Linda Visits Dr. Andy

Andy prepared his equipment for the patient that was soon to arrive. He made sure everything he needed was clean and close at hand. While he was just finishing up he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door to his office and ushered Linda inside and down the hallway to his “exam room”.

“So, I understand you’ve been having stomach problems, is that correct?” he asked as he sat down next to his examination table.

“Yes, that’s right and it seems to have gotten worse in the last few days”. Linda answered somewhat nervously.

“Ok, why don’t you go behind the screen there, take all your clothes off and put on this gown”.

Linda took the hospital gown and went behind the screen and began to disrobe. There wasn’t much to take off, only her jeans, T-shirt, bra, shoes and socks. She left her panties on, she felt less naked with them on. She pulled on the hospital gown which was open partially in the back. She took a deep breath and stepped out from behind the screen.

“Please step up on that little foot stool at the end of the table and bend over, I’ll need to take your temperature first”.

Linda hesitated, she hadn’t had her temperature taken rectally for a long time and was quite shy. The last thing she wanted was to have her temperature taken this way, especially since she had never been to this doctor before and he was, in effect, a complete stranger.

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen lots of bottoms, and I always take temperatures rectally, it’s the most accurate and reliable way”, Andy stated.

He stood up and turned to his cabinet, where he kept his thermometers and Vaseline. He pulled on two latex gloves, before selecting a thermometer. He chose one that was slightly larger than the usual ones, it was a little longer and thicker than the others and the one he used the most often. He opened up the jar of Vaseline and dipped the thermometer inside, lubricating the bulb end thoroughly.

Linda stepped up onto the little stool at the end of the examination table then bent over it, resting her upper body on her elbows. The hospital gown rode up as she bent, exposing her pantied bottom. She waited self-consciously while the doctor fiddled in his cabinet. She felt like a little girl again, remembering the many times she had visited the family doctor and had her temperature taken “back there”. She was glad she had worn brand new underwear.

“I thought I told you to take ‘all’ your clothes off?” Andy asked somewhat irritably gazing down at Linda’s new underpants. He set the thermometer down on the metal tray next to the examination table.

“Well, I didn’t think you were going to take my temperature back there”! Linda retorted, somewhat irritated herself.

Andy had had a hard day, and Linda was his last patient of the day and also the week, tomorrow was Saturday and he planned to spend it playing golf. He was sick and tired of these college students and their snotty attitudes and smart ass answers. He put the thermometer down on the metal tray next to the table. He grabbed Linda by her upper left arm and dragged her off the stool and over to the wooden chair that he had been sitting in earlier.

Linda was taken completely by surprise by this rough treatment and even more surprised when she found herself across Dr. Andy’s lap feeling his large firm hand smacking her still pantied bottom. After several sharp smacks she finally found her voice.


Andy stopped spanking Linda long enough to reach under the waist band of her underpants and pull them down to the back of her knees. When Linda flung her hand back to try and stop him he grabbed her right wrist and pinned it behind her back. He resumed spanking her, smacking her bare bottom with the flat of his hand. He ignored her threats to sue him and her kicking legs, he had malpractice insurance and a firm grip on her.

He stopped only when Linda stopped fighting him and lay across his knees sobbing. Her bottom was quite red by now, his hand was tingling also and he wasn’t quite as irritated as he was earlier. He was feeling pretty good actually, he had longed to do this so many times before with so many other disobedient students but had never had the courage to do so until now. He rested his hand on Linda’s warm bottom….

“Are you ready to do as you’re told young lady?” Andy asked still holding Linda over his knees.

“Yes….Yes…Please stop!” Linda managed to sputter between sobs.

Andy helped Linda off his lap and stood her between his knees. She was still crying and reaching back to rub her sore bottom. Andy reached over and pulled her underpants down to her ankles and lifted each foot up as he pulled them off completely. He led her back to the footstool and helped her up onto it before bending her completely over the table. This time Linda bent all the way over, her face hidden in her folded arms, still crying.

Andy pulled the back of her hospital gown up and out of the way before he retrieved the still unused thermometer. Linda’s cries seemed to grow in volume as Andy spread her cheeks with his left hand and then began to gently insert it. When it was all the way in her rectum he released her cheeks and walked over to the counter where her medical forms were. He began to ask Linda questions, checking off boxes as she answered.

Linda was able to calm down enough to answer most of Dr. Andy’s questions, despite the thermometer protruding from her backside. It was only when he asked her if she was experiencing constipation that she kept silent. After waiting patiently for an answer Andy dropped the form on the counter, he strode over to Linda’s backside and withdrew the rectal thermometer. He placed the thermometer on the tray and then pushed down on Linda’s lower back, pinning her in place and proceeded to give her several more sharp smacks on her still sore bottom. Linda’s cries began again with renewed vigor. Once again Andy retrieved the thermometer and gently slid it back into Linda’s rectum before returning to the medical forms and his questioning.

“Are you experiencing any constipation?”, Andy repeated “Yes!” Linda blurted out, embarrassed both at the question and her answer.

Andy pulled the thermometer from Linda’s rectum and noted the reading on her medical forms. He picked up the jar of Vaseline and took it over to the exam table, putting it down on the metal tray before dipping his finger into it and swooping up a dollop of grease. He pulled his chair close behind Linda and sat down. With his right foot he pushed the foot stool out from under Linda’s feet, leaving them dangling. He scooted his chair up closer, so close that his knees were between Linda’s legs. He spread his feet apart forcing Linda’s legs apart also. He could force her legs open farther simply by moving his knees farther apart. In this way Linda’s anus and rectum were fully exposed to him.

“I’m going to give you a rectal exam now, I want you to hold still. I’m going to insert my finger into your rectum and feel around, it may be a bit uncomfortable but it needs to be done.”

Linda took a deep breath and held still while Andy pushed his index finger up against her anus and began to push it in. This was her first rectal exam and she squealed like a little girl when she felt his finger first enter her then travel farther up her rectum. She had pelvic exams in the past and found the cold metal stirrups embarrassing, but in this position with her legs spread out on each side of Dr. Andy’s knees was much worse. It made her feel more like a little girl being positioned this way. She had no leverage, and even if she managed to get up off the table, the only place she would end up was on Dr. Andy’s lap.

Andy was gentle with Linda, he knew how long his fingers were and how they may hurt someone not used to a rectal exam. Once his finger was fully inserted he held still, allowing his patient to get used to this “intrusion”. After a few seconds he began to rotate his finger in all directions inside her rectum.

Linda raised her head as Andy’s finger invaded her rectum. It was quite a bit larger than the thermometer. Quite a bit warmer too. She took several deep breaths as she grew accustomed to the feel of something up her bottom. She gripped the edge of the exam table as she felt Dr. Andy begin to twist his finger in her, searching for any obstructions. She moaned softly and gritted her teeth, when Dr. Andy finally withdrew his finger she let out an audible sigh.

Andy dipped his finger back into the Vaseline for more lubricant then re- entered Linda’s rectum. It slid in quite a bit easier this time. He wanted to feel further up her backside this time.

“Linda, I want you to bear down like you’re having a bowel movement” he told her, once his finger was fully embedded in her rectum again.

Linda didn’t hesitate this time, she pushed down as much as she could. She knew she might receive another spanking if she disobeyed again. As she pushed down, she felt Andy’s finger move deeper into her. She was starting to get used to this invasion and actually starting to enjoy it. She gripped the edge of the table and closed her eyes wondering when she could schedule another appointment.

Andy got a good feel inside then slowly pulled his finger out. Linda was indeed constipated. Probably all the junk food these students ate. He stood up and stripped off the latex gloves. She was going to need a good enema to clean her out. He formulated in his mind what he was going to do with this student and smiled to himself. At last a chance to treat a snotty little student in the manner they deserved, not to mention a chance to satisfy his own unusual sexual fetish. He grew hard just thinking about it. He hoped his long white doctors jacket hid his condition.

Linda felt somewhat empty when Dr. Andy finally pulled his finger from her bottom. Her legs came together once again when he stood up, but she still lay over the end of the table. Her bottom was still somewhat sore from the spanking, and she was sure it was still somewhat red. She had always fantasized about being spanked but had never been in reality. She also fantasized about having her temperature taken rectally and being given a rectal exam against her will. Her fantasy’s always ended with her being given an enema by a strong dominant man as she was held over his lap. Her pussy was very wet. She hoped her hospital gown hid her condition.

Andy returned to his cabinet and prepared a large irrigation syringe. Instead of water he filled it with pure olive oil. He had several unusual items in his cabinet, at last he was going to put them to good use. He inserted the plunger into the syringe and pushed it in a little producing a drop of oil to spurt out the other end. On that end he attached a rubber tube about six inches long and pushed the plunger again. Oil oozed out the end of the tube and he lubricated the entire length of the rubber tube with it. He took it to the metal tray and set it down, then pulled on a new pair of latex gloves.

Andy helped Linda down from her perch on the examination table and onto her knees. He pulled the back of her hospital gown up and over her bottom exposing her still red bottom. He adjusted her position a little so her bottom was to his liking, it was still tinged red from the spanking he had given her earlier. He reached between her legs and forced them apart, then picked up the irrigation syringe.

“Alright, I’m going to inject some oil into you to soften up the fecal matter that’s causing your constipation. You’ll feel a tube in your rectum and then some pressure as the oil enters you. In order for this to work you’re going to have to retain this oil for a few minutes. I’ll help you do that by inserting my finger back in. I expect you to hold still, if you don’t I won’t hesitate to use my belt on you… Do you understand!?”

“Yes sir”, Linda answered meekly.

Linda couldn’t believe her luck. At last she was going to receive an enema from a strong man. Her fantasies were coming to life. Even so, she was still apprehensive. Because of the size difference between her and Dr. Andy, she could not physically resist him. She would have to take what he gave her even if she didn’t want it. She grabbed onto the back leg of the wooden chair with her left hand and Dr. Andy’s left ankle with her right. She closed her eyes and tightened her grip on both.

Andy spread Linda’s cheeks with his left index finger and thumb, exposing her anus. He brought the tip of the rubber close and began to slowly insert it into her rectum. He continued to apply pressure as it disappeared further up her backside. He stopped when it was almost completely emerged. He switched hands, this time gripping the syringe in his left hand and the plunger in his right. He pushed down on the plunger and watched as the oil slowly disappeared.

Linda gritted her teeth as the tube slid farther up her bottom. At last the tube stopped and she relaxed only to gasp out loud as she felt the oil begin to enter her. She gripped the chair leg and Dr. Andy’s ankle tighter as the pressure inside her rectum grew. Her anus tightened around the rubber tube, trying to keep the contents of her rectum from spewing out.

Andy emptied the entire syringe into Linda’s bottom them quickly pulled the rubber tube from her bottom. Not an easy feat considering how much power her sphincter gripped the tube with. He tossed the syringe onto the metal tray, then immediately plunged his right index finger into her rectum. He placed his left hand down on her lower back, pinning her into position so the oil would have time to work its magic.

Linda’s sphincter tightened around Dr. Andy’s finger. Her stomach gurgled, and she wanted nothing more than to run to the bathroom. Her effort to hold in the contents of her rectum caused her buttocks to squeeze together and her legs to jut out. Her toes curled under, her fingers tightened their grip on the chair leg and Dr. Andy’s ankle.

Andy’s left ankle began to go numb so he decided to let Linda sit on the nearby toilet. He pulled her up from his lap and walked her over to it, his right index finger still embedded deep inside her rectum. Once she was sitting down, he slowly pulled his finger from her and stood back. He stripped off the second pair of latex gloves and waited patiently while Linda relieved herself.

Linda sat on the toilet for almost twenty minutes as wave after wave of oil and other ‘matter’ burst from her rectum. She had thought she would be able to use the ‘bathroom’ in privacy. Instead she was forced to evacuate in Dr. Andy’s presence. She felt her face turn bright red as each spurt was accompanied with a loud fart, which she had no control over. Eventually she finished getting rid of the oil and other matter and felt quite empty.

Andy had returned to his cabinets and began preparing the ‘cleansing enema’. He connected a long hose to his favorite red rubber enema bag and attached a long black curved nozzle to the end of the hose. He clamped the hose shut and filled the bag with warm water from the faucet. He lubricated the nozzle with Vaseline then hung his contraption on a metal hospital IV stand. He rolled the IV stand next to the examination table and waited for Linda to finish.

Linda finally finished ridding herself of the oil enema, and simply sat on the toilet. Andy stood her up and bent her over. He wiped her bottom with a disposable diaper, making sure she was clean. She offered no resistance, but he noticed that she whimpered like a little girl as he cleaned her. Andy led her over to the examination table and helped her up. He made her lay face down and spread her legs again before pulling up her hospital gown.

Linda whimpered quietly as Dr. Andy inserted the enema nozzle and unclamped the hose. She lay still as the warm water entered her. She took the whole bagful, crying softly. Once again she felt Dr. Andy’s finger slide into her rectum when the bag was empty. Ten minutes later he helped her down from the table and back to the toilet. Tears slid down her face as she again released her enema. When she had finished Andy wiped her bottom and hugged her to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hung on, clinging to him.

“I’ll expect you next Friday at the same time, you’ll need another enema,” Andy told her.

Linda smiled… She wondered how she was going to endure the rest of the week until next Friday.