Linda’s Birthday Present

By Linda Roberts -

Linda’s birthday was coming up soon and Mike went made a lot of preparations to make this one very special. He knew of her secret desire to have an audience while being examined by a doctor. He recruited a couple of friends with the same interests as his own, friends that Linda had never met. He gave them their instructions and asked if they would be willing to play along. The both agreed with enthusiasm.

On the big day Mike woke Linda up after letting her sleep late. She rolled over and smiled up at him. He frowned and placed his hand upon her forehead. “I think you’re running a bit of a temp Baby” he whispered to her. He reached into the night stand and withdrew the rectal thermometer and jar of vaseline. He pulled back the covers, she was wearing only a pair of panties and T-shirt. He opened the vaseline and stuck the rectal thermometer into it.

Linda sighed as Mike sat down on the edge of the bed and ordered her across his lap. She didn’t feel warm, but then again she did enjoy having her temp taken. So she didn’t protest as Mike helped her across his lap and pulled her panties down to the back of her knees. She lay her head down and closed her eyes while Mike gently spread her cheeks and inserted the cold slippery glass rod. She soon felt her pussy begin to tingle, she was always surprised at how having her bottom played with made her pussy react with such vigor.

Mike held the thermometer in for several minutes admiring Linda’s naked bottom which lay exposed to him across his lap. His penis began to swell at the sight. He reluctantly pulled the thermometer free and held it was normal of course. “You do seem to have a temp Baby, I think it’s time I take you to a doctor for a complete check up”.

Linda’s eyes flew open when she heard the word “doctor”. “No, I’m fine, I don’t want to go to a doctor, especially not today, it’s my birthday…remember?” Linda had forgotten that she was still over Mike’s lap, her panties down, her naked bottom in the perfect position for a spanking. Mike took full advantage of her situation and stated firmly “You have two choices, the first is to go see the doctor willingly, the second is to receive a spanking now and then go see the doctor”. He punctuated his statement with a few light smacks to Linda’s bottom. “What will it be Baby?”

“I’ll go willingly…without a spanking” Linda finally stated feeling Mike’s hand patting her vulnerable bottom. Mike grinned to himself and let Linda up. “Get dressed then, I have a friend who’s a doctor, he owes me a favor and I’m sure he will see you this morning”. Linda dressed but was silent all the way to the doctors office. When they finally arrived, she was surprised to see that the building was an old victorian house. “This guy must have an office in his home” she thought to herself as she followed Mike up the walkway and into the main entrance of the house.

Mike winked and shook hands with Ron. Ron was one of his friends he had recruited for Linda’s birthday present. He wasn’t a real doctor, but he was very experienced in female examinations. He was dressed in a long white doctors coat and was ready to play. It was at this moment that Pat entered the room, his face split with a wide grin. Pat was another friend of Mike’s. He also was wearing a doctor’s coat. “Ah, Pat, there you are” Ron said and turned toward Mike and Linda. “This is Pat, my

young intern trainee, he will be assisting today, I hope you don’t mind”

“Not at all” Mike said loudly before Linda could voice any objections. She didn’t like the idea of a stranger watching her getting an exam, but held her tongue. She and Mike followed Dr. Ron into his exam room. Everything looked normal to Linda. Ron had a fully outfitted exam room in his house. He had spent a lot of time and money collecting the various equipment to fill it and was quite proud of it. Sometimes he would show it off to a few select friends and regale them with stories of how he put it to good use.

Ron went to one of the cabinets and extracted a hospital gown. “Linda, why don’t you step behind that screen there and put this on, remove everything except your panties”. Linda reluctantly took the gown and glanced over at Mike. Mike showed no emotion, but calmly sat down in one of the chairs that was against the wall. Linda knew that not only was Pat going to watch as Dr. Ron examined her but Mike also was going to witness her humiliation. Any misbehavior and she was certain that Mike

would pull her over his knee and spank her, audience or not, the thought intrigued her.

She stepped behind the thin screen and stripped. She put on the hospital gown and stepped out holding the back of her gown closed behind her. She was acutely aware that all eyes in the room were upon her in her hospital gown.

Dr. Ron placed a small step stool at the end of the exam table and told Linda to step up and sit down. Mike and Pat watched her every move. When Linda had seated herself and arranged her gown around her to cover as much as possible Dr. Ron stepped close to her and began his examination. He started by looking into her eyes, ears, nose. He felt her neck and then pulled a stethoscope from his pocket and seated the ear pieces into his ears. He reached up and grasped the edges of Linda’s

hospital gown and tugged it down to her navel.

Linda blushed as her breasts were bared, she glanced over at Mike still sitting calmly against the wall. His expression didn’t change a bit, but Pat seemed to move just a tad closer. Dr. Ron placed the round cold stethoscope between Linda’s breasts and began to listen to her heart. “Lay back, please”, he stated and gently helped Linda lay back on the table, her gown still around her waist. He began to massage each breast checking for any lumps. He gently pinched each nipple, pretending to

look for any discharge. He noticed how hard and swollen they had become. His dick strained in his pants.

Linda lay still as Dr. Ron examined her breasts, forgetting for a moment that Mike and Pat were watching. She opened her eyes only when Dr. Ron pulled her hospital gown up and covered her chest and announced that he was now going to take her temperature. “Please roll over for me Linda” Ron stated matter-of-factly as he reached for one of several thermometers resting in a glass jar on the nearby counter. Linda watched as Dr. Ron made a big show of shaking down the thermometer and

lubricating it with a large dollop of vaseline. She still hadn’t moved, but looked over at Mike for some help. Mike looked into Linda’s eyes and mouthed the words “roll over”. She grimaced at the thought of having her temperature taken like a child in front of him by a stranger but did roll over. Her gown fell open in the back, her bottom in full view of everyone in the room.

Dr. Ron handed the thermometer to Pat. “It’s time you learn how to take a temperature the most accurate way”. “If the patient co operates and lays still on the exam table, all you have to do is pull their pants down and insert the thermometer, why don’t you do that now” he stated. Pat eagerly stepped forward and pulled Linda’s panties down, exposing her white bottom. He spread her cheeks wide and inserted the thermometer. He almost came as he held the instrument in her rectum. Three minutes later he dutifully pulled it free and checked the reading. “101.3” he announced loudly.

“That seems a bit high” Ron pronounced. “Sometimes a patient refuses to co-operate and you may find it easier to place them over your knee to take their temperature, this works best when the patient is a small lady like Linda here”. Ron turned to Linda still laying face down on the table, blushing like a beet. “Linda, would you mind getting down for a moment” he asked. Ron didn’t wait for an answer, he gently but firmly helped Linda down from the exam table and sat down on a chair. He pulled her across his lap and pulled her panties farther down so that they were around her ankles.

Linda looked up….straight into Mikes eyes. She turned an even brighter shade of red as she lay across Ron’s lap about to have her rectal temperature taken once more. “Unnhh”…she sputtered as Ron drove the thermometer back into her. Mike rearranged his hands to hide the fact that he had a raging hard on. He was getting extremely aroused watching Linda having her temperature taken by his friend.

Ron held Linda firmly down across his lap as he explained the different ways to take a patients temperature… “You can also have the patient lay on their back and hold one of their ankles up while inserting and holding the thermometer”…Ron pulled the thermometer from Linda.. “But of course if the patient refuses to co-operate the best way is to have the parent or “significant other” hold them over their lap….Mike maybe you should demonstrate”. Mike rose to the occasion and pulled Linda over to him. By now Linda was protesting and whining from the humiliation of having her temperature taken in such a childish way, not

once but twice by two strangers, but she soon found herself across Mikes lap. He reached down and pulled her panties off altogether and tossed them to the floor.

Ron took up a new thermometer, this one larger than the first and dipped it into the vaseline. Pat took his place behind Linda’s spread legs to witness the insertion. Mike held Linda down firmly as she continued to protest, he noticed Ron had selected a large candy thermometer this time. Although he had used a similar one on her before, this was to be her first time in front of strangers. Ron held out the thermometer to Mike who took it and held it suspended over Linda’s naked bottom. He deftly spread her cheeks with one hand, but waited for Ron and Pat to take up positions so they could view the insertion. Without any warning Mike drove the well lubricated thermometer into Linda’s rectum and held it in.

Linda cried out in frustration as the thermometer was inserted deeply into her rectum. Tears of humiliation dripped down her face as she realized Dr. Ron was standing next to her, Pat behind her, both watching with great interest as Mike held her over his lap the large thermometer protruding from her naked bottom. All three seemed to be indifferent to her tears. Five minutes later, Mike pulled the glass tube from her ass and held it up for inspection. Dr. Ron took it and held it up for Pat to inspect. “Do you notice the brown smear on the tip, this is going to be a good time to learn how to give a patient an enema”.

Pat took the thermometer and looked more closely at it. “But don’t you think a rectal exam should be given first?” He asked innocently. Dr. Ron grinned.. “Of course…., have you ever done a rectal before?” “Not yet, but I have a feeling I’m going to get some experience today though” he answered glancing down at Linda’s outstretched body still being held across Mike’s lap. Mike looked up at both of his friends and nodded.

Linda couldn’t believe what was happening, she had never been treated this way during an exam before. Having her rectal temperature taken three times and now listening to the doctor discussing with his intern about giving her an enema, but first having to do a rectal exam!!, all the while being held, bent over Mike’s lap, her panties gone, her bottom on display for all to see. She would never forgive Mike for this humiliation. The worst, she thought, would be for all assembled to find out how wet her pussy was. The more humiliating this exam seemed, the more her pussy dripped.

Mike continued to hold Linda across his lap as he watched Ron and Pat prepare for her rectal exam. The both donned rubber gloves, making sure to loudly snap them into place. He reached down and began to pat Linda’s bottom, excited at the thought of watching her being given a rectal exam. When all was ready, Mike pulled her up and almost dragged her to the exam table. He stood over her, commanding her with his eyes as Ron had her lay down on her back and place her feet in the upraised

stirrups. Ron strapped her feet securely in place, then adjusted the stirrups so that they held her ankles up and back above her chest. He took hold of her waist and tugged her ass down to the end of the table.

Linda found herself held securely by her ankles atop the exam table. Her legs were spread wide apart, her ankles held in the stirrups above her waist. The bottom of her hospital gown rested around her waist. The cool air of the room washed over her exposed pussy and rectum. She stared up at the ceiling, acutely aware of Mike standing by her side making sure she co-operated with Dr. Ron. Ron and Pat had taken up position at the bottom of the exam table and were busy discussing the

female anatomy, occasionally Dr. Ron would touch one of Linda’s inner thighs pointing out something or other Pat. At one point Ron took up what looked like a disposable diaper and wiped Linda’s wet pussy. “Sometimes, you may find that your patient may get overly excited by the examination”, he stated as he wiped the fluid flowing from Linda’s vagina down towards her gaping rectum. Linda groaned and tried to pull her knees together without much luck.

Dr. Ron sat down on a stool between Linda’s legs and lubricated his right index finger with a squirt of k-y jelly. “Now Linda, you’re going to feel my finger pressing against your anus, and I want you to bear down”. He pressed his finger up against her brown hole and began to push gently but firmly. Pat stood crouched behind Ron’s left shoulder, he held his doctors coat closed in front of him shielding the bulge in his pants. He wished he was Ron.

Linda gasped out loud when she felt Dr. Ron’s finger pressing into her anus. The lubricant seemed very cold, but she bore down as told and Dr.Ron’s finger slipped into her rectum. Her hips rose off the table, his finger slipped in a few more millimeters. Ron reached between Linda’s spread legs and placed his hand on Linda’s abdomen and pushed lightly down as he began to twist his finger in her rectum. He was not surprised at her reaction to his lubed finger, he kept the k-y jelly in the

refrigerator. Mike took hold of Linda’s wrists and held them still. “Hold still Baby”, he whispered as Linda struggled to escape Ron’s cold finger.

Pat excused himself and staggered toward the sink and began to assemble the enema that he knew Linda was soon to be given. He almost hyper-ventilated as he filled the two quart bag with warm water and emptied a packet of castile soap into it. He attached the long hose and hard black plastic nozzle. He made sure to lubricate it well. He brought it back to the exam table and hung it up on the IV stand. Ron was just pulling his finger out from Linda’s tight rectum, Mike was grasping her wrists, bending down whispering something into her ear that he couldn’t hear. Linda was almost thrashing about on the table,

moaning, held down only by the ankle straps and Mike’s strong hands about her wrists.

Ron stood up from the stool and turned to Pat, “Okay Pat, I want you to insert the enema nozzle” he stated as he pulled off his rubber gloves, now stained, and tossed them into a nearby garbage can. Pat stepped up then sat down on the now vacant stool between Linda’s legs. He took hold of the enema nozzle and glanced up at Mike, who winked back at him, giving him the okay. He shakily brought the nozzle up to her anus and began to push it in. When it had traveled it’s full length he reached

up and released the clamp on the hose. He watched as the hose stiffened, signaling that the water had begun it’s flow.

Linda’s hands balled into fists and she held still as she felt the first flow of warm water begin to enter her. As the cramps began she tried to pull her bottom away from the nozzle but found her ankles held fast and Mike had a secure hold on both of her wrists. “This is for your own good Baby”, he whispered in her ear as the pressure continued. Ron reached out and clamped the hose shut, allowing Linda some respite to adjust to the water within her. Linda began to pant as the cramps subsided, Mike,

still standing by her side held her hands still. Ron unclamped the hose, Pat standing by his side watched as the hose once again stiffened and watched as Linda’s enema began to flow once again.

“I want you to hold the enema for a few minutes”, Ron stated loudly as the bag gurgled empty. He clamped the hose and punched Pat on the shoulder. They left the room. Mike let go of Linda’s wrists and positioned himself at the end of the exam table between Linda’s legs. He pushed the enema hose to the side and unzipped his pants. His engorged penis popped out and stood at attention. He gave it a few soft strokes before sliding it effortlessly into Linda’s sopping pussy. He began to slowly fuck her as she lay on the exam table holding the enema in.

“Happy Birthday Baby” he whispered…..