Marty And I - Day Two

I was alone in the bed when I woke up the next morning with a slight wine hangover. As the fog cleared I became aware of a sticky feeling between my legs and raised the sheet to look. The shock of seeing my shaved pubic area and realizing the sticky feeling was from my own juices that caked my inner thighs brought it all back. Another woman had fondled the most intimate parts of my body and made love to me. It was humiliating to think I not only let Marty do that to me but she had driven me to an soul wrenching orgasm in the process. My tits ached and my nipples were sore but there was an odd sweetness to the fatigue that I felt. Probably the most unerving memory of last night was when she gave me the enema and how utterly humiliated I felt. Not that it hurt, actually it wasn’t even unpleasent and I finally had to admit it gave me oddly erotic feeling of deep warmth. But just the idea of being given an enema like she did was still hard to deal with. The whole night with Marty was almost like being raped yet ashamed to admit you had enjoyed it.

The smell of fresh coffee filled the room a moment as Marty came in carrying a two big mugs. She was wearing only a little thigh length robe that provided an ample view of her shapely legs as she moved and when she sat on the bed the top opened enough to offer a tantalizing glimpse of her tits.

I could feel myself blushing. “Marty…,” I couldn’t look her in the face and lowered my head, “I’m so embarrassed at what happened last night. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

She hugged me and I could feel her tits pressing against me. “I know,” she said softly. “I enjoyed every minute and I think you enjoyed it too. How do you feel?”

“Still a little hungover from the wine I think.”

She smiled at me, then started massaging my shoulders and I thought I’d melt right then and there. Marty kissed the back of my neck before saying, “I know just what you need to make you feel like a million. You lay still and I’ll take care of you.” There was a seductive tone to her voice that sent a shiver through me.

Without another word, she went into the bathroom. I heard water running but paid no attention as I lay there with my eyes closed. A moment later she returned with a hot washcloth and some towels. “First I’m going to clean you up a bit,” she whispered as I was rolled over on my back. In spite of what happened last night, I offered no resistance when she spread my legs and began cleaning my dried juices from my thighs. “Doesn’t that feel good?” It did feel good and I nodded my head but knew I was blushing as she gently wiped my crotch, spending extra time working on my still swollen labia. “Feels nice

being shaved too, doesn’t it,” she whispered. It did feel good but it had made me so sensitive that I started getting wet very quickly.

Marty rolled me back over on my tummy and I closed my eyes. “I’ll be right back,” she whispered.

I assumed she was getting another warm cloth to wipe the back of my legs when she got up and I heard water running in the bathroom again. When she returned she started rubbing my back with lotion. It felt so good I quickly relaxed as she spread the lotion farther and farther down my back and then over my buns. Her finger glided smoothly over my anus with just a little pressure.

“Marty……” It was more like a soft groan and my hips twisted under her.

As she rubbed my anus with increasing pressure I knew what she was going to do and began whimpering softly. “Ohhhh….Marty….I….please…” I don’t know if I really wanted her to stop, it started feeling good but it frightened me. I felt her finger penetrate me slowly and gently but I gasp as it went in and my body tensed up.

“Just relax,” she murmured. Slowly she started stroking my twitching ass, each push going deeper until her finger was buried. I could feel her finger going all the way into my rectum. The same feelings from the last night came back. I was ashamed at letting another woman do this to me but more so that it felt good. For several minutes I lay there while Marty deeply fingered my ass. Each time she penetrated me she ran another finger through my slit and into my pussy. I was getting very wet, my body twisted slowly each time she entered me and I couldn’t help it. That’s what made me embarrassed again.

Slowly she removed her finger and a sigh escaped my lips. Then I felt it again, like last night, cold and hard pressing on my anus. I knew what it was and started crying softly as I felt it sliding into me. “Nooooo…don’t, Marty. Please don’t…give me another enema.”

I couldn’t look at her and screwed my eyes tightly closed as she rolled me onto my back, drew my legs up and pushed the nozzle deep in my ass. “I don’t want an enema,” I sobbed. “I don’t need one.” Even though I dreaded the thought of her giving me another enema, I couldn’t stop it. I don’t know, maybe I wanted to feel it again.

“This will make you nice and warm and feel very good. It has some baking soda to get your system back to normal. Don’t fight it. Just relax and let it go in. You’ll see how good it feels.”

This time I heard the click. An instant later I felt the first surge of warm water enter my rectum. At first my hips jerked and twisted as the enema started but with her urging I started to relax. I could feel the nozzle inside me and feel the warm water hitting the walls of my rectum. It must have been going in very slowly because I could gradually feel the warmth spreading up into my body and there was no cramping like before. I stopped crying, except for a little whimper every now and then as a pleasent feeling crept through me.

Marty was gently rubbing my belly. Her hand went from the base of my tits down to my clean shaven mound. It was like she was teasing me and I couldn’t stop my body from responding. She stroked the nozzle in and out of my ass. My tits felt so hot and my nipples were on fire. I could feel the juices in my pussy start to trickle out on my buns. Every time her hand went low on my belly my legs spread by themselves. As the enema continued, Marty was driving me to an orgasm and I couldn’t stop it.

She cupped my left tit, then rolled the burning nipple between her fingers. My chest heaved up to her and, like a voice far

away, I heard myself begging her to suck me. While she drew my nipple into her mouth her hand slipped between my legs. I started wailing and gasping for breath when her finger slid up into my sopping wet pussy. My hips started bucking and I thrashed around on the bed. I had never been so overwhelmed by sensations in my life. Relentlessly she sucked my rock hard nipples and finger fucked me while the enema continued forcing its way deeper into my bowels.

Gone was the humiliation I had felt about letting another woman do this to me. The torment reached its peak and I went crashing over the edge with a piercing scream. The next thing I really remember was Marty slowly pulling the nozzle out of my ass and being suddenly aware of the pressure in my belly.

“Try to hold it,” she whispered as she massaged my belly.

I tried but the pressure was too much. I’d expel the two quarts of warm water I held on the bed if I didn’t get to the toilet

quickly. Marty helped me up and into the bathroom while I clutched my aching belly. I sat panting on the toilet for a few seconds before the enema exploded out of me in a powerful gush that took my breath away.

When I was finally empty I eased into a hot bath that Marty prepared. I don’t remember how long I lay there soaking in the tub before Marty hung the rinsed out and refilled bag on the curtain rod. It seemed all my modesty and inhabitions were gone as I let her spread my legs and slip the nozzle into my pussy for a warm soothing douche.

I hated to admit it but I felt refreshed and clean when I got out of the tub and dried off. I was tired but it was a nice kind of tired. For quite a while we lay together on the bed before Marty got up and went into the bathroom. When she returned she was carrying the full enema bag and hung it up.

“Okay, kiddo,” she giggled. “Now it’s my turn for a nice rubdown and to get cleaned out. With that she stretched out on the bed.

In spite of my feeble protests, Marty had made love to me twice and clearly wanted me to return the service to her. Further, she wanted me to give her an enema. Enemas had always been, in my mind, what someone got when they were badly constipated and were of the utmost privacy. They were something you absolutely never talked about and even the notion that a periodic enema was pleasing had never crossed my mind. Something else, it was obvious that to her enemas also had a very erotic nature. Marty had given me two enemas and in spite of my inhabitions and the humiliation I felt, I couldn’t deny I had

been sexually stimulated…far more than I’d ever admit.

I started on her shoulders and back the way she had done. As my hands worked closer to her firm buns I started trembling. Marty was starting to purr like a kitten as I rubbed the lotion on her ass. My hand was shaking so much I had trouble squirting some of the lotion in her crack and it ran down over her hole. I had never touched another woman in my life and this was the moment of truth. Mustering my courage I began gently rubbing her anus with my finger.

“Mmmmmm…that feels sooo good,” she murmurred.

I could feel her muscle relaxing and while I closed my eyes I gave a tentative little push and my finger slipped in. It was so warm inside her, not what I expected. Before I really knew what I was doing I started stroking my finger in and out of Marty’s anus while she moaned with delight.

“Put the nozzle in,” she gasped. “Do it slowly.”

I was scared I’d hurt her or do something wrong but I managed to slip the long douche pipe part way in. I saw her anus flex slightly as it penetrated her and then it seemed to grip the nozzle.

“I love that feeling,” she sighed. “Don’t start it yet.”

Marty rolled over on her back, spread her legs and pulled her knees up. Her cleanly shaved pussy glistened from the juices that were already seeping from her vagina. “Push it all the way in,” she whispered as she arched her back a little. I was terrified at what I was doing when I started massaging her belly with one hand while holding the nozzle firmly up her ass with the other. My hand drifted up her firm stomach until I touched her breast. Marty’s nipples were hard as rocks and she moaned softly as I rolled them between my trembling fingers. Slowly, I leaned forward until her heaving chest in front of me. I heard myself whimper briefly and my whole body was shaking as I opened my mouth, took her nipple between my lips and suckled her.

I couldn’t explain how I felt. For the first time in my life I was making love to another woman. Fondling her body and sucking her tits like a baby. It was an odd mix of shame and incredible excitement that I had never known. Her nipples were so hot and they swelled even more between my lips as I suckled her. Marty was moaning something I couldn’t understand but obviously I was giving her great pleasure. Suddenly she gasp loudly and her body lurched as she started to climax.

“Oh God!” she screamed. “Open the clamp! Start it now! Oh Jeeze, give me the enema!” There was a frantic desperation in her voice.

I fumbled for the clamp and managed to open it. Marty’s hips thrust upward as the warm water surged into her body. I rested my hand on her belly and could feel the enema rumbling inside her as she filled. I remembered Marty rubbing my belly to ease my acceptance of the enema she had given me, so I did the same to her. She hadn’t set the bag very high so it flowed into her slowly…I guess she wanted the sensation to last. As the enema flowed slowly into her bowels she mumbled how good it felt and moaned with pleasure. Her hips gyrated slowly and as I massaged be belly and I could feel it getting tight under my hand.

Marty pushed my hand off the nozzle and began pumping it in and out of her ass as the enema continued working its way deeper into her body. Her moaning got louder and I could see the juices oozing from her pussy and crusting on her buns. “I’m almost there!” she panted and I knew her climax was near.

With my hand on her lower belly I could still feel the water churning in her bowels as it continued going in. I had never sexually touched a woman before in my life but I had already fondled her lovely firm breasts and suckled her nipples. All this while I was at least an active participant in giving a woman what was clearly an erotic enema. The musky smell of her sex was intoxicating and without much more than a slight hesitation I let my hand drift between her legs. For the first time I felt another woman’s clitoris, swollen and protruding from its hood. God, but she was wet and it felt like my finger was in a bath of warm oil as it slipped down the crack of her cleanly shaved pussy.

“Oh, yes! Please…please do it,” she begged as my finger lingered on her labia while I mustered my courage. This was against everything I believed in. I’m not a lesbian and even the idea of making love to another woman made me shudder a little but I was doing it. My finger slipped easily into her vagina. It was enough to send Marty over the edge.

She briefly arched her back, then suddenly reached up with both hands and grabbed my head. I struggled as she pulled my face between her legs, her flooded vagina covering my mouth, as I heard her scream. I could feel her hot juices on my lips as she pushed her hips up against me. She was holding me so tightly I couldn’t move. Finally I stopped struggling. I know I was crying and tears trickled down my face as I let my tongue slip into her vagina and taste the juices that now covered my face.

I don’t know how long her orgasm lasted but we were laying together, locked in each other’s arms, gasping for breath. The enema nozzle was still firmly embedded in her ass and the bag was flat. Marty’s normally flat stomach now had a slight bulge from the enema she carried.

“That was simply wonderful,” she purred as she reached back to pull the nozzle out. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel sooo much better.” A few minutes later she kissed my forehead. “I think its about time,” she said with a giggle and went into the bathroom.

A moment later I heard her expelling the enema amidst several “Ohhhs” and “Ahhhs” as the water splattered into the toilet. When she returned she had that glowing look on her face…the kind a woman has when she has been totally satisfied and loved every second.

Marty knew it was a new and frightening experience for me. She cradled me in her arms and I felt the warmth of her body next to me. “Do you want another one?” she asked pointing to the enema bag. If Marty insisted, I knew I’d be given another enema but I shook my head.

I stayed with Marty for two more days before heading home. She gave me an enema in the morning and again at night and I did the same for her. I no longer resisted when she hung the bulging bag and slipped the nozzle up my ass. In fact, though I still hate to admit it, I came to enjoy the feeling as the warm water spread up though my body. And, of course, we made love too.

“Marty,” I said quietly as I prepared to leave, “please don’t tell anyone what we did.”

She kissed me gently and nodded her head. I’ve never been with another woman.