Linda And Jim Go To The Gynecologist

They sat in the waiting room. Two friends, both with a secret obsession - they were turned on by women’s doctor exams. But not a secret to each other. After a few beers one night they had confessed to having a special fantasy, and neither could believe that it was the same one. But they weren’t lovers, just friends. Good friends. And that friendship was about to be put to the test.

“Okay, I’m going to try it,” the young woman whispered to her male friend. “Once I get in there, I will try to get you in there, too.”

Her heart was beating excitedly as she spoke. “But you remember, we will NEVER tell anybody else about this.”

“I know.” He nodded. His pulse was racing, too.

“This is just for us. For you. Because we’re friends.” They both looked up as the door to the inner office opened and a nurse came out.

“Linda, Doctor’s ready for you. Follow me, please.” The young woman stood up. “Jim,” she whispered, “see you soon….” He smiled briefly as his heart pounded.

Linda followed the nurse into the exam room, where she was handed a gown with the usual instructions - remove all your clothing - and the nurse promised to be back in a couple of minutes. Linda efficiently took off her shoes and socks, then her jeans and sweater, and was standing in her bra and panties when the nurse came back in, a bit sooner than promised. “Doctor’s ready now. Don’t bother with the gown. Just hop up here in your bra and panties. It will be fine.”

She had barely hoisted herself up when the doctor strode in - this was Linda’s first visit to Dr. Monica Francis, chosen specifically because she WAS a woman, and had been recommended by a couple of her friends as being very sensitive and informative. She just might go along with her and Jim’s plan. Dr. Francis was a tall woman, rather plain in the face, but a calming earth mother type who immediately put Linda at ease. And Linda was nervous, not so much for what was happening now, but for what she wanted to happen very soon.

After a few introductory remarks, Dr. Francis pulled out a stethoscope and began to run it over Linda’s chest area, her round breasts still encased in the sheer bra, and no doubt heard her patient’s heart beating loudly. “Don’t be nervous, dear,” the doctor tried to reassure, “you’re going to do just fine.” She smiled at Linda, and slipped the disc between her breasts. “Your heart’s just going a mile-a-minute, you know.”

“Sorry,” Linda offered. “I bet you get a lot of that.”

“You’re right.” Dr. Francis moved the stethoscope disc around to Linda’s back. “Could you slip your bra off now?” Linda reached back and unhooked it, letting it hang in front while the doctor finished up in back. “Okay, Linda, I’m going to do a breast exam now,” she said evenly, as she pulled the bra off the rest of the way, revealing Linda’s ample C-cup breasts. “Sit up straight, dear.” Dr. Francis’ hands began to palpate Linda’s right breast, pressing and pushing the soft, firm flesh with knowing pressure, then moved to the left breast, and performed the same movements. “I’ll give you a pamphlet when you leave on self-examination; every woman needs to be doing it every month. But you feel just fine right now.” The doctor’s fingers pinched both of Linda’s nipples in turn, rather hard, checking for fluid, as she explained. Then she pushed Linda back onto the table, so she could continue the exam with the breasts flattened. Fingers moving over every part of Linda’s breasts, Dr. Francis calmly and thoroughly finished the breast exam.

“Everything’s just fine, Linda. You just be sure to self-exam, okay?” Linda nodded. The doctor made no move to cover Linda’s breasts at this point, she just began to move her hands lower to press her abdomen, pushing the panties lower as needed, until the top of Linda’s light brown pubic hair came into view. “I guess these need to come off now, Linda,” Dr. Francis requested, as the nurse moved into pull the panties over Linda’s hips and pull them off entirely. Linda lay there, her neatly trimmed pubic mound exposed, her legs still primly pressed together, now totally nude on the table.

“Can you move down to the end of the table, please?” the nurse asked as she extended the stirrups for this part of the exam. Now Linda’s heart was really going, as she slid into place and the nurse guided her feet into the holders. Dr. Francis was pulling on a pair of thin rubber gloves and turned around to see Linda’s exposed genital area, the brown hair sparse enough to offer an excellent view of everything. Dr. Francis remembered when women never even looked at their genitals, let alone groomed them as many young ladies did these days. She much preferred the modern custom, she thought, as she contemplated Linda’s youthful region, and offered a commentary to her patient.

“Good color,” she offered before she had even touched Linda. But then she did touch her, the gloved fingers moving over her genital area, examining her labia, pushing back the clitoral hood, holding the smaller lips apart to locate her urethra. Linda could feel Dr. Francis’ fingers working over her, gentle but with a purpose. The doctor slowly slipped a finger into her vaginal entrance. “Clench down, Linda, please,” she requested, and Linda tightened up around Dr. Francis’ finger. “Now release…and again.” Linda complied. The finger came out. “You’re a little dry. I’m going to use lubricant and my fingers before we do the speculum. It will feel better that way.”

After a few seconds, Linda felt the doctor’s finger re-enter her, easier this time, and examine the entrance on all sides, then go in deeper, to relax Linda and prepare her vagina to accept the speculum. Dr. Francis could feel the vaginal moisture begin to flow. She preferred this method for her patients; it was easier on the women, and established a trust that made the exams go much quicker and less traumatically.

Outside in the waiting room, Jim searched in vain for something to read other than parenting magazines, but failing, settled on a breast-feeding pamphlet that at least had some interesting pictures. What was going on in there? he wondered. And would their plan work out?

Dr. Francis finally felt that Linda was sufficiently lubricated to use the speculum and complete the pelvic exam. She removed her finger from Linda’s vagina, and asked the nurse to prepare the pap smear materials. Linda thought to herself, it’s now or never, and spoke up.

“Dr. Francis, could I ask you a question?”

“Of course.” The doctor stood up and looked at Linda, lying naked on the table, her nipples slightly hard in the cool room. “What can I help you with?”

“Well,” she began, “I’ve been having some trouble during…um…during sex with my boyfriend. I can’t seem to have an orgasm. I don’t know if it’s me, or what’s he’s doing, but…”

“Linda, this is a fairly common problem. Many times during intercourse, you’re

perhaps not being stimulated in the way you need. You might ask for more clitoral attention, or maybe try a different position. And of course you could help by exploring your own body and offering some specific suggestions for him.”

Linda hesitated a second before replying. She had to make her move, now. “I know, I’ve tried that. He says he just doesn’t understand what I’m talking about I think he really wants to work this out, but either I’m a bad teacher or something else is wrong.”

“Well, has he spoken to HIS physician? Perhaps that could help.” “I know this is weird, but would it be possible for him to come in here and for you to show him what’s what? “ There, she said it, it was out now.

“Linda, I don’t really think that’s something you’d want to do. Maybe later I can speak to him, but it would be highly irregular to have another person in the room while I’m examining you.”

“Even if I want him here?” Linda persisted.

“It’s really quite unusual. Linda, do you really want him to see you in the stirrups like this?”

Oh, god, yes, yes…! Calmly, Linda answered, “I think it might really help, Dr. Francis. I don¹t mind. I mean, we’ve had sex, we’re not exactly strangers.” Which was a lie, of course. Jim hadn’t even seen her in a bathing suit. And now Linda had to think - it was easy planning this, that he’d come in during her exam, but suddenly she realized what it meant. She was naked, her most private parts exposed, and Jim would see everything. See the doctor touching her, see Linda’s vagina, her clitoris, everything….and it almost scared her. But he had promised never to tell anyone else, and she believed him. “Please, Dr. Francis, would you let him come in?”

The doctor thought out loud for a moment. “I do allow husband in during their wive’s pregnancy check-ups, of course, I encourage it, in fact. I suppose this isn’t really any different. Are you two serious about each other? I don’t think this is something for a casual relationship.”

“Doctor, we’re planning on getting engaged.” Linda lied again.

Dr. Francis sighed. “All right. I’ll go out and get him. I want to explain a few things to him before he comes in. Do you want to put on a gown now?”

“No, I’m okay like this. Thank you, Dr. Francis.” Linda’s heart was about to burst from her chest. Their plan was working, and the moment of truth was near. She couldn’t get cold feet now.

Jim was absorbed in a drawing about the mechanics of a breast pump when his named was called. GOD, SHE DID IT! his mind screamed. He stood up, and Dr. Francis walked over to him. “Jim, can I speak to you?” He nodded. “Linda has explained a few things to me, and she expressed a wish to bring you into her exam so that I could give you a little lesson that might help you two. Now, I’m willing to do this, but I must say that It’s highly irregular and I want to be sure you want to see this kind of medical procedure. It’s very personal. Linda doesn’t seem to mind, but it’s really up to you whether or not you want to come in.” The doctor was sincere and Jim hoped that the look on his face belied his excitement.

“We’ve talked about this, and I think this could help me.”

“All right, then, come on.” Dr. Francis led the way into the back office, where the usual assortment of doctor office smells combined in a heady mixture to make Jim even more excited. “Jim, she is in the stirrups now, you know what that is, right?” she asked as they paused before the exam room door. “If at any point you want to leave, please do.” She looked into his face. “You sure you want to do this?”

Jim nodded. “Yes, Doctor.” It was taking every shred of his willpower to think away his growing erection. It was nearly too much. His fantasy was coming true.

Dr. Francis pushed the door open and ushered Jim inside. He stopped dead in his tracks. It was even more amazing than he had imagined. Linda was naked on the table, her legs up in the stirrups, wide apart, a bright light shining between her legs. His head swam with excitement. The doctor took hold of his elbow and moved him to the end of the table.

Before him, right before his eyes…Linda, his best friend, naked. He gave a quick glance into her eyes; they locked together in the fulfillment of their special pact, then his eyes traveled down to her breasts, round and firm, with their erect nipples (now even more pronounced with Jim in the room). He thought his chest would burst, as he looked at her neat pubic mound with its soft brown hair, then lower, to her spread legs and the intimate sights within. He always thought Linda was good-looking, but she was beyond that. She was beautiful. Dr. Francis sat on the stool between Linda’s thighs and pulled the light in closer.

“Jim, let me give you an anatomy lesson.” Her finger pointed to Linda’s genital area. “These are the labia majora,” Dr. Francis said as she touched Linda’s pouting outer lips, “and these are the small lips,” she continued, running her finger between the labia minora and separating them so he could see every detail of their ruffled intricacies. “And this is the clitoral hood, which covers the clitoris, as you can see.” She used two fingers to push back the hood, revealing Linda’s pearl-like clitoris. “The clitoris is the chief site of sexual pleasure in a woman.”

“Uh huh.” Jim thought he should say something, and that’s all he could manage. He cast a quick glance at Linda, whose eyes were closed. Was she embarrassed? Jim wondered.

“During sex, it’s important to stimulate the clitoris. As you see when I touch it, it causes a reaction in the entire vulvar region.” The doctor gently circled a finger around Linda’s clit, pushing it until Jim could see an incredible movement of the soft, pink flesh. “Now, you can get this from manual, oral or penile stimulation…or masturbation, of course. But it’s really essential.” Jim looked back at Linda, whose eyes were now open, and she traded a wild-eyed glance with him. She wasn’t embarrassed by this, he now knew; she was getting turned on. And her nipples were rock hard. “Questions?”

“No, I don’t think so. But, I’m never sure how much pressure to use…it’s either too much or not enough. I can’t figure it out.” Jim was imagining actually being able to have a problem like that; more than ever, he was regretting never having suggested a little experimental sex with Linda. She probably would have said yes; they were such good friends that it could have been a lot of fun.

“Touch me, Jim.” Linda spoke up. “Let Dr. Francis show you how. I want you to learn.”

Jim and Dr. Francis traded glances. She handed him a pair of thin rubber gloves and he slipped one on. “In real life you don’t have to use gloves, you realize, but in here, we do. Go on. Touch her clitoris.”

This was more than Jim had expected. His hand shook nervously as he moved his finger close. He touched her small lips softly, then slid his finger up slowly, and he hoped sensuously, to her clitoral hood and felt her rounded clit. “I…I don’t know what else to do,” he said, almost honestly.

“A gentle circling motion is effective, movement of the clitoral hood,” the doctor suggested.

Jim continued to move his finger around Linda’s softness, wanting to give her back something for what he was giving her now. He didn’t know if it was working, then he saw a trickle of moisture seep from Linda’s vagina, and he said a silent prayer. God, let her be enjoying this, because I certainly am!

“Okay, that looks good. Do you think you understand it a little better now? Once you know exactly where it is, you should be able to do this every time.” Dr. Francis’s fingers now replaced Jim’s on Linda. “I presume you know where the vagina is,” she said, moving her index finger down between Linda’s lips to slip gently inside her. Jim’s heart leapt to see the doctor’s finger disappear into his best friend’s most private part. “Do you use your fingers to bring down lubrication before you penetrate?”

“Do I what?” This was becoming much more intimate than he EVER thought possible; and now to have to pretend that he and Linda were lovers was involving him in a way he never expected. “Well, I make sure she’s wet and everything….”

“Here.” She removed her finger. “Gently go in and feel around. You need to really touch her there and learn how she feels. Every woman is different.”

Jim thought this might be going a bit too far. “Linda, I think I’m getting this, finally. I don’t know if I need to - “

“No, go ahead.” Linda sounded like she did when she was daring him to say something shocking. Okay, Jim said to himself, I’m going to do it. His finger paused at Linda’s entrance, then he slipped it in, feeling her surprisingly tight around him, pushing slowly further inside her, enjoying the snugness and the unbelievably cozy feel of her beautiful cunt. And it was indeed beautiful, as he looked in wonder at his index finger deep inside her, almost to its full length. She had promised that she would try to get him into her exam and now HE was actually doing the examination, under the watchful eyes of a doctor. It was wild and unexpected and unlike any sexual thrill he had ever experienced.

“All right,” Dr. Monica said, “that should be enough. I would say that you certainly have the basics down, and with a little practice, you two should do fine.” Jim slowly pulled his finger from Linda, and as it emerged, a flow of Linda’s vaginal juices came with it, spilling down between her legs. She was incredibly wet and Jim was mesmerized by the sight. He watched intently as the doctor pressed a towel between Linda’s thighs and then reached for the speculum. “Linda, I’m going to do the pap smear now. I’m inserting the speculum now.”

Jim tried to keep his jaw from dropping as the formidable metal speculum poised for a moment at the entrance to Linda’s vagina, then Dr. Francis pushed it inside her slowly. He tried to remember to breathe as he watched the pink flesh of her cunt part to accept the device as it disappeared deep inside her, then the doctor opened it up to allow visual examination of Linda’s vagina and cervix. The contrast between the shiny metal speculum and Linda’s rosy pink interior was exciting, and Jim leaned in close to get a better look. God, seeing Linda like this, with her lovely cunt stretched wide with the speculum, her lovely breasts rising up and down with her measured breathing, her eraser-tip nipples topping them off…he didn’t know how he could ever top this moment.

He stood quietly by as the doctor took the usual samples and swabbed Linda’s vaginal cavity. It was too intimate, too amazing, too wonderful to believe. After a few moments, Dr. Francis was through and she pulled the speculum out, Jim once again thrilled at its emergence from inside Linda. The metal was covered with her cunt juices, and Jim almost wished he could keep the speculum as a souvenir of today.

“Well, that’s it, Linda.” Dr. Francis stood up and Jim moved back, not wanting to get in her way. “You can go ahead and get dressed.” The nurse, who had been lurking in the background all this time, took Linda’s legs out of the stirrups.

“Jim, I think you had better go out into the waiting room now.” The doctor took Jim by the arm and led him out, but not before he got one last look at Linda, who was sitting up now, and their eyes met. Naked and beautiful and fearless now, Linda straightened her shoulders and her breasts jutted out proudly, defiantly, teasingly, as the doctor ushered Jim of the room.

Five minutes later, the door opened once again and Linda, fully dressed but looking pleasingly flushed, entered the waiting room. Jim rose from the chair. “Hello darling,” he said loudly, kissing her on the cheek, still playing along, “everything okay?” He could see the outline of her erect nipples through her sweater.

“Okay, you owe me,” she whispered. “We’re going back to your apartment, and you’re gonna fuck me, but good, buster.” She laughed and brushed her fingers over his crotch. “And I think you know how.” Linda took his hand and they left the doctor’s office. Outside she turned to him. “Still friends?”

“Can we try lovers?” Jim asked.

“That’s my other secret fantasy,” Linda revealed.

“Mine, too.” They started to walk to the car. “Linda, I just have to say, what happened in there, how you looked, what I saw. Well, it was wonderful.”

“Well, what are friends for?” She stopped and kissed him, on the mouth this time, and Jim instantly got a raging hard-on. “Oh, I almost forgot. I managed to slip something into my purse on the way out.” Linda pulled the speculum from her large satchel. “Thought you might want something to remember this by….”