Letters From French Magazines

Letter from ‘Le Nouveau Couple 2000’


Famous Enema Lovers

I have been a fervent klismophile ever since my youth. I expressly write ‘klismophile’ and not ‘clystéromane’ (French for a maniac lover of enemas) such as you did in a previous issue. I wish to point out that we are lovers of sensuous enemas and not of vigorous cleansing lavages. Before magazines such as yours began to write about this practice, I was experiencing very strong sexual stimulation by administering erotic clysters to myself.

I have frequented many public libraries in the past years, and it is possible to consult numerous medical books written by physicians in which they cite and discus various old texts that mention the use of enemas throughout the ages.

The authors of such books, have consulted various primary source documents in their quest for information : doctors diaries and note books, apothecaries and pharmacists notes, archives containing numerous letters written by members of the high and low nobility and other documents of all kinds.

For instance, numerous historians openly write that as a child, Louis XIII was regularly given clysters in the presence of numerous lookers-on. Louis XIV was equally enamored of this practice and certainly over indulged himself. Various authors state that his fistula was the result of receiving clysters too frequently. It is also known that he liked to have his pet dogs enemaed regularly.

The mother of Louis XIII, Marie de Médicis, had her apothecaries administer clysters quite regularly, and also received ‘many others’ from favored members of the court. She was generally present when Louis XIII received his treatments and she also demanded that her ladies in waiting and chambermaids receive a ‘grande toillette de clystere’ in her presence. She herself gave clysters to her second son so that he also ‘would benefit greatly from this wondrous medicine’. Louis XIII liked to give his mistresses clysters.

The duchess of Bourgogne, who had an immoderate appetite for enemas, liked to have hers given when she was in the presence of the king and queen, without other members of the court being aware of it.

Voltaire had a strong preference for soap enemas. He wrote eloquent passages about a small English enema device that he used. And Frederick the Great is supposed to have witnessed Voltaire taking his cleansing treatments when the French philosopher was staying at the king’s palace in Germany.

Pauline Borghese took a very large number of special enemas, which is said to have given her an insatiable sexual hunger.

So as can be seen in history, klismophilia does exist, not as a perversion, but as a very refined preliminary to normal sexuality.

Yours GD


The author continually uses the word ‘clystere’, which refers to the practice of using a squeeze bulb or a clyster syringe as opposed to using an enema bag. Up to the 19th century, I believe that clyster syringes were made of tin; rubber and plastic not being available of course.

It would not really be so uncommon for the king and queen to receive enemas in the presence of others, since they had to do just about everything else in the presence of nobles and servants anyway. The ‘poor things’ woke up, took a leak, had their bowel movements, ate, took (infrequent) baths and God knows what else, in the presence of numerous people. They had no privacy what so ever. They weren’t sick or didn’t even die alone. I do believe they were expected to make royal love alone, but there were always others around, servants, bodyguards and nobles courting favor or eavesdropping. Everyone wanted to get into the royal act.

Also concerning the duchess of Bourgogne : when at court, there were at times hundreds of nobles and servants all in the same room, so it should not have been all too difficult to have a servant administer a clyster unseen under a volumous skirt.

Louis XIII is generally known to have been a homosexual, his mother’s efforts at instructing him personally in the delights of sex with young ladies of noble and lesser birth, notwithstanding. I think he finally managed to beget an heir, such being the royal duty.