Morina's Physical Check Up

Monday morning I had to get up for work. Suddenly I felt a strong pain in my right side just where they removed my appendix last summer. I thought that I should go and see the health center physician to be reassured that there was nothing wrong with my operation. I took my shower and paid particular attention when washing my lower parts, I had a bowel movement just to confirm that I was not constipated and set out to the health center.

When I arrived there were a lot of people waiting. As it was Monday, people pretend that they are sick and have medical certificates to cover their day off at work. This was not applicable for me.

I was wearing a blouse openable from the front complete it’s skirt also openable from the front in case the doctor would examine me gynecologically and I would not be embarrassed by him I wore my low heeled leather working shoes to match with my dress.

Finally the attendant called me and asked what was my problem. He noted everything on a card and referred me to the doctor. He was a big fat man with very little hair and a harsh voice. I was really afraid of him.

As I entered he told took my card and asked a few questions. As he noted the answers I looked around the room and saw scary equipment on tables and in glass cupboards. The stirrups were in place on the exam table and there was no shade for undressing and no gowns. Fortunately I wore that dress I said to myself. He suddenly stood up and asked me to hop on the table and sit down. He began by taking my blood pressure. While he was doing so he asked me when I had last had a physical exam.

I replied last summer. He then told me that it was time for another one.

He asked me remove my blouse, bra and skirt but said that I could leave my shoes and panties on for the moment. I asked him if that was necessary due to the type of clothing I was wearing. He told me to leave if I did not want to get examined or to undress. He was a busy man. I finally accepted as the health center exams were free and I was a bit short that month.

When I was ready I hopped on the table again and he asked me to lay down. He examined my breasts very quickly indeed. He then examined my belly slowly, palpating while asking questions.

He asked me to roll back. As I did so my necklace got stuck in something on the table. He immediately helped me and admonished me harshly, “Young lady, remove all you jewels including your earrings and that as well.” He was pointing at my fashion bracelet on my ankle.

Without arguing I did as he demanded and rolled on my stomach. He slowly probed my back from my neck to my buttocks, lowering my panties a little bit. I felt the air flowing along my ass.

He then asked me to roll back and he lifted a leg and grabbed my panties and removed them. Shocked, I just stay idle when I saw my panties on his table. He asked me to place my feet in the stirrups. He sat on a small office chair and went between my legs. He placed one hand on my belly and inserted one finger in my vagina. As he did so, I removed my foot from the stirrups and sat up straight, excusing myself.

I saw his face change. He grabbed my feet, removed my shoes and inserted them back in the stirrups and buckled them with the straps. He continued with the exam. As he was probing I began to cry since I was aching a lot.

He asked where it was hurting while he was palpating. He removed his hand and inserted it in my anus. Here also it was aching, so I continued to cry just like a little girl. I told him that I could not stand the pain anymore, he grabbed a plastic speculum and inserted it in my vagina and looked carefully before telling that I had an infection. Luckily it was not serious.

He removed the straps and let my feet go, but he asked me to roll back on my belly. He restrapped my feet in the stirrups and inserted a thermometer in my ass. While he was waiting I felt something on my soles and I began to giggle. I looked back and I saw his fingers on my sole. He removed them and said that he was looking at beauty spots on my heels and soles.

He noted the temperature and let my feet go and asked me to get dressed. He noted the medicine I has to take and asked me to return in two weeks. If not, I could go and see another doctor if I was not satisfied with his examination.

I took the prescription and the medical certificate and ran back home. I took a shower again and went to bed pondering what had happened to me today.

Surely I will not return there again. While I was on my bed I removed my socks and looked at my feet again and thought about what the doctor had said.

I wonder if all women who went there for a visit get the same treatment as I did ?