Mr. Taylor's Exam

I nervously sit in the waiting room, awaiting my name to be called by the nurse. This was my first physical with the new doctor who had taken over my physician’s long time practice. Being bi-sexual, I didn’t care whether the nurse was male or female, but was hoping for a woman, knowing the doctor was a man. Then I felt my heart jump as a young, attractive redheaded nurse named Rachel called my name. “Mr. Taylor?” she called out into the waiting room. “Yes,” I replied. “We are ready for you, please follow me,” she replied, as I noticed her mid-sized breasts under a green scrub top. She then said, “This is the exam room, please remove your shoes and follow me to the scale.” I complied, and removed my shoes, which being summer, were sandals. As I glanced around I noticed the specimen cup, latex gloves, and KY jelly on the prep table. I was in for a good exam. She then led me to the scale, and I sheepishly complied, being slightly self-conscious about my weight. “Stand up on here for me please Mr. Taylor,” she said in a sweet, stern, tone. She meant business. She adjusted the scale, and wrote down the figures in the chart. “You’ve gained 3 pounds since your last physical two years ago.” She led me back to the exam room, and instructed me to sit upon the table. She requested that I remove my shirt, for her to begin my exam, and in preparation for the doctor. “I’m going to take your blood pressure now, may I have your right arm,” she then added, “and sit up straight and relax please.” I followed her instructions, sitting up straight on the exam table, the white paper crinkling beneath my tan shorts. I feel the cuff tighten on my arm, and my eyes glance down at Rachel’s breasts, noticing the cold air-conditioning had made her, and my, nipples hard. “Ok, now open your mouth, and put this under it,” she said as she placed a thermometer in my mouth, and removed the B/P cuff.

She turned around and filled in my blood pressure in the chart. With that the digital thermometer beeped, and she removed it from my mouth. “Normal, as too was your blood pressure,” she replied to my inquisitive look. “The doctor will be in shortly Mr. Taylor. Please take a moment to fill this cup with urine for me, and place it on the shelf my desk in the hall.” I replied, “Ok, thank you nurse.” I then hopped off the exam table, and walked into the adjoining bathroom, and un-zipped my fly to fill the cup. I noticed that my flaccid penis had begun to grow slightly at the thought of receiving a thorough physical. Nurse Rachel’s hard nipples and my shirtless status had definitely helped me along. I complied with Rachel’s request, placing my urine sample on her desk. I sat back up on the exam table, and within a few minutes of returning, there was a knock on the door, and in walked Doctor Smith. I had been busy obsessing over being slightly pudgy, and wishing I could lose weight. “Hello Mr. Taylor, I’m Doctor George Smith, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” as he offered a firm handshake, attached to 5’9” of handsome brunette doctor, about 35, with a slightly muscular stature. “Nice to meet you doctor, I’m Christopher Taylor,” choosing to add some humor to the situation, “of course, you’ve likely read my chart, and knew that already.” He chuckled, and sat down on his rolling stool, and began to read my chart. After a minute or so, he said, “Well Mr. Taylor, I’m going to be giving all of my patients a bit more extra attention as they have their first exams with me, ok?” I replied, “Yes Dr.,” slightly amazed that in a world of HMO mandates, he would be willing to do this for a patient. “I see your blood pressure is a bit down from your last visit, did you quit smoking?” “I’ve cut back, but I gained more weight not smoking as much.” Saying that, I felt his eyes glaring at my belly, and my slightly full man-boobs. “Yes, you are a bit overweight, but we’ll talk about that as I examine you, ok? Do you have any other health concerns that you’d like to address?” ”Yes I do, Dr. I have two primary concerns, beyond my weight. One is my pectus, which I have never really had looked at by a physician beyond my pediatrician 26 years ago. Second is, I’m openly bi-sexual, and I have engaged in anal sex, and my girlfriend wants me to make sure I haven’t injured my anus.” The doctor, surprised by my candid expressions, replied, “Ok Christopher, I appreciate your honesty, and your openness with me. We’ll address things as we go along.” With that, he began the HEENT portion of my exam…I felt the tender finger tips of his strong hands on my neck, as he palpated my glands…I complied instantly to his request of opening wide and saying “Ahhh…” After finishing up my HEENT exam, he wrote a few things down in the chart, and informed me, “Normal results so far Christopher.” With that, he took out his stethoscope, and informed me he was going to listen to my heart…I felt the cold stethoscope against my chest, and new my nipples and cock were growing harder by the second.

He moved it around in the typical pattern, paying close attention to the area around my pectus. Then he walked around the table, and asked me to take a series of deep breaths. I complied, watching my man boobs rise and fall with each breath. He then informed me, “I’m going to raise the head of the table, please lie back, and I’m going to examine your chest a bit more, because of your pectus.” I lay down on the table; the paper making more crinkling noises. He then took out a ruler, measuring the deflection of my sternum, and said, “Ok, it doesn’t seem deep enough to be a health concern, however, I am going to palpate your chest, as you do have enlarged breasts, and I will recommend a chest x-ray to check the depth of the pectus in a more accurate way.” He then added, as he began to palpate my right breast, “My sense is that your large breasts are from the pectus causing your chest muscles to cave in a bit, combined with being heavy.” I was mortified, having a doctor examine me in a distinctly feminine way, yet I was also very aroused, as I have extremely sensitive nipples for a man. He continued onto my left breast, and then asking me to sit up again, and he examined them again, in a seated position. “He wrote something in the chart and said, “Good news is, I don’t feel any breast tissue, just fat and muscle. Losing some weight and doing some exercises will reduce the size of your breasts dramatically.” The red-faced me replied, “Ok.” He then lowered the table to a flat position again, and requested that I lie down again, as he needed to examine my abdomen. He added, “Oh, and remove your shorts, I need you in your briefs for the rest of the exam.” I slid off my tan shorts, exposing my black boxer-briefs, and my rock hard cock inside them. I lay back on the table, and he began to examine my abdomen. I felt his fingers moving through the soft hair on my chubby little belly, and he talked to me about losing weight, my drinking habits, etc. As he pressed around, I felt my cock wanting to explode with a big load of cum all over him…I knew the lower his hands went on my belly, the closer they were to my cock and balls. He finished examining my abdomen, and requested that I sit up on the exam table. He wrote again in the chart, and took out a set of latex gloves, some KY jelly, and sat down on his stool. “You mentioned at the beginning of your exam that you are openly bi-sexual, and that you have engaged in anal sex?” he asked, in a calm professional voice. “Yes,” I replied, adding, “I just had an HIV test a month ago, which was negative, and I always use protection.” “Good,” he replied, asking, “Condoms?” “Yes,” I replied. “Do you have any other problems or concerns about your sexual and reproductive health?” he asked, placing a pair of latex gloves on. “Not really doctor,” I said, getting a bit more anxious about the exam. “Ok, well, I’m not going to do any screening for STD’s beyond the visual inspection of your genitals. Please stand next to the table, and lower your boxers for me,” he said as he tried to ignore my rock hard cock poking out of my boxers. I slowly lowered them, exposing my engorged manhood for the doctor to see. “Ok, I’m going to examine your penis first,” adding with humor, “I see erectile dysfunction is not an issue here.”

My face turned bright red as I felt him touch my throbbing shaft. He gently palpated it from the head down, and I felt as though I would shoot a load right in his hand at that moment. “Ok, normal penis, and a healthy erection too,” he said, “I’m going to examine your testicles now.” I felt his hand grasp my right testicle, and felt him slowly palpating it in his fingers, and then moved onto the left one. “No lumps or masses. Do you know how to examine your testicles yourself?” I replied, “Yes doctor, I do a self exam once a month.” “Good. Please cough for me,” he said as he stood up from his seat. I coughed twice, and he informed me, “Ok, your penis and testicles are normal, and healthy. You have no evidence of a hernia, or anything like that,” adding a question, “You mentioned anal sex, and that you and your girlfriend were concerned about damage to your anus. Would you like me to examine it?” With a lump in my throat I replied, “Well, ummm…I guess so Doctor.” “Ok then, please turn around, and bend over the exam table,” he requested as he put some KY jelly on his finger. Following his command, I bent over the table, and waited to feel him penetrate me. He then said, “Ok Christopher, relax for me, and I will begin the exam.” I tried to relax the best I could, but my cock was pounding now, I felt like I was going to shoot a load right then and there. I felt him spread my cheeks, and he said, “Ok, normal on the outside, now relax for me.” With that he slid his index finger into my tight ass. “Relax Chris. I’m going to feel the in side of your rectum. Ok, good.” His next request would lead to my messy disaster. “Ok, now, bear down as though you are having a bowel movement.” Doing so, as he pressed against my prostate, cause me to cum, and hard too. I shot a load all over the side of the exam table. Mortified, I realized my cum was now dripping down to the floor. He removed his finger, wiped my ass, and said, “It’s ok Christopher. It’s perfectly normal to have a spontaneous orgasm from having your prostate examined. It just proves you’re healthy.” I was red-faced, and I just wanted to get out of there quick, saying to the Doctor, “I’m so sorry, I had no idea…” “It’s ok,” he replied, “Just get dressed, and don’t worry about this. Your healthy, and I’m going to write you a script for the chest x-ray and some basic blood work. I expect them all to be normal. As long as they are, make an appointment for your next physical in 12 months. Have a good day.” As he turned to exit, I noticed his cock was hard, and he had a big wet spot on his light colored trousers. Guess I wasn’t the only one turned on after all.