Mindy And Cody

Cody lay on his stomach on the couch while Mindy got the thermometer and Vaseline out of the secret hiding place inside her Fisher Price Sink. Mindy was wearing the toy stethoscope around her neck and she had the pretend syringe in her back pocket. Cody, on the other hand, was wearing nothing at all. He had taken off all his clothes just as “the doctor” had told him to and now he was laying on the couch to have his temperature taken.

“Don’t be scared, Cody,” Mindy said in her best doctor voice. “I’m going to take your temperature now.”

Mindy stood above Cody holding the rectal thermometer that she had long ago taken from the medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom. She shook it like her mommy did and then told Cody to stick his bottom up.

Cody pushed his little bare bottom into the air. Mindy spread some Vaseline on the thermometer. “Stick your bottom up higher so I can see your hole,” she told Cody. He moved onto his knees and elbows. Mindy slowly inserted the thermometer into her little patient’s rectum.

“Oww, doctor, I don’t like having my temperature taken in my bottom,” Cody said as lay back down on his stomach.

“I know,” Mindy replied. “But little boys have to have thermometers in their bottoms to see if they are sick.”

Mindy watched Cody lay there with the little glass bulb sticking out of his bottom. She really did like playing doctor, she thought to herself.

Cody shifted on the couch and whimpered, “I don’t like it. How long do I have to have it in?”

Mindy, the doctor, said, “Until I take it out. Be good now or I will give you a shot.”

“No! Please no shots!” Cody cried.

“If you are a bad boy, you will deserve a shot right on your bottom.”

“I’ll be good. I’ll keep the thermometer in.”

Cody laid quietly for a while and Mindy rubbed his back just like her mommy did to her when she took her temperature. “You are a brave boy, Cody.”

A little while later, Mindy spread Cody’s cheek’s apart and looked at the thermometer. “I’m going to take it out now,” she decided. She slowly pulled the bulb out of Cody’s rectum. Mindy wiped the Vaseline off with a Kleenex and looked at the numbers on the thermometer. “Uh oh,” she said, “You are sick. I’m going to have to give you some medicine.”

Cody shifted on the couch, relaxing now that Mindy had removed the thermometer. He was glad to have that part of the doctor’s exam over. But now Mindy had told him that she was going to give him some medicine. What did that mean?

“I’m sorry, Cody, but it looks like you are going to have to have a shot.”

“What? No!” Cody said turning over onto his back.

“Yep. Be brave now.”

“I don’t want a shot.”

“Nobody wants a shot but you don’t want to be sick, do you?”


“Okay, then this shot will make sure that you don’t get sick.”

“Turn over on your stomach again.”

“Do I have to have my shot on my bottom?” Cory whined.

“Yes.” Mindy took a cotton ball from her doctor’s bag. Then she picked up the pretend syringe. Cody whimpered when he saw her do this. He scooted away from the edge of the couch.

“I don’t want a shot, Mindy. C’mon don’t give me one.”

“I told you to turn over, Cody.”


“Cody, if you don’t turn over and take this shot, you’re going to be in big trouble.”

“No. I won’t turn over. You can’t make me.”

Mindy smiled and set the syringe and cotton ball down. She put her hands on her hips just like her mommy always did and glared at Cody. Cody laid on his back and put his hands down to cover his small penis. “I’m not turning over,” he said.

Mindy didn’t say anything. She turned and opened the kitchen cabinet.

“What are you doing?” Cody asked.

“Oh nothing.” Mindy said not at all innocently.

She rummaged around in the cabinet letting Cody sweat it out.

“You can’t make me get a shot.” Cody stated again. Mindy didn’t respond, but she casually, slowly pulled a ruler from the cabinet.

Cody’s tough front didn’t last too long when he saw this. “Okay, you can give me a shot.”

“Too late, mister,” Mindy said sternly, “You’re going to get a spanking.”

“No! I’m sorry! I’ll turn over. See?” Cody immediately turned over onto his stomach and raised his bottom up just a little for effect. “You can give me a shot now.”

Mindy smiled and moved toward Cody with the ruler.

“I don’t want a spanking!” Cody yelled.

“You were a bad boy. You talked back to me and you wouldn’t turn over for your shot. You deserve a spanking on your bare bottom, and that’s what you are going to get.”

Mindy rapidly snapped the ruler across Cody’s bare bottom. “Yeowww!” Cody cried, bringing both of his hands back to cover up his bottom.

Whap! Mindy brought the ruler down on the boy’s upper thighs. Cody yelled again. Mindy slapped the ruler against her palm.

“Okay, Cody, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. I’m going to give you a spanking and then a shot on your bottom. You can move your hands and take it like a man or not. If you want the neighbors to hear us and come over and tell our mommies then go ahead and keep yelling, but I bet that the spanking I’m going to give you won’t hurt like the one that your mommy would give you if she heard about what we’re doing here.”

Cody thought about this then slowly slid his hands off his bottom. “All right,” he said quietly. “But next time I get to be the doctor.”

Mindy didn’t respond, but she took a pillow and gave it to Cody. “Put your face in this so you don’t cry so loud.”

Cody did as he was told, and Mindy resumed the spanking. She loved swatting that little bare bottom and hearing Cody’s sobbing into the pillow. She didn’t spank really hard, but she definitely made Cody feel each swat. Once his bottom was all red, Mindy stopped and put the ruler back in the cupboard. She sat down next to him and began to stroke Cody’s hair just like her mommy did when comforting someone and whispered, “That’s a good boy. Your spanking’s over now.”

Cody reached back once again to rub his smarting cheeks. Then he wiped his eyes and looked up at Mindy. Even though he always cried and complained, he really liked it when Mindy gave him spankings. They hurt but not too bad, and she always comforted him afterwards. Plus, next time it would be him who got to be the doctor, and he’d get to do the same thing to her.

Mindy jumped up as if suddenly remembering something. She picked up the syringe and cotton ball. “One more thing,” she told Cody and begin to lightly brush the cotton ball over one of his reddened cheeks. She pushed the pretend shot down on the same spot. She kept pushing until Cody yelped and then immediately took it off.

“Now you will be well.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

Cody got up and began to pull his underwear back on. The clock in the other room began to chime, and Cody grabbed his clothes and hurried into them. Mindy’s parents and his parent’s would be home soon.