Miss Rivers

The note on the London telephone box said simply “Miss Rivers” and the phrase “water sports” with a telephone number. I dialed the number and asked if Miss Rivers were there. The woman who answered the telephone identified herself as the maid, and asked “Can I help you dear?” Taking a deep breath, I asked if Miss Rivers gave enemas. “Of course dear, but only to naughty boys,” the maid replied.

I thought for a moment, then decided to plunge ahead. “Ok, then could I make an appointment?” She gave me the address and told me to show up in an hour and a half.

I did, and a very attractive young woman dressed as a maid answered the front door. The maid told me that “Miss Rivers” was apparently running late, and the maid asked if I would come back in a half hour. When I came back, the maid locked the door behind me, telling me I was the last customer of the night. She ushered me to a waiting area, which had a selection of bondage magazines, along with the usual collection of magazines featuring big breasted women.

After a few minutes, a beautiful woman with huge breasts in a tight corset and spike heels opened the door and asked if I were the naughty boy who needed an enema. I told her I was, and she told me it would be 60 pounds for the treatment. I balked a bit at the price, but she assured me it would be well worth it, and that I would leave satisfied. That was enough to convince me, so I gave her my 60 quid, and she told me to wait until I was summoned.

In a while, maybe another 10 minutes, the maid came and ushered me to a dressing room, where I was told to remove all my clothes after she left. I did as I was told, and a minute or two later, Miss Rivers came in another door, and told me to follow her.

She led me into a dimly lit room in front of a large wooden chair. She told me to bend over in front of the chair, while she donned a rubber glove, greased it and stuck her finger slowly inside my ass. She wiggled it around for about 30 seconds, then withdrew. Shortly I felt the insertion of a nozzle.

Then, she backed me up to the chair, and had me sit down. Quickly, she strapped my arms to the arms of the chair, and put another strap across my chest. The leather was cold, and I was quite apprehensive. “Now,” she said, “You’ll get the kind of punishment enema I give to all my nasty boys!”

I was expecting a click, but instead, I heard a “whoosh-squish” type of sound. I turned so I could see and she had a squeeze bulb that was connected to a pail of warm soapsuds. It turns out that enemas in Britain are customarily given with a squeeze pump rather than an enema bag.

She talked to me most of the time, asking if I were feeling the enema, if I was learning my lesson about being a nasty boy, and if I liked her big boobies. I kept answering yes, and she kept on pumping. Finally, after about 20 squeezes which I would estimate at maybe 30 ounces, she asked if I would like to play with her big boobies. “I bet you’d like to take my nipples and suck on them wouldn’t you?” she taunted. “Yes”, I replied.

“It’s going to cost you extra on your enema you know.” She went on to tell me that she would let me get up from my enema now, but if I wanted to suck her nipples I would have to let her give me another 10 squeezes of enema now, then five afterward. Her breasts were so big and beautiful I just could not let that opportunity go to waste. So, I let her give me the extra ten. Then, she moved around directly in front of me, and lifted her left breast out of the cup of the corset. It was huge, with a nice big dark nipple. Since I couldn’t move, she guided the nipple into my mouth and told me to suck. She then told me that if I didn’t suck properly, she would make me take ten extra squeezes instead of the five I still had coming. I must have sucked pretty well, since she told me I had been such a good little boy that I didn’t have to take ten, only the five. She talked a bit about the way I was sucking and told me I looked like the kind of little boy who really wanted milk to flow from her nipples. I nodded my head in agreement and kept on sucking. Eventually she slowly pulled her breast away from my mouth.

She gave me the five slow squeezes of enema, then told me she would release me to go evacuate the enema. She undid the straps and took me into a washroom off the room we were in. She pointed out the button I was to press when I was finished and cleaned up.

I eliminated the enema, washed up and pushed the button.

Shortly, there was a knock on the washroom door, and I opened it to find the maid. She told me that Miss Rivers had asked her to give me a rinse enema to eliminate the remainder of the soapsuds. She had also changed out of her maid’s outfit and was wearing a shirt and slacks. She took me back into the room with the chair, but this time we went to a medical examination type table in the corner. The maid, asked me if I would like any special position for my rinse enema. I asked if I could lie on my back, since I wanted to look at her a bit more. She was quite pretty, and even though she was wearing a loose shirt, I could tell when she moved that she too had large breasts. Hers were quite well restrained though in a solid brassiere.

The maid kept chatting with me, asking me if it were my first trip to England, how I found Miss Rivers, and whether there were places in the States that catered to enema fans. She told me her name was Kelly, and that she liked the business and that she hoped to eventually become a partner with Miss Rivers, and that they would both share a maid. Kelly had a pan of warm water, and was just getting the air out of her enema pump, before bringing it over to me. “Is it true about Americans?” she asked while she was greasing me up for the rinse enema.

“Is what true?” I asked.

“Is it true that American men like big breasts?”

“Well,” I replied, “I can’t speak for all of them, but I sure do! Why?”

Kelly concentrated for a minute on getting the nozzle up inside me and then she pumped a couple of times to make sure it was working. It was, I could feel the water squirting up inside me and it felt great!

“Well, Miss Rivers told me that you really went wild over her boobies.”

“Yes, I guess I did, but don’t most men?”

“Not all, some suck half heartedly, some just lick or kiss, but she told me you sucked just like you wanted milk.” Kelly squeezed again a couple of times, then brushed my semi erect penis. “Did you want milk?”

“Yes,” I told her, reacting to the seventh squirt from her enema pump. “I’ve always been turned on by breast milk.”

“Lots of men think it’s disgusting. Are you sure you’re not just being polite?”

“No way. Just the thought of it turns me on. Why do you ask so much about breast milk?”

“I have lots. Maybe you didn’t know that.” She stroked my now erect penis, squeezed my penis, then squeezed her enema pump. “I used to let men suck my breasts too when I would help Miss Rivers by giving a rinse enema, but I had to stop because I thought it turned men off to get milk. I stopped when my baby was born 4 months ago, and I started breastfeeding. I love breastfeeding and I didn’t want to give it up.”

Neither one of us spoke for a few seconds. Kelly squeeze a couple of enema squirts into me, and shyly looked away from my eyes. Eventually she looked back at me.

“Kelly, I would love to suck your milk.”

She blushed a bit, and let go of the pump to unbutton her shirt. “I’m not wearing anything sexy, just this heavy nursing bra. I hope you don’t mind.” She finished unbuttoning her shirt, and pushed it to one side.

“Kelly, this is so erotic you wouldn’t believe it!” I watched in fascination as she unsnapped the left cup in her nursing bra. The cup fell away, along with a nursing pad to soak up any extra milk. Soon, a drop of milk formed at the nipple and she bent down and directed the nipple into my mouth. I sucked gently, and a whole stream of milk started to flow into my mouth.

“It feels sooo nice,” moaned Kelly. “You’re the only one other than my baby to suck my milk out, and I can’t very easily tell my baby what to do to make me feel good. “Suck a little harder, and run your tongue over the nipple.”

Kelly was directing her breast with one hand, and stroking my penis with the other. “Let me hold your breast, while you play with me and keep squeezing.” She reached for the pump, and started squeezing in time with my sucking. Her milk just came in torrents.

“Suck me dry, I have plenty of milk for my baby at home.” I felt a bit guilty because I hadn’t even thought about stealing the baby’s dinner. So, I sucked and she squeezed, and before I had emptied her left breast, I was a little too full of enema to avoid going to the toilet.

She reluctantly let me up, but made me promise to empty the right breast before leaving.

I went to the toilet, and cleaned up after evacuating the rinse enema. Kelly was waiting, and she lead me back into the darkened reception area. We were the only people left in the flat, Miss Rivers had gone out to a party. Kelly lead me to the couch or “chesterfield” as she called it. She had me lie down with my head in her lap, while she played with my near bursting penis, and fed me her sweet milk by holding her right breast in my mouth.

It took about fifteen minutes for me to nearly empty her breast, and then I had to return to the left breast just to drain a few more drops. “I’ll be full again in 3 hours, and if my baby isn’t hungry, I have to pump it out anyway. I’m just one of those women who seem to produce more milk than my baby needs. Sometimes it gets painful, like tonight, I really needed you to empty my breasts, or I would have had to use the breast pump.

Kelly asked when I was returning to the states, and I told her I had another week left. She asked if I would call her in a few days, and we could get together for some fun at her place. I’ll tell you that story later.

Miss Rivers Part II

At Kelly’s Flat

Kelly met me at the door of her flat, not far from the Bayswater tube station. She was dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, and of course I could make out the outline of her large breasts in their 36 DD nursing bra. She had asked me to call since we met at Miss Rivers’ place, and when I called the next day, she quickly invited me over for dinner that evening. Her 4 month old daughter had spent the day with Kelly’s aunt who was looking after the girl, and the daughter was now sleeping peacefully.

“Hi Love,” she said as she kissed me on the cheek, “Pour yourself a drink and just let me do a couple of things in the kitchen.”

I poured a mild drink, and went into the living room and sat down. Kelly soon came out of the kitchen, and sat down beside me, telling me dinner would be ready in about 20 minutes. She reached over and stroked my cheek and told me how special she had felt the previous evening at Miss River’s. “I thought it was special too Kelly, it was one of the most beautiful things that could happen between a man and a woman, and we haven’t even gone to bed with each other.”

“I know what you mean, I just couldn’t stop thinking of you when I got home last night. I must have climaxed 3 or 4 times just reliving the feeling of you sucking milk from my breast.” She smiled sweetly, “I hope you’ll have room for some more after dinner.”

“You bet,” I said, thinking about the sweet taste of her milk.

We hugged and held each other for a few minutes, until she announced that dinner would be served shortly. We had a meat pie, fresh salad, and steamed vegetables. It was delicious. Then she excused herself to pour the coffee. I added milk and sugar, and took a sip. I recognized the taste immediately. I looked up at her to find a sparkle in her eyes, and she nodded yes. It was her milk that was in the coffee. “I was going to run to the store, but then I thought you might like some of this milk better.”

“I’m just as happy you didn’t go to the store, it tastes much better this way.”

We cleared the dishes away, and I couldn’t help but ask her, how she managed to feed her daughter while she was working, and how she maintained any sort of breastfeeding schedule. “I hope I’m not being too prying in my questions Kelly, but I’ve read a lot about breastfeeding and I know the importance of a schedule, and that the baby will determine how much milk you generate.”

“Yes, I have read that too, but I can’t be feeding her every three hours. I use a breast pump about every three hours if she is not with me, and then I store the milk for feedings when I’m not around. I feed her at 6, 9 and noon, then go to work around 12:30. I have to use a pump at 3,6 and sometimes 9, then I feed her at midnight and 3. Because I use the pump, I tend to produce more than she needs. Then, I have to use the pump every feeding after she’s taken as much as she wants.”

“That’s fascinating,” I replied, “Isn’t that a lot of effort?”

“Not really, the pump is electric, so I can read or watch the telly while it’s working.”

“Electric? how does that work? Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Not at all,” she laughed, “Come here, I’ll show you.” She led me into her bedroom, and pointed to a metal box no larger than a box of tissues. It had a clear plastic hose, and a little jar with a clear plastic funnel attached to the end of the plastic hose. “Want me to demonstrate?”

“Sure,” I replied. “It would be fascinating, and very erotic!”

She sat on the edge of the bed, took off her T-shirt, and unsnapped the cup from her nursing bra. “I can’t believe how much I have put on in my bust. Do you know I was a 34 C before I became pregnant? Now I’m a 36-DD.” She turned on the pump which made a soft humming sound, and placed the clear plastic funnel over her nipple and breast. “Watch through the funnel now,” she pointed out, “And you’ll see the milk start to flow.” Sure enough, her nipple pulsated in time with the humming, and tiny drops of milk began to form on the tip of her nipple. Then it started running down the side of the funnel. Pretty soon there were streams of milk spraying from her nipple, and it was starting to collect in the bottom of the jar. “The more excited I am, the more the milk flows,” she said. “When I was thinking about you this afternoon, the milk would just gush out of my nipples.”

I reached over and started to feel her other breast through the thick nursing pad under the bra. I turned and kissed Kelly, and there was the sound of the milk actually spraying against the side of the funnel.

When I looked at the jar, there was about 2 and a half inches of milk in the bottom, and it was graduated in ounces. We were at the 4 ounce mark, and the milk was still flowing strong. “Just let me fill up the jar, and then we can eliminated the mechanical middle man,” winked Kelly. “I may as well put this in the refrigerator.” Soon the bottle was full, at the six ounce mark. Kelly shut off the breast pump, put a new nursing pad into her bra and closed the cup. She disconnected the jar from the funnel, put a lid on the jar, and disappeared for a moment. She came back with an empty jar, and connected it to the hose before putting the apparatus aside.

“I’ve never met a man who enjoyed two of my favorite activities like you!” Kelly put her arms around me, pressed her breasts into my chest and gave me a long deep kiss.

“Two favorite activities? Breastfeeding and what else?”

“Enemas!” She looked at me with mock horror. “As I recall last night at Miss Rivers’ place you were willing to spend 60 quid for your enemas.”

“But…I didn’t realize that you were into enemas too.” I replied, not wanting to believe my luck. I thought it was just a job.

“Do you really think I would take a job at an enema clinic if I didn’t like enemas?”

“I never really thought it through, I’m sorry Kelly. But do you just like to give them or do you like to take them as well.”

“Oh, I hate taking enemas. I never would give one to myself. But, I just love having them given to me, especially if I’m being punished for being a bad girl.” She looked up at me with a shy smile, “Do you think I’ve been a bad girl?”

I was a bit stunned. “What…what do you mean?” I couldn’t think of anything to say, since she had been certainly perfect for me. “I suppose you should have offered me some milk, but so far you haven’t.”

“Oh, I know I’ve been a bad girl, I’m sorry, but I know that won’t do any good, you’ll just have to punish me I guess.” She started breathing heavily, and began rubbing her legs together “I know it’s too late now, even if I do offer you my breast, you’ll just have to make me take my punishment enemas. You’ll probably use that enema kit under my bathroom sink. I may as well get ready for my enema.” I went into the bathroom and found the enema kit and an enamel basin. There was a jar of Vaseline, and I took that too. I mixed the warm water and stirred in some soapsuds. I brought everything into the bedroom where she had taken off all of her clothes except for the nursing bra, and she was kneeling on the bed.

“I knew you would want me to take my clothes off, but can I please keep the nursing bra for support?” She looked at me sweetly and sounded serious, so I let her continue to wear the bra. I put the basin on the bed between her legs, and warned her not to move. Then, I took a big gob of Vaseline on my finger, parted her pretty ass cheeks, and slowly inserted my greasy finger inside her hole. “Oooh,” she moaned, “Please don’t make me take my punishment enema. I’ll be a good girl. You can have all the milk you want.”

“No Kelly, you know you deserve to be punished.” I took the enema squeeze bulb, and stuck the end of it into the soapy water. I squeezed it to draw the water in and force the air out. Then, when water started coming out of the nozzle, I slowly inserted it between her cheeks.

“Here’s your enema Kelly,” I told her calmly. Then I squeezed the bulb. She started moaning and groaning, and the moans kept getting louder with each squeeze. After she had about a pint into her, I got a bright idea. I lifted the basin, and told her to carefully roll over onto her side.

She did as she was told, and after rearranging the basin and the pump, I left it connected to her, with the other end still in the basin of soapy water. I reached over and unsnapped her nursing bra on the breast that hadn’t yet been emptied. “Now Kelly, I’m going to lie down next to you, and I’m going to have some milk. If you don’t give me enough milk each time I suck, you’re going to get another squeeze of your enema.”

I laid down next to her, and she eagerly fed her nipple into my mouth. Then, she started squeezing her breast to squirt the milk into my mouth. I swallowed a bit, then squeezed the enema pump. She started squeezing more vigorously, and in pumped two more squirts of enema up inside her. She was really working into a frenzy, with me hardly sucking at all. I just kept my mouth on her nipple, and the milk kept flowing. Then, I squeezed the enema pump really hard, took a long suck at her nipple, and she started to climax.

She screamed “Oh …Oh…I’m…. coming! Don’t stop…I love it!” Her body jerked on the bed, and she was panting heavily. I stopped pumping the enema, and took my lips off her nipple to take a good look at her. She was still squeezing the breast, and milk was squirting all over the bed, and all over my shirt. I took the nipple again, sucked hard again, and gave her two quick squeezes on the enema pump. She climaxed again.

By this time she had taken quite a bit of the soapsuds, and I was getting a little worried about her having cramps.

She just laid there on the bed, still breathing deeply with that glow of orgasm all over her face. She had stopped squeezing her breast, and had the most contented look.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson from the punishment enema Kelly. Why don’t you go relieve yourself, and I’ll give you a nice gentle rinse.”

She pulled me down to her breast, nuzzled my face against her, then bent to kiss me. “That was lovely. I can’t remember ever having such a strong climax…just from having an enema and having my nipples sucked. You are one tremendous lover!”

I smiled, and removed the enema nozzle, and helped her up to go to the loo.

When she came back, I was ready to fill up the basin with clear warm water, but she asked if I would mind waiting until after our lovemaking.

I quickly undressed, and she climbed on top of me and guided my rigid penis right up inside her. She bent over, unsnapped both cups of her nursing bra, and shoved a breast in my mouth. I hadn’t sucked for more than 10 seconds, and she started to climax. As she climaxed, her milk spurted into my mouth, and the side of my face was wet from the other breast that was leaking milk all on its own.

We kept it up until her breasts were dry, and I rolled her over. I came to a shuddering climax myself.

We lay in each others arms and dozed off for an hour or so, and I woke up with her sucking on my penis. I came again somewhat quickly, and she then asked if I had enough energy for her rinse enema.

I got everything ready, then asked her how she would like it.

“Could I lie across your lap?” She gave me that special smile again. “I’d like a nice gentle rinse enema from my lover.”

I pulled a chair over to hold the basin and sat on the edge of the bed. I greased her again, taking a long time while she moaned with pleasure. The I carefully inserted the nozzle and pumped slowly. She rocked gently back and forth across my lap, rubbed my leg, and tried to reach up to my penis.

I managed to work the pump with one hand, and rub her clitoris with the other, and she climaxed again about halfway through the rinse enema.

When she was full, she went to the loo again. She asked me to stay with her for the next four days I was staying in London, and we had just an incredible time together. Maybe I’ll have time to tell about those experiences later.

I hated to leave London, but I had to get back to Montreal. The best news is she’s coming to visit me next month!