Mo's Punishment Enema

By Anonymous

One Saturday morning, you come down stairs as your husband sits at the table drinking coffee and reading the morning paper. You sit across from him after pouring your own coffee. As you both talked over your coffee, it becomes apparent to him that you are not feeling well. You whine that you have a stomach ache, and feel all bloated because you had not been able to poop in several days. After a few minutes silence, you overcome your reluctance, and meekly ask your lover to give you an enema to help relieve your problem.

He gets up from his chair, crosses to your side of the table, tenderly takes your hands in his, and urges you to your feet in front of him. He unbuttons your robe letting it drop to the floor so you are naked, and feel so vulnerable as you try to stand close to him attempting to shield yourself from the outside view through open the dining room picture window. He escorts you upstairs to the huge master bathroom on the second floor of your home, then ushers you over to the boudoir chair located in front of the open bathroom window. He sits down after opening the curtains covering the floor to ceiling window, then pulls your naked body over his lap so that your bare ass is sticking up in the air - your feet not able to touch the floor.

“Mo!” he breaks the silence in a stern voice. “I am so disappointed in you. It’s not good for you to allow yourself to become constipated all of the time.”

“I’m sorry honey,” you respond tearfully silently praying that your girl friend next door won’t look out her upstairs’ window, and see you getting an enema. “I know that I should have inserted two or three of my glycerin suppositories last night, but I really don’t like to use them. Baby, they really sting my rectum when I put them up in me, and then because you make me keep them in all night, my tummy is always cramping and aching so painfully by the next morning - I can’t ever sleep very well with them in me. Please lover, will you help me and give me an enema? I need one so badly!”

“Oh, I’ll give you one all right - big one,” he replies mocking anger. “But first I have to see just how constipated you are.” With that, he applies KY jelly to his finger, then slowly, but firmly inserts it deeply up your tight little hole. You moan and squirm as he pushes and pulls his finger in and out of your ass.

“You are very constipated young lady!” he informs you showing disappointment in his voice. “A simple enema is not going to do you much good. I’m going to have to make you take at least three quarts of hot, soapy water to do any good at all. AND because you neglected to use your suppositories and allowed yourself to become constipated in the first place, you need to have that naughty butt of yours spanked, and I mean SPANKED hard so this will never happen again!”

“Oh please don’t spank me, I meant to go to the bathroom yesterday, but . . . . . “ you whine.

“It doesn’t matter if you meant to or not,” he tells you as he smacks your soft, smooth butt with the palm of his hand for the first time. Then over and over his hand slaps each of your cheeks harder and harder until they are glowing bright red - hot and burning. As the stinging intensifies, you squirm all over his lap letting out muted sounds of pain with each spank, finally you lapse into deep heartfelt sobs.

You frantically beg through your sobbing, “Please Baby, please don’t spank me any more. I’m so sorry! I won’t forget to use my suppositories next time, I promise. You can even supervise me so that I will put them in correctly. Please lover, I’ve learned my lesson!!!” With your tearful apology, Zack stops spanking you.

Mo, you are still laying across his lap when he tells you to spread your dangling legs as far apart as they will stretch, then he tenderly rubs a soothing moisturizing cream all over the inflamed area. His hand sneaks into the crack between your cheeks, and he lets one of his fingers push up into your rectum, then he slowly and erotically massages your anus inserting a second and a third finger stretching you wide. This time, your squirming and moaning is from pure pleasure, not the sting of his spanking.

“Oh Zack! Baby!! Please don’t stop doing that. It feels sooo good! OH lord! MORE, yes please do it more!” you beg almost in a whisper choking back the last of your tears.

He removes his fingers from your rectum, opens the jar of large adult size suppositories, and inserts four of them deep into your ass. He wants them to start melting before he begins your enema to intensify the effects of the soapy water to clean you out thoroughly. While waiting for the suppositories to melt, he pushes his finger deeply into your very hot, slick pussy, then starts to lightly brush his thumb across your hardening clit. He finger fucks your drenched twat for quite a few minutes, but just enough so you can feel your orgasm begin to build deep in the pit of your stomach. After removing his finger from your wet vagina, he orders you to open your mouth and then lick and suck on his fingers so that you can experience just how good your pussy always tastes.

When you start to complain that the suppositories are burning your insides, and you have to poop RIGHT AWAY, he helps you off his lap after one last hard, hard smack on your butt, and then orders sternly, “Now Mo, I want you to lay on your back on that bath mat. Bring your knees up to your chest and spread them wide so I can administer the enema to you.”

“NO!! PLEASE DON’T” you moan almost silently. You can hear your girl friend talking next- door and almost freeze with thought that she may see Zack administer the enema - oh why doesn’t he close the curtains?

You lay down on the bathroom floor looking-on wide eyed as he retrieves your douche bag from the back of the door, and starts to prepare your hot, soapy enema. Zack fills the big bag full to overflowing with very warm water (almost hot really), and then adds a very generous amount of liquid Ivory hand soap. You spread your knees as far apart as you can to give him unrestricted access to your rectum, but continue complaining that the suppositories are being especially effective this morning, trying to hint that you really don’t need the enema after all.

After your douche bag is full to the brim and slick soapy suds are overflowing the opening, Zack hangs it high on the shower curtain rod to ensure the greatest amount of water pressure. He purposely tells you, “Mo, I expect you to take every drop of your enema, and then you will have to hold it until I tell you to release it. If you had used those suppositories last night like you were supposed to, this would not be necessary.”

“Yes I understand,” you hoarsely whisper, “ but please give it to me slowly. Those suppositories are really making my tummy cramp, and I haven’t ever had an enema this BIG before!!”

Zack sits down on the closed toilet seat. With one hand, he spreads your still stinging cheeks exposing your pretty little pink hole, then he slowly pushes the enormous black douche nozzle up your ass as far as it will go making you groan. At last after letting your anticipation and anxiety build to the bursting point, he clicks open the valve to let the water flow swiftly deep into your already cramping ass. He instructs you to pant and breath deeply as he lets more of the hot, soapy water gush into your constipated tummy.

You are being such a good girl throughout the enema, that after you have taken about one quart of the enema solution, he stops the flow. He reaches between your spread legs to massage your belly to help relieve the strong cramping that is beginning to grip you. Placing his hand on your stomach, he can feel your muscles tighten and ripple as the prelude to the even stronger cramps that are sure to follow. After a few minutes, your cramping subsided some, so he unclamps the hose to restart the enema’s flow.

You lurch as you feel the force of the re-started enema water. “You are doing so well honey,” he praises. “You’re making me so proud, my good little girl is taking her whole enema without any complaining. “

Finally, the whole three quarts is uncomfortably distending your belly. The cramps gripping your tummy keep getting stronger, and so very severe that you gasp out loudly several times. The chemical reaction between the melting suppositories mixing with the soapy enema water is contributing to remarkably strong contractions accompanied by very painful cramps, but you continue to take deep, sobbing breaths trying to control their iron fisted grip.

“Oh, GOOD GIRL! you have taken all three quarts of your enema! I’m so proud, but now you have to hold it for at least one-half hour so that your enema can be effective and loosen-up all of that poop. Now, I want you to go into the bedroom get me your largest butt plug, and you better not loose one drop of that enema or else I’ll have to give you another quart of hot water.”

You struggle up off the floor and carefully hobble into the bedroom to get the large butt plug from your drawer. On the way back to the bathroom, a very severe cramp rages through your belly causing you to double over dropping to your knees, but somehow you struggle courageously to hold all of the soapy enema solution without letting any ooze out. Watching you labor with the contractions makes Zack unbelievably aroused. His peter is rigid, sticking straight out and throbbing with excitement.

After you have handed him the plug and returned to your back on the floor, he gets down between your raised knees, and starts to push the huge lubricated device into your tightly clinched hole. Slowly, but very firmly he forces the slick rubber into you, painfully stretching the tight ring until you cry out and beg for him to stop. He withdraws the instrument just a little to relieve the pressure, than again forces it deeper up you. He repeats pushing it in, then pulling it out many times, then at last, it slides all the way in with a plop - your ass is sealed - not a drop of the enema can possible escape until Zack removes the butt plug.

You are taking deep gulping breaths as Zack places his mouth directly on your sweet, wet cunt. He starts to delicately suck on your clit, and then messages it with his tongue. He feels the little bud harden to the size of a small grape after only a few swipes of his tongue. He knows that you are getting very excited, and will be momentarily begging him to let you cum.

“OH, baby,” you cry out only minutes later. “Oh, please let me cum. I need to cum soooo bad. My pussy is on fire, burning . . . OH, I can’t stand it any more!! Can you feel how it is throbs each time you lick me? I need to cum NOW! Please. Please!”

He responds calmly, “Sweetheart, you promised to hold your enema for a long while , but I’ll keep sucking on your sweet cunt until I’m ready to let you up to use the toilet.

“Lover, please make me cum, OH lord!!! I’ve never been this hot before,” you beg as the first twinge of your orgasm spasms in your lower belly. He continues his agonizingly slow tongue bath of your shaved pussy, bring you to the very brink of exploding, then abruptly stops for a minute or two to watch you writhe in the agony of desperately wanting to cum, and from the cramps caused by the three quart enema you are being forced to hold.

After you have held the painful enema for about a one-half hour, he again brings you up to that fine edge just before cumming - your belly is starting to spasm, your cunt is pulsating, and that exquisite burn is radiating from deep within your sex all the way to the tip of your clit. When you cum, it is so very deep, so violent, and extremely hard! As you cum with a fierce, electrifying like explosion, you can’t control the deep primal scream radiating from your very soul. Your cunt and lower belly reverberate with those precious, pleasurable waves as your furious orgasm, mixes with the strong contractions of the enema cramps, to produce the most powerful, erotic release that you have ever experienced!

You continue to gasp out loudly as your orgasm, and enema cramps consume your whole being. You let out a final loud scream of gratification as the last of the pleasurable waves wash over your quivering body. Zack continues licking your pussy until the last of your shuddering contractions subside.

After you relax for a few minutes taking deep, rhythmic breaths, Zack slowly pulls the large plug from your still pulsating anus. No matter how hard you try, much to your embarrassment a little of your enema leaks out from your stretch hole onto the floor. He helps your still trembling body from the floor, and onto the toilet where, at long last you are allowed to let the huge enema erupt from your tortured stomach. Zack deeply kisses your sweet lips, working his tongue between your teeth, and tells you that he is going to leave the room so you can release the enema in private. You smile up at your lover, knowing that as soon as all of the enema has trickled from you, you are going to have to return the favor, and fuck his brains out : after he has been filled with one of YOUR ENEMAS.