My Doctor

My Dad thought it would be good for me go to the doctor to get a checkup. He said that I was growing up now, and my body was changing. He thought the doctor should check me over, and maybe explain some things to me.

Actually, my Dad hadn’t noticed that I was already starting to change. My boobs were starting to grow. They were still pretty small, but they showed when I wore T-shirts. I was kinda looking forward to the summer and bathing suits and stuff. Spring was already here, but it was still too cool for that.

Dad picked me up after school that day. He had told me that morning to take a good bath, and to wear clean clothes, especially underwear. So I dressed up. I wore a pretty button-up blouse and matching shorts. I wore my prettiest panties, and a nice pair of sandals. Since the weather was so good, I didn’t have to wear socks. I wore just a little perfume, and hoped it wouldn’t wear off by the end of the day.

Finally the nurse called my name. She had me follow her to a little room, and showed me where to sit. She said the doctor would be there in a minute.

I looked around the room. I guess it had been a long time since I had been to the doctor. The room was full of stuff–new doctor’s stuff and old magazines! None of the magazines looked interesting.

Then the doctor came in. “Hello,” I said, sorta quietly.

“Hello, Nicole. How are you today?” the doctor answered.

“Pretty good, I guess. My Dad just wanted me to get a check up.”

“That’s good. I don’t get to see many people when they’re well!”

Then the doctor told me to slip off my shoes and sit up on the examining table. It looked more like a tall bed to me. But the sheet was made of paper–kinda like the butcher paper that my Dad and I used to make big art things on. First, the doctor looked at my head stuff. You know, gagged me with that big popsicle stick. Poked me in the ears with a pointy flashlight. My nose too. Hope there wasn’t too much snot!

Then the doctor got out that stethoscope thing to listen to me breathe. “Is that going to be cold?” I worried aloud.

“No,” the doctor answered warmly. “I keep it on top of that lamp, and the heat from the lamp keeps it comfortable. See?” The doctor let me test it.

“OK. I guess it’s warm enough.” I was glad about that.

The doctor asked me to tuck my shirt out and unbutton it. I tried to make sure that it didn’t come open in the front. But the doctor wanted to listen in the back anyway.

“Breathe deeply and slowly,” the doctor said. “Now let it out. Now in again. And out.”

I was breathing really deep and slow. I thought I might get dizzy, like when I used to hold my breath. But no. The doctor listened in a bunch of places all over my back.

I knew what was coming, but it still surprised me when the doctor came around to listen to my chest. First it was just in the middle, and nothing showed. But then the doctor moved a little to the side and my blouse came open, and I could see my boob. I hoped I didn’t blush too much. I don’t think anyone had ever seen my boobs before, even when they were flat.

The doctor listened all over my chest, all around my boobs. Not exactly on the boobs. But once or twice the doctor’s hand (I think) brushed one of them lightly. It kinda tickled, and felt kinda good. I hope the doctor didn’t notice.

I thought the doctor was nearly finished. “Are there any problems you’ve been having?” the doctor asked.

“Well,” I answered slowly, “sometimes my, uh, boobs, uh, tickle or itch, or sometimes hurt a little.” I didn’t know what to say. Or what the doctor would do.

The doctor said, “I’ll take a look.” As the doctor came a little closer, I leaned back a little, on my wrists. My blouse slipped off my shoulders. I guess it was too late to worry about that.

The doctor began to touch my boobs. Gentle at first, then just a little firmer. I was really embarrassed. Partly because no one had ever touched my boobs before. But mostly because it felt so good. I really hoped the doctor didn’t know what I was thinking.

Actually, I was kinda sorry when the doctor said, “I don’t find anything unusual with either breast. I think you’re probably just beginning to grow a bit, and the body feels different now. You can come back if it gets worse.”

“OK.” I guess I say that a lot. As I sat up, I forgot, and my blouse slipped off my hands onto the table. I was still a little embarrassed, so I just left it there.

“Now. Is there anything else you want to talk about?” asked the doctor.

“Well,” I stammered (here we go again). “Sometimes when I, uh, have to do the number two, you know, it kinda hurts a little.” I thought I was supposed to tell the doctor everything I could think of.

“Well, I guess you want me to have a look?”

I sorta nodded and shrugged at the same time.

“OK, then. Jump down here and slip off your shorts.”

I did.

“Now hop back up on the table, and lie down on your stomach. Don’t worry. It’ll be all right.”

I wasn’t really sure about that. But I did what the doctor said. Now I was standing there in nothing but my pretty pink lace panties. I’m amazed I didn’t die, right then and there. The doctor motioned for me to get back on the table, so I did. I lay down on my stomach, with my face to the wall. I knew I didn’t want the doctor to see my face now. I was sure it must be really red. Or at least as pink as my panties!

First the doctor listened again to my back. This time, though, I had to hold my breath. I think the doctor was listening to my guts or something. I know I felt that steth-thing around my waist, about where I think my back dimples are. I saw them once in the mirror after I took a shower.

When the doctor put the steth-thing down, I didn’t know what to expect. But I was afraid to look. Then I felt the doctor’s hands on my hips, gently pulling down my panties. I lifted up my behind a little, to make it a little easier. I didn’t want my panties to get stuck on my hips, or the doctor might have to say something and embarrass me even more.

So there I was, bare butt in the breeze! The doctor spread my cheeks, I guess to look around. It was so gentle it didn’t hurt or anything.

After looking for a little while (I guess), the doctor said, “I don’t see anything unusual. I think I’ll check inside. It might be a little uncomfortable for a bit, but it won’t really hurt.”

What could I say? Then I heard a sound like someone playing with a balloon or something. I still was afraid to look. So I just stayed still and hoped.

Then I felt something on my behind again. The doctor was spreading my cheeks again, but this time it felt different. I guess it was because I only felt one hand. Then I felt something touch the opening. It was kinda cold and slimy. It must have been the doctor’s finger, with a rubber glove on it (that balloon sound, I guess), and some lotion. Very gently the doctor pushed, and very slowly the doctor’s finger went inside my hiney. This was really weird! Like the doctor had said, it was a little uncomfortable at first. But after I got used to it, it wasn’t too bad.

I guess the doctor put that whole finger inside, and then felt around. I guess the doctor was looking for something. But the weirdest thing was, it started to feel a little better. Then, as I got used to it, it kinda felt good. In a weird sorta way. For a minute, I even forgot to be embarrassed, and just felt good. Then I remembered that the doctor might see me, so I frowned just in case.

Slowly the doctor pulled the finger out. Crazy, but I wish the doctor hadn’t been in such a hurry. But, of course, I couldn’t say so. Like momma said before she went away, all good things have to come to an end. I guess this was one good thing that came to my end, huh!

I heard that balloon again, and then something like the trash can lid open and shut. Then the doctor pulled my panties back up, and said I could sit up. I really hoped I wasn’t blushing or anything!

Then an idea hit me. If only the doctor would ask one more question!

“That’s all OK,” the doctor began. “I didn’t find anything. Do you feel OK?”


“OK, then. Maybe you can eat a little more fruit and vegetables, to make your stools softer. That might help.”

I was still hoping for one more question.

“Is there anything else?”

Well, about time! But I had to be careful, or the doctor would get suspicious. “Well, maybe I shouldn’t,” I hesitated, trying to be careful.

“That’s all right,” the doctor encouraged. “That’s what I’m here for. That’s what your Dad pays me for.”

“Well, uh, there’s one more place that sometimes feels funny. Am I making too big a fuss?”

“No, no. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Right. My mother used to say that, too. “Well, it’s down there where, uh, I do, uh, number one.” Was I blushing yet? “Sometimes it itches and tingles too. Is there something wrong?”

“I doubt it, but we’ll check it out. Lie down again, on your back this time.”

Now, how am I supposed to hide my face? I hadn’t thought about that! So I just closed my eyes, and hoped the doctor would be busy downstairs, and not notice the attic.

This time, when the doctor started with my panties, I had to raise up my butt. About the time my panties got down past the important part, I wondered if I had boo-booed. But it was too late.

This time the doctor took the panties all the way off. So there I was, naked in front of a stranger. Sure wasn’t what I had been expecting when I came in here!

The doctor spread my legs a little, and I guess started looking around. My eyes were closed tight.

Then the doctor said, “Do you want to show me where you think the problem is?”

I didn’t, really, but I did it anyway. I slowly moved my right hand over my private parts (sometimes I call it my front porch). With my middle finger, I gently began to touch my special part, right in the middle, just like I do sometimes when I take a bath. “Right there,” I said when I’d found the spot that tingles when I touch it. I couldn’t help it–I kept rubbing it. I almost forgot someone was watching, ‘cause it felt so good.

“OK. I see now,” the doctor said.

So I pulled my hand away.

Then I felt the doctor touching me in the same place. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I wanted to move around when the doctor’s finger moved. But I was afraid to. So I tried to stay still.

“Is that it?” the doctor asked.

“Uh huh.”

The doctor kept on rubbing and touching, all over the special part. I was going crazy. But I had to be still.

“I think I should check inside,” the doctor suggested.

Inside what, I wondered to myself. I should have known I was about to find out. The doctor pulled another glove on, and put some more lotion on. After spreading my legs just a little more, I felt the doctor’s finger on my special part again. This time, though, the touching was a little firmer, and the finger was moving sorta down and back, kinda towards my hiney.

Hey, I thought, you’ve already done that! But I didn’t know what was going to happen. Just after the doctor’s finger got behind the good part, it kinda slipped into an opening I didn’t even know I had. I mean, how could I ever see it anyway. And I never really felt down there.

Anyway, it kept going farther in, and it kept feeling better and better. The doctor was gently rubbing my insides! This time, I couldn’t stay still. I started moving around to match the doctor’s rubbing. I kinda squeezed the doctor’s finger, and that made it feel even better. I wondered if the doctor could tell. Even my boobs were tingling. I was hoping the doctor might accidentally touch one of them with the other hand.

Just then, somebody knocked on the door.

“Just a minute,” the doctor answered, sounding a bit surprised. Then the doctor gently but quickly pulled the finger out. Just when I was really getting going. Motioning to me to get dressed, the doctor said that I could come back if any more problems came up.

As I passed the doctor on the way out, I felt a gentle kiss on my forehead. I knew I would be back.