Yeah,” Julie acknowledged. “We’re not kids anymore.”

“We know how to behave,” Chad added.

Carl studied the fidgeting teens. “As long as it’s understood, is all. We’re going to pick up grandmother so there won’t be any adults around. I want you to enjoy yourselves but don’t take any risks and Sarah . . .”

Sarah looked up at her father. She tried not to blush. “Yes?”

“We’ll be back about three o’clock. Make sure you clean everything up before then. I don’t want grandma to see a messy house when we get back. Understood?”

“Yes,” Sarah answered. She smiled. Her cousins joined in with their understanding and promises to clean up after their swim. The three teens then dashed to their rooms to put on their bathing suits.

“Do you think they will be all right?” Sally asked her sister.

“Sure, Sarah is a responsible kid and they are all good swimmers.” Helen and Sally decided since there wasn’t enough room in Carl’s Buick for everyone, only the adults would make the trip to pick up Grand- mother Hatchell. The trip would give them a chance to talk in private and provide them a respite from the three overly energetic teenagers. Sarah was first into the pool. She casually jumped in and started swimming. Julie joined her next. She took her time and entered the sparkling water slowly from the shallow end.

Chad gingerly approached the diving board. He found the pebbled surface around the pool unfamiliar beneath his feet. He marched to the end, bounced several times and bravely dove into the water. The water, he quickly discovered, wasn’t as warm as the pool at school. Chad broke the surface sputtering his surprise.

Sarah swam by and smiled. His sister followed. Chad joined the line and together they swam several laps around the pool. He soon learned his cousin had more stamina than he or his sister did. Chad pulled himself out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool. The morning sun, though bright, wasn’t very warm. He shivered slightly. Julie joined him and Sarah, left alone in the pool, decided she was finished also.

“Hey you two,” Sarah said when she was out of the water. “Do you want to warm up in the spa?”

“Sounds like an excellent idea,” Julie replied and stood. Chad rose also and, teeth chattering, followed Sarah back to the house. Instead of going back in though the kitchen door, Sarah led her cousins to an adjacent sliding glass door. She slid the tinted glass back and walked into a large tiled room. In the center of the room was a large sunken fiberglass spa. There was a door to the left and a large bathroom to the right. Several outdoor recliners were arranged against the far wall.

“Cool,” Chad said after he looked around.

Sarah grinned and went over to the control panel. She made several adjustments. Underwater lights turned the still liquid aquamarine. A muted roar filled the room and suddenly the spa became a roiling, seething maelstrom.

Sarah stepped into the bubbling spa, “Come on you two! This feels great.”

Brother and sister hesitantly followed their cousin into the roiling water. It was very hot, they discovered.

“Wow, this feels weird,” Chad giggled as the steaming water swirled around his crotch.

“Yeah, like an enormous bath,” Julie added. She laughed as the tiny air bubbles tickled her legs. She plunged in giggling loudly.

Sarah reached up and pulled Chad completely in the hot tub. “Come on slowpoke, get with the program!”

Chad’s sputtered complaint was distracted by a foot brushing against his thigh. He blushed instead.

“What’s the matter, Chad?” his sister asked innocently. “Water too warm for you?”

“Yeah,” Sarah added, sliding up to him. “Too hot in here?” She ran her hand down his back and stopped when she reached his bathing suit. His sister grabbed his arms. “Maybe he needs to shed his clothes,” she suggested.

“Yeah,” Sarah agreed as her hands gripped his bathing suit. A quick pull stripped her cousin naked.

Chad blushed deep crimson. He shuddered when his cousin’s hand closed over his stiffening cock.

“What have we here?” she asked giggling.

Julie dipped her hand below the roiling surface and ran her fingers between her brother’s ass. Chad jumped at her touch.

“Oh, sensitive, huh?” She teased.

Sarah pushed Chad towards the edge of the large tub. “Let’s see how he likes the jets!”

The two girls crowded Chad over to one of the pulsing water jets and forced him to crouch in front of it.

“Look, he likes it!” Sarah squealed, pointing to Chad’s reaction to the liquid stream playing over his ass and tight balls. “How is it Chad?” his sister asked. Her hands playfully explored his balls and stiffening cock.

Chad blushed and gulped air. He shuddered in pleasure at his sister’s touch and delighted in the wonderful feeling the rushing water produced against his smooth ass.

Sarah smiled mischievously at Julie. “If he treats us nicely we’ll do something nice to him.”

Julie grinned and nodded, “I’m sure Chad will be nice to us.” She gave her brother’s balls a playful squeeze. “Won’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Chad agreed.

Sarah squirmed out of her bathing suit and perched on the edge of the spa. She wantonly spread her tan legs to expose her crotch. She beckoned to her cousin. “Want to lick my pussy, Chad?” Chad hesitated, unsure if she was serious.

“Go ahead, it’s all right.” Julie abandoned her brother’s organ and pushed him forward into Sarah’s waiting thighs. Julie doffed her suit and rubbed her naked thighs against Chad’s ass. She resumed playing with his hard cock and tight nut sack.

Chad fell into his cousin’s crotch and kissed and licked the smooth, wet skin. His tongue licked all the water droplets from her muscular thighs and lower belly before he plunged it into the prize, Sarah’s glistening patch of pubic hair.

Sarah arched her back and thrust her hips forward when Chad’s hot tongue delved into her womanhood. She licked her lips and closed her eyes to savor her cousin’s actions.

Chad worked his tongue over Sarah’s curly mat. He licked the water from it probed her inner pussy lips. Sarah’s pussy gushed and Chad tasted her slippery fluids. He eagerly lapped the musky nectar. The randy teen shivered. “Lick lower,” Sarah murmured. “Oh yes, that’s it, baby!”

Sarah was on the verge of climaxing. She wanted to extend and intensify the incredible sensations as much as possible. Sarah leaned back and held her legs apart. “Eat me Chad!”

Julie watched Sarah writhing in wanton abandon. It was an incredible turn on to witness another girl getting off. She squeezed her brother’s cock and pumped faster. Julie back her crotch away from her brother’s thigh and switched frigged her pussy. Sarah’s short, pre-orgasmic whimpers excited her. She rapidly stimulated herself towards climax.

Chad wildly sucked and licked his cousin’s pussy. His lips sucked and his flickering tongue darted in and out of Sarah’s oily channel. Sarah’s position allowed him access to her ass so he added her puckered anus his oral ministrations.

The tight rubbery ring of flesh was hot and musky. His tongue circled, and its tip probed, the small opening every time his mouth passed over Sarah’s nether passage. Chad, encouraged by Sarah clenching thighs and howls of pleasure, concentrated on her marvelous ass. Up and down his active tongue and sucking lips played over his cousin’s crack. His mouth paused over her tight rosette to kiss, suck and probe the sensitive opening. As he continued, his frantic oral probing grew firmer and deeper. Slowly Chad’s tongue gained entry into the narrow bud.

Chad’s tongue penetrating her anus caused Sarah to moan and shake with wild erotic pleasure. Her cousin’s hot, insistent tongue drove her crazy a screaming urge to climax. Her young cousin knew how to expertly eat pussy and rim ass.

Sarah realized Chad must be having sex with his sister. She imagined herself on her stomach, hips elevated, and Chad’s face buried between her thighs. That erotic image pushed Sarah over the climatic edge. Her orgasm peaked and she screamed in release.

Chad quickened his tempo and held tight as his cousin bucked and yelled above him. His eyes and nose were clogged with her secretions and he could barely breathe but Chad continued to lap her ass and pussy. He greedily sucked Sarah’s orgasmic juices as his own climax jetted out into the swirling, bubbling water from between his sister’s pumping fingers.

Julie felt her brother stiffen and push against her hips. She quickened her strokes on his cock, knowing he was ejaculating. The sight and sound of two massive orgasms triggered Julie’s orgasm. Her pussy spasmed around her fingers and her grunts of satisfaction joined the other animal sounds.

Chad surfaced from between his cousin’s slippery thighs. He wiped his face with his hands. He grinned broadly.

Sarah slipped into the bubbling water and hugged her cousins. “I’m too hot now. Let’s get out of this tub.”

Chad and Julie followed her out of the spa and sat on one of nearby loungers while Sarah shutdown the spa’s controls. Sarah joined them and stretched out between them.

“Do you still get enemas?” Sarah quietly asked.

Julie wasn’t sure if Sarah was asking both of them or just her. Julie nodded. “Chad was sick recently. He got an enema from Mom every day,” she replied.

Sarah nodded. “When it comes to health, enemas are very important,” She looked knowingly at her Julie, “And well-being.”

Julie noticed Sarah’s nipples were erect. “Do you get enemas?”

“All the time,” she frankly answered. “From Mom or from Dad. I also take them by myself.”

Sarah tossed her wet hair back. “How about high colonics? Do you get high colonics?”

“What’s that?” Chad asked.

Julie wasn’t sure she knew either, but she wasn’t going to admit it. She listened closely to Sarah’s explanation.

“A high colonic is an enema, and you both know what that is,” she paused for acknowledgement. Her cousins nodded back at her. “Except,” she continued, “Instead of getting the enema with a regular nozzle, a long flexible tube is used. It reaches much deeper than a regular enema nozzle, plus you get more water than a regular enema.” Goose bumps spread over Sarah’s body. “The colon tube allows the enema water to travel deep inside your guts. A high colonic enema really, really cleans you out.”

She stared at Chad’s erection. “A high colonic enema feels extra good. Much better than an enema with a rectal nozzle.”

“Wow,” Chad said at this new information. “I wonder if we’ll get one.”

“Probably,” Sarah answered, “But why wait?”

“What do you mean?” Julie asked.

“Enemas is what I mean. I told you I take them all the time.”

Chad blushed, “You do?”

Sarah stood. “Uh huh. Do you want an enema?”

“What? Now? Here?” Chad stammered.

“Why not? We’ve got the time. What do you say Julie, do you want to help me give your brother an enema?”

Julie stood next to her cousin. They both looked down at Chad. His cock was rigid.

Chad wanted to get an enema. The idea of receiving an enema from two naked girls excited him immensely. He anxiously waited for his sister’s answer.

“I think that would be fun. What do you say Chad?”

“Yes, I’d like for both of you to give me an enema.”

Sarah pulled him up. “This way.”

She led them into the large lavatory and gestured at the padded bench that ran along one wall.

“Spread some towels on that and have Chad get in position for his enema. I’ll be right back with the enema syringe.”

Chad’s prick twitched and his butt dimpled while he watched his naked sister arrange the towels. He shivered with uncontrollable delight when his cousin returned. The sight of a naked girl holding an enema bag, its coiled rubber tubing, nozzle and lubricant was incredibly stimulating. She was beautiful to behold and he started to shake. Sarah smiled at Chad’s quivering boner. She handed Julie the tube of lubricant.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Julie playfully scolded. “Get on the towels and spread your butt!”

Chad quickly obeyed. He got down on the bench and held his butt apart, much like he had recently done for his mother. His severe erection pressed into his fluttering belly while he waited for the enema routine to begin.

Julie squeezed a long ribbon of gel onto her fingers and set the tube aside. She pried Chad’s butt farther apart with her left hand and spread the cool goo over her brother’s exposed anus. Julie took her time lubricating his small brown opening. She used the tip of her index finger to push the slippery lubricant into his puckered anus. Chad heard water running and turned to watch his cousin fill the enema bag. Sarah filled the latex bag with hot water until it bulged obscenely. She opened the clamp to let the air out of the hose and then topped off the displaced water.

Sarah walked over holding the full enema bag in her left hand and the nozzle in her right hand. The amber tubing connecting the two objects bounced against her shins as she carefully approached her cousins.

“My own enema angel,” Chad thought. His compressed cock twitched and oozed pre-come fluid.

“Make sure his butt is well greased, Julie.”

“I am,” Julie confirmed. She twisted her index finger into her brother’s rectum. Chad relaxed his sphincter muscle and Julie worked her finger back and forth a few times. Chad shuddered in response.

“I’m ready for the nozzle.”

Sarah handed Julie the warm plastic pipe and then placed both hands on the heavy rubber object. She raised the full enema bag until it was even with her boobs. The warm, wet surface felt nice against her bare breasts.

Julie inserted the nozzle into her brother’s glistening anus and removed her left hand from his buns. “You can relax now, Chad.” Chad let go of his ass and settled down. Julie snapped open the clamp. His enema began.

“Ow!” Chad protested. “That’s hot!”

Sarah smiled, “‘High, hot and a heck of a lot,’ As my Dad says.”

“Your father says that?” Julie asked.

“Yeah, once in a while, he teases me with it,” Sarah replied with a smile. “I first heard him say it to my Mom.” She laughed and a bit of water splashed out of the enema bag onto her breasts. “I was secretly watching her give my Dad an enema.” A dreamy look relaxed Sarah’s face. “He sure can take an enema!.”

“Quit squirming,” Julie admonished her brother.

“I can’t help it. The water’s hot and I’m cramping.”

Sarah moved to Chad’s feet. “Tell you what,” She told her suffering cousin, “Turn over and Julie will massage your belly.”

Chad obeyed. The motion induced more cramps and he whimpered.

“Now lift you leg so I can move the hose,” Julie told him.

Chad did as instructed. Julie moved the tubing and knelt next to her brother. Her right hand still held the enema nozzle. His balls rested on her thumb. She rubbed his swelling, spasming belly.

“Hold your dick out of the way.”

Chad grabbed his rigid hard-on and pointed it straight up. He resisted the urge to pump it.

“No coming until the enema bag is empty,” Sarah told him as if reading his mind. She raised the flattening bag to shoulder height.

The increased flow caused a wave of cramps to spasm through his abdomen. “Ow, not so high!”

Seeping pussy juice drenched Julie’s thighs. Seeing her brother get an enema excited her immensely. She stopped massaging his belly and dipped a finger into her sticky womanhood. Her finger easily slid in and came away coated with her musky essence. Julie held her scented finger under Chad’s nose.

Chad sniffed the proffered finger. His cock quivered and he squeezed it. Chad was very close to coming. He could feel the sensations build. Soon there would be no stopping it.

Julie looked at the enema bag. It was almost empty. “Close your legs, Chad.” She let go of the nozzle and slid her hand from between her brother’s clenching thighs.

Sarah lifted the enema bag above her head to hurry the remaining liquid. Julie quickly climbed onto the bench and mashed her pussy onto her brother’s mouth.

“Eat me out Chad,” Julie urged. “Lick my pussy and clitty and made me come.”

Chad greedily licked and sucked her sopping pussy. His tongue drove as far as possible into her hot, tight channel. His mouth sucked hard on her pussy lips and clit.

The last of the liquid drained from the enema bag. When the water level appeared in the translucent tubing Sarah pulled the nozzle out of her cousin’s butt. She dropped the empty syringe and the last few ounces of water sprayed over Chad’s legs and feet.

Sarah grabbed Chad’s flailing cock and studied it a moment. She compared his rampant hard-on to her father’s massive organ. Chad had much sparser pubic hair and his balls were smaller. Sarah held her cousin’s cock in both hands. Unlike her father’s cock, she could encircle it with her thumb and forefinger. Chad’s dick was the same size as her training dildo, she decided. She ran her hands lightly up and down the quivering shaft.

She looked at Julie. It was obvious this wasn’t their first time. Sarah imagined Julie and Chad fucking and was slightly envious. Sarah stopped toying with Chad’s penis and concentrated on earnestly pumping him off. It didn’t take much effort. Chad stiffened and his cock spurted gobs of semen over his distended belly.

Julie spasmed in climax. Her brother’s fantastic tongue lashed her sensitive clit and she squeezed his head between her thighs. She shuddered and shook in orgasmic release.

“Please,” a muffled voice begged. “I gotta go!”

Julie, panting heavily, reluctantly released his face and got off the bench.

Chad doubled over with cramps. He clutched his aching belly and hobbled to the commode. Brown fluid ran down his legs as he went. Julie caught her breath. She bent over and picked up the enema bag. She slowly coiled latex tubing. Her chest was flushed from her climax.

“Guess we should clean up, huh?”

Sarah nodded. She stepped close to her cousin and inhaled deeply. The jumbled odor of latex and pussy excited her. She tentatively kissed her cousin. The embrace turned passionate when Julie responded by returning the kiss. Their tongues intertwined and the two naked girls pulled themselves close. The cool latex tubing and rubber enema bag pressed between them. Their skin tingled where the sexy objects touched.

“Yes,” Sarah breathed, “Let’s.”

Sarah nonchalantly led her cousin by the hand to the large shower. They ignored the busy Chad noisily emptying his bowels on the commode next to the shower stall.

Julie held the enema bag and Sarah adjusted the shower spray. Together they cleaned the enema equipment. Julie filled the bag from the spraying water and Sarah, her hands soapy, washed the outside of the tubing and the nozzle. Julie held high the full bag to flush out the tubing and the nozzle. The force of the discharging water lazily whipped the nozzle back and forth on the shower floor. It always seemed to take longer for the enema bag to drain while cleaning it than it did when using it. When it was finally empty Julie rinsed it off and draped the enema bag and tubing over the shower head. She faced her slim cousin. Sarah stood expectantly in the fine spray. Julie took the soap and lathered her cousin’s dainty breasts. Julie thoroughly massaged the small, conical bosoms until she built up a thick lather. It felt surprisingly good to slide her hands over Sarah’s boobs. Her cousin’s nipples were hard points. Julie figured she could suck most of one of Sarah’s boobs into her mouth.

“I said,” Sarah repeated in a louder voice, “Are you fucking him?”

“Who?” Julie wondered, her reverie interrupted.

“You’re brother, that’s who! I saw the way he went down on you. What’s it like to fuck that gorgeous cock?”

“I don’t actually know,” Julie admitted and blushed. “It’s not that I haven’t considered it,” she added.

Sarah smiled. “Well I can think of a couple or three places to put his gorgeous cock if you’re not using it.”

“Sarah!” Julie flushed deep crimson at hearing her own thoughts spoken out loud.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah teased. She caressed her cousin’s firm ass and ran a soapy hand down the cleft of her buttocks. She pressed her fingers against Julie’s anus.

“It’s indescribably awesome.”

“What is?” Julie asked. She wanted to hear Sarah say it. Julie pressed closer to her cousin. Their breasts and inflamed nipples touched.

Sarah probed deeper with her index finger. She pushed it past her cousin’s sphincter and didn’t stop until her finger was embedded in Julie’s hot ass up to the first knuckle. Sarah’s fingertip felt like it was tightly wrapped in a rubber band.

“This is,” she whispered.

Julie squirmed but didn’t attempt to eject the finger. On the contrary, she squirmed in an effort to get more of Sarah’s finger up her tight little butt.

“If you think getting off with a simple enema is a turn on, you’ll absolutely die when you’re fucked in the ass. Your first cock stimulated anal climax is unbelievable!”

Julie flexed her thighs and rubbed her aching nipples against her cousin’s diminutive chest. She imagined what it would be like and shuddered.

Sarah carefully withdrew her finger from her cousin’s ass. “I think your brother should fuck us both in the ass!”

“We have been experimenting lately,” Julie confessed. We’ve done enemas together and Chad loves to lick. He licks my ass as well as my pussy.”

Sarah’s eyes sparkled. “Have you gone down on him?”

“Yeah, lots of times,” she giggled. “Since he was little.” She held her fingers a few inches apart.

“What do you think is going to happen during our visit?”

“I’m sure Momma is going to give you guys high colonics. I overheard Momma talking with your Mom last week. Momma told Aunt Sally her kids would be well looked after.”

Julie knew Chad would find that news exciting. He liked getting enemas even more than she did. “Chad likes enemas and will be excited to hear that. You saw how he responded to your enema.” Sarah giggled. “I sure did.” She moved under the spray. “I think all Momma needs is an excuse, you know, to make it appear natural. If I mention to Momma you’re not feeling well, she’ll give you an enema. If we work it right, I can be there when she does. That way I can be in on things. Dad might give Chad an enema, but I’m sure Momma would do it. We’ll have to tell Chad what to expect.”

“Expect what?” Chad asked. He joined the two girls in the shower.

Sarah faced her naked cousin. “More sex, that’s what,” Sarah said, embarrassing her cousin. “Enemas turn you on, right?”

“Well, yeah,” Chad admitted.

“And you love your sister?”

Chad blushed. “Yeah, I do.”

“Well then, how would you like to learn something extra special?”

Chad was puzzled. He looked at his sister for guidance. “What do you mean?”

Julie put her arms around her brother and brought him into the hot spray. Sarah soaped his body. “Remember when we were wondering if we were going to get enemas while we were here?”

Chad nodded, comprehension dawning.

“We can get more than enemas if we want, Chad.”

“Would you like that?” Sarah asked.

Chad nodded. He thought about the possibilities with his sister and cousin. “I sure would!”

Sarah told him, “I heard Momma talking to Aunt Sally about sex. If you two are willing, we all can have a very interesting time.”

“What do we have to do?” Chad asked.

Sarah moved closer to Chad and pressed her breasts against his back. The three teens turned slowly under the cascading water.

“After your folks leave with grandma, I’ll tell Momma that you aren’t feeling well. That should be enough for her to ask if you’ve had a bowel movement. Tell her, “No,” and then agree to an enema when she suggests it.”

“That’s all?” Chad asked.

Sarah moved her hands over Chad’s stomach and down to his crotch. She held his penis and fondled his balls. “If you react like before,”

Sarah nodded at the enema hanging from the shower head, “They will get the idea.”

Sarah squeezed her cousin’s cock. “Would you like to fuck us?”

Chad nodded hesitantly. He looked into his sister’s eyes. The love he saw welling up in them made his face beam. “If that’s what you want, I’m more than willing!”

Sarah playfully squeezed his balls. “First you are going to have to learn how to do it.”

Sarah faced her cousin and kissed him. At first Chad didn’t know what to do, but her insistent lips finally brought a response - from both ends-. Chad passionately returned the kiss and his cock engorged with a new surge of sexual excitement.

Sarah broke away and turned off the shower. She looked at Julie. “We could do it right now. I, for one, want to bust my cherry.” She opened the shower door and walked out. She grabbed one of the towels and dried herself. Her cousins followed and did the same.

Sarah confronted Chad. “Are you up to busting a couple of cherries?”

“Three cherries. I’m a virgin also,” Chad admitted.

“No problem, I’m sure you’re a fast learner,” Sarah patted his firm ass. “Be right back.”

Chad embraced his sister. “Do you want to?”

Julie looked into her brother’s eyes. She nodded.

“Swell!” Chad replied, grinning broadly. “I’ve been dreaming about it forever!”

Julie returned his infectious smile. “Uh, me too.”

“You have?” Chad hugged his sister. “I love you,” he whispered.

Julie hugged him tightly. “I love you, too.”

Sarah bounded back into the bathroom. She held several condoms.

“Where did you get those?” Julie asked.

“Same place I got the enema bag, from my parent’s bathroom.” Sarah pointed over her shoulder. “The spa room connects to it through that door.”

Chad, unsure what was expected of him, eyed the foil wrapped packages. The enormity of what he was about to do sunk in and his erection subsided. He nervously wondered if he’d be able to get hard again. Sarah recalled her mother’s training sessions. She realized she had better control the operation. “Chad,” She said, “You’ll be on the bottom. She indicated the enema bench. “Lie there. Julie and I will be on top and do all the work.”

Chad, his penis limp, obediently reclined on the cushions. Julie came over and stood next to him. Chad reached for her and he put his hands on her upper arms. He pulled her close for a kiss.

Julie masked her nervousness by zealously tonguing her brother’s mouth. Passion mounted inside her as the kiss continued. She snorted air to avoid breaking contact.

Chad palmed his sister’s boobs. His fingers rubbed over their silky smoothness. He cupped their pleasant weight in his hands. Julie’s nipples grew hard under his touch.

Sarah watched Chad’s cock harden. The shriveled, coming to life organ fascinated her. Initially the diameter increased. Like an inflating tire, the folds and wrinkles of flesh filled out. Next his dick rolled to one side and elongated to its full, erect length. His penis completed its hard-on metamorphosis with a series of short jerks. Chad’s balls drew tight against the base of his cock which pointed parallel to his flat belly.

Sarah opened a condom package and Chad and Julie stopped kissing to watch their cousin. Sarah held the rolled condom her right hand and used her left hand to steady Chad penis. Sarah tried to unroll the rubber but she couldn’t manage it. It kept slipping off Chad’s cock. “Let me help,” Julie offered. She grabbed the base of her brother’s hard-on and held it upright so Sarah could use both hands to unroll the rubber on Chad’s cock.

Sarah accidentally pinched the thin skin on the shaft of his penis.

“Careful you two,” he complained.

Julie studied her brother’s upright cock. Encased in the translucent condom his organ looked different. It appeared bigger and a bit frightening.

Sarah attempted to appear cool. She had to remind herself she had nothing to fear. She reasoned that losing her virginity couldn’t possibly hurt near as much as the first time she got it in the ass from her father. Just to ease her mind though, Sarah smeared a ribbon of K-Y Jelly over her vulva before straddling her waiting cousin. Julie continued to hold her brother’s cock steady until Sarah got in position. She watched her cousin lower herself onto her brother’s hard-on. Julie had an unobstructed view of Sarah’s pussy. Familiar as she was with her own equipment, she found the different perspective enlightening and exciting. The pink petals of Sarah’s inner labia peeked out from her curly muff and glistened with K-Y Jelly. Julie realized her cousin didn’t have any tan lines and concluded Sarah regularly went about in the nude.

Sarah’s belly fluttered as she approached the significant act. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Sarah aimed Chad’s cockhead at her vagina and rubbed the tip over her labia. She squatted care- fully on her cousin’s erection and immediately felt a stab of pain. Sarah leaned forward until she felt she had the angle right before continuing. Chad’s cock slowly penetrated her vagina. Sarah stopped moving when his cock encountered her hymen.

Chad supported himself on his elbows to watch. Sarah’s knees blocked part of the action but was able to catch glimpses of his penis disappearing into her pussy. Fucking felt unlike anything he’d ever experienced. Sarah’s pussy was warm and tight. Unlike any form of masturbation, the tightness was unique. It couldn’t compare to the grip of his hand. Her womanhood exerted a uniform envelopment that assaulted his nerves and stimulated his senses. Chad knew if it hadn’t been for the two recent orgasms, his dick would have shot its load immediately upon his cockhead entering her wonderful fleshy grip. Sarah gulped and whispered, “Here goes,” and lowered herself the remaining distance. At first she though it wasn’t going to work. His cock stalled against her maidenhead. She yelled when her cherry abruptly gave way.

Chad yelled too. His cock pushed past something and it hurt. He wondered if the condom broke and his dick had pushed through the tear.

Julie, nervous and concerned, asked, “Are you all right?”

They both answered together, in identically quivering voices, “Fine.” They all giggled.

Sarah squatted above her cousin and realized it wasn’t the most ideal position. Her thigh muscles twitched from fatigue. The position was good for viewing the action, but not much else. Indeed, Sarah had learned the position from one of her parent’s adult videos. She moved her legs until she knelt astride her cousin. That was much more comfortable on her legs.

It this position Chad’s cock wasn’t fully inserted, plus she had to spread her legs quite a bit. Sarah couldn’t win. Grinning, she leaned forward and deeply kissed her cousin.

Chad attempted to thrust his cock into Sarah pussy but his penis slipped from her loins.

“Your cock felt wonderful, darling,” Sarah told him. “I’m glad you were the one who got my cherry.”

Sarah rolled off her cousin. Her leg muscles twitched when she stood.

“Oh wow.” She steadied herself against her cousin. “Ready Julie?”

Julie looked at her brother’s rampant erection and solemnly nodded. Sarah kneeled next to Chad and cupped his balls. She tugged down,

“Time for a new rubber, lover boy,” she announced.

Julie unwrapped a fresh condom while Sarah carefully peeled off the old one. Sarah held Chad’s dick steady while Julie unrolled the new condom onto her brother’s erection. He smiled warmly at his older sister.

As Julie applied K-Y Jelly to her vagina, Sarah told her, “Do it with Chad on top, you’ll be more comfortable.”

“Besides,” she playfully added, “Chad’s experienced now.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” Julie didn’t want to climb up on top of her brother anyway.

Chad got up and let his sister take the place of honor. Julie got on the bench and made herself comfortable. She took a deep breath and invitingly spread her legs. “Come make love to me, Chad.”

Chad moved between his sister’s open legs and worked his way into position. He couldn’t judge his progress so he awkwardly guessed the proper position.

“You better guide him into you Julie,” Sarah advised.

Julie blushed and reached down. She took her brother’s stiff cock into her hands and guided the shaft of slick, latex wrapped cock into her virgin vagina.

Chad flexed his hips when he felt the tip of his hard-on touch his sister’s crotch.

“Not yet.” Julie adjusted her pelvis. “All right, now. Push your dick into me slow and easy.”

Again Chad felt the wonderfully tight warmth envelope his cock. His sister’s love channel was extremely snug but the additional lubrication eased the friction. Julie’s pussy was so tight the only indication Chad had of breaking her cherry was when Julie sharply hissed in momentary pain. He didn’t stop moving until his cock was completely buried in his sister’s no longer virgin pussy.

Julie hugged her brother and pressed her hips against his. “Oh Chad, your cock feels wonderful.” She loosened her embrace. “Go ahead little brother, fuck your big sister with your fantastic cock.”

Chad rose up on his arms and thrust his cock in and out of his sister’s pussy. It was marvelous to fuck. It was nothing like masturbating. He loved the sensations generated by his cockhead rubbing against the tight, yet spongy, walls of his sister’s vagina.

Julie writhed in sexual ecstasy. What little pain she felt melted away to be replaced with a rapidly swelling wave of orgasmic intensity. Her baby brother was fucking the daylights out of her. She was going to have a “vaginal orgasm” her very first time with a man! And while their cousin watched!

“Oh! Oh!” Julie grunted. She clawed her brother’s back and hugged him tightly.

Sarah watched with voyeuristic delight. When her cousin’s chest flushed she realized Julie was about to come. Sarah couldn’t wait to see Julie take a cock up her ass.

Speaking of asses, Chad’s cute butt was humping and grinding furiously as he worked his cock in his sister’s pussy. She moved closer to Chad and put her hand on the small of his back. He didn’t seem to notice. Julie grunted. She gulped air and threw her head back, the muscles in her neck tautly stood out. Orgasmic release engulfed her.

Chad desperately wanted to come but couldn’t. He was too dry from his recent ejaculations. If he didn’t come soon he didn’t know what would happen. He couldn’t stand much more of the intense pleasure pounding through his body.

Sarah watched Chad strain and realized his dilemma. She moved her hand down his ass. Chad reacted immediately to her touch by increasing his tempo and flexing his buttocks.

Sarah picked up the K-Y Jelly and squeezed a gob of it onto her fingertips. She placed her hand between Chad’s ass cheeks and rubbed the goo around his anus.

“Yes,” he hissed. “More Sarah. In, put it in all the way.”

Sarah smiled. She placed her middle finger on his clenching anus slowly forced her fingertip past the clamped ring of muscle.

Chad shuddered and redoubled his efforts to get off. Sweat poured off his chest and puddled between his sister’s crimson breasts. Julie writhed beneath him as another orgasmic wave broke over her trembling body.

“I’m finger fucking Chad’s ass,” Sarah boasted to Julie. “I have my entire middle finger up his butt!”

Chad gyrated his ass around Sarah’s buried finger. Sarah moved the lodged digit back and forth. She started to add her index finger but recalled the warning about sticking fingers in rectums. Instead she pushed her middle finger in as far as possible and twisted it back and forth.

The added pleasure of the direct anal stimulation caused Chad to shoot off. He stiffened, thrust his cock deeply into his sister’s pussy and grunted out his near dry orgasm.

Chad’s sphincter contracted around Sarah’s finger as he came. She smiled as the waves of muscular spasms ejected her finger. Chad was definitely a candidate for the butt plug and anal probe.

The three spent teens showered again and cleaned up the spa room and lavatory. Sarah returned the enema paraphernalia to her parent’s bathroom. When their parent’s and grandmother arrived, they were lazing in front of the television watching a movie and eating pop corn.


Sadie Hatchell always woke up promptly at 6:30. Today was a special day, her daughters were coming to pick her up and take her to visit her grandchildren.

She carefully made her bed, put on her slippers and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Once there, Sadie closed the door even though she lived alone. She removed her nightgown and placed it in the clothes hamper.

Wearing only her well-worn slippers she moved to the commode. She voided her bladder and then carefully wiped herself. She rose, flushed the toilet and moved to the vanity. There she brushed her teeth and combed out her short hair.

Granny Hatchell smiled after she rinsed and gargled. She was proud of the fact she had all her teeth. She uncritically surveyed her aging body.

They had treated each other well during her three-score and three years. Laugh lines radiated from her sparkling eyes and crossed her face. While the skin on her neck hung loosely, she didn’t have a double chin.

Her former trim figure was a dim memory. Sadie’s full breasts sagged and her tummy bulged. Age had robbed her abdominal muscles of their elasticity and strength but her bosoms didn’t droop like the dugs on so many other women her age.

Her sparse pubic patch was more gray than russet and menopause had left her vagina dry. Still, when she desired, it was just as responsive as it always had been. Her hips carried more of her weight and her legs were spider webbed with broken blood vessels. Sadie had good posture and kept herself fit. She took brisk walks for exercise and took care of herself internally with what she referred to as “right proper washes.” Sadie Hatchell regularly took an enema and, every few weeks, thoroughly irrigated and flushed her colon. There was her foolishness also, as she thought of it. Since the death of her husband, Sadie regularly masturbated. (Truth to tell, she regularly masturbated when he was alive, too.)

At first Sadie thought it was a foolish thing to do, something she did out of despair and loneliness. Eventually Sadie realized the sexual stimulation, besides feeling good, helped her disposition and aided her constitution.

Grandmother Hatchell dried her hands. This morning she would give herself an enema. Travel upset her system and she always took an enema before commencing a journey. An enema before and after a trip insured no tummy complaints. She gathered a few towels and returned to the bedroom.

Sadie still took her enemas on her bed. In spite of her weak bladder, Sadie was proud she was able to retain a complete enema. She always had good anal control and never leaked on the trip to the bathroom. She arranged the towels in the middle of her bed and moved the ornate oak hat rack from the corner of the room to the foot of her bed. Her husband used to assist with her enemas, now his antique hat rack supported the enema bag in his absence.

Sadie returned to the bathroom and prepared her enema. The enema bag and hose hung behind the bathroom door. It was a sturdy, long out of fashion enema bag. Built to last, the large fountain syringe was made of thick, red rubber. The tubing had been replaced several times but the bag was just as sound as the day it arrived from Sears Roebuck.

The four original black nozzles, wrapped in tissue paper, were kept on the top shelf of her medicine cabinet. The infant and adult rectal nozzle hadn’t been used for years. Sadie favored the large irrigator nozzle for her enemas. The forth nozzle, the rigidly curved douche pipe, rarely saw duty now that she was in her senior years.

Sadie removed the enema bag from its hook and placed it in the sink under the running water. She unwrapped the irrigator nozzle and attached it to the end of the hose. Grandmother Hatchell carefully rinsed out the bag and tubing and closed the shutoff valve. She adjusted the temperature of the water to suit herself-she liked to take rather warm enemas-and opened the Vaseline jar. She stuck the nozzle into the yellow cream and twisted it several times until its end was covered with petroleum jelly. She set the jar aside and held the enema bag under the flowing water to fill it.

Sadie carried the full enema bag to her bedroom. She held the nozzle and hose in her left hand. Her right hand held the enema bag, her fingers entwined through the loop of cord at the top for a secure grip.

She hung her faithful enema bag from a top hook on the hat rack. Sadie preferred to take her enemas on her back with her knees slightly flexed. That position was ideal for several reasons. Foremost it was easy-for without her husband-she didn’t have anyone to help her up afterwards. She could roll off the bed and stand without straining her abdominal muscles. The position made it easy for her to massage her tummy during and after the enema. It also afforded her a clear view of the deflating rubber bag.

Grandmother Hatchell sat on the end of her bed. She carefully removed her feet from her slippers. One didn’t wear anything while taking an enema. She moved back on the towels and reclined. She held the nozzle and valve in her right hand. Sadie drew her knees to her breasts to expose her anus. She inserted the greased nozzle with practiced ease. She lowered her legs and opened the valve to start her enema.

“Ah,” she murmured with familiar contentment when the hot water entered her flaccid belly. Sadie took slow, measured breaths. Her stomach muscles were completely relaxed. Decades of practice conditioned her body and mind to tolerate the liquid intrusion. More than a quart of water flowed into her rectum before she noticed the progress of her enema.

She felt a slight pressure in her lower left abdomen. Her anus puckered around the fat nozzle and her belly rippled in reaction. She took a deep, measured breath.

“Good,” she said. “Very good.”

The hose from the enema bag looped over her right knee to her right hand, where the valve rested, before continuing to the nozzle. The flowing liquid warmed her inner thigh where the tubing touched her bare skin. She let the valve drop from her hand. The loop of tubing remained draped over her right side. She could retrieve the valve without difficulty.

Sadie’s enema entered the stage she enjoyed best. She felt the cleansing water expand her rectum and colon. The tightness in her left side propagated. Her thigh muscles tensed a few times. She concentrated on relaxing her body.

She placed her hands on her lower belly. Her fingers rested on her pubic bone, fingertips touching. The palms of her hands were just inside the points of her pelvis. She applied a flat, even pressure and swept her hands up towards her ribcage. The sharp pressure on her left side subsided. She felt the liquid enter and expand her traverse colon. “Very good,” she pronounced.

Grandmother Hatchell massaged her colon. She moved her hands in wide circles to promote the water’s distribution. A pint of water remained in the enema bag. The water expanded her flaccid belly. Her continued rubbing of the taut flesh prevented cramping of her strained abdominal muscles.

As usual, the rippling liquid warmth and its compelling tension felt wonderful. She savored every gurgle and cramp. The elation she felt never diminished. Sadie always looked forward to taking an enema and she was always satisfied after taking one. She routinely took enemas but enemas were never routine.

The bag was flat. The ease at which it moved when the hose was jostled indicated it was indeed empty. Grandmother Hatchell reached for the shutoff valve and closed off the flow. The enema was locked inside her. She lowered and closed her legs.

She rubbed her swollen belly. It felt very good to be full of an enema. She breathed in measured beats and luxuriated in the fullness. The large nozzle pressed into her anus and reminded her of her “foolishness.” It sometimes did that. Sadie sighed as only a widow could sigh over memories and events forever gone.

Her husband had been a loving man and a good provider. He had been a kind and gentle man in a time when such behavior wasn’t considered necessary. She, in turn, had been a good wife and homemaker. A virgin on her wedding night, she had nonetheless brought no false modesty or prudish concepts to the nuptial bed.

It wasn’t until the Kinsey Report made news did Sadie ever consider her sex life anything other than normal and ordinary. By then it didn’t matter. Regardless of what experts said, she wasn’t going to change her intimate activities. Her dear husband certainly had no intention of changing! She found nothing wrong with their “special kisses” and she obtained too much delight from anal intercourse to contemplate abandoning that activity as improper. On the contrary, “the back way” was too good a means to avoid quickening to abandon. Let prudes produce one squalling babe after another if they so chose, she’d continue to spend without worry.

Sadie missed her husband’s anal penetrations and that drove her to her foolishness, as she initially called it. On day - she didn’t remember how it came to happen - she took an unripe banana, peeled it and inserted it into her rectum.

She forgot the shame she felt for doing such a thing when she climaxed. Her orgasm was intense and satisfying. So much so that her contracting sphincter muscles ejected the Vaseline coated fruit. That made her feel foolish and henceforth she referred to that masturbation activity as her foolishness.

Grandmother Hatchell rolled off the bed. She reached between her legs and removed the nozzle. She stepped into her slippers, took the empty enema bag off the coat rack and headed for the bathroom. She didn’t leak at all. She had enough time to remove the nozzle and place it in the sink before she sat on the commode and loosened her pent up bowels.

Sadie forcefully expelled the contents of her rectum in one large gush of fecal matter and brown solution. She rested after the initial burst and gently massaged her belly. She could hear the water in her colon gurgle as it dispersed into her voided rectum. She leaned back and expelled another surge of enema. This volley contained smaller pieces of waste and copious amounts of gas. Her final purge dribbled brown liquid into the bowel. Satisfied with her evacuation, she wiped herself dry, flushed and stood.

Sadie scrubbed the nozzle clean and put it away. She washed the enema bag in hot soapy water, rinsed it thoroughly, dried it completely and hung it back up behind the bathroom door. She drew a hot bath, bathed herself and got dressed.

At 7:45 Sadie crossed her small yard to have breakfast with her next door neighbor. She did this every morning since her husband had passed away.

“Good morning!” A cheery voice sang out. Her neighbor, Mrs. Kane, opened the door. “Come in, come in.” She insisted.

Sadie noticed her young neighbor wasn’t completely dressed. “Did I come too early?”

Mrs. Kane made a dismissing gesture with her hand. “No, no. I’m the one that’s late. Come in and have breakfast.”

The women sat in the small kitchen and ate a simple meal of toasted corn muffins, poached eggs and brewed coffee. Grandmother Hatchell noticed something bothered her neighbor. Over their second cup of coffee she asked her neighbor what was troubling her.

The young woman sighed. “It’s my Harvey,” she explained. “He’s very constipated-all that junk he eats. I’ve been fighting with him all morning. He doesn’t want me to give him an enema. He says he’s too old for them.”

“Nonsense,” Sadie said. “You are never too old for an enema. My grandchildren are older than your boy and they get enemas all the time.” She looked disapprovingly at her harried neighbor. “And they don’t make a fuss about it, either.”

“Maybe you can do something with him, he likes you.” Mrs. Kane said.

“He won’t listen to me.”

“Of course I’ll help,” Sadie offered.

The two women climbed the stairs. Mrs. Kane went into her son’s room and Sadie entered the bathroom.

A combination syringe rested in the sink. The hose with pinch valve, adapter and nozzle attached lay coiled on the vanity next to a small jar of Vaseline. Grandmother Hatchell washed her hands and rinsed out the enema bag.

She adjusted the temperature of the water and pulled the sink stopper up. She swished the bar of Palmolive soap in the full basin until she had a sufficient amount of suds. She lowered the enema bag into the soapy water to partially fill it. She used a tumbler to dip and pour the solution to fill the rest of the bag. She made sure there wasn’t any air in the combination bag before attaching the enema adapter plug to the neck of the bag. Sadie placed the bulging, suds covered bag on the vanity. She picked up the rectal nozzle. Sadie would have preferred to use either a retentive tip or a short rectal tube instead of the slim white nozzle, but she would use what was available. She spread Vaseline over the pipe and set it down so it pointed into the sink. She was ready for Harvey.

Harvey waited petulantly in his bed. The fourteen year old didn’t want an enema and he wasn’t going to take one. He sat up and folded his arms across his chest when his mother entered his room.

“Mrs. Hatchell is here,” his mother announced.

Harvey smiled. He liked their next door neighbor. Now that company was here he wouldn’t get an enema.

“She agreed to give you an enema,” his mother continued. Harvey’s smiled disappeared. It couldn’t be true!


“No arguing Harvey!” His mother pulled back the bed clothes. “Get out of bed right now!”

Harvey knew that tone of voice. He got out of bed and stood stoop-shouldered next to his mother. He kept his eyes on his feet.

“Into the bathroom or you will be getting more than an enema I promise you!”

Harvey reluctantly walked into the bathroom. His mother followed right behind him. Harvey saw the full enema bag resting on the vanity. It was true, Mrs. Hatchell was going to give him an enema! She was going to see his naked body and make him take that awful enema.

“Hello Harvey,” Mrs. Hatchell pleasantly greeted the boy. “How are you feeling today?”

“Answer the lady,” his mother prodded when he didn’t respond. Harvey’s ears flamed red. “Hello Mrs. Hatchell,” he acknowledged in a choked voice.

“Perhaps it would be best if you left the two of us alone,” Sadie told her neighbor. “Harvey and I will be fine.” She smiled at the boy.

“Won’t we, dear?”

“Yes,” he said in a small voice. He would talk her out of it when his mother left. He didn’t need an enema.

Mrs. Kane hesitated. “Are you sure? I don’t want to impose too much.”

“No bother at all,” Mrs. Hatchell dismissed her neighbor’s doubts.

“Been giving enemas for years. I know just what to do. Don’t you worry none. I’ll have Harvey taken care of in no time.” Mrs. Kane looked at her son. He seemed docile enough to her. She made up her mind. “Very well, just holler if you need anything.” She left the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Harvey swallowed. Without looking at Mrs. Hatchell he said, “It’s okay, you don’t have to do it.” Harvey couldn’t bring himself to say the word enema. “I feel fine.”

“Is that so?” Mrs. Hatchell challenged. “And when was the last time you had a good bowel movement?”

Harvey blushed. “A few days ago,” he stammered. “I guess,” he added lamely.

“Take off your pajamas.”

Oh no. Harvey didn’t want Mrs. Hatchell to see him naked. He was too bony and clumsy looking. He hated to look at himself. The idea of someone else seeing his scrawny pimpled body mortified him.

“Do I have to?”

“Stop wasting time Harvey,” Mrs. Hatchell told him. “The enema solution is getting cold.

Harvey flinched, his imagination adding the emphasis to the dreaded word.

“Take off your pajamas and lie down on your left side on the bath mat.”

Harvey knew he had to obey. He turned away from his neighbor and slowly unbuttoned his pajama top. He shrugged it off and tucked it into a nearby towel rack. His poor posture accentuated his bony shoulders. With fatal slowness he stepped out of his pajama bottoms and attempted to conceal his private parts with his hands.

The young boy’s flaccid penis barely jutted from the dark mat of curly hair surrounding its base. Adolescent erectile tissue is incredibly elastic. It was impossible to determine the true proportions of Harvey’s penis from its present condition. What appeared to be immature genitals was in fact merely the ultra-compact state of a fully developed sexual organ. Harvey didn’t know any of this, all he knew was that if he got a boner his dick would stick out a mile.

Harvey dreaded enemas. They hurt going in and they hurt coming out. Most of all he hated them because an enema meant revealing his body. Harvey was ashamed of his body. The prospect of someone else seeing it caused him more distress that the enema’s physical discomfort. He’d rather take ten enemas in isolation than be subjected to one enema administered by an adult.

Harvey got down on the bath mat. He knew what was expected of him. He tucked his head against his left shoulder and slightly bent right leg. He kept his thighs firmly pressed together to conceal his wayward genitals.

Harvey never knew when his penis might betray him. In his mind an erection meant masturbation. He concluded everyone else thought the same thing. He was acutely embarrassed by involuntary erections. He reckoned his subconscious wanted him to masturbate. Anyone noticing his erection would know Harvey masturbated.

Sadie picked up the combination bag and held it high over the sink. She opened the pinch valve and flushed the air from the tubing. She snapped the pinch valve shut, lowered the wet bag and picked up the greased nozzle. She knelt next to Harvey and placed the bulging bag beside him on the rug. She took a bath towel off the rack and placed in across her knees and lap. She held the gleaming nozzle in her right hand.

“Relax Harvey,” she told the frightened boy. She parted his tense buttocks with thumb and forefinger. She could barely see his tightly puckered anus. She forced the small nozzle past his clenched sphincter.

“Ow!” Harvey yelled when the hard plastic tube entered his butt. “That hurts!”

“Tut, tut,” Mrs. Hatchell replied. “If you relax you won’t feel a thing.”

She opened the pinch valve and picked up the enema bag. She raised the full bag to initiate the flow.

Harvey immediately complained. “Stop, it hurts,” he whined. “Take it out. Take it out,” he pleaded.

“Such nonsense,” Mrs. Hatchell answered. “A big fellow like you should be able to take an enema without making such a fuss.” Harvey disputed her. “No I can’t. I don’t like,” he stammered over the word. “E-enemas. Please take it out, it hurts.” Harvey tried to force the nozzle out of his hole.

“Young man,” Mrs. Hatchell admonished, “You are going to take this enema.” She pushed the tiny nozzle back into his anus.

Harvey moaned in resignation. A cramp hit him and he cried out. “Ow! Stop it please! I can’t take any more! That’s enough, I don’t need any more! Oh, it hurts and I gotta go!”

“Harvey stop acting like a spoiled baby! You’ve hardly taken any of it. Now relax and take your enema!”

Harvey began to whimper. “But it hurts so bad! Can’t you stop it? Please?” He started to cry. “It really hurts!”

Mrs. Hatchell considered the boy’s request. Harvey was severely constipated. The cramps he felt were due to the hot water stimulating his blocked rectum. He would need several flushings to clear out his system.

“Harvey you’re severely constipated. You’re just reacting to the enema solution. It will require more enema than what you’ve taken to clean you out. I will have to give you another enema after you have expelled this one.”

Harvey sobbed. He would agree to anything to stop the torment flowing into his bowels. “Fine, just stop and take it out.”

Mrs. Hatchell closed the clamp and lowered the enema bag. She withdrew the nozzle from Harvey’s protesting behind and stood. Harvey immediately got up and hobbled to the toilet.

His face contorted in pain when he loosened his anal sphincter. A brief stream of water squirted out of his poor hole before it was blocked by a hard, fat turd. Harvey doubled over in pain as his spasming rectum attempted to eject the massive bolus.

“OH!” he screamed when he passed the huge lump. He hung his head and panted.

Mrs. Hatchell nodded to herself. “You see,” she lectured Harvey. “It’s rather evident you’re plugged up and in need of an enema. Now wipe yourself and get back on the rug.”

Sadie turned to the sink to replenish the partially drained enema bag with hot water.

Harvey wiped his messy butt. He felt absolutely miserable. His butt hurt, he had cramps and he had to suffer through another enema. He was so agitated he didn’t notice his penis wasn’t its usually small size until he was back on the rug.

Harvey tried to accept getting the second enema. He didn’t protest when Mrs. Hatchell inserted the nozzle and he didn’t try to resist the flowing water. His good intentions were to no avail. His stomach convulsed with fierce cramps and he cried out. While he moaned about the dreadful pain he was overwhelmed with an intensely powerful urge to shit. The impulse to loose his bowels became desperate.

“I can’t take any more,” he pleaded with his tormentor. “I really gotta go! Bad!” Harvey moaned and cradled his pain wracked stomach. Mrs. Hatchell clucked her tongue disapprovingly. It was obvious the boy was physically big enough to take a full enema bag, it was his attitude that was the problem. Harvey’s rectum needed more enema solution to ensure an adequate flushing. She raised the half full combination bag to increase the flow and she pressed on the nozzle to help him retain the enema.

“You are doing just fine,” she encouraged. “Pant for me Harvey, that will make it feel better. Rub your belly too,” she added. “Only a little more to go.”

Harvey panted and rubbed his stomach. It made him feel a little better. He looked down. Oh no, he realized in embarrassed horror. His treacherous penis was almost erect. It was thicker and longer than usual, even larger than it was when he had to pee real bad. He didn’t want a boner, not now of all times! Mrs. Hatchell couldn’t see him with a boner! He didn’t know what to do.

While Harvey wallowed in shame Mrs. Hatchell got more of the enema into him. She judged she had given him three pints of the soapy enema solution. That would be sufficient for this enema. She closed the clamp and pulled out the nozzle. Harvey remained on the floor.

Mrs. Hatchell stood and placed the enema bag in the sink. She went over to the whimpering boy and held her hand out to him. “Here you go,” she said.

Harvey blinked away tears. He panicked. If he took her hand and stood up, she’d see it. Mrs. Hatchell would see his wicked hard-on and think he was a pervert. But he had to go! Harvey couldn’t wait. The immense pressure in his guts wouldn’t let him. He didn’t know what to do. If she would only go away. He started crying.

Mrs. Hatchell smiled. “Come on, I’ll help you up. It isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. I’m sure you can make it to the toilet, now get up.”

Harvey had no choice. He had to get to the commode. He got onto his knees and extended his right hand. Mrs.. Hatchell’s firm grip pulled him up. Harvey stayed doubled over and kept his left arm low to cover his peter. Mrs. Hatchell didn’t let go of his hand until Harvey was seated on the white stool.

Harvey’s tumescent penis poked above his thighs. He quickly tucked the offending organ into the bowl. He leaned forward and let fly.

“OH!” Harvey exclaimed.

The first rush of release felt incredible! His face shined with gratitude now that he could finally empty his aching guts. “OH! OH!” He repeated.

The unbearable pressure and bloated feeling lessened. Torrents of pent up wastes issued from Harvey’s spasming anus. The relief he felt was incredible. He didn’t mind that there was another person also in the bathroom.

Grandmother Hatchell completely washed the enema bag and nozzle. She made sure no trace of soap remained inside the combination bag or tubing. She adjusted the water’s temperature until it felt hot to the inside of her wrist before refilling the enema bag.

Harvey looked at what his neighbor was doing. “Not another one!” He whined.

Mrs. Hatchell smiled. “It’s not as bad as you make it out to be, Harvey.” She smeared Vaseline over the rectal nozzle and wiped her hands. “Don’t you feel better now? The truth,” she asked. Harvey started to protest, then nodded. In spite of everything, he did feel better.

“Usually one enema would be enough,” Mrs. Hatchell explained. “But since you were so blocked up your system couldn’t take the complete enema.” She picked up the enema bag and tubing. She squirted the air out of the hose into the sink, closed the clamp and knelt on the bath mat.

“Come here for your last enema, Harvey. I think you will find this one much easier to take.” She rested on her heels.

“An Indian matron with bag and nozzle,” Harvey thought wildly. He wiped himself. He was very wet and messy back there. He flushed the toilet several times. He didn’t care if she saw his hard-on. Let her think the worst of him. She was doing this awful thing to him and he didn’t care anymore. He just wanted it to be over. He crept off the commode and onto the bath mat.

The nozzle went in and the clamp snapped open. Harvey held his breath. The water hit and it was warm. That was all, it felt warm. Harvey sighed and relaxed. This enema wasn’t so bad. His rectum, empty of all the accumulated and compacted waste, didn’t cramp. Harvey could say this enema felt good.

Sadie noticed the change in Harvey and smiled. He was a good boy, she knew. She lowered the enema bag so the pressure wouldn’t build too quickly. She wanted him to take the entire two quarts. He only had a quart to go.

Harvey idly massaged his sore abdomen. He was beaten and resigned not to fight the inevitable. He had a full scale erection now, or his body did. It didn’t matter to Harvey. He was pinned to the floor by an enema nozzle. He was naked and helpless. The tubing clamp clicked shut. “The enema must be over,” he thought.

The nozzle slipped out of his anus. He felt very full. The skin on his bulging tummy was taut. He could feel the enema’s pressure against his stomach. He stood and went to the toilet. He didn’t concern himself with the fact that Mrs. Hatchell could see his erection. He sat and expelled the enema. He left his penis sticking up between his thighs. He displayed it like a badge of honor, earned for distinction in the face of the enema.

Mrs. Hatchell smiled at Harvey. “I can see you are felling much better,” she said while she washed the enema equipment. Harvey’s composure broke, he lowered his head and blushed. “Yes Mrs. Hatchell.”

“Good,” she replied. “You’re a good boy, Harvey.” She added. There wasn’t a trace of disapproval in her voice. Harvey wondered if she had noticed his awful boner. She must have, he knew. Why hadn’t she said anything? Could it be she didn’t care?

“Boys often have that reaction to the enema,” she nodded at his crotch. “Perfectly normal and healthy, you know.” She wiped her hands. “I’ll leave you to finish and clean up.”

Harvey was alone. He felt good. He touched himself. That felt good too. “Might as well,” he told himself.

Harvey masturbated while he sat on the toilet. He had timed himself once and discovered he could go from no erection to orgasm in less than a minute. Even so, he was amazed at how suddenly and intensely his pleasure peaked. He pumped his spasming organ. The first glob of semen hit him in the face, others landed on his chest and thighs. His orgasm was incredible! Never before had he experienced a climax of such ferocity.

He leaned back against the cold toilet tank and rested. Not a bad way to end a horrible ordeal, he told himself.

Sadie joined her neighbor downstairs in the kitchen.

“Thank you so much for helping me with Harvey,” her neighbor told her when she sat down at the kitchen table.

“Oh, no problem. Glad to help. Regular bowel habits are important.”

She leaned towards her friend. “Next time don’t wait so long. You know with my two girls I had the enema bag out at the first indication of illness or constipation. They grew up with enemas as a fact of life. A healthy life, I might add.”

Mrs. Kane nodded. “I know you are right. When Harvey was smaller I gave him a lot of enemas. But lately I’m so busy and Harvey isn’t the most cooperative of souls sometimes.”

Sadie smiled. “I know how it can be, but you shouldn’t neglect his, or your health. He did fine for me and I’d be happy to help you any time. The next time Harvey is constipated send him to me and I will take good care of him.”

Her neighbor agreed. “That might be best, sending Harvey over to see you whenever he needs an enema.” She seemed to be about to add something but stopped.

Mrs. Hatchell guessed what it might be. “Yes?”

Mrs. Kane sighed. “Yes, ah,” she laughed. “It’s just that’s is awkward trying to take an enema alone. My husband has absolutely no interest in enemas or in helping me with them.”

Mrs. Hatchell patted her neighbor’s arm. “No problem. Come see me when I return. We’ll get you on a colon care regimen that will have you feeling tip top in no time.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to put you out,” Mrs. Kane replied.

“Nonsense! What are neighbor’s for?”

“You wouldn’t think it to forward of me for asking for such a personal thing?”

“Not at all, I’d be pleased to assist.” Grandmother Hatchell got ready to leave. “I’ve got packing to do. My daughters will be here soon to pick me up and take me to see my grandkids.”

She left her neighbor’s house and entered her own. She packed an overnight bag and set about her housework. Every so often she chuckled. That Harvey sure had a nice looking bone!


Julie jumped up and hugged her grandmother. The two other teens quickly followed her lead and crowded around their only living grandmother. “My how you’ve all grown!” Grandmother Hatchell marveled. “Got anything else?” Chad asked, picking up her overnight bag. “No dear, that’s it,” she replied. “Where should I take?” Chad inquired to no one in particular.

“Put it in the front bedroom,” his aunt answered. “Um, the one your sister is using.” Helen looked at Julie. “I’m afraid you’ll have to double up with Sarah tonight.”

“Come on,” Sarah tugged her cousin’s arm. “I’ll help you move your things.” The three teens rushed upstairs to revamp the sleeping arrangements. “Be careful with Grandma’s suitcase,” Helen yelled at the retreating youths. “I will,” Chad shouted over his shoulder before disappearing around the stairs. The adults went into the kitchen where Carl fixed a round of drinks. Their brief respite ended when the three teens bounced into the room.

“What’s for dinner?” Sarah asked. “Yeah,” Chad added. “We’re starving!” Helen laughed. “Eager to help, huh?” “Sure,” Julie piped up. “What do you want us to do?” “You and Sarah can set the table. We’re going to eat outside and . . .” “All right!” Chad interrupted. His sister smiled. “And that means,” Helen continued, “Cleaning the table and chairs.” “Do we have to?” Sarah asked. “Sarah!” “Yes, Momma.” The girl’s spirits weren’t that deflated. “Come on, Julie. I’ll show you where all the stuff is.”

“What can I do?” Chad asked. Carl set his drink down. “Come on champ,” He said to his nephew. “You can help us men get the grill ready.” Helen opened the refrigerator and took out a bag of fresh corn on the cob, a package of steaks and the makings for a large garden salad. The three women chatted while they prepared dinner. The two families ate a hearty dinner, watched the sun go down and conversed. The talk continued through clean up with the children being especially helpful and polite. They earnestly discussed their school work, hobbies and social life with their grandmother. Later in the evening Sarah took Julie up to her bedroom. Chad stayed behind to finish viewing a movie, telling his parent’s he’d go up to bed when it ended. He didn’t want to compete for bathroom time or disturb his grandmother. Sarah closed her bedroom’s door and threw her arms around her startled cousin. She squealed with delight. “This is going to be fun!” Sarah hugged her cousin and then danced away from her. She reached into the drawer on her nightstand and pulled out her vibrator.

She waved the white plastic rod under Julie’s astonished nose. “Ever use one of these?” Sarah said in a sensuously exaggerated voice. Julie shook her head. Sarah hopped onto her water bed with practiced ease. She beckoned with a sweeping gesture of her left hand as she bobbed on the disturbed surface.

“Doctor Sarah at your service,” she intoned in a serious voice. “And boy will you be serviced,” she concluded, flicking the vibrator like a fat cigar in a bad imitation of Groucho Marx. Julie blinked her eyes several times. “Why that’s mighty kind of you. I’ve always relied on the courtesy of strangers.” She wasn’t quite sure who she was trying to imitate. Sarah bounced off the bed. “Of course my dear, think nothing of it.” She bowed and flourished the vibrator. “Allow me to do the honors.” She indicated Julie’s clothes.

Julie stepped to the foot of the bed and permitted her cousin to undress her. Sarah started at Julie’s feet by removing her shoes and socks. Sarah then undid Julie’s pants and carefully eased them down her legs. Julie lifted her legs out of her pants. Sarah moved the garment out of the way. Sarah placed her hands on Julie’s hips and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her cousin’s panties. Her hands caressed her cousin’s legs as she slowly lowered the underwear to the floor. Julie stepped out of her underpants. She held her arms slightly away from her body. It felt weird to stand naked from the waist down. Sarah rose from her knees and faced her cousin. She busied her self unbuttoning Julie’s blouse. When she had it undone she moved behind her cousin and slipped the top from Julie’s shoulders and off her arms. Sarah added it to the growing pile of discarded clothes.

Sarah moved in front of Julie. She stepped close and reached behind her cousin’s back. Their eyes met as Sarah unhooked Julie’s bra. She gently pulled the garment free. She stepped back and admired her cousin’s nude body. Julie’s full breasts were definitely her best feature, Sarah decided with envy. Sarah placed her hands on the solid objects. The warm, firm flesh filled her palms. Julie drew a sharp breath and shuddered when her cousin’s hands closed over her exposed breasts. Her nipples stiffened and a pink flush spread across her chest. Sarah licked her lips and her eyes sparkled mischievously. “Doctor Sarah is going to have to take your temperature.” She reluctantly let go of her cousin’s delightful boobs. Julie followed her cousin to the side of the water bed.

Sarah turned down the comforter and top sheet. She placed her hands on her hips. “You’d better lie down, my dear.” Julie sat on the edge of the water bed. The liquid filled mattress undulated behind her. She hesitated, unsure how to proceed. “Just lie back and roll in,” Sarah told her. Julie leaned back on her arms and lowered her back to the elastic surface. It was warm, she discovered. Julie swiveled her legs into the bed and straightened out before rolling over. Initially she tensed at the rocking motions she set off, but relaxed as the enveloping warmth and gentle wave action engulfed her nude body.

She parted her legs slightly and waited to see what her adventuresome cousin had in store for her. She watched Sarah take a well-used tube of K-Y Jelly from her night- stand drawer and squeeze out a ribbon of lubricant onto two fingers. The sight of the wrinkled tube excited Julie. Its partially flat and heavily dimpled surface indicated continual use. What, Julie wondered, did all that lubricant ease on its way? She realized she was about to find out. Sarah parted her cousin’s plump butt and applied the slick material to Julie’s brown ass-ring. Her light touch elicited several shudders and moans. At first Julie thought her randy cousin intended to use the vibrator in her ass. She saw that wasn’t the case when Sarah again reached into her nightstand drawer. Her cousin took out a flexible plastic appliance that resembled the butt plug her parents had. Julie noticed that Sarah’s sex toy was much smaller in diameter. Sarah smeared lubricant over the butt plug’s smooth surface and sat on the edge of her bed. “Doctor Sarah says you mustn’t fuss.” She parted her cousin’s buns and placed the blunt tip against her virginal ass. “Relax,” she instructed. “It’s a lot like getting an enema.”

Julie tried to calm her jittery body. She gasped when the thick tip penetrated her anus. She slowed her breathing and relaxed her leg muscles. She gasped again when the widest part passed her anal sphincter, but she managed to remain relaxed after the butt plug was completely inserted. Julie found the fullness in her rectum very pleasing and enjoyable. She scissored her legs several times to experience the novel sensations. The butt plug’s broad base felt funny between her ass cheeks. It was and wasn’t like getting an enema, she decided. Her anus never felt this stretched when she received an enema, for one thing. On the other hand, she was definitely awash with the familiar erotic sensations of anal stimulation. Sarah firmly pressed against the buried base of the butt plug. “Close your legs and turn over,” she commanded. “Doctor Sarah has to examine you.”

Julie squeezed her thighs together and turned over. “Oh wow,” she said. “That feels really weird. I like it.”

Sarah nodded. “Not half as good as a real cock.” She turned on the vibrator. “Time to examine your responses.” Sarah smiled. She was getting off on the play acting. Julie nodded. The water bed soothed her body with its warm, gentle embrace. She flinched when Sarah applied the whirring tip of the vibrator to one of her sensitive nipples. She squirmed away from the cold plastic shaft.

“Stop that, it tickles!” “I see,” noted Sarah in mock serious tones. “Perhaps it will feel better here.” Sarah placed her free hand on Julie’s crotch and pressed down with her middle finger. Julie drew a sharp breath. “Yes, I think that would be a better place.” She closed her eyes and began to fantasize about her brother’s cock. Sarah separated the moist lips of Julie’s pussy. She was fascinated with female genitals. It was exciting enough to see male genitals, but everything there was exposed. A woman’s private parts were indeed private. Sarah loved to explore the pink folds and moist crevasses that comprised a woman’s pussy. Sarah played the vibrating tip over Julie’s hidden charms.

She smiled as she watched her cousin’s reaction to the alien penetration. She masturbated her cousin to a wonderfully intense climax. Julie panted and gasped for air. The vibrator was something else! She now had another style of orgasm to add to her repertoire. She rolled onto her stomach and parted her legs. On its own, the butt plug slowly eased out of her greased ass. She felt Sarah retrieve the sex toy from between her slick thighs. Sarah undressed. She was very horny and needed to get off and she hoped Julie would accommodate her. She climbed into her bed and slid over to her naked cousin.

“Did doctor Sarah do good?” She asked. Julie faced her randy cousin.

“Doctor Sarah did very good!” She answered. Julie hugged her cousin.

“Tell me about ass fucking,” she whispered. Sarah rolled onto her back and spread her legs. “I will if you go down on me.” Julie hesitated, she never entertained Lesbian notions. She recalled how exciting it was when she and Sarah kissed in the shower. Perhaps going down on her cousin might be similarly exciting. Julie moved between her cousin’s inviting thighs. Sarah crotch didn’t smell like her brother’s, which was logical enough, but she also didn’t smell the same as she did. Julie found the musky odor tantalizing. Qualms forgotten, Julie eagerly lowered her head to her cousin’s aroused pussy and started to lick. “Ah!” Sarah sighed. She played with her boobs and nipples while her cousin ate her out.

“My Mom started it,” Sarah began. “She gave me a lot of enemas. That wasn’t anything really new, at first.” Sarah explained. “Mom gave me an enema once a week ever since I can remember. But these enemas were in preparation for anal penetration.” Sarah pivoted her hips so Julie could lick her pussy deeper. “I used to masturbate after the enema session with Momma,” Sarah revealed. “Now, though, Mother encouraged me to masturbate during the enema. That was so I would associate orgasms with anal stimulation. From climaxing with the enema nozzle in my butt I moved on to the butt plug. That was to help dilate my tight little butt. You liked it up your ass, didn’t you?” Sarah asked.

Julie stopped licking. Her face was covered with saliva and vaginal secretions. “Yeah, you could say I liked it!” she replied. “After I got used to having the butt plug up my rear, Momma pushed a dildo up my butt. At first I thought I was going to die! It felt so huge, but Momma kept telling me to relax and not fight it.” Sarah squirmed. She was turning herself on in addition to being aroused by her cousin’s tonguing. “Momma was right, it started to feel good.” Sarah rocked her hips against her cousin’s mouth to maximize the stimulation from Julie’s fantastic sucking and licking. “When my father finally pushed his gorgeous cock up my rear it was utterly fantastic!” Sarah ground her crotch into Julie’s face.

“I came,” she breathed, her orgasm building. “I came and I came,” Sarah started to grunt and moan. “Like I’m coming NOW!” Sarah arched her back and tried desperately to prolong her orgasm. She kept her clitoris in line with Julie’s flicking tongue until the pleasure became unbelievably unbearable. Julie wiped her chin on the sheet and scooted up to be next to her gasping cousin. She kissed Sarah. Sarah passionately responded to the embrace and kissed her musky smelling cousin deeply and longingly. Sarah inhaled her own essence and partook of her own secretions.

“You’re lucky,” Sarah whispered. “Oh?” “You have your wonderful brother all to your self. I saw how you responded when he took your cherry.” Julie admitted the two of them had a special bond. “Let me show him how to ass fuck,” Sarah suggested. “He’ll know what to do with you and it’ll be fantastic for you.” Sarah enthused. Julie thought it over. Obviously her parents weren’t going to do the things Sarah’s parents did with her. Julie agreed. “All right, you go to him, but you have to tell me what happens!” “Sure,” Sarah hugged her cousin. “You’ll see, it will be worth the wait.” The water bed was warm and comfortable and the two young women were soon asleep.


Chad stirred out of deep sleep and rolled over. His hand encountered bare skin.

“What?” He mumbled, more asleep than awake.

“Hush,” a voice hissed.

“Sarah?” Chad asked tentatively. “Is that you?”

“Yes. Be quite.”

Chad, fully awake, realized his cousin was in bed with him. His hand told him she was naked. “What are you doing here?”

Sarah sighed. She moved closer to her cousin and put an arm over his chest. She moved it down to his crotch and placed her hand on his penis. The soft flesh grew instantly hard. Her cousin turned his head towards her. She kissed him.

Sarah’s kiss was insistent and passionate. A part Chad’s mind was scared, but as the kissing continued a more primitive drive took over. Chad responded with passion and kissed her back. His free hand roamed over his cousin’s bare back. They kissed for several intense minutes. Sarah broke the embrace when Chad started to gyrate his hips against his cousin’s hand.

“What’s the matter?” Chad asked.

Sarah didn’t say anything, instead she leaned over the edge of the bed and handed something to Chad. It was a condom.

“Put it on,” she told him.

Chad quickly slipped out of his pajamas and tore open the foil wrapping. He struggled to get the unfamiliar prophylactic properly in place. After several false starts he had it on and unrolled.

In the meantime, Sarah placed a pillow in the middle of the bed. She positioned herself on it so her hips were well elevated. She reached for her eager cousin and pulled him on top of herself. Chad trembled with excitement. He was about to screw his cousin! He raised himself up on his arms and thrust his hips forward. Sarah took hold of her cousin’s poking cock and gently guided it to her pussy. He allowed himself to be positioned and waited for her to tell him what to do.

“Go easy, okay?” She told Chad when she was ready. Chad flexed his hips and pushed with his legs. It was incredible! Sliding his cock into his cousin’s pussy felt fantastic. She was so tight, so warm and so smooth! Chad pushed and maneuvered until his cock was completely planted in his cousin’s delectable grip.

Sarah brought her legs up and locked her calves over her cousin’s knees. She hugged him tight and kissed him. It was fabulous! She was amazed at how quickly her vagina accommodated her cousin’s prick. The only difficulty she experienced was in adjusting her hips to accept another body. The pillow helped - those fuck movies again - as did placing her legs over her cousin’s. She kissed him again and flexed her vaginal muscles.

Chad was giddy with pleasure! Everything felt wonderful! The warm caress of his cousin’s hands on his back sent shivers down his spine. The hot, passionate kisses made his blood boil. His cock was enclosed in a velvet vise. Everything drove his excitement higher. It was all new and too incredible. Sensory overload overwhelmed Chad. He only knew it felt good and he wanted more. His entire being focused on the tip of his dick. His cousin’s vaginal spasm triggered his orgasm. Chad arched his back and thrust his hips three short, violent times driving his pubic bone hard against his cousin’s mound of Venus. He drove her hips into the pillow as he relentlessly tried to force his spasming cock deeper into her pussy.

Sarah noticed the immediate reaction her muscle twitch provoked but she wasn’t prepared for Chad’s violently animalistic orgasm. A small corner of her mind noted the response and was proud she could affect men that way. Consciously Sarah gripped her cousin and rode out his climax.

His cock, incredibly, swelled even thicker the moment he ejaculated. She felt his organ thrash about as it jetted its precious fluid. Since there was no place for the wildly bucking member to go, Sarah was treated to a vaginal massage. It was furiously exciting to have

Chad come inside her. She almost climaxed from sympathetic feedback, but wasn’t quite stimulated enough to do so. Chad relaxed. He caught his breath and gently kissed his cousin. He shifted his weight to his arms. “I guess I got carried away. I’m sorry.”

Sarah squeezed her cousin. “Don’t be sorry, that’s what I came for, if you’ll pardon the pun.” Her cousin’s penis slowly slipped out of her wet vagina. She pushed him onto his side. Her hand played with his chest hairs and nipples. “You’ll just have to do it again,” she said playfully.

Chad smiled. His cousin wasn’t mad at him for ejaculating prematurely. He had a deep desire to make it up to her, just the same. He felt something wet against his thigh. Chad touched his penis. The condom was still attached to his dick but his erection had subsided. His shrunken organ trailed a thin semen-filled ribbon of rubber.

Sarah handed her cousin a handful of tissues. “Use these to take off the rubber,” she told him.

Chad pulled the remaining length of condom off his slick dick and wadded it up in the offered tissues. His cousin took the discarded clump and did something with it over the edge of the bed.

The pungent Clorox-odor of semen hung between them. Chad drew on his meager sexual knowledge. He decided that Sarah would probably like the same things his sister did. Chad kissed his way down his cousin’s body. He took his time and waited for some sign that it was all right for him to proceed. He started by kissing Sarah’s chin and throat. When she didn’t discourage him, he went on to kiss her collarbone and upper chest.

Eventually Chad couldn’t postpone kissing Sarah’s breasts. He had kissed every square inch of flesh around them. He took a deep breath, hoped Sarah wouldn’t be angry, and sucked one of his cousin’s boobs into his mouth.

Chad noticed Sarah’s breasts tasted differently from his sister’s. His mouth easily engulfed her boob. He sucked the firm flesh into his hungry mouth and ran his tongue in tight circles over her sharp nipple and bumpy areola. He tongued, kissed and sucked each of his cousin’s breasts several times. Sarah’s quickened breathing told him she liked what he was doing.

Chad continued his southward journey over his cousin’s curves and swells. He kissed under her ribs and across her stomach. Sarah flinched away when he attempted to stick his tongue in her navel. He correctly guessed she was ticklish there.

Sarah parted her legs. “Eat me,” she whispered.

Chad straightened his crabbed body and slid down until his head was even with his cousin’s crotch. He slipped his hands beneath her thighs and brought his lips to meet her lips. Sarah let out a long sigh. She wished Chad was a little more assertive but otherwise she had no complaints. Chad knew what to do and he was eager to do it. She swiveled her hips towards his face when she felt his mouth touch her fresh womanhood. Coarse pubic hair tickled his chin and nose. Chad broadened his tongue and licked a wide swath over Sarah’s labia. The closed petals of flesh blossomed under his exploration. His questing tongue found a hot, wet interior seeping musky nectar. Chad lapped and licked in ardent obsession.

Sarah discreetly guided her cousin’s mouth with her hips. She knew Chad could bring her to climax orally, but she didn’t want that. Sarah wanted to fulfill her womanhood. She wanted to climax from fucking. She wanted to come with a hard dick sliding in and out of her freshly pierced, recently virgin pussy. Sarah’s orgasm built and threatened to explode. Chad liked to suck pussy and his eagerness pushed her closer and closer to climaxing. It took an enormous amount of willpower for Sarah to force Chad’s head away from her sensitive crotch. She pushed his bobbing head away from her vagina and gently let him know she wanted him up next to her.

Chad crawled up from his cousin’s pussy. “What?” he asked. Sarah turned away from him and leaned over the bed. She held out another condom to her cousin.

“How many of those did you bring?” Chad asked in a surprised whisper.

“The whole box.” Sarah scooted off the pillow. There was a very large wet spot on it. The memory of their carnal activities would be in Chad nostrils all night long she mused.

Sarah prodded Chad onto his back and picked up his tumescent penis. It’s wrinkled surface was slightly sticky with semen. Sarah parted her lips and sucked the engorging organ fully into her mouth. Chad’s cock had a slight bitter taste. A flavor left behind by the condom, Sarah concluded. Ignoring the sharp taste - she found the rubbery taste exciting - Sarah licked and sucked Chad’s spent cock without pause. She used her hand in conjunction with her mouth and Chad’s exuberant organ quickly responded. His eager cock lengthened and firmly filled out. Sarah soon had Chad softly moaning and thrusting his hips to meet her busy mouth. Sarah reluctantly stopped sucking her cousin’s dick when she judged his hard-on stiff enough for the job. Sarah moved back onto the pillow. “Put on the rubber and fuck me.”

Chad got this condom on without any difficulty in spite of not having a hard erection. This time he determined to bring his cousin off.

Sarah parted her legs and welcomed her cousin into her most personal place. The flesh of her vagina expanded to accept its natural counterpart. Sarah sighed as she once again felt the indescribably wonderful feeling of copulation. Chad found it easier to concentrate on what he was doing rather than on what he was feeling. There was no question in his mind that he had everything under control. He knew his impending orgasm was nearby. Like the joke about not thinking about an elephant for five minutes, not thinking about coming loomed in his mind as large as an elephant.

This time his come approached at a leisurely pace, not at a wild stampede. “Where was Tarzan when you needed him?” Chad joked to himself.

Pain radiated though his shoulders. His cousin’s legs pressed down on them. Sarah was in the throes of climaxing. Chad increased his tempo and tried to match his cousin’s rhythms. Thinking about the elephant joke and Tarzan had distracted him after all.

He vaguely remembered starting off on top of Sarah, his ass bobbing up and down as they began their second attempt at sex. In stages he raised himself up on his arms until he was thrusting his cock in and out of her tight pussy with his knees partially under her thighs. He was practically kneeling in front of his cousin’s elevated hips.

Sarah had pulled her legs back to expose more of her pussy. She then she put them on top of his shoulders. That gave Chad an unobstructed path to ram his cock in and out of her novice pussy. Sarah attempted to stifle her orgasmic cries of pleasure. It was difficult. She was coming with a cock in her pussy! It felt fabulous. Chad was ramming his organ as deep as possible into her and she loved it. It was just what she needed to go over the edge. Sarah grabbed a fistful of sheet and stuffed it into her mouth.

Chad grunted above her and she felt his cock vibrate in orgasm. That did it, she bite down on her hand. A thin shriek escaped nonetheless. Chad tried to ignore the pain in his shoulders - his cousin was really pounding the shit out them - and succeeded. As he watched his cousin writhe in climax he happily shot off his load.

As Chad helped Sarah move her legs off his shoulders his penis popped free from her slick vagina. Sarah straightened her legs and winced, she was going to be sore in the morning. She handed her cousin another wad of tissues and added the used clump to the other one. The two sexually satisfied teens cuddled together. Sarah nestled against her cousin’s warm chest and hoped she wouldn’t fall asleep.

The last thing she wanted was to not wake up in her own bed.

Sarah awoke with a start and panicked. Her thrashing in the covers

woke Chad as well.

“What is it?” he murmured.

“What time is it?” Sarah asked, trying to choke down rising dread.

Chad squinted at the alarm clock. “About three thirty in the morning.” Sarah relaxed. She had plenty of time to get back to her own room.

The adrenaline rush left her wide awake.

“Chad,” she whispered. “You awake?”

“Yeah.” He drew her close and hugged her. His penis stirred and came to life. He hoped there were more condoms. Sarah found it easy to talk to her cousin. Intimacy had removed barriers to communication. She stroked his chest.

“Remember what I did to you when you were doing it with Julie?”

“You mean with your finger?” Chad speculated.

“Yeah. You liked that, didn’t you?”

Chad was thankful Sarah couldn’t see him blush. “Yeah, I did.”

“I mean,” Sarah didn’t know exactly what to say. She was glad it dark. “You like taking enemas, right?”

Chad didn’t know what she was getting at. “Yeah, you know that,” he admitted.

“But you also you like to be touched there, too.”

“I guess I do.” Chad answered. “It all feels good, getting enemas, being touched there.” He didn’t know what else to say.

“I’ll tell you a secret,” Julie divulged. “I like to be touched there too.”

This admission excited Chad. “You do?”

“Uh huh. Would you like to,” Sarah couldn’t quite bring herself to say it. “Do it to me that way? You know, with your dick?”

Chad kissed her. His heart raced. His wild and sexy cousin was offering him the chance to fuck her in the ass.

“My lovely Sarah,” he said in a hoarse whisper. He gulped and, thankful for the darkness, plunged on. “I’d love to fuck your ass with my hard cock.”

Sarah mashed her lips against his and hungrily kissed him. His hard-on poked her belly. She wanted it lodged in her butt as soon as possible. Sarah reluctantly broke their embrace and leaned over the edge of the bed. The resourceful teen came up with another condom and a rather depleted tube of K-Y Jelly. Chad unrolled the condom on his cock. “How do we, I mean you.” His voice trailed off. He was uncertain how to proceed. Sarah folded the pillow in half and repositioned it in the center of the bed. The bedclothes fell to the floor as She straddled the thick support she’d fashioned. Sarah spread her legs and handed her waiting

cousin the tube of lubricant.

Chad moved between her wide open legs and stared at the dim outline of his cousin’s gorgeous buttocks.

“It’s just like an enema,” she told him.

“Some nozzle,” Chad observed.

“Yeah, it is,” Sarah answered with surprising fondness. Chad squeezed out a glob of lubricant and rubbed it over his cousin’s anus. Her upturned ass was very beautiful. Chad’s cock twitched in anticipation of the forthcoming activity. His index finger easily slipped past Sarah’s sphincter and into her rectum. He squeezed out more jelly and again worked his finger into her hot brown hole.

“That’s it, now put some on your cock,” Sarah told him.

Chad squeezed out the remaining gel and smeared it over his latex-coated organ. He wiped his fingers across his pubic hair and leaned over his cousin’s prone form.

Sarah reached back and guided her cousin’s slippery penis towards her crinkled anal bud. “Push slowly.” Chad leaned in and pushed. His penis met her anus and stopped.


Chad pressed. His cock didn’t move.

Sarah forced her ass to relax. “Push harder this time.” Chad thrust his hips forward and leaned on his rigid cock. Much more of this, he knew, and he would shoot his load. Sarah pushed back. She grunted, “Harder!” Chad didn’t think he could push any harder but he tried. Suddenly the tip of his cock squeezed past his cousin’s sphincter.

“Oh Chad! You’re in,” Sarah hissed. “Your gorgeous cock is in my ass!”

Chad continued to push. He felt his cock inch forward into an impossibly tight opening. If not for unexpected pain and his recent orgasms, Chad surely would have climaxed from the friction. Sarah let out her breath. Her cousin’s cock felt wonderful! She squeezed her vaginal muscles and felt the initial stirrings of what promised to be an intense orgasm. In a high, breathy voice she goaded, “Fuck me Chad. Fuck my ass with you hard cock.” Chad dutifully complied with his cousin’s sudden vulgar request. He was only too happy to! He pulled his cock back and pressed it in.

His cousin’s tight anal ring tortured his stroking cock but that didn’t make him slow down or stop. He was screwing someone in the ass! It didn’t feel the same as screwing her pussy, as a matter of fact it was rather uncomfortable and painful. He still loved it.

Chad had an insight just then. Ass fucking was more mental, than physical pleasure. He was doing something considered dirty and nasty. He thought of all the enemas he’d received and images of upturned asses filled his mind. He thought of the enemas he gave his sister and wanted to stick his cock up her beautiful butt.

Chad shoved his dick deep into Sarah’s ass. His cock locked in Sarah’s clenching anus. His thighs slapped against his cousin’s ass. Sarah buried her face in the other pillow. She was coming! Her cousin’s cock was buried in her ass and she was having an orgasm. She tried to muffle her cries of release in the pillow’s softness.

Chad imagined it was his ass. Yes, he was fucking himself in the ass! Chad wanted to be fucked in ass like he was fucking Sarah in the ass!

One final time his cock shoved in and then exploded. He came in Sarah’s ass/he was coming in his own ass. He gulped air and almost passed out from the intense pleasure.

Chad kissed the back of Sarah’s neck. “I loved it,” he muttered.

“Me too,” Sarah replied. She moved and Chad rolled off her back, his cock reluctantly freeing itself from her rectum. Sarah kissed him. Her mouth was hot and insistent. “I’ll take care of your needs,” she whispered. “Just wait.”

A shiver of excitement ran up Chad’s spine. He wondered what his randy cousin had in mind.

“Have to go now,” she told him. They cleaned up and hurriedly remade the bed. Sarah tucked him in and kissed him good-night.

“Thanks,” Chad whispered.

Sarah smiled, “Thank you, cousin.” She slipped on her nightgown, quietly let herself out of his room and silently padded back to her bedroom.


Chad sprawled on the lounger and soaked up the waning afternoon sun. After his parents and his grandmother had left late that morning everyone had gone swimming.

Chad ruefully spent the day with a perpetual half a hard-on. His boner, due in part from the memory of the previous night and from the teasing proximity of his scantily clad cousin and sister, refused to subside. Consequently he stayed in the pool quite a bit. Fortunately for Chad neither teen flagrantly teased him about his condition. All they did was occasionally fondle him underwater, which was enough to drive him wild. Neither his aunt nor uncle gave any indication they noticed the tremendous tent in his bathing suit.

Aunt Helen approached him and stood blocking the sun. “How are you feeling?” she asked him.

Chad squinted up at his aunt. “Okay, I guess,” he answered. He wondered if she was going to offer to give him an enema.

“Did you have a bowel movement today?” Aunt Helen asked.

This was it, Chad told himself, the chance to get an enema. He swallowed and shook his head no.

His aunt smiled. “Well, we don’t want you to become ill, do we?”

“No ma’am,” Chad replied.

“Go into the spa room. Uncle Carl will take care of you in there.” Chad nodded, disappointed he wouldn’t be getting the enema from his aunt. He got to his feet and headed for the spa room. Before he went in he looked back and saw his aunt talking to his sister. Chad smiled, Julie was going to get the tube as well. He couldn’t wait to be alone with her to compare notes.

Chad blinked when he entered the room.. He paused at the door while his eyes adjusted to the dimmer light.

“In here,” his uncle called from the spa’s bathroom.

Chad walked into the bathroom. His uncle held a colon tube in his right hand. On the sink was the same rubber enema bag his cousin had used on him.

“Ever get a high enema, Chad?” his uncle asked. He waved the flexible tube in Chad’s direction.

“Uh, no I haven’t.” Chad answered.

His uncle grinned. “Then you’re in for a special treat. Take off your suit and get on the bench. I’ll have everything ready in a moment.”

Chad slipped off his bathing trunks and laid down on the padded surface. The loose tee shirt his uncle wore didn’t prevent Chad from noticing his uncle’s huge erection. Chad relaxed. If his uncle had a boner he couldn’t very well criticize Chad’s stiff erection.

Julie followed her aunt into the house and to the master bath. Sarah bounced along with them. Her cousin was embarrassing her and Julie flushed deep crimson.

“Oh you’ll just love the high colonic, Julie!” Sarah told her.

Sarah’s mother addressed her daughter. “If you won’t behave you’ll have to leave.”

Sarah laughed. “Oh mother, really.” She faced her blushing cousin.

“You don’t mind my company do you?”

Julie smiled. “Uh, no, not really. You can stay if it’s all right with aunt Helen.”

Her aunt smiled, “Stay Sarah and you also get an enema. I think you could use one as well.”

Sarah nodded, “Whatever you say, Momma.” Sarah immediately stripped off her bathing suit and sat at one end of the padded bench. Sarah leaned back and watched the preparations. She spread her legs and idly ran her fingers through her pubic hair to untangle and fluff the matted mass of damp curls.

Julie tried not to exhibit her excitement at the proceedings, but her stiff nipples betrayed her intentions. She decided to remove her bathing suit with the hope her arousal would be less evident. With it on, her hard nipples made it look like she had marbles stuffed into her top.

Her aunt ignored the girls while she assembled the equipment for Julie’s high enema. She picked a large yellow open-topped fountain syringe from the closet and placed it, along with a length of amber latex tubing, in the sink. From the nozzle drawer she chose a rectal nozzle and a very long red colon tube. She added these items to the sink and started the hot water running over the rubbery tangle. While she waited for the water to reach temperature Helen attached a slim applicator nozzle to a tube of K-Y Jelly. The two-inch long nozzle was some sort of medicinal applicator. It’s threads fit the K-Y Jelly tube and it’s design made it ideal for lubricating an enema recipient’s anus.

Julie watched her aunt’s every move. “That’s going up my butt,” she thought when she saw the long sexy looking colon tube. She shivered with excitement and goose bumps appeared over her naked body. Helen washed and assembled the enema equipment and filled the enema bag with very warm water. She gathered the amber coils in her right hand until just the long length of colon tube remained in the sink. She opened the pinch valve and flushed the air from the tubing. She took hold of the end of the colon tube and carried the bulging enema bag to the bench. She hung the loaded syringe on its hook and turned to her daughter.

“Get over here and make yourself useful.” She told Sarah. “Hold the hose and tube while I get Julie ready.” To Julie she said, “Lie down on the bench.”

“Sure, Momma,” Sarah replied. She went over to her mother and took the wet coils while her cousin slowly lowered herself into the bench’s soft cushions. Sarah was careful not to let any air reenter the large colon tube. She watched her mother lubricate her cousin’s anus. Julie was hesitant at first to let her aunt touch her back there but aunt’s casual attitude coupled with her cousin’s lascivious spirit quickly removed the doubts she had. It was okay for her to enjoy herself.

Julie relaxed as the soft plastic tip entered her anus. A promise of things to come,” Julie thought. She couldn’t feel the lubricating jelly enter her rectum but she knew it was.

She wondered how it felt to use a glycerin suppository. She pictured herself pushing the cone shaped object up her rear when she had a full bowel. She’d hold it as long as possible, maybe even walk around the house fully dressed with the glycerin suppository slowly melting up her rear. Julie decided to try it at the first opportunity.

“Ready, Julie?” her aunt asked.

Julie nodded.

“She’s ready, Momma.” Sarah confirmed.

Julie felt the familiar intrusion and relaxed her anal muscles as her aunt inserted the tip of the colon tube into her anus. The hand on Julie’s buttocks moved away. A sharp click signaled the enema’s beginning. The hand returned and Julie sighed.

Sarah sat next to Julie’s head and stroked her cousin’s hair. She explained what would happen during the enema.

“Momma will let the enema water expand your rectum before she pushes the colon tube up your butt.” She looked at her mother who smiled and nodded back.

“Momma’s got about eight inches in now, how does it feel?” Julie exhaled before answering but her voice still carried the unmistakable husky tremor of sexual arousal. “Oh, just fine. I can feel the tube move inside me. It’s kinda weird.”

Sarah continued to stroke her cousin’s hair. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Don’t tense up if the tube gets stuck. Momma will guide it past the curves.”

“Oh!” Julie gulped. “That must be one now!”

“Relax, you’re doing fine, isn’t she Momma?”

Helen twisted the flexible tube between her fingers as she worked it deeper into her niece’s pert ass. “Very good, Julie. Stay relaxed baby.” She pushed another few inches of tube into Julie’s puckered brown bud. She glanced at the hanging enema bag and judged that about a quart of liquid was missing.

Helen’s hand grasped the warm tube close to Julie’s anus. “Half way in,” she informed her agitated niece.

“Fifteen inches, Julie!” Sarah enthused. “How’s it feel now?”

Julie evaluated the enema she was getting. The colon tube wasn’t very thick so her anus didn’t feel stretched. It was flexible too, so it didn’t poke her rectum - not that she minded that sensation! The water pressure was different, it was higher and easier to handle.

“It feels great,” she answered truthfully.

The three-quart enema bag was half empty. Helen resumed pushing the colon tube into her niece’s rectum. Several more inches effortlessly disappeared into Julie’s cute ass before Helen again encountered resistance. The tube had reached the second flexure and was about to enter the large intestine. She’d need some help to get it past the turn without undue pain on Julie’s part.

“Sarah please come here and hold the enema bag for me.” Julie felt bloated. Two quarts of pleasantly hot liquid filled her expanded rectum and colon.

Sarah took the flattening enema bag off the hook and held it with both hands. She knew what to do. She raised the sexy object until its bottom was about four feet above her cousin’s dimpled behind. Helen quickly used the increased flow to maneuver the tube past the obstruction. The remaining length of colon tube disappeared into Julie’s greased rear. The flared end of tubing that protruded from her niece’s milky globes was the only evidence that thirty inches of colon tube was comfortably snaked inside the young teen’s expanding belly.

Sarah lowered the bag in response to Julie’s sudden moans of pain. She moved so she stood at her cousin’s feet.

Helen pressed a clean wash cloth between Julie’s buttocks and wrapped it around the protruding end on the colon tube.

“Turn over baby and massage your tummy, you’ll feel better.” She told her panting niece.

Helen helped Julie turn onto her back. She guided the latex hose from under Julie’s thigh to between her quivering legs. Helen took the flattening enema bag from her daughter.

“Help your cousin,” she told her daughter. The enema bag held less than a pint of water. “Very good, indeed,” Helen thought. Sarah knelt next to her writhing cousin and helped her massage her tautly swollen belly.

“Hey, you’re doing great! A little bit longer and it’ll be over. Just think about what we discussed.” Sarah encouraged.

Julie tried to relax her abdominal muscles but not allow any enema fluid to leak past the colon tube. Her belly felt ready to explode. She realized that the pain wasn’t so bad for the amount of enema liquid inside her. Julie was more afraid of leaking. That worry caused her to tense up, which made the cramps more severe than necessary.

“Don’t worry about leaking Julie.” Her aunt told her. “The wash cloth will absorb anything that might leak out.” Helen raised the enema bag to hurry the last of the enema liquid.

Julie panted. Sarah earnestly rubbed her belly. The constant massage prevented her tummy cramps from overwhelming her. It still hurt and there was nothing she could do about the spasms convulsing her anus, but Julie found the high colonic to be an experience she desired. Her thighs became wet from the hot liquid leaking past the colon tube. Julie didn’t concern herself about it.

Helen lifted the flattened enema bag over her head. The last of the enema surged down the translucent tubing and she snapped the pinch valve shut. She slowly lowered the drained enema bag to her side. “Julie you were marvelous!” She said, pride evident in her voice.

“I gotta go right now!” Julie answered desperately.

Sarah moved away when her mother knelt next to Julie’s hips. “Here’s how we’ll do it. I’ll remove the colon tube and press the wash cloth against your anus to help plug the leak. You roll off the bench and Sarah will help you get to the toilet.”

The colon tube, delightful as it felt sliding out of her body, took an impossibly long time coming out. Julie pressed her thighs tightly around the damp wash cloth and rolled off the bench into Sarah’s waiting arms. She hobbled doubled over to the toilet clutching her belly and prayed she wouldn’t let loose before sitting down. Her aunt snatched the wash cloth away as she lowered herself onto the cool white seat.

Julie relaxed and gushed. Never before had she experienced such a forceful enema evacuation. Enema results splashed into the bowl and brown droplets thoroughly wet her spasming behind. She gasped in relief and pleasure. It was wonderful to shit so forcefully and copiously. She knew her ass would be a royal mess when she was through and Julie was thankful her aunt had a bidet.

Carl, aware of Chad’s predilection for enemas, intended for his nephew to thoroughly enjoy his treatment. He squeezed a generous quantity of lubricant onto the first two fingers of his right hand and approached the waiting boy.

“Spread ‘em,” Carl ordered. He smeared the cool gel over Chad’s tight rosette of an ass hole. “First things first,” Carl reminded himself when he was tempted to insert his index finger into the boy’s gorgeously tight shit hole.

Chad tried to relax and remain cool. Still, he trembled when his uncle lubricated his butt hole while he vainly tried to conceal his rampant boner. His uncle returned to the sink and washed his hands and filled the enema bag.

Chad was mesmerized by the length of the colon tube. He stared at it in spite of his acute embarrassment.

“You get a fast enema first.” His uncle announced as he poked the blunt tip of the colon tube into Chad’s ass.

“What . . .” was all Chad managed to say before his uncle opened the clamp and the hot enema liquid began rushing up his butt.

“Big guy like you shouldn’t have any difficulty with this first enema,” his uncle continued. Only a short length of tube was inserted in Chad’s anus and Carl didn’t push any more in. Instead he held the colon tube in place and raised the enema bag over his head. The hot water surged out of the elevated syringe, through the large opening in the colon tube and into Chad’s helpless rectum.

Chad rapidly discovered what a fast enema was. The gushing liquid abruptly induced painful cramps and overwhelming peristaltic contractions. His belly spasmed and he cried out in pain.

Carl chuckled, more in sympathy than in ridicule, and lowered the enema bag. It was half empty. “Don’t worry Chad,” he consoled. “You won’t have to hold it. This enema empties the rectum so you can enjoy the high colonic to come.”

Chad panted and held his pain racked belly. His uncle was right about one thing, he couldn’t hold back this enema no matter what! Chad was sure he was going to blow the tube, and everything else, out of his ass any minute. His uncle pulled the tube out of his quivering butt before Chad lost it, but it was close.

Chad hurried to the commode and let fly. It seemed like all the enema solution, his shit and gas exploded out at once. Chad bent over double, his head almost touching his knees, as he released the potent enema. He used a lot of toilet paper and had to flush twice when he cleaned himself up.

He had forgotten about his boner in the rush to get to the toilet. He looked at himself. A clear drop of fluid had formed at the tip of his rock-hard cock. As he watched, the tiny bead elongated and fell slowly to the floor like a crystal spider dancing down a transparent filament. His cock jiggled and the gossamer strand parted.

Julie stood away from the bidet and toweled off her wet behind. Her aunt meanwhile had cleaned and refilled the enema bag and was getting her cousin ready for her high colonic.

Sarah lay on the bench on her left side. Her left arm extended out beneath her head parallel to her body. Her right leg was pulled up almost to her chest. Her right arm rested across her stomach. Julie watched her aunt lubricate her cousin’s butt. Her aunt used her fingers to grease her cousin’s butt, she noticed. She watched her aunt insert her index finger completely up her sweet cousin’s ass. Sarah appeared to be enjoying it. Julie moved closer to observe better. Her aunt slowly rotated her embedded finger deep inside her daughter’s tight anus. Julie blushed in arousal, any thoughts she had of putting her bathing suit back on were forgotten.

Helen deftly inserted the clean colon tube and opened the clamp. She didn’t wait as long as she had with Julie before pushing the long red tube into her daughter’s lascivious behind. No more than a pint of water was gone from the bulging enema bag before the entire thirty inches of colon tube was buried in Sarah’s experienced and eager behind.

When the tube was completely inserted Sarah turned onto her back. She smiled at her cousin. “Feels wonderful.”

Julie’s nipples stiffened as she watched her cousin revel in her high enema. Her cousin, she realized, was openly masturbating while her mother gave her an enema.

Sarah enjoyed the enema and made no pretense about its erotic effects. Her hands traveled over her sensitive breasts and seeping pussy as she ostensibly massaged her abdomen. As her intestines swelled with the invading water her movements became rapid and insistent. Julie watched in frank admiration at her cousin’s utter lack of inhibition. Aunt Helen, completely aware of what was transpiring, knew what to do to aid her daughter’s wanton enjoyment. She either raised or lowered the enema bag to match the flow to Sarah’s arousal phase. Julie knew they must have had many such enema sessions.

Sarah’s frantic movements and mewing noises clued Julie that her cousin was close to orgasming. She also noticed that the enema bag was almost empty. Her aunt held the deflated enema bag high over her daughter’s writhing loins. The two females worked in unspoken unison. Sarah masturbated while her mother gauged her daughter’s progress towards climax. Sarah flushed crimson, arched her back and fingered herself to an intense climax. Aunt Helen raised the enema bag to empty it into her daughter’s bloated belly.

Sarah, still breathing heavy from her orgasm, rolled off the bench and duck walked towards the toilet, the swaying colon tube slipping from her clenched buns with each step she took. Behind her, her mother gathered the hose and tubing as daughter made her way to relive herself. When Sarah reached the commode her mother pulled the remaining length of colon tube out of her clinched behind. Sarah plopped down on the seat and let loose. Her expulsion sounded like a garden hose spraying in a bucket.

Helen took the enema equipment to the sink and washed it. She was still wearing her bathing suit. She decided it was time to remove it and join the fun.

Chad returned to the bench for his second enema. This time his uncle made him lie on his left side. Chad hoped this enema wouldn’t be like the first one. He soon found he didn’t have anything to worry about. His uncle again rubbed lubricant over his butt hole and inserted the tip of the colon tube. The full enema bag hung from the hook above the bench. A more reasonable height for receiving an enema, Chad knew.

Carl took his time inserting the colon tube. He allowed a pint and a half of water to flow into his nephew’s rectum before he seriously began shoving the long tube up Chad’s ass. When he had twenty inches in he told his nephew to turn onto his back.

As Chad complied his uncle slipped a folded towel underneath his buttocks. If Chad remained relaxed this caused his hips to pivot up. It felt good so Chad tried to maintain that position. While he got used to the new position his uncle added another quart of water to the enema bag.

Carl frankly inspected his nephew’s stiff prick. The young stud’s hard-on lay rock steady above the boy’s swelling abdomen. Carl marveled at the youth’s ability to maintain a rigid erection. He fondly recalled his own younger days. If his nephew was anything like himself, Chad should be able to get it up three or four times in a row. Possibly more with the right kind of stimulation.

Carl smiled and remembered his brother-in-law. A half an hour after shooting his wad from Carl’s butt fucking, the guy pumped another load into his wife’s pussy. “Yeah,” Carl thought, “Chad won’t have any trouble keeping his end up.”

Chad massaged his belly. The familiar full enema feeling radiated through his guts but the pressure wasn’t localized. While his entire belly was taut with its liquid load he didn’t have the immediate urge to go. He liked the sensations so he kept massaging the ever-increasing volume of enema solution around his large intestine.

The enema bag lost its pendulous shape and slowly regained its characteristic folded appearance. Had Chad been able to see it he would have known there was a pint of water left. Chad couldn’t see it, however. All he knew was that his belly was very full and he didn’t dare stop massaging his guts.

Suddenly he passed some hitherto unknown erotic boundary. All the pleasures of the enema coalesced in his groin. All the marvelous enema feelings concentrated and intensified at the base of his cock. His dick suddenly began to twitch and spurt. Chad spontaneously ejaculated. He couldn’t stop it and didn’t want to.

Without thinking, Chad grabbed his jetting cock and jerked off. The ensuing orgasm was incredible! The pumped come spurted over his chest and, astonishingly, onto his face. It seemed to Chad this fantastic enema climax went on and on without end.

Carl smiled knowingly at his nephew’s involuntary orgasm. He stopped the enema flow when Chad stopped milking his purple cock. He quickly withdrew the tube from his nephew’s quivering hole and helped the weakened boy to the toilet.

Chad sat down and, unsure what to expect, smiled slightly.

“You took the enema very well, Chad,” his uncle praised. “A high enema is not only very effective, it’s also very stimulating. You had a normal reaction.”

Relieved that his uncle wasn’t mad at him for jerking off, Chad grinned and released his straining sphincter.

Julie wondered what was going to happen next. Her mother never behaved like this. Enemas with mother, Julie remembered, were always one-way affairs. She gave them and you got them. Aunt Helen, it seemed, wasn’t like that. Julie found she didn’t mind her aunt’s casual attitude.

Sarah joined her and winked. Julie didn’t know what that meant.

“Momma,” Sarah said. “I think you should have an enema.”

“I think so too.” Julie added, much to her surprise.

Helen chuckled and dauntlessly got on the bench. Sarah pushed her staring cousin over to the sink. “You fill the enema bag, I’ll select the nozzle and get her ready for the enema.”

Thankful for something to mask her nervousness, Julie busied herself washing and filling the large fountain syringe.

Carl opened the shower stall and started the shower going. “In here with you.” He told his nephew.

Chad flushed the toilet for the third time and rose. He could use a shower. His uncle removed his bathing trunks and joined Chad in the steaming spray.

Carl soaped the boy’s back and buttocks and ran his hand down the crack of his ass. “A boy your age thinks about sex a lot.”

Chad nodded, “I guess.”

Carl nodded back. “Nothing wrong with that! Take your healthy response to the high colonic enema.” He turned Chad around to face him.

“Perfectly normal considering.”

“What?” Chad boldly asked.

Carl laughed. “Anal arousal. The backside is an important erogenous zone. You demonstrated that rather well during your enema.”

Chad blushed and shivered. He moved under the stinging spray to mask his embarrassment.

“Since you are aware of the pleasure potential back there you must have thought about anal sex. It’d be unnatural not to.”

“Well, yeah. I guess.” Chad began to worry that his uncle must have found out he fucked his cousin in the ass.

“Well let me tell you, it’s great!” His uncle grinned.

Relief spilled over Chad like an avalanche. He thought for sure his uncle was going to read him the riot act and then send him home in disgrace.

His uncle turned off the water and handed him a towel. Chad didn’t know what his uncle was leading up to, but whatever it was, he didn’t think he’d have to worry about getting in trouble.

Carl came to a decision. He stopped drying off. “Do you know what it feels like to be fucked in the ass?”

Chad played it safe. “I imagine it must feel kinda like getting an enema.”

“Well not exactly,” his uncle replied.

Carl was pleased with Chad’s answer. He associated anal penetration with something the boy considered very pleasurable. Carl shifted the towel he was holding and exposed his expanding hard-on. He grasped his cock at the root and squeezed. Carl looked into his nephew’s eyes.

The boy’s face said he wanted it. Carl hoped he’d admit it.

“You should know what it’s like if you expect to do it to others.” The previous night’s activity flashed through Chad’s mind. He gulped.

His uncle’s cock beckoned invitingly. He wanted it up his ass. “I guess,” he answered. He stared at his uncle’s hard-on.


“Why not? You’re all cleaned out and,” Carl pointed at his nephew’s thick, full cock, “I see you’re plenty aroused and randy.”

Julie watched her cousin select a long, thick nozzle from the drawer.

The pale pink shaft looked very large to her. It was obvious that the instrument hadn’t started out as an enema nozzle. It’s surface was smooth and rippled and the blunt tip had several openings that were plainly handmade. This was, Julie realized, a dildo adapted to enema service. She was again jolted by the brazen attitude her aunt had towards sexuality. They weren’t just mother and daughter, they were two human beings catering to each other’s sexual appetites. Julie was grateful she was allowed to be a part of their special intimacy.

Sarah skillfully lubricated her mother’s anus and introduced the thick nozzle into her elastic hole. Julie marveled at easily the massive intruded slid into her aunt’s dark brown hole.

“Open the clamp.” Sarah told Julie. “Momma’s ready for her enema.”

Julie popped open the pinch valve and watched her aunt sigh with obvious pleasure when the hot liquid entered her behind.

Aunt Helen remained on her left side for the enema.

During the enema Sarah slid the long nozzle slowly in and out of her mother’s puckered hole. Her aunt seemed to like that quite a bit, Julie saw.

When there was about a pint of water left in the enema bag Sarah pushed the dildo nozzle completely up her mother’s ass. All Julie could see between her aunt’s plump buttocks was the amber enema hose poking out from around her cousin’s half buried hand. Her aunt’s pre-climax moaning startled Julie. The blatant display of carnality aroused her. Julie fidgeted with sexual excitement. She clenched her thighs and squeezed her very wet pussy.

Finally Julie fingered herself, she couldn’t help it. Incredibly she saw Sarah do

the same thing to herself.

A triple orgasm echoed around the tiled bathroom. Julie gasped and shuddered as she climaxed. Sarah mewed and Helen loudly moaned her release from the enema bench.

Sarah carefully withdrew the nozzle from her mother’s wet opening and stuffed a wad of toilet paper into her dribbling cleft.

“Oh Momma that was terrific,” Sarah bubbled. She tossed the used enema equipment into the sink and started washing it. She held up the nozzle after rinsing it off.

“You know, Chad would benefit from this,” she said and giggled.

Julie blushed, certain her cousin had gone too far. She flushed deep crimson when her aunt, from the toilet, replied, “I’m sure he would.”

Sarah made stroking motions with the wet nozzle. “I’ll bet he shoots a mile with this up his butt!”

Helen rose from the toilet and flushed away her wastes. She took the nozzle from her daughter and shepherded her charges into the shower to clean up. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we girls?” She replied.

Carl smeared lubricant between Chad’s tense ass cheeks and into his anus. The boy had a full erection. Carl smiled at his nephew’s youthful stamina. He tore open a condom package and unrolled the milky colored rubber onto his cock.

Chad got a whiff of the condom’s latex odor. The smell triggered memories of his recent sex bout with his cousin. For Chad, the smell of lubricated Trojans became forever happily linked with anal sex.

The sight of a box of Trojans would cause Chad to get an erection and the scent of a freshly opened foil packet was immensely sexy. Chad became a loyal Trojan user, both for sex and masturbation. “Get on the bench on all fours,” Carl told his nephew. Chad eagerly got in position and spread his knees. He peered around to see what his uncle was going to do.

Carl applied lubricant to the tip of his cock and moved to his nephew’s delightful ass. He spread Chad’s ass with his left hand and guided his cock towards his nephew’s ass hole with his right.

“Just relax and push back,” his uncle instructed.

Chad almost blurted out that he knew that, but caught himself in time. He didn’t want to push it with his uncle. He wasn’t sure how his uncle would react to the knowledge that he had ass-fucked his only daughter.

Chad rocked back against his uncle’s rigid fuck pole. The blunt end poked his slippery hole and a thrill coursed through Chad’s trembling body.

“Oh man,” Chad said to himself. “This is fucking incredible! His cock feels so big!”

He pushed his ass against his uncle’s waiting rod. The big cock head expanded his anus. It felt wonderful! Chad gulped air and willed his ass to open and accept the huge flesh instrument.

Carl restrained himself as much as possible, but it was very difficult! He desperately wanted to ram his aching cock deep into his randy nephew’s virgin hole. He loved the pain/pleasure that only a tight, tough sphincter muscle wrapped around his cock could produce and he intensely wanted it. Carl marveled at the boy’s eagerness and bided his time.

Chad, remembering his recent ass-fucking adventure, didn’t rush. Deep down he knew, absolutely knew, that he could accommodate his uncle’s seemingly overwhelming dick up his ass. Secure in that knowledge Chad relaxed and concentrated on loosening up his ass for that great rod of flesh. It took less time and effort than he imagined. One moment he was straining to get his uncle’s cockhead all the way into his ass and the next he found two thirds of its length buried in his rectum. Chad was elated beyond desire. It was up his ass! It was actually fucking up his ass! He grunted in pleasure.

“Oh wow!” he remarked. “You’re in.”

“I sure am, kid,” Carl replied, pleasure very evident in his voice.

“Stay calm, I’ll take over now.”

Chad could only nod vigorously, it took all his concentration to avoid tightening his anal muscles in an attempt to eject the large intruder.

After all, a big thing like that in you ass was passed not swallowed.

Carl grabbed his nephew’s hips and thrust his cock in as he pulled the boy towards him. Carl sighed heavily in anal fuck bliss as his dick sunk into the boy’s constricted nether channel. Chad gave a loud yelp but didn’t try to pull away. Carl fucked his nephew’s ass with slow steady strokes.

Chad’s cock twitched in time to the thick shaft pistoning in his ass.

He buried his head in the crook of his left arm and grabbed his aching member with his right hand. The intense sensations radiating from his violated hole whipped him heedlessly towards orgasm. Chad gasped in wonder. He was about to come! Not just his cock, or his cock and balls or even his cock, balls and ass! No! Chad’s entire body was about to climax. Every nerve in his shivering, quaking body was taut with sexual stimulation. The pain and pleasure he felt in his ass echoed through every nerve and fiber in his teenaged body.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Chad screamed out, pumping his turgid cock for all he was worth. His ejaculations were strong and plentiful but his supply of semen was severely depleted and only a few dribbles of pale fluid oozed out of his wide-open slit. When the come spasms ceased he realized he couldn’t tolerate his uncle’s cock up his ass any longer. “Stop, please! You gotta take it out now!” Chad pleaded.

Carl reluctantly agreed and withdrew his dick from the boy’s splendid ass. He peeled the condom off his cock and wiped his organ clean.

Chad sat up. His ass felt fine, it was a bit greasy, but he was used to that sensation. He looked at his uncle’s still hard cock. There was only one thing to do and he unhesitatingly did it.

Chad reached for his uncle’s organ and guided it into his inexperienced mouth.

Carl moved to afford his nephew optimum access to his aching love muscle. The boy might be inexpert at cock sucking but he certainly was enthusiastic and a quick learner.

Chad found his uncle’s cock to be larger than he thought, or more likely, his mouth was smaller than he imagined. In any event, Chad stretched his jaws wide and proceeded to suck, lick and fondle his uncle to orgasm.

Chad sloppily sucked and licked the taut cock head. He paid particular attention to the sensitive underside. His goal was to bring his uncle off, not provide him with a skilled oral lovefeast.

When his uncle stiffened and his cock emptied its load into his aching mouth, Chad was pleasantly surprised with the taste of semen. It wasn’t bad and there’s wasn’t all that much of it. His fears of uncontrollably gagging and puking evaporated. He sucked his uncle’s dick dry without a qualm.

When Chad looked up Carl remarked, “Boy, you’re a man now. Welcome to the family!”

“You know,” Helen said to her husband later that night, “You are the only one who didn’t get an enema today.”

Carl rolled onto his back and put his arms behind his head. He spread his legs, his penis rested against his scrotum.

“Give me one then.”

Helen chuckled and patted his flaccid cock. “Poor dear had a rough day. I know just what he needs.”

She left their bed and entered the bathroom. A faint odor from the earlier activities still lingered in the air. Helen inhaled deeply and assembled an enema for her husband. She filled the rubber enema bag with two and a half quarts of hot water and for Carl’s ass choose the large white rubber douche nozzle.

She hung the sexy enema object above the bed and deftly lubricated her husband’s ass. She easily inserted the five inch long nozzle and opened the clamp to begin his evening enema.

Carl relaxed, content to let his wife administer the enema and whatever else she had in mind for him. Chad and Julie turned out to be just what Helen predicted they would be-two horny, uninhibited eager fuckers-just like their parents. Though Chad’s willingness to suck his

cock surprised him. Carl thought he’d have to work on the bisexual aspect of liberated sex but the kid obviously worked it out for himself. Julie as well didn’t have any hang-ups about same-sex lovemaking according to his wife.

Helen opened a bottle of baby oil and poured a large quantity into the palm of her hand. Quite a bit dripped out and onto her husband’s abdomen. It pooled in his navel. She set the open bottle aside and began rubbing the slick fluid over his filling belly. She grinned,

Carl truly loved a baby oil masturbation session. Helen alternated rubbing his swelling stomach and caressing his turgid dick and balls. Carl remained steadfastly still

throughout the massage. The only indication of a reaction was an occasional twitch of

his thighs.

The enema bag was flat, no more than a cup of water remained inside it. A two and a half quart enema was no trouble for Carl. He could hold that much enema without difficulty. The thick nozzle embedded in his ass and the teasing caresses made it more difficult than normal, however. He was determined to come before he had to let go of the enema. He concentrated on his wife’s caresses while he fantasized about the five of them fucking.

Helen ran her oily hands up and over her husband’s rigid cock. She knew her light touches alone wouldn’t bring him off. She cupped his scrotum and rolled his balls between her slippery fingers.

The elusive objects felt swollen. She placed her fingertips against the root of his hard cock and pressed. His taut organ jumped in response and the base of the enema nozzle rose to meet her fingertips. She glanced at the enema bag. Completely empty. Carl had his enema. Her husband wasn’t straining from the load in his guts, but his breathing was definitely irregular and his thighs contracted more frequently. She increased the tempo of her stroking and tightened her grip on his hard-on. She continuously stroked her hands up and over the shaft of his cock and rubbed her palms over his sensitive glans.

Carl moaned in response to his wife’s increased manipulation. His hips made hesitant thrusting motions and his thighs flexed convulsively.

Helen gripped his peter with all her strength and furiously pumped her fist up and down the length of his shaft. When the first spurt of come blossomed from the tip of his dick she locked her right fist around his glans and twisted it rapidly back and forth, while at the same time her left fist continued to pump out his come. Carl thrashed in divine oblivion beneath her, completely lost in his powerful, enema-intoxicated climax.

Chad rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He’d slept wonderfully! He smiled at how delightful the visit was turning out.

Before he could get out of bed there was a knock at his door.

“Chad, are you awake?” his aunt asked as she opened his door.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied. “I just woke up a little while ago.”

His aunt entered his bedroom. She wore a peach colored silk robe.

The mid-thigh length garment was tied around her waist with a broad sash. Chad could see she didn’t have anything else on-at least on top-and he didn’t think she was wearing panties.

“I’m glad,” she answered. She came over to the bed and sat down. She smiled and placed her right hand on top of Chad’s crotch. “Because I want to give you another enema.”

Chad nodded and started to get up. “No,” she quietly told him. “We’ll do it in here.” She raised her left hand. It held a tube of lubricant.

Chad grinned. “Okay.”

His aunt lifted the bed covers out of the way and, in a move that surprised himself, Chad boldly pulled off his underpants. His fully revealed piss hard-on proudly pointed at his navel. He looked directly at his aunt. “Do you want me to turn over?”

“That would be best,” his aunt replied. Chad twisted over onto his stomach. He exaggerated the movement necessary to comfortably position his erection. He felt his aunt’s warm hands on his buttocks.

“Spread your legs a little more,” she instructed when Chad was on his stomach. Helen parted her nephew’s muscular buns. She studied the exposed dark brown orifice. It didn’t seem possible a pencil could penetrate such a tightly crinkled opening, much less something the size of her husband’s cock.

It was only muscle elasticity and youthful resiliency, she knew. It was the same with her daughter. Sarah’s ass seemed impossibly tight at first but after the right amount of stimulation, it was capable of pleasurably accommodating her father’s above average tool. Not that her own ass was that much looser, Helen mused. Age and experience made some difference - Helen didn’t think Sarah or Chad was up to enjoying the kind of ass fucking Carl and Mike, or Carl and herself for that matter, engaged in. Instead of applying the lubricant to her fingers, Helen placed the tube’s end over Chad’s anus and squeezed out a large glob of gel over that bottomless dimple. She rubbed the clear paste around his recessed hole. Chad’s buttocks twitched each time she poked a finger into his rectum.

“I’ll be right back,” she told Chad.

Chad heard her go down the hall and into the upstairs bathroom. Chad realized she must have brought up an enema bag since there wasn’t one it there - he’d looked first thing upon arrival. This unusual activity would attract the attention of his sister and cousin. Chad smiled.

He hoped his own predicament included the girls. He desperately wanted to witness them receiving enemas.

Aunt Helen returned with a towel and the enema bag. It was a full combination syringe to which the now familiar colon tube was attached.

Aunt Helen offered him the towel. “Put this under your hips.”

Chad placed the folded towel under his hips. He made sure it amply protected the area above his cockhead.

Aunt Helen sat on the bed next to Chad’s thighs. She placed the bulging enema bag and coiled tubing in her lap. She grasped the colon tube close to the tip in her right hand and parted Chad’s twitching buns with her left.

“Now relax,” she reminded the anxious teenager. Helen twisted the soft tip in the thick lubricant surrounding Chad’s anus and deftly inserted the flexible rubber tube past the closed ring of flesh. She immediately opened the pinch clamp with her left hand when the colon tube entered Chad’s abiding rectum. Helen elevated the enema bag. “There, doesn’t that feel nice?”

Chad parted his tensed legs and let out his breath. The water was hot and it felt good. “Yes, it does,” he answered.

Helen slowly worked half of the long colon tube into her nephew’s willing ass. She held the enema bag only high enough to ensure a moderate flow. She didn’t want him to cramp. Chad surrendered himself to the glorious enema. He liked getting an enema first thing in the morning and he wished it happened more often.

An early morning enema felt special. He guessed it was because he was still relaxed and comfortable from sleep. He also liked the idea of having the enema brought to him rather than being summoned to it. No matter the reason, he loved early enemas and he intended to fully enjoy this one.

Helen carefully observed the progress of her enema-addicted nephew. He took his surprise enema very well. The combination syringe was filled with exactly two quarts of liquid, a volume she knew he could handle. She decided to extend his session with an extra quart.

Chad concentrated on the slowly spreading warmth and steadily increasing pressure in his belly. The fifteen or so inches of colon tube up his ass made taking the enema a lot easier, he realized. He could study the progress of his enema with being bothered by cramps, peristaltic spasms and the other usual physical distractions that came with a faster flowing enema. Chad, secure and comfortable in bed, felt like he could retain this enema for as long as he wished.

“Chad honey.” His aunt wanted his attention. Chad reluctantly surfaced from his

ecstatic reverie.

“Yes aunt Helen?” His aunt snapped shut the pinch clamp.

“The enema bag is empty. Would you like a bit more water?”

“How?” Chad started. “I mean, I guess so. I don’t feel very full.”

His aunt smiled down at him. She patted his dimpled buttock. “No problem.” She inverted the combination bag and unscrewed the enema plug. There was a slight gurgling noise as air rushed in to fill the partial vacuum created by the draining water.

“I’ll refill this and be back in a jiffy.” She handled the white plug to Chad. “Just don’t let the tube slip out while I’m gone.”

Chad took the enema hose and plug and nodded. His aunt left to refill his enema bag. Chad sighed and relaxed. “More enema! I’m going to get more enema!” he told himself.

Suddenly he tensed, shivered and sucked air through clenched teeth. Chad realized he was spontaneously climaxing. Sometimes that happened during an enema. Chad masturbated to orgasm during an enema normally. But once in a while he would shoot off without warning or manual stimulation and, if the enema was stimulating enough, without an


His legs snapped together and his buttocks clenched. His arms went rigid at his sides and his neck locked. Chad came. His cock spasmed and jetted. Chad sucked air through his nostrils and blew out his breath in great climatic surges. His cock continued to pump out his orgasm. He flexed his hips and rubbed his spewing dick against the towel. The added stimulation caused several intense orgasmic shudders to course through his spasming body.

Chad relaxed and gasped for breath when his cock finally ceased its eternity of eruptions. His enema climax had been, as usual, monumental. He stopped gasping just as his aunt returned. He still had more enema to go!

Helen sat next to her quivering nephew. She was sorry for missing what she surmised what must have occurred in her absence. Well, she figured, the day was early! She took the enema plug from Chad’s fist and attached it to the top of the combination syringe. She up ended the half full bag and gave it a shake to jostle any air of the tubing.

“I see the tube has slipped out some,” she observed.

Chad felt her right hand between his closed thighs. He parted his legs and urged his muscles to relax. His aunt pushed on the tube. He was still very aroused from his climax and he couldn’t prevent several post-orgasmic shivers from rocking his body as his aunt touched his hyper-sensitive ass.

“We’ll just get this back in place before continuing,” she calmly stated. Helen slowly eased the greased tube back into her nephew’s flooded rectum. It slid in without difficulty. Helen managed to get its entire length inserted without having to open the pinch valve on the enema hose.

“All in,” she announced. “I think you’ll find the rest of your enema particularly rewarding.” She opened the clamp and raised the bag to begin the flow.

At first Chad felt nothing unusual. He wasn’t even sure if the enema was working. He already felt full and the additional water didn’t seem to make any difference. He felt his aunt stand up and he turned his head to see what she was doing.

Helen monitored the quantity of liquid remaining in the enema bag. When half its contents were gone she knew she’d have to increase the flow to counter the increased back pressure. She stood and elevated the combination bag. The greater pressure overcame the internal resistance and the remainder of the third quart drained into her nephew’s flooded bowels. The colon tube slipped out of his ass as this happened but she wasn’t concerned about it.

With over thirty inches inserted it wasn’t about to pop out unexpectedly. Chad felt the added water. His distended belly hurt and he squirmed back and forth to ease the pain. He kept his eye on the combination bag. He could see the water supply diminish and he desperately wanted to take it all. It felt so good and so painful he had to have it all.

His dick was hard. He could feel pressing into his bloated abdomen. Helen’s left hand held the draining bag above her head, her right hand held the pinch clamp. “Soon, baby,” she crooned. “Soon it will be over.” The ecstatic pleasure engulfing her nephew was eminently


The enema clamp clicked shut. “There,” his aunt confirmed. “You’ve taken it all.” She sat next to his butt. “Three quarts.” Aunt Helen withdrew the colon tube. “You took a three quart enema,” she planted a dainty kiss on his quivering ass cheeks. “I’m proud of you Chad, you took it like a man.”

Chad smiled and briefly met her eyes. They were warm, inviting pools. Chad broke their gaze. The sash on her robe was undone. Aunt Helen wasn’t wearing anything underneath it after all. Helen pulled the end of the colon tube free from her nephew’s butt.

She gathered the towel from between his legs and pressed it against his greasy opening. While seeing Chad loose his sphincter and uncontrollably spray three quarts of enema load was an exciting prospect, it wouldn’t do for it to happen in her guest bedroom.

Helen gathered the enema equipment in her left hand and helped Chad off the bed with her right. “Best hold the towel between your legs, just in case.” She told him.

Chad nodded. “I think that’s a good idea.” “Besides,” he added to himself, “The towel will conceal all that gunk plastered to my belly. “With his aunt right behind him, Chad rapidly walked towards the bathroom. The barium enema scene from the movie The Right Stuff flashed through his mind and he laughed out loud. He knew exactly how those astronauts must have felt!

He felt his aunt’s hand on his shoulder. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh,” Chad explained between gasps for breath. “Nothing, just thought of a funny movie.”

“The Right Stuff.”

Chad almost stopped. “Yeah, how did you know?” Helen followed him into the bathroom. She smiled broadly.

“Watching you waddle made me think about it too.” She put the enema bag in the sink. She gestured at the jumble and put her hand on the faucet. “Do you mind?”

Chad leaned back on the commode. He caught himself in time to answer, though a trickle leaked out. “Uh no, go ahead.” He smiled and let loose. “Don’t mind me.”

Helen scrubbed the colon tube and rinsed the combination bag and enema tubing while her nephew unabashedly released his enema.

She took her time cleaning and drying the combination bag, hose and colon tube so she could enjoy Chad’s blissful evacuation.

She stopped toweling the hose when Chad finally shifted his position on the commode. He hadn’t passed any additional waste for several minutes. She ran the hot water and soaked a hand towel under the faucet. She damp wrung it and moved to her contented nephew.

“Stand up.”

Chad stopped wiping himself and stood next to the waste filled bowl. His aunt flushed the toilet and wiped his behind with the moist towel. She carefully rubbed both cheeks and wiped the length of his crack several times. The towel was warm and felt good. She turned the towel over and swabbed his groin area.

Chad could clearly see his aunt’s breasts while she did this. Her nipples, much larger than either his sister’s or cousin’s, stood out in overt arousal. Chad’s penis stiffened under his aunt’s ministrations. Aunt Helen caressed his hard-on and balls with her fingers after wiping him clean. He drew several sharp breaths through his teeth as she did this.

Helen smiled. She straightened and tossed the soiled towel into a corner. Her completely open robe exposed her breasts and pubic region. She made no effort to conceal her nudity from her nephew.

“Chad, why don’t you sit up on the vanity?”

Chad had no idea what to expect but not obeying his aunt’s strange request never entered the horny boy’s mind. He quickly hopped up next to the sink and waited for instructions. His aunt pulled out the dressing table stool and sat upon it facing him. Aunt Helen licked her lips and leaned forward. Chad responded intuitively, he spread his legs and thrust out his pelvis. His aunt nodded and reached for him.

It was the worst thing Chad ever endured. His aunt, skilled in oral lovemaking, knew what would arouse and excite him. Her mouth, lips and tongue stimulated, teased and tortured his sensitive cock and balls. It was wonderful at first. She brought Chad close to climax but, before he could get off and so ease the incredible stimulation, his aunt Helen anticipated the impending release and somehow prevented him from shooting his load.

Chad, maddened with frustration and overwhelmed with the urge to ejaculate, begged for release. He gyrated his hips and he tried thrusting his cock into his aunt’s mouth in an effort to add the tiny bit of stimulation needed to trigger release. His eyes were closed.

He opened them. The enema bag!

Chad stared at the enema equipment. He concentrated on the lines of the rubber bag, the coils of hose and the incredible length of the thick colon tube. He aunt gave him an enema with that stuff. A big enema, three whole quarts. His cock spurted his come with that enema inside him. It felt very good to have an enema climax. It felt very, very good!

Fantasizing about the enema worked. Chad shuddered and stiffened. Beyond the roaring in his ears his aunt clamped her mouth around the head of his cock. Chad was barely aware of it. Chad climaxed. Four forceful ejaculations that, had his cock not been surrounded by his aunt’s mouth, would have spurted completely clear of his dick. He shuddered and moaned and strived not to fall off the small vanity.

Helen stood when Chad’s orgasmic throes subsided. “I think you must feel better now.”

“Much,” Chad answered. He climbed down from the vanity.

His legs felt weak and he sat on the stool. A morning enema became routine for Chad and his aunt for the remainder of his stay. Regardless of the previous day’s activities, Helen made sure she gave Chad an enema when he woke up. She didn’t suck his cock in the bathroom again. Instead she fellated him on his bed while he held the two-quart enema. Chad found it relatively easier to climax if his dick was sucked immediately after receiving the enema. Helen enjoyed administering an enema to her eager young nephew. She especially relished taking his gorgeous adolescent cock into her mouth and teasing a bountiful load of semen from it. Chad marveled at his capacity to ejaculate. No matter how many times he’d gotten off the night before, his aunt’s enema and blow job made him come like his cock had been neglected for a week.

Both girls, giggling and totally nude, burst into the bathroom.

“Taking care of our constipated guest?” Sarah asked and laughed.

Chad blushed and averted his eyes from his smiling sister and laughing cousin. He was keenly aware of his wet pubic mat and how his tumescent cock glistened with saliva and semen.

“Sarah, go down to my bedroom and wait for me.” Helen’s tone demanded obedience.

Sarah nodded, suddenly contrite. “Yes, ma’am.” She left without an additional word.

“Julie,” her tone softened somewhat. “Why don’t you remain here with Chad? She turned to her nephew, who looked up and right at her. “I want you to take care of your sister.”

Chad smiled. “I will, aunt Helen.”

“Good, I knew I could count on you Chad.” She gathered her robe around herself. “Don’t feel rushed.” She left the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Julie went to her brother. She noticed the condition of his dick and was slightly jealous. “What was that all about?”

Chad stood and embraced his sister. It felt good to hold her. “I think aunt Helen just wants to be sure Sarah doesn’t get too carried away and,” Chad nodded at the enema equipment. “She wants me to make sure you enjoy yourself.”

He kissed his sister. “My dear sweet sister, how would you like a most loving and tender enema?”

Julie returned the kiss. Her nipples stiffened and she pressed them into her brother’s bare chest. “Oh yes, my brother,” she whispered. “I most certainly would like that.” She rubbed her aroused nipples against his hard chest. Like an electrical shock, tingles of pleasure rippled across her body. She kissed him again. Her tongue hungrily poked into his mouth and frantically fought with his own questing tongue.

Earlier Julie had masturbated with Sarah. Though she’d gotten off, the mutual self-pleasuring with her cousin left her horny and yearning for additional fulfillment. She wanted her brother’s cock up her ass she suddenly realized. She pulled away from Chad determined to have him fuck her ass with his wonderful cock.

“Give me a good, hot enema, Chad. Really clean me out, I want my ass to be squeaky clean for your cock.”

Chad nodded and blushed. He hoped he’d be up to the task when the time came. His dick didn’t feel very responsive at the moment.

Julie moved behind her nude brother and hugged him while he assembled the combination syringe and prepared the enema. She slowly stroked her sensitive breasts up and down his bare back while he worked. She envisioned his hard cock slowly disappearing into her tight, enema washed butt. She kissed the back of his neck. Chad hunched his shoulders and shuddered. “That tickles,” he complained. Julie straightened and pulled away. “I’ll be right back,” she suddenly announced.

“Don’t take too long, Sis,” Chad ordered. He held up the full enema bag. “I’m almost ready to start your enema.”

“I won’t,” Julie replied and left the confines of the small upstairs bathroom.

Julie quickly entered her cousin’s bedroom and headed for the nightstand. She grabbed a couple of condoms and also took Sarah’s plastic penis-shaped vibrator. She quickly left the room, uncertain if it was truly all right with her aunt to do what she was about to do. She couldn’t hear anything from downstairs, which relieved Julie.

Julie couldn’t hear anything because Helen had closed both her bedroom and bathroom doors. At that moment a very unhappy Sarah was on the receiving end of a dreadfully unpleasant enema.

Sarah, who knew she was out of line, apologized the moment her mother appeared in the bathroom. Helen, however, didn’t allow her daughter’s sudden repentance prevent her from carrying out the punishment.

Sarah was down on her hands and knees pleading to be spared the humiliating and sure to be painful treatment. She hated that enema position, it wasn’t comfortable or fun. Helen prepared a large volume, extra hot, enema and selected one of the larger rubber nozzles for her daughter’s discipline enema. She hung the dreadful bag on the hook above the bench. Since Sarah was on the bathroom floor, this meant the bottom of the enema bag was four feet above her terrified hole.

“There’s no excuse for rudeness, young woman,” her mother lectured.

“Perhaps this little reminder will make you remember your manners.”

Without ceremony, Helen forced the lubricated nozzle into her daughter’s puckered anus. Sarah knew better than to try to resist the fat probe.

Without the accustomed preparation and additional lubrication the thick nozzle felt like it was twice the size it actually was. Sarah yelped when her mother pushed it in. No matter how loud the protest or how heartfelt the apology, Helen kept the thick nozzle firmly embedded in her contrite daughter’s squirming ass.

“I’m sorry I teased Chad, I really am,” Sarah pleaded as the hot liquid hit her rectum. “Ow! That hurts, Momma!” Her belly painfully convulsed with the first of many severe cramps. Sarah tearfully endured the lecture and her punishment enema. Yes! she understood the responsibility associated with sexual activity.

The pain was frightful and she wanted it to end. She agreed rude behavior wasn’t acceptable and immature, but the enema really hurt and could it stop? Sarah sobbed and gasped in pain as she acknowledged her objectionable conduct towards her cousin but only take the nozzle

out please!

She pleaded, sobbed and cried. The enema hurt! Sarah begged her mother to take out the nozzle. This enema was no fun. It didn’t feel good at all. She wanted it to end so the pain would go away. But Sarah wasn’t in control, her mother was. Sarah’s mother sternly admonished her daughter and forced her to endue the excruciating punishment enema.

The enema had its intended effect. Sarah swore she would henceforth behave properly. There was no way she was ever going to have to go through another ordeal like that! The painful cramps never stopped, the hot enema water caused intense peristaltic spasms and the thick nozzle hurt her tense anus. This enema wasn’t any fun! Oh how could something that usually was so wonderful cause such terrible anguish?

When at last her mother allowed her to rise and relieve herself, Sarah profusely thanked her Momma over and over. Her thanks were punctuated by short gasps of pain as the hot liquid shot from her chastised behind.

Helen cleaned the enema equipment and hung it over the tub. She told her subdued daughter, “Shower when you’re through and go outside to recuperate.” She didn’t want Sarah interrupting her niece and nephew. Julie stepped back into the bathroom and carefully closed the door. The enema was waiting for her and she shivered with excitement. Her brother didn’t say anything when she set the items on the vanity.

“Where do you want me?”

Chad surveyed the small room. There wasn’t much room.

“How about in the tub, on your back?”

Julie nodded. She climbed into the bathtub and reclined on the cool enameled surface. She propped her feet up on the edges and waited for her enema. Her disheveled hair framed her sparkling eyes and impish grin.

Chad placed the full combination bag on the edge of the tub so he could lubricate his sister’s anus. He realized he could not have done that if his aunt had brought up a fountain syringe for his enema. His aunt was one clever woman!

Chad rubbed his sticky fingers around his sister’s butt hole until she began to squirm from his touch. Satisfied with his efforts, Chad picked up the tip of the colon tube and brought it to his sister’s ready opening.

Chad pushed a few inches of the flexible enema tip into his sister’s rectum and opened the clamp. “I hope it isn’t too hot,” he told her once the liquid was flowing.

“Oh no,” Julie replied. She had a dreamy look on her face. “It feels wonderful.” She sighed with pleasure. “I love you,” she whispered.

Chad blushed. He bent down and inserted more colon tube. He had about a pint of enema in his sister. “I love you too,” he echoed quietly.

Julie pulled her knees back to expose more of her genital area to her brother’s view. In spite of reclining on the hard surface of the bathtub, Julie felt very relaxed and peaceful. Getting an enema from someone she loved meant more than getting one from someone she didn’t, she decided.

Chad starred at his sister’s pussy and ass. The colon tube just disappeared into a dark pink circle of flesh. He wanted very much to kiss her there. He pushed more tube into that marvelous opening and adjusted the height of the enema bag to compensate for the increased resistance.

When the combination bag held a pint of water Chad stood up. Julie felt the flow increase and smiled. She rubbed her swollen belly to help disperse the additional liquid.

Chad snapped the pinch valve shut and dropped the flat enema bag between his sister’s parted legs. He helped her to stand up. The colon tube, still protruding from her clenched buttocks, started to slowly slip out. Julie ignored the slithering sensation and kissed her brother. Chad hugged her and passionately returned the kiss.

The colon tube’s continuous desertion from Julie’s rear interrupted their foreplay. She giggled, “Let me go, I gotta go.”

She gently pushed herself free of her brother’s warm body and stepped to the commode.

Julie sat and loosened her full bowels. It felt so good to empty an enema-full colon! Julie, from long practice, quickly evacuated her water soaked wastes. While she expelled, she contemplated fucking her brother while getting and holding a two-quart high enema.

Julie wondered if it would feel different. She caught herself and smiled. Hardly sexually experienced, it’d be impossible to know. So far for Julie every sexual experience had felt marvelously different!

Julie wiped herself and flushed away the products of her enema. “Come on,” Julie stepped into the bathtub. “Wash my back, little brother.”

Chad, busy cleaning the combination bag and enema equipment, grinned.

He turned off the water, hung the dripping enema paraphernalia up to dry and joined his sister in the tub.

The idea of showering together no longer a novelty, the two siblings efficiently and uninhibitedly washed each other squeaky clean. They stepped out of the tub and began toweling off. Drying didn’t progress too far. Julie, aroused and impatient, kissed her brother.

Chad dropped his towel and responded to his sister’s feverish fondling. Chad kissed his sister’s throat and neck. His tongue lapped droplets of water as he worked his mouth over her nakedness. His hands caressed her sides and back and lingered over her beautiful ass. He pressed against her until she swayed and staggered. Chad held her and lowered his head until his mouth reached her jutting breasts. His lips nibbled and kissed their silky softness. When the edge of his mouth encountered the stiff protuberance of a nipple Chad opened wide and sucked nipple, areola and breast into his hungry mouth. He painted wide, wet circles with his tongue on the captured flesh.

Julie inhaled through her teeth and clutched her brother’s hair in her fists. His mouth excited her. “Yes,” she hissed. “Yes, suck my boobies Chad.”

Chad sucked his sister’s boobs until her hands pushed his head away. He continued down her body. He kissed her navel and belly, her hips and thighs. It wasn’t possible for Chad to reach her pussy from the position he occupied so he moved behind her and began kissing and licking his sister’s buttocks.

Chad kissed the bottom juncture of Julie’s buttocks and ran his tongue up the outside of the cleft made by her gorgeous mounds. Julie shivered and parted her legs so she wouldn’t again lose her balance. Chad continued to lick and kiss his way up his sister’s back. He stopped at the nape of her neck. Kissing her there made Julie hunch her shoulders.

The two of them wordlessly lowered to the floor and went into the sixty-nine position-each on their right shoulder, head resting on the other’s flexed thigh. The immediacy of the moment outweighed the position’s disadvantages. Julie put her brother’s cock into her mouth and started to suck.

“No,” Chad protested. “I’m a little sore, don’t suck on the head.” He paused to inhale the wonderful musky aroma of his sister’s womanhood.

“Just my balls and shaft, okay?” He breathed in her scent again and fell to licking and sucking her fabulous pussy.

Julie craned her neck-she wasn’t about to let a little soreness interfere with her plans-and stuck her tongue into her brother’s crinkled anus. She felt an immediate reaction on her pussy. Chad’s tongue furiously lapped her labia and circled her clit. His hands pulled her hips apart as he went after her own brown opening. Julie locked her thighs around her brother’s head as he ministered to her interior passageway. She licked his nuts and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock. Though obvious Chad enjoyed what she was doing, his dick wasn’t hard enough to penetrate her virgin ass. Julie let the limp member fall from her mouth, she’d deal with that problem later. Right now she wanted to devote undivided attention to her brother’s enthusiastic oral lovemaking.

Chad, engrossed in eating pussy, hardly noticed his sister wasn’t sucking his cock. Julie shifted her position little by little until Chad found himself squatting on his knees with his lips plastered to his sister’s dark furrow. Pucker to pucker, Chad darted his pointed tongue in and out of Julie’s hot ass hole.

Julie felt great. She was riding a great, high plateau of sexual stimulation. Ahead of her, looming ever larger but not quite in reach, was the Mt. Everest of climaxes. To scale that incredible peak would take a special mount, her brother’s cock.

Julie twisted away from her brother’s tireless mouth.

Chad, his face covered with her secretions, grinned. She inspected his dick. It was thick enough to probably penetrate her pussy but not her ass. She stood and retrieved Sarah’s vibrator, the K-Y and a condom. “On your back,” she told her puzzled brother.

Chad did what she asked and watched her unroll the rubber onto the plastic shaft. When it was completely unrolled it enclosed the entire length of the vibrator. Julie smeared K-Y over the loosely fitting prophylactic.

“Spread your legs,” Julie told her astonished brother. Chad willing complied with her order. His sister twisted the base of the vibrator to turn it on and placed the buzzing dildo against his exposed hole. Chad flinched at the initial touch but quickly relaxed.

It felt great. He couldn’t believe his sister intended to stick that thing up his butt but he hoped she would.

Julie rotated the throbbing phallus over her brother’s tight anus. His sighs and movements told her he loved the way it felt. His penis elongated and she nodded.

“I want you up my ass, little brother,” Julie whispered.

She pushed on the vibrator. “Don’t you think you should get some too?”

Chad nodded and pushed against the probing intruder. The pointed tip entered his anus. “Oh, Yes!” His buttocks were completely off the floor. “Oh Julie it feels wonderful!”

Julie eased the buzzing tip out and in several times. Each time she poked him with the vibrating shaft his cock twitched. Julie slowly forced half the length of the vibrator into her brother’s receptive cavity.

“Oh my God, Julie! That feels so wonderful! I can’t stand it, it feels so good!”

Julie manipulated the plastic dildo in and out of her brother’s ass several times. Chad squirmed harder and moaned louder each time the pulsing shaft entered his sensitive ass. Julie examined her brother’s cock. The aroused organ bobbed in full attention and beckoned for her touch. She lightly stroked the delicious object. The eager muscle responded with a twitch.

A drop of clear fluid bubbled from the taut tip. Chad’s rock hard erection caused ripples of desire to vibrate through her belly. Her tummy fluttered and remnants of her recent enema gurgled in her belly. Julie licked her lips in anticipation. It was time to mount his cock.

Julie withdrew the vibrator and bounded up to the vanity. She returned to her brother’s side with the other condom and the K-Y. Chad watched her place the fresh rubber on his rampant hard-on and cover it with K-Y jelly.

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing,” she panted as she smeared the love grease over his throbbing rod. “You’re going to do the doing,” she whispered.

“You’re going,” Julie paused and reached between her legs to apply lubricant around her ass, “To fuck my,” She straddled her brother, “Tight ass.” She concluded, and guided his cock towards her waiting hole.

God he was big! Julie was hot and wanted it bad, but her brother’s familiar cock suddenly grew huge. She gingerly lowered herself on his unyielding pole. She had trouble getting the bulbous head of his cock past her tight sphincter. Julie positioned his blunt cock head against her greased anus and started rocking her hips. She pushed her ass farther each downward stroke.

Slowly the eager teen’s virgin opening stretched larger. The pain of penetration diminished as she grew used to the massive intruder.

Julie grunted when his cock finally slipped into her. She paused, caught her breathe and tried not to tense her anal muscles. She instinctively knew if she did the pain would overwhelm her and she’d never get his dick back inside her ass. Julie relaxed her sphincter and caught her breath. After all that effort, she wasn’t about to let his dick pop free. She placed her free hand against her brother’s chest for balance and continued to rock the remaining length of her brother’s cock into her no longer virgin ass.

Chad’s dick felt enormous, bigger than it seemed when she had him in her mouth. The real McCoy filled her back hole like nothing else she’d felt before. Julie sat upright, her brother’s hard cock completely buried in her tight ass.

Chad squirmed below her. “Oh Sis! Your ass feels fantastically tight! I love it!” Julie rubbed her sopping pussy. Her fingers sunk into her seething womanhood and stroked her pearl-hard clit. She gently ground her ass around her brother’s hot, massive cock while she masturbated.

Julie shuddered and frantically rubbed her inflamed pussy. Her stallion galloped up the summit of her sexual mountain and towards the sheer orgasmic peak waiting for her. Chad responded to his sister’s wild actions by bucking under her heaving body, “Julie, your ass is so hot and so fucking tight!” He moaned. “Fucking your ass is something else.”

Chad loved his sister. His body shivered with waves of affection for her. He felt extremely happy that his cock provided her with such incredible pleasure. He also felt special to have her tight ass gripping his pistoning cock. Ass fucking Sarah, fine as it was, didn’t compare to the way he felt jamming his sister’s buns. Sex alone, Chad now understood, was wonderful, but sex combined with love was utterly fantastic.

“You feel terrific!” He told her. “Julie, I could fuck your ass all day, ever day! I love you so much, give me your tight ass!” He pulled her hips down against his thrusting loins. “Oh, I love you! And I want to fuck and fuck and fuck you forever!” Julie increased her tempo. She was there! Her fingers worked furiously in her sopping pussy as her massive orgasm flooded over and through her quaking, sweaty body. She screamed and shuddered violently in release and then fell against her brother’s warm chest. When her orgasm subsided, the pain from the thick cock still lodged in her ass became unbearable.

“Easy, Chad.” Julie grunted and elevated her ass. Her brother’s still-hard cock slowly slipped out of her spasming, stretched to the limit hole. She leaned down and passionately kissed her

loving brother.

Chad, incredibly aroused by her carnal display, lustfully responded to her kiss with his tongue. Their kissing was long and hot. Chad humped his hard-on into the smooth flesh of Julie’s belly. Ass fucking his sister really turned him on.

Julie broke for air. “Let me,” she whispered, indicating his rigid erection. Julie carefully peeled the used condom from her brother’s tortured penis and threw it away. She smiled and reached for the vibrator and the lubricant.

“You seemed to like this,” she said as she re-lubricated the plastic phallus. “Why don’t I finish what I started?” Chad smiled back. He raised his knees and spread his legs to expose his back opening. He wouldn’t mind the vibrator back up his ass at all.

Julie knelt between her brother’s muscular thighs and parted his buns. She aimed the greasy point of the vibrator at his ass hole and twisted. Chad gasped with obvious pleasure when the hard shaft penetrated his sphincter. She activated the vibrator and slowly sunk it into her brother’s tight hole.

Chad shook with intense pleasure. The enemas, the ass fucking and now this! He was overwhelmed with sexual stimulus. The penetration felt great - and under normal circumstances would have been enough stimulation to guarantee an incredible orgasm - but the vibrations traveling through his groin were doing unspeakably wild things to his cock and

balls. His hard-on intensified and his rod twitched with involuntary pre-come spasms. The vibratory incitement to his prostate induced an orgasm of such intensity that Chad seriously thought he was going to hurt himself.

Julie’s expert manipulation of the plastic dick buried in his ass was the reason his cock shook and spasmed so. The vibrator’s buzzing tip rode over Chad’s sex gland with each sawing motion of the sex toy.

Julie wasn’t sure what she was doing but she kept it up when she noticed how it affected her brother.

She beamed with pride and love knowing that her actions caused such an incredible display of sexual gratification from her brother. His dick behaved like it was shooting off but only a small amount of clear fluid seeped from the purple head of Chad’s cock.

Chad, amazed he had anything left at all to shoot, clenched his fists, rocked his hips and climaxed. Despite the diminutive evidence, it felt absolutely wonderful to get off.

“Oh Julie! Oh baby! I love you, Julie!”


Mitchell paced through the empty house. He had the enema urge bad. Fortunately he had the opportunity to do something about it. He had the place to himself, no one was expected back for hours. He had plenty of time. After a few moments thought he decided to do it. Mitch would give himself an enema.

Mitch purposely walked to the small, stark white bathroom. He closed and locked the door then quickly undressed. He tried to ignore his stiff hard-on. He glanced at the rampant member in the vanity mirror. His cock’s reflection made his dick appear larger than it actually was, or at least Mitchell thought it did.

He always stripped completely naked when he took an enema. Every article of clothing came off including his watch and jewelry. He carefully folded all his clothes in a neat pile. They were arranged in the order in which he would redress: underpants, undershirt, socks, slacks and shirt.

Trembling slightly he took the Vaseline jar out of the medicine cabinet, opened it and set it next to the sink. He shivered with anticipation when the pleasant odor reached his nostrils.

Mitch turned to the linen closet behind the bathroom door. He carefully opened the upper door and peered at the top shelf. Things were as he remembered them. Extra toilet tissue, his mother’s curlers and hair dryer blocked the familiar red and blue box. Mitch gingerly reached over the barrier and lifted the desired package. He memorized the box’s orientation before pulling it from its resting place. He’d make sure to return it to its exact position afterwards.

He took his treasure to the vanity and set it on top of his clothes. Mitch licked his lips and tried to steady his shaking hands. Mitch was deathly afraid of getting caught. He reassured himself that he indeed had plenty of time in which to take the enema, expel it and clean up afterwards.

Mitch carefully opened the box and gently pulled out the object of his clandestine desire. He held the red combination bag up and smiled at it. He shuddered at the sight of the sweet instrument of pain/pleasure! He ran its cool, smooth surface over his thighs, balls and dick before placing the rubber bag in the sink.

He quickly assembled the stopper, hose, pinch clamp and nozzle and added them to the sink. Before opening the taps Mitch pushed the empty box well out of the way so it wouldn’t accidentally get wet. Mitch rinsed the bag and hose assembly under the running water, stopping and shutting off the water several times to listen. He always imagined he heard either the telephone or the door bell. He heard nothing, but still Mitch was extra cautious.

Mitchell worked the bar of Palmolive soap in his hand under the flowing water to make his enema solution. He found this was the best way to quickly make a nice soapy solution. While the tap water ran through his soapy hand Mitchell filled the combination bag to overflowing. He screwed the stopper in place and upended the bulging enema bag. He flushed out the air in the tubing and quickly snapped the clamp shut. Mitch set the bloated bag down, dried his hands and wiped the clinging soapsuds from the fat enema bag.

He needed a shower curtain hook to hang the enema bag from the towel rack. He chose one from the end that seemed the most deformed and took it to the towel rack by the commode. Mitchell carefully pried the soft metal loop open and slipped the gaping hook over the chrome towel rack bar, making sure he didn’t scratch the towel rack as he did it.

Mitchell returned to the sink and picked up and lubricated the douche nozzle with Vaseline. Mitch’s mother, who stopped giving him enemas when he was ten years old, never used the large douche nozzle for his enemas. Mitch, a lot older now, decided he should use the bigger tip for his surreptitious enemas.

For the hundredth time Mitchell wondered if it was his fault his mother stopped giving him enemas. True, he used to fight her tooth and nail when she announced he was due for an enema. Surely his reactions couldn’t have convinced her to stop the dreaded treatments. If that was the case, Mitchell was very sorry now. Every so often he tried to hint he needed an enema, but his mother only responded with foul-tasting laxatives. Mitch cursed his juvenile self for fussing so!

Mitch’s mother did seek alternate methods for relieving her son’s constipation because he fought taking enemas. She abandoned them on the advice of her Pediatrician who told her enemas weren’t necessary. She never dreamed enemas might have an erotic component nor that her son had developed that harmless predilection. Had she known of his erotic tastes, she would have laughed in incomprehension. Considering the dreadful things other teenagers did, she would have then allowed Mitchell the freedom to indulge in his special personal passion. Mitchell carried the full enema bag to the towel rack and carefully attached the rubber ear to the waiting curtain hook. He got on his hands and knees and, careful not to smear Vaseline on anything, inserted the blunt tip of the douche nozzle into his dry back hole. Mitch flinched but didn’t hesitate pushing the rigid shaft into his tight rectum. He opened the pinch clamp, rested on his hands and took his enema.

The hot, sudsy enema solution did its job. Mitchell’s guts spasmed and he tightly squeezed his upturned buttocks together. He grunted in pain and wanted to pull the awful nozzle out of his ass but he forced himself to take all the enema. It hurt like hell but Mitch didn’t know any other way to take an enema. Enemas, he remembered, always hurt. He endured the horrible discomfort because he also knew enemas felt very good.

Mitchell panted and strained. The stinging liquid filling his belly caused painful cramps. Mitch gulped air and forced himself to hold the insistent water flooding his rectum. Oh how it hurt to have all that bitter liquid drain into his poor anguished guts! Soon it would be over. Yes! The enema bag was regaining its natural shape, only a small pouch of liquid remained at the bottom of the flexible container.

Mitch grunted and heaved. His ass spasmed around the thick rod jammed in his anus while he moaned in pain. The last of his enema sucked the sides of the combination bag flat. The self-induced enema ordeal ended.

Mitch yanked the douche nozzle out of his aching ass. He stood and sat on the commode. Soapy enema water and shit chunks flew out of his tortured ass. Mitch’s moans of pain transformed into sighs of relief as the irritating solution gushed out of the boy’s ass.

Mitchell wrapped the nozzle in toilet paper and let the enema tip drop to the tiled floor. He stared at the flat, wet combination bag hanging next to him.

His face relaxed into beatific bliss. The pain faded and pleasure blossomed. Quickly Mitch bunched a wad of toilet paper in his hand and slammed his fist over the head of his twitching cock. Mitchell just managed to catch his spewing climax on the first spasm. He held the toilet paper against his jetting dick and joyfully panted out his enema enduring reward.

His enema climax was phenomenal. The incredible onslaught of overwhelming ecstasy spurting from his cock banished any thoughts that he shouldn’t sneak enemas. Mitch closed his eyes and fully savored his special climax.

When the orgasm subsided, paranoia returned. Mitch forced the remaining enema shit out of his rectum and quickly cleaned up. Mitch put everything back in place. He checked the bathroom for telltale signs twice and the order in the linen closet four times. Finally, convinced he’d gotten away with it yet again, Mitchell shame-fully relaxed. Feeling guilty, he went for a walk. Mitchell walked past Julie’s house. He could hear laughing and a splashing coming from her swimming pool. “She must have guests over,” he thought to himself. The Billings’ privacy fence was impregnable to prying eyes. Wistfully he wondered what Sarah was doing. Suddenly a wet volleyball bounced in front of Mitchell. He automatically stopped it from rolling into the street and retrieved it.

Before he could figure out what to do with it the side gate opened and a very wet teenager rushed out.

“Oh,” said Chad, surprised to see another person holding the ball.

“Uh, hi. My name’s Chad.”

“Mitchell. I live next door.”

“Neat. My sister and I are visiting.” Chad held his hand out for the volleyball. “Do you know Sarah?”

Mitch handed over the ball. “Yeah, we attend the same school and stuff.”

“You swim? It’s two against one back there and those two are beating the pants off me.” Chad blushed when he realized what he said. Mitch didn’t seem to notice.

“Yeah,” he started to reply but didn’t get a chance to finish.

Sarah appeared at the gate. “Did you lose the ball, Chad?” She saw Mitchell and smiled.

“Hi Sarah.”

“Hey Mitch.”

“Can he join us?” Chad asked his cousin.

Sarah shook her head. “Not in the pool.” She shrugged, “Can’t without adults home.”

“Can he come in?” Chad persisted.

“Who?” Julie asked as she joined the crowd on the front lawn.

“Mitchell,” Chad informed his sister. “This is my sister, Julie.”

“Hi,” Julie said. She smiled at the newcomer. “What’s this all about?”

Mitchell nodded in reply. His eyes darted to Julie’s chest and her large breasts. Her erect nipples made it difficult for Mitch not to stare at the twin points poking the wet material of Julie’s swimsuit. Sarah noticed Mitch’s stare with envy. She moved closer to her classmate and stood between him and her cousin.

Sarah smiled, “Sure Mitch can come in, he just can’t get in the pool.” She took her bemused neighbor by the arm into the backyard. Julie and Chad followed.

Chad went to the pool’s edge and retrieved three towels. He wrapped one around his shoulders and gave the others to his sister and cousin. He looked at Sarah to see what she had in mind.

Sarah giggled. “Nothing stopping us from using the spa!” Chad grinned, he realized what his randy cousin had in mind. He checked with his sister.

Julie answered her brother’s inquiring stare with a giggle of her own. She recalled the fun they had the first time Sarah introduced them to the spa. She took Mitch’s other arm and hooked her brother’s arm with her free hand. Together the three seductive teens lead the unsuspecting boy to the spa room.

Julie wasn’t sure how well Sarah knew her neighbor. Sarah hadn’t mentioned any boyfriends. The best way to guard against bragging and ensure discretion was to make sure the outsider had more to lose than gain from spreading stories. It would be easy obtain Mitch’s pledge of silence.

Sarah, as usual when sexual activity was imminent, became extremely excited and animated once the foursome were inside the large spa room. She bounded over to the controls and switched on the controls. The sound of the roiling, bubbling water echoed through the room. Mitch looked about in bewilderment. Everything happened so fast! He mentally stumbled around comprehension, unable to believe what he saw. Surely it was an elaborate joke, quiet little Sarah wasn’t going to actually invite him to bathe with her and her cousins. The divine looking Julie wasn’t showing off her breasts for him, was she? That couldn’t be an erection in Chad’s shorts, why the guy wasn’t making the slightest attempt to conceal it!

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Sarah laughed. She edged Mitch towards the steaming pool.

Julie helped her cousin. “Yeah, what are you waiting for?”

Mitch stammered, “I, uh, don’t have a bathing suit with me.”

“So,” Chad answered. “That’s not anything to worry about.” Mitch watched in utter amazement as Chad calmly pulled off his shorts. He did have a hard-on after all Mitch saw.

“Oh dear brother,” Julie said sweetly. “I see you’re up for a dip.”

“Yes cousin,” Julie chimed in. “You can HARDLY wait.”

Mitch blushed and staggered. What had he gotten into? He giggled at the thought. “Nothing, yet,” he told himself. “But it’s early.”

Come on Mitch,” Sarah scolded. “Strip.”

Mitch’s head snapped towards Sarah. Did he hear right? Sarah peeled off her bathing suit. “Naked,” she confirmed.

Julie tapped Mitch’s arm. When she had his attention she motioned to a nearby bench. “Go sit over there and undress.”

Mitch hurried to the indicated spot and fumbled out of his clothes. He gulped when Julie removed her suit and entered the bubbling water with her brother and Sarah.

Julie faced away from Mitch and spoke softly to Sarah and Chad. “We should give him an enema, you know.”

Sarah nodded. “The works,” she said. “It’ll keep him quiet.” Chad understood. Having a wild sex party with two girls and another guy was too good to keep to oneself. The only way a guy would keep quiet about it is if it involved something embarrassing. Something like receiving an enema, or being fucked in the ass.

Chad added, “Sarah you could also make him take it up the ass before you let him fuck your sweet behind.”

Julie squeezed her brother’s hard-on. “Don’t get too carried away, this belongs to me!” She squeezed him again and laughed. Mitch approached the tub. “I’m ready, I guess.” He halfheartedly tried to conceal his tumescent cock.

“I hope so,” Sarah whispered.

“Climb on in,” Chad answered over his cousin’s remark.

Mitchell cautiously entered the hot water. Sarah yanked the slow moving teen into the maelstrom.

“Hey!” Mitch sputtered.

“Sorry,” Sarah laughed. “You were taking to long! Come on, enjoy the spa. It’s great!”

Mitchell found the swirling, pulsing, bubbling immersion thrilling. He laughed. “This is great!”

Julie drifted by, her breasts in full view. “Glad you like it.” Mitch tried not to stare. He looked Julie in the eye. They sparkled back at him. He smiled and relaxed some. “Yeah.”

Julie crabbed her way towards the edge. Sarah and Chad bounced over to Mitch. “Did you find the water jets yet?” Chad asked.

Sarah grabbed Mitch’s hand. “Come on, I’ll show you.”

Mitch let Sarah guide him to an underwater outlet. A strong stream of water brushed his thigh. Julie floated over. She was grinning.

Chad moved behind her, “What?”

Julie mirthful face attempted to settle down. The mischievous grin won. “Oh, I was thinking of a contest.” She angled her body perpendicular to the spa’s edge. She slowly moved away from Mitch until she encountered the next water jet. Chad stayed behind her as she moved. Sarah moved in front of Mitch. “Hold me,” she told him and got in a similar position.

Chad laughed. He supported his sister.

“Not yet!” Sarah shouted. “We’re not ready.”

“What . . .” Mitch started to ask.

“Orgasm contest,” Chad told him. “The pulsing water jet,” he explained. “It feels like a tongue.” He gripped his sister’s shoulders. “They want to see who can come the most from playing the stream over their clits.” Chad nodded at his cousin. “But with just the three of us we couldn’t get a fair contest.

Sarah stuck her tongue out at Chad.

He ignored her. “You help Sarah and it’ll even things up.” Mitchell recovered surprisingly fast from this news. “Uh, what about cheating?”

Chad chuckled. “Don’t worry. These orgasms aren’t faked. Trust me, you’ll see.”

Mitch positioned himself behind Sarah and supported her upper body She flexed her knees and moved towards the energetic stream.

“Ready,” she yelled.

“Go!” shouted Chad.

Julie and Sarah flexed their hips and brought their crotches to bear against the silver flow. Both girls threw back their heads and concentrated on masturbating.

Very quickly Mitch found himself holding a shuddering and gasping female in his arms. Chad was right, Sarah’s sexual arousal was extremely evident and incredibly uninhibited. It was also highly contagious.

The squirming wet woman in his arms writhing in the throes of orgasm fused with Mitch’s libido. Though not a virgin, Mitch reacted like one. Without the aid of physical stimulation his cock spewed forth its gluey load and Mitch vibrated in intense orgasm.

Julie, panting from her own climax, started laughing. Sarah, gasping for breath, joined her merriment.

Chad slapped Mitch on his back. “Congratulations, you’re the winner!” he said and guffawed.

Mitch flushed and dropped his eyes. He was afraid to say anything. Chad laughed. “Hey, you did great! Nothing I wouldn’t have done!”

“I’ll say,” Julie added. She kissed her brother. “Several times,” Sarah added. She turned and faced Mitch.

Mitch laughed. “It was pretty good.”

Sarah kissed him and Mitch enthusiastically returned it. Julie levered herself onto the edge of the spa. She leaned back on her arms and parted her thighs. The pose was an unmistakable sexual invitation. Sarah and Chad joined her. They both sat in the same manner.

Mitch stared at the three alluring teens. Julie’s wonderful breasts looked marvelous. He ached to touch them. Sarah’s pussy glistened with droplets of water. A small puddle was forming between her thighs from the water forced up her vagina by the spa’s jet. He wondered what her pussy tasted like.

Mitch tried not to appear obvious when he looked at Chad’s boner poking up from his crotch. To his relief, Chad’s cock didn’t appear to be any larger than his own.

They were serious, he realized. He smiled as he climbed out of the spa. If he hadn’t taken the enema, he wouldn’t have been in front of Sarah’s house when the ball bounced out of the yard. He thanked himself for the enema.


Startled, Mitch flinched. Did he hear the forbidden word, or was it his imagination. Guilt flooded through his body. Did they know? He nervously looked around.

Chad misinterpreted Mitch’s reaction. “You’ll like it, I promise.”

“What?” Mitch asked.

Julie stood up. She cupped her breasts. “Would you like to kiss these?”

Sarah caressed Mitch’s cock. “Or put this inside me?”

Mitch didn’t know what was going on. He must have missed something. Chad fondled his sister’s ass. His cock twitched. “Before you play with us.” Chad cupped his sister’s boobs. “You have to have an enema.”

Mitch stared at Chad. His attention diverted to Sarah, who placed her hand on Mitch’s firm buns. “After get your enema we’ll all show you an incredible time.” She slowly licked her lips.

Mitch grew light headed. Enemas! They were all openly talking about giving him an enema. Incredible! These three wanted to give him an enema and they acted like they asked him to brush his teeth. Could this be real?

Sarah took his hand, “Come on handsome, time to get cleaned out.” The stunned neighbor meekly followed the three naked teens into the bathroom.

Mitch saw an opened box of rubbers on the vanity. Next to it was a well used tube of K-Y Jelly. He blinked, hanging in the shower was an assembled enema bag.

It was true. His cute next door neighbor and her two crazy cousins were going to give him an enema and then fuck the living shit out of him.

Still under the impression that Mitch was reluctant to receive an enema, Chad explained the procedure.

“Mitch my man, enemas are nothing to be afraid of.” He led the meek teen over to the bench. “Just lie here on your back and the three of us will take care of everything.”

“You’ll see,” Sarah added confidently. “Getting an enema from us will make you a convert.” She looked down at her neighbor, her gaze steady on his tumescent penis. “In the future I won’t be surprised if you wind up asking me for enemas.”

Mitch flushed a deep crimson. What was going on? Could he be dreaming, he wondered. His pert neighbor was standing over him holding an enema bag in her hands and offering to syringe his ass any time he wanted!

The three randy youths consulted briefly. Julie went to fill the fountain syringe, Chad retrieved the tube of lubricant and Sarah knelt next to Mitch.

Sarah smiled and patted Mitch’s tummy. “Julie will hold the enema bag, Chad’s in charge of inserting the colon tube and I’ll massage your tummy.

“What do I do?” It was the only thing Mitch could think of saying.

To Mitch’s surprise, Chad answered him. “Relax and control the flow.”

Julie came over to the bench with the full enema bag. The long colon tube hung freely from the amber tubing looped around her right wrist. Sarah took the mass of latex coils and handed the colon tube to Chad. She held the metal pinch clamp in her hand. “You’ll feel better about the enema if you control the flow,” she told Mitch. She placed the warm metal clamp in his trembling hands.

Julie lifted the heavy rubber bag to her breasts. “Take as long as you want.” She rubbed the wet bulging syringe over her erect nipples. Sarah again patted Mitch’s belly. “But you have to take all of it or you can’t play.” She patted his thick cock.

Mitch gulped, his mouth was very dry. He wanted to tell Sarah he knew all about taking enemas, but couldn’t summon the courage. Best to go along with whatever they had in mind, he decided.

“Lift up,” Chad told him.

Mitch forced his eyes from Julie, his enema angel, to Chad. “What?” Chad squeezed K-Y Jelly onto his index finger. “Open up so I can lube your ass.”

“Oh.” Mitch parted his legs and lifted his butt off the bench.

“Pull you legs up to your chest,” Chad told him.

Mitch did as he was told and felt Chad’s finger probe his sensitive anus.

Chad took his finger away and Mitch started to lower his legs. “Not so fast,” Chad squeezed out another gob of goo. “I’m not finished.” Sarah rubbed Mitch’s stomach. “Relax, Chad’s good at this.”

Chad pushed the tip of his finger into Mitch’s butt and saw Mitch’s nuts contract. Chad smiled and nodded to Sarah. Mitch was sensitive there.

“Okay,” he told Mitch. “You can lower you legs now.” Chad smeared the remaining lubricant on the tip of the colon tube. “Spread wide open so I can insert the enema tube.”

Mitch took a deep breath and willed his buttocks to relax. He felt Chad expertly implant the tip of the colon tube in his anus.

“Good,” Chad told him. Chad changed his grip on the colon tube so his hand entered between Mitch’s legs from above. With his fingers close to Mitch’s anus he told the nervous youth, “Lower your thighs and relax, I’ll take care of keeping the enema tube in your butt.” Sarah placed both hands on Mitch’s fluttering stomach and licked her lips. “Whenever you’re ready handsome.”

Julie proffered the full enema bag and Mitch watched her tits sway. “Go for it, darling.”

Mitch opened the clamp and drew a sharp breath when he felt the first surge of enema liquid enter his guts.

Chad immediately inched in about half a foot of colon tube. He rubbed Mitch’s thighs.

Sarah slowly and gently massaged Mitch’s belly. “The enema is not so bad, is it?”

Mitch forced himself to answer. After all, they were giving him the enema, it wasn’t like he asked for it. He concluded it would be acceptable to reply how he actually felt. “It’s not bad, it feels very good.”

“I’m glad you like the enema,” Julie said.

“Yeah,” Chad added. “Enemas are very nice.” He pushed in another half foot of colon tube.

“Oh!” Mitch twitched in surprise. He never had anything that far up his ass.

“Relax,” Soothed Sarah. “You’re getting a high enema.” She massaged gentle circles over Mitch’s tensing abdomen.

Chad pushed in more tubing. “Makes taking the enema much easier.”

Julie held out the rubber bag. “See how much you’ve taken?”

Mitch looked. The bag definitely wasn’t full. He guessed he’d taken almost a quart. It felt very, very good. He sighed.

Sarah smiled. She decided to get Mitch to admit he liked enemas. His erect penis and tight balls certainly attested to that fact.

“How’s it going Chad?” she asked.

“Fine, a foot and a half inside him.” Chad patted Mitch’s hard-on.

“Taking the enema like a champ.”

“How much enema has he taken Julie?”

“Half. Mitch has taken half of his enema Sarah.”

“Very good!” Sarah continued to massage Mitch’s stomach. “Close the clamp now Mitch.”

“Huh? Why?”

Sarah felt like saying, “So you’ll beg for me to start it again.” But instead she explained, “It’ll give you a chance to rest and the enema the time to distribute through your intestines.”

Julie lowered the half full enema bag when Mitch snapped the clamp shut. “Whew! That was getting heavy.”

“Want me to take over Julie?” Chad asked his sister.

“No, that’s all right, I can manage.”

Mitch looked at Julie. She was a vision of loveliness, nude with water droplets on her firm breasts holding a partially full enema bag. Mitch’s cock twitched. Recent orgasms aside, he was ready to climax again! He shifted his position slightly. “I’m ready.”

“For what? Sarah asked.

“For this?” Julie asked holding out the enema bag.

“Ask for it,” Chad prompted.

“Give me more enema Julie.”

“He wants to continue the enema,” Sarah said.

Chad nudged a little more colon tube into Mitch’s ass. “Open the clamp on the enema hose.”

Mitch eagerly popped the stressed snap.

“Ready for your enema?” Julie asked as she raised the drawn down bag.

“Yes!” Mitch responded eagerly. “Give me the rest of my enema.”

“With pleasure,” Julie answered.

“You bet,” Chad confirmed.

“Uh hum,” Sarah echoed.

Mitch alternated between closing his eyes and admiring the two naked girls. Sarah didn’t present much of a view, her arms blocked her boobs from his sight. Her hands sure felt good rubbing his belly and it was especially wonderful when the back of her hands brushed the underside of his hard cock. Julie, on the other hand, stood so Mitch had a perfect view of her gorgeous body. If he possessed more courage, Mitch would have openly stared at her. The enema bag was the focus of his attention, naturally. Julie held it between her breasts with her arms up and out. The effort needed to support it caused her boobs to prominently jut out. Mitch wanted very much to lick and suck those perfect globes! She stood with her legs apart and Mitch could just make out the mysteries of her pubic patch.

“OH!” Mitch blurted out. “It’s cramping!” He looked at the enema bag. It was close to empty.

Sarah nodded to Chad who moved around next to her. He placed his free hand on Mitch’s spasming belly. Sarah moved closer to Mitch’s face. She took the enema clamp out of his hands and let the hose fall from her grip. Julie moved closer to her brother and raised the enema bag over her head.

Sarah leaned close to Mitch and grasped his pleading hands. “Take all of it,” she whispered.

“The enema bag is almost empty,” Julie announced. “Only a little more to go!”

Mitch pleaded, “Please!” His guts spasmed. “OH!” His cock twitched in pre-orgasm. “I’m, I’m going to come,” he stammered. Sarah smiled and bent to kiss him. “I know,” she said before her mouth covered his.

Mitch violently sucked Sarah’s tongue into his mouth as savage sounds growled in the back of his throat. He heard the enema clamp click shut and felt something hot and wet on his cock. Sarah’s lips and tongue fought Mitch’s as they passionately kissed. Sarah liked the way her neighbor kissed, for a fleeting second she wished they were alone.

Mitch’s body was in turmoil. His guts ached from the intense pressure of the enema. His passion swirled as he kissed Sarah and his orgasm let loose when he felt a hand encircle his engulfed cock. Mitch increased the fury of his kissing as his cock spurted in response to the incredible blow job. Finally he broke for air. “I, I, I gotta go.”

Sarah reluctantly freed his arms and pulled away from Mitch. “I know, but you’ll be back.”

Much to his chagrin Mitch understood Sarah meant the future as well as the immediate. “I know,” he confirmed.

Julie moved out of the way. She still held the enema bag and hose in her hands. Mitch looked down.

Chad smiled and let go of Mitch’s cock. He began pulling the buried colon tube out of Mitch’s clenched ass.

Mitch managed a smile before he had to grab his belly in pain. “Ow, man you really filled me up! I gotta shit!”

Clutching his stomach and clenching his ass Mitch started to rise. Sarah helped Mitch roll off the bench. She guided the doubled over teen to the commode and stood next to him as he released his flooded bowels.

“AH!” Mitch sighed with evident pleasure as the liquid load gushed from his strained rectum.

Sarah smiled. “Feels good?”

“Yeah,” Mitch gasped between torrents.

“I’m glad.” She gestured to where Chad and Julie were busy washing the enema equipment, “It’s a special and private pleasure.”

“Special and personal,” Mitch agreed.

As the enema continued to surge out of his ass Mitch considered his past enema sessions. They couldn’t compare to what he’d just experienced. The hurried and furtive enemas he took in his cold, sterile bathroom weren’t anything like this wonderful enema he was currently expelling.

He looked at the naked girl in front of him. She really was quite attractive and she seemed to like him. Mitch knew in his heart he’d found someone he could love. His smile broadened into a huge grin.

“Sarah the enema was wonderful and you’re beautiful!”

Sarah blushed. “Thanks, you’re cute too.”

Mitch watched Julie’s delectable ass dimple as she hung the clean enema bag back up. Having two sexy nude girls around him made it difficult for him to pee. He reached between his damp thighs and adjusted his aching cock so he could force the urine out his rather hard dick in deliberate, intense spurts.

Chad picked up the tube of lubricant and the box of rubbers. “Come on Julie, we’ll wait for them outside.”

Julie hugged Sarah, “Don’t take too long.”

Sarah caressed her cousin’s firm breasts. “We won’t.”

When they were alone Sarah spoke. “I like you Mitch, you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, would you?”

Mitch worried for a second before realizing what Sarah was getting at. “I like you too, a lot. I would never cause you any sadness to hurt you.”

Sarah beamed, “Are you finished?”

Mitch rubbed his worked over stomach. “Yeah.”

“Good.” She entered the shower stall. “Just wipe the messy stuff, I’ll clean you off in here.” Sarah turned on the water and adjusted the spray.

Mitch quickly ran a wad of toilet paper over his sloppy bottom. It came away smeared with slippery waste. He flushed and stood. Hoping he wouldn’t drip he walked to the shower and joined his sexy neighbor for the best shower of his life.

In spite of what he’d just experienced Mitch was taken aback when he and Sarah entered the spa room. Julie, legs wide apart, slouched in a canvas chair. Her brother knelt between her thighs busily licking her pussy.

“Couldn’t wait, huh?” Sarah teased.

Julie sat up and Chad stopped his enthusiastic slurping. “Just warming up,” she answered.

Chad stood. His erection pointed straight out from his pubic patch. Sarah leaned in and kissed her cousin.

“Hmm,” she murmured as she rubbed her lips over Chad’s wet mouth and chin. “Sweet, sweet Julie.” She licked her lips.

Sarah danced away from Chad and into Mitch’s arms. She kissed him and ran her hands over his bare back. “Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear.

Sarah pulled Mitch over to one of the chaise lounges. She sat and reached for his cock. Mitch willingly leaned towards Sarah’s face and drew a sharp breath when her mouth engulfed his throbbing manhood. Julie and Chad watched in amusement. It was obvious Sarah had found herself a willing partner. “Come on Chad,” Julie urged her brother towards the spa. “Let’s leave them alone.”

“Right,” Chad agreed. He hastily set down the K-Y and condoms within easy reach of the passionate couple and joined his sister in the bubbling water.

Julie and Chad used the noisy spa to afford Mitch and Sarah discrete privacy for their initial lovemaking. Brother and sister engaged in a slow mutual masturbation session while Mitch and Sarah consummated their newfound love.

Their stay eventually ended and Chad and Julie returned home. After a few months of intense, continuous sex the two siblings reached an accommodation with each other. They dated others and discovered they preferred courtship sex over sex between themselves.

Their special bond did not break however. Throughout their lives Chad and Julie maintained a long term loving, physical relationship by regularly engaging in mutual enema masturbation sessions whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Sarah introduced the enthusiastic Mitch to anal intercourse and anal masturbation. Wildly uninhibited, Sarah nonetheless never told him about her occasional sessions of anal intercourse with her father. That remained her cherished secret. Her most cherished memory was of being sodomized by her father on her wedding night before leaving with Mitch for their honeymoon.

Grandmother Hatchell had the satisfaction, after several sessions, of changing her neighbor’s boy’s mind about receiving enemas. Harvey no longer fought the process. His posture improved and his acne cleared up.

Mrs. Hatchell also found fulfillment with her neighbor. She always enjoyed administering enemas and her neighbor turned out to be quite receptive to the idea of regular colon cleansing sessions.