Lauren is Shaved and Goes to Dr. Bonner

It was over an hour before Lauren woke up, finding Nikki still cuddling her and breathing gently. She carefully moved her arm, and slid off the bed. From a drawer she took a pair of knickers and slowly pulled them up and into place. She was relieved to discover that there was no particular pain or chaffing as she could have expected. She buttoned up her blouse, picked up her skirt off the floor and made her way to the bathroom. Nikki had evidently cleaned up before they went into the bedroom as it was perfectly neat and tidy. Lauren was aware that while she could feel her now hairless pussy, she really wanted to know what it looked like. The bathroom afforded no means of discovery, and so she padded out down the passageway into her parents room.

The largest bedroom was also the brightest, and even in the late evening sun was bright enough for her purposes without switching on the light. Lauren walked across to the wardrobe and looked at her image in the big mirror that covered one of the doors. As she parted her legs she concluded that superficially there was no difference in her appearance. She watched her right hand move across her stomach and down between her legs, searching for any new feelings or sensations that might be found as a result of her misfortunes. Lauren considered that she was very lucky to have been able to get rid of the gum so quickly, but even as this thought passed through her mind, her attention was grabbed forcefully by the `apres-shave’ that had taken place with Nikki. There was definitely, in her mind, some rationalization that was required with respect to their love-making.

While for someone ten years older the act of masturbating with a friend would have been a major turning point in that persons life, Lauren had no such considerations. She knew that other school friends were doing something similar, and moreover, there was no long-term agenda attached to their playing. And so her feelings towards Nikki were separated from the afternoon activities they had enjoyed and Lauren felt inwardly reassured that she was simply growing up rather than embarking on a course into dangerous territory.

Lauren put her thumbs into the sides of her knickers and pulled them down. She kicked them over into the corner of the room, and sat down in front of the mirror. Sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating her legs and providing her with a perfect opportunity to view Nikki’s efforts. She bent her legs and parting them to expose her vagina, put her feet up against the mirror and leaned back on her left hand. Strangely, the first thing that Lauren noticed was that she had a freckle just above her clitoris. She rubbed her thumb over it and proved to herself that it was real. Looking at the view in it’s entirety caused her to grin widely. What a fabulous sight she thought, noting that yet again, her pink inner lips were pushing their way out allowing a view of the inverted V of the hood over her clitoris. Lauren noted that there was probably some of the Baby Oil inside her as it glistened still in the sunlight. As she ran her finger over her inner lips, she quickly gasped. Lauren realized that she was a little tender.

Lauren dressed and went back into her own bedroom to find Nikki still asleep, but now curled up tightly facing away from her. She put her hand on her thigh and gave her a little shake. Nikki stirred, and rolled over onto her back. Lauren didn’t bother to move her hand, which was now in between Nikki’s legs. Nikki slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Lauren. She followed Lauren downstairs into the kitchen, noting that it was now seven o’clock.

“What are you doing tomorrow evening?” asked Nikki as she took plates from the cupboard. Lauren was reading the instructions on the microwave packet for their meal that she had taken from the freezer.

“Don’t know, nothing much. I expect I’ll talk to Mike and find out what he’s been doing. After all, I only see him when he comes home for the school holidays, and we had quite a good laugh last time he was here at Easter”. Lauren remembered that they had exchanged confidences about their loves (he had many, and Lauren had none) and Lauren had felt that at last she could now talk to Mike without him treating her like his baby sister. Lauren was also pretty sure that Nikki had designs on her brother after the looks that passed between them the day they met. As Lauren mentally ran through her Friday schedule, it suddenly dawned on her.

“Oh Shit, I’ve got that doctor’s check-thing!” squealed Lauren, frozen to the spot.

“So what, we’ve all got to have them,” replied Nikki. Half the class had already visited the local clinic for their pre-teen well-woman checkup which had been mandated as part of the area’s health policy.

“Yeah, but how do I explain what’s happened down here?” said Lauren, pointing to her skirt.

“Relax, just say you are on the swim team, or gymnastics or something. That’s what Elena did!” offered Nikki in a tone that assumed there was nothing left to discuss.

“How do you know she said that? I didn’t hear about it. Do you think they will believe me?”

“Of course. And what if they don’t, they can’t do anything, can they?” answered Nikki as she laid the table, clearly amused at Lauren’s concern about her unavoidable denouement at the hands of the local doctor.

Lauren silently ran through the possible scenarios and her responses to awkward questions. She decided that if asked she would say that she was on the swim team and leave it at that. Dismissing further thoughts from her mind, she served the meal and the two girls sat down to eat. There was no mention about their previous intimacy, and the main topic of conversation concerned Lauren’s forthcoming day as bridesmaid to the girl who used to be the household baby-sitter, AnneMarie. They discussed dresses and styles, and eventually determined that it was worth a visit to Interlaken to choose a suitable pattern. The dress itself would be made by a friend of Lauren’s mother, Kristal.

After the meal Nikki asked if she could be excused the washing up and leave for her house. Lauren was happy to let her friend off the chores and the two girls hugged each other on the doorstep. Lauren lightly kissed Nikki on the forehead and whispered `Thank You’ as they parted.

Her kitchen duties only took a few minutes, and Lauren then went back upstairs into her bedroom with her mothers magazine to prepare for a bath. Stripping off all her clothes she raised her hands above her head and stretched. In the bathroom, she ran the water and added some essence to provide a soothing scent and a great deal of bubbles. She lay down in the water for a few minutes, relaxing with her eyes closed and running through the evenings events. There were aspects of their intimacy that she found very surprising, not least that she had allowed it to happen, but secondly that she had enjoyed it so much. The warm water, bubbles and her thoughts all served to content her to the point that if she had been a cat, she would have purred loudly.

Stirring from her reverie, she opened the magazine and continued to read about the problems that afflicted, it seemed, every reader of the publication. Of particular interest was the article from a woman who complained about the taste of her husbands cum, and her nervousness about allowing him to come in her mouth. The article explained that the husband came all over her face, hair and breasts, which was not a problem. But for Lauren, this was a revelation in that she had heard that boys produced a lot of sticky stuff when they orgasmed, but she was unaware that it could be so much. She also gleaned from the story the methods the woman used to bring her husband to climax and the most sensitive areas of his cock. Her thoughts drifted back to Mike, and she wondered if he had had sex with any girl since they last spoke. He had confided last time that a girl in the same town as his school had played with his cock but she hadn’t asked about whether he had orgasmed. She would have to find out.

Lauren knelt in the bath, and with the soap, cleaned her stomach and between her legs. Her soapy hands roamed over the little mounds of her bottom, running between her cheeks and, as she parted her legs as far as the bath would allow, she introduced her little anus to the pleasures of a soapy finger. She was so surprised by the effect to the point of being shocked as to why she had never really experimented before with her bottom. Gradually, and with a finger renewed with soap, she slowly pushed her finger into the crinkled little hole. The completely new sensation was tempered by a feeling of acting dirty and improperly. However, it was clear which emotion gained the upper hand as Lauren stood in the bath and, holding onto the medicine cabinet with her left hand, she placed her left leg on the side of the bath.

The view between her legs would have been stunning to anyone who walked in at the time, the cheeks of her little bottom separated by the position of her legs, and her shaved pussy lips parted to reveal not just her inner folds but a wonderful view inside her as her whole tunnel opened as though begging for attention. Her clitoris stood proudly out from underneath its normally protective hood as her fingers slid underneath her, over her stomach and felt that total lack of hair between her legs.

Taking the soap, Lauren explored every possible source for new feelings and sensations, again coming to rest at her anus. She dropped the soap into the bath and massaged the hole, probing slowly but further and further, deeper and deeper until she was sure that she was not doing herself any damage. The feeling of guilt subsided into one of pleasure, not as intense as that produced by Nikki, but nonetheless very satisfying. After a couple of minutes, she made her mind up that she would bring herself to orgasm, and so she let half the water out of the bath and sat down again just in case she fell over.

The room was warm as she leant her head against the towel she had placed at the end of the bath. Her fingers again found her clitoris and ran around the delicate little bud in slow, light circles. Her legs involuntarily parted to accommodate her attention, and she felt her anus more forcefully now, a warm glow emanating from her newly discovered source of fun. Lauren really wanted to use both hands, so she moved the towel to the side of the bath and turned to face the wall, causing her to squash up into the width of the tub. But now she could rub her clitoris with the fingers of her left hand while pushing firmly into her bottom with her other hand.

Her legs were straight, stretched pointing to the ends of the bath, and her head was right back on the towel so she would have had a view of the ceiling if she had opened her eyes. Instead, she had visions of Nikki and Mike, alternately, as she fantasized and masturbated wildly. She felt the signs of her orgasm approaching as her stomach muscles tightened and her face screwed up. Her finger was now simply pushed as far as it would go into her anus, while her left hand continued to flash across her clitoris and now and then her fingers would disappear into her pussy, only to re-emerge with a slight slurping noise, covered in thick secretions, to return to their duty. Her fantasy finally conjured up a picture of Mike coming over Lauren and Nikki’s naked breasts as they both had their hands on his enormous cock.

As the orgasm reached her, she had the presence of mind to keep quiet just in case anyone had come home without her knowing, but the sound she might have made with her open mouth was exchanged for a violent movement of her head in time with a final push into her anus with her finger. She lunged forward and back against the bath, hitting her head on the side covered with the towel as she grunted. Although she was dimly aware that she had banged her head, she was not going to stop as the waves of pleasure took command. She stopped rubbing her clitoris to roughly place her hand over her pubic mound as though to grab it all and squeeze it together. Her leg muscles ached badly, but there was a rapidly increasing warmth as her body spasmed in the throes of ecstasy for almost a minute. As they subsided, she slowly pulled her finger out of her anus, causing another wave of pleasure to ripple though her as beads of sweat formed into rivulets and trickled down her face.

Eventually, she turned and stretched out fully in the remainder of the water, soaking up the last of the magic, eyes closed again. For almost ten minutes she remained motionless in the water, as waves of pleasure subsided and a feeling of calm and contentment carried her to a lofty plateau of peace and tranquillity. At last she returned to reality and stepped carefully out of the bath, noting that she felt a little light-headed as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders. She saw in the mirror that her hair was matted and feeling the ends confirmed that it needed drying. As she explored her hair, she encountered the bump she had sustained, and marveled not at the slight pain to her touch but at the energy released during her orgasm. Lauren wondered if everyone felt the same way during sex and decided she would probably never know.

She dried her hair and let the hot air stream play across her breasts, legs and over her pubic mound. It tickled slightly and she stopped when she realized that it was making her too dry between her legs. Taking a little Baby Oil, she remedied the situation by rubbing the tiniest of amounts onto her pussy lips. Noticing that she was, yet again, becoming aroused, she stopped and after clearing up, went into her bedroom with a feeling that she was becoming a slave to her sexual desires. While this was not strictly true, it was hard for her to feel any other way given that today she had had the first orgasm of her life, followed by another, all in the space of a few hours. So Lauren arrived at the conclusion that she was in an experimental stage and there was no harm in finding out as much as she could, especially as everyone else was doing the same. It was therefore with some satisfaction that she pulled on only a T-shirt that barely covered her bottom, and went downstairs whistling a tune.

Lauren made sure that the plates were put back in the cupboards, and standing again on the bottom rung of the stool, she reached up and put away the dishes that they had used. As she stretched the true shape of her legs was displayed through the back door for anyone to see, along with a perfect view of the cheeks of her bottom and the delightful valley of her pussy.

Switching off the light, she passed the stairs and opened the door of the lounge. She checked that everything was in order, shut the door and went upstairs to bed. She would talk to her mother and Mike tomorrow and get an early night. Indeed, it was an early night, and probably she slept as soundly as she had ever done before, content in the knowledge that she was rapidly progressing from a giggly schoolgirl into a blossoming teenager.

Friday 10th July

Lauren woke at 7 o’clock, switched off her alarm and went through her daily routine of preparing for school. Over breakfast, she mentioned the visit to the doctors and said she would be a little late that evening. Her mother fully agreed with the medical program that was available and wished it had been introduced while she was Lauren’s age.

School was uneventful that Friday, with the exception of the dinner queue, when Nikki pinched her bottom and grinned mischievously as usual at her. Unspoken words were exchanged that served to cement the bond between the two girls and confirm that their intimacy the previous evening was neither forgotten nor was it likely to be an isolated event.

After school, Lauren made her way past the Bus Stop and on down the hill towards the doctor’s surgery. The cobbled little streets that led off the main road through Andleburg echoed as she strode along the narrow pavement. Away from the traffic, she could hear the voices of children playing in the courtyards behind the front doors of the apartment buildings. Cafes and delicatessens along the road offered traditional Swiss food until late at night, their aroma mingling in the afternoon air. Old men sat outside, sipping beer as they played dominoes or simply watched the world go by, the distinctive smell of Gauloise hanging in the air as the occasional dog ferreted around underneath the tables. Lauren hurried along, walking quickly, anxious to get the medical examination over as quickly as possible.

She entered, confirmed her name with the young receptionist and, moving the copy of Bild off so that she could sit down, took a seat in the corner, concerned that she was the only schoolgirl in the reception area. She clasped her hands tightly together over her crossed legs, well aware that she not only hated the doctors but that nobody (with the exception of Nikki now) had seen her most private parts (except in the showers), for many years. She had seen Dr. Bonner about two years ago for a throat infection, but apart from that, nothing. And so it was with some trepidation that she entered his room when he called her name.

The doctor’s office was white. Everywhere. Even his desk in the corner was white. A bed ran along the length of the office on the other side, above which was a light and some tubes which Lauren had never seen before. There was an eye chart next to the door and a big poster of the blood system. Food and diet information alongside the poster completed the decorations on the walls. Dr. Bonner was probably 60 years old and had a great shock of Einstein-like white hair. Lauren did note however that his shoes were brown as she nervously looked at the floor.

“Hi Lauren, how are you today?” he asked, motioning to the seat next to his desk. He tapped a couple of keys on his terminal and read her medical history while nodding sagely at the screen.

“I’m fine. How are you?” responded Lauren, immediately thinking that that was a really stupid thing to have said.

“Oh, I’m very well,” said Dr. Bonner, smiling broadly at her. “Now, we’re going to make sure you’re OK inside. Has anyone explained the importance of these little check-ups?”.

Lauren said that the school had outlined the process some time ago and so the doctor launched into his standard speech about female well-being, the need for regular vigilance and the fact that there is nothing to worry about. He mentioned about the actual internal examination that he would do, that it was very quick and painless and completely confidential, as was everything in the surgery. Lauren relaxed slightly until she heard (again) about the internal examination, in much the same language as she had heard at school, but not with the same words as had been relayed around the playground. Dr. Bonner proceeded to take her blood pressure and satisfy himself that she had some. Lauren stared at her white socks and little blue skirt, feeling the pressure of the band around her arm as she heard him pump up the bulb and then let out the air.

“Good, so, when you’re ready, take off everything including your knickers, and jump up onto the bed over here. You can leave just your skirt on if you like. We’ll have a quick look and have you out of here in no time,” said Dr. Bonner, standing up and making sure there was a sheet on the bed.

Lauren obligingly turned away from the doctor and slipped off her knickers. She dropped them to the floor, kicking them once again when she noticed signs of the day’s wear uppermost. She removed her blouse and bra and dumped them unceremoniously with her knickers before climbing onto the bed. With her legs firmly together, she let both her hands rest firmly over her skirt. Dr. Bonner took his position at her head and slowly moved the end of his stethoscope over her chest. The cold end made her jump slightly and the doctor apologized with a smile. It was clear to Lauren that he was finding the whole episode as difficult as she was.

“Hands behind your head, please. Any dizzy spells, or feelings of nausea?” he asked, listening to her breathing.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Lauren, conscious of her racing heart.

“Any feelings of cramps in your tummy, burning sensations when you go to the toilet?” He pulled the stethoscope from his ears and proceeded to feel her breasts, circling around the little mounds. He brushed the slightly erect nipples with his fingers and felt around her armpits.

“No,” said Lauren, watching his fingers wandering over her.

“What about here. Any pain from your nipples, or strange feelings from your breasts?” His fingers probed and kneaded around her stomach, descending slowly towards her skirt.

“Deep breath, please. And out again. That’s fine, now shoot down to the end here and bring your knees up,” he said as he moved round to the foot of the bed. He felt his way along her thighs, and parted her legs slightly as he probed closer to her sex. He brought up the stirrups, placed Lauren’s legs into them and dropped away the end of the examination table. She had been maneuvered into the position so quickly that she had little time to react and therefore found it to be less distasteful that she had imagined. Her skirt still covered much of her pubic region, although as the doctor adjusted the stirrups further apart, her skirt rode silently up her thighs until Lauren felt sure that even though the doctor was standing, he could see every intimate part of her.

“Now, I’m going to open you up a little and take a quick swab. It might tickle a little,” he said as he sat down again and trained the light in between her legs. Lauren suddenly remembered that she had recently lost her pubic hair and strained her head upwards to see if there was any expression of disgust on the doctor’s face. He continued to nod and chatter to himself, and Lauren assumed that he had probably done this thousands of times and was bored seeing inside women. She certainly hoped so as she stared at the ceiling and braced herself for the intrusion.

Dr. Bonner had a view right up from Lauren’s anus all the way to her head, with her skirt hiked up to reveal the whole of her pubic region. Her pussy lips were now slightly open in a very mild state of arousal. He moved closer to her thighs and pulled on a pair of latex gloves. First he spread her outer lips wide apart and touched all along them. He gently pushed the hood of Lauren’s young clitoris back and forth before pushing it all the way up to fully expose her clit. Lauren jerked up involuntarily and squirmed under the touch.

“Does that hurt?” he asked.

“No, just a little, er you know,” stuttered Lauren, thinking that of course it damn well affected her.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked, returning his fingers to the sweet valley of her vaginal lips and the little treasure beyond.


Taking a tube of KY Jelly, the doctor spread copious amounts around her lips, ensuring that there was sufficient at the entrance to her vagina to be taken by the speculum as it entered.

“Have you ever felt any lumps or spots inside you?”

“Er, no.”

“OK, now I’d like you to just relax while I take a sample. This will feel just like it does when you put your own fingers inside you. Do you do that?” he asked.

“Er, now and again, you know,” said Lauren, blushing.

“That’s OK, you’ll find it quite pleasant, but keep your fingers clean, won’t you. All girls your age experiment, you know,” he said, presenting the KY-covered device to her entrance and pushing it gently into her.

“Ohh,” she squealed as she felt it entering her. It’s steely hardness caught her by surprise as she closed her eyes and held her breath. Her hands gripped the side of the bed tightly as the cold device plowed into her.

Turning it, he quickly opened the speculum and looked inside. Lauren was not enjoying the sensation of being examined, but in the back of her mind there was something about it that fascinated her, if only she could determine what it was. She felt the strangest contrast between the warmth of her insides and the coldness of the speculum, much like she had felt with Nikki had shaved her. Then it had been the incongruity of the slick razor and the warming feeling that had been born within her for Nikki. She smiled as she remembered that the two feelings had merged together later in her bedroom when she came with such force that she thought she might have wet herself. Lauren felt a stirring deep inside.

“That’s it. All done!” he said, releasing the device after a minute and pulling it out of her. He took hold of a box of tissues and wiped her carefully, removing as much of the lubricant as possible from the swollen lips of her vagina. He took a second tissue and wiped the area from her vagina to her anus, ending with a swift circular motion around her little hole. He peered down closely at her anus.

“Ever have any swelling here, and spots or discomfort?” he asked, probing her hole with his gloved hand. He inserted his finger very slightly, and removed it, watching the muscles dilate.

“No, no problems at all,” replied Lauren, now sure that she must be obviously aroused, especially after her thoughts about Nikki and the attention the doctor had paid to her pussy and bottom.

“That’s good, you can jump down now and get dressed. Use more of the tissues if you need them,” he said, removing his gloves and dropping them into the bin.

Lauren swung her legs over the examination table and jumped to the floor. Turning away from Dr. Bonner - who was now busy typing into his terminal - she wiped herself clean with the tissues as best she could. Lauren was more anxious to get her knickers back on rather than completely get rid of the remainder of the KY jelly from her vagina. She pulled her knickers up and sat back down on the chair next to his desk.

“Right Lauren, everything seems to be fine. We’ll get the results back from the lab pretty soon, but there’s no reason at all to believe that it will be anything except negative.” He paused and looked back at the terminal. “Lauren, do you mind if I ask why you have removed the hair from your vagina?”

“Someone at school put chewing gum on it,” she said immediately, abandoning the swim team excuse.

“You should be careful that you don’t cut yourself, it’s very difficult to do it yourself,” said Dr. Bonner, indicating that he had seen such a problem before.

“Someone helped me,” said Lauren and then added, quickly, “A girlfriend - she was very careful.” Lauren looked at the doctor hoping for a smile or confirmation that this was acceptable.

“When you shave around your vagina you must use clean equipment - and throw it away if you can afterwards. Any dirt or rusty blades could cause a very serious infection which might affect you all your life. You should also be careful not to introduce germs from your anus into your vaginal area - it’s easily done if you’re not careful. And you shouldn’t do it too often or you may make the area very sensitive. Apart from that, your friend seems to have done a very good job. You’re lucky to have someone to help you out like that - it could be quite an embarrassing situation.”

“I know. She was so kind about it. I’ll repay her somehow, sometime,” said Lauren, somewhat lost in thought.

Flamboyantly pressing a key on his terminal, Dr. Bonner stood up and smiled. “Treasure her, she sounds like an angel,” he said, indicating the door.

Lauren left the doctors office and went out into the street. She was confused as to how she ended up telling him about Nikki and what they had done. But she also felt reassured and comforted by his kind words. She caught the usual bus back home and went indoors. During tea she confided in her mother about the doctors visit and confirmed that she had been given an internal examination. Her mother stated that she had to have one about once a year and didn’t like them either. Lauren felt very pleased that she had been able to discuss such adult matters not only with the doctor but also with her mother. However, she didn’t see any sense in mentioning to her the chewing gum episode.

Lauren watched television for about an hour, then went to her room to do her homework. At about 9 o’clock, she heard that Mike was staying at his schoolfriend’s house who happened to also live in the same area, so she had a quick wash and went to bed.