Mary's Exam


Mary arrived early for her appointment and was ushered into the exam room by the nurse. The young nurse handed Mary the exam gown and without a word the directions were issued and understood. As the nurse left the room, Mary set down her purse and kicked off her shoes.

Mary slipped out of her dress and began to unbutton her blouse. As she pulled the blouse from her shoulders, she glanced at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. She finished disrobing in front of the mirror next pulling her panty hose down her slender legs. Again she glanced at herself in the mirror, now dressed only in panties and bra. She slipped her panties off and deftly kicked them onto the chair in the corner of the room. Finally she unsnapped her bra tossing the sheer garment onto the chair with her other clothes.

Her hands cupped her breasts and she groaned slightly as she squeezed each mound tightly before tweaking her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.. Her hands moved in unison down over her stomach and then to her crotch. Mary closed her eyes and sighed as her fingers danced between her pussy lips tickling her clit. She quickly stopped as she realized how wet she was and quickly put on the gown and sat on the edge of the exam table.

After what seemed like hours she heard a knock on the door and in walked her physician. After exchanging brief greetings, the handsome doctor stood next to Mary. She tensed as she felt his fingers untie the ribbons that held the back of her gown together. The doctor slipped her exam gown down over her shoulders leaving her breasts exposed to his view.

Mary felt a powerful tingle between her legs as she felt the warmth of his hand run over her breasts. Her breathing quickened as he massaged each mound and she couldn’t help but gasp as his fingers slipped over her very sensitive and now erect nipples. As he continued to manipulate her breasts, Mary felt the moisture grow between her legs causing her to squirm on the paper covered table.

Far too early according to Mary’s desires and needs, the exam was over and the doctor pulled her gown back onto her shoulders. Mary looked down at the front of the gown and could clearly see her nipples protruding through the thin fabric. The doctor just smiled as he left the room and told Mary that the nurse would be in to prepare her for the rest of her exam.

Mary fought to keep her hands from between her legs as her frustration grew. But in a very short time, the young nurse walked into the room with a towel covered tray. The nurse adjusted the table and helped Mary lean back onto the cool paper covering. Mary placed her legs up into the stirrups and felt her pussy lips part.

The nurse pulled Mary’s gown back onto her stomach, leaving her very vulnerable. Mary watched intently as the nurse filled a bowl with warm water from the sink in the room. She closed her eyes as the nurse dipped a wash cloth into the bowl and began to rub between her legs. The warmth of the cloth and the massaging of her pussy only heightened the tension that pulsated in her clit.

Mary heard a “WHOOSH” and looked up to see the smiling nurse filling her hand with shaving cream. A groan rolled passed by Mary’s parted lips as the nurse began massaging the menthol shaving cream over her cunt and between the cheeks of her ass. At first the cream burned her sensitive privates, but it quickly turned into a powerful erotic burst that moved her closer to a power orgasm.

As the nurse picked up the razor and began to clean the hair from her cunt, Mary’s breathing quickened. Mary watched the nurse as her breasts rose and fell as she began to squirm a bit on the table. A deep groan filled the room as the nurse pulled her pussy lips out as she continued to remove the hair from her pussy. The nurse’s actions teased her clit and Mary fought to hold

back her orgasm. Mary began to pant as the nurse finished by shaving the hair from between her ass.

Mary tensed as the nurse cleaned the remaining traces of shaving cream from between her legs with a warm wash cloth. Finally, the nurse picked up a bottle of baby oil and deftly spread the slippery liquid over her bare cunt, sending Mary to the very brink of a powerful orgasm. But all too soon the nurse stopped and with an all knowing grin placed a drape over her parted legs before leaving the room.

Mary was about to reach down and relieve the tension her throbbing clit when the doctor knocked and re-entered the room with the nurse. He quickly sat down on stool positioned between her legs as the nurse moved over a cart of instruments. Mary felt his fingers spread her pussy lips as he told her to relax.

The cold metal speculum entered her pussy and slowly began to spread her open. It felt like a huge growing cock that was bigger than anything she had ever imagined. As her discomfort grew as her pussy was opened farther, so did he frantic need to cum. When it felt like she was about to be ripped apart, the speculum was locked into place and Mary bit her lip in frustration.

Next she felt his fingers, probing her wide-open hole. Her legs trembled as his fingers ran over and probed her G-spot making her feel like she had to pee. The nurse brought over a bedpan and positioned it under Mary’s hips as the doctor picked up the water-pik wand.

The nurse moved up to the head of the table and looked into Mary’s pleading eyes and told her that the next part of the exam would not be so bad. As the water-pik was turned on a soft buzzing noise filled the air. The doctor aimed the pulsating water flow into Mary’s spread open cunt causing her to moan in ecstasy. As he moved the pulsating water stream over her pee hole and clit Mary knew she was within seconds of cumming.

But the doctor turned off the device causing Mary to wiggle in frustration as she was again denied the orgasm she so desperately needed. Mary moaned and wiggled her hips as the doctor removed the speculum from her cunt and dried

off her pussy lips which refused to close and left her spread open begging for something to fill her hole and desires.

Mary’s eyes grew wide as she watched the nurse move over to the sink and take a stainless steel enema can from the cabinet above it. As the nurse placed a bar of white soap in the container, Mary began to quietly whisper No…….no…….no.”

The Doctor gently patted her inner thigh sending shivers throughout her body as the nurse filled the container with hot water sending soap bubbles over the top of the shiny metal can.

Mary trembled as the can was set on shelf over her hips and the doctor slipped on fresh latex glove. She was mesmerized as he squeezed a large glob on KY jelly onto his fingers and moved back between her legs. He placed one hand on her cunt as he pushed one, then two fingers into her tight anus. Mary shuttered as his fingers fucked her tight ass lubricating her tender hole.

Mary again began to plead as the doctor picked up the enema nozzle and covered it with KY. The nurse moved up to the head of the table and began to stroke Mary’s hair and forehead while her other hand rested on her shoulder. The doctor with one quick motion inserted the tube up her bottom and instantly started the water flow.

Mary moaned as the very warm water shot up her into her bowels. The nurse continued to stroke her head as her other hand now openly massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. Mary cried out as the first set of cramps roared through her belly from the soapy water and to control her squirming the doctor rested his hand directly her cunt holding her down onto the table.

The enema can gurgled dry and the doctor quickly yanked the nozzle from Mary’s backside. As he stood up, he set a kitchen timer for 10 minutes and then walked out of the room.

Mary’s belly was distended to the point where it looked like she was pregnant. She squeezed her butt cheeks together trying to hold the solution as cramps rolled through her belly. The nurse pulled off Mary’s gown leaving her naked and exposed on the table.

Mary begged the nurse to let her use the toilet as the ticking of the timer filled the room, but the nurse only smiled as she sat on the stool between her legs. “Perhaps this will help you hold your solution,” said the nurse as unzipped her uniform. Mary eyes were fixed on the nurse as she opened the front snap on her bra letting her tits swing free.

Mary’s head tossed from side to side the nurse rubbed her tits over Mary’s cunt and inner thighs. As the pressure in her bowels continued to grow to the bursting point, so did her arousal until a continual set of moans filled the roam with the ticking of the timer.

Seeing that Mary was near cumming, the nurse didn’t waste any time in spreading her patient’s pussy lips with her fingers. Mary shrieked in delight as the nurse’s tongue flicked over her clit.

Without warning the doctor entered the room and smiled as the nurse began sucking on Mary’s clit causing her to shiver in delight. As the doctor bent over and bit down onto Mary’s nipple, she came with a loud groan as her body convulsed in orgasmic wave after wave. Mary trembled in post orgasmic delight as the timer rang.

The doctor and nurse helped Mary to the toilet and as she sat down, her bowels exploded in relief. Mary moaned as the nurse bent over and began to suck on Mary’s still throbbing nipples. The nurse’s hand began to play with Mary’s cunt as the doctor removed his pants. Moving into position behind the nurse, he thrust his cock up her young pussy pushing her forward with every thrust. But despite the hard fucking she was taking, she never stopped sucking on Mary’s nipples or frigging her clit. Mary continued to empty her bowels and reached up and began to pinch the nurse’s rock hard nipples. That sent the nurse into orgasmic delight as the doctor let out a long loud groan and shot a stream of cum over her back.

As all three caught their breath, they admitted that this was one fantasy weekend that they all had been waiting for a long time.

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