Medic in Annapolis

I was a medic in the navy at Annapolis and other bases over twenty years in the fifties and sixties and I want to tell you sailors have excellent taste in girls. They like them with nice big rear ends on them and I found out right away that they love to take their temperatures – fore and aft! I would spend a lot of time at the bar at the NCO club and the conversation would invariably turn to babes and the asses on them. Sooner or later it would come out that the fuckers had this fantasy about taking their girl friend’s temperature rectally and I would tell them that they had to be very careful and that I could show them the proper way and how it should be done. Well before long we were at my apartment with Susan or Peggy Sue or Linda and I would be giving him detailed instructions.

My preferred position for training is the fucker is sitting on this straight backed chair in my examining room with his girl friend over his lap. She is looking straight ahead at a tall glass and steel cabinet and you can tell from the look on her face that she sure does like what she sees! On a glass shelf in the cabinet is: a large jar of Vaseline, a chemist’s flask with a cake of Fels Naphtha at the bottom, a blue glass with etched lines on it holding a lot of thermometers, a box of cotton and last but far from least an old fashioned red rubber bulb type enema syringe standing on its smooth disc butt end with the shiny black hard rubber nozzle sticking straight up at attention!

By the time Susan is over Roger’s lap she already has got a thermometer in her mouth and when I take it out and read it I explain to Roger that when the fathers and mothers bring their sons and daughters in to my office at the base that is as far as it goes with the boys. With the girls, of course, it’s a whole different ball of wax. It’s over Mommy’s lap and with her dress hiked up in back and her panties hauled down to half-mast and you better believe that this is one very em-bare-assed little girl presenting her big bare naked fanny for my detailed inspection let me tell you!

Once the boy friend has got her over his knee he lifts her up a ways by raising his right foot on the toes and I pull her dress up and slowly peel her pink and white silk panties down so they’re hanging over the backs of her knees. Susan is grinning from ear to ear by now but Roger just takes one look at her big bare naked fanny and he’s all red in the face and he just says, “Holy shit! Look at that b-big b-bare n-naked b-butt.!” Susan wiggles into his lap and you know she can feel the warm hard swelling in his crotch.

I cup each one of her big ivory white alabaster smooth rump cheeks in my hands and softly caress them, delicately running my fingers up and down the deep cleavage from the dimples above her tail bone on down to the plumpest part of her ass cheeks right above the ass hole. She is freaking out from looking back and forth in the mirror from my eyes to Roger’s and she’s just moaning kind of low like, “Oooohhhhhh! … Oooohhhhhh!”

There’s a big beveled plate glass mirror on the right hand wall so all’s the guy has got to do is look over and there’s his girl friend’s big bare ass framed in the mirror with her panties hanging down and I’m picking up a thermometer and shaking it down and then greasing it up and when it’s got a nice gob of Vaseline on the bulb at the end I look at Susan who’s looking at me in the other mirror and she’s got this real seductive smile on her face and I delicately part the sleek soft cheeks of her ass with the thumb and forefinger of my left hand and softly daub the rim of her immaculate pink ass hole with the thermometer.

By now she’s grinding away on Roger’s lap and moaning like a young sow in heat. Roger is just one minute he’s grinning and the next he’s licking his lips and then he’s blushing beet red to the roots of his hair and saying, “Oooohhhhhh, fuckin’ A, Doc! … S-S-Stick it in there! … You know she loves it! … Oooohhhhhh, s-s-stick it in there!” Well both Susan and Roger know I don’t need any encouragement from them to do what I love best. Roger can’t take any more of this and you can tell that Susan feels a warm gush coming up from his lap into her crotch. After a good half hour of insertions and removals of the thermometer with the following readings I take the syringe out of the cabinet and tell them we can move on to the next stage.