Meghan's Punishment Examination

Several years ago when I was living in a medium-size suburb of an East Coast city, I had a neighbor named Ginny, a divorcee, who was about 37 at the time. Ginny lived two houses down from me with her daughter, Meghan, who was 17. Although we became friends, they remained patients of their own doctors whom they had been going to for some time. I was in general practice and maintained a full patient caseload at my small clinic in town.

Meghan was a typical teenager who, from time to time, would cause her mother grief by doing such things as staying out late or failing to do her homework on time. Lately, however, she had been getting more feisty and was causing her mom to worry about where she was headed. She was running with a wilder bunch and was becoming more defiant. Ginny had been a fairly strict parent, but at this point no amount of pleading and threatening seemed to have any effect.

One evening after I came home from the clinic, Ginny knocked on my door and asked if she could talk to me about Meghan. She explained what was going on, and we discussed some behavior modification options. I gave her my opinion that teenage girls often had to be brought back to the reality of their proper relationships vis-à-vis their parents by various means. Each girl has an individual personality, and the treatment would depend on what “pushed their buttons,” so to speak. I gave Ginny some options and asked her to come up with ideas based on her knowledge of Meghan’s personality and get back to me.

It was only a few days later when Ginny called and asked if she could come over to discuss her thoughts on Meghan. We sat down over coffee as she presented her ideas. It seems Meghan was a basically shy girl, but put on a “cool” facade for her friends. In spite of her sassing her mother recently, she still would obey Ginny, although not without some balking and protesting. The general plan outlined by Ginny was to have Meghan undergo a thorough physical exam with Ginny present. The exam was actually a good idea per se, as Meghan had not had a complete physical in about two years and it was overdue. However, this examination would go far beyond what was actually necessary. The intent here would be to humble Meghan and force her to accept her mother’s control once more.

I heartily agreed with Ginny’s assessment of Meghan’s problem and the suggested solution. Not letting on to Ginny, I was secretly excited at the thought of exerting absolute power over a completely naked and vulnerable young girl, with her attractive mother supervising. I also got the feeling that Ginny was looking forward to this as well. This promised to fulfill one of my innermost fantasies; unfortunately for Meghan, this would become the realization of her worst apprehensions. I eagerly began planning the details of the examination session.

The appointment was set up for a Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. All of the other clinic personnel had left for the weekend, which gave us exclusive use of the facilities and equipment. I didn’t want anyone else around to observe me moving any special equipment into the chosen examining room, nor to overhear the sobs and protests sure to result once the procedures were under way.

I was finishing preparing the examination room when I heard the front door open and close. I went out and greeted a smiling Ginny and a bored-looking Meghan. I locked the door behind them, had them remove their coats, then escorted them into the examining room. I noticed that Meghan was wearing what I took to be her school outfit : two shoulder-length ponytails, a white blouse with a ruffle down the front center, a short plaid pleated skirt and brown loafers. I noticed that she was not wearing any pantyhose. It was going to be a treat seeing her without those cute clothes on!

As they entered the examination room, I could see the apprehension as Meghan’s eyes widened. Immediately upon entering the room she was faced with the padded examination table with the clean white paper covering it lengthwise. Nearby was an I.V. stand with a red bag and some plastic tubing coiled around it. On a cart to one side was a stainless steel tray with various shiny steel, glass and plastic instruments laid out neatly in a row on a thin white towel. A faint smell of alcohol, Betadyne and germicidal soap permeated the room.

I told Meghan to have a seat near the small desk in the corner, and we began going over her medical history and general health. When I got to the part about her sexual activities, she balked at having to disclose such intimate details in front of her mother. I emphasized that it was necessary to know if and how she was using her sexual organs in order to properly evaluate them during the examination. After being ordered to answer by Ginny, she hesitatingly admitted to having had sex a few times with a former boyfriend some time ago, but nothing recently.

“When was your last complete physical exam?” I asked.

“About two years ago,” Meghan replied.

“During that exam, were you completely undressed?” I prodded.

“No, not all the way. I kept my bra and panties on, and the nurse gave me a paper exam gown to wear,” she said.

I finally asked, “So that means you didn’t have a complete gynecological exam?”

“I..I..guess not,” she stammered, looking down.

I thought it best to give her some warning about the exam I was about to conduct. “All right, Meghan, this exam is going to be different. Aside from the normal checks you had last time, you’re going to undergo complete vaginal and rectal exams. This is quite necessary for a girl your age. You may as well get used to it since you’re going to have these exams performed the rest of your life anyway,” I told her.

Meghan began to protest while looking to her mother for support. Ginny just smiled at her then nodded back at me.

“Meghan, there’s one more thing I should tell you. Any disobedience to my orders or anything that can be construed as your being uncooperative will result in my making notes on your chart. These “notes” will be totaled at the conclusion of this examination, and will result in appropriate punishment before you’re allowed to leave. Is that clear?” I warned her.

“Mommmm, what’s going on here? Are you going to let Tom get away with this?” Meghan whined, pleading with her mother.

“Meghan, this is all for your own good. First, you will address the doctor as either ‘Doctor’ or ‘Doctor Masters.’ Second, I fully support Doctor Masters’ plan of treatment for you. You WILL cooperate, or the punishment will be administered with my blessings,” Ginny instructed firmly.

The look on Meghan’s face was complete astonishment. Just when I thought she was about to whine and argue again, she just let out a resigned sigh as if to say, Let’s just get on with it.

It was time to begin. “OK, Meghan, you may go behind the screen and undress. You may keep your bra and panties on - for now. Put on the exam gown if you like; your mom can help you tie it if necessary,” I said. I noticed that when I said “for now” she gave me a quick look that betrayed her apprehension. Good, I thought, she’s starting to get the picture of what’s in store for her.

As I made some notations on the chart and exchanged comments with Ginny, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Meghan disrobed behind the screen. With the lighting as it was, I could make out shadows of Meghan taking her clothes off piece by piece. I was getting aroused already.

“OK, young lady, hop up on the table.” She pushed herself up to a seated position on the table with her legs dangling off the side, and self-consciously adjusted her exam gown to be sure she was covered as much as possible.

I began with the normal preliminaries, taking her blood pressure, pulse and respiration; checking her ears, nose, eyes, throat and reflexes. I next instructed her to dismount the table and stand in front of me. Since I needed to perform a scoliosis screening for spine curvature, I had her turn with her back to me. She reddened slightly, knowing that the gown was open in back, but feeling at least that her panties provided her some protection from my gaze.

“Now bend all the way over with your arms extended out and down, as if you were going to dive into a swimming pool,” I instructed. “I’m going to examine your spine to be sure there are no deviations.”

Meghan bent over, and I released the bow holding the back of the gown together. The gown fell off down to either side, leaving her back exposed. “I’m going to release your bra and slide down your panties slightly so I can observe the entire length of your spine,” I told her. The bra fell forward, but I couldn’t see her small breasts - yet. With my fingertips I slid her panties down slightly until the top elastic band was about in the middle of her buttocks, revealing the top of her smooth, hairless crack. With Ginny looking on in approval, I took in the view for a moment before running my fingers the length of Meghan’s spine. “No deviations,” I finally announced. “You can hop back up on the table now,” I told her, as I raised her panties back up into proper position.

Meghan kept her back to me as she refastened her bra and retied the gown, then got herself back up on the table.

“OK, young lady, now we have to get your baseline temperature.” I went over to the counter and picked up a thermometer, a small tube of KY gel and some Kleenex. As I was shaking down the thermometer, Meghan opened her mouth to receive it.

“No, no, Meghan. For your baseline vitals I need a very accurate body temperature, and oral temps just don’t cut it. You’re going to have to take it rectally, I’m afraid. If it makes you feel better, I can take it orally as well, OK?”

She looked to her mother for support, but Ginny just said, “You’ll do as the doctor says, or it will be noted, remember?” I quickly followed up with, “And since I don’t have a nurse here, I’m going to have your mom assist me with your examination.” Meghan looked quickly at Ginny and it was clear that she didn’t want her mother to even witness the procedure, let alone participate.

“All right now, miss, roll over on your tummy and slide down the table until your knees are at the edge,” I said. When she was in position, I informed her that I was going to slip her panties all the way down so I would have free access to her bottom. I told her to left her hips slightly, whereupon I was able to slide them down and all the way off. I raised the stirrups and placed her feet so that her legs were bent upward at the knees, then rotated the arms outward which had the effect of spreading her legs wide apart, and rotating her feet to the sides in the shape of a V. I could tell by her expression that this was a bit uncomfortable, and quite embarrassing.

“OK, Meghan, open your mouth so I can place this thermometer under your tongue. Now, keep your mouth closed - don’t breathe through your mouth or talk,” I instructed.

I then reached over to the other end of the table and retrieved the rectal thermometer, lubricant and Kleenex. “I’m going to spread your cheeks and apply some lubricant to your anus now. It’s going to feel cold, but it’s necessary to allow the thermometer to slip in easily. I don’t want you to move at all while I’m taking your temperature, do you understand? If you squirm around and it works itself out, we’ll have to start all over,” I said. She nodded that she understood.

With Ginny supervising, I placed a dollop of gel on my forefinger, and in one quick motion spread her taut buttocks apart and began applying the lubricant first in a circular motion around the perimeter of her anal opening, then gradually working my finger inside. After several rotations, I withdrew my finger, wiped it clean, and inserted the rectal thermometer. Meghan clenched her ass muscles just as the cool glass slipped past her anal ring. I heard her inhale slightly, but she obediently didn’t move or make any protest. I stood back to take in the view of this pretty young girl lying on her stomach with thermometers sticking out of either end.

Since I wanted to be sure she didn’t move, I asked Ginny, “Could you put your hand just above her buttocks to hold her still? You’ll be able to feel any slight movements that way. Tell me right away if she starts squirming.” Ginny gladly pitched in to help. Meanwhile, about every 45 seconds I would “adjust” the rectal thermometer by sliding it in or pulling it out, explaining to Ginny that I wanted to get an average temperature at various depths of the rectum. Occasionally I would twirl it to be able to glance at the reading.

After three minutes were up, I extracted the thermometer, wiped it off with an alcohol prep pad, and asked Ginny to wipe the lubricant off her daughter’s behind. I removed the oral thermometer as well, and compared them, noting only the standard difference between oral and rectal readings. Meghan seemed glad to be able to breathe through her mouth again.

“You did very well, young lady. Your temperature is normal. Now we can proceed with the rest of your examination,” I stated.

“Yes…thank you, doctor,” she replied.

I released her feet from the stirrups and told her she could sit up now. She started to look for her panties, but I told her that they wouldn’t be needed for the rest of the exam. In fact, I told her, “Your mother will help you off with your bra and exam gown now, since I’m going to need you completely bare from now on.”

I took Ginny over to the side and quietly explained that I was now going to perform first a vaginal examination, then a rectal exam, and told her to just do as I instructed to assist me. She winked and said OK. She was obviously satisfied that Meghan was starting to act less defiant, and hoped that this procedure would erase any future challenges to her authority.

“Meghan, I’m going to do a complete gynecological examination now. Girls your age have to have this done periodically, and now is as good a time as any. You will submit to this for your own good, understand?” I asked. I told her to lie on her back and slide down the table until her butt was at the edge, and put her hands on her head.

She began to whine and protest again. “Mommmm, do I really have to do this?” she whimpered. “Meghan, stop it! You were warned - now you get two bad marks. This IS going to happen - deal with it!” her mother retorted. Meghan clearly was a very unhappy girl, but she grudgingly did as she was told. In the back of her mind was the unanswered question: What was the punishment going to be?

With her mom watching, I carefully examined her pert breasts, which reminded me of ripe peaches with smallish dark brown nipples. As my circles got smaller and approached the nipples, I saw them rise and stiffen at my touch. “Well, young lady, your mother and I can see that you approve of this examination so far,” I said with a hint of a smile. I pinched her little nipples once or twice more to make sure they stayed erect. She had her face turned slightly away, trying to hide her blush while this was going on. She definitely would not like what was going to happen to her next.

I went to the edge of the table where her feet were pulled up tight to her behind, and carefully placed each foot into a stirrup. I adjusted the stirrups so that her feet were raised and her legs spread into a V, revealing every aspect of her teenage vagina and anus.

“You can put your arms down at your sides now, miss, but I want you to hold still. If you start wiggling around, I’ll have to ask your mother to hold you down. Do you want that?” I asked. “N…N…No, doctor, I’ll be still,” the frightened girl replied.

I pulled on a latex exam glove and began liberally greasing up the index and middle fingers in full view of Meghan. Not even my slightest movement escaped her rapt gaze. I positioned myself directly in front of her gaping pussy.

“Ginny, I want you to observe this exam very closely, since you may have to do this yourself someday,” I said. With her now looking over my shoulder, I demonstrated with my ungloved hand how to palpate the vaginal area, spreading apart the sparsely-haired outer lips, examining the inner lips, moving to the urethral opening under the clitoris, then finally to the clitoris itself. I pulled back the little hood, exposing Meghan’s most private organ. “As you can see, everything is pink and healthy-looking, as it should be. As you can see, as I roll her clitoris lightly between my fingers, it engorges naturally and becomes slightly flushed and more prominent,” I said. Looking at Ginny I further observed, “It still looks like she approves of this exam.”

I spread her pussy lips apart and slowly pressed my two lubricated fingers into her opening. Meghan moaned slightly as I pushed them in all the way, spread them slightly and began to rotate them, palpating her inner walls. Ginny was paying close attention, saying she had never seen a gynecological exam from this point of view, and she was fascinated by it.

After withdrawing my fingers, I reached over to the stainless steel instrument tray and selected a vaginal speculum. I told Meghan that it would be cold and may be uncomfortable, but she would have to bear with me. I lubricated it, inserted it without effort, and slowly expanded it until her pink insides were exposed. A flashlight inspection revealed no anomalies. Before withdrawing the speculum, I ran my fingers around her clitoris once more to show Ginny its appearance in the stretched state. It was clear by her distended clit and the natural moisture inside her pussy that Meghan was reluctantly becoming aroused. That was good; she’d be more cooperative during the most difficult part of the exam yet to come. I again asked Ginny to wipe Meghan’s vagina clean of the lubricant using a gauze sponge.

As her mother finished wiping her private parts down thoroughly, I walked close to Meghan’s head and asked her if she was ready for the toughest part of the procedure : the rectal exam. When I mentioned it, I thought she was going to jump off the table. She got up on her elbows and raised her voice to her mother saying, “This has gone too far, ma! I can’t go through with this!” she cried.

Her mother stood up to her full height, fixed her with steely eyes and said with an edge to her voice, “That’s two more notations, girl!”

Meghan look at her for a moment, then collapsed back onto the table putting one arm across her eyes and began sniffling as she turned her face away from me.

Although I didn’t feel sorry for her, I wanted to relax her for just a moment. I began to stroke her hair, and in a soothing voice, reminded her, “Meghan, I’m your doctor, and this is all for your own benefit. I know it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing, but all women endure this treatment and you have to learn to endure it, too. Your mom’s right here, and she won’t let anything bad happen.” After a couple of minutes she began to relax a bit, so I sprung the next phase on her to re-heighten her apprehensions all over again.

“Now, because the next phase is the rectal exam, you must be perfectly clean so I can look up inside your bowels. Did you take an enema before coming here tonight?” I queried.

“No…no I didn’t think to take one, doctor,” she managed to get out.

“That’s OK. Relax and I’ll take care of that for you right now,” I said, glad that she gave me the opportunity to perform that procedure on her.

I asked her mother to assist me by preparing the enema, pointing out the drawers and cabinets where the equipment and accessories were kept. As Ginny was running the hot tap water, I handed her a packet of Castille soap to mix in. As she mixed the contents into the two quart bag, I attached a full-size white rectal nozzle to the end of the red hose. When all was ready, we hung the bag on the I.V. stand near the table. I asked Ginny to begin lubricating the nozzle as I went to fetch a bedpan. As I came back, I heard Meghan beg her mom in a barely audible sob, “Please, mom, tell me I don’t have to do this!” Her mom didn’t even answer as she finished greasing up the large nozzle.

I released her feet from the stirrups and told her to bring her knees up to her breasts and hold them there. I asked Ginny if she’d ever given an enema before, and after she answered in the affirmative, I told her I thought it would be a good idea if she were the one to administer Meghan’s. She readily agreed, and got right to it like a pro.

After generously lubricating Meghan’s anus inside and out, she poised the tip of the nozzle right at her puckered little hole and asked, “Are you ready, dear?” Meghan nodded and closed her eyes as her mom pushed the nozzle home under my scrutiny. “Bear down, now, as if you were going to the bathroom,” her mom told her. I placed my hand flat on her lower abdomen to keep her still, as well as to be ready to massage her when the cramps started. It wasn’t long until she complained that she was getting full and couldn’t hold it. I told Ginny to halt the flow and I massaged her abdomen until she indicated she was feeling better. At a nod from me, Ginny opened the clamp and resumed the gentle flow. Just before the bag was empty we had to stop again and massage her lower tummy. After a brief retention period the nozzle was withdrawn and I slid the bedpan under her. If she was embarrassed about voiding in front of us, she didn’t mention it, as she really had to relieve herself in a hurry. While she was on the bedpan, I refilled the bag with clear, warm water for her final rinse as her mom cleaned her off with gauze sponges and alcohol prep pads.

The second procedure mirrored the first, only I had Meghan assume a position on her knees and elbows. I explained that this position would allow the maximum amount of water to fill her colon and rinse her out thoroughly. By this time, she didn’t even start to protest, but assumed the position without hesitation. She was finally learning.

Suddenly, I heard a noise at the front door. I was sure I locked it, and wasn’t expecting anyone to come back on a Friday night. I peeked out and saw our young clinic custodian coming down the hall. Mark was a 21-year-old college student who earned money by doing basic cleaning and maintenance at our clinic. As he approached, he told me he had forgotten one of his school books when he left earlier in the evening. I saw an opportunity to finish off Meghan’s training tonight.

“What are you doing here so late, Doctor Masters? I thought everyone went home by now,” Mark said by way of greeting.

“Oh, I’m conducting a special examination for a friend tonight. If you have a minute, would you be able to go get me some more alcohol prep pads? I’m a bit low. When you get them, just bring them right in for me, OK?” I asked.

“OK, Doc. I’ll be in in a second,” he said cheerfully.

I went back in and could see that both Meghan and Ginny knew there was someone else was in the office. Ginny was not quite done administering the enema, when the door opened and in came Mark with a handful of alcohol prep packets. He got about halfway into the room before he stopped short, his eyes glued to the naked female buttocks high in the air on display before him on the exam table. All he could focus on was the red hose snaking out from in between the two taut white ass cheeks, with the almost hairless pussy lips pouting out below.

After letting him digest the scene for a few seconds, I returned his attention to the present. “I’ll take those prep pads now, Mark. Thanks for bringing them in,” I said. “While you’re here, would you help Meghan’s mom clean up the equipment to save us some time?”

In contrast to me, who was smart enough to wear a traditional white smock to conceal my erection, Mark had on jeans which clearly showed a huge bulge in his crotch. There was no mistake that he was intensely aroused by what he was seeing. At the same time, Meghan had turned when he came in and let out a loud squeal of protest, but could not take her eyes off the young man as he stood there. There was no way she could miss the prominent bulge in his jeans, either. She was totally humiliated to have a young man not much older than her being given permission to study her in this most revealing position.

Ginny slowly slid the enema nozzle from between her daughter’s cheeks and handed it to Mark, who took it and the bag to the sink and began to clean up. As he did so, he was sure to keep one eye on what was occurring on the exam table. Eventually, Ginny slid a bedpan under Meghan as she turned over, and told her to let the water out. Meghan was fussing over Mark’s presence, when Ginny coolly told her she just earned two more bad marks. A single tear rolled down from Meghan’s eye as she quieted down, closed her eyes and just let go as ordered.

She finished voiding at about the time Mark finished cleaning the enema equipment and hung it out to drip dry. I thought Mark had had enough excitement for one evening, and he had served his purpose well. I thanked him for his help, and told him he could be on his way as soon as he cleaned up the rest of this room. It was a mess.

Mark was a bit flushed as he stammered a “Yes, doctor,” and began tidying up the room. Ginny and I exchanged knowing glances - Mark had such a straining erection that he couldn’t wait until he left the office to jerk himself off. Which is definitely what I was going to do after my little “patient” and her mother left later on. I was already leaking a good amount of pre- cum as it was.

The rectal examination would conclude the procedure, I informed Meghan. I had her lie down again on her back and placed her feet in the stirrups, this time moving them back so her knees ended up close to her breasts. This left her rounded buttocks protruding forward and her cheeks split. I snapped a latex exam glove on my right hand and greased up the index finger. I explained what was going to happen to Meghan.

“First, I’m going to examine inside your rectum with my finger. Don’t move while I’m doing it. With my finger inside you this way and by watching your face closely, I can see every change in expression and feel every subtle movement and flinch, so I’ll know very quickly if you’re starting to squirm. Do you understand?” I asked.

“Y…yes, doctor, I’ll stay still for you,” she replied hesitantly.

With Ginny looking on eagerly, I placed my gloved finger on her anus. “OK, now, take a deep breath,” I said. As my finger pushed its way past her sphincter, she inhaled sharply, turning her head slightly as she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. I placed my left hand on the top of her pussy and pressed down slightly to remind her I was in complete control. She remained motionless like a good girl as I twisted and rotated my finger around inside her, and slid it in and out a few times for good measure. I was watching her facial expression intently, gauging her reaction to my digital manipulation. She glanced up, as if to keep an eye on where Mark was. Was it possible that she was enjoying this in some small way?

I slowly removed my finger, allowing her anal ring to tighten up again. “Now I want you to roll over onto your left side for your analoscopy.” She was beyond resistance or protest at this point, and complied with barely a sigh. What was the use? Her doctor and her mother, not to mention a perfect stranger, had seen her in the most exposed and undignified positions she could imagine. What further shame could any other procedures bring?

“Ginny, please raise her right buttock and lubricate her anus for me while I get the speculum and analoscope ready, OK?” I asked. I took the round fixed-diameter stainless steel rectal speculum off of the instrument tray and began coating it with copious amounts of KY gel. As Ginny spread her daughter’s buttocks, I told her to push out as I inserted the speculum until I could clearly see the pink insides of her lowermost intestinal tract. Through the opening I inserted the analoscope with the light on the end, and went up as far as the first flexure, finding nothing out of the ordinary. After withdrawing the scope, I inserted a six inch cotton swab as far as I could to obtain a dab of fecal matter (what little remained after the enemas) for a hemocult screen. I knew that she would not feel anything until the tip of the swab touched her way up inside and began to rotate. Meghan obediently remained stock still during the procedures, despite what was certain discomfort.

“Good girl, Meghan. You’ve done quite well during this examination. Your mother and I are proud of you for learning so much self-discipline in such a short time. We’ll let you clean off your own bottom now. After you’re done, you can go behind the screen where Mark can’t see you and get re-dressed,” I said. Ginny was about to say something, but I quickly put my finger to my lips as a signal not to say anything. She was afraid that I’d forgotten about the punishment.

I waited until I figured Meghan was almost dressed when I called over to her. “Excuse me, young lady. Would you come out here right now? There’s a small matter we need to attend to before you leave. You can finish dressing later.” She came over with her blouse unbuttoned and her skirt on, but unfastened, and the belt ends hanging loosely in front. She held her clothes together as a last attempt at modesty.

“What’s left to do now?” she asked.

“I’m sure you remember what I told you about punishment notations at the beginning, and what the consequences of those marks would be,” I said. “During this examination you accumulated a total of six demerits according to my chart. It’s time to settle up your debt.” While she looked noticeably relieved after getting dressed, the look of apprehension returned wondering what was in store for her now.

“Doctor Masters and I agreed that the punishment should be a hand spanking on your bare bottom, at least for this first time,” her mother stated bluntly. “We will administer the spanking together to show you that we’re of one mind on this. According to our agreement, you will receive five spanks for every demerit earned, which in your case totals thirty.”

Meghan looked aghast at this turn of events, and protested that she was too old to be spanked, and that she hadn’t been spanked since she was a little girl. “Maybe that’s been your problem lately,” her mother observed. And this conversation was taking place in Mark’s presence, who now was washing his hands and observing the exchange eagerly. Oh, please let me stay and watch this, he silently pleaded.

I led Meghan by the wrist over to a wooden armless chair I had placed in the middle of the room. I sat down and placed her directly in front of me between my open legs. After making her place her hands on her head, I raised her skirt and blouse up, tucking them up at her bra line. I brought her close to me and forced her down over my lap, head to my left, so her panty-clad bottom was sticking up directly over the narrow space between my legs. Her legs were straight out to my right, resting on my lap.

“I’m going to lower your panties to prepare you for your spanking, young lady. You are to stay still and not cry out during the spanking, or it will result in more bad marks. Is that clear?” I said.

“Yes, doctor,” she said quietly, wishing to get this over with as fast as possible. “Can’t HE leave now?” she whined, pointing to Mark.

“He’s not quite finished yet. Let me worry about him. You just concentrate on what got you into this situation, young lady!” I admonished.

Her panties were slowly lowered to mid-thigh, resulting in a tight roll of white silk extending between the slightly open legs. “Open your legs as wide as you can,” I instructed as I pried them apart from the insides with my hands. Ginny stood directly opposite me with her arms crossed over her chest, watching with apparent satisfaction..

“The way this is going to work is I’m going to deliver the spanking while I hold you down. You will count the spanks until you reach thirty. Understand?” I asked.

“Yes, doctor. I’m ready,” she breathed.

I placed my left hand over her back and around her side. My right hand was placed over her thighs to keep her legs still. At a nod from Ginny that she was ready, I began the spanking.

SLAP! The first spank landed without warning and caused her to twist suddenly, almost slipping out of my grasp. “ONE!” she hollered. SLAP! “TWO!” SLAP! “THREE!” I had to tighten my hold to keep her in place, keeping her spank spot on her buttocks accessible. And so it went, with me alternating spanks on each cheek and the young lady counting each swat.

After only about 11 spanks, Meghan was squirming and twisting to avoid my hand, and her legs were kicking all around. “Mark, come over here. Get over to my right and hold her ankles on either side of your waist, fully extended. I want you to keep her still until I complete the spanking,” I ordered. Mark was almost giddy with delight as he eagerly complied. He grabbed her ankles and pinned them to his sides, bending slightly so her legs were more or less level, but still spread nicely apart. And what a view of the young girl’s behind he had, especially when she squirmed-just the hint of swollen pussy lips peeking out from between her raised butt cheeks.

At the completion of thirty, Meghan was sobbing, suffering from a well-reddened backside.

“All right, Meghan, your punishment is complete. I’ll rub some skin lotion on your bottom to make it feel a bit better,” I advised her. Mark let down her ankles so they rested back on the floor. I took my time rubbing in the slippery lotion, feeling her smooth, taught, and slightly warmed skin beneath my bare hand. I made sure I covered every inch of her globes, and even worked some of the lotion down her crack in between her ass cheeks and upper thighs.

“Let’s get you up and dressed now so you can go home and get a good night’s sleep,” I said, thus concluding the entire session. She stood up between us, pulled up her panties and finished dressing. Then she went and gave her mom a big, long hug.

“Thank you for your help tonight, Mark. I hope you didn’t mind staying a bit late,” I said. “Have a good weekend. I’ll see you next week.” He got the hint that his part was over for tonight.

“No problem, doctor. Glad to help out. See you next week.”

After Mark left, we could hear him enter the bathroom just a few doors down. A few minutes later we heard the toilet flush and the closing doors signaled his departure. Ginny and I exchanged knowing glances : Mark couldn’t possibly have left the clinic without pulling out his straining cock and jerking himself off after what he had just experienced.

“I hope you learned a lesson here tonight, Meghan,” I said. “Your mother loves you very much, and I like you a lot, too. I hope you take tonight’s session in a constructive sense - that discipline is a necessary part of love. If we didn’t care about you, we wouldn’t have committed ourselves to the effort necessary to provide this experience for you.”

“I…I…guess I understand. I’m sorry for acting up - I didn’t know how much it affected you both,” replied Meghan. She hugged her mom tightly and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before saying good night and leaving arm-in-arm with her mom. I told Ginny I would be in touch to critique this session and follow up on Meghan’s behavior. After they left, I locked the door and spent a few minutes alone in my office masturbating my cock furiously as I recalled the events of the last two hours. I came with heaving spasms and heavy white spurts as I visualized my fingers penetrating Meghan’s most private parts.

It had been about three weeks after the initial session, and Meghan’s attitude and behavior had improved markedly. But not completely. Her friends were still influencing her behavior to some extent. She had almost forgotten her first training session. But for some reason she could not explain, she would experience a tingle in her pussy whenever she recalled the mixture of humiliation and pleasure she experienced, especially when she thought of Doctor Masters.

Arriving home from school one afternoon, she found her mother gone. There was a note on the kitchen counter that simply said, “Dearest Meghan, The doctor called today. I set up your next appointment. I’ll speak with you about it when I get home. Love, Mom.”

Her eyes closed and her knees went weak as she read the note. So there IS going to be a next time! Oh, God.