Medical Stories

A True Story

My infatuation with being given a physical exam by a female doctor started when I was 15 years old. I had to get an exam in order to play football that year and had almost forgotten about it. Luckily, my mother was a nurse and was able to arrange for me to get a physical at a local clinic with a doctor that she knew. When I arrived at the clinic I went through all the usual routine questions and checks by the nurses. I had a sheet of paper that was provided for me by the school which outlined what was required for the physical exam. The nurse must have seen hundreds of these before because she went through it in about 10 minutes at the most. When she was done, she handed me the gown and told me to remove all of my clothes including my underpants and to hop on the examining table to wait for the doctor.

After I had done so, it felt like several hours before the doctor finally showed up. When the door opened, I was surprised to see a woman of oriental descent in her mid 40’s, very petite, but still quite attractive. She spoke fluent English which pretty much told me that she was born here and was not one of those foreign doctors that you could never understand. She introduced herself and asked me how my mother was since she sometimes made her rounds at the hospital where my mother worked. This put me at ease somewhat, but being 15, I kept glancing at her figure and was quite frankly starting to get excited to the point where my penis was at half mast.

She started the exam by listening to my heart and asked me if I was nervous since my heart rate was very rapid. I told her yes since I haven’t had an exam in a very long time and she said that it was normal and to try and relax a bit. Next she did the eyes, ears, nose and throat check and when she was satisfied that all was well, she told me to lie back on the table.

What happened next was very unexpected because she lifted my gown all the way up to my chest and told me that she was going to palpate my abdomen. Since I had removed everything, my semi erect cock was now exposed to her. She must have been surprised by this as well when she saw that I was completely naked, she told me that I didn’t really had to take off my underwear. I nervously answered that I thought that the nurse told me to remove everything. The doctor said that it is normal procedure but that it would have been fine if I hadn’t. She then continued with the exam by running her hand over my abdomen but I kept noticing that her eyes kept wandering down to my penis which had now grown into an enormous erection. I blushed and apologized but she told me not to worry about it since it was a normal reaction in someone so young.

She did mention the fact that I was not circumcised, and I told her that I was born outside the U.S. She then said that it is common for other countries not to circumcised the men and that it is only a common practice in the U.S. All this talk about circumcision only made my dick harder and I think that I began to have some pre-cum at the tip. When she was done with the abdominal, she lowered my gown and told me to stand up. Then she went to the counter and put on some latex gloves. I knew the hernia check was coming up next. She told me to lift up my gown and once again my hard on stood straight up about a foot away from her face as she pulled up a chair and sat down in front of me. She then did the routine cough test and then began to examine my testicles by kneading them with her fingers. It felt to me like I was exposed to her for hours even though I’m sure only several minutes had elapsed. The next big surprise that came up was when she told me that she had to check under my foreskin.

And with that she placed her thumb and forefinger on my foreskin and gave it a very slow pull down to exposed my glans. She pulled it down as far as it would go and with her other fingers grabbed my shaft. I felt like I was in heaven and the next movement I pretty much lost all control. As I have said, precum had been building up pretty well on my tip and she must have wanted to get a better look at the tip of my penis. What she did was with her thumb, she rubbed away at the precum at the perineum and upon either her second or third stroke of the thumb, I ejaculated all over her right hand and up a good length of the arm of her coat. She just kept a grip on my penis but did jump back a bit in order not to get any cum on the rest of her clothing.

I embarrassingly apologized to her and turned completely red. With her hand still on my member, she said not to worry about it and that once again it was a normal reaction and that she should have expected that I would be extremely sensitive in that area since I was not circumcised. I think that she must have felt as awkward as I did. She finally let go when she thought that I was through and went and got a towel to clean myself and her arm up. When she was done, it was pretty much the end of the exam as well. She told me to get dressed and pick up the paperwork at the receptionist so that I could go and play football. She did mention something about not having to mention this to my mother before she left, and I told her to believe me, I doubt very much if this topic would come up at dinner. With that she laughed and left.

The story above is completely true as how it had happened. There was nothing that I have altered and as you can read, there is nothing about it that would sound embellished. But ever since this experience, I have had somewhat of a fetish with female medical personnel and stories. So much so that I even married a nurse. Now the only doctors that I go to are female and each time I go for an exam, they can’t help but notice the tremendous hard on when it comes to that part of the exam. I haven’t found a female doctor yet who would help me with it, but I’m hoping that someday I will find one.

Visit to a Female Dermatologist

Getting on to the other story that I had promised you, let me now relate what happened to me several

years ago. You certainly can share this story with others and as always it is true. I have not made it

up or embellished it in any way. Unfortunately the incident didn’t have the same result as my first visit

but it was fun for me nonetheless.

Several years ago I began developing a reddish spot on the glans of my penis underneath my foreskin. I noticed it after showering one day. I shrugged it off thinking that it was a rash or irritation and that it would soon go away. I was correct to a degree. It kept coming back every now and then and every time that it did come back, there were at least one or two new red spots that developed. Of course by then it was definitely time to have it checked. I was also coming up on my yearly physical so I decided to go and get both taken care of at the same time. As I have mentioned, I have a female physician. She is in her mid to late thirties, stands about 5”3”, keeps her hair short, normally wears glasses and is a very personable doctor. My wife to this day still says that she is the best doctor that she had ever had. She isn’t an ugly woman, but neither is she gorgeous. The best way that I could described her is to say that she reminds me of a librarian.

When I went to see her, I told her about my condition. She said that she would check it out after the physical. So when she finally got to my genitals, we did the usual hernia check. After the hernia check, she then grabbed hold of my testicles and began to feel them in her fingers. She told me that she was checking for lumps because testicular cancer had recently been on the rise in men my age. Since she’d done a hernia check on me before, I was always flaccid for that part of it. But when she began massaging my balls between her fingers, it was an altogether new experience. And for the first time, my penis began getting hard in front of her. As her finger prodded, I watched as my dick began to grow until it stood straight up in the air pointing right at her face. I quickly apologized but she deflected it by giving me the usual answer about how normal it was for a man my age to get an erection at this phase of the exam. Like every female doctor that I have ever known, she was always very professional about it. She was neither aghast nor showed any sign of excitement over the incident. It all remained a very sterile and clinical moment.

But to me it was much more. It was a type of excitement that definitely wouldn’t go away. She then told me that she was going to pull back on my foreskin the check out the spots. She grabbed my erection in her hand and with a quick pull she tugged back my foreskin just about as far as it could be pulled back. The glans of my penis stood pink and slick from precum. The red spots were definitely there. There must have been about 4 or 5 scattered over the glans. She rubbed at the red spots with her thumb and asked me if it hurt. I said no. She then must have looked at it for several minutes, ruling out certain things to herself aloud. She told me that it wasn’t an STD (I knew that was impossible since I’ve never cheated on my wife). Then finally she said that she had no idea what it was. She said that for a diagnosis I should contact a dermatologist. She told me that she was done and went to wash her hands. She then asked me if I had a dermatologist and I said no. She asked about my insurance plan and told me that she would have to refer me to someone else. I got excited that I would once again get a chance to do this over again, hopefully for another female doctor.

After I finished dressing, she came back into the room with a little booklet full of names. She rattled off about 3 or 4 of dermatologists who were in my insurance plan. I quickly discarded all the male doctors and hoped for a woman’s name and finally got it with the last one. I started to get even more excited than ever. I had a new doctor that would have to examine me. I thanked my doctor and took the booklet home with me to make the appointment.

When I went to this doctor, imagine my surprise to find out that there was a female medical student doing a clinical rotation for skin diseases at her office. I had not realized that the dermatologist was an instructor as well.

Let me describe the doctor to you first. She had typical Spanish features. As a matter of fact, she had a slight Spanish accent when she spoke, telling me that she was born abroad. She was in her late forties, early fifties. Her hair was pulled back in a bun. Her eyes large and her nose was classical Madrid. If she had been wearing a shawl instead of a white lab coat, she could have been mistaken for a dancer. She was tall, slender and angular in stature. The thing that I also remember was how she had heavy bags under her eyes, probably from years of late night studies to get her degree.

The dermatologist’s medical student was a Chinese girl in her early twenties. She also had all the classic features of her race : round face, slanted eyes, straight black hair, and a rather dumpy way of dressing, like fashion wasn’t a word she understood. When I was in the office, she introduced herself and her student and asked me if I’d mind having a student attending during the exam. I definitely told her that no, I didn’t mind at all. My heart was racing as I realized that I would have to show myself to two women physicians. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I told her what was wrong and how I had been referred to her by my other doctor.

She asked me to please stand and lower my pants and underpants and then to sit back down on the exam table. I did so and sat there with my pants dangling around my ankles, my penis slightly hard and exposed to both woman. As the doctor brought over a lamp to shine a brighter light for the exam, I noticed that the Chinese girl kept staring at my cock all the while. Now I have been examined many times before by female doctors to know that they try not to stare at your private parts and to act as clinically as possible. But this girl never took her eyes off of my penis. The effect of knowing this was obvious. As I watched her looking at my penis, my dick started getting very stiff. Meanwhile the doctor was positioning the lamp, turning it on and going over to put on a pair of gloves. She came back wearing a pair of red latex gloves and a pair of goggles that looked like they came out of Star Trek. They were magnifying goggles to help her examine the skin level. When she came over and noticed that I had a full hard on, she gave me a bit of a smile and asked me where the spots were.

I told her it was under my foreskin. She then grabbed it and very slowly pulled it back. She tugged on it until it was fully drawn and my bare head was exposed under the bright lights. The Chinese girl leaned in closer for a look so that they were both now only a foot away from my penis. She saw the red spots and pointed them out to the medical student who only nodded. She looked at them for about another 10 seconds or so and told me that it was not any kind of sexually transmitted disease. That part I was sure of myself. She said that she would have to do a culture so she went over to the cabinet to get a swab and a bag. While she was doing this the Chinese girl never took her eyes off of my hard penis. It was as if she had never seen one before. I was getting quite turned on by this so I decided to be a bit mischievous and give her a little show. While the doctor had her back to me, I used my muscle to make my penis “flex” while the Chinese student was staring. Her face turned red with a smile as she realized that I caught her staring. It finally made her turn away from me. The doctor came back with a swab and took a culture sample. She then told me that I could get dressed. Of course, this was a bit difficult in my condition, but I somehow managed. I believe that the two ladies were quite aware that it was tough for me to get my pants back on.

A week later, I got a call from the doctor telling me that the spots were scoriasis spots and that it was nothing to worry about since that is a condition that will come back every now and again. But this has given me the excuse of finding more female dermatologists to show them my problem. Hopefully I will break out again soon because I found several female dermatologists in my insurance book, all residing within my area.