We had made arrangements to meet when I was traveling through. We both agreed that no sex would occur, we would honor our commitments to our mates, however we would enjoy an enema session together. There would be no contact of body fluids, we both know we are clean in respect to disease, but this way there would be no reason to worry.

Contact was made and even though we had the entire afternoon, it was agreed upon that we would dispense with preliminaries, and utilize all available time for play. I had rented this motel room and made sure it was a suite that had a sitting area with a couch. I had fantasized of a glass-topped coffee table, but was unable to find one in all the motels in the area. The couch would make a good second choice, I moved it out to the center of the room under the ceiling fixture that would hold the bag.

With an agreed upon time of 1:00 PM, I filled the bag with hot water a few minutes before and hung it from the ceiling. The temperature would be too hot for immediate use, but by the time the preliminary preparations were over, it should be just right.

Even if not, the intended slow administration would allow the hose to cool it as well as your body. I attached my special homemade nozzle, 6 inches of ¾ inch rod, bullet shaped, and smaller at the hose end like a plug. I lubed it heavily with Vaseline, then coiled the hose and hung it from the fixture knowing the sinister looking nozzle would attract your attention when entering the room.

I removed my clothes to ease the introductions and hasten the event. I had stated that you would receive two enemas, the first being a full bag for cleansing purposes, then a deep colonic with multiple orgasms. As for myself, you would administer a prostate massage until orgasm. Thinking of you under my control, and the prospect of your finger deep inside me, has produced a semi-erection.

Looking out the drapes, I see you pull up and get out of your car. I move to the side of the door, ready to open it for you, allowing entrance where the first sight will be the bulging bag. You enter and as anticipated, are drawn to the bulging bag. I move out from behind the door and introduce myself. We have talked many times online, and given each other accurate descriptions, yet it isn’t the same as meeting in person. Your eyes take in my nakedness and I can see you relax slightly. I take your hands and hold them over your head, signaling that I want them to remain there. Then I begin removing your clothes. Your dress slides over your head easily being of a loose one-piece design. Much to my surprise, you are wearing no panties or bra.

You remembered, my desire, that you remain naked under your clothes, feeling the moment, reveling in the wantonness of excitement. An act to heighten the pinnacle of desire. Now you are in heels and thigh highs, I remove your shoes, then your thigh highs, then put your heels back on. I take a moment to observe you, totally naked, breasts slightly sagging but erotic, buttocks quivering from anticipation, calves straining from the exertion of the high heels. What a sight, why are we two meeting here, we should be with our respective mates, but alas, they are so naivete.

A brief hug, then I lead you over to the sofa. Gesturing and with indicative movements, I bend you down over the back of the sofa. Your buttocks are exposed to the sky, legs spread, and you are hugging a small pillow that was on the sofa. With trembling hands, I spread your cheeks, and begin the ritual of lubricating you.

Picking up the tube of Astrolube, I squeeze a blob out letting it drop on the wrinkled opening. I am content to watch the orifice contract from the feeling of the foreign substance. Since you are upside down, it remains in place, nestled in the well formed by your anus. I place the tip of my middle finger in the puddle, allowing it to coat, then with a slight twisting motion, press down. I feel the flesh part and enter you up to the first knuckle. A gasp of pleasure escapes your lips. I remain still allowing you to enjoy the penetration. As your moans decrease, I begin a slow twisting of my hand, not penetrating any farther, merely rotating in the tight little orifice. I can feel your sphincter clamping down on my finger as I ream you.

I pull my finger out quickly and watch the hole in the puddle fill in. Descending again, my finger pushes inside taking a small amount of lube ahead of it. Your anus is relaxed and the penetration goes easy. A few twists to make you shiver, and I pull it out again. The lube flows to a new level, the pool getting smaller meaning some is deposited inside your rectum. Your anticipation of the next plunge has caused your sphincter to rhythmically contract, moving the pool up and down. I watch this action enjoying the erotic sight and prolonging the next ream, which you are wanting so badly. A moan from you that sounds like a plea satisfies my desire to impart the fact that I am the one in control and you will accept what I wish to do and when I want to do it. Several short pushes manage to inject most of the lube inside you. You are waiting anxiously for the nozzle and the resulting orgasms, little do you know that there are many more preparations to come.

Reaching for the tube, I squeeze out a larger dose, filling the pocket caused by your aroused anus. Now my finger gathers the oily lube and plunges deep inside you. Your whole body convulses as a result of the spontaneous invasion. The excess is pushed outward from it’s pocket, only to spill needlessly down along your vaginal lips. Finger is hooked and pulled out vigorously, stretching the rectum walls in it’s retreat. Straightening the finger I again plunge deep into you, then twisting slightly, hooking the finger again, I repeat the demanding withdrawal. The tissue is responding well, just as I knew it would, relaxing and conforming to the commands at present. Another withdrawal, then a repeated plunge, your gasps enticing, and your flesh trembling, you desire the release of orgasm. Little do you know that it will be a long time coming.

Repeated plunges have reduced the pool of lubricant, so naturally I again squeeze out an ample amount and start the proce

ss over. There is a difference this time, I push my middle finger in which slips in with no effort, then pulling it out, gathering more lube, I push the tip in and place the tip of my forefinger alongside it, then slowly push them both in to the first knuckle. Groans accompany the penetration, then in a matter of haste, I ram them both all the way in. I suspected that this would cause a discomfort, but was relieved to hear you moan in passion. With two fingers buried deep inside you, I begin my practiced manipulations. Twisting and fucking with an in and out motion, I work to feel the desired acceptance and dilation needed for the next phase. Your anus is loose and very slippery now, coaxing bigger and better things to impale its inner depths.

Resting, I allow my fingers to go lax, surrounded by your soft anal tissue. Now comes the difficult part, not all are compliant enough to allow it, but I have faith in you. With my left hand I pick up the tube of lube, then poised over the orifice, I spread my two fingers with all my might, opening the elusive orifice for whatever I desire. With the annular ring distended, your inner bowels are exposed, pink in nature, and with slight convulsions. Holding the tube, I squeeze an enormous amount into the gaping opening. Immediately the sphincter retracts against my fingers, trapping the oily lube deep inside your bowel. I feel muscle convulsions from your inner thighs, generated by your inner bowels contracting. Now you are in the throe’s of an inner anal orgasm. Fingers spreading, twisting, probing, sensuously moving in and out of your throbbing anus, preparing you for what is to come. Waves of pleasure wash over you, emanating from the core of your present arousal, your distended anus, open and ready for any invasion that I desire. Incoherent noises erupt from your mouth, amplified by the manipulations of my fingers buried deep in your ass. I play you like a puppet on a string, gestures and subtle physical ministrations causing spasmodic reactions from you. Mouth open, body arched, legs quivering, moans that are almost screams gushing forth from your mouth.

Now the time for play is over, it is time to get to the task at hand.

I reach up and take down the tube and nozzle, allowing it to brush your buttocks, indicating to you what is about to happen. Holding the nozzle, I decide I want to see the full penetration. I tell you to reach back and spread your cheeks. Tentatively you grab your cheeks and spread. I bend down to study the exposed wrinkled rosebud before me. It is oily with lube, yet it looks so small and inadequate. I place the tip of the nozzle against the opening, then while watching very closely, apply some pressure to it. The wrinkles disappear as the sphincter stretches to accommodate the nozzle. The orifice grows as the nozzle tries to gain entrance. The shiny tissue stretches and loses color as the stretching forces the blood out of the tissue. Slowly it surrounds the nozzle and allows the widest diameter entrance. I pause, enjoying the sight and allowing you to become accustomed to it.

I open the valve briefly to give a burst of fluid. Your thigh muscles react with a quiver. Placing my hand on the side of your face to steady you, I slowly push the nozzle into you. The sight is erotic, as the nozzle penetrates you, your sphincter is scraping off the excess lube forming a ring around the nozzle. Gradually the nozzle disappears inside you until only the hose is showing.

I stop and debate on what kind of enema this should be, a full open gushing one, or a slow drawn out event. I decide that the main event will be the colon tube, therefore this is merely a preparatory exercise. I fully open the valve and place my two fingers up in your slit alongside your clitoris. With a slow back and forth motion, I coax you to an orgasm as the water flows in. The first half of the bag empties quite quickly then slows, obviously finding some restriction. I grasp the fitting on the nozzle, and slowly pull it out almost to the tip. Then I change directions and push it all the way in. Your moans of pleasure encourage me, I begin a slow fucking of your anus with the nozzle. The withdrawal is easy but the penetration is with resistance. I know that this is because of pushing the fluid deeper inside you. You are panting now, some discomfort, but a lot of passion also. The nozzle working in and out of you overcomes any discomfort from the fluid being forced deep inside you. With each cycle of thrusting, the bag empties a little more. I notice that you are filling to capacity, the bag is almost empty. I stop and massage your stomach, moving the fluid around to empty spots, relieving pressure on others. I also check your vagina and notice you are dripping wet.

Slipping inside the lips I once again titillate the clitoris, triggering an orgasm. I go back to the fucking of your anus with the nozzle. The sphincter has adjusted and it slips easily in and out. I pick up the pace somewhat, hoping for a burning sensation, and to facilitate the injection of the last of the bag. I see your buttock spasm from the attack on your rosebud, thrusting back to intercept the plunging nozzle. With a final shove I leave it buried deep inside you as the rest of the bag empties inside you.

We rest for a moment, then I explain that I am going to remove the nozzle and replace it with a plug to help you hold it. I tell you that I may have to try several sizes to make sure it is big enough to stem the flow. I could have done this first, but that wouldn’t require any control on your part. I know that the thought of losing control is frightening to you. To have a discharge anywhere but on the toilet is unthinkable.

I ask you to spread your cheeks so I can make the maneuver as quickly as possible, of course you don’t know that I will take my time, testing your control. I pick up a medium small plug, slowly pull the nozzle out of you knowing that the feeling is not only erotic but also signaling your bowels to release. As the tip exits your anus, I watch in fascination as the sphincter clenches trying to contain the fluid. When your moans and convulsions reach a pinnacle, I push the plug inside you. You collapse in relief then shudder as I tell you that the plug is too small and must be changed. Grasping the plug, I pull it slowly out of you, watching your anus contract to keep the fluid in. I make a great effort in looking for the right plug, then selecting one, I start to insert it. When it is one third of the way in I pull it out commenting that I need some lube. Your whole body is straining now from the tension. Finally, I place the tip against your anus, and much to your relief, push it all the way in you.

I check your slit for moistness, which is present, but the strain of the previous 20 minutes has nullified any arousal. I stand, and reaching around you, begin massaging your stomach and breasts. Your nipples harden, but your bowels have taken command, demanding release. Seeing that we are going nowhere with this, I help you up and assist you to the bathroom. Once there, I have you bend over the vanity so I can remove the plug. Having done so, I help you to sit on the toilet. As I expected, the removal of the plug, and the stretching of the anus caused by the stretching of the cheeks from sitting, a geyser erupts from you. You are somewhat embarrassed, but I hold your head against my stomach and explain that it is a natural reaction, nothing to be ashamed of. Rubbing your back I encourage you to evacuate all you can, I explain that I can assist in speeding up the process, but we have lots of time.

I leave you to your chores and go out to the other room to change the nozzle and get prepared for the main event.

I remove the nozzle, clean it thoroughly since I have other plans for it, and attach the tube. It is quite long and of medium diameter, and will take some time to insert the length I’ve been contemplating.

I coil up the tube and pick up the bag, returning to the bathroom to check on you. You are resting on the toilet, I ask if you are finished, you nod yes. I wet a washcloth and have you bend forward so I can clean you. Having done so, I tell you to stand, bend over and spread so I can perform a digital exam. I know the bowel is clean, I want to penetrate you to confirm that there is no fluid left in you. I work my lubed finger as far as I can into your anus, then begin a series of in and out movements along with a twisting motion. I know the erotic manipulations will cause your bowels to contract and purge any fluid left. There doesn’t seem to be any left, however I see that you are getting wet with arousal, the swelling of the labia showing the wet inner tissue. I continue until you are very close to an orgasm, then withdraw, leaving you panting and close.

I tell you to go in the other room and stand behind the couch since we will use the same position as before. I clamp off the hose and fill the bag with mildly hot water from the bathtub spigot. When it is filled to the top, bulging with all it can hold, I carry it into the room and hang it from the ceiling fixture. I move in front of you and uncoil the tube and hose, then with you watching I begin lubing the tube. I apply a generous amount of lube to the tip and start working it down the length. When I have about 18 inches coated, I hand the end to you and tell you to hold it. Your eyes widen as you watch me continue coating the tubing, knowing that I intend to push all of it into you.

Satisfied with my preparation, I take the tube from you and tell you to bend over the couch and spread. The anus is glistening from the lube from the digital exam, and I notice you are still somewhat aroused, but no longer close to an orgasm. I have a plan to test your control of preventing an orgasm, however that will come much later, and I know you will fail.

Placing the tip of the tube on your opening, I tell you to relax and take a deep breath. As you do this, I push the tube in about 3 inches until it comes against the lower valve. Twisting slightly, I maneuver it past the restriction, then stop. I then tell you I am going to start inserting the tube for a very deep colonic enema. I watch little shivers go through your body as the words sink in, anticipating what is to come, and arousing you back to a state close to orgasm. I also explain that I will do a series of insertions and partial withdrawals to relax the bowel so you will enjoy the filling. I know the words are as intoxicating as the act itself, allowing your mind to guess what is going to happen.

I gently push in another 6 inches of tube, watching the anus quiver as the tube slides into it. I then slowly pullout 4 inches, explaining how it looks coming out, the inner tissue holding onto the tube and the anus opening slightly before allowing the withdrawal. Then I push in another 6 inches resulting in a gain of 2 inches deeper than before. As the tube starts in, it pulls the anus in the opposite direction, folding it in on itself. Repeating the process, I pull out 4 inches, then push in 6. The slow movement in and out of you has caused you to get aroused, I can see the labia just below your anus swell, and the beginning of moisture forming inside. I repeat the deep insertions and smaller withdrawals until the tube reaches the end of the large bowel where it makes a turn. You jump slightly when you feel the tube hit the back wall of the bowel.

I rest for a moment and explain that I am going to pull the tube most of the way out, then knowing exactly how long your bowel is, shove it back in and around the first turn. I want another 12 inches of tube inside you to facilitate a very deep colonic.

Instructing you to spread your cheeks as far as possible, I grab the tube with one hand 2 inches back from your anus, and pull out almost the entire length that has been in you. With my other hand I shove the tube deep inside you, moving quickly in short jabs until my other hand is 3 inches from your anus, then I push until my fingers are up against your opening. You feel the tip hit the back wall momentarily then make the turn and start across your bowel. Without any explanation or resting, I push an inch at a time into you, pausing slightly when it has to make another turn and start down the bowel. When I figure there is 3 inches of tube past the second turn, I stop and tell you that you may remove your hands, we have reached our depth.

You allow the cheeks to come together hiding the sight of the tube disappearing inside you. You are moaning slightly and perspiring, and feeling a little queasy with that much tube in you. I help you stand, then massage your stomach so you can try to feel exactly how much I have shoved into you. I explain that the filling will be different since the lower bowel will be filled last, the warmth will start deep inside you. I lay you on the floor on your back, spread your legs and place your ankles on the back of the couch with your knees slightly bent. I rub your breasts and roll your nipples to relax you all the time explaining that this will be a slow fill, lasting a long time, and you should enjoy it. When I feel the tension leave your body, I open the valve a small amount and start the draining. Nothing happens for a moment, then you jump when you feel the fluid and how deep it is inside. I return to massaging your breasts, then work my way down your stomach. As I reach your slit, the lips part slightly with arousal. I pull them apart and slide my fingers along each side of your clitoris. Juices are building quickly as I sensuously rub alongside the throbbing nerve bundle, being careful to not touch it, delaying the upcoming orgasm.

Your lower stomach is slightly larger, indication of the filling bowels. Your nipples are hard now as you feel the warmth flowing slowly into you, the expanding bowel moving organs as it swells with content. Legs quiver as the first of many orgasms wash over you, muscles contracting as a result, then a cramp from the violent movement. I massage your stomach dissipating the unpleasantness, and continue to stroke alongside your clit. Your eyes travel upwards looking at the bag, it is still ¾ full, you wonder if you will be able to take the whole thing, the tube seems to fill you by itself, a feeling of capacity deep inside.

The warmth from the invading fluid is slowly gaining access deep inside you, you feel every gain it makes as it turns and goes farther along your bowel towards the stomach. Folded tissue slowly expands from the filling, consuming any available space, and finally pushing out on the lower abdomen to gain room.

I take my hands and place them in yours, holding them, restraining them, stretched out from your side. My knees come together alongside your head, forcing you to look straight up. You see my hard cock sticking straight out, beyond that the tube ascending from between your legs traveling up to the emptying bag. Without my administrations, a cramp develops, small, yet still there, then another orgasm as the realization that you are being controlled and manipulated with no input from you. Ankles press into the back of the couch as legs tense from the wave of pleasure washing over you. No sooner is it over than the unpleasant filling takes command of your mind. Eyes drift upward and notice that the bag is only half -empty, surely you will not be able to take it all with all that tubing inside you. There is no change in the hands restraining you, and now there is a drip of lubricant forming on my cock indicating arousal. You watch as it falls to your throat, the body temperature droplet making its presence as it runs down your neck.

I move forward straddling your head and take your hand placing it on my buttocks. You know what I want and slipping your finger into your cunt to moisten it, push it into my rectum. Pushing deeper, you find the small gland that I wish massaged. Gently you start massaging it, at the same time stroking my cock with your other hand. You not only see but, feel me heighten in arousal, the gland firming and the cock throbbing. Suddenly a spurt of semen splashes on your stomach as I cum. You continue to stroke my cock emptying me of all my ejaculate.

I take your hands and place them under my legs, indicating that I want them to stay there, but don’t want to kneel on them causing discomfort. The pulling of your arms up towards your head thrusts out your breasts, taking your mind off the procedure happening in your rectum. I cup your breasts and roll the nipples between thumb and forefinger, producing a moan from you. I continue this and notice that the bag is only 1/4 full now, and your discomfort is increasing. I bend down and spread your labia with my fingers, allowing air to wash over the swollen clit. Gently I blow warm breath on it and push 2 fingers in your vagina. As expected, another orgasm results leaving you weak and sweating.

You are in some pain now, so enough of the titillating pleasures. I begin to massage your stomach to relieve the cramps, helping the fluid to find additional space. Gradually the bag empties completely which you didn’t think was possible. I bend down and kiss you telling you the worst is over.

I stand and shut off the valve, then disconnect the hose from the bag. Laying it on the floor between your legs, I help you take your feet down from the sofa back, and let you rest for a moment lying flat out on your back. I take your hands and help you to stand up. You arise but are unable to stand upright from the fullness of your bowels. I put your arms around my neck, then placing my hands under your buttocks, pull you upright against me. As you straighten our lips meet in a kiss, tongues intertwining sensuously.

Leaving you to stand on your own, I bend down and pick up the hose. I pull it up in front of you leaving a small loop between your legs, then feed it between your breasts, around your neck and back down between your breasts. You plead to go to the bathroom and evacuate, I explain that we are going for a walk first and then you will be allowed relief. You are aghast at the thought. I pick up your dress and slip it over your head, checking to make sure the hose doesn’t show. You are shaking your head in disbelief as I slip on pants and a shirt. When shoes are on, I walk to the door and open it, motioning you to follow. You hesitantly walk over to me straining to retain the fluid seeking escape.

I place my arm around your waist assisting you as we walk out of the room. I explain that we are going to the park across the street for a pleasant walk. You are anything but comfortable and go along to hasten the expelling. You look around and wonder if people can see the outline of the hose coming out of your anus and draped around your neck. Your arm is around my neck now for support as we cross the street. We enter the shaded pleasant park, quiet and deserted this afternoon. I lead you down a path to a remote spot I found the day before when checking out the area. Back in a small area surrounded by bushes is a picnic table, never used by anyone in recent times, indicated by the absence of trash. I help you stand on the end of the seats, one leg on each side of the table, then help you lay down on the tabletop with your buttocks hanging out in mid air off the end of the table. I pull your dress up around your waist exposing your buttocks with the tube exiting and disappearing under you.

You gasp and ask me what if someone comes. I explain that no one will, it is a deserted park, and this spot is very remote. I slip my left hand under your dress up to your neck and my right hand goes between your legs. Pulling with one hand while feeding with the other, I remove the hose from around your neck letting it drop to the ground. I gently squeeze your breasts before removing my hand, then stroke your slit on the way out. I know you are beyond any pleasure at the moment, the desire to expel consuming your thoughts. I explain that I am going to slowly pull out the tube allowing you to evacuate. I notice your anus pucker in response preparing to prevent expulsion in such a degrading position. I also know that once the tube exits, you will have no control over your bowels.

I spread your cheeks and give a slight pull on the hose. You gasp and your knuckles turn white from the strain of holding onto the tabletop as you feel the movement deep inside you. I pull again only this time maintain a steady slow movement of withdrawal. The feeling is overwhelming, you moan, strain while thigh muscles quiver, anus and vagina sphincter muscles rhythmically contracting, and once again wet your passage with self-lubrication. I enjoy the sight and want to stop but know that I must maintain the removal and give you relief. More and more tube exits, sinister looking with all its length. When I think that there is only a few inches left, I yank it out quickly. As expected, a geyser erupts from the fatigued orifice. It is a forceful long stream, then stops. I know this is the first of many. I climb up on the table straddling the top in the opposite direction of you, then pulling your dress up around your neck, begin massaging your breasts and stomach. My efforts are rewarded by another expulsion, I assist by holding your cheeks apart helping to widen the opening. I check your vagina for indication of an orgasm, it is hard to tell but is dripping wet. Your moans can be from that or the strain of purging. We spend a long time repeating the process until you are empty.

You are collapsed on the table, I climb down and inspect you, wiping off any spillage from your buttocks and legs with my handkerchief. My cock is hard and I want so bad to plunge it into your clean orifice, but we agreed that there would be no sex between us. Instead, I part your cheeks, kiss your orifice, and slip my tongue in momentarily. It has been an afternoon neither of us will forget.