My Colon Hydrotherapy Experience

By Anonymous

For those who expressed interest, here is a rundown on my one experience with colon hydrotherapy. I saw the ad in the Washington Post and after a few days finally got up enough guts to call the place which is located in suburban Maryland.

The “Certified Hydrotherapist” explained the procedure thoroughly and answered all of my questions. I made my appointment for a Saturday morning and when I arrived she was just opening up the building so I had an opportunity to watch her set up the machine. The machine filters clean tap water and provides temperature control from cool to very warm, it fills the client under low pressure and then drains.

I was given a long backless gown and directed to a bathroom located in the hall outside her treatment room where I stripped and changed into it. Upon returning to the treatment room I got up on what resembled a Dr.’s examining table. Now came the first (pleasant) surprise. She put on examining gloves and had me roll onto my left side and draw up my right leg. I then received a gentle though very thorough internal rectal and prostate exam. She proclaimed that there were “no obstructions” and proceeded to insert the “speculum”, which is what they call the nozzle device that contains the filling and draining tubes.

While it felt a bit uncomfortable it was not painful. I was then positioned on my back with the soles of my feet well apart and flat on the table. She then helped me slide my butt slightly down the table and onto a large absorbent (disposable diaper-like) pad. I had expected that the procedure would be done lying on my left side and at first was actually feeling rather self conscious being in this revealing position spread apart like a woman getting a pelvic exam.

The flow was then turned on- it was warm and gentle and I could watch a pressure gauge monitoring the slight pressure building up in me. She asked me to tell her if the pressure got uncomfortable but she drained it before it reached that point. During the draining you can actually see the feces exiting through a glass tube in the machine. After three “warm water cycles” of increasing pressure I received a couple of cold flushes which created a bit of cramping and a much greater flow of feces on the drain cycle.

They say that the medicinal effect is because it removes decomposed crap that has been in the body for a long time and I can attest that I saw some strange stuff coming out. During all this time she held the speculum in place in my rectum as it has no retention device. The “final rinse” was a larger volume warm fill.

After “emptying” she removed the speculum, pushed the large pad against my rectum and helped me to the toilet in the hall. I spent a few minutes emptying then got dressed and on her advice waited in the waiting room for a few minutes to make sure I didn’t have to use the toilet again. During this time two women came and were led into the treatment room.- apparently one was to get a treatment and the other was planning to watch the show.

All in all, an enjoyable experience and worth the 50 bucks.