Lori's Treatment - Part 2

By [email protected]

When Lori awoke the next morning, she felt totally refreshed. The sky was blue, the sun was out bright and the birds were happily chirping. Lori felt much better. The fever was gone, the swelling in her throat had gone down substantially and she had regained most of her energy.

Lori was glad that her father allowed her to take the diaper off herself and change into some clothes. The thermometer, Vaseline and box of suppositories were removed from her dresser and put away in the medicine cabinet. Lori spent most of the day watching TV and talking with visiting friends. By the following day she was completely recovered.

Lori never received any of those treatments at the hands of her father again, but to her astonishment, she grew to miss the attention, care and affection she had received at the hands of her father that night, especially after school started back up.

Lori found herself on a busy, stressful schedule. It was during winter vacation that Lori ran into Cindy at a big keg party. After having numerous beers and mingling with the crowd, the 2 of them went off to a quit spot to talk with each other about the guy’s they knew, many of whom were present at the party. Their conversation drifted around to some of the things they talked about the day Cindy had visited her, after her operation. Lori felt a little funny as she recalled her friend waiting outside her bedroom, as her father took her temperature in her butt. Lori was wondering if her friend still remembered that when suddenly, during a pause in their conversation, Cindy asked Lori why her father still uses a rectal thermometer. Lori could feel her face turning red as she explained to Cindy that he normally doesn’t but on that occasion, she was barely able to open her mouth after the surgery.

“Oh, I see”, Cindy said. Gee, that must have been embarrassing. “Yea, it was”, Lori said, as her face turned even redder and she wished her friend would change the subject.

Cindy then went on to elaborate, that when she was 15, her mother had taken her to the doctors for strep throat. Because their regular family doctor was away on vacation, she was seen by one of his associates, who was a older guy in his late 50’s or early 60’s. Cindy then went on to elaborate how her exam was going pretty routine until the nurse was ready to take her temperature. Cindy then told how she was sitting on the exam table, wearing her panties and bra, when the nurse put on a pair of rubber gloves, got a thermometer and a jar of Vaseline out of a cabinet. She told her to lay down on her tummy and lower her panties.

Cindy continued to tell how she protested getting her temperature taken that way and asked why they couldn’t take it orally. She then told how the doctor gave her a lecture, telling her that this method was far more accurate and safe. As a doctor and being responsible for his patients well being, he insisted that a rectal temperature be used for all his patients. If anyone disagreed, they were welcome to find another doctor.

Cindy then told how she looked at her mom, hoping she would be willing to take her elsewhere, only to get a apologetic look from her mom, who told her not to be frightened. She reminded her that she took her temperature that way when she was little and she would hold her hand as she did when she was small. It wasn’t the answer Cindy really wanted to hear from her mom.

Cindy continued to tell how embarrassing it had been as she laid down on her tummy and reluctantly reached back and lowered her panties. She told how her mom held her hand the doctor listened to her back with a stethoscope and asked questions, while the nurse held her hand on her butt holding the thermometer in place.

After Cindy told her story, there was a long moment of silence. Lori was feeling a little more at ease and a little less embarrassed over her friend knowing of her experience after having been told of her own. It was Cindy that broke the silence, when she suddenly asked her friend if she ever played doctor when she was little. “Well yeah, a few times”, Lori said. “Well, would you like to play it now”, Cindy asked.

Lori was rather surprised by her friends suggestion and was rather hesitant, but her friend gave her a reassuring smile. Combined with her famous mischievous grin, it was hard to refuse. “Come on, it will be fun”, said Cindy.

It helped that she had, had several beers and Cindy was one of her best friends, it was just that this was such a weird thing to do. Lori wasn’t even sure exactly what Cindy had in mind, but somehow she felt that rectal temperatures would be a part of it.

“Well, o.k., I guess”, Lori said, as she silently thought to herself of all the crazy things Cindy had talked her into.

“Great, let’s go”, Cindy exclaimed as she grabbed Lori’s hand and led her and together they headed over to Cindy’s house and up to her room. Lori was wondering how they were going to do this and who would play the doctor, but it quickly became apparent to Lori, that Cindy would take control, as she closed the door behind them and immediately told her to strip down to her panties and bra and to sit on the edge of the bed.

Lori trembled with a mix of apprehension and anticipation as she striped down to her panties and bra. Cindy immediately began to examine her, in a typical manner, such as taking her pulse and asking her questions about her health. Then came the moment Lori feared, as Cindy opened a dresser drawer and retrieved a thermometer and jar of Vaseline and told her, in a crisp, authoritative voice, to lay down on her tummy and lower her panties.

Lori could feel herself getting warm and protested to her friend, as Cindy dipped the thermometer in the Vaseline and shook it down, but Lori found herself the recipient of a lecture on the accuracy and safety of rectal temperatures. She was once again ordered to lay down on her tummy and lower her panties.

Lori’s pulse was racing as she lay down and reach back, grasping her panties and slowly lowered them. Gosh, is this kinky, Lori thought to herself as she exposed her bottom to her friend, but the naughtiness of what they were doing, made Lori’s heart race.

Lori almost jumped when she felt her friend open her buttock’s and begin to insert the thermometer. “My, you have such a beautiful ass”, Cindy commented. “Thank you”, Lori said, as she felt herself blush.

Lori had suspected for a few years now, that she had a bi side, but she had never acted upon it before. Now as she lay before her friend, with her panties down and a thermometer stuck in her rear, Lori couldn’t help becoming aroused by the intimacy of what they were doing. Suddenly, to Lori’s surprise, she felt Cindy kissing her buttock’s and then felt Cindy’s hot tongue running up and down her ass crack and flicking the base of the thermometer, causing it to vibrate in her ass and sending a sensation that coursed through her body, making her squirm with pleasure and moan with delight.

Cindy continued to fondle, lick and kiss Lori’s bottom until she slowly withdrew the thermometer and held it up to the light, to read the temperature. Lori let out a sigh as the thermometer slid out of her, she loved the way she had been worked over, but now she wanted to return the favor. Getting up, Lori told her friend, “Ok., my turn, strip down to you’re bra and panties. Lay down on you’re tummy and take you’re panties down.

Lori licked her lips, as she watched her friend peeling her panties down and her heart pounded as she grasped Cindy’s hot, sexy buttock’s and parted them. Lori was so excited as she inserted the thermometer into Cindy’s ass, that her breasts became firm and she started to get very wet. Lori couldn’t believe how delicious Cindy’s bottom looked with the thermometer protruding and she wasted no time, in kissing, licking and fondling her beautiful ass. Lori delighted in watching her friend squirm and moan in pleasure.

After Lori removed the thermometer and held it up to the light, Cindy got up and embraced Lori. For a moment they stood there, breathing slow and heavy, as they stared into each other’s eyes, then they kissed.

Cindy began sucking the breath out of Lori’s mouth as they kissed long, wet, passionate kisses. Lori felt Cindy reach behind her and unfasten her bra, Cindy then lowered her head to Lori’s chest and began suckling her hot firm breasts. Lori moaned in delight, as Cindy alternated breasts, playfully nipping her nipples with her teeth.

Lori was steaming hot by the time she felt Cindy’s fingers tugging at the elastic band of her panties. She was still a little nervous about having her first sexual encounter with another woman, but she was very excited about it at the same time. There was something else Lori wanted to do first. Taking Cindy’s rectal temperature had really turned her on and now she had a very strong desire to give her friend a enema.

Cindy was surprised when Lori stopped her from taking her panties off. Cindy thought that Lori didn’t want to do anything more, as Lori looked her in the face and tried to say something but couldn’t seem to bring herself to say it. Finally Lori blurted it out, as she looked down at the floor and asked her friend if she ever had a enema before.

“AN ENEMA !” Cindy asked as though her friend mentioned something from the moon. “No, I don’t think so”, Cindy said. “Do you know what they are”, Lori asked. “Well, yeah, I guess”, Cindy nervously said., She recalled a friend once telling her that she got one in the hospital, when she went to have her baby and told Cindy how unpleasant it was.

“I’d like to give you one”, Lori said, interrupting Cindy’s recollection of what her friend had told her. “I don’t know”, Cindy hemmed and hawed, “don’t they hurt?”

Lori did not address her friends question, instead she surprised even herself when she snapped that she is the doctor and she knows what’s best for her patients and she was prescribing a enema. Doctor’s orders.

“Where, how”?, Cindy stammered as she asked herself what she had gotten herself into, realizing she had bit off more than she could chew, when she asked her friend to play doctor with her.

“At my house”, Lori said as she began to get dressed again, “Let’s go”.

This time it was Cindy that was nervous as they walked the quarter mile to Lori’s house. Cindy could feel butterflies in her tummy as she pondered what was in store for her. She had mixed feelings of being nervous, the unknown and anxious at something new.

Upon arriving at Lori’s house, Lori directed Cindy to the basement where Lori undressed her friend and had her lay on the couch. Lori looked lustfully at Cindy’s bush of red hair as she slowly, teasingly removed her own clothes. Lori then told Cindy she would be back in a few minutes and she left the room. Cindy waited nervously as she reached down and began to play with herself.

When Lori returned, Cindy trembled as she looked at the bowl of steaming soapy water and the syringe that Lori had in her hands, they looked very menacing. Sitting down next to Cindy, Lori kissed her passionately and stroked her hair, before taking her hand and guiding her over her lap. Cindy’s hot thighs felt good resting in Lori’s crotch and Lori licked her lips as she dipped her finger in the Vaseline and brought it over Cindy’s sexy ass.

Lori’s heart pounded as she stroked Cindy’s butt crack with her finger and then with a quick thrust, inserted her finger deep into Cindy’s ass. Cindy moaned and squirmed in delight, as Lori worked her finger, pulling it almost all the way out and then quickly jamming it in to her knuckles and twisting it. Cindy was in heaven and she could feel a big orgasm building.

Cindy let out a sigh, as Lori removed her finger and wiped it off on a tissue. Cindy then watched wide eyed as Lori submerged the nozzle of the syringe in the bowl of water and for the first of what would be many times, heard the distinctive sound of the syringe sucking in a dose of water.

Cindy loved the anal finger fuck she had received, but she wasn’t so sure about the enema and Lori noticed her tense up. Laying the syringe across Cindy’s butt crack, Lori messaged Cindy’s buttocks, getting her to relax, before she inserted the nozzle.

Cindy let out a gasp as she felt the long nozzle slide deep into her ass and the round rubber top of the bulb press against her ass, keeping the nozzle firmly lodged deep inside her. Cindy’s eyes went wide and she let out a loud gasp, when Lori began to squeeze the bulb. The stream of water shooting into her butt was a very strange sensation, unlike anything Cindy had ever experienced before. It did not hurt but in fact it felt rather pleasurable.

After the first bulb full, Cindy felt good, she felt like she had just eaten a good meal and she savored laying across Lori’s lap and being worked over like this. Cindy anxiously awaited the 2nd bulb full as she watched her lover refill the syringe. Cindy moaned with delight and her eyes rolled as Lori filled her up with the 2nd bulb full.

After taking the 2nd bulb full, Cindy was feeling pretty full and she told Lori that she had to use the bathroom. “Yes, Im sure you do”, Lori said. To Cindy’s surprise, she began to fill the bulb a 3rd time. Cindy bared down and held the pillow tight as Lori administered the 3rd bulb full.

It was after the 3rd bulb full, that Cindy felt a acute cramp deep in her stomach and a urge to shit worse than ever. Surely Lori would allow her to go to the bathroom now, but to her amazement, Lori began to fill the syringe yet again.

“I have to shit, I’m going to have a accident”, Cindy shrieked as she struggled to get up, but Lori held her down against her lap firmly and sternly told Cindy, “You will go when I tell you, you can go and you will take every drop of this enema if you know what’s good for you”.

“Please”, Cindy cried, “I’m not joking, I can’t take anymore”, but as she said it, Lori inserted the nozzle again and again began to squeeze the bulb.

Cindy kicked her long legs and thrashed about on Lori’s lap as the soapy solution was injected deep into her gut. Lori gave Cindy yet another bulb full. By now Cindy was in distress and she squirmed about, kicking her legs, frantically trying to get up and go to the bathroom.

Despite her discomfort and her dire urge to shit, Cindy was extremely aroused. Cindy was thankful to see that when Lori filled the bulb for the 6th time, that it took the rest of the water in the bowl, but she honestly didn’t think she could take the last bulb full. She felt like she was about to explode.

Lori watched Cindy with amusement, as Cindy did the same things she had done when she got that enema from her father. Lori knew exactly what Cindy felt like and what she would experience in the next few minutes. Cindy was digging her nails into the mattress and sweating profusely as she struggled to retain the the water that was already in her. Cindy whimpered as she felt the syringe being inserted into her again and Lori began to squeeze the bulb, giving her the last dose.

Lori could feel the resistance coming from Cindy’s full colon and the water went in much slower, prolonging Cindy’s final enema. Cindy was panting and thrashing about wildly as Lori forced the 6th dose into her and then came the moment Lori was waiting for. There was a few ounces of water left in the bulb and the resistance from Cindy’s colon was great.

For a few moment’s, Lori stopped squeezing the bulb and just held it in place. Cindy thought that her enema was finally over and she anxiously waited for Lori to withdraw the nozzle. Suddenly Lori gave the bulb a quick hard squeeze, causing the last of the solution to jet into Cindy with a powerful surge. Simultaneously, Lori slid her hand under Cindy and into her sopping wet pussy and stroked Cindy’s firm clit.

Cindy’s whole body jerked violently and then she exploded, but not the way she had feared exploding. Cindy screamed out loud as she exploded with the most intense, strongest orgasm of her life.

Cindy collapsed like a wet rag, onto Lori’s lap, with a strong feeling of gratification and then she was brought back to her senses as her bowels cried out for release. Lori quickly slid a bed pan under Cindy and she promptly exploded, with a waterfall of brown water and shit.

Lori lovingly stroked Cindy’s hair and played with her breasts and caressed her, as she expelled the enema and then Lori lovingly wiped her and cleaned her up. Lori was wet with anticipation alone, as she prepared to submit her own bottom to a lavage from her friend, lover, enemate and Cindy trembled with excitement as she prepared to give Lori the pleasure Lori had taught her. This was wild and very naughty, she loved it.

Lori delighted in finding someone to share this new found pleasure with and perhaps someday she will find the right guy to be her daddy.

the end