Looking Back On A First Remembered Enema

By Anonymous

As I remember my first enema, or perhaps it wasn’t really my first, but this is what I do recall. My first experience with the enema, happened when I was about six or seven years of age. I had become constipated, and complained to mother that my tummy was hurting. My mother was the type who asked a thousand questions, so it seemed, and she asked me how long it had been since I last had a BM, (I use to say poo poo, but mother corrected me when I was very young, saying the correct way to say it was : “A bowel movement, or you can just say “BM”, you’re getting too old to say baby words like “poo poo”.

She asked if it was hard for me to pass my BM, was it hard looking or soft….did I feel like I had to have a BM, but couldn’t. I attempted to answer as best that a seven year old could, and finally she seemed satisfied saying…”Well dear, mother thinks a good cleaning out will do you the world of good.” I didn’t know what she meant by that, thinking it may be more “Milk of Magnesia”, or “Mineral Oil”.

“Come upstairs with Mommie, you go into Mommy’s bedroom and I’ll be in in a minute….just sit on my bed dear, I won’t be long.”

I heard her in the bathroom, running water, opening the cabinet drawer and I thought I heard her splashing water around in the basin. She came into the bedroom, with that special smile that mother’s seem to have, when they have to do something that they know may be unpleasant to their children…a sort of an “apologetic smile”. “Come into the bathroom dear, mother is going to make your tummy ache all better.”

I saw for the first time the bulb, and the nozzle coming out from the end. I think the bulb wasn’t as big as the one I now use on the children seemed to be smaller, perhaps holding about four or five oz. of solution….(are you familiar with that type?)

“Sweetheart, Mommie is going to show you what she is going to do to make Allison ALL better.” Picking the bulb up from the basin, she said, “Mommie will fill the bulb with warm soapy water, and where all your BM’s come out I’m going to gently push the nozzle….this part…into your little opening. Once the nozzle is all the way in….you remember how Mommie takes your temperature…well, it will be the same way. I promise I won’t hurt you…when the nozzle is all the way in I will slowly squeeze the bulb here and all the nice warm water will flow inside of you this will loosen all the BM, and in a few minutes I’ll place you on the toilet and all the BM will come rushing out, your old tummy ache will all be gone…..”

Being a little girl, and seeing all this for the very first time I was frightened to death!!! “Ohhhh Mommie please…I don’t want it…I won’t like it Mommie…please don’t make me…please Mommie.”

“Now, Allison, your getting yourself all upset over nothing….it won’t hurt you, I promise. Now bend yourself over my lap…no…come over here…like this…over my lap…with your tummy down…now just let your legs….Allison….now come on…I’m getting angry…here lift up a bit…so I can get your dress up in the back….please dear…I will not let it hurt you…now I’m going to lower your panties…Allison…take your hand away…and stop that kicking!!! There now keep them there…no not completely off…it will be over soon and you can pull them back up. Now, before we start…why don’t you just lie quiet for a bit…stop your sniffling. Here let Mommie rub your forehead….that better??? You have to be a big girl Allison, you don’t want to have that tummy ache all night, do you dear….shhhhhh, shhhh…that’s my girl, it’s going to be all right….”

“Oh Mommie please…I don’t want to have it.”

“I know dear…but sometimes we have to do things we don’t like its’ for the best. Now Mommie is going to put something “back there”, that will make the enema go in real easy.” I felt her place her hand in between my bottom cheeks, spread them, a finger against my most secret spot…most secret for a little girl. She rubbed it around and I could just feel her finger going into my opening, and then it was quickly withdrawn. All of a sudden it felt slippery and different. I saw her then pick up the bulb, felt a gentle probing with the nozzle tip against my anus, a sudden gentle pressure…and then I felt the nozzle slip gently inside of me, mother hesitated, “Good girl, Mommie almost has the enema inside of you dear, hold very still now.”

My legs had fallen open in my struggles and as the nozzle slipped fully inside of me, I felt mother place her hand against the inside of my left leg perhaps halfway between my knee and my bottom and start a soft rubbing up and down. I don’t know why I should remember this…only that it felt good to me. I concentrated on her hand and the feel of the nozzle as it penetrated me fully. It was then that I first experienced what only can be described as an “itch” down between my legs just as I had felt when I needed to go to the bathroom badly, (number one) or sometimes while lying in my bed at night…

Sometimes I could touch myself and it felt very good to me almost the same as a little boy, I would think. Concentrating on mother’s hand as it softy rubbed my leg almost sometimes coming to the very edge of my panties I felt myself wishing that her hand would somehow make the itch go away, but it never did.

In my anxiety to place my body where I thought the itch could be touched. I let my legs fall completely open, probably not even aware I had. At that very minute as if she had been waiting I felt mother squeeze the bulb and the warm soapy water flowed into me.

“Good girl, now just hold still dear, while Mommie refills the bulb one more time dear and it will all be over…” I felt the nozzle as it was slowly withdrawn immersed in the basin of water, refilled and placed once again against my anus, slipped gently inside. “Mother is so very proud of you dear, you have taken your enema just like a big girl.”

I still could not break my concentration on her hand as it continued to rub against the inside of my leg, it felt so relaxing and good. My mind had forgotten about being afraid. “Mother continued to make ‘small talk’, asking how I felt, how good I had been.

I remember how glad I was (I don’t really know why) that mother had left my panties in position to cover me, just lowered to under my bottom cheeks. “Dear, mother is going to give you the rest of your enema now, and with that I again felt the warm water flow up inside of me. My tummy began to churn, I could feel pressure beginning to build…making me aware that I had to go to the bathroom.

“Mommie, I think I need the toilet now.”

“Yes, yes, just a moment dear, let the enema do its’ work. She pressed her hand against both cheeks, pressing them together…

“Ohhhhh Mommie…please…I have to go….” I felt her strong hands lift me up and place me on the toilet, soon a rush of BM and the outward flow of enema and I felt soooo much better. My mother came over and pressed my head against the front of her dress, rubbing my back. “Well sweetheart, today you became a big girl for Mommie and see you’re feeling better already.”

I can, to this day, recall the smell of her freshly starched housedress (as they were called back then) the scent of her perfume and powder. I know now it was my very first clue to experiencing the special feelings that go along with the enema, mother and daughter. I never again was afraid but there were times after that for some reason or other I would fake being afraid just to hear my mother’s soothing words….