Mary's Rectal Temp Story

She hated doing this for him! Being married to a doctor was bad enough but to use her as a model do his interns could learn was embarrassing. He did give her a choice, either she does this or she gets a bare bottom spanking. The last time he spanked her she could not sit for a week so she decided this was safer. How bad could it be this time? Last time it was just ear exams and throat exams.

As she pulled into his office everyone seemed to be gone. She walked up the stairs and noticed a tightness in her stomach. He greeted her at the door and led her into exam room 1. She noticed two very cute and young male interns in the room. He asked them to leave for a minute and told her to get undressed and not to asked any questions. He left the room also and she did was she was told. She stripped down but left her underwear on. Looking around she saw a tray with these big metal probes, rectal thermometers, KY tubes and hanging over head was a enema bag.

Now she was nervous and maybe she should have taken the spanking! Just as she was about to get dressed he walked in with the interns. lie face down on the table and lets get started. She knew better to talk back to him because he would have spanked her right there in front of them. She was face down on the table and was explaining to the interns how to take a child’s temp.

He lifted her hips and placed a roll pillow under her to give the interns a better view of her bottom. “Now don’t be nervous he said but your panties have to come off for this. She cant believe she was lying there with no clothes on about to have a rectal thermometer inserted into her as they watched! He pulled her cheeks apart and left them open as he pointed out where to place the thermometer. She felt a cold liquid and then the thermometer slipped inside of her as she jumped. He told them that if a child moves allot to take the child across their laps so they can hold them still. That was her cue not to move but she could not help it. He had a firm grip on the thermometer and on her behind bit he was mad because she was moving.

“Steve bring me that chair and go ahead and have a seat.” He told her to get up and lie across Steve’s lap. She was about to cry, more from rage! He explained to Steve to make sure her bottom was resting on his left leg and to lift the leg higher and to lower his right leg so her butt was up in the air. Steve pulled apart her cheeks and slowly inserted the thermometer into her until it could not go any further.

Her husband told him to place his hand on her back and with the other hand to hold her cheeks together for five minutes. As she hung from his lap she tried not to cry. She could feel him move the thermometer slightly from time to time and she noticed that she was getting wet. She thought she would fix her husband for doing this to her so she might as well enjoy it! Steve pulled out the thermometer and gave her a little pat on her bottom and she got up. Your next mike. Mike sat down and she put herself over his lap and forced her butt up real high. Mike inserted the thermometer and this time she turned around to watch him for a second. She went limp over his lap and noticed Mike was turning the thermometer around in her which almost gave her an orgasm. She started rubbing on his knee a little to show her husband she liked what this strange man was doing to her.

Mike pulled out the thermometer and her husband grabbed her by the arm threw he back down on the table but this time he strapped her arms and legs down and put an even bigger pillow under her. Next thing she felt was his belt landing on her bare bottom. whap! whap! whap! He was mad she could tell by the force of the belt and the pain she was feeling, whap whap whap now she was crying and begging him to stop but not before he landed five more! Without saying a word she felt a cold piece of metal being put into her that stretched her anus out. He was showing the doctors the inside of her anus which made her cry even harder. he pulled it out and explained to the doctors that they were each going to give he an enema. Steve was first, He parted her cheeks again and inserted the tube into her. This time it hurt and told her that bad little girls who get a spanking in front of people should have a punishment enema given to them.

The exam table was located in the back corner of the room. From where I was standing after she asked me to get off for a second, the metal stirrups were clearly visible tucked neatly away. Even though I was younger, I still new what these were for.

I had on a very thin pair of bobby socks, and I remember that they were not keeping my feet warm on the cold exam room floor. As I stood there waiting for Carol to finish getting the table prepared I felt completely powerless. It was completely exhilarating at the same time. In some weird way, the fact that I was so sick didn’t matter any more.

Well, new crisp paper was put back on. Carol asked me again to “hop” back up on the table. About this time, the doctor walked backed in. As I got back on the table, that old familiar crinkle to the paper came back. All I wanted to do was go somewhere and sleep for a year. I was so tired.

Sorry, feel like I should describe Carol in a little more detail. My recollection is not very good now. She was about 25, had brown hair and eyes. I think she wore glasses, too. She had on a very subtle perfume, something like white linen, but it was not excessive. She wore a pair of those surgical scrubs, but even in those you could the see the shape of a fairly attractive young women. Not gorgeous, but distinctive. She was very well spoken and that comforted me.

The doctor again sat down on his stool on the other side of the room. He got up and came over to me once again. I remember wondering if it was him that was going to take my temperature. God, I hoped not. He grabbed my wrist and proceeded to take my pulse. Didn’t say a word. After he was done he again went to his stool and sat down. There was a small table where a chart was. He wrote something.

Carol then came back over to me. The bottom of the exam table by the stirrups had been extended. “Carol,” she said, “Please roll over on your tummy for me.”

It was at that instant that reality set in. I immediately protested. “I think I have changed my mind. :Please take my temp in my mouth again, maybe I did drink something before the first one.” The doctor looked up at me from the corner table.

“Carol, honey,” he said, “this will only take a few minutes.” “I know a girl of your age can be easily embarrassed.” “Let me assure you that we need to do this to have an accurate diagnosis.” It is necessary. With that, I didn’t know what to say, but knew I was blushing.

Carol gave me a reassuring smile. I then proceeded to “roll over on my tummy.” As I did, the gown, which was split in the back got all messed up. Carol reached under me to straighten it out. I was now somewhat exposed as the back of this gown was open. All I remember is looking straight in front of me at that the exam room wall which had some pretty sorry wallpaper. Carol continued with her work.

First, she asked to lift my hips a little. When I did, she pulled the bottom portion up to my waistline. I couldn’t believe it. The room was so cold I could feel goosebumps all over my legs down to my bobby socks. My little, white panties were now in full view for the whole world to see. At this time, it was the Carol and the doctor.

Carol gently reassured me again by rubbing my thighs gently. “Mary, honey” she said “I am going to pull your panties down a little.” I immediately protested again (which I new was futile) and clinched my legs together. She lightly slipped her fingers under the waistband. I was so embarrassed. I knew (at that time in my life) that I was a pretty attractive girl. My rear end was nice, not perfect. I always wanted a tighter ass, but is was a little plump.

Carol gently pulled on the elastic band. I could just imagine the sight. This was the first time I realized the complete sexuality associated with my little bottom. Before, I never thought about it. She pulled my undies down just to knee level. The were kinda bikini types and I still remember the crotch area not wanting to go. My legs were like a vice.

So there I was, the medical gown at my hips and my panties at my knees. My ass must of looked funny it was clinched so tight. Carol paid no attention. She walked over to where she set the tray earlier and grabbed a small, tubular container. I knew what was in there. She came back over to the table and basically removed the object right in front of me.

I kinda remember wanting to laugh when she took it out, but that changed quickly. I had always imagined a “rectal thermometer” with a red end. This one was not that way. It was the same size as a the thermometer she used earlier, but had a much shorter, round end where the mercury was. The other end had the triangle tip, but was clear. She set the thermometer on the medical stand by the exam table (this sand also contained the pelvic exam tray - which was covered in blue-paper medical wrap).

At that point, I remember looking over at the doctor in the corner of the room. He was just sitting there with his legs crossed looking right at Carol and I.

My attention turned back to the thermometer resting on the tray. I kinda remember what it was like having my temp taken as a kid. The memories were vague, though.

Carol turned her attention back to my bottom. “Carol,” she said, “I know you are nervous, honey, but I need you to please relax a little.” With that, she put her hands on my bottom and gently rubbed. This made me flinch more, but I felt something else. Her touch was cool and soothing. As much as I hated to admit it, it did soothe me a little. I relaxed a little.

“Please spread your legs a little, honey.”

“Can’t you put it in like this,” I replied. Carol explained that it would be much more uncomfortable if I was so tense. She was still rubbing my young bottom. I slowly spread my legs. Not much. I could swear that I heard a slight sigh from her. It was at this point that the doctor got up from his chair and walked to the foot of the table.

As I spread my legs, I could feel my pussy become somewhat visible. I still remember my lips parting slightly. It must have been a sight. It was not a very good shot, I knew that. But my mound was still visible. I also thought (funny how I didn’t think this first), that my anus was also in view. It too, was slightly covered by my young, round cheeks.

At that point, I couldn’t believe what happened. The doctor placed his hands on my calves and rubbed them gently, as Carol was doing to my bottom. “It will be ok honey” he said.

Carol picked up the thermometer again. I watched her every move. She asked me to place my hands at my sides and to be very still. She started to shake the thermometer. Held it up and looked at it in the light. All was ready. In my apprehension I squirmed a little. The doctor asked me to please be still.

I again asked for it to be oral. This was half-hearted and didn’t mean a thing at this point. Maybe later the doctor said with a little laugh. Wonder what he meant by this. Think I was going to find out.

“Mary,” Carol said “I am going to put this into your little bottom now.” She gently spread my asscheeks to expose my puckered anus for her and the doctor to see. He was still at my feet. Again, I could swear I heard that “sigh.” She placed the tip gently at my little button. I clinched slightly and she told me to relax again. I don’t know for sure, but it seem as though she left it at the entrance for some time. Everything was in slow motion.

What I felt next was indescribable. Carol pushed the tip of the stubby thermometer past my virgin entrance. Involuntarily, I clinched. It was too late, though, the little object hit its target. Carol continued to insert it, slowly. When it found its final resting spot, something unusual happened. Carol removed it to the tip. This set shock waves down my spine. My tender pussy became instantly wet and slightly swollen. I spread my legs a little more. I was now stretching my panties a little. The warm feeling was unexplainable. Carol immediately explained she didn’t think she had the right position and that I please be still.

I remember for a brief second, Carol the RN slowly pushed and pulled the thermometer out of my little anus as if she was fucking me. I wanted to move my hips. My mind was going. I remember letting out a slight “Ohhh.” Don’t even know if they heard. The doctor now seemed to use some amount of force in holding my legs down so I wouldn’t move.

Carol stopped and removed her hand from the thermometer. It was now independent supported only by my tight sphincter muscle. I looked over my left shoulder on saw just an inch or so of the tip protruding from my anus. Carol was rubbing my bottom again telling me it would be “OK.” The doctors eyes were intently looking at it. I knew his cock was hard and I wanted to see it.

The doctor continued to hold my calves firmly. I must have lied there for what seemed like hours. Nurse Carol, now extremely quiet, seemed intrigued by what she saw. I must admit. I wondered exactly what I looked like lying there, too.

I couldn’t help it, but my pussy was so wet. I didn’t know what was going on. I was squirming slightly. The doctor requested that I please not fidget as it would give an inaccurate reading. I felt so embarrassed. It was at this point I think Carol and the doctor really knew my current state of mind. It didn’t even seem like I was sick any longer. But I was. Maybe that what was adding to my euphoria. Regardless, the thermometer was still protruding from my tight, pink button. I couldn’t help but to imagine how my sphincter tightly wrapped around it. I had to think hard, but I knew it was there.

All of sudden, I heard a knock on the door. It instantly brought me back to reality. The door opened slightly and an older lady was standing there. “Doctor,” she said, “I have the rest of Mary’s file for when you are ready.” (I had been to this hospital several times when I was younger…sprained ankle, bad colds,…etc.). Please put it on the table he said, quickly removing his hands from my calves. I instantly wanted to get up. But where to? So I lied there and stuck my head down into the paper. The lady that opened the door was older and wore those squinty glasses. I remember her from when I first checked in at the counter. I looked over my shoulder real quick and noticed her looking at me. How embarrassing. But the look on her face made me wetter. I got the feeling she wanted to stay in the room and watch the rest of exam. I’ll never know, she left.

When the door closed again, the doctor walked over to the chart. “Carol,” “please remove the thermometer from Mary’s rectum.”

“Yes sir,” she said. Again I felt her fingers on the thermometer. The slight feel of the movement in my butt felt so good. Carol then spread my cheeks wide. She grabbed the thermometer and slowly pulled it out. It was so warm. In one movement, it was out. She placed it on the table, but did not read it. My anus was empty. I wanted it (or something), back in there.

Carol asked me if I was ok. I said yes. She asked me to roll over onto my back as the doctor was going to exam me. As I rolled, the gown again became entangled. My whole lower half was exposed. She discreetly covered me with the gown but left my panties at my knees. She moved back to where she had set the thermometer. Picking it up, she held it to the light. 102.8 doctor, she said. He wrote in the chart.

“Mary,” he said, “I just went through your chart and history. I have a few questions I need to ask, if you don’t mind. Before I examine you.” I said OK. “First, I will be asking some delicate questions if you don’t mind.” I told him I didn’t. Ok, he said.

“Do you have periods?” I said yes, sir. Have you ever had a pap smear and pelvic exam? I said no. (I knew at my age I should have had one a long time ago, but was scared to) Have you ever had sex? I said yes. My experience with sex had taken place over the last few years. Nothing spectacular.

“Do you masturbate…I mean, do you rub your vagina?” I didn’t know what to say. “Please, be honest,” he said.

“Yes, sir.” I was looking at Carol and she at me. I felt so embarrassed.

The doctor immediately interjected. “Mary, most women masturbate or play with themselves,” he said. “In fact, Carol probably has at some point, too.” With this remark, I kinda felt like the pressure was off of me for a second. Carol quickly glanced at the doctor. She looked mad.

“Carol,” he said, “do you masturbate.” She mentioned how she did not see the importance. I thought they were gonna fight or something. “In an effort to make Mary comfortable with these questions, I wanted another women’s input,” he said, “I didn’t mean to sound rude and you don’t have to answer the question.”

She looked at the doctor and then at me. “Mary,” she said, “I do play with myself on occasion.” I knew when she said “myself” she was talking about her pussy. She got a fairly good view of mine, but I never got one of hers. I wanted to see it. I wanted to see her the way she saw me. “But not only do I Carol, but so does the doctor” she said with a half ass smile looking at the doctor.

I turned and looked. He didn’t seem as shocked as her with this comment. For some reason I asked him “Do you play with your cock, doctor?” I couldn’t believe I had said that!! I felt like a little slut.

“Yes, Mary…I jerk off.” I don’t know whether he was trying to shock me, but it worked. I immediately looked down between his legs for some reason. I could see the outline of his cockhead starting to bulge in his pants. Carol was looking, too. It was established…all three of us masturbated.

“Mary, I need to continue with my questions,” he said. “To be more clear, I will try to use generic, non-medical terms, if that is OK with you.” I’m not sure I quite understood, but I agreed.

“How often do you play with your pussy? Once, twice a week?”…I nodded, even though at this time in my life I found myself reaching down there more and more.

“Have you ever sucked cock?” I nodded yes. “Does your partner cum on your face or in your mouth?”

I said no. “There was one time, though, when I jerked this guy off and he shot so far, it hit my ear. Got a little too close.”

“Does that gross you out?” I didn’t know how to answer this as I never did it. A lot of my fantasies involved this, though.

“How often do you have sex?” I answered once or twice a month.

“Have you ever licked or fingered another women’s pussy?” I said no.

“Have you ever had anal sex?” I said “no,” loudly. “Has anyone ever put their finger in your rectum while you played with your pussy?”

“Mary,” he said, “for medical purposes we may need to explore some of these areas. I think it is time for your exam now….”