Matt’s Awakening


Matt suddenly realized that he was awake. A lot more awake at 3:14 am than he should be, considering that he’d taken a sleeping pill. He lay there for a few minutes trying to sort it out, and then a cramp hit. “Gah!” he protested. God. Why was he having this pain in his gut? He was never sick. His intestines were so normal he didn’t usually even know he had any. The cramp subsided and then he became aware that he needed to shit. Bad. Right now. He had never had such a load trying to get out. What the hell was going on? He blearily thought about what he’d eaten in the last 24 hours – he could remember nothing unusual, and no overindulgence. No restaurant food. Christ. He was going to have to get up at 3:14 am – now 3:17 – and take a shit? What a pain. Normally, with his sleeping pill, he slept hard for 8 hours straight. Not even the El a half a block away could wake him. (In fact, the El was one of the reasons he took the pill every night. That and a decade of insomnia that he finally gave up trying to solve.)

He really didn’t want to get up. Maybe it would pass. Maybe the load would move back up into his intestines. That had happened sometimes when he was too busy to go. Then he could go back to sleep and shit in the morning. Plus if he shat now, that might start a whole new elimination pattern in which he would have to shit in the middle of every night. Yeah. Fuck it. He would wait. While he waited for the sleeping pill to regain its control over his mind, he tried to remember what it was he’d done last night. It was just a regular Friday night without a date. Not that he couldn’t have gotten a date. He was a major hunk – tall, strikingly good looking, great head of hair, body all muscle from working out every day, skin tan and unblemished. He could have had any girl he wanted. But he preferred the excitement of picking up the best-looking girl in a bar and going home with her and fucking her brains out. They usually made him breakfast in the morning and were quite solicitous – most of them wanted to suck him off and get fucked again, and of course he obliged. He had no intention of ever seeing them again. Why would he want to get himself tied up with some slut who would let herself get fucked by a guy she met in a bar? He liked the feeling of power he got from letting them think he cared and then disappearing. He never gave his real name.

Oh yeah, he remembered – the one from last night was a kick. Long black hair and a body like Cher’s. Had a kind of biker momma attitude. He made her give him head first and she was so good, taking his whole cock into her throat and moving her tongue around the head and up and down the shaft while her mouth still had his whole cock – she got him so worked up that, once he was inside her butt he came after only a few strokes. Heh heh. She hadn’t been expecting him to butt-fuck her. She no doubt thought he was going to fuck her pussy, but he wanted her tight little ass so he turned her over and spread her cheeks. She put up a lot of resistance, which made it difficult for him to grease up his dick, and she pleaded with him not to do it, but he got his cock in her all the way, and she was so tight he couldn’t stop himself from coming. His orgasm was so powerful he pulled out and flopped over and almost went to sleep. But he knew that without the pill he would wake up after an hour, so he made the bitch get one for him from his wallet. When he hit the bed he was out.

The urgency to shit came back as a wave sweeping his whole body, and he got another bad cramp. Well, shit, he though. I guess I have to get up and get rid of this. What a fucking pain.

The only light in the room was that from the red LED numbers on the clock and, since this was her house – the biker momma’s – he had no idea where the bathroom was. Nor did he have any idea where the lamp was. Couldn’t see a fucking thing. By feel, he determined that the lamp wasn’t on the table by the bed. Well, fuck it. He would feel his way along the wall till he hit the light switch. He sat up.

What the fuck? Something was poking into his asshole. He was about to reach back and find out what it was, when he realized that it was probably the cork from the wine bottle. He chuckled. Ha! A cork up his ass. This would entertain his locker-room buddies. He stood up and started walking away from the bed, still feeling very uncomfortably impacted and, he now noticed, strange in his asshole. The cork couldn’t have gotten stuck in there, could it? But he was pretty groggy from the sleeping pill, so he put off finding the answer to that question till later and shuffled blindly away from the bed.

Suddenly he felt a tugging at his asshole. What the FUCK!? How could anything be tugging at his asshole? It wasn’t physically possible. The asshole goes in. You can’t tug at something that goes in. He attempted to take another step, but now he couldn’t move forward. Something really was tugging at his asshole – something had his asshole and was holding him back. His blood flooded with adrenalin, and scenes from horror flicks flashed through his mind. Maybe he wasn’t awake. OK, this was a nightmare. OK, now he was aware it was a nightmare and it could damn well stop. He tried to move forward again, and again his asshole refused to go with him.

Scared and sweating, he tried to turn around, but his asshole wouldn’t cooperate. He flung his arm back there – almost flailed it – in a panic, and, just as he felt something against his forearm, the light went on. It took several seconds for him to assess the scene. The biker momma rushed him and wrapped his wrists together quickly with duct tape, then his knees, then his ankles. When he could finally react, he swung his tied hands up and around to knock her down, but she scooted out of the way, and whatever it was that had his asshole prevented him from following through.

She then stood several feet out of his reach and grinned viciously. “Good morning, studman.”

“What the fuck is going on!?” he yelled. He didn’t care if her roommate – if she had one – or her parents, or anyone on the street heard him. Actually, he felt he needed help. This bitch was psycho! He would have tried to hop his way to the kitchen to find a knife to cut himself out of the duct tape – and then maybe her – but he still couldn’t get his asshole to move forward. He discovered that it would move backward, though, so he backed up. Some semblance of control.

“Turn around. See for yourself,” the biker lady said.

He turned around and at first he couldn’t figure out what he was looking at. There was a line of something mostly vertical that disappeared behind him on one end and, on the other, high up – a large but flat red rubber hot water bottle. “What …?” Oh Jesus! That wasn’t a hot water bottle! He took a better look at the line, which he now saw was a tube, and began to understand. He turned a little more and felt a sideways tugging, not just in his anus, but in his whole rectum. Now he really panicked. “What’s happening?” he demanded, though the assumption of control his voice usually carried was missing. In fact, his voice had risen in pitch.

“I just gave you a 4-quart inflatable nozzle enema,” the biker lady said. “Why?”

“A what?”

“A inflatable nozzle enema. You know about enemas?”

“I know what they are. What’s that got to do with me? What’s inflatable nozzle?” His voice alternated between anger and fear.

“A inflatable nozzle nozzle is extra long – this particular one is stuck way up in your colon – and it has an inflatable bulb that keeps the water in, and another one outside your asshole for good measure. I used my inflatable nozzle that has an extra big bulb ‘cause you’re such a big stud.”

He couldn’t sort this out. He was asleep and she somehow put this piece of machinery into his ass and dumped 4 quarts of water into him without waking him up? How? “How?” he asked weakly.

“You remember that sleeping pill I gave you last night? I gave you two. Plus you had most of that bottle of wine. I guess you can’t hold your alcohol. You were completely out.”

Double his sleeping pill and most of a bottle of wine! oh, jez.

“Why?” He was almost near tears. He understood that, since he was tied up and he couldn’t get that thing out of him, he was her prisoner. And not just her prisoner. She had given him an enema. He’d never had an enema – or anything else up his ass. He was no fag. He felt humiliated. She was way smaller than he was – maybe half his size – and she had made him helpless and he hadn’t even had a chance to fight her off. “Why?” He was genuinely puzzled.

“Why? Because you didn’t fuck me proper last night. You didn’t let me come – you didn’t even get me worked up – and you fucked my ass without my permission. You’re going to fuck me right, this morning, and you’re going to make me come many times. And I’m fucking your ass like you fucked mine.”

Jesus. What a selfish bitch. What difference did it make what hole she got fucked in? She should have been happy that he came home with her and did anything to her at all. What a slut. She wasn’t good looking now. He smirked.

“This is not a laughing matter for you. I can hurt you if you don’t do what I want.”

“Oh yeah?” He knew he was bluffing, but his bluffs always worked because people wanted to believe in him because he was so good looking. “How?”

“Well, like this for instance,” she said. She went into the bathroom and ran some water. As soon as her back was turned, he tried to pull away from the inflatable nozzle but he couldn’t get free. She came back in and poured some water into the enema bag. In a second he could feel it enter his colon. “Hey! That’s hot! Ow! Shit! Stop it!”

“Like that,” she said and waited a minute to see the tears in his eyes. Then, “OK, I don’t have all night. You’ll have to get rid of that so I can start on you.” She led him into the bathroom using the enema hose as a leash. He had to hop. The water in his colon bounced up and down and felt awful. He wanted to throw up. And the pressure in his rectum – the whole thing was getting to be almost more than he could stand. He couldn’t reconcile this image of himself being led by his asshole, having been enema-fucked, with this thing way up his rectum – he couldn’t reconcile that with his image of himself as a cool dude.

“You think you’re hot shit? Here’s hot shit,” she said as she yanked out the inflatable nozzle and pushed him down on the toilet. This was his opportunity to lunge at her, knock her down, and break her face with his heels, but he couldn’t. His colon was under such pressure from the four quarts of water that his asshole exploded into the toilet. Gallons and gallons of water came shooting out, and it stank. All he could do was sit there and let it happen while she strapped his hands to his knees and his legs to the toilet with more duct tape. Those tears before were just from the burning inside his colon, but now he started crying for real. “Please! Please stop it! This isn’t right. Don’t do this to me.” His voice was supplicatory, but carried overtones of an assumption that this one plea was all that was necessary to get him out of the situation.

“ ‘Please! Please stop it! This isn’t right. Don’t do this to me.’ “ She mimicked. Suddenly he realized that she had said the very same things last night as he penetrated her anus and fucked her ass. But still – this wasn’t the same. He hadn’t tied her up, for example, just held her arms down. He supposed his come shooting deep into her rectum could be interpreted as a sort of enema, but not like this one.

“OK, now we’re going to start,” she said. He sniffed his tears back and then she ripped off the tape that was holding him to the toilet and pushed him onto his face on the floor. “I’m going ass-fuck you until you understand, and I’m going to give you enemas until you love them, and then you’re going to fuck me nice.”

“First the ass-fucking. But I’m gonna be nice. I’ll start small.” She greased a 6” long, 1” diameter nobbed dildo and slid it up his ass. “Ow!” He cried.

“Ow?” She mocked. “You think this is ‘Ow’? This is nothing,” she snorted. She slid it in and out and maneuvered it around, pushing it against his prostate gland. In the depths of his mortification, Matt realized that his cock was somehow getting hard. He didn’t want his cock to like having his butt massaged. But it did. No matter how hard he tried to hate it, it felt good.

Carrie saw. Ah, good. Maybe this wouldn’t take long – this butt-fucking and his enemas – and they could get down to some real fucking. But she would have to work on him until he sounded like he was really sorry.

“Jim [the name he’d given her], I can see that you like having something up your ass.”

“No, you fucking bitch. It’s just that you’re pressing on my prostrate gland. It’s involuntary.”

“You’re an idiot. It’s PROSTATE, not prostrate. Prostrate is what you’re gonna be after I get through with you. Anyway, as I was saying, I can tell that you like getting ass-fucked, whether you admit it or not. When I’m done you’re gonna know you like it and you’re gonna want more. You’re gonna get real familiar with your asshole and your rectum and you’re gonna come to love them. You’ve been repressed, Jim, but after tonight you’ll know who you really are and you’ll be a better person. Your personality lacks something important – humility. Tonight you’re gonna learn all about humility, and tomorrow you won’t be such a jerk. Now, I want you to start thinking about how it’s gonna feel when I put the next dildo up your ass – this one is only 6” long and 1” thick and you think that hurts. The next one is 8” long and an inch and a half thick. Just about dick size. I want you to think about how it’s gonna feel having that dick pushed in and out of your ass all the way to the hilt because that’s what it felt like when you fucked my ass last night. I’m gonna fuck you with this until you apologize to me and beg me to stop. And I’ll be able to tell whether you mean it or not so there’s no use just saying it.”

Matt was very scared. He didn’t like how it felt when she pulled the inflatable nozzle out (except for the relief it gave him). And he didn’t like this “small” dildo. Well, he did, but he didn’t want to. He didn’t know what it was going to feel like to have something the size of his cock in there, but he was sure it wouldn’t feel good at all. And what was this shit about humility and changing his personality? Hopefully just female bullshit. He liked his personality. He was way cool. Everyone he knew was impressed with him. He didn’t need humility. Humility was for monks and ugly women.

Carrie left the small dildo in Matt while she went to get her stunner. When she came back in, he had grunted the dildo out and some shitty water left over from his enema had spilled on the floor and all over his legs. “Well. Aren’t you handsome, down there on the floor covered with your own shitty enema. You’re such a jerk. Get up or I’ll zap your dick with this stunner.” She pushed him over onto his side with her booted foot. Matt saw the stunner and believed her. It was a real struggle to stand up from a fetal position with his hands taped to his legs and his legs taped together, but his time in the gym hadn’t been for nothing. He made it, squeezing out more water onto the floor. He chuckled to himself about messing on her floor. At least he was getting a little revenge.

“Take that towel there in your teeth and wipe up the floor with it,” Carrie commanded, as she pointed the stunner at his dick. Matt got instantly very depressed. Shit. Nothing works with her, he thought. He hopped over to the towel rack, grabbed the towel with his teeth, and knelt down on the floor. He hated this, being bound like this and helpless and having to do these humiliating things. Wiping up his own shitty enema water off the floor with a towel between his teeth. He was sure nothing like this had ever happened to any of his buddies, and of course he could never tell them about it. Or anyone else. He was ashamed of being unable to keep up his stud image. Nothing could be more humiliating than this. But maybe he could hold out. Fake humility. Say he was sorry. Maybe she’d let him go. Then he’d choke her with his bare hands.

After all the water was absorbed, he looked up at her, towel in teeth, for more instructions. “Drop it in the tub,” she said. He turned to the tub and dropped the towel into it. “Look,” he said, still facing the tub, “I’m sorry about last night.”

“No you’re not. You’re way short of being sorry. Get back onto the floor, butt in the air.” He turned around, saw the stunner, and dropped to his knees. She pushed his head down to the floor. “See? If you were really sorry, you’d have put your face on the floor yourself. Now prepare yourself for the dildo. Here. Take a look at it.” She held the vibrator in front of his face. It was gigantic. It would never go in, he thought. It would rip his asshole. Surely she wouldn’t do this to him. He looked up at her but couldn’t bring himself to plead again. She was such a bitch.

She dipped the vibrator/dildo into a family economy size jar of Vaseline. She was going to have to do this one-handed because she had to keep the stunner in her other hand in case he figured out that he could easily pin her to the floor or wall just by falling over on her. Keeping the stunner aimed at his penis, she traced the dildo up his arm and up the middle of his back to his butt. Despite every effort on his part to resist, the feeling was erotic. His dick got bigger and, in a strange way, he kind of wanted to feel the dildo in his ass. No! No! He couldn’t want that! What was wrong with him? Carrie pushed the dildo against his asshole, and then pushed it in about an inch. Since she couldn’t spread his anus, some of the flesh of his cheeks was pulled in along with it. This did not feel good. “Hey!” he yelled. “Please! Get that thing out of me. It’s not going to go in. There’s not enough room!” She zapped him lightly on his abdomen, close to his dick.

“So you don’t want the dildo. Maybe you’d rather I play with the zapper. Which do you want – the zapper or the dildo?” She asked.

“Oh Jesus! Please! Neither! Please!” He felt close to tears. No! He couldn’t cry again. He felt so much like a child when he cried. And then, if she let up with whatever she was doing to him that made him cry, he felt grateful to her. He didn’t want to feel grateful to her, the bitch!

“Nope. It’s got to be one or the other. Which is it? The zapper can be set to completely paralyze you. Then I can stick the dildo in anyway. Your choice.”

“Th- the dildo.” Matt was barely able to say it.

“What?” Carrie prompted.

“The, uh, dildo.” Again, the word “dildo” trailed off into nothingness.

“The stunner, you say?” She adjusted the voltage.

“No! The dildo! the dildo!”

“The dildo what?”

“Use the dildo.” Matt was crying again.

“Use the dildo how?” Carrie insisted.

“Up my ass.” Matt wept.

“Specifically, do what with the dildo?” Carrie sounded impatient and was hefting the stunner again.

“Put the dildo up my ass.” Matt was crying harder now.

“You say you want me to put the dildo up your ass, Jim?”

“Matt. My name is Matt. Yes. Put the dildo up my ass. I said it. What more do you want me to say?” More tears.

“Matt? You lied to me about your name?” She turned the voltage down and touched the stunner to his abdomen again.

“Owwww! I’m sorry. It’s Matt. Please! Call me Matt.”

“How do I know it’s really Matt? Maybe you’re lying now. Maybe I’ll just use the stunner.” She began turning the voltage up again.

“No! Nooooo! It’s really Matt! You can look in my wallet. My driver’s license. Please!”

“Well, for now I’ll take your word for it, but I will check later and punish you if you’re lying to me now. Now: Say what I want you to say. Say you want me to put this dildo up your ass.”

“I – I [sob] want you to [sob] put the [sob sob] dildo up my [sob] ass.”

“Say ‘I want you to put the dildo up my ass please’ .”

“For God’s sake! I want you to put the dildo up my ass please!” He completely broke down. He actually did want her to put the dildo up his ass and not just for the relief of getting it over with. During her taunting, his asshole had begun to relax and the feeling of the dildo just sitting an inch into it, so greasy, sliding in and out a little, was extremely erotic. He had begun to feel tingly in his cock. But he didn’t want to want it. He felt helpless and confused. She was a bitch and yet she could give him incredible pleasure. He hated her but felt grateful to her. Oh God! How could he ever face the world again? He couldn’t be the same Matt he’d always been – the macho guy who took advantage of women and laughed about it. Now he’d been taken advantage of. And not only that, he was getting off on rectal stimulation! Macho guys don’t get off on rectal stimulation. Jesus, help me! I’m losing myself!

“Good!” she said, and she began to push it in.

Suddenly it wasn’t so erotic. It was too big. His asshole was stretching – on fire. His rectum was invaded by this big hard thing that didn’t belong there. It hurt tremendously. “Owwwwww! Agggghhhhhh! Oh Jesus! Please! Please, it hurts! It burns like hell! You’re scraping off the skin! Stop! Aggggghhhh!” “Of course it hurts. It feels just like your fucking cock felt when you pushed it into me last night. Think about it. This is what you do to women. And now it’s happening to you. It’s happening for real. It’s gonna hurt even more. Think about it. This is your punishment for fucking women up the ass without their permission.” Carrie shoved the dildo in all the way and let it sit there, just pushing enough to keep it from coming out.

He hurt terribly. His asshole was stretched way beyond what nature had ever intended, and his whole rectum was full of this hard foreign object. At least it wasn’t erotic now. Now he was just a normal macho guy getting raped. He felt some relief from that thought, then more confusion about feeling relieved about being raped.

After a couple of minutes while Carrie held the dildo still, Matt began to relax, and the erotic feelings started again. His cock started to grow. The hard foreign object was beginning to feel more like a part of him – a part that felt warm and good. And he’d begun to like the feeling of his anus being stretched. The image of that dildo penetrating his rectum so deeply made his cock hard and erect.

“Ha! Your cock is hard again. See? I told you you like it. You like it, don’t you?”


She turned on the vibrator. Matt’s cock got so hot he almost came. “Agggghhh!” A different “aggggghhh” than the one he let out while she was pushing the dildo into him. Carrie turned the vibrator up. Matt was now lost in the sensations emanating from his rectum. His cock felt bigger and harder than it ever had. What was wrong with him? Was he queer? Did this mean he was queer? Did this mean he was going to have to date men and get fucked by them? Oh God. He began crying again, and the emotional tension together with the rectal and anal stimulation and the vibrations triggered an orgasm that shook him so hard he looked almost like he was having a seizure. She grabbed his cock to magnify the sensations and he covered the floor beneath him with his come. Finally he stopped coming and his back sagged and he cried hard.

“I’m queer now! I’m a fucking fag! You’ve ruined me!” He sobbed.

“You’re neither queer nor not queer. You’ve just discovered a part of yourself that you didn’t know about. You love your anus and your rectum and the pleasures they can give you. I haven’t ruined you, but you’ve ruined my plans. You were supposed to hate this like I hated you fucking me in my ass, but you liked it. Well, as long as you like things going on in your ass, I have more for you. You missed the enema I gave you because you were asleep. Now I’m going to give you another one. I’m sure you’ll love it.” She pulled the dildo out (he didn’t like that nearly as well as having it in him) and pushed him over on his left side, brandishing the stunner to remind him that he was helpless. He just lay there feeling the fullness of orgasmic relief and not feeling like himself. He had a strange emotion, something he hadn’t felt since childhood. She was right. He had done basically the same thing to her – made her helpless and made her let him do something she didn’t want him to do. He felt ashamed that he’d done that. Memories flooded up of being severely punished by his mother for minor infractions. He hated his mother. She’d been so unfair, and then she had to go and die on him, leaving him to be raised by his father, who was cold and never expressed any love for him. He began feeling sorry for himself, not being loved. He heard water running.

“How do you feel?” Carrie asked.

“Uh, OK,” Matt said. He was spent and weak. He didn’t have the strength to protest. And anyway, he actually did feel OK. That was the best orgasm he’d ever had. Maybe she had a point, what she said about his rectum. As long as he could keep it a secret from his buddies, maybe he could enhance his sex life this way.

Carrie hung the enema bag from the ceiling, hose clamped. She presented an assortment of nozzles to Matt. “Which of these do you want me to use on you?” she asked. He looked at them. Some were very long, others were very thick, and there was that one with the inflatable bulbs on it. How could he choose? He didn’t trust her. Every one of them meant humiliation. He closed his eyes.

“All right,” Carrie said, “I’ll choose. You’ll probably have to take several enemas anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.” She picked out a flexible colon tube, about 15” long and 1” in diameter. The business end had a non-expandable bulb about 2” in diameter and 4” long on it, with a three-inch-long leader whose diameter changed from 1/2” at the tip to 2” at the bulb to make insertion easier. She’d had it made special for her. Whenever she used it, it usually hurt some going in, but, once inside, it was quite stimulating. “I think you’ll like this one,” she said. She showed it to him. He groaned. She attached the nozzle to the hose, greased the nozzle, and let the air out. Then she began the insertion.

First the leader. By now, inserting a half-inch diameter nozzle into his anus was a piece of cake. He immediately relaxed and his anus lost its pucker. She slowly slid the leader further in, about half an inch into him to the leader’s 3/4” diameter to expand the anus and then back out, to get his anus used to the increasing diameter. Once he got used to the 3/4” diameter, she slid it in to the 1” diameter, then in and out a few times to get him used to that. He seemed to be accepting it very nicely. Now she slid the leader in to its 1 1/2”, then the 1 3/4” diameter. Still no resistance. She checked to make sure he was still alive. Yes, he was definitely alive. She expected him, if he were alive, to just be lying there with his eyes closed, enduring it, but he was looking up at her. His look was soft, appreciative. He was still crying a little, but now with relief. She wasn’t hurting him anymore. She was trying to make him feel good. Nobody had ever tried to make him feel good. By the time he’d started having sex he hated women so much he’d never let any of them make him feel good. Just find ‘em, fuck ‘em, and leave ‘em. It was a lot safer that way. Now, trapped by her into sticking it out, going through it, feeling the new things she made him feel, he was flooded with gratitude. Down there on the floor, below her, completely under her control, his mind flitted back and forth between knowing where he was and feeling that he was back at home, with his mother ministering to him, even though she never had. He felt love for her. She finally loved him.

She slid the leader in and out several more times to the 1 3/4” diameter, and then slowly she slid it in to the 2” diameter, where it became the bulb. He groaned. She held it there for a minute, while she considered putting the stunner down. He seemed to have changed. That look he gave her. She didn’t think a misogynist jerk could look at a woman like that. Still, she couldn’t be sure. She quietly laid it within easy reach on the floor behind him and began rubbing his ass as she held the nozzle in his anus. He took a very deep breath and let it all out. Now his eyes were closed. He was completely relaxed. As she rubbed his ass, she rotated the bulb around a little in his anus, while sliding it further in. There was no more increase in diameter, so she could slide it in without making him tense up. He took all 4” of it completely relaxed.

The feeling was incredible. When he first saw the thing, he figured he was in for more torture, but the gentle way she was putting it in him, the slow, sensuous dilation of his anus, was so erotic that his cock almost instantly got hard as a rock again. Then when she started rubbing his ass – Christ! He’d never felt anything so good. The idea that his anus was stretched to capacity and not tearing made him feel proud. He loved the slow insertion of the 2”-thick bulb. He’d forgotten there was an end to the bulb and when it began to get smaller on the other end, he felt disappointed. But not for long. With the bulb all the way in, Carrie began to push the colon tube a little faster, adding more Vaseline at his anus to help it in. Pressing against his prostate, it caused a flood of warmth throughout his body. Then he began to feel the leader prod the higher part of his rectum. She kept pushing, slowly, and he could feel the bulb high up, and then it began to hurt in there. “Ow!”, he said, but not angrily as before. She’d been so kind during this procedure, he believed she would stop now if it hurt him.

She did stop. “Relax as much as you can. I can get this all the way in you, but you have to trust me completely. Whenever it hurts, tell me and I’ll stop for a while.” He surrendered to her. She pushed on various parts of his abdomen with one hand as she pushed the tube in with the other. He could feel it move through his colon. It was a strange feeling, but he liked it, and the feeling of the 1” diameter tube moving up through his anus was very pleasant, somehow very reassuring.

Finally she said, “OK, it’s all the way in. Do you feel OK?” He smiled. “Yes, I feel good.” Ah! Now she knew he had accepted his new self. “OK, I’m going to fill you with the enema now.” The caring in her voice washed over him and he felt at peace. He could trust her! She was the first person he had ever trusted.

She opened the clamp, letting the water fall into him slowly. The bag was all the way to the ceiling, so she couldn’t open the clamp all the way. Besides, she wanted to control the flow. “Do you feel that?” she asked. He groaned. Yes he could feel it. He could feel it fill his colon with warmth, distending the intestinal walls. He liked the picture in his mind of his distended anus and his distended intestine. He wanted to be filled. He wanted more. “More,” he said. This surprised her. “You want it to enter you faster?” she asked. “Yes, please.” She no longer felt anger toward him. Clearly, he had passed through to the other side, had found humility and his humanity. She felt empathy for him. She opened the clamp a little more to increase the flow. He moaned.

“You may feel some cramping. If you do, tell me and I’ll massage you to move the water on.” He smiled again. He felt so secure in her care. More water filled him. He could feel it trying to move up across his abdomen.

“You should change your position now. Turn over so the water can get through your transverse colon,” she said, as she moved the stunner out of the way. He didn’t know how he could move from this wonderful position, but he felt compelled to do whatever she wanted, so he rolled over. She supported his butt so he wouldn’t flop down, since he couldn’t support himself all taped up. She wondered if she should undo the duct tape, but thought he probably by now wasn’t even aware of it, or maybe even that being bound was part of his enjoyment, so she left it on.

Now he could feel the water moving across his abdomen. Suddenly he cramped. “Ow!” he said. “Are you cramping?” she asked. “Yeah,” he said, in some distress. She stopped the flow and massaged his abdomen over his colon. Soon she felt a shift in the water and he experienced relief.

“I’m going to fill you all the way. I think you’ll like it.”

“Yes, I want to be filled all the way,” he said. She was surprised but not very. She opened the clamp again and let the water flow gently into him. The bag was about half empty. From here on it should go smoothly, she knew, so she began to rub him again, over his back, around to his chest, down toward his dick. Then she leaned over him and took the head of his cock in her mouth and moved her tongue around it. “Aggghhh!” he groaned. She didn’t want him to come yet, so she took her mouth off his cock and caressed his thighs and then his legs and his feet. He felt that he must be glowing brightly enough from his very core to light up an auditorium. He had never felt so good, ever.

She continued touching him, making it erotic but not enough to make him come, and finally all the water was in him. She shut the clamp and rolled him over onto his back. His cock was huge as if it was full of water too, but rock hard, sticking straight up. Her pussy was dripping. She stood up and straddled him – she was wearing a mini-skirt and no panties. She took her sweater off over her head – no bra – her breasts lifting up, her incomparable perfect breasts that he remembered from last night. And she had on those biker boots. He looked up at her. His eyes were bleary from his erotic state, but the sight of her pussy, all red and wet, positioned only 2 feet above his cock added to his arousal: He was filled with water and the enema apparatus, his anus was distended, and he knew if he could just have her pussy on his cock he would die the most wonderful death.

She cut the tape holding his hands to his legs, keeping his hands taped together, and lowered herself onto his cock. She had strong legs, and she squatted on his cock, moving up and down, until she came. She had grasped his cock at the base with her fingers and pressed it so he wouldn’t come yet because she wanted more. Each time she came, she came bigger, and finally she was ready for him to come with her.

He couldn’t believe the sensations inside him – the pressure on his rectum, the fullness, the stretching of his anus, and this woman’s incredible pussy stroking up and down on his cock. She kept him from coming while she writhed around on him, her body arched backward, her nipples hard and erect, her mouth open, almost drooling, her throat making sounds of pain but her body making motions of pleasure, coming countless times, each time her eyes rolling farther back in her head. Finally she let go of his cock with her fingers. The sensations that had built up in his body flooded into his cock and, as he felt her pussy go into spasms, his entire perineum contracted – his prostate, his balls, the base of his cock, his anus, and it all shot into his penis and out into her in spasm after spasm, his matching hers. Their climax must have lasted 10 minutes. After it subsided, she fell onto his body. They lay there together for some time, and he kissed her cheek gratefully, knowing that he was a lucky man.