Meeting in a Hotel Room

You asked me to meet you at the hotel room. I am slightly nervous as I pack my bag to meet you down town. You have asked that I bring along the any of the toys that I wish to use… everything else you will take care of. In my bag I have put in the vibrator, dildo and butt plug. I have been using the plug as you requested to make myself wider for you. Thinking about what is going to happen is giving me that warm churning feeling in my stomach and I am getting wet already.

I make my way to the hotel and the young man at the front desk gives me the key you have set aside. As I enter the room there are candles burning and the sweet scent of French vanilla - you have thought of everything. And as I approach the bed it is becoming more evident that you have not left anything out. Lying on the bed is a white terry-cloth robe and a black blindfold. I don’t have to be told what you wish me to do at this point but I reach for the note you have left and begin to read:

“I am glad you have found your way here… it will not be long so please ready yourself for my arrival. Please remove all your clothes and place them neatly on the dresser and then put on the white robe, keep yourself warm for me…. place the blind fold over your eyes. I wish for you to be seated on the small ottoman in the center of the room… your legs must be spread and the robe open to expose yourself to me as I enter the room.”

I start by going into the bathroom to freshen up and remove my clothes… on the counter you have placed a razor and some shaving cream as well as a rather large enema bag. Seeing these things has caused me to become wet as I remember our conversations about some of my fantasies and what I was to expect from you. I remove my clothes right there and begin touching myself - I am very wet. I’m sure I don’t have much time and I know you would not approve so I leave the bathroom and get ready as you wished.

I am unsure how much time has passed as I wait for you… I don’t think it was too long before I heard the door open. I am shaking slightly and hope I have made a good impression upon you. I feel your presence although I can not feel you touch me…. I feel your hot breath on my neck. You are wandering about the room and the anticipation of what to expect is driving me insane… I want so much to say something - to break the silence but I am not sure what I should do… so I stay silent and wait for you. I hear you unzip a bag, and you remove an item and slap it against your palm.

Then for the first time you speak. “You have followed my instructions fairly well but you have forgotten something I asked you to do.” My mind is reeling - what could it be… then to my horror I remember. My face becomes red and flushed and again you address me; “I see you have realized that you have left your clothes on the floor in the bathroom when I asked you to put them on the dresser. As you know I had planned to spank you for pure pleasure but now I must add to that a punishment spanking of 5 lashes with the riding crop. Oh and for playing with yourself I have added 5 more.”

You must have known I was in shock for I am sure my face showed it. “Yes I noticed the scent of you on your fingers upon examining you when I came in. I would have made the punishment worst but I will let up on you this once since this is your first time in this type of situation.” A sigh of relief left my mouth and you started to laugh. “Don’t be too relieved my sweet one.”

You decide that we should get started and direct me to the bathroom You tell me you need for me to be completely clean and you have enlisted someone to help. I gasp, although not from fright, but from excitement. I feel a soft hand upon my shoulder and you tell me you have brought a close friend with you to help you prepare me. As it turns out you chose to watch and let the one with lovely hands do all the work. First I hear the tap running as the enema bag gets filled. You tell me that I will be required to wear nipple clips until we are finished the preparation… you know I have never used them before so you use your most gentle touch place them on yourself. The initial feeling was of pure pleasure… the tight grip on each nipple as you place them on.

Slowly the feeling becomes slightly uncomfortable but something I must bear as I have chosen to trust you and be with you in this way - to be your submissive, your love slave. The one with soft hands then asks me to bend at the sink as she is now going to administer the enema. I lean over and hold my breath. She strokes my bottom and gives me a few slaps with her hand - insisting I relax that it will be easier that way. I worry that it will be too much for me that I will not be able to handle all that she is going to administer.

While I am thinking of this she inserts the tube and begins to fill me up. The cramping is only slight and it is bearable because she is stroking my pussy to keep my mind off the task. The bag is finally empty but I am not able to expel the contents yet. You insist I hold it in while she shaves all the hair on my pussy. I can’t bear it… the need to rid myself of all that has entered me is so strong. I hear your comforting voice tell me that I am doing very well. This is calming and she is almost finished shaving. I can not hold it any longer and I beg to release the water… as I am begging a little slips out. You tell me that unfortunately that will be grounds for punishment as well and you will allow your friend to administer the punishment as soon as we are done. I am shaved all clean and am allowed one short feel of my newly shaven pussy… it feels wonderful. I am then allowed to expel the water into the tub.

After I am finished - humiliated completely by the experience - I feel a soft, hot cloth washing me with a sweet smelling soap. The clips are finally removed from my nipples and as the blood flows back into them there is a wonderful sting. Realizing how this must feel for me for the first time you each take a nipple into your mouth and suck and nibble until the feeling subsides.

I am then dried off and led to the main room once again and asked to stand naked in the room… I am still blindfolded but I can feel your eyes on me… studying me. I feel vulnerable and excited at the same time. After what felt like an eternity I felt the soft hands on my arm leading me to the far corner of the room. I am asked to lean over and feel myself fall over your knees. “Your punishment is to begin for the incident in the bathroom. I will let my friend administer the punishment which is to be 5 swats with the paddle as you are over my knee. You will now feel what naughty girls feel like when they have broken the rules. Please grab the legs of the chair in each hand and do not let go or lift your legs while the paddle is being administered.”

I do as I am told and await the inevitable. I hear the swishing sound through the air as the paddle comes down and lands in the middle of my bottom. The pain is not as great as I expected but I realize this is just the paddle not the crop, and I have only ever before been spanked very mildly. Before I could take a second breath the paddle comes down again catching the sweet spot just at the bottom of my buttocks… this one caused me to yelp. You asked that I remain silent for the duration. I bite my lip as the second slap catches my right cheek, then instantly the next slap the left cheek and for the final slap she wound up and it landed right in the middle again. You tell me I have behaved admirably as you place your hands on my bottom rubbing where it is now hot and red. You tell me you like how I mark so easily and that the riding crop will make wonderful marks to remember you by. I am told to stand again and you place your hand on my pussy… “Ahh you are very wet my dear… we will have to do something about that now won’t we.”

You lead me to the bed and lay me on my stomach on the crisp white sheets. You take off my blindfold but ask that I remain looking forward, that I am not to look at you unless directed to. You spread my legs and reach for my hot bottom. Spreading my cheeks you examine how the plug as been working… you are happy with the efforts as you insert a finger. I writhe at your touch, trying to bring your finger deeper. You remove your finger and slap my bottom with your hand… “Now, now that will come soon enough”, you tell me. You cross the room and open my bag… reaching inside to remove the vibrator and the butt plug.

Coming back to the bed you insert the pug into my bottom, which now is more than willing to accept it. You turn on the vibrator and lean it against the pug… the sensation is amazing and I begin to rub against the bed. “You must tell me when you are about to cum,” you command. Less than a minute I am informing you that I am about to come and you remove the vibrator and step back. “You must not orgasm until I am ready to allow it. If you are going to orgasm you must tell me.” I agree to this, you remove the plug and you tell me it is time to roll over. I am excited to see your face and apprehensive at the same time… you have seen so much of me and I have not yet seen you. I roll over as instructed and am please to see your beautiful face come towards me.

You kiss my lips. “You are so lovely,” you tell me. “It is going to be very hard for me not to take you right here. I must do one more thing that we talked about before I enter you.” My mind is going crazy trying to recall all our conversations… what could it be. “Please move yourself to the end of the bed to that your buttocks are at the edge and your pussy is open and exposed to me.” I do as I am told and remember to spread my legs wide just the way you like to see it. I know you are pleased that I remembered because a smile lit up your face. Before I realize what is happening your hand in the air comes down on my pussy. The sound of your hand on the wetness causes the slap to sound harder that it was… you proceed to administer 10 more slaps on my pussy… the feeling is driving my crazy… I beg for you to end my misery… please let me cum - I want to cum now. You slap one more time… quite hard and stand back to look at my now red, very wet pussy.

You get down on your knees and start to lick my pussy…. biting at the reddened lips until I cry out that I need you inside me. You decide it is now time to get the pleasure you deserve and you remove your clothes… moving me up further on the bed you spread my legs and enter me with one great push…. the feeling is incredible and I orgasm immediately… you continue to move in and out, deeper and harder. You slow down and pull out telling me you are going to enter me in the place I have prepared just for you. You turn me on my back and look at my reddened ass. You ask if I wish to have my punishment now or later. I am amazed that you ask and I can’t say a thing. You decide that now would be the best… I am not prepared for this….. you spread my legs once again and bring over the riding crop. With the large end you rub it against buttocks, spreading the cheeks and inserting the end quite roughly into the hole I have prepared for you. You remove it and slowly make figured eights with the other end. I have barely been able to take a breath when the crop comes down firmly on my bottom.

The sharp pain runs through me and I am wetter than I have ever been. You hesitate and then this time brining the crop up from the bottom hit my sweet spot, grazing my pussy… now you decide that I should take the other 8 swats one after another with no hesitation - as close to the sensitive opening as possible… so they rain down on my ass one after another 3, 4, 5 … I can not help but cry out now for you to stop, that I have had enough… you slow the pace and as you are at number 6 you tell me I am doing wonderfully and it won’t be long… 7, 8 the tears are flowing now… from the pain and the pleasure… 9 and 10. It’s is over… or so I think.

You have put down the crop and have taken the paddle and have started to paddle on top of the crop marks… the pain is different, soothing some how…. I stop crying and slow my breathing… you have decided I have had enough for a first time. You place the paddle down beside my face… close enough for me to touch it… you ask me to kiss the paddle and thank you for my punishment… I thank you will all my heart and you come down over me and kiss the back of my neck. You pull back and with your cool hands rub my bottom… I wriggle at your touch… you spread my cheeks and with slow deliberate strokes you enter me from behind… I am ready for you and I press myself to you encouraging you to go as deep as you can… to start to move ever so slightly, back and forth… faster and faster until you can hold back no longer… you explode inside me - filling me deep with your seed.

Funny how I didn’t notice your friend, sitting quietly in the corner - naked and playing with herself… I look up at her and she winks and gives me a beautiful smile. You have asked that I not wash myself - that I must sleep with your cum deep inside me and that tomorrow we can clean up and start again, and if I’m a good girl you and your friend will be pleased to spank me purely for pleasure. I fall asleep between the two of you… nestled in her breasts with your hand on my reddened backside… dreaming of doing it all again tomorrow.