Like a Marine

Robert was a tough wiry youth in his early twenties, tanned, with light brown hair clipped short and neat. Blue eyes set wide apart in an angelic manly face. A short nose - much like a boxer’s. Tee-shirt and tight fitting faded blue dungarees which had a casualness about them but which fit Robert like a glove. His narrow well rounded buttocks flexed under the faded fabric.

And his butt was also the object of his secret passion for he had recently acquired a love for enemas. Oddly enough, he had not learned to enjoy enemas in his childhood, as many guys do. Instead, he had become addicted to enemas while serving in the United States Marines! This is how it all began…

Robert experienced the first enemas in his lifetime while he was hospitalized after crashing his car and enduring a few broken bones. He found the first enema to be embarrassing and tried to fight it off, but it was administered by a firm Navy corpsman who pried Robert’s buttocks apart and inserted the enema hose before he even knew what was happening. Robert groaned as the warm sudsy water began to fill his rectum.

“This should clean you out good, son,” the corpsman murmured as he enema’d the Marine, who wasn’t liking it one bit. But even as he laid on his left side, doing what was possible to retain his dignity, the young Marine noticed that he was getting a hard-on!

Robert felt the Navy corpsman slide the enema hose further up into his rectum and, as it brushed against the Marine’s prostate, the youth felt his cock grow rock-hard. “Ohhhhh!” he groaned and flopped over on his belly and humped against the soft blanket underneath him. As the corpsman made adjustments to the tube, Robert spread his legs further apart.

Then the corpsman spoke, “You’ve taken almost half the enema now. That’ta boy. Now just relax and let it flow into you.” As if the Marine had any choice in the matter. Then the Navy corpsman raised the enema can, sending a massive surge of the warm suds into Robert’s bowels.

“Ohhhh. God Damn!” Robert complained.

The corpsman momentarily stopped the flow of the fluid and inserted the enema hose deeper into the Marine’s rectum past his tightly clenched buttocks. As the lad felt the hose slide over his outraged prostate, he lost control. The semen in his balls churned and Robert shot his sticky cum onto the bed beneath him just as he heard the enema can gurgle empty. Then, as the corpsman withdrew the enema hose that was so deeply embedded inside of him, Robert’s cock throbbed as he shot another load.

He was shaking with excitement as the corpsman helped him onto the commode alongside the bed where he rapidly emptied his guts of the first enema he had ever experienced. And Robert noticed that the corpsman was smiling broadly as though he knew that he had given the young Marine not only his first enema but an intensely erotic experience as well.

Robert’s second and third enemas were given to him by a Navy Chief Corpsman named Stan Picton, who ran the X-ray facility. The young Marine was tossed a sheet as he entered the room and ordered to climb aboard the big black adjustable X-ray table. “On here, son. On your back!” ordered Picton as he placed some stirrups into slots at the foot of the table.

Picton was the typical “Marlborough Man” type: a bit on the stocky side, but good-looking with intelligent blue eyes peering out of a bronzed face; a mustache and in his late forties.

He slid Robert down the table, adjusted the stirrups just so and taped the Marine’s feet to them so that they were high in the air and wide apart. Robert looked like a cowboy being thrown from a bronco, his butt totally exposed to Picton’s view. And the provocative view wasn’t lost on Picton either. Although married with two boys of his own, he had butt-fucked with his enema hoses a lot of young sailors and marines. It was a vicarious pleasure which Picton thoroughly enjoyed.

Completely embarrassed, Robert turned his head sideways. There on a blackboard Picton had scrawled, “WEDNESDAY IS ENEMA DAY!” Robert read the list of nine names written underneath, including his own. Most of them were sailors. He

appeared to be the only Marine on the list.

As if reading the boy’s thoughts, Picton said, “Looks like one of you Marines is going to get a real good enema today.”

Robert turned his head just as Picton wheeled in a chrome irrigation pole. On it was a big red enema bag, a length of hose in the middle of which was a metal clip of some sort. To the hose was attached a big black nozzle, much larger than Robert had ever seen before, shaped like a rounded arrow and tapered at the neck. Robert’s face and neck turned beet-red as he realized that his asshole was the target now.

Picton placed the irrigation pole at the foot of the treatment table and raised it higher until it was level with his chest. Then he reached for the enema bag and hose and walked over to the sink in the corner.

Robert’s upraised legs blocked his view, but the Marine heard the sound of running water filling a metal container of some sort, some clinks and various other strange noises. Then there was the sound of something being poured into the rubber enema bag. A pause and then suddenly Picton appeared between the Marine’s legs, holding the enema bag aloft. He inverted the big red rubber enema bag - bloated with suds to the point of bursting - and hung it on the irrigation pole

Robert blustered, “I…I don’t think I can take all of that, Sir…” Picton obviously wasn’t going to be diverted by any protestations and he adjusted the pole so that the bag was hoisted even higher and suspended three feet above the treatment table. The red rubber enema hose dangled beneath the bulging rubber enema bag. Robert couldn’t see the nozzle. Picton had evidently placed it on the table, ready for insertion.

Then the Navy Chief Corpsman smiled. “You’re a Marine! Remember that. You’re gonna take it all for me like a man! Like a Marine!” Robert’s protests subsided as he reluctantly resigned himself to his fate, wondering if he really would manage to take all of the sudsy water contained in the bulging red rubber enema bag swaying ominously on the irrigation stand at the foot of the treatment table.

Picton began to put on a pair of rubber gloves and said, “Sure! You’ll be able to take it. I’ve have a lot of Marines in here. They all manage to.” The Navy Chief Corpsman sure was a mind reader, Robert thought to himself.

He watched as Picton unscrewed a jar of Vaseline and then he felt the rubber-gloved hands separate his buttocks and rub the slippery lubricant all around the knot of his throbbing asshole. As his probing finger worked its way to the center of the young Marine’s sphincter, Picton just stared into the boy’s face. Then Robert felt the seductive finger stop its movement and came to

rest upon the very entrance to his asshole. The Marine braced himself for the insertion he knew was coming.

And it did come! Slowly, Picton eased his Vaseline-coated finger past the protesting muscles of the Marine’s sphincter and began to thoroughly lubricate the inner portion of the boy’s rectum, even though the young man squirmed helplessly trying to evade the fuck-like insertions and withdrawals invading his butt-hole. Then more and more Vaseline was stuffed into the youth’s rectum.

Deeper and deeper Picton inserted his finger, purposely massaging it hard against Robert’s pulsating prostate. Then, as the Marine closed his eyes and his mouth opened as he gasped, Picton felt his own cock grow erect. He thought of all the voluptuous greasings he had given to the young sailors aboard ship and recalled how many of them had shot their wads in the process of being Vaseline’d during their enema initiations.

Picton wasn’t aware that he was getting the Marine now in front of him violently worked up as his finger continued to ravish his virgin asshole. But Robert eventually grabbed his hand and groaned, “Ohhhh…easy…easy!” But Picton continued to stuff the Marine’s asshole with Vaseline, reaching further and further up into the boy’s rectum until he heard a loud moan gurgle from the

Marine’s throat. Then he noticed the large wet blotch appear on the sheet covering part of the youth’s lower abdomen. Robert’s face was now relaxed and peaceful. Picton smiled and slowly withdrew his finger from the Marine’s butt.

Robert had been determined to fight the many insertions, but he learned that as much as he tightened his sphincter, he couldn’t prevent that enema- experienced Navy corpsman from stuffing Vaseline up his rectum, or massaging his prostate and forcing his balls to give up their load of sperm. However, he found that the consequences of fighting it resulted in a more violent explosion of the semen and a heart stopping orgasm. He was happy to discover that his battle with Picton’s finger had given him such a passionate explosion.

The Marine opened his eyes and saw Picton uncoiling the red rubber hose leading to the enema bag dangling overhead. Then the Navy Chief Corpsman grasped the big black nozzle and began to smear it with Vaseline. Robert watched intently, trying to appear disinterested. Even though he had shot his wad only moments ago, he could feel his balls tighten at the prospect of the insertion of the enema nozzle that was to come, and further, that it was to be done by this handsome Navy corpsman.

Picton unfastened the clip on the red rubber enema hose and some suds spurted briefly out of the end of the black nozzle into his hand. Then there was a soft hiss as the air in the hose was forced out. Then the white soapy fluid ran out. Robert could hear it trickle into a basin. “I want you to relax and don’t fight it,” said Picton as he sat down on a stool at the end of the treatment table. Robert felt the Navy man gently press the nozzle against the knot of his anus, which tightened upon contact. “Relax, son. Don’t fight it.” Robert tried to relax. It took some time. Picton peered at the Marine between his legs.

“It’s too big!” Robert begged.

“Nonsense. You’ll be surprised what you can insert up a Marine’s butt! You’re a Marine. You can take it.”

Then Picton began to try to take the boy’s mind off the nozzle which was being pressed against his anus. “Cough!” he ordered. Robert did so and the nozzle slipped forward. The Marine’s sphincter widened and then tightened against the nozzle. “Again!” Picton ordered. Robert complied and slowly the wide part of the nozzle slipped past the protesting sphincter and slid into his rectum.

Robert lay there with beads of perspiration collecting on his forehead. Breathing heavily, he felt the hard nozzle as it slid into his rectum and then he felt it pressing against his prostate. Involuntarily the Marine had an erection and he felt some pre-seminal fluid ooze out onto the sheet. His hard-on gave the sheet a tent-like effect, which Picton noted. “I thought all Marines enjoyed receiving a good enema. How about it, son?” Robert just nodded and closed his eyes to avoid the direct gaze of this Navy Chief Corpsman who seemed to take such great pleasure in his enema duties and knew every secret pleasure and desire of those unfortunate sailors and marines who fell into his clutches.

Then Robert heard the catch snap open on the enema hose and simultaneously felt the nozzle which was wedged up his butt begin to spurt warm sudsy water against the walls of his rectum. His eyes opened. Picton was really intent on giving him the enema. The Marine felt the warm fluid begin to fill his insides as he watched the huge bloated red rubber enema bag suspended above the table. It didn’t even look as though it had emptied any at all. And already Robert began to feel full and then he felt a sharp cramp and let out a low cry.

Picton immediately snapped the clip shut. “Easy, boy!” he said. Robert tried to take his mind off the enema nozzle pressing against his prostate and the warm suds engorging his young bowels. The knowledge that he had to take all of the enema didn’t help much either. Then he suddenly felt something gurgle in the depths of his intestines and the cramp passed.

The Navyman opened the clip and more sudsy water began to flush up the Marine’s butt almost before his bowels had made an adjustment. It was as though Picton had crawled into his mind. “That’s a good boy. Don’t fight it. You’re being enema’d just like a Marine.” Picton ran his hands over the boy’s buttocks and gently massaged them and the Marine tensed. Here he was - a grown man - legs up in the air, taped to stirrups, his legs wide apart, giving the Navy corpsman a clear view of the big black nozzle and the hose penetrating his asshole and unable to do anything about being enema’d like a little boy!

Picton was evidently enjoying it and he was an expert at giving enemas. That was also obvious. Just when Robert felt that he couldn’t take any more suds, Picton would stop the flow just long enough for the youth to allow his bowels to adjust. Then the Navyman would open the clamp and the red rubber enema bag would continue to drain into the squirming youth who was trying to retain his composure as a Marine. But it is difficult to look dignified with your legs up in the air and a hose up your butt while you are being enema’d by a handsome sailor.

Robert now looked up at the red rubber enema bag suspended on the irrigation pole. His brow was wet with perspiration. The upper part of the enema bag had collapsed, but the lower part was still bulging with the heavy suds as they drained into the youth. “A little over half, son. You’re doing fine.”

The Marine couldn’t imagine how he could possibly take all of the enema. His breathing was heavy as he sought to make room in his bowels. “That’s the way.” It was Picton’s voice, much gentler now. The Navyman slipped his hand under the sheet covering the Marine’s erection and brushed past it, beginning to massage the boy’s swollen belly. Robert did not protest, but merely closed his eyes. “You’ve still got a bit to go, son!”

Picton’s hand slowly grasped the boy’s erect cock, greasing it with the Vaseline on his rubber glove. Robert lifted his hips off the table, obviously desirous of another release. Picton needed no encouragement. He let loose the enema hose and the final contents of the enema bag gushed up the boy’s rectum. At the same time the Navyman slid his hand up and down the Marine’s hard cock. The sailor barked, “What’s happening, Marine?”

The youth responded in a strained clipped voice, “I’m being enema’d, SIR!” “That’s right! And you’re gonna take it ALL!”

“Yes, SIR!” The suds were draining into the Marine’s rectum rapidly now and he was bucking his hips up and down rapidly, all the more to feel Picton’s greasy fist riding up and down on his quivering penis.

“Take it all…, take it all, boy…like a Marine!” Picton cupped the boy’s balls with his other hand. The youth let out a gasp. “Yes, Sir. I’m being enema’d, ahhhhh. l am going to take all of your enema like a Marine, SIR!”

With that he let loose and shot his wad again and again. His cock erupted like a white fountain of cum just as the big red enema bag gurgled empty!

A little while later when Robert returned from the head after emptying his guts of the high soapsuds enema he had just endured, he froze in the doorway! Picton had replaced the red rubber enema bag with a much larger white enamel can, which was suspended from the chrome irrigation pole. Robert’s eyes followed the thick amber latex hose from the spout on the bottom of the can to where it was dangling over the arm of the irrigation stand. Instead of terminating in the usual hard black nozzle Robert noted that the hose just seemed fatter for the last four inches of the tip. Robert clenched his buttocks as he realized that Picton had been getting him prepared to take an even bigger enema for his examination!

Picton the Corpsman had his lead rubber apron on and was slipping some X-ray cassettes into the slots under the table. Then he turned and ordered, “Stand on the stool at the end of the table!” Robert meekly complied. “Now bend over on your belly!” As he did so, Robert noticed the Navy Chief Corpsman dip his rubber-gloved finger into the jar of Vaseline. “Spread ‘em, son!” Picton ordered sharply.

The Marine did as he was told and immediately he felt the cold greasy substance being dabbed on the knot of his anus. Then the corpsman’s finger pressed downwards and sank into the young Marine’s rectum, stuffing it again with Vaseline. This procedure was repeated several times until Robert was squirming face down on the table with his rectum oozing Vaseline. Picton was finally satisfied that the boy was adequately greased and noted that Robert’s cock was now again totally erect.

Then Picton arranged the Marine on the X-ray table on his back, the youth’s legs drawn almost to his chest, spread as widely as possible and taped to the stirrups inserted into sockets on either side of the treatment table. Picton secured the Marine’s wrists in restraints which were at the upper corners of the table. “Comfortable?” he asked. Robert nodded, his face crimson with embarrassment. Picton’s own cock was now as hard as a steel bar. He felt the urge to fuck the Marine lying in front of him, but knew it was much too soon. The boy looked just like a cowboy looks when he’s being tossed from a bull…only this Marine cowboy was soon gonna be riding an enema hose!

As Picton moved the irrigation pole, some of the thick white fluid splashed over the lip of the enema can. “Damn!” Picton muttered as he reached for the thick amber latex hose and uncoiled it. Grasping the end, he reached into the Vaseline jar and deftly greased the tip of the hose with Vaseline and quickly slipped the thick hose into the Marine’s rectum. Robert felt the blunt nozzle of the amber latex hose slip past his anal sphincter, ease its way across his outraged prostate and bury itself deep in his boyish rectum. His distended sphincter closed about the neck of the latex nozzle as Picton watched with satisfaction. The Marine’s eyes were closed tightly. His mind was filled with eroticism of the moment as his whole concentration was centered around the sensation of that big enema hose being inserted by the handsome Navy corpsman chief.

Picton made an adjustment to the hose which caused Robert’s cock to jerk upright. The Navy Chief smiled and began to slowly twist the hose back and forth in the Marine’s rectum as the young man squirmed helplessly on the end of that rubber latex enema hose.

Picton then rose and went to a nearby cupboard and pulled out a large black Higginson’s Syringe - the sort with a bulb in the center of a length of hose which generally is used to introduce little boys to the enema when they don’t want to take one. Picton had used it on his own teenage boys. This he connected it into the amber latex hose while the Marine watched intently. And after he had connected the in-line syringe between the nozzle and the hose which ran from a big white enema can brimming with Barium Sulphate, Picton pushed a button and the Marine’s legs were lifted higher and wider. Then a fluoroscopic screen was positioned over the Marine’s abdomen. Low power X-rays would show the progress of this Barium enema as it was going to be pumped into Robert’s rectum.

“This is going to be a high enema, son,” Picton warned. “It may hurt a little, but I want you to cooperate and take it like a Marine. Okay?”

The young Marine nodded, “If you say so, Sir. I’ll try.” Picton grasped the huge black rubber bulb of the enema syringe in his hand. His own cock grew erect as he felt a sense of power overwhelm him at the thought that he was going to force the handsome Marine spread-eagled on the treatment table in front of him to submit to a Barium enema.

Robert felt, rather than heard, the “click” as Picton released the catch on the latex enema hose. The white heavy fluid oozed down the amber hose and spattered onto the Marine’s rectal walls. Picton watched the fluid as it drained through the semi-transparent enema hose into the boy’s rectum. Then he gave a hard squeeze on the bulb of the Higginson’s Syringe. The Marine grunted. Picton squeezed again and began to establish a steady rhythm as he began to pump the enema into the youth and watched its progress into his innards on the fluoroscope.

The Marine on the end of the enema hose was beginning to squirm and feebly protest the onslaught. “Don’t worry, son. I’ve had lots of experience enema’ing Marines. Some took even bigger enemas than this. So just give yourself to it. Let it take over! Relax, boy!”

The Corpsman Chief began to pump really vigorously and he heard the squish of the thick white fluid as it rocketed up the helpless boy’s backside. A trickle of fluid oozed out of Robert’s asshole as his sphincter struggled to retain the enema. Picton paused momentarily, grasped the hose imbedded in the Marine’s asshole and pushed it higher up into his rectum. The youth’s pole became like a bar of steel and he gasped as the Navyman continued to milk the enema deep into him. His abdomen became more and more distended as the white oily fluid filled him.

Robert groaned. Picton ignored it and kept pumping. “Jeez, Sir!” the Marine begged. ‘I think that’s enough, Sir!”

Picton switched on the fluoroscope and peered at the screen, then turned it off. ‘Nonsense, son. The barium hasn’t even reached your traverse colon yet.” The Marine was powerless to argue with this resolute enema administrator. He was totally at the mercy of the Navy Corpsman Chief, who - unknown to him - had the reputation of enjoying forcibly enema’ing ail those sailors and marines who wound up on the end of his enema hose.

Robert squirmed some more as the corpsman resumed squeezing the enema syringe, sending more and more barium up his ass. He was determined not to let Picton embarrass him. But how could one not be embarrassed: spread eagle on a table, legs high in the air and a thick amber latex hose dangling from a huge container overhead and leading to the big syringe which Picton grasped fondly and firmly and from which came an equally thick latex hose, coiled and inserted high into the Marine’s bottom, spewing and spurting warm white liquid into the Marine’s distended rectum.

“God Damn!” Robert gasped as he felt the heavy fluid as Picton was injecting it into his rectum. “Ohhhh! Stop! STOP!”

Picton viewed the fluoroscope again but continued to enema the boy as he did so. He noted how the fluid had now distended most of the Marine’s lower bowel. Then he addressed the youth. “Settle down, son. It’ll soon be all in.” He peered into the enema can. “You’ve taken about a third of it already. Just two thirds to go!”

The Marine groaned loudly. “Honest, Doc. I really don’t think I can take all that!” he protested. However, Picton continued to ignore his complaints. “Take what. son?” he asked.

“Take all of that big enema. Ohhhhh….Please, Sir…STOP!” the lad howled as Picton continued to pump away on the syringe.

“Take it, son. Take it all. I know you can do it!” Picton now began to pump more vigorously as Robert wriggled desperately, trying to dislodge the thick hose which kept on spewing the thick white fluid into his butt. Picton smiled. The Marine was beginning to panic.

Finally the Navy Corpsman Chief secured the clip on the enema hose and pushed a button which tilted the X-ray table until Robert was almost vertical. “Bottoms up!” Picton chortled as he grasped the latex enema hose and turned on the fluoroscope. Picton watched carefully as he inched the well greased hose further up the young man’s rectum. Robert felt the hose slide over his prostate and some pre-cum dribbled from his erect cock.

Picton rubbed the boy’s bloated belly and noticed the opaque white barium fluid begin to flow upwards into the youth’s cecum. The boy’s pole bobbed excitedly as Picton adjusted the hose, twisting it slightly so as to move the hose deeper into the colon. “We’re halfway there, son!” he murmured.

The Marine gritted his teeth and groaned, “Oh Jeez, Sir…l can’t take it ALL! No WAY”

Picton switched off the fluoroscope and gently rubbed the Marine’s buttocks. “Now take a deep breath for me, son!” Picton ordered. Robert reluctantly complied. The dull ache in his belly subsided and he sighed with relief. “There! I told you could do it! Now keep taking deep breaths. I’m going to finish off the injection.” Picton grasped the enema syringe with his right hand

and snapped loose the clip on the hose. Then he reached for the hose where it entered the Marine’s puckered asshole and firmly held it in place.

Robert felt a mix of pleasure-pain. He wanted to please this handsome man, wanted to be enema’d by him, and wondered if he could endure the agony. Somewhere inside of him Robert felt the hose pump more fluid into his bowels and they began to distend further. He was helpless to stop the assault on his rectum and his protests were to no avail as far as this corpsman was concerned.

At that moment the Marine realized that he was to be fully enema’d and that was that. The corpsman would make him take all of the barium solution. It was something that both of them comprehended now as enema-giver and enema receiver. And in that flash of awareness Robert knew that he was happy to be right where he was and with Stan Picton. Secretly he wanted to be enema’d like a little boy. Picton had known that from the outset, just as he knew other sailors and marines merely protested to protect their macho image from his assault with the enema syringe.

Picton pumped the syringe vigorously as Robert squirmed helplessly on the end of the enema hose. Finally Robert could stand no more and yelped to stop. Picton pumped twice more and like the last sip from a milkshake at a soda fountain, the hose gurgled rudely, announcing that the last of the white fluid had been injected. “All right, son, now hold that position,” Picton ordered.

Robert sighed with relief and thought to himself, “Looks like I really have no choice in the matter anyhow.”

Picton turned on the fluoroscope and told Robert, “Hold your breath…don’t move, son!” The Marine complied. Picton pushed a button on the X-ray machine and took a photograph. He then removed the cassette from under Robert and, as he entered the darkroom, called over his shoulder, “Remain still until I’ve developed this or I’ll have to enema you all over again.”

Robert kept as still as he possibly could. Then he felt the cramps begin. “Ohhhh…Christ! I’m gonna let go!” the Marine yelled.

Picton returned from the darkroom and said, “One down, one to go! Now hold still, son.” Picton was toting a bucket which he placed on the floor at the bottom of the table. He took the hose off the can and unfastened it from the connector, then dangled the hose over the pail to let the fluid drain out of the Marine. Robert felt his bowels gurgle as the white fluid drained into the

bucket and he sighed with relief. Picton left him there draining with the hose still firmly imbedded in his butt and returned to the darkroom. When Picton returned from the darkroom, he lowered the youth’s body and tilted the table forward so as to facilitate drainage. Then the corpsman reached into a drawer and withdrew a inflatable nozzle nozzle which he attached to the syringe. He unfastened the enema can from the hose and put it on a nearby tray.

Then Picton pushed a button which raised the Marine’s upper torso. More white fluid drained from Robert’s rectal hose. The corpsman grasped the amber latex hose and slowly eased it out of the youth’s butt. Robert’s eyes closed and his hard pole began to pulse. Just as the thicker part of the nozzle slid over his prostate, he yelped and a fountain of cum shot up into the air, landing on his belly where it collected in a pool.

Picton slid the hose out completely, sending another and stronger ejaculation of semen high into the air. The Marine was obviously enjoying the elation which came with the experience. “Gee, Sir - I’m sorry for all that fuss. I ain’t had an enema like that before!”

Picton began to unfasten Robert’s legs from the stirrups and released his arms after leveling the table. “Okay, son, turn over on your belly and rest awhile.” Robert did so, watching Picton out of the corner of his eye as the Navy Chief Corpsman began to grease up the inflatable nozzle nozzle with lots of Vaseline. Picton’s cock, already erect from the eroticism of forcibly enema’ing the handsome Marine, stiffened more as he viewed the firm melon-like buttocks of the youth Iying on the table in front of him

Picton knew that in a moment he, Picton, would be inserting the inflatable nozzle enema nozzle between those buttocks and into the Marine’s rectum. He wished he had the nerve and opportunity right now to bury his own stiff pole between those beautiful upturned buns. As he separated the youth’s buttocks and greased Robert’s anus again with Vaseline, he said, “Just one last thing to do before we call it a day. Spread ‘em for me, son.”

Robert reached back, opening his legs wide. Then he felt Picton place the inflatable nozzle nozzle down on his sphincter, felt the greased tip penetrate his asshole. Then he felt the bulb expanding inside his rectum as Picton began to inflate it. The bulbous nozzle and the action of Robert’s reflexes within his ass resulted in the entire bulb being pulled further inside his rectum. And once more he felt his cock getting harder and harder. Robert felt the inflatable nozzle balloon inflate inside his rectum. His erect pole rubbed against the rough wool military blanket as he lay on his belly. He still felt “heavy” inside from the Barium enema that he had so recently received. Even though he had emptied his youthful bowels of the white liquid, the feeling of fullness nevertheless staved with him

The Navy Corpsman Chief had moved over to the sink and hoisted a huge pitcher off the draining board and put some white liquid enema soap into it. Then he shoved the jug under the tap and the Marine heard the water splash loudly, increasing in pitch as the jug filled, for what seemed a very long time. Then Picton cupped the jug in both hands and placed the steaming vessel on the draining board. Then he dipped a bath thermometer into the liquid.

“One hundred and three degrees Fahrenheit,” Picton hummed to himself as he reached for a huge red enema bag dangling from the metal irrigation pole nearby. Then, slowly, he began to fill it. Robert had a good view of it from his position on the table as he laid on his belly with the inflatable nozzle tube dangling obscenely from his upraised ass. His buttocks clenched together automatically, though, as he watched Picton pour the churning, foaming suds into the mouth of the ominous looking enema bag. The huge red bag swelled more and more, and after it was bloated to almost twice its original size, the last dregs of the suds from the pitcher drained into it. And Picton made sure that every last drop was poured into the enema bag, just as he would also make sure that the boy took every last drop of the enema up his butt!

Picton turned fully to face the Marine. Robert observed that he was holding a length of red rubber hose that was attached to the enema bag and the hose was coiled up and terminated in a hose connector. Then he noticed something else: the awkward bulge in-between the Picton’s legs. He, too, had a roaring hard-on! “Turn around, boy!” Picton commanded. Robert flopped back onto his belly. “Head down on that pillow!”

Robert complied, but still managed to watch Picton hang the enema bag on the irrigation pole. Then he connected the free end of the hose to the hose protruding obscenely from the Marine’s asshole, the hose leading to the inflatable nozzle nozzle which was imbedded and inflated within the Marine’s rectum. Picton’s cock now throbbed visibly as he coupled Robert with the enema bag. Robert was surprised to feel the table suddenly pitch forward and downward, raising his ass a bit higher and his head and shoulders a bit lower. “That should help this enema to flow in better,” Picton explained. Robert suddenly felt the warm liquid begin to flood his bowels and his buttocks clenched in an automatic reflex. He risked a glance over his shoulder.

Picton was intent on injecting the fluid, a slight smile visible on his face, the hose gripped firmly in his right hand as the enema bag’s suds drained into the young Marine below. “This enema’s gonna be bigger than the other one, son. I’ve really gotta clean all that Barium out of you now. Just relax. You can take it.”

Robert’s breathing became deeper and heavier as he felt his guts becoming more and more bloated with the ceaseless flow of the enema fluid surging into him. “That’s better…that’s a good boy!” Picton’s words were strangely encouraging as the warm sudsy water flowed relentlessly into the Marine’s rectum. Then Robert gasped aloud as the cramps began to hit him. “Just relax, son…it’ll go away,” soothed Picton, as he stopped the flow momentarily and the spasm subsided. Robert glanced quickly over his shoulder at the enema bag when he thought Picton wasn’t looking. It looked as full and ominous as ever!

“I thought I told you to relax and keep your head down! Now spread those legs!” Picton ordered. Robert’s neck went as red as his face as he meekly complied. The Navy Chief Corpsman watched the boy’s buttocks flex in an effort to pinch off the flow. But the amber latex hose was firmly plugged into the boy’s rear and Picton was in rapture, knowing that the Marine would be taking every last dreg of the suds enema. He observed the boy’s fists clench and unclench as the suds foamed their way upwards and filled his bowels. “You’re a Marine, remember? You’ll soon get used to being enema’d, boy!” Picton rubbed Robert’s firm young buttocks as the fluid poured into the Marine. He thought of the times he had seen Robert around, wearing his Khaki/Tans which were tailored to show everything. He also recalled Robert in dungarees, off base, his tight firm buttocks encased in the faded blue Levi’s as though he had been poured into them . Now, right in front of him, was the object of his desires, taking a nice big military soapsuds enema!

Picton had often wondered how the youth would react to it, never dreaming, of course, that he would have him so completely in his power on the end of an enema hose! Robert hoisted his buttocks off the bed, on his knees, head down. “Ohhhh!” he groaned as the foaming torrent was filling him. He knew better than to reach back and yank out the tube imbedded in his boyish bottom. In the first place, any effort in that direction would probably mean the additional humiliation of being held down forcibly by other orderlies.

“What’s happening, son?” Picton barked.

“I’m being enema’d, SIR!” the Marine responded.

“Getting to like it, huh?”

“Sir?…Yes, SIR!” the Marine responded.

Picton watched the squirming Marine in front of him and, suspended above them both, the big rubber enema bag, the upper portion of which was slowly pressing together, forcing the warm sudsy water down the hose and into the handsome youth’s butt. ‘Yes, Sir, what?” Picton demanded, knowing the automatic response one gets from Marine.

“Yes, Sir. I like to be enema’d, SIR!”

“You gonna take it all for me, aren’t you, boy?”

Robert looked over his shoulder again as he felt his innards expanding. Less than one-third of the enema had been administered! “I..I…I’ll try, Sir! I don’t know whether I can, Sir…Ohhhhhh! Stop. PLEASE stop, Sir.”

Picton slowed down the flow but didn’t cut it off altogether. “You will take it…all of it, boy. You can make up your mind on that! Now just relax. Get that head down, boy!”

The Marine began feebly to protest, “But.. “

Picton thrust the youth’s head down. “I said down! Now spread those legs…further…further. Get that ass up…higher…higher!” Picton smiled as he watched the intimidated Marine quickly assume the requested position. As for Robert, he didn’t dare disobey Picton’s orders. It was bad enough being totally humiliated in front of this Navy Chief Corpsman without acting up and having him send out for others to come in to help to restrain him while he was still getting the enema. Better to cooperate.

Robert wondered to himself how many young Marines Picton had enema’d in this fashion. The Navy Chief always seemed to know what the Marine was thinking. “Don’t worry about it, son. Many Marines I’ve made ride the hose and all of them thought they couldn’t take it, but they found out they could!” Robert turned to protest but the movement of his body caused something inside of him to unlock, easing the strain inside his guts.

Suddenly, and without any increased discomfort, Robert felt the suds move more rapidly into him. Even as he stared at it, the red enema bag began to collapse rapidly. The Marine had hoped to get out of taking all the suds, but now he knew with a certainty that Picton would not let him escape that easily. His belly was now visibly bloated, and the force of the enema plus the Buttocks tube jammed tightly into his rectum, pressing against his pulsating prostate, caused his dick to become erect, hard as a stone.

“That’s it, son. Really get into it. Take it…take it all!” Picton encouraged, stroking the muscular buttocks of the boy on the bed in front of him. “Remember, you’re a MARINE!”

“Oooooh…Aaaggghhhhh!” Robert groaned as he felt the Navy Corpsman’s fingers slip between his buttocks and rub against and around the rim of his anus, right where the hose was imbedded. But the Marine was enjoying the sensation of being

finger-rimmed while he was getting filled up with the enema fluid.

“Like that, huh?” Picton said softly.

“Yes, Sir. I like being enema’d by you, Sir!”

“You gonna take it all for me?” Picton asked. The Marine nodded. Picton barked, “l asked you a question, boy!”

“Sir’. Yes, Sir’. I’m gonna take it all for you, Sir! Ohhhhh, Sir, Stop, Jeez, Man…Stop…Oh Ahhhh!” The Marine began to wail.

“Just a bit more to go, son, Picton reassured him. “You’ve taken almost three-quarters of the enema and you’re doing just fine. Now just relax and let it take you along. Relax! Relax!”

Robert did everything but relax. His squirming increased as he writhed all over the bed. “God Dammit!…Stop!…Stop! full…! gotta go and empty myself!”

“Not until I’m ready, boy! Just give yourself over totally to the enema. Concentrate on the fact that you are being enema’d so thoroughly that when you leave here, you will always remember the feeling of that enema hose between your buttocks. You will long for an enema like a thirsty man longs for a Coke on a hot summer’s day. I promise you that you’ll remember this day as long as you live, boy!”

“Yes, Sir!”

Picton released his grip on the enema hose, which was pulsating rapidly, and cupped the Marine’s balls in his left hand. His right hand was rubbing the boy’s buttocks. “What’s happening, Marine?”

“I’m being enema’d, Sir! I’m being enema’d like a Marine. Sir!”

“Do you like it, boy?”

“Sir? Yes, Sir! I really like being enema’d, Sir. I want to be enema’d. Sir!”

“And do you know that you need it!”

“Yes, Sir! I need to be enema’d, Sir. Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Aaaggghhhh!”

Then several things happened simultaneously. The enema bag gurgled as the last dregs of the suds emptied into the Marine’s guts just as the Marine shot a huge was of his thick white cum onto the bed. At the same time Picton felt Robert’s balls contract, and he knew immediately that he had another enema convert! Then he clipped off the amber latex hose, detached the connector, and wheeled the irrigation pole with its dangling now-empty enema bag over to the sink. The Marine’s belly was heaving and he was groaning, “Ohhhhh! Hurry! I gotta go empty out…l gotta Go!”

“Not yet, son!” Picton called over his shoulder. “Not unless you want another enema!”

The Marine’s face went ashen, then turned as red as the enema bag that had just delivered its full load of soapy water deep into his bowels. “Not just now. Thank you, Sir’.” Robert replied.

Picton helped the boy to his feet and the Marine leaped toward the toilet. Then Picton started to deflate the inflatable nozzle, but before it was totally deflated, it popped out of the Marine’s totally enema-full rectum. As he was releasing the first torrents of the warm soapy water, Robert clung tightly to the Navy Corpsman Chief, who gently ruffled the boy’s curly hair. Then Picton left to clean up. When he returned, he observed the blissful smile of relief and release on Robert’s face. The Marine really did enjoy being enema’d! And so it happened that Robert became an avid enema aficionado in the real sense of the word.