Mrs. Amanda Pickens

A Visit to the Doctor

The next day, Mrs. Pickens took Randy to his bedroom immediately after lunch, undressed him, and gave him another spanking for stealing and lying the day before as promised. Then she put him right to bed for the first of what would become regular afternoon naps for the rest of the summer. At 2:30, she came and woke him up, pleased that to see that he had actually gotten some sleep. She then dressed him in a white, button-down shirt, a pair of navy blue shorts, and his dress shoes before driving him to the office of Dr. Elizabeth Richards. It was a quiet afternoon and there was no one in the waiting room when they arrived. After checking in, they sat down and waited for a few minutes until an attractive woman in a white doctor’s coat emerged and greeted Mrs. Pickens with a big smile.

“Hello Amanda. Why this must be Randy.”

“Hello Beth. Yes it certainly is. Randy, say hello to Dr. Richards, sweetheart.”

“Hello, Dr. Richards. Pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise, Randy. Please come in. Nurse Johnson will take care of the preliminaries while I finish up some paper work in the next room. I’ll see you in about ten minutes.”

Dr. Richards took them back into an examining room where a nurse was busy pulling a fresh layer of white paper over the examining table from a wide roller at one end.

“Hello Barbara,” Mrs. Pickens said.

“Hello Amanda. So good to see you. Why this must be the Randy Coleman you were telling me about.”

“Yes it is. Randy, say hello to Nurse Johnson. Remember what I said about your manners …”

Randy blushed and stammered for a second before holding out his hand.

“Hello Nurse Johnson.”

“Hello there, young man. Amanda, you can have a seat here if you like. You might be able to help with some questions. I need to get some basic stats on Randy before Dr. Richards comes in, the usual stuff like height, weight, temperature, and so on.”

“Thank you, Barbara.”

After Mrs. Pickens sat down, Nurse Johnson turned to Randy and said,

“All right, young man. I’m going to need you to take off all of your clothes.”

With a look of sudden fear, Randy asked Mrs. Pickens,

“Will that be necessary, Aunt Amanda?”

“Young man, what did I tell you about following instructions promptly ? Miss Johnson is a nurse who has seen hundreds of boys naked before. Now do as she says. Barbara, if he gives you any trouble, feel free to give him a spanking. He responded beautifully to a spanking yesterday and I promised him he would be promptly spanked every time he disobeyed a grown up.”

“I’m sure that won’t be necessary, Randy … will it?” A sly smile crept across her face as she turned his chin so he couldn’t escape the import of her words or her twinkling blue eyes.

Immediately Randy began unbuttoning his shirt.

“That’s a good boy. I knew you would be good for Nurse Johnson.”

When he finally stood there in just his briefs, he hesitated for a few moments, looking anxiously at Mrs. Pickens as if hoping for a last minute reprieve.

“Come on, child. Off with those underpants. Nurse Johnson needs to weigh you and take your temperature.”

Without realizing what she meant, Randy fretted for a few seconds before turning away and pushing his underpants down and stepping out of them.

“My my, it looks like Randy needed a spanking earlier today.”

Randy whirled around, his hand covering himself in front as he realized his bottom was still quite pink.

“Yes, Barbara. Sarah Kellerman caught him trying to steal two candy bars yesterday and Randy made things much worse by lying about it. He got two spankings in the back of her store, one from me and one from her, and I’ve told him to expect a daily spanking for the rest of the week. And he’s also going to have to see Judge Henley sometime next week.”

“I’m sure he’s learning a good lesson, Amanda. Apparently from what his father told me last week, he’s long overdue for a firm hand … Come on child, up on the scale. that’s it … now stand still so I can weigh you Good, … hmmmm … about 103 pounds. Good. Now let’s see how tall you are … five feet, 2 inches. He hasn’t started growing much yet, has he?”

“No, Barbara, he’s a bit of a late bloomer in almost every way as far as I can tell.”

“Yes, I don’t doubt that, Amanda. Lots of teenage boys are quite immature. OK, child, please step off and come over here. I’m going to check your temperature now.”

Sitting herself on a chair, she reached to a nearby table and opened a jar of Vaseline. Next she opened a thermometer vase and stuck the thermometer into the open Vaseline. Turning to Randy, Nurse Johnson patted her thighs and said,

“Come on, child, we don’t have all day. Over you go.”

With a sudden look of fear, Randy burst out,

“But I’m too old for that kind of thermometer, Nurse Johnson.”

“Nonsense, child. This is the only thermometer we use for children here at Dr. Richard’s office regardless of how old they are. It’s especially appropriate for naughty children who still need regular spankings like you. Come along and stop fussing unless you want me to give your bottom something worse than a little thermometer.”

Though Randy didn’t move forward on his own, he allowed her to reach out and take him by the hand and draw him over her uniformed lap in the nursery position where he squirmed until she settled him down with a single smack.

“You can give him more than that, Barbara. It looks like he’s already forgotten today’s lesson.”

“I will if he fusses again, Sarah. He wouldn’t be the first child who needed a spanking before accepting a baby thermometer. But I don’t think that will be necessary, will it Randy?”

“Na…no … Nurse Johnson,” Randy stammered.

After spreading his cheeks, Nurse Johnson rubbed a generous dab of Vaseline over Randy rectum and gently inserted the little glass rod. Immediately Randy tensed up his whole body.

“Relax, child … just relax. This won’t hurt at all. It seems like he hasn’t had his temp taken this way in quite some time, Amanda.”

“Probably not since his mother died, Barbara. But that’s going to change thanks to your suggestion. We’re stopping off at the hospital drug store on the way home.”

“Well done, Amanda. I’ll give you a temperature chart so you can keep track of Randy’s temp every day for the rest of the summer. Since he’s going to be having afternoon naps, I suggest three readings a day: when you get him up in the morning, at nap time, and at bedtime. That way, you will notice the onset of any summer colds right away and can start him on aspirin or anything else he might need. Although he’s fussing a bit now as can be expected, he will get used to a baby thermometer within in a few weeks. Some boys even seem to like it this way, if you know what I mean.”

Although Randy’s face was already red from being upside down, it turned redder as he realized what she meant. Despite his best efforts, blood had been flowing to his groin ever since Nurse Johnson began applying the Vaseline leading to a reaction he desperately wished would disappear.

“What sort of pjs are you using for Randy, Amanda?”

“Just his regular ones, Barbara. Why?”

“You might consider stopping off at Sears since they carry Dr Denton sleepers in someone Randy’s size. I think they have them in larger sizes in the girls department but they fit boys just as well. The juvenile home finds that sleepers help a great deal with teens who are having trouble adjusting to daily naps or early bedtimes. They are more likely not to fuss when you put them to bed and more likely to stay in bed as well. I switched my Billy over to sleeper three years ago and he’s much better behaved at bedtime. On days when he seems antsy, I put him into his jammies before dinner since they help calm him down. And if he’s naughty on a weekend, he is put into his jammies right after a spanking and he stays in them for the rest of the weekend, even if I have company. You’d be surprised what a simple change of clothing can do.”

“That’s a wonderful idea, Barbara. I’ll make sure to stop at Sears on the way home.”

“Ask for Betty Riley, Amanda. She’s an old friend of mine who works in the children’s clothing department and sometimes baby-sits Billy. I’ll give her a call in a few minutes. What else? Oh yes … If Randy ever wets the bed, you might also pick up a plastic sheet at the pharmacy. It will give you at least some protection.”

“We’ve had no problem yet, Barbara. And his father never mentioned anything about that.”

“Fine … fine. Nonetheless, even boys with no history of wetting sometimes develop a problem when placed in unfamiliar surroundings, especially boys who are immature to start with. As I mentioned earlier, you can always get diapers and plastic pants in Randy’s size if needed at the hospital pharmacy. Needless to say, it’s a lot easier to do a load of wet diapers every few days than change the bedding every morning. Even a plastic sheet doesn’t protect the top sheet and blanket. My Billy wets enough that he still needs nighttime diapers and plastic pants and he’s fourteen. I also find diapers work very well in controlling naughty children, especially those who are too big for their britches. We use them with excellent results over at the juvenile home from time to time. A year ago, I started giving Billy an occasional diaper weekend when I realized how effective they were. It’s one thing to be diapered at night to protect the bedding. It’s quite another to stay in diapers round the clock for two or three days with spankings at changing time. Nothing brings a big boy down to size faster than being spanked and put into thick diapers and baby pants for a few days. It also helps him stay good in the summer since he knows he could get a diaper punishment at any time, not just the weekends.”

“The more I hear about using diapers that way, Barbara, the more I see what you mean. Nonetheless, I think I’ll stick with Randy’s new routine for now and see how he does. If he gives me any trouble, it might be necessary to try alternatives.”

“Fair enough, Amanda. If you want to see how I use diaper punishment, feel free to stop by tomorrow after church. Billy is having a diaper weekend for throwing a ball near the house and breaking a window after I warned him not to. Well now … let’s see what Randy’s temp is like. Good, good … it’s normal. Upsie daisey, young man. That’s a good boy. … Hmmm … see what I mean, Amanda? Some boys don’t seem to mind baby thermometers after all, do they”.”

Her comment was directed as much at Randy as at Amanda Pickens and he blushed scarlet as he did his best to cover his erection.

“Does he play with himself much, Amanda? It’s unfortunately one of those things many immature boys do at Randy’s age.”

“I really don’t know, Barbara. I haven’t seen any evidence so far.”

“Have you checked his bed sheets and underpants, dear?”

“Why no … I haven’t even changed the sheets yet. Randy’s only been with us five days. And I won’t be doing the wash till tomorrow afternoon. Randy, have you been bad like that? Tell Aunt Amanda the truth.”

Randy shook his head, his face reddening once again as he felt two older women looking intently at his face.

“I would check anyway, Amanda. In my experience, no boy ever admits to doing that. It’s also important to nip in the bud lest it lead to other bad habits.”

“Thanks, Barbara. I’ll check the laundry bag and Randy’s bed when I get home. Young man, you’d better be telling me the truth, for your sake, or I will give you another spanking and put you to bed right away. put you to bed right away.”

Fortunately for the red-faced Randy, Dr. Richards came in just then. Nurse Johnson briefed her on Randy’s preliminaries and left to get Amanda three temperature charts, each covering one month. The doctor examined Randy some more and asked him some embarrassing questions about his red bottom. Then she listened to his heartbeat and lungs, tested his reflexes, looked in his ears, examined his throat, made him cough while she examined his testicles, and so on. After about twenty minutes, she pronounced him fit as a fiddle. Just as Randy finished dressing, Dr. Richards asked him,

“Child, when is the last time you had a bowel movement?”

“Flushing at the question, Randy hemmed and hawed for a few seconds before replying,

“Yesterday afternoon, ma’am.”

“Hmmm … a little constipated, are we?”

“Perhaps it’s the unfamiliar setting, Doctor,” Mrs. Pickens volunteered.

“It could be, Amanda. Nonetheless, I suggest you either try suppositories or better yet, a weekly enema.”

“I was wondering about that, Dr. Richards, but I’ve never given one before nor do I have any equipment.”

“It’s really quite simple, Amanda. Just see Nurse Johnson after we’re finished. She can help you with anything you need. In fact, I’ll send her in now since I think we’re all done. If Randy gets sick this summer, feel free to call me here or at home. I’ll be happy to drop by for a housecall.”

Turning to Randy, she shook his hand good bye and added,

“It was nice to meet you, young man. Try to be good for Mrs. Pickens. You’re lucky to have such a loving woman to look after you and keep you out of trouble.”

Dr. Richards rose and left the two of them sitting there until Nurse Johnson returned.

“I hear Randy is in excellent health except for a little constipation. I’ll call my friend, Mrs. Davis, at the hospital pharmacy and tell her you will be stopping off in a few minutes. I’m sure she will have everything you’ll need. It’s really quite simple. All you need for an enema is a bag with a hose which has a nozzle and a clamp at one end. You’ll already have plenty of Vaseline for the thermometer. You fill the bag with warm water, add a tablespoon of liquid soap, put some Vaseline on the nozzle and on Randy’s rectum, insert the nozzle, and unclamp it. The bag should be hung three or four feet above Randy. He can crouch on all fours on the bathroom floor or go over your knee in the nursery position. It’s best to let the solution work stay for five or ten minutes before letting him sit on the potty. If you want me to swing by and show you how it’s done, I’d be happy. Or is you stop by with Randy tomorrow after church, I could do it then. bring “

“Would you really, Barbara? That would help me a lot.”

Ignoring Randy’s pained expression, Nurse Johnson responded,

“Not at all, Amanda. See you then. See you too, Randy. Be good for Aunt Amanda, now, will you?” She ruffled his hair as she spoke and smiled so warmly at him that she elicited a little smile in return before Randy hastened out into the waiting room.

Turning to Mrs. Pickens, Nurse Johnson commented, “What a nice smile … I knew he was a sweet boy, Amanda, as soon as he walked in. He’s just not ready to be all grown up like a lot of teens today. He reminds me a little of my Billy. Maybe they could have a playdate tomorrow afternoon after Billy’s nap. If Randy takes afternoon nap, they could take their naps together and play afterwards. Randy would probably feel better if he knew he wasn’t the only teen handled like a younger boy.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Barbara. We’d love to come for lunch and stay for a playdate. Do you have an bed where Randy could take a nap?”

“I sure do, Amanda. Billy’s room has an extra bed for friends who sleep over.”

“Wonderful. See you and Billy at church, Barbara. And thank you for all of your help. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“Think nothing of it, Amanda. Think nothing of it. Don’t forget to ask for Laurie Davis at the hospital pharmacy and Betty Riley at Sears.”

A Playdate with Billy

The next day, the Reverend and Mrs. Pickens and Randy went off to church at 10:30. Randy was wearing his best dress shorts, dress shoes, a jacket, and a button-down shirt with necktie. Although he was embarrassed being led by the hand from the car into the church and down to their pew, he was relieved that their early arrival meant few people saw him. And when he saw Barbara Johnson arrive twenty minutes later leading a small, uncomfortable-looking boy by the hand, he realized he wasn’t the only child who had to suffer this indignity. After the service, Randy was grateful that no one seemed to notice or care that he had to hold Mrs. Pickens’s hand. And the crowded aisle in the church meant that only those people walking out directly behind him actually saw what was happening until they emerged into the open area in front of the church. Nurse Johnson was waiting there holding Billy. As soon as she caught sight of Mrs. Pickens, she came forward, with Billy in tow.

“Amanda and Randy, how nice to see you again. This is my son, Billy. Billy this is Mrs. Pickens and Randy. Mrs. Pickens is kind of an aunt to Randy and is taking care of him for the summer. Say hello, please.”

Billy said hello as the two boys eyed each other nervously. Billy was a little small than Randy and had a sensitive face which showed a distinct shyness at all this attention.

“Can you still come for lunch, Amanda, and stay with Randy for a play date with Billy?”

“We can come, Amanda, but Reverend Pickens will not be able to join us. He has a church function elsewhere today. So I guess we’re ready when you are.”

“Splendid, Amanda. I’m in that red station wagon over there. You can just follow me. It’s over on Niles Road … about five miles away just past Chauncey Lane.

“Oh I know where that is. Come along Randy.”

The two boys were led by the hand to their cars and placed in the front seats where each worried about what to expect for the afternoon. After winding past lush farm lands for about ten minutes, they passed Chauncey Lane and turned off onto a dirt road which ran through the woods for half a mile before ending at a pleasant white colonial with blue shutters and white curtains.

“Billy, we won’t be eating for about half an hour. Why don’t you take Randy down to the basement and show him your train set.”

Billy looked at Randy and back at his mother before coming into the kitchen and asking in a low voice,

“Mom, what about … you know … can we go upstairs for a minute …”

“You’re not that wet, child … here, let mommy check you.”

As Billy’s face turned red, Mrs. Johnson reached up the leg of his shorts for a moment as Randy stared from the next room through the kitchen door.

“You’re fine until after lunch, sweetheart. Mommy will change you at nap time. Don’t be embarrassed about Mrs. Pickens and Randy. She knows all about your diaper weekends and Randy still takes naps just like you do and had his temp taken just like you.”

Now it was Randy’s turn to blush as all three heads turned toward him.

“Run along now, child, and show Randy your trains.”

The two boys scampered off to the basement, happy to be out of the limelight. As Billy flicked on the light, Randy saw an elaborate train set. It ran all around the basement over a complex landscape setting made from wood and painted plaster of Paris complete with tunnels, mountains, and real bridges crossing painted rivers. Before long, the two boys were busy staging train robberies, ramming trains through barricades of Lincoln logs, plowing through groups of toy soldiers and staging derailments.

Upstairs, the two women chatted and fixed lunch. When the table was set with sandwiches and lemonade, Mrs. Johnson rang a little bell. Almost immediately, the electric train stopped and footsteps sounded on the basement stairs.

“My goodness, Billy certainly comes right away when he’s called, doesn’t he?.”

“Yes he does, at least most of the time. It’s partly because he knows what will happen if I have to call him twice. But it’s also because of the diapers. He’s always a perfect angel during a diaper weekend.”

“I see …,” mused Amanda as she watched Billy go directly to the sink and wash his hands without being asked.

“Randy, please wash your hands like Billy. I don’t want to have to ask you to do that anymore, sweetheart.”

With a glance at the two women, Randy quickly followed Billy’s example before sitting down at the table. The sandwiches were delicious and so was the desert - vanilla ice cream topped with fresh blueberries and peaches. After the plates were cleared, Mrs. Johnson turned to Billy and said,

“Mrs. Pickens and I will finish these dishes later, young man. Its time to get you ready for your nap. Come along, honey. Mrs. Pickens’s going to put Randy to bed for a nap too.”

“But mommy, can’t Randy come in later, after I’m all done… pleeeaaase?”

“Shush child. You’re going to be getting a trip over my knee if you keep this up.”

Chastened by the look on her face, Billy help out his hand and allowed his mother to lead him upstairs, followed closely by Mrs. Pickens and Randy.

Randy’s eyes widened as he followed Mrs. Johnson and Billy into his room. On one side of the room was a bed with low wooden bars on all sides. The bars on the side facing the room were let down allowing easy access to the bed. The bedspread was light blue decorated with pink and yellow circus animals. On the long, low dresser nearby was a matching pad with a lot of Johnson’s baby oil, baby powder, and Vaseline at one end. Nearby were stacks of folded cloth diapers, large disposable diapers, and what looked like folded plastic pants in a variety of colors. On the other side of the room was an identical bed with the outer bars in the down position.

“Aren’t these hospital beds nice? They were replacing all the beds in the juvenile home infirmary six years ago and I was able to salvage two of them which weren’t broken. This bed came in handy back then when Billy was still falling out of bed once a week. It’s also makes it easier to keep little boys in bed when they’re put to bed. If Billy has been a good boy, he sleeps with the outer bar down. But the bars come up if he’s been naughty. Normally, I keep his baby supplies in the dresser but on diaper weekends, we leave everything out, don’t we, honey?”

Billy nodded quickly and looked away, ashamed at allowing other people to see his crib-like bed and baby things.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Billy,” Mrs. Pickens said, reassuringly. “ Randy is also quite young for his age and needs to be treated like a little boy when he’s naughty. Randy, sweetheart, Nurse Johnson is going to show me how to give you an enema before you take your nap. Come along into the bathroom.”

Forgetting for a moment where he was, Randy bridled at the thought of Nurse Johnson once again seeing him naked.

“No, Aunti … I don’t want that … she isn’t my mother.”

In a flash, Mrs. Pickens sat down on the guest bed and yanked the startled Randy over her knee. In a half second, she had yanked his shorts and underpants down and quickly delivered twenty hard spanks to his white bottom.

“You are never ever to say ‘no’ to me again, young man? Is that clear?”

“Yes, Aunti , oooow … yes ,… owww … yes, Aunti … I’m sorry … I’m sorry.”

In another half second, Mrs. Pickens had tugged his pants back up and stood Randy on his feet between her legs.

“Are you going to be a good boy for your enema, Randy, or do I need to give you a real spanking now … the one you have coming tonight at bedtime for playing with yourself this past week.”

“Yes, I’ll be good, Aunti … I promise … I’ll be good.”

“That’s better. Now march that little fanny of yours into the bathroom.”

Throughout all of this, Billy had watched, wide- eyed. He was sorry for his new friend yet relieved to see first hand he wasn’t the only boy his age who still got spanked. He knew most of his friends were still spanked at home but all of them denied it. And ever since his spanking at a church picnic two months earlier, he had been teased mercilessly at school. Now he finally had a playmate who could not tease him and who even took naps even though he was a year older. Though he was still deeply embarrassed at having anyone except his mother and sitters see his baby things, the worst shame eased at the sight of Randy’s sudden spanking and the reference to his impending enema.

“Amanda, why don’t you undress Randy while I tend to Billy. I’ll be in to show you how it’s done in a few minutes.”

“Come on, sweetheart. Let’s get you up on your changing pad and get those wet diapers off.” Billy climbed up a little footstool and lay on his back on the table as Mrs. Johnson quickly untied his shoes and removed them along with his pants. Meanwhile, Mrs. Pickens sat on the toilet seat and made Randy lift his legs so she could remove his shoes and socks. Because the bathroom door was open, Mrs. Pickens and Randy had a clear view of Billy’s dressed and vice versa. Both boys watched as they were quickly undressed. Once Billy’s socks came off, his mother undid his belt and zipper, bent his legs back into the fetal position, tipping Billy back on his pad, and slipped his shorts off. Randy’s eyes widened at the sight of semi-transparent clear plastic pants and the obviously wet diaper underneath. Billy remained in the fetal position while Mrs. Johnson hung his shorts on a nearby chair before tilting him back once again and removing his plastic pants. Then she unpinned his diaper and dropped it into a small, covered pail which Randy suddenly noticed on the floor beside the dresser. After washing him off with a damp washcloth, she said,

“Lie still, sweetheart. Mommy will get you in some nice dry diapers soon as she finished taking care of Randy. Don’t fuss or I’ll get your pacifier.”

Leaving Billy lying naked below the waist on his changing table, Mrs. Johnson came into the bathroom where a red-faced Randy was standing with nothing on but a shirt.

“OK, Amanda … I see Randy’s all ready. Let’s run some warm water and get this bag filled up.”

She took the bag off the shower curtain rod, unscrewed the cap and squirted in a little liquid soap from a bottle sitting on the sink. When the water was warm, she quickly filled the bottle and screwed the top back on before shaking the bottle up and down a few times.

“Put Randy over your knee as if he were going to get a spanking. That’s it, Amanda. Now put a little of this Vaseline on his bottom while I do the same to the nozzle … that’s it. Now all you do is hang the bag somewhere, not too high, put the nozzle in all the way - here - that’s it … all the way - good - and then we just undo this little clamp. “

As the warm water flowed into Randy, he immediately got an erection which pressed against Mrs. Pickens’s thighs. Once again, Nurse Johnson was right, she thought. She seemed to have know about everything. After a few minutes, the bag was empty. Mrs. Pickens removed the nozzle and held Randy in place as he began complaining of cramps.

“You’re supposed to feel cramps, dear,” Nurse Johnson responded. “That means the enema is working. If your auntie cleans you out like this once a week, you won’t have any problems with constipation. A little cramping is well worth being all clean inside and not having to sit so long when you go potty. He’s taking his first enema very well, Amanda. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble with this on your own now.”

“No, I won’t. It really is quite simple, isn’t it.”

After about five minutes, Mrs. Pickens let Randy get up and stood up so he could sit on the toilet and expel his enema. Much to his embarrassment, Mrs. Pickens stayed in the bathroom the whole time to make sure all went well. Through the door, he could see Nurse Johnson applying baby oil and baby powder to Billy before slipping a dry, cloth diaper under his bottom and pinning it in place between his legs. Then she slipped a pair of baby blue plastic pants on him before helping him into his bed.

“Roll on your tummy, angel. Mommy has to take your temp before you can have your nap.”

Billy rolled over onto his stomach as Mrs. Johnson fetched some Vaseline and a thermometer and sat down on the bed next to him. After pulling down his plastic pants in back, she slid the diaper material down past the curve of his cheeks. By the time Mrs. Pickens led Randy to his bed, Billy had a baby thermometer sticking out in back.

“Will Randy be needing diapers for his nap, Amanda?”

“Not this time, Barbara. I’m thinking about using night diapers if I ever see any more evidence of self-abuse since that would make it harder for him to play with himself. … Roll over child so Auntie can take your temperature.” Though this was the last thing Randy wanted in front of Mrs. Johnson and Billy, he quickly complied, glad that he had escaped Billy’s fate. Opening her purse, Mrs. Pickens produced a second thermometer and soon Randy was lying there just like Billy.

Five minutes later, the two women tucked in their boys, warned them to stay in bed and not to talk, and raised the outer bars to make sure they both stayed put. They then went back to the kitchen where they finished the dished and had coffee in the parlor for an hour while discussing ways to improve Randy’s behavior. Mrs. Pickens also accepted an invitation to return the following Sunday for lunch since the two boys were getting along better than expected.

After an hour and a half, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Pickens went upstairs to wake the boys. Billy was asleep when they entered but Randy was already awake, apparently eager to get out of his hospital bed. After lowering the bars, Mrs. Pickens sat down and stroked his face for a while and asked him,

“Were you a good boy, Randy? Did my sweetie have a nice nap … did he? Are you going to behave himself for the rest of the afternoon if I stay so you can play with Randy?”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Johnson was changing Billy since he had wet during his nap. Rather than having him get on his dresser, she brought over a dry diaper and a pair of pink plastic pants and changed him right in bed. When he began fussing at the sight of the plastic pants, she reached into her pocket and popped a pacifier into his mouth.

“If you give me any trouble, little boy, these plastic pants won’t be the only things which are pink around here.”

As Randy watched from his bed, Billy lifted his legs quickly, apparently eager to show his compliance as he was rediapered with pink baby pants. Mrs. Johnson then opened his dresser and took out another pair of shorts while saying,

“Let’s get you in your regular shorts, Billy. We don’t want to get your Sunday shorts dirty, do we?”

Only when Billy slid out of bed and stood up to go downstairs did Mrs. Pickens and Randy see how the new shorts were considerably shorter. As long as Billy stood up straight, nothing showed. But if he bent over or crouched, the plastic pants and diaper showed visibly in back or in between along the leg openings. Though Billy was visibly uncomfortable for a while, by 3:30 he seemed to have forgotten his diapers or at least adjusted to the fact that Randy knew about them. The two boys played beautifully and were excited when Mrs. Johnson announced Randy would be returning the following week. Finally, it was time to leave. Everyone said their good byes and Mrs. Pickens drove off with Randy waving out the side window at Billy.

Adult women and couples who might wish to email the authors are welcome to do so. We are a happy couple in Hartford who use f-m spanking to add spice to our marriage. The primary author is Randy. Sarah helps with editing and “correcting” mistakes.