Letter to Monique

Dear Monique;

My name is Sylvie, I’m 24 years old. I’d like to tell you an unbelievable, but true story that happened to me less than a month ago. At the moment I am being given an anti-sterility treatment because I just cannot seem to get pregnant. My husband, Alain, does all he can to help me because believe me, it is no fun to have to make love on fixed dates and hours and having to take daily rectal temperature readings every morning. Up till now, I’ve been going to a very understanding and nice gynecologist in town, Doctor C. However a while ago he had to leave town for a week or so and he recommended ‘with the utmost confidentiality’ that I continue my treatment with a colleague of his, Doctor F.

Doctor F.’s office was out of town so I had to take a bus to get there. This is what happened to me on my first visit. I entered his rather bizarrely decorated office. It was gloomy looking and ‘decorated’ mostly in shades of dark marine blue. An older, well filled out lady, probably the doctor’s assistant opened the door for me. She wore a white medical frock that fit tight around her oversized breasts. To me she appeared to be a less than friendly person, somewhat gruff and reserved. I was shown into the waiting room. While I was waiting for the doctor the see me, I thought I heard cries coming from somewhere in the building. I was a bit frightened. What if this doctor hurt me ? I reassured myself by thinking that this was to be just a routine check-up.

The assistant came to get me. She took me to a small room and told me to undress completely. She helped me take off my clothes and was so diligent about it that I thought that her attention was very misplaced. Then she led me to a scale and noted my weight. Next she took my blood pressure. When that was finished, she led me to the examination room in a very curious manner I thought, by putting her hand on my bottom while showing me the way through the hallway. I was somewhat embarrassed at having to walk naked through the hallway and dreaded meeting anyone, but apparently the assistant thought nothing of it. The examination room looked very much like an operating room, it was brilliantly lit by a very large round light fixture, and contained several glass cabinets filled with instruments and a very ominous looking raised examination table complete with all types of levers, handles and attachments.

The assistant then dryly ordered me to lie down on the examination table and ‘to slide my fanny as far down as possible’ as she put it. She then took my legs and attached them in the stirrups herself. She then left the room and I was alone for several minutes, with my legs wide open and strapped into the metal stirrups, my vulva and anus prominently exposed to view. I think that it was then that I started to become sexually stimulated by my situation.

The assistant came back into the examination room, pushing a metal trolley before her which carried a number of medical instruments, jars and tubes and other things.

“Very well,” she said, “Let me introduce myself, my name is Madame de N. and I’ve been charged to prepare you for the complete examination that the doctor is going to give you. When did you last have your period ?”

I was surprised by her authoritative voice, “Last week,” I said.

“Outstanding, you’re ovulating now so we will do our best to give you a rewarding session.”

While she was talking the assistant went over to the trolley and slipped on a pair of thin Latex gloves. Coming back to stand in between my opened legs she began to feel over the outside of my vulva, pulling my labia apart and rubbing over the skin inside. I noticed myself swelling and beginning to lubricate as I became aroused. Much more aroused than I thought possible under such circumstances. The assistant slipped three fingers into my vagina and explored the build and texture of my sex organs. Seeing my undeniable excitement she asked me : “How many orgasms does your husband give you when you make love?”

I was so surprised by the intimacy of her questions that I dared not answer. She quickly slapped me several times on the buttocks. “Answer me when I talk to you. How many orgasms ?”

“Two or sometimes three…”

“This afternoon the doctor and I will give you a good dozen, that way you will be good and ready for your husband. In that stimulated state you should get pregnant on the first try. We will make sure that your organs are dilated and receptive. Now spread your legs wider, I’m going to give you an anal exam.”

Without giving me any time to protest, she pushed her middle finger into my puckered and virgin little hole, which she started to examine diligently.

“Hmmm, it doesn’t look as if you’ve made much use of this opening. Nobody’s been through here. We’ll have to remedy this, the doctor prefers to have all orifices easily accessible and well dilated.”

Saying this , she took a rectal thermometer from the trolley and coated it with Vaseline. She then stuck it straight up my back door. It slid in more easily than I thought it would. “My, my, you are a hot one, aren’t you ? If I were your husband I’d give you a good rogering every chance I had. Well, we mustn’t loose any time. We’ll get you ready for some first class banging tonight. I bet you’ll get it in the bullseye first time off. One baby on the way.”

I was very excited by then, this woman really got me charged up sexually and in addition to her matter of fact manner of speaking about sex, she was also very adept at handling and massaging my sex organs. I had felt like I was on the brink of climaxing ever since she had begun to touch my genitals.

Before the doctor could see me, I was to be given both a vaginal and a rectal enema. To prepare me for both, the assistant told me it was necessary to shave off my pubic hair. She used a safety razor to expertly remove all the hair from between my legs. Obviously she did this on a regular basis, because she was very good at it, not cutting or hurting me at all. She sprayed a little bit of water now and then on the thicker hair and used her fingers to spread my skin taut where necessary. Soon I was clean shaven, from my pubis and vulva, all the way down to my anus.

“There, that’s much better. Can you feel the difference ?” she asked while rubbing over my labia. “The doctor absolutely insists on clean shaven organs during the treatments. Haven’t you ever had your pussy shaven before ?”

“No, I haven’t,” I replied, wondering what Alain would say when he saw me like this tonight.

She must have known what I was thinking. “Don’t worry about your husband, they all go wild when they see their wives sweet little slits all clean and bare. He’ll like it all right, they always do.”

Next she dipped her fingers into a jar of liquid lubricant and began to massage my clitoris, after first pulling away the surrounding hood. Swiftly I climaxed, my legs and thighs shuddering even though they were still restrained by the metal stirrups. I was surprised to hear myself moan in pleasure. She placed her fingers lower and worked her way into my vaginal opening.

“My goodness,” she exclaimed, “It’s almost like a little flood in here, you’re so flowing with secretions.” She felt around inside me.

“I think we’d better quickly douche your vagina now, before we get down to serious business.” Saying so she went to the trolley and came back with an filled douche bag. There was a large sized ribbed nozzle attached to a rubber hose. She showed it to me and I was surprised at its’ size : it was almost as large around as my husband’s erect penis, but more curved. She smiled as she saw the look on my face. “Don’t look so amazed. I’m sure you’ve had bigger things than this inside that slit of yours.”

Spreading my labial lips open wide she told me to breath deeply and relax. “I don’t need to put any gel on the nozzle, you’re more than moist enough. Now take care, I’m going to slide the tube up into your vagina as far as I can.”

I gasped as she kept her promise. But it was more from excitement than from any pain she caused me. She placed a pan underneath me to catch the warm water as it flowed out my pussy. Finally the bag was empty. Before withdrawing the nozzle and tube, the assistant twirled it around, causing the most exquisite feelings. She pumped the device in and out several times, before retracting it entirely. I moaned loudly, but from frustration at not being filled up any more. She inserted four fingers into my cleaned out organ and squeezed my labia. While doing so, she used her other hand to work on my anus, but that was more difficult because I continually tensed up whenever she probed me down there. She withdrew her hand from my slit in order to occupy herself more seriously with my little hole.

“I want you to press outwards with your anal muscles, as if you were on the toilet,” she told me, “Come now, press harder, let me see your pretty little rosette…”

Madame de N. took a mirror and held it so that I could see my own asshole pulsing in and out from my exertions. She removed her Latex gloves.

“I prefer to work on the patients anus with bare hands, it’s much more effective,” she told me. She dipped her fingers into a jar of Vaseline and mixed it with my own secretions, which she took from my glistening vulva. For good measure she added some of her own saliva and mixed all three lubricants, natural and artificial, until her fingers were slippery smooth. She slipped first one, then a second and finally a third finger into my bottom hole, which had dilated much more than ever before. “Don’t worry, Madame. Just relax and let me stick it all in you. It won’t hurt if you go with the rhythm. But before I continue with your rectal preparation, now would be a good time to administer your anal cleansing enema.”

I had never been given an enema before and didn’t know what to expect. The assistant went to the trolley and fit another nozzle to the rubber tube. This one was smaller than the one she had used on my pussy but I still didn’t like the idea of her sticking it up into my little hole. She filled the container with water and added something to it.

“It’s just a little bit of soap to help clean you. The doctor will be paying attention to all your openings and he insists that everything be clean for him when he starts his treatment.”

Even though I was well lubricated from her attentions, she still smeared the nozzle with Vaseline.

“When the water is inside your rectum, hold it in you until I give you permission to let it out. I’ll put another pan under your bottom so you can expel the water into it. Are we ready ?”

She brought the container and hung it on a metal hanger above my head. I could plainly see the rubber tubing snaking down around my abdomen, between my spread legs.

“Now push out with your sphincter muscles again, my dear, just like awhile ago.” I pushed and strained while the assistant inserted the nozzle into my fanny. She slid it into me for some 20 centimeters and then let the water flow in. It felt warm and funny in my belly, but not as unpleasant as I thought it would be. I did have to restrain myself from opening up my bowels once the nozzle was withdrawn.

She made me hold it for 15 minutes before I was allowed to let it out. After she cleaned me off, she once again inserted her fingers into my anus. She wriggled two into me without any trouble at all, and just managed to get a third inside of me. It was something that I hadn’t believed possible. I never knew that my asshole was able to accommodate such large objects. I was terribly excited by the idea alone, that and the knowledge that the doctor would be examining and preparing both of my lower openings for sexual activity.

“I think you’re ready for the doctor now,” the assistant announced and she left the room.

She came back with Doctor F. He was a smallish man, in his fifties and already balding. At first sight he didn’t look very handsome at all, but he was smiling and very friendly towards me. I also think that he was excited already, an impression I got from the look in his eyes and his flushed face, but mostly from the bulge in his crotch.

“I’ve been observing you during the nurse’s preparation, and I can see that you are very well endowed and quite cooperative. That’s very good. Yes, very good indeed. You’ll see, after you’ve been treated by me you will be so open and receptive to your husband’s semen that you should have no problem conceiving tonight.”

While he was explaining what he intended to do, the assistant went over to the trolley and began preparing various instruments.

“Basically, I want to bring you to a very heightened state of sexual arousal. To do that we shall give you numerous orgasms of the vaginal type and several anal ones as well. That should prepare your organs to receive your husbands’ sperm and create a suitable environment for fertilization. Once they have been dilated and ‘jump-started’ so to speak,” he discretely laughed, “everything should work very smoothly provided you do not let too much time pass. Therefore I strongly recommend that you and your husband make love tonight as frequently as possible.”

Well, if that was his intention I certainly had no wish to disappoint him. I was burning with desire and would have been more than glad for my Alain’s prick right now.

The doctor dipped his fingers into the lubricating lotion and stepped between my opened thighs. He examined my vulva, very carefully inside and out, inserting several fingers inside of me, rubbing, squeezing and pushing me all over. He used his other hand to stick first one finger then a second up my anus. The feeling was wonderful. I knew that as soon as I got home I would want Alain to do the same to me, only I wanted his stiff prick pumping away inside of me.

“From experience I have observed that fertilization is more likely to occur if all of the females lower openings are stimulated and used prior to the ejaculation of sperm in the vagina. Therefore I will also give your little back hole a good workout as well.” He kept up his massage while explaining his therapy. “Has your husband ever buggered you ?” he asked.

“No, never,” I replied.

“That is a shame. But I think that my treatment will change your appreciation. Tell me, have you never felt the urge to insert objects or your fingers up your behind ?”

“I’ve wanted to I guess, but never did.”

“And your husband ?”

“Sometimes, but I’ve always pulled away.”

“Hmmm, a typical reaction. In any case I’ll remedy that.”

In the meantime, the assistant had readied a first instrument and brought it to the doctor. He showed it to me and explained what he was going to do.

“This, young lady, is a vaginal probe that I will insert up into your slit. It is designed to let a very mild electrical current flow through the walls of your vagina and give you an orgasm. It will especially stimulate your G-spot. I am told that the feelings are very agreeable and the orgasms quite fulfilling. We will give you a serious of climaxes each more intense than the last. They will relax your vaginal and cervical muscles. The last orgasms will be given in conjunction with a similar anal probe, creating a maximum relaxation. Do you understand ?”

I nodded. By know I was so stimulated I was willing, even eager to do things that would have caused me to blush from shame just a few hours ago.

The probe was much longer and thicker than any penis I had ever seen. It was connected by a thin wire to a control box on the trolley. The doctor put some conducting gel on the probe and told the assistant to spread my lips. The doctor inserted the large instrument. It filled me up completely and stretched me open wide.

“This is designed to be inserted all the way until it touches your cervix. The probe will give a lesser, but beneficial stimulation there. Can you feel it ?”

I nodded, eager to experience relief.

The doctor turned a knob on the control device and suddenly I felt the most intense and wonderful sensation I have ever experienced in my sex organs. Waves of pleasure rippled up and down the length of my love canal, my thighs moved up in rhythm to the pulses flowing inside of me. I moaned in pleasure and delight and quickly climaxed, shaking my head to and fro.

The doctor looked at me with satisfaction. “Very good, I see that you have given yourself over to my treatment wholeheartedly. I am going to have Madame de N. hold your head so that you won’t inadvertently hurt yourself during the next series of orgasms.”

He gestured to his assistant. “Please assume the appropriate position so that we can continue.”

Before stepping behind me though, Madame de N. unbuttoned her medical gown and let it fall back over her shoulders. Under normal circumstances I would have been surprised, but now I was not to see that she was quite naked underneath. Her breasts were very full and more than well developed, but not gross. She stood behind me and leaned over, taking my head gently in her hands and lowering her voluptuous breasts over my face. Her nipples dangled just overhead.

“Are you ready now Madame ?” he asked me, but not really waiting for an answer. He turned the knob and again a multitude of sensations coursed through my cunny. I climaxed, then again and again, each spasm seemingly more intense than the last, each lasting longer than the previous, or such was my perception. How long it lasted I could not say, only that I shuddered, shaked and cried out with delight all the time.

“I can see that this is going to be a very successful session indeed, young Madame.” the doctor beamed. “You have already had half a dozen orgasms, so now I will let you compose yourself for a few minutes. Then we will use a second probe in your little hole as well.”

The doctor withdrew the probe from my vagina and cleaned it off with a cloth. “I’ll be using a larger size for the second series, you’ll be able to accommodate it, don’t worry. Would you like something to drink now ?” he asked.

“Yes please,” I replied, for truthfully I had perspired so much from the frenzy of arousal that I was very thirsty.

Normally I would have been very apprehensive when the doctor mentioned using an even larger probe, but I was confidant that I could take it without any discomfort at all. Now that I stopped to think of it, I supposed that if I were to get pregnant, exercises such as this might be beneficial in giving my vagina more elasticity. With a shiver of pleasure, I could already anticipate a series of like treatments.

“I think that it is now time to proceed,” the doctor announced. The assistant handed him the larger probe, all duly lubricated. Even though I was still very wet from my sexual secretions, the doctor still smeared a liberal amount of gel all over my vulva and anus before he slid the large probe in. It fit, but just. Now I was filled up more than I had ever believed possible.

“During the next series of orgasms, I will also help your mind associate the extreme relaxation and enlargement of your vagina with the male organ. Your husband is not here, which is really not advisable in the first place, so I will furnish the necessary equipment.”

He tried to assume an air of one who is doing his duty, but he couldn’t really conceal his arousal. In another situation, I would have been outraged at what followed, but now I eagerly accepted.

The assistant (still naked), went behind the doctor and unbuckled his trousers, letting them drop to the floor, where he stepped out of them. She then lowered his underpants, which was somewhat more difficult, as his prick was sticking out erect inside of them. When all his lower clothes were off he came nearer, allowing me to view his sex organ. It was very large for such a small man, I thought. His glans was already retracted and its’ head glistened with his secretions. He was shaved bare of pubic hair, the first time I had ever seen a man so. Oddly, it was quite attractive, and made him seem younger than he was. It also made his penis seem much longer as well.

“Now, I don’t want you to be alarmed. This is for medical purposes only. I will not insert my member into any part of your body, nor will I climax myself. I only want you to hold it in your hand during the next part of the treatment. You may squeeze or pump if you like, but try to remember the object is not to have me ejaculate. I want your body to associate the feel and the smell of a male organ with your present state of vaginal enlargement. I would like you to taste male secretions by licking or sucking your fingers of my juices. Do you understand ?”


“Good, I will also insert an anal penetrator which will act in much the same way as the vaginal probe. The last set of orgasms will be simultaneously vaginal and anal. Are you ready?” he asked.

Was I ready ? It was almost unbelievable what I was hearing. I was breathing deeply from the anticipation alone and my head was swimming. I could not believe this was happening to me.

Once again the assistant leaned over me and used both her hands to stretch my labia open. The doctor took the glistening metal probe and worked the narrower head into my hole. He turned it around and sideways before giving a push that thrust it inside of me. Slowly he inserted it to its’ full length. I could feel it reaching the extremity of my cunny, touching my womb. I closed my eyes and gasped. When the large instrument was in place, the doctor took the smaller anal penetrator and eased it into my other hole. It was wider around than my thumb so it did not hurt me, but being filled up in my vagina and my backhole simultaneously was a different feeling altogether. I was conscious of the thin wall of flesh between my vagina and rectum. It was pressed taut between two probes and would soon be tingling with electrical currant. The idea alone was almost enough to make me climax.

“Take hold of my organ, now young lady,” the doctor ordered. After having done so he sent the electrical impulses through the vaginal probe first. The same delicious sensations pulsed through my lower body. I sighed , I moaned and closed my eyes from the pleasure of it all. I was not conscious of holding the doctor’s prick, or doing anything with it, but before my first orgasm had me shuddering on the examination table, I had already put my fingers into my mouth and tasted the musky, salty fragrance of his maleness. I convulsed and groaned. I climaxed, once, then again and again.

I lay panting for breath as I heard the doctor tell me he was now going to administer an anal orgasm only. I nodded, not really caring what he did to me. Indeed I longed for an erect penis, a stiff pulsing male rod to be thrust up into me and would have welcomed the doctor’s had he wished to fuck me. But he wisely and professionally restrained himself and continued administering the proper treatment.

I felt an electrical pulse in the lower part of my bowels now. It was centered in my rectum and produced a different set of sensations, which were just as sexually laden as the vaginal stimulation had been, though of a different nature altogether. I was glad that the assistant had washed out my rectum because I could now feel it loosen and contract in a series of waves flowing deep into my abdomen and then outwards again towards my anus, causing that little hole to also pulse in rhythm. Had I not been empty, I do not think I could have restrained myself from opening up my bowels and voiding the contents. As it was, I just shook and tensed my body against the violent spasms of pleasure that originated deep inside me. Again and again I was allowed to experience a series of anal orgasms, the likes of which I had never imagined. To think that I had never experienced such feelings before and maybe never would have, but for this treatment was enough to send me into a frenzy of longing. I vowed that my husband would service me in this manner once I had conceived and it was no longer advisable to be fucked the regular way. Indeed, I wanted to make this a regular part of our sexual practice in any case.

“I am going to allow you a very short rest before the climax of this session, if you’ll pardon the expression, young Madame,” he smiled. “A minute, no more before we administer the set of simultaneous orgasms. Do you feel up to it ?”

I was exhausted, but not satiated yet. “Yes Doctor, I’ll manage.”

“Good, you’re doing very well I must say. Did you enjoy your anal orgasms ?”

I nodded, eyes closed, remembering the feeling.

“I thought so. This is a little point I like to make with my more gifted patients, as it were. You know, anal pleasure and sensations like you just felt are some of the few sexual experiences that are identical for males and females. Maybe you should treat your husband to some of the same pleasure. Not now of course, but later after your baby is on the way for instance.”

“How do you mean ?” I asked.

“I won’t go into detail right now, we don’t have time for that. But maybe you should just bugger him up the ass now and then.”

“How ?” I asked truly mystified, “Do you mean I should stick my finger in his bottom ?”

“Well, that’s not quite the same. I’ll explain it another time, if you wish. Perhaps I could instruct you in more detail during another treatment session ?”

“Maybe,” I said, knowing full well that I would not be able to pass up such a temptation.

“Now to continue. Please relax as much as you can. Close your eyes.”

Once again I felt the current flow though my cunny, building up a sexual tension in all parts of my enflamed sexual organ. Added to that already delicious pleasure, came a series of pulsing throbs from my rectum and anus. It was almost unbearable, a sensation so concentrated and diffuse at the same time that I felt as if my body were to dissolve into atoms of bliss, each and all charged with a sexual essence so intense that I would surely die. I must have cried out and shaken in violent spasms, but truly I cannot remember. The ecstasy went on and on it seemed, though not more than several minutes passed, I’m sure. It seemed forever.

When it was over I must have swooned, because I cannot remember it ending, only that I wakened as if from the deepest sleep, as if I had risen out of the deepest hole.

It could not have been long though, because I was still covered in warm sweat, flushed and red hot, my heart beating rapidly. I felt dizzy and quite exhausted. The probes were still inside of me but apparently I had released the doctor’s penis during the last set of orgasms, for my hands were empty and the doctor was already dressing again. He asked me if I felt all right and I replied that I most certainly did. He then instructed the assistant to dry me off with a towel while he gently removed first the anal and then the vaginal penetrators. My crotch was soaking wet and still pulsed from the after effects of the treatment. The assistant dried me off, using a fresh towel between my legs.

“There is still one final detail to attend to before I unstrap you from the table, young Madame,” the Doctor told me. “You are very well dilated now and to keep you that way I am going to administer a set of vaginal and anal suppositories that will keep you in this state for several more hours. You will also stay sexually charged so that you and your husband can have a successful go at it tonight.” He patted my belly. “I’m sure all will go well for you both tonight, just don’t wait too long before you begin. It’s four o’clock now. If I were you I should best start fucking your husband before eight. Can you manage that ?”

“I think so, he said he’d be home around six tonight.” I said.

“Excellent. I recommend that you dispense with dinner until afterwards and that you get right down to it.”

“I’ll try doctor,” I replied.

“Good, I think this has been a very successful session.”

He went over to the trolley for a last time and returned with two foil wrapped objects. He removed the covering from the suppos and slipped both inside of me quickly, without any preparation. Both were of the same size, larger than the anal probe he had just finished using on me, but they entered me without any problem. The doctor used his finger to push the anal suppo up into my rectum and the other one he inserted into my cunny. He let me lay strapped in the stirrups for an additional 5 minutes so that the suppositories would begin melting from my body heat. In the meanwhile he occupied himself in arranging the instruments and tidying up.

Finally I was allowed to get up from the examination table. The assistant unfastened my ankles from the stirrups and helped me to my feet.

“My assistant will see you back to the changing booth, young Madame,” the doctor said. “Remember my advice about tonight. If you need another session you may call for an appointment or if you feel that additional treatments are necessary for any other reasons, please feel free to call as well. Also remember what I told you about shared sexual experiences. I would be happy to instruct both you and your husband.”

After shaking my hand he turned and left. The assistant took me by the hand this time and led me though the long hallway once again. Before returning to the room where I had left my clothes, she led me to a small wash room, where she advised me to wash my hands before returning home.

“We don’t want your husband to notice the Doctor’s male aroma when he comes home,” she explained. After washing my hands very thoroughly she then made me rub them over my vulva and bade me to insert my fingers into my vagina. I obeyed but was bewildered at her intentions.

“Don’t wash when you come home, Madame. Your husband will surely be aware of the smell of your sexual arousement and that will be all to the good, won’t it ?” she smiled. I understood and agreed. Finally back in the changing room, I dressed.

After settling the bill I took the bus home and awaited Alain’s return eagerly.

It took me but little prompting to entice him out of his clothes. When I undressed he was somewhat surprised to see my pubic hair gone, but I explained that it was part of the doctor’s treatment. He shrugged and accepted my explanation. And just as the doctor and his assistant had predicted I soon had him in a state of sexual frenzy.

We fucked the night away, as well as the next. I got pregnant with a healthy little boy and went back to the doctor for additional treatments, but that’s another story for sure.