Maggie's Experiment

Maggie and I had been fighting about all sorts of stuff for the entire week and now it was Friday night. It seemed the weekend was doomed. I don’t know what possessed Maggie to do what she did next, but I will always remember this night. In a “don’t mess around with me” voice, she told me to take off my clothes and lie across her knee. This seemed a lot better prospect than the fight we were having and I thought it might get us going in a different direction so I complied. While I was taking off my clothes, I saw her get the KY and grease up a finger. Although I was beginning to have second thoughts, I followed her direction. When I lay down across her knees she let her greased finger play around my opening in a teasing manner.

She asked, “how does this feel you bad little boy?”

I had to answer honestly and said, “It feels good. A lot better than our fighting.”

Suddenly her teasing turned into a mighty thrust as her lubricated finger invaded me and filled me up. She poked me in and out for a few good strokes and then just left her finger lie still buried deep inside me.

“Yeah, well our fighting isn’t over quite yet. You’ve been a real asshole this week and yours is going to get a lesson!” With her finger just resting in me, I felt totally controlled and embarrassed. When I tried to move, she rammed her finger in deep and kept me in my place. “Don’t you move,” she warned.

Then she proceeded to give me a spanking with her free hand. Occasionally, she’d reach down and give my balls a tight squeeze. After a few minutes of spanking, and after suffering the humiliation of having her finger deep within me, she suddenly popped her finger out and told me to stand up and stand still.

She then went into the other room and came back with a drug store bag. She said, “Linda (her best friend) has been telling me how she keeps Ted in his place and she convinced me to try it out on you.” With that she proceeded to take out a Faultless box that contained a red enema bag. I began having second thoughts about our argument and said “OK, I’ve been a pain in the ass this week and I’m sorry.”

As I apologized, she simply assembled the equipment, went into the kitchen and began running the water, all without saying a word. She came back with a full bag, the white hose dangling down, and she was carrying a hammer and a nail. “Apology not accepted,” she muttered. She gently laid the full bag down and drove the nail into the wall above the big chair where we were moments before. Satisfied with her home repair, Maggie hung the full bag on the nail and called me over her knee again.

There I was across her knee, lamely apologizing for everything that happened during the week. Maggie muttered, “Too late.” She again greased her finger and once again, it found its way deep inside me. “Why shouldn’t I give you the water? You have been such a pain in the ass lately, this may cure you.”

I argued, “Just because this worked with Ted, doesn’t mean it will work with me. You don’t have to do this to me. I get the point.”

Maggie cooed, “Isn’t that sweet ? Linda was right. Okay, here comes my finger out.”

I felt relieved and thankful. It was short lived. Before I knew it her finger was replaced by the nozzle which had no problem passing my greased and relaxed sphincter and before I knew what was happening she popped the clamp on the hose and I felt the rush of water hit my insides.

Maggie said, “If you don’t want the water, hold yourself closed, go ahead. Linda told me that anybody can hold off the invading waters if they really wanted to. It’s up to you, not me.”

Well, I tried to keep the water out and squeezed as hard as I could. I thought I halted the flow for a little. But then Maggie laughed and said, “Keep squeezing baby, you can do it.” With that she started to play with my balls and ever so gently tease my swollen penis. “I know you can do it.”

I held off the water for as long as I could, but eventually the muscles relaxed and I had to let go. When I did, the flow of the water poured into me and I was filled to the point of pain. I started to cry, I couldn’t help myself. All this brought back the memory of punishment enemas I got as a child. I again pleaded with her to clamp the hose and she just snickered and repositioned it to make sure every drop of water found its way home. “I am afraid you will have to take it all. This will work better that way. And I know if you didn’t want it, you would have kept yourself closed.”

With the water done, I thought I would explode. She popped the nozzle out and again deposited her finger in me. “Does baby need to go somewhere?”

I begged her to let me up to go to the bathroom. Innocently she asked “why?”. After reaming me in and out for several minutes, she finally said, “Well I guess it’s time for you to do something with all that water.” With that, she took hold of my erection and balls and led me to the bathroom. She sat me down on the throne and continued to lightly tease me. I had no choice but to release the water within me. I’ve never gone to the bathroom in front of her or anyone else before and it was completely humiliating. It was beyond my control though.

Her light touching was totally arousing and I wanted to come. But Maggie was really skilled at keeping me on the edge for as long as she wanted and this time she was particularly determined to drive me crazy. Every time I got near, she stopped. Only to start again and bring me to the same point, and then stop. This went on for what seemed like an eternity as I continued to free myself of the fluid that she had run into my body.

When I was done, she cleaned me off and again took hold of my erection and started walking me to the bedroom. She said it was now time to make up for the week and to give her “a good thorough fucking.” She hadn’t used these words before and I was wondering what she and Linda were talking about all the time, but this sounded like a good suggestion. As we entered the bedroom, she suddenly let go and knelt down behind me. She reached around me with her right hand and clasped my swollen rod, and she positioned her left hand from behind between my legs and gently fondled my balls. With a sure grip, she moved her right hand up and down my penis.

I begged Maggie to stop. “Stop, please, you’re going to make me come. I thought you wanted a good fucking. Come on, stop, let’s go make love.”

Maggie clearly had other things on her mind. She produced a little pre-cum out of me and used its slippery texture on the head of my penis to bring me to a violent orgasm. I told you she was skillful.

“Oh look what you did,” Maggie said in mock surprise. “You’ve disappointed me again. That was very naughty. And all over the rug. I am afraid you need another lesson. Let’s go.”

With that, she walked me back to the chair in the other room and unhooked her red bag, filled it with new water and this time a few squirts of soap. She called me over her knee again and I took the soapy water while I tried in vain to hold off the flow. After forcing me to lie across her for ten agonizing minutes while she spanked me and played with the nozzle in me, she finally let me up to relieve myself of the irritating solution. As I gained relief in the bathroom, Maggie went into the bedroom and locked the door. She left my pillow on the couch.

I tried to talk to talk to her through the door, but all she said was, “tomorrow. Tonight, you just think about who is boss around here.” I did just that as I fell asleep on the couch, knowing that our relationship would never be the same.