Massage From My Wife's Friend, Linda

My telephone rang around nine o’clock in the morning.

“Hello, I am returning your call from earlier this morning. Whom am I speaking to ?” asked a friendly but demanding female voice on the other end.

“You are speaking to me. What number are you calling? I did not place any calls this morning!.” I responded.

“Well someone did, I have your phone ID and am returning your call” she insisted.

“OK, let me check with my wife.”

Problem resolved, my wife had telephoned her tennis friend earlier to arrange a massage for a niece who was visiting with us. After a few loud words and phone calls, the idea had turned into a mistake. My niece was not interested in the massage. But the hour had been booked. At which time my wife suggested that perhaps I would like the massage, especially since I was going to have to pay for the time anyway.

“Are you sure you want Linda work on me? as I attempted to get out of this


“Yes, I have an business appointment this afternoon. You take the time.

Linda will be nice to you, just relax and enjoy” and with that my wife exited the scene.

I cannot deny the idea of a massage was positive. Linda is a great looking lady, but a massage from one of my wife’s friends, I was not too certain about this idea.

At the appointed time Linda arrived with her table and bag of lotions. “We can set up in the study. And while I am setting up, why don’t you take a quick shower, put a towel around your waist, and get ready for some strong but soft hands” she instructed.

A few minutes later, I was on the table trying my best to relax. But let me tell you, trying to relax with a loverly lady standing over my quasi-naked state is not exactly easy.

Linda began on my neck and shoulders and made a little small talk. She immediately sensed my tension and in a few minutes decided to do something about it. “OK, you feel tense, I can understand that. Its natural. But I cannot give you a decent massage unless you simply relax. “

I attempted to explain the situation in the most delicate words I could use.

Her response, “I understand. Let’s do the following. First I am going to remove this towel from your butt. I have seen men before so just relax, I am not going to take advantage of you.” With that she began to work on my lower back and then my butt. “Now take a deep breath” and just as quickly she plunged her finger into my butt hole. “How’s that ?” as she pushed a little further in until she hit my prostate. “Just relax and enjoy. What happens on my table stays on my table, you wife will never know. Now relax!”. Easy for her to say and then came the inevitable consequence, I exploded with cum saturating the table.

“Good, now that you are more relaxed. Sort of a waste of cum. Let’s continue with the massage. OK?” she spoke in a softer voice.

My head was spinning, but I took a deep breath and decided maybe she was right, I should just relax.

For the next half hour she worked on my neck, back, and legs. And before I could say anything, Linda asked, or rather, told me to turn over. There I was, relaxed with the most flaccid penis imaginable.

“You look comfortable. Let’s see if you can wake up now.” And with that she began to massage my belly and lower. “Now that’s one nice piece of equipment. Now I know why your wife keeps bragging about her sex life.

Linda leaned over to reach for her lotion and in doing so, her ample breast appeared inches from my mouth. I was tempted to take a “bite” but I held myself back and simply hooked my arm around her waist. Instinctively, my hands began to rub her back.

I decided it was my time to make small time. “My goodness, you are all muscle. Must be an occupational trait.”

“Certainly is an occupational trait. That really feels good.” Linda cooed and slowly began to melt.

“You know what else is an occupational trait ?” she asked.

“No, tell me?”

“Well, I get really horny and wet working on sexy men like you. Right now I am so wet I can cum in my panties!”

“Well that would be a real waste. Here let me work on you.” I responded.

And with that, I helped Linda shed her sweats and panties, and with one swift move, placed her up on the table. And now my hands began to work on her. Her nipples were more erect than my organ. My hands ran over her buttocks until my finger found her butt hole and filled the void. Her wetness ran-over until I plugged her excretions. She came, and came, and came until she was exhausted.

I slowly moved my hands to her neck and shoulders as she faded slowly. I took a simple towel, covered her nakedness, and used my hands to close her eyes.

I got up and showered and slowly got dressed while Linda slept. Half an hour later, she awoke, smiled at me, and got up off the table and headed for the shower. A few minutes later she walked in my room, removed her towel presenting her pussy to my face and simple said “thank you, that was great.

I really needed that”. With that she moved away to get dressed and quietly disappeared from the scene.

Later my wife arrived home from her meeting and said that Linda had telephoned her at work to say that it had not been possible to provide the full hour of time for the massage and that Linda felt obligated to book another session for me, next Tuesday was suggested.

I love my wife dearly and simply responded, “are you certain about this ?”

“Yes, you paid for Linda’s time you might as well get your money’s worth.

Subject closed”

p.s. That night my wife and I had the best sex in years.