Leslie's Judicial Discipline

I am a doctor assigned to the Marinoc County Courthouse. My job is to examine people convicted of various offenses who have opted to undergo corporal punishment rather than go to jail.

In early May, Leslie, a 43 year old brunette, responded to my office carrying her court file and escorted by two court sheriffs. I asked Leslie to hand over the file, and after reading it, I asked her several questions regarding why she was here. This is a rendition of the events of Leslie’s visit as I recall them.


I was a naughty girl. One day recently, I was grocery shopping at a local supermarket. I was dressed to attract the attention of men, as usual. I had on a see-through blouse with no bra, which clearly showed my large brown nipples. I also wore a very short black leather skirt with no panties, hoping to flash some eligible young men and tease them a bit. Unfortunately, one of the people I caught the attention of was a 16 year old bag boy who helped me carry my groceries to the car. My shameful display was witnessed by the store manager and several checkout clerks, who reported me to the local police. I appeared in court and plead guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Given the choice between a hefty fine with possibly some jail time and corporal punishment, I chose the corporal punishment since I wouldn’t last a day in jail. Pursuant to my choice, I was sentenced to report to her for an examination prior to my judicial punishment, as the judge finds appropriate, provided I’m medically fit, of course.

Dr. T. responds:

Yes, Leslie, you were extremely wicked for trying to arouse a young boy, who probably had no other method of release except masturbation in the men’s room of the store.

According to your sentence, I will examine you thoroughly prior to certifying you fit for judicially mandated corporal punishment; this latter to be administered in front of court authorized official witnesses.

Now, step into my exam room, take off all your clothes except for your panties….I’ll handle those later…..

I watched Leslie undress slowly with trembling fingers, obviously embarrassed to have to strip in front of a doctor. Funny, she didn’t mind showing off her body to an innocent sixteen year old in public, I thought. And now here she is standing before me only in her panties. I notice her breasts are a bit small, but firm, with prominent nipples and pinkish-brown areolae.

“Place your hands on top of your head, interlace your fingers and spread your legs. Wider!” I commanded. “You will now provide a urine sample for me.”

I slipped my fingers underneath the elastic waistband of her panties…and slowly pulled them down to her knees. I spread her legs as much as possible within the constraints of the panties. Then with one hand, I reached around behind her and slid my hand under her buttocks between her legs, and with my fingers, I spread her pussy lips wide apart. With my free hand I pressed a plastic urine collection container tight to her pussy, centered over her urethra. I ordered her to pee. She found it hard to relax and pee, so I took my finger and gently tapped her urethra a few times, forcing a few drops to come out. The drops turned into a light yellow stream….and I felt the warmth as the collection container filled. After she finished, I removed the container and picked up some Kleenex and patted her dry…all the while feeling the soft pubic hair on her pussy lips.

Now it’s time for the rest of the exam, so I slid her panties back up…for now.

“Leslie, I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to examine you internally to be sure you have no contraband secreted inside your body, or anything else which will interfere with the punishment ordered by the court,” I tell her before continuing. “See those two small stools about 6” high in front of the exam table? I want you to place one foot on each of them (they’re about 2’ apart) and face the table. That’s a good girl.” When she assumes her position on the stools facing the exam table, I continue my instructions.

“Now bend over the table….WAY OVER!! Grab the opposite edge with your hands…push your breasts right down onto the table.” She can her feel her nipples rubbing against the paper covering and beginning to harden, much to her discomfort.

I hook my fingers in her panties and pull them down once again…as far down her thighs as they’ll go. Just then the young female clerk came in with a message from the judge. I told her to come over and read me the message. As she did, I continued on with my examination…snapping on a latex exam glove, and coating my fingers with KY jelly. The clerk paused every few words, and I caught her staring right up Leslie’s exposed crotch area. Leslie obviously felt the young girl’s eyes boring into her exposed private parts, and turned beet red. Yet she remained cooperative and maintained her position without protest. I paused to look at the spectacle she presented…bent over, legs stretched tight, round smooth buttocks jutting rearward like an offering.

As I considered a response to the judge, I parted her already-spread asscheeks with my fingers and examined her anus closely. She felt the cool KY on my fingertip as I smeared some all around her asshole…up and down…finally zeroing in with small circles right to the center of her puckered hole. I began inserting my finger, and finally gave my response to the clerk, who was behind me intently watching my finger penetrate her rectum. She adjusted her position to watch Leslie squirm and looked down to see her toes curl as my finger plunged in…all the way up inside her rectum. I finally looked at her and smiled. She knew she’d seen enough and quickly left.

Once our privacy had been regained, my finger searched her bowels….in and out…side to side…twisting and turning as it moved. I saw her split pussy lips…with some moisture beginning to form between the pouting lips and beneath the thin line of hairs ringing her vaginal opening. As I pulled my finger out, I felt her anal sphincter grip it hard…then finally snap back to its original diameter, leaving her rectum vacant for the moment.

She began to get up, thinking it was over, but my hand between her shoulder blades pushed her back down into position. I smugly told her that the next search will begin at once. She is to remain still, under threat of additional punishment. She could only hear my preparations behind her, but she couldn’t see. I let her apprehension build.

“Oh God, please, sir have mercy on me,” she silently prays to herself. But God is the only one who will show her mercy now, and she realizes it.

I pulled on a new latex glove and lubricated the fingers. I told her to hold very still, as she felt me spreading her puffy pussy lips apart…obscenely exposing her clit and urethra to me. I inserted my two fingers just past the outer lips…first just the tips, then slowly the entire fingers went all the way up inside…flexing and feeling her internal vaginal walls. I commented on how wet she was…that I didn’t even have to use extra lubrication. Her pussy hair by this time was matted to her skin from the moisture and the KY jelly and made a nice frame around my slippery, gloved fingers penetrating her hole.

I withdrew my fingers…but it wasn’t over yet. She heard the water running in the sink and heard the clank of metal behind her. Before long, she looks over her shoulder and sees me approach her with a shiny stainless steel speculum in my hand. I told her to maintain her position….that I was now going to use that speculum to inspect inside her rectum.

I smeared the KY over the speculum’s jaws, then touched it to her crinkled pink asshole. I told her to spread her asscheeks for me…WIDE! I slowly inserted the speculum with the handles sideways…then pushed it all the way in. I rotated the handles downward, then slowly squeezed the petals open, dilating her rectum like it’s never been dilated before. I twisted the retention nut down tight, holding open her pink insides for my inspection.

“Oooohhh,” she moaned.

“Stay still! I don’t want you to move while I’m working on you back here,” I warned her.

Next, I picked up a small penlight and a dental mirror and proceeded to insert the mirror up inside her now-gaping asshole. The light provided the illumination for me to visually inspect all her inner surfaces with the help of the mirror. She occasionally felt the mirror as it touched the sides of her anus and rectum…it tickled and made her squirm.

When I was finished, I slid the speculum out, letting her anus snap back to its normal size…and wiped the excess KY from between her asscheeks.

Now, I made her get up on the table on her back…legs in the stirrups.

I looked up at the wall clock, and saw time was running short.

“You have an appointment in the judge’s chambers…”

“Please sir…please. I’ll do anything…just please don’t hurt me anymore…”

“Oh, Leslie, aren’t we well past the begging stage? You realize there’s nothing that can stop you punishment now,” I admonish her with a condescending smirk.

With her on her back and legs in the stirrups spread wide, I lubricated another shiny speculum and closed the jaws. I got right in between her legs, where she can hide nothing from me. I inserted the jaws of the speculum, twisting and pushing them into her wet pussy, until was in as far as it would go. I rotated the handles down, and began squeezing the handles. This forced her pussy to gape widely…so I was able to see her cervix all the way up at the end of the vaginal canal.

As I was inspecting her, two court sheriffs, one male and one female, walked in and announced that they would be escorting her to the judge’s chambers. I told them I would be done in a moment, so they stood behind me and observed the conclusion of the exam.

I was scanning all over inside her dilated pussy with a penlight. Then I reached for a long cotton swab, and inserted it between the jaws of the speculum, right in the middle of the wide hole. I probed around all her inner surfaces, then finally left the swab inside with the wooden stick protruding. I slipped the speculum out of her pussy, careful not to dislodge the swab. Her inner pussy lips closed around the swab, but her outer lips were puffy and flushed. I could tell she was becoming aroused. With the deputies watching closely, I further spread her outer lips to examine her clitoris with my fingers, rolling it gently between my thumb and forefinger, making it come erect against its will. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the female deputy jab the male with her elbow…they looked at each other and snickered.

I proceeded to press my finger against her urethra, stretching the opening…moving it around…until she felt like she had to pee again. I knew the effect my fingers would have, but I wouldn’t allow her to pee. I wanted her to have a full bladder to have to hold during her punishment.

With the fingers of one hand, I delicately grasped the end of the swab stick and slowly drew it out of her pussy, twirling it around and moving it slightly back and forth, being sensitive to her reactions to my stimulation. It’s widely known that with some sexual stimulation, the body’s senses are heightened, thus increasing the effect of physical pain. The judge is a firm believer in maximizing the pain. And I like to please the judge.

I proclaimed her free of contraband and fit for punishment, and told her to put on her panties and the hospital gown I handed her. She did so hesitantly. When she was done, each sheriff took one of her arms and led her to the door, me following with my clipboard.

She was walked barefoot down a linoleum covered hallway past several clerical offices. Now, she’s keenly aware that the hospital gown is loose and open in the back. With the sheriffs holding her arms, she can’t close it. She can feel the eyes of the various office workers and members of the public on her as she walks by….pantied ass and bare back and legs on display…and the sides of her breasts visible if one has just the right viewpoint. They know exactly where we’re going and what we’re going there for.

At last we arrive at the judge’s chambers……

The sheriffs escorted her through the door into a large office, plushly furnished. The judge, a reasonably attractive woman in her late thirties with shoulder-length blonde hair and wire rimmed glasses sat behind a large mahogany desk. Her judicial robe hung on a coat tree behind her. Off to her left Patricia sees a piece of furniture that doesn’t resemble anything else in the room as far as appearance or functionality.

Also present were two men, older, who are prosecutors, two female clerks about Leslie’s age, the young clerk who brought me the message while I was examining her, and a young female court stenographer, who was setting up her Stenograph machine near the judge’s desk.

The sheriffs hauled her up to attention in front of the judge’s desk. The judge looked up at her and condescendingly read her sentence: “Leslie, by order of this court, her have been sentenced to twenty strokes of the hand, paddle or strap as the court deems proper. This sentence will now be carried out in front of official witnesses according to law. Do you wish to make a statement at this time?”

“Oh, puleeze, her honor! Have mercy on me! I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I promise you it will NEVER happen again. Just PLEASE don’t punish me like this!” she blubbers and begs. The witnesses were all silent during this exchange, but she noticed a few grinning slightly, obviously enjoying her apprehension at what’s to come. And what they will eagerly witness. The judge took no heed of her pleas, and nodded to the sheriffs.

They grabbed her by the arms and hustled her over to the strange piece of furniture…all the while her exam gown wide open in the back, showing her pantied posterior to the witnesses in advance. One man whistled through his teeth slightly as her struggling allowed the gown to open a bit on the top side, revealing a profile view of her right breast.

The furniture piece is a “spanking bench.” At least that’s what the judge called it when the court stenographer asked where the sentence was to be carried out so she could take up a proper position to witness and record the punishment. It appears somewhat like a school desk as you face it. You notice it’s about 3 1/2’ high, with the flat top angled down about 45 degrees away from the front. It has a bar near the floor on the opposite side where the top angles downward. On the front side there is a raised area, like a church kneeler, about 6” off the floor, with wooden pegs sticking out to the sides on the support legs about halfway up.

The judge ordered, “Strip the subject and strap her down!” The sheriffs roughly ripped the exam gown from her, now leaving her naked breasts exposed and trembling, the nipples hard and pointed. They pushed her roughly so her groin hit the near edge of the bench and pushed her shoulders down so her nipples were now flat on its surface. They took her arms and extended them all the way forward, strapping her hands to the bar near the floor. They came around behind her and hooked her knees behind the wooden pegs, and strapped her ankles to the kneeler part near the floor. From the side, she looked like a “Z”, her ass high in the air, still with panties on, her head and shoulders lower than her ass, arms extended out and down in front of her as if she were making a dive. Her bare feet are off the ground so she doesn’t have any leverage to squirm, kick or resist. They finally placed a wide leather strap across her back, which held her down tight to the table. The judge said she looked like a squirmer, so they’d better take that extra precaution.

She is now totally immobilized and at the mercy of the judge. The young clerk brought around a large, full-length mirror and placed it to her side, so she can watch her own discipline being administered. When she turned to go after placing the mirror, she walked close to Leslie and gave her a little slap on her asscheek with the back of her hand….but nobody saw it because she did it so subtly while she was moving.

The judge rose from her chair and told the witnesses to gather round.

Leslie was now secured over the spanking bench…a nice polished maple structure with a bit of padding where her pelvis meets it. As the judge got up and began rolling up her sleeves, Leslie looked behind her to see one of the attorneys setting up a tripod….and what looked like a video camera. The young court clerk brought forth a metal stand, more like an easel, with a big white card on it. She craned her neck around and saw the only thing written on it: “Leslie.” She placed it near her head, facing the camera.

The judge signaled me, and I produced a pair of surgical scissors. I went up to her and raised her panties at one thigh…and snipped all the way up to the waistband. I did the same to the other side, and yanked her now one-piece panties up through her crotch and completely off. The judge noticed some lubricant still left from my examination, so she told the clerk to wipe it off. The young girl has a smirk on her face as she gets some Kleenex, spreads Leslie’s asscheeks and wipes her anus and buttocks clean. Her pussy is dripping, and the clerk brings this to the attention of all present as she wipes the vaginal lubrication off, too. The court steno asks off-handedly to no one in particular if she should be shaved “down there,” so the hair around her asshole won’t interfere with the punishment.

The judge picked up a 2” wide, well-oiled black strap with a wooden handle. She flexed it and took a few practice swings, causing a whirring sound as it flew through the air. She took her place to her left side, held out the strap, and measured the distance to be sure the end of the strap covered both buttocks. Leslie felt it lay against her cheeks, which now have goosebumps and are quivering with fear and anticipation.

The room went silent. Leslie could feel the crowd gathering closer, their eyes fixed upon her spread ass. She could feel their eyes boring into her lasciviously exposed anus and pussy. She hears some rustling of clothing as she realizes that the men (and ladies, too) have adjusted their clothing to where their hands can discreetly massage their private parts during her suffering.

Just as the judge was about to begin, she stopped and looked at me.

“Did you remember to give her ‘the fig’?” she asks.

“Oh, I’m sorry, her honor, I must have forgotten. I have one right here,” I reply.

I took a small jar from my pocket and opened it. I nodded to one of the secretaries to come over and assist me. I told her to spread Leslie’s cheeks open wide so I could slip the ginger suppository in. She asked me what it does, and I explained that it will cause an irritable, burning sensation in the rectum and anus, causing the victim to try to expel it. Consequently, the anus puckers outward, making it difficult, if not impossible for the victim to clench her buttocks together to lessen the effect of the strapping. The girl smiled with understanding as I inserted the little white spear into her anus…then pushed it all the way up into her rectum. Leslie heard a few breaths being inhaled behind her as the spectators took in this latest display of her immodesty. After my finger was withdrawn, I told the girl to release her buttocks, which she did with some reluctance. She was really enjoying herself!

We waited a few minutes until she begin to really squirm as the ginger suppository took effect. She felt it burning and tried to push it out…but it was partially melted, so there was nothing left to expel. She wiggled and squirmed as much as could against her restraints, giving everyone an even better show of her split-open asscheeks and pussy lips. She moaned and begged for it to be flushed out…but the judge just chuckled and told her to hold herself still. Worse was yet to come.

The judge was satisfied that she wouldn’t be clenching her asscheeks together, so she resumed her position at her left side.

She asked, “Are you ready, Leslie?” As she asks, Leslie feels the cool leather against both of her fleshy buttocks….quivering with fear and anticipation all over again. Then the strap is lifted….the room is silent…as she waits…

Suddenly, we hear a whisss….and the strap lands on her ass with a loud CRAAACKKK!!! She screams out…but it doesn’t drown out the giggles from the small gathering behind her. We see her thrashing around trying desperately to escape…except there IS no escape!

“You will count each stroke, Leslie. If you fail to count a stroke, we will start all over again!” said the judge.

“ONE!” she screams out, breathing hard.

CRAAAACCCKKK!!! “TWO!! Oh, please, judge, I’ll do anything…pay any fine…even go to jail. But puleeeze stop this!” she begs, to no avail.


“You elected this form of punishment, Leslie, and now you will have to bear it. Your choice is irrevocable,” intones the judge.

Besides watching her reddening ass squirm around under its assault, I watched the pretty judge’s face blush slightly as her tits wiggled under her white blouse every time she takes a swing. Her short black skirt opened a bit at the front, showing off a little thigh as she pivoted on her red high heels when she delivered each blow.


And so it went, until she hit number fifteen. Then she paused and asked me to inspect her ass to be sure she was fit to carry on. I approached her blistered buns, spreading them apart and moving them in all directions, looking for signs of severe injury. Leslie was hoping that my report would relieve her from the rest of her sentence. But just like the torture doctors used by various countries, my job is to keep her going by any means in order to complete the sentence….not to relieve her of her suffering.

I proclaimed her fit to continue. The judge asked the prosecutors to bring over the mirrors….placing one in front of her and slightly to the side, and the other behind her. This allowed Leslie to see her fully exposed privates as they took more punishment. It also allowed her to see the witnesses behind her. She noticed for the first time that at least one young lady has her hand on her breast, slowly rolling the pointed nipple with her fingers. One sheriff has his hand in his pocket, fondling his cock. The female sheriff just stands there, moving her knees back and forth, staring at her backside.

The judge resumed her position after adjusting her own undergarments.

CRAAAACKKKK!!!! “SIXTEEN!” she remembers to scream out. Now Leslie can see and anticipate every stroke of the strap just before it falls. She sees herself struggling so hard….with so much effort…but can’t escape the lashing. She sees the red light on the video camera running…and occasionally sees a flash from a still camera, too.

She finally blurts out “THIRTY!!” between heavy sobs. The judge proclaims the sentence carried out and the strapping over. Leslie realized now that her screams could be heard throughout the entire floor of the courthouse, providing entertainment for many others.

The judge walked away breathing hard, but with a satisfied look on her face. She nodded to me…the signal that I was take over finishing with her. The others began packing up their cameras and tape recorders. The court steno packed up her machine, her hands shaking with excitement.

‘What a painful, humiliating experience. The bitch really did a number on my poor butt. I bet I could fry an egg on it…surely I’m marked for life,’ Leslie thought through her pain. ‘And that examination was just an excuse to further humiliate me. And the degradation…that doctor would have certified me fit for continuation of punishment if my butt was beat into hamburger. How shall I ever drive home? I surely can’t sit on my poor ass.

‘And why am I still so exposed…turned up with my butt so accessible, not to mention my pussy and butthole, surely not….Oh please, Sir…haven’t I suffered enough?’ Leslie pleaded silently.

I removed a jar of cold cream from my medical bag and began massaging it around all over her red, swollen ass-cheeks. I moved from her lower back downwards, kneading and caressing her burning flesh. I worked down toward her thighs where the strap hit randomly. I asked the bratty female clerk to assist me by spreading her cheeks apart, as I massaged the soothing cream into her ass crack…and over her exposed and still pulsating anus. The clerk gripped her cheeks hard, intentionally squeezing the inflamed skin to punish her more. She told me she noticed some of the melted ginger suppository leaking from her asshole. I also notice that her pussy is quite wet. If she didn’t cum during the strapping, then she was probably close to it. It also looked like there were drops of pee on the spanking bench. The clerk and I both smiled as I silently pointed to it…her incontinence evidence of her suffering.

So that she doesn’t make a mess over the whole courthouse on the way back to my examination room, I extracted a tampon from its paper wrapper. I spread her pussy lips and worked the end of the applicator inside her inner lips…pushing it all the way in. I withdrew the tube, and straightened the string so it hung vertically between her legs. Leslie was turning beet red at having the tampon inserted in front of the sheriffs and remaining witnesses. But it gets better.

I took out another tampon and lubricated the applicator with generous amounts of KY jelly. I told the clerk to spread her ass-cheeks again, which she did with relish. She felt the cool KY as the tip of the applicator pressed against her anus….then slowly traveled up her rectum. After sliding the applicator out, I made sure the white string hung free and vertical between her legs.

The sheriffs now moved forward and un-strapped her. They helped her out of her exposed and awkward position. As she gained her feet, her hands couldn’t help but reach around and begin furiously rubbing her bruised buns, much to the amusement of everyone there. They giggled and chuckled as they watched her try to relieve her misery. At the same time, they congratulated the judge on a job well done.

The sheriffs handed her the hospital exam gown, and she put it on her front, but left the back open so it didn’t even touch her sore butt. The sheriffs tied it up at her waist, keeping it out of the way of her burning butt for her. Once again, they escorted her out into the hallway and paraded her, still barefoot, down the corridor to my exam room. As she walked, she could see courthouse workers peeking out of their offices at her and snickering, having heard her screams for mercy for the last half hour. A man with a 13-year-old boy passed in the hall, and she see the boy stare with disbelief at her, a naked female, which he could only have imagined at his age. She could hear the boy ask his dad what those white strings were hanging front and back between her legs. The father says he’ll explain later.

We finally arrived back at my examination room. Under supervision of the sheriffs, I made her bend over my exam table and spread her legs wide. I pulled first on the tampon string emanating from her asshole, then the one in her pussy. As the tampons plopped out, I laid them in an enema basin on the instrument cart. I told her to go into the bathroom and expel the suppository and wash herself up. What a relief for her, I imagined.

Until she discovered that there was no door on the bathroom. She begged me to hang something over the doorway for privacy. I informed her that since I deal with prisoners in here, that I have to observe everything they do. That includes her. She blushed furiously as she squatted over the toilet and loudly expelled the suppository remnants and peed a strong thick yellow stream into the bowl; all the time being watched by me and the sheriffs. She took the washcloth by the basin and washed gently all up and down her pussy and asshole….finally dabbing herself dry with a hand towel.

She padded back into the room, and I told her to get dressed. She finally realized that she has no panties to wear…they were cut off of her while she were fastened to the spanking bench. So she dressed without them…knowing how uncomfortable she will be driving home without their soft protection for her tender ass cheeks.

As she left the building and walked to her car, she stopped, turned around, and looked once more at the building where her worst humiliation took place. As she unlocked her car door, she noticed a familiar face in the window…second floor…judge’s office area. It was the bratty female clerk smiling as she watched her hobble to her car. She blew her a kiss….

On her way home, she thought deeply about sexually teasing young boys again. Even now, surprisingly, she found the idea stimulating. But the soreness of her bottom reminded her that next time….she would have to be more careful…not to get caught.

Leslie speaks:

I thought the strapping was bad, but the aftermath they put me through will never be forgotten…ginger goo seeping out my butthole and pee running down my leg…a public examination of my most private parts…evacuation in front or others…Kotex up my butt and pussy…brief ill-fitting hospital gown unfastened and rolled up to magnify my exposure…paraded through a public building showing a well- strapped ass and thighs with two Kotex strings hanging from my private of orifices. Sent on my way without benefit of panties…it was a hot day in the 90s and easily 140 in my car with black seats…that seared my flaming butt and bare, singed thigh tops. .I sat crying, peeing uncontrollably in my car. Fortunately, no one was home so I was able to assess the damage….major…my bum looks like raw hamburger. I lay naked on my bed with the fan blowing across my poor butt.

I sure hope that clerk doesn’t find my prior conviction for sunbathing nude at my apartment complex in the summer of ‘95. Some parents complained after teen boys told what they saw. I was given a hefty fine and two years probation. I thought the two years were up and didn’t report it when filling out the question about priors. But it was July 4, not Memorial Day. How stupid of me…