Melinda was having a blast during her time with Jason. She was constantly being surprised by the unusual love making places he could find.

Several of the girls Melinda worked with and even her best friend had tried to convince her to go to the doctor. Becky called and told Melinda of a doctor in the neighboring town who was real good with examinations. Becky also told her how inexpensive the doctor was. Melinda decided she would go just to please everyone. Melinda was very shy especially when it came to showing her body to complete strangers. Melinda was scared and very worried about this doctor, but had no idea Jason had already spoken to the doctor.

Melinda finally got up her courage and called the doctor’s office for an appointment. They told her the soonest appointment they had was 8 days away. Melinda went ahead and had them pencil her in for that time. She was scared to death of having some strange man look at her private parts, especially insert his fingers in her pussy. That thought made a chill go down Melinda’s spine. This was Melinda’s first encounter with such an examination and the girl had no idea what to expect. Neither did Melinda have any idea at all of the embarrassment she was about the endure.

A couple of days after Melinda made the appointment a letter came in the mail. It was a confirmation letter of her appointment and instructions for her. The letter stated for her to not have sex for 48 hours before the exam. This puzzled Melinda but she decided she better follow the instructions. The letter also instructed Melinda to wear a loose skirt or mini skirt to allow air to dry her genitals. They also said she shouldn’t wear any panties 24 hours prior to the exam. They said they didn’t want any extra indentations in her skin. They also told her not to wear a bra as this would not let her breast hang naturally.

Melinda was really starting to get concerned about these demands for indecency, but she had never had an exam before so she surmised it to be standard procedure. The thought of only wearing a skirt and thin shirt made her shiver. Melinda decided to wear her denim mini skirt, a short shirt, and her heels. Melinda decided to wear the heels to turn Jason on.

Finally the day came for the big appointment. Melinda got up and took a shower. She did as the doctors had instructed her in the letter and only wore a shirt and mini skirt with no undergarments. Melinda slipped on her heels as she walked out the door.

Melinda was very nervous as Jason drove the hour long trip to the hospital. Melinda was scared someone would see her breasts in the thin shirt she was wearing. She kicked off her heels during the trip over. Jason could tell Melinda was very nervous by the way she kept rubbing her feet together. As they pulled into the hospital parking lot, she slipped her shoes back on. Melinda had chills going down her spine and she hoped it was all just a bad dream and that she would wake up and not have to go.

Jason found a parking space fairly close and they walked into the lobby. Jason went to the desk and told them they were here. The lady replied it would be little while before they were ready to take her in. Jason then took Melinda and they found a couple of chairs in the corner for themselves. Melinda was almost shaking, she was so scared and nervous about what was to happen. She talked to Jason to try to calm her nerves. Jason told her everything would be OK in a couple of hours and they would go out for an evening on the town if she was good.

The nurse came into the waiting room and called Melinda’s name. A chill ran up and down Melinda’s spine as she told Jason she loved him and stood up. The nurse motioned Melinda to follow her and Melinda did as she was instructed. Melinda followed the nurse to a small room with several lockers on the wall. The nurse handed Melinda a thin hospital gown and told her to undress completely, even to remove her jewelry and slip into the gown.

As soon as the nurse left Melinda began to slip her shoes off. The floor was cold to her bare feet. The air in the room was also cold as Melinda unbuttoned her shirt and laid it on the side of the hospital bed. Melinda then unfastened her skirt and laid it beside the shirt. She picked up the gown and noticed it was typical hospital issue. It only came down to mid-thigh and had the complete slit up the back. It only fastened with one tie at the back of the neck. Melinda quickly put on the gown and tied the single strap. As she lifted her hands to tie the gown, she could feel the gown open in the back to expose her bottom. She hopped up on the bed beside her clothes. The table was cold to her bare bottom, as the gown opened when she hopped on the table.

She shivered as she looked around the room while waiting for the nurse to return. The changing room looked nothing like the examining rooms Melinda had seen when she was younger. The room only contained the typical doctors examination table with stirrups, a small stand with a sink, and a wall of lockers with locks on them.

After an eternity of waiting (about 10 minutes), the nurse returned to the changing room. She told Melinda to stand up. As Melinda did she could feel the gown opening again to show her uncovered bottom. The nurse handed Melinda two bags. S he told Melinda to put her watch and jewelry in the small bag then place the small bag with all her clothes she had worn in the large bag. Melinda did as she was instructed and she watched the nurse zip the top of the large bag. Melinda was a little concerned when the nurse took her clothes bag and placed it in a locker. The nurse then made sure the locker was locked. Melinda inquired why her clothes were locked up. The nurse replied this was now common procedure to keep theft from occurring while one was being examined.

The nurse now opened the door and told Melinda to follow and she would take her to the examining room. Melinda could hear voices as soon as the door opened. She knew there would be people in the hall. They would be able to see her uncovered bottom and her back. The floor in the hallway was cold to her bare feet. As they turned the corner Melinda could feel the blood rush to her face. There were two male doctors talking in the hallway outside of a room. As Melinda walked by she could feel the doctor’s eyes follow her. The nurse stopped and opened another door. Then encouraged Melinda to enter. The nurse saw Melinda’s red face and kind of laughed. “You better get used to being looked at, you have a great looking body,” the nurse told her. Melinda was shivering with fright and excitement at having her body noticed. Speechless she sat down on the edge of the bed.

Melinda again began to look around the room while she was awaiting her fate. This room also had the typical doctor’s exam table complete with stirrups. There was a sink across from the bed and a sprayer such as there would be on a kitchen sink. Melinda would later find out what this was to be used for. She looked in the back of the room to spy a shower with a clear curtain over it.

The door suddenly opened and a lady in her mid forties entered. She was adorned in the customary nurses white gown and had a no nonsense look on her face. Melinda knew by her disposition she was no lady to be messed around with.

The nurse started out by asking Melinda a series of questions about her health and personal information such as her address and so on. Then the nurse told Melinda to stand up and remove her gown. Melinda shivered at the thought, but did as the nurse requested. The nurse told Melinda to lay back on the bed and put her hands above her head. Melinda laid back on the cold paper table and placed her hands behind her head. The nurse then opened a drawer in the bed and pulled out several leather straps. Melinda had seen these straps in some of the porno movies Jason had picked up for them to watch. The nurse told Melinda she was going to fasten her down so she wouldn’t flinch and hurt herself during the examination.

Since this was Melinda’s first exam she allowed herself to be fastened down. The nurse placed Melinda’s feet in the stirrups and placed one strap around each ankle to ensure her feet couldn’t be moved. She then fastened a strip above each knee to guarantee the maximum exposure of Melinda’s personal parts. The nurse finally fastened Melinda’s hands to the hooks on the top of the bed. Melinda was now completely defenseless. Melinda was scared to death. What could the nurse possibly do to her now ?

The nurse saw Melinda shiver and told her the best was yet to come. The nurse grabbed Melinda’s nipple and began to pinch it. The nurse asked Melinda what felt better : a little touch or a hard pinch ? Melinda replied the harder the better. The nurse continued on to the other nipple and pinched it. The nurse then reached back in the drawer and pulled out two metal objects that looked like giant paper clips. She then fastened one clip to each nipple and asked Melinda how it felt. Melinda enjoyed it and told the nurse so. Melinda couldn’t help her hips from moving in a slow rotation. She could feel herself getting a little wet.

The nurse noticed her hip movement and lowered the table from beneath Melinda’s pussy. She walked around the end of the table and opened Melinda’s lips. She saw how wet Melinda was getting. She walked back up and removed the nipple clips. She told Melinda she would leave now and the doctor would come in shortly.

Melinda laid there completely motionless for what seemed like an eternity. Then Melinda looked up as the door opened again. Instead of a lady this time it was a young man of about 18. He had on the white coat like most of the doctors wore. He looked at Melinda from head to toe and he blushed as he was new at this kind of work. He told Melinda his job was to prepare her for the doctor. He saw her shiver and asked her if she was cold. Melinda nodded yes. The young man told her she wasn’t cold enough as she was only shivering a little. He reached up to the thermostat and turned it down to 65 degrees. He said now we will see how cold this makes you.

Melinda started to scream and the young man walked out the door, but she couldn’t. She heard the roar of the air-conditioner. She felt the cold air begin to blow over her body. She again began to shiver and she felt her skin tighten. She knew her nipples were standing at attention because of the cold air. Melinda could hear people walking outside the door and hoped that someone would venture in and release her. She didn’t care, exam or no exam she just wanted out and to go home.

The young man returned and saw Melinda’s nipples tight and standing at attention. He walked over and she gave him the dirtiest look to tell him to lay off. Melinda didn’t realize she was in no position to do anything. The young boy took the look as a play look and told Melinda she would really freeze now. He reached over to the sink and grabbed the sprayer from the sink. He put the water on cold and gave one short squirt on Melinda’s tummy. Melinda wiggled wildly to try to make the water run off. The cold water was more of a shock than the cold air was. He saw this water seemed to excite her a little and he sprayed more. He made sure her hair was completely wet and she was shivering to the point of not being able to stop. He walked over to the end of the table and reached into a drawer in a table beside the bed. Melinda jumped as she felt a gloved hand open her lips. She was embarrassed to think how wet her pussy was. The young man began to finger fuck her. She began to moan real deep and move her hips more vigorously. She was stopped each time right before she had an orgasm. She was feeling to much excitement and forgot how cold she was. “I think you are ready now,” he told her. She watched him remove his glove and walk out the door.

He left again and she was still shivering a little as the water ran into her belly button, down her snatch, and was rolling down her side. She was about as miserable as she thought she could possibly be. She was cold, wet, and extremely scared. In the back of her mind she thought of how much Jason would love to get her in this position. She thought intensely about his body and his lips touching her breasts. She thought of his cock big and hard entering her tiny little hole. As she thought of this she started to become wet again. She could feel her hips making small circular motions again. She thought if Jason would only come in and release her. Her trance was broken…

The door opened again and an older man walked in with a lab coat on. He said, “Hello, I’m going to be the doctor to do your examination.” Melinda was much relieved as he had finally made it. Melinda moaned a little in relief since this had been removed. The doctor asked her how she felt. Melinda replied, “I’m freezing to death, completely mortified by having everyone look at my body all sprawled out, and then to have a young man throw water on me. It is almost to much to take.” The doctor laughed and told her it was almost over.

The doctor looked at her pussy to ensure everything was still in working order. He took out another glove and probed the depths of the hole. She again was stopped right before she could climax. He pressed around on her hard breast’s to check for anything out of the ordinary. Her nipples were already hard and standing up because of the thought of Jason and the cold together. He then finished the exam and told Melinda everything looked to be in order. She asked him if he would release her. The doctor told her he wouldn’t, but he would send the nurse back in.

Melinda was relieved since the main part of the exam was over. She looked up to see the nurse enter the room. The nurse looked Melinda up and down. She then smiled and told Melinda she only had one more place to go. The nurse released Melinda’s hands, legs and feet. She stretched her legs for a minute to relieve the tenseness that had built up in them. The nurse then helped Melinda to the floor. The floor was still wet from were the Boy had sprayed her. It seemed everywhere Melinda a stepped it was wet. The nurse took Melinda to the shower and made sure she again was completely wet.

When Melinda stepped out she expected to get a towel, but instead the nurse began to lead her back to the front of the room. The nurse then grabbed Melinda’s arms and fastened the wrist straps she was wearing together behind her back. Melinda was embarrassed a little and very scared as now she couldn’t even cover herself. All she was wearing was the straps around her thighs, ankles, and hands.

The nurse then opened the door and motioned for Melinda to follow her. Melinda again could hear voices as soon as the nurse opened the door. She was scared and embarrassed all in the same emotion. As Melinda was walked along, she heard a couple of whistles from some of the doctors standing in the hall. She could feel her face getting so hot it could explode. The heat was from embarrassment and from the anger at the nurse not even giving her a gown to wear on the trip.

The nurse opened the a door to a large room. Melinda walked in to see only a large bed in the middle of the room. The nurse told her to lay down on the bed. Melinda was scared for not knowing what was about to happen. The nurse unfastened Melinda’s hands from each other and hooked them to a rope on the bed. The nurse then made sure Melinda’s feet were fastened to another couple of ropes that were hanging from the ceiling. Melinda was wet and laid out on a bed in the perfect position for a passionate entrance.

As Melinda laid there all sprawled out, Jason was escorted in through the back way. He looked at her and laid down beside her. He began at her forehead and kissed his way to her breasts. He took a moment to nurse each breast then went down to her pussy where he played with lips till she came twice. Then Jason stood up and undressed the squatted over Melinda so his cock was in position for Melinda’s tongue to massage it. Melinda was in no position to reject it and since she hadn’t felt it inside her in two whole days she was more than willing to take it. She massaged it till it was almost 10 inches long. Jason then slipped down between her legs and forced his manhood upon her. Melinda let out a wild scream of joy as Jason pounded it home. Jason could feel the pressure building up as his dick could explode. He felt as great relief as finally deposited his treasure. He had squirted all over Melinda and she tried to catch some in her mouth as it came near. Jason released Melinda’s feet and arms.

Jason took the leather straps off and laid them on the edge of the bed. He took Melinda to a back room and the took a shower to clean up after their little adventure. They dried off and got dressed.

Melinda put her jewelry back on and slipped on her heels for later adventures.