Mrs. K's Cure

I have that feeling again. That heavy clogged feeling in my stomach that always follows a large meal or an excess of less than nutritional food. And I know that with this feeling always comes my memory of many, many years ago and my neighbor Mrs. Kingsley.

I must have been about 12 years old and my parents both worked during the day. They’d arranged that if anything went wrong or if I needed anything, I could go to Mrs. K or another close neighbor. This particular day, I came home from school with a terrible stomachache, probably from the two hot dogs I’d stuffed down in the cafeteria for lunch. After I’d been home for a while, I realized that this awful feeling was not going away and I needed some adult help. I decided to go to Mrs. K since I knew she was a nurse and would probably be best able to help me.

“Hello, Peter,” she said as she opened her front door and saw me standing there.

“Oh, Mrs. K I have this awful stomach ache which won’t go away and I need your help” I cried.

She stepped back to I could enter and closing the door behind me, walked me into the living room. “What have you eaten today, Peter?” she asked and I related the details of my cafeteria lunch. She smiled and told me not to worry that my lunch was not agreeing with me and she was sure she could help. “Come, dear, this is best done in the bathroom,” she said and led the way down the hall. I had no idea what she had in mind but was happy to follow if she could just make me feel better.

When we got into the bathroom, she turned to me and told me she would like me to remove my slacks so they did not get wrinkled. I wasn’t sure I wanted to get undressed but between the ache and her tone of voice I decided to follow instructions. I undid my pants and slid them off leaving me in a polo shirt and my briefs. “Good boy, now I will examine you to be sure there is nothing serious and then I will treat you and you will feel fine again,” she said as she seated herself on a chair and pulled me towards her. The next thing I knew, she’d pulled me in between her legs and was pressing her fingers into my abdomen just above the top of my briefs. “No swelling; good, now we check your genitals,” she said and drew my briefs down my legs to my knees. Before I could react, her right hand had cupped my scrotum and her left was probing around the base of my penis. I must have been bright red I was so embarrassed but at the same time I was amazed to feel myself becoming erect and almost breathless.

“Oh, Mrs. K, what……?” I began but she interrupted. “Now, Peter, I am a nurse and you’ll do as I say so we can take good care of you, right?”

“Yes ma’am,” was all I could utter because at that moment she grasped my penis in her hand and gently stroked just a few times.

“See, I know what to do,” she said. “Just a moment while I change so I don’t get my clothes a mess. I’ll be right back.” And she was gone through a doorway into her bedroom, leaving me standing there half-naked and quite aroused.

A few moments later she was back and to my amazement had put on a white nurse’s smock, a wrap around type of garment. “Peter, your stomach is upset because you’ve eaten so much and haven’t expelled any of it. Right?” she queried. “When was your last bowel movement?” I couldn’t remember and just shrugged. “A good enema will certainly do,” she said as she began to remove various items from her bathroom cabinet. She went to the sink and began to fill a large red bag and another large pitcher and then, she moved the straight back chair over next to the sink and sat down.

“Come Peter, over my lap and we’ll get started.”

“But, Mrs. K,” I exclaimed.

“Now, I know what’s best,” she interrupted yet again, “and trust me, you’ll feel better. You may even enjoy this.” And with that, she grasped my hand and drew me over her knees. She patted my head and then pulled my underwear down my legs and off. “Relax and breathe deeply, Peter, this will be just fine,” she said and I felt her right hand rubbing my bare butt and then as her left pulled my cheeks apart, go down into my crease and search out my anus. Her fingers probed for a few more moments and then, to my disappointment, left. “I must use some lubrication to make this really comfortable so don’t squirm,” she explained. Her hand returned and went directly to my anus, gently probing before I felt a finger enter me and worm its way up my insides. Not only did it not hurt, in fact, to my amazement and embarrassment; it was the most erotic feeling I’d ever experienced.

Her finger continued its probing journey inside my rectum. I could feel the warm feelings created by her finger passing through my abdomen and into my penis making me stiffer and stiffer as the moments passed. Without realizing it I was actually trying to press myself into her thighs and suddenly, I became aware that her wrap around smock had opened and I was in fact pressing my penis into her bare lap. And it felt wonderful; the combination of Mrs. K’s finger now pulsing in and out of my ass and my penis going up and down on her skin was more sensual than anything I’d ever experienced.

Suddenly, her finger slowly withdrew from my anus and I heard her say, “Now, Peter, breathe deeply” and suddenly something fatter and longer was creeping into my rectum. She’d begun my enema and now I could feel the warm water flowing into me. I pressed myself even more firmly into her lap and could feel my penis rubbing against the silk of her panties. As my treatment continued, her right hand held the nozzle in me and gently rubbed my buttocks while her left one eased under me and began to caress my stomach. “Lift up so I can ease your cramps by touching your abdomen,” she said. And, as I did, her hand moved ever closer to my throbbing penis.

As I lay there in an almost drugged, sexual state, Mrs. K continued to caress me and move the nozzle of the enema tube slowly in and out of my anus. “Almost finished,” she said, “now you must hold the water in for a bit.” I was bloated and cramping and yet, enjoying what she was doing to me so much I didn’t want it to end. “Let’s get you onto the toilet,” she said bringing me out of my trance. She practically picked me up and then I was seated on the toilet and realized she was still holding the enema tube in my anus.

“Hold it, Peter, hold it”, she instructed and then suddenly grasped my penis with her free hand and began a wonderful up and down motion. “This will help you expel the waste,” my nurse explained and suddenly shudder after shudder overwhelmed me and as my penis exploded all over the front of her smock; she withdrew the nozzle and I exploded from the rear also.

I had never felt so good nor so exhausted in my entire life. Mrs. K cleaned me up and then said, “Peter, you did very well. You must be tired so I’ll put you to bed for some rest.” With that she lifted me again and helped me into the adjacent bedroom and lay me on the bed. “Would you like me to keep you company?” she asked and I nodded “yes”.

“Oh my, I’ve made a mess of my smock, I suppose I should take it off,” she said and with that undid the drawstring and there she was in just a pair of panties. Her enormous breasts jutted out and were tipped with large very pink nipples, which seemed as long as a finger. She lay down on the bed next to me and gathered me in her arms, rolling me over against her. Suddenly there was a nipple right in front of my mouth and without even a second thought I gathered it in and began to suck. Her hands caressed me all over my body and I hugged her tightly as I continued to nurse.

I fell asleep like that and when I awoke, I was alone in her bed. But, I knew I’d need more of Mrs. K’s cure.