Last Chance

By Linda Roberts

It was with some reluctance that Linda decided to meet with another man with whom she had met on the internet.The last man sounded so perfect, so nice. They had corresponded for quite awhile before finally meeting for real. In reality he had turned out to be an overbearing, arrogant jerk.He had complained about everything, including how dirty her car was.She had made a special dinner, which he didn’t even bother to eat.The final insult, was when he had gotten dressed after his football game was over and stated “I’m leaving”.The entire weekend was a total disaster.She drove him back to the airport in silence, dropped him off and sped away.When she had calmed down, she had tried to email him to find out what his problem was. It didn’t surprise her very much when she realized that he would no longer talk to her online, nor would he even answer her email. He had obviously done this before with some other poor fool, and she was just his latest victim. It took a long time to get over her feeling of rejection.

So, she was a little apprehensive as she waited for the arrival of Mike. She had met him online in an enema chat room.They had talked for sometime about their shared interests. They didn’t bother exchanging photos of each other. “Look”, he had said, “I’m not tall and handsome, but I’m for real and I’ll treat you with respect even if we find we are not attracted to each other”.“Well, I’m no Marilyn Monroe either, buthave a sense of humor and if you can get past my rough edges you may just find a diamond”.

Linda answered the door when the buzzer sounded. The man standing before her was in his late forties, with greying hair. Mike had lied after all, for Linda could see that he was indeed tall and handsome. “Hi, I’m Mike” he stated and held out the flowers he had brought.

Linda smiled wide and took his flowers and put them in a vase. Mike went into the apartment and sat down on the couch.“I think we have to take care of one thing first, don’t you Linda?” he asked her. Linda had no idea what he was talking about and said so. “Do you know how dangerous it is to invite a complete stranger into your home?, Come here” he demanded and held out his hand.Linda slowly walked to him and took his hand, suddenly afraid she had made another big mistake.

Mike pulled Linda down and over his lap. He positioned her so that her backside bent over his right knee, higher than the rest of her body. Her legs hung down next to his right leg, her chest and head resting on the couch next to his left leg.Linda was taken totally by surprise and began to struggle to get back up, but Mike held her down, pushing firmly on her lower back with his left hand. Mike raised his right hand high and brought it down harshly on Linda’s jeans covered backside. The sound of the smack reverberated in the small apartment.Linda grunted as she first heard then felt the blow.She struggled harder to get up but was held firm.Mike continued to spank her hard, his large hand alternating between her cheeks, first the right, then the left.Her backside wobbled with each spank.She was growing more desperate as the pain in her ass grew.She threw her right hand back in an effort to shield herself but Mike grabbed hold of her wrist and pinned it down and continued to spank her.

Only after Linda was reduced to tears did Mike stop the spanking and let Linda get up. “Now you know how I deal with young ladies in need of correction, I was easy on you this time, I didn’t pull your pants down, next time you won’t be so lucky”.

Linda stood before Mike, rubbing her burning bottom, sniffling. “Do you have any beer?” he asked.Linda nodded and stumbled into the kitchen and brought back two beers. She handed him one then gingerly sat next to him on the couch and sipped her own.Mike took a sip of his beer then went into the bathroom. He soon found the jar of vaseline and rectal thermometer stashed under the sink. He put the thermometer in his shirt pocket and picked up the vaseline before leaving and going to the suitcase he had left near the front door.

He returned to the living room and set the jar of vaseline down on the coffee table and held out the large t-shirt he had brought with him. “Go into the bathroom and strip down to your panties only, then put this on and return to me” he commanded.Linda glanced down at the vaseline and quietly took the t-shirt before going into the bathroom.She closed the door and began taking her clothes off.When she returned she was wearing only her panties and the large t shirt that hung down almost to her knees.Her stomach was doing flip-flops.

She stood silently watching as Mike shook down the rectal thermometer and stuck it into the open jar of vaseline. Mike had already brought one of the kitchen chairs over and set it down close to the coffee table. He stood up and went next to Linda, he was tall and seemed to tower over Linda who stood only 5’2”.He reached down and took Linda’s hand and guided her to the waiting chair, where he sat down.

Linda felt herself once again laying over Mikes lap.Her t-shirt rode up a little in the back, exposing her backside now clad only in her white panties.“When was the last time you had your rectal temperature take?” Mike asked as he began rubbing Linda’s bottom.Linda blushed, laying over his lap like a little girl. Her nipples hardened at the image. She was too embarrassed to even answer his question.Mike smacked Linda’s bottom, “Answer me!”

“I don’t remember!” Linda whimpered as she felt his hand on her backside again.“Well, from now on, this is how I will take your temperature…over my knee, so you better get used to it now!”.Mike reached under the waistband of Linda’s panties and tugged them down over her rounded backside until they rested at the back of her knees.

Linda gasped quietly as she felt the cool air on her backside and realized she was now laying over a man’s lap, her pants pulled down about to have her temperature taken.She had always imagined being in this position, but this was for real now.Her pussy was getting very wet just thinking about what was about to happen.She closed her eyes and waited for the insertion.

Mike adjusted Linda’s panties and t-shirt so that her round backside was framed nicely.He saw that her previous spanking had only caused a slight pinkish glow, he would have to improve on that later.He gently spread her cheeks apart and examined her with his eyes.Her anus was a light brown, hairless…her pussy glistened with moistness…a good sign.Mike held her cheeks apart with his left thumb and finger. He retrieved the thermometer from it’s resting place in the vaseline and brought it to her waiting anus.He made sure to insert it slowly and gently.His dick hardened as the thermometer slid down and into Linda’s rectum. He held it the thermometerbetween his fingers, his hand resting on her smooth bottom.

Linda’s eyes flew open as the thermometer entered her anus and traveled farther up her rectum.She lay still over Mike’s lap as he held the thermometer securely.“How does that feel, Baby” Mike asked as he held her down and took her temperature.“Ok, I guess” Linda stammered, enjoying every minute, wishing there was a mirror she could look into and see herself laying over Mike’s lap with the thermometer stuck deep in her ass.

“This is the thermometer I always use the first time, from now on when I take your temperature I’ll use the larger one”.Mike pulled out the candy thermometer and set it down on the coffee table.Linda glanced to her left and looked at it. It was about eight inches long and half an inch in diameter.Her pussy practically gushed at the thought of it penetrating her bottom.

Three minutes later Mike pulled the rectal thermometer from Linda’s bottom and held it up to the light.Linda assumed it was okay to get up from Mike’s lap now, but still found herself held down. She looked back over her shoulder and saw Mike pulling on a rubber glove and dipping his finger back into the vaseline. She now knew that she was to finally get the rectal exam that she had so long dreamed about. She had discussed this often with Mike on the internet, she was glad that he had indeed

been listening.

Mike snapped the rubber glove on and dipped his finger into the vaseline. He spread Linda’s cheeks apart again and gently touched his finger to her anus. He felt Linda shudder at his touch and he smiled. He began to circle her backdoor with his finger smearing the vaseline all around.He prodded her anus lightly and began to push his finger in.Linda was very tight but she could not hold him out as he plunged his finger into her rectum until it could go no farther.

Linda moaned as she felt his large finger enter her, she could feel herself getting even wetter as he explored her rectum.He began to slowly finger fuck her ass, rotating his finger in all directions, thoroughly lubricating her backside.Linda raised her hips a bit to better feel his finger in her.She reached down and grabbed onto Mikes ankle and the leg of the chair to steady herself as she felt herself on the verge of orgasm.

Mike sensed that Linda was getting very close to coming and held still, his finger still embedded deep in her rectum.“So, you like laying over a man’s lap with your panties pulled down… having your temperature taken like a little girl”, “Imagine what your friends would think if they could see you now, like this!” Linda groaned at the thought and turned a bright shade of red. Mike continued.. “Have you ever been given a rectal exam like this?”, “When you go to the doctor, does he make you lay across his lap and pull your panties down to take your temperature?”, “Does he also put you across his knee to give you your rectal exam?”…Mike emphasized this last question with a wiggle of his finger in her rectum.

Linda was beet red as she listened to Mike talk. She could feel his finger punctuating each question. If she could, she would get up and pull her panties up in embarrassment, but Mike continued to hold her firmly down as he questioned her.She felt like a little girl in this position. Mike finally pulled his finger from Linda’s rectum and stripped off the rubber glove.He began to massage Linda’s backside before starting to spank her again.He began slowly, methodically, smacking each naked cheek lightly, watching it wobble and turn pink under his hand.

Linda was taken by surprise by this new spanking, she had felt a certain empty feeling when Mike had pulled his finger out of her and wasn’t prepared for the renewed smacks.She yelped as each cheek was swatted in turn. She knew that Mike wasn’t spanking her very hard, just enough to cause a light burn and tingle, but it was enough to cause a new flood of tears. This time she knew not to try and reach back and protect her bottom, she lay across his lap and accepted his spanking, just like a small child.

Mike gave Linda about twenty well placed smacks before stopping and letting her lay over his lap crying, exhausted.He calmly sipped his beer as she calmed down.Only when she had stopped crying did he allow her to get up off his lap and pull her panties up.She turned away from him embarrassed at what he had just done to her and the way it had made her feel.She reached back and gently massaged her burning bottom.Mike stood behind her and turned her to face him.

“From now on, you will behave yourself and do as I you understand?” Linda couldn’t look him in the eye, but nodded as she stared down at her feet, her hands still massaging her bottom.“I will decide when you need to be punished, and when I think you need it, I will put you across my knee, bare your bottom and give you a good old fashioned spanking”, “From now on, I will take your temperature rectally, over my knee like a little girl”, “and I also will give you your first enema tonight”.

Linda blushed even redder as Mike told her how life would be like with him.Her pussy was dripping into her panties as he told her he was going to give her the enema she so long imagined. She followed him obediently into the bathroom and watched silently as he prepared the enema equipment.

Mike began assembling the enema equipment he intended to use. He knew exactly what he was doing, he’d done this before.He selected the 2 quart red rubber bag. He filled it with warm water and a packet of castile soap, the hose was long with a large diameter for a nice flow. The clamp was a nice white plastic piece that could regulate the flow or stop it altogether.The nozzle was yellow and tulip shaped with four holes near the tip.He hung the bag up on the shower rod, letting the hose and nozzle hand down into the bathtub.

Mike sat down on closed toilet. “Because this will be your first enema, I want you back over my lap.That way you won’t be able to jump up and run whenever you feel the need.I find I can control young ladies more easily when they are face down over my knee” he smiled at her. He took a towel and folded it carefully across his lap. “Just incase” he told her still grinning.

Linda was having second thoughts as she looked at the enema bag hanging from the shower rod.It seemed very large now.“Uh…I’m not sure I really want to go through with this” she said calmly, backing up a bit.“My dear” Mike stated loudly, “you no longer have a choice, I am now in control..remember, and it’s time for your first enema….and I am not leaving until you receive it!”… “Now if you don’t want me to take my belt off, I suggest you get your butt over here now” he emphasized this last statement by reaching down and unclasping the buckle on his thick leather belt.

Linda hesitated only a moment before stepping up to Mike and awkwardly placing herself over his lap.She knew she never wanted to feel his belt colliding with her naked bottom. Mike adjusted Linda so that she lay to his liking, her bottom stuck way up, her head hanging down at his left side.He pulled the back of her t-shirt up and out of the way. “These will have to come off” he said and reached under the waistband of her panties. He stripped them down over her now red bottom and down her legs before pulling them completely off and dropping them on the floor

He rubbed her bottom with his right hand, massaging each red cheek, traveling down her thighs. “I want you to spread your legs for me Baby” he said as he ran his hand down her legs.Linda moved her legs apart a few centimeters.Mike smiled, knowing the humiliation she was feeling this first time. He had seen it before. He knew she wanted this almost as much as he did but still, he also knew that for a lady to have her panties pulled down and then be put across a man’s lap was very embarrassing. They wanted to be treated like a little girl again secure in the knowledge that their father would take care of them, but to do so for real was very scary.

Linda felt Mike grasp her left knee and pull it towards him then push her right knee away. Her legs were now spread like a wishbone, her anus and pussy in full view. She wondered what she looked like back there. She watched as Mike reached over and took the enema nozzle. It had seemed awfully large to her. She gulped as she imagined it being pushed into her backside.The nozzle disappeared from her view but she soon felt it gently running up and down her crack, she felt the hose resting on her back, it seemed heavy for some reason.

Mike greased the nozzle with vaseline until it glistened in the glow of the florescent bathroom light. “I’m going to insert the nozzle now Baby, when you feel it pushing against your bottom I want you to bear down, it will go in easier that way”.Mike held the end of the nozzle up to Linda’s anus and began to gently push it in.The slender tip slipped in a little but when the wider part began to make it’s entrance Linda cried out.. “No stop!!, It hurts…” “Bear down Baby, like I told you” Mike instructed.Linda grunted and bore down…The wider part of the nozzle disappeared with an almost inaudible “pop”.Mike continued to insert the nozzle until only the very end of it remained peeking out from her bottom.

Linda sighed heavily as Mike finished inserting the enema nozzle. It had gone in a lot easier than she had thought it would.But she now could feel it taking up every inch of her rectum.She squeezed her anus around it and felt a tingle in her pussy. She felt Mike grip her waist and hug her tightly to him, he ran his hand over her spread cheeks. “Are you ok Baby” he asked gently.“Yes” she managed to squeak out, she liked it when he called her “baby”.

“I’m going to release the clamp now, you’re going to feel the warm water begin to enter you, you’ll also feel some cramps at some point, when you do tell me and I’ll stop the flow for a few minutes, but remember you are going to take the entire bag”.Mike released the clamp and watched as the enema hose stiffened with the flow of water.He also watched and waited for Linda’s reaction.It didn’t take long before she pleaded with him to stop.“I have to go!!” she wailed.He clamped the hose tight, but held her securely down over his lap. “Lay still Baby” he told her as he ran his hand over her naked bottom intentionally brushing up against the nozzle buried deep in her ass.

Linda groaned out loud as first her rectum then it seemed her belly filled with warmth.She felt the first little inklings of cramps and cried out. Mike, true to his word had clamped the hose shut and let her adjust to this first flow of water.Her cramps disappeared after a few seconds and she calmed down.She felt Mike’s hand on her bottom, soothing her.She heard a “click”.

Mike released the clamp and watched once more as the hose stiffened letting him know that the water was flowing down into Linda’s waiting bottom. He took hold of the end of the nozzle and held it securely in her rectum. His dick was getting very hard now, it strained against his pants and pushed up and into Linda’s belly. When Linda began to complain again about cramps Mike was slower in clamping the hose.He knew that Linda was just over-reacting to her very first enema, she would be able to take the entire bag if he made her do so, and he intended to do just that.

Linda soon realized that Mike would not shut off the flow of water every time she complained.Only when the bag was half empty did he clamp the hose the second time.Her stomach gurgled and her anus gripped the nozzle tightly to prevent “an accident”.Beads of sweat formed on her forehead.She felt a familiar tingle deep within her pussy.

Mike picked up the hairbrush that had been resting on the bathroom counter. He turned it so it’s stiff bristles were pointing out. He brought it down sharply onto Linda’s left cheek, raised it again then brought it down on her right. He smacked each cheek five times. “Are you ready to take the rest of your enema now?” he asked..

Linda cried out as the hairbrush contacted her naked bottom. She had never been spanked with a hairbrush before and imagined her bottom with millions of little red dots left behind by the bristles of her hairbrush. “Please, I’ll take the rest of the enema now!!” she cried out from the pain. She was rewarded with a new flow of water into her bottom. Linda gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she lay still over Mikes lap.She lay still as the enema bag collapsed, it’s water gone.

Mike continued to hold Linda down once she had taken the entire enema. “I want you to hold it for a few minutes Baby” he told her as she squirmed on his lap.He loved the sight of a naked female bottom laying across his lap, an enema nozzle and hose dangling from her rectum. He loved holding her down, forcing her to take her enema or spanking or just taking her rectal thermometer.

Linda was finally let up off Mike’s lap, but she found herself standing bent over grasping her stomach as Mike continued to sit on the closed toilet. The enema nozzle remained in her rectum, it’s hose still connecting her to the enema bag overhead. She danced from one foot to another straining to hold in her enema.Mike watched her in her torment and calmly placed one hand on her distended belly, the other on her backside slipping the nozzle between his fingers and holding it in her.He jiggled the nozzle a bit and Linda moaned.He reached up under her t-shirt and grasped her left nipple and gave it a gentle squeeze.He was not surprised at all to find it swollen and enlarged, not unlike his penis. He pulled her between his legs and made her hold the enema in while he played with each of her breasts.

Linda found herself dancing between Mike’s spread legs, one of his hands holding the enema nozzle securely embedded in her rectum, the other kneading her dangling breasts.Her pussy dripped it’s juices down her inner thighs, making them slip past each other as she danced from foot to foot. She moaned as she struggled to hold back the water that wanted out. Mike took the bottom of the t-shirt and pulled it up and off her, leaving her naked before him. He unzipped his pants, releasing his swollen penis, it stood up, red and swollen.

Mike spread Linda’s legs apart so that she straddled him, facing him then roughly pulled her down until his penis impaled her sopping pussy. He held her tightly to him as he rose, her legs wrapped around his waist. He turned to face the toilet and flipped the lid up, he lowered himself to his knees, Linda still wrapped around him. He positioned himself so Linda’s ass hung over the bowl, then reached behind her and pulled the enema nozzle free.He came as he listened to Linda release the pent up water, his penis buried deep within her warm wet pussy.

Linda hung tightly to Mike, her legs wrapped around his waist, her arms wrapped around his neck, her pussy wrapped around his large dick. She felt her ass touch down on the now open toilet seat and the enema nozzle pulled from her rectum. She came as the enema water spurted from her sore, red ass. Mike’s dick buried deep within her pussy.They remained in that position for quite awhile..both knowing that the fun had only begun.

Dedication “Thank You”, A loyal reader of Duckie stories!