My Dream

Dreams (this is one that keeps recurring. I am writing it down so that I might understand myself better.)

First, let me tell you a little about my wife and myself. We are in our mid thirties just newly married. My wife is a foxy 5 foot 8 inch knock out. I can’t believe how luck I am to be married to such a woman whose measures up 36d 24 36. Anyway, about a year ago my wife fell off a ladder and twisted and injured her back. This is how the story unfolds.

Dr. Kramer, Anne’s Naturopath and personal friend, tells Anne that he has made a special appointment with a specialist Alternative MD. His specialty is Osteopathy? He is an old Chinese person, but Dr. Kramer says that he does have some modern tools he works with. Because Anne has tried a lot of different things, Dr. Kramer thinks this guy may be able to help her. Anne wants me to go with her on her appointment. Dr. K says the old guy’s exam takes between two and three hours to give.

We have to drive into the seedy part of town to get to his office. His office is the kind you would have expected to have seen in the 30’s, old and darkly lit, almost like a medieval torture chamber. The waiting room wall is full of his shingles telling the places he studied some in Chinese some in English. Anne and I are both a little apprehensive about the whole thing, we are not sure as to what will take place. There is no one in the waiting room when we arrive, but a sign says push the red button and wait. We wait for about 10 minutes, our anxiety heightens by the minute. Finally, this little old person comes in and introduces himself as Dr. Luuker. He welcomes the two of us, ushering us into his study, where we sit down across from his desk.

He begins by saying he has heard a lot of good things about Dr. Kramer but does not know him personally. From what Dr. K has told him, his techniques he uses should be able to help Anne. He says that muscles and bones can be manipulated and moved into their proper place.

He starts by asking and writing down Anne’s medical history, previous surgeries or any other problems. She answers about her breast getting larger, her hysterectomy, and her melanoma. He then tells us that he would like to do a complete medical exam on Anne. He tells me that I should leave the office and wait in the waiting room. Anne says ‘no!!! If he goes I go too’. She wants me to stay. (I think she is really nervous about the guy, at least I am.) He agrees to me letting me stay with her, saying that he thought that Anne might be more nervous with me in the room. (Anne feels the opposite, that she is nervous without me in the room)

The Dr. tells Anne that he examines all his patients completely disrobed. He feels that as an old schooled physician, he uses all skeletal and muscular movements to help make his diagnosis, So he says that she will be totally nude for the entire exam. He tells us that current Drs. Cover up their patients because of prudiesness and lately, fear of litigation. He does not know how they can tell what is wrong with their patients if they cannot see the person’s body that they are trying to examine.

The first thing he says he wants to do is to take pictures, motion, to see how she carries herself and to see if she has any favoring tendencies. Still pictures, for reference and measurement. And infrared pictures, to be able to see different heat patterns in the muscles and structure. All these pictures are much better than x-rays. He does not believe x-rays should be used unless there are broken bones, and even then he sometimes does not use them. Every procedure he does is none evasive. After the pictures are done he will do a complete physical to see if there is anything wrong other than joint or muscle misalignment to see if the pain is pathological. (It may be disease or something).

After explaining what the procedure is going to be, he asks Anne if she is agreeable to all this. (I feel real uneasy about the whole thing but the doctor has given us a good story, about why and what he is going to do. (He also seems real gentle and nice.) Anne turns to look at me, I cannot tell what she is thinking. She says that she has had the pain so long that she is ready for just about anything. ‘OK’ she says let’s do it.

He opens a door at the back of his office and guides us down a hallway into a large cement room. The first thing we notice is how cold the room is. He tells us it is because of the infrared pictures, that the cold gives the camera a greater degree of heat separation for the pictures, but the picture work will only take about 15 minutes, that the next exam room is a lot warmer.

The room is faintly lit, but as our eyes become accustomed to the light we see a treadmill at the far side of the room. There are at least 3 different cameras on tripods. The Dr. tells Anne to go up to the treadmill. He turns all the spotlights on. It looks just as if she just got on stage or that KGB where going to interrogate her. He motions to the hooks on the wall and tells her to start disrobing.

Anne looks around the room looking as if she is looking for a way out but knows she can’t get out of this mess. She takes a long breath and a deep swallow of air and starts to take off her clothes. She gets down to her panties and bra, stops and nervously asks him why he is watching her take off her clothes in front of him. (He has by now started the motion pictures running.) He explains again, that he wants to watch all her movements. She seems to accept his explanation and is resigned to do as she has been told, she stands facing him, and almost teasing she slowly removes her bra and panties.

Standing there naked in front of the two of us, I can tell she is embarrassed as her upper chest is turning bright red and her nipples are all puckered up and are standing very erect. (I have never seen her nipples look quite like that, maybe it is the cold). She makes a move to try and cover her self. He tells her not to, as each time she does, her fingers will leave marks for the infrared camera. She is asked to walk back and forth and to get on the treadmill.

When the motion stuff is done she is asked to stand facing his camera, he drops a plumb line down from the ceiling, saying keep your nose pointed at it. He takes pictures from the front, both sides, the rear, with her arms up and down. I cannot help thinking how beautiful Anne is and that she is allowing me to share this experience with her. I look into the Dr.’s face to see what his reaction to all this is but he looks as if he has seen it all before, it is just work as usual.

The infrared picture taking is a little different. To landmark the pictures, (when he views the pictures he knows where he is looking). He sprayed cooling alcohol on her nipples and two places on her back (her iliac crest). About 30 to 40 different shots and angles are taken, even ones of her breasts. He finishes up by placing a powerful flashlight looking apparatus underneath each of her breasts. I can see all her veins and the different things that make up her breast. He says ‘this is just as good as a mammography, and with no harmful x-rays, which causes the cancer’. He finishes up by asking us to go into the next room, his exam room and wait a few minutes while he goes over the pictures and makes a few notes.

The exam room is warmer, with a large exam table in the center. It does not look like the typical gyno table. More like an altar, with a step up to it. There are many Chinese cabinets and artifacts around the room. There are windows up near the top of the ceiling so at least the lighting is real good.

Anne and her naked body sit up on the table, she says to me she is scared shitless (I try to be brave, but I am scared too) Anne helps put me more at ease by saying ‘I really believe he is going to be able to help me’. ‘I have had experienced similar experiences at physical exams before, except for the being totally nude part’.

The Dr. comes into the room, he looks at both of us and sees our uneasiness. He says the pictures are all ok and that he can see what needs to be done to correct her problem. (I say apprehensively ‘good’)

‘Stress test!’ he says, smiling at both of us. ‘Have you ever had one?’ ‘No’ she replies. ‘Well I would like to start with you doing a dozen jumping jacks to raise your heart rate.’ ‘I want to be able watch the way your hips, shoulders and stomach muscles move.’ (Now that sounds kind of perverted to me, but I have heard of this stress stuff. I just was not sure it had anything to do with jumping jacks.)

Without question Anne starts doing her jumping jacks, her breasts bouncing up and down swaying back and forth. He says ‘Higher and faster, slap your hands in the air and on your sides.’ ‘Ten eleven twelve!’ she counts and stops. Puffing and panting she gets back on the table where he begins to listen intently to her heart and lungs with his stethoscope.

He has her stand on a little stool, he comes real close to her and looks at her body from head to toe. He picks up a magnified glass and starts to look through her hair and all over her body, saying that he is looking for any recurring melanoma, he even looks in her pubic hair, his face just inches from her pussy.

With a small flashlight he peers into her eyes, ears and mouth. Asks her to follow his fingers as he moves them in a circle around her face.

With both hands he begins to feel around her chin, neck and shoulders. Then asks her if she examines her own breasts, she tells him that I examine them for her. He replies ‘that is great, your own buddy system’.

With one hand under her left breast, he takes his other hand and compresses her breast between each hand. He now takes a real good look at her breasts studying one, then going back to the other. Asking her to raise her arms over her head and then to place them by her side. He palpates under her armpits. While continuing to squeeze and knead her breasts he asks her to lay back down on her back.

As he pushes and feels her left breast, Anne lets out a little yelp, ‘easy those are my breasts!’ He says ‘that he isn’t using enough pressure that she should feel painful, when the body is in it’s natural state, it shouldn’t be in pain, and that pain is the stored up energy that needs to be released.’ He asks ‘what were you thinking of when you first felt the pain?’ Anne said ‘I don’t remember.’ Instead of stopping he squeezes harder and harder until she told him she is frightened about being a woman. He continued to put pressure on her breast but as she thought about it the pain left her body. Both Anne and I where amazed at how quickly he was able to make the pain go away. It was like some great revelation and healing. I guess that is exactly what Anne just did.

As he finished with her breasts, he said he was going to do an internal exam, he wanted to check out the scares from her hysterectomy. I don’t know where he kept them but he had stirrups that came popping out from the table, the kind where the legs rest on them. Anne really had her feminine side showing now. I could see her pink opening as he spread her legs wide apart, placing each leg in a stirrup. He put on a rubber glove and lubricated his fingers, He began his rather lengthy exploration by placing one of his hands on her pubic bone. The other hand began to stroke her vagina.

Seeing another man play with her pussy made my cock stand at attention. Her vaginal lips started to swell then he parted them revealing her clitoris and a wet, dripping opening. It was then that he pushed two of his fingers into her vagina, she whiniest with the pressure and shock. He spent what seemed a long time as he moved his hand in different angles. Every time Anne would moan or start to cry he would ask what she was thinking about and what her body was trying to tell her. After each time answering him, the pain would again disappear.

With his right hand inside her, his left hand began to palpate her stomach and the muscles beside her hipbones. He told her to do the “pelvic tilt”, to which she explained she did not know what that was. He explained that most women who have taken childbirth training have been taught the technique to help build their abdominal muscles. (To me it looked like she was trying to fuck his fingers.)

He said he could feel the scare tissue from her hysterectomy and that massage could help ease it away. He turned to me and asked if I would like to learn how to do it. ‘Yes’ the doctor instructed me to put on a rubber glove and slide my fingers as he had inside Anne. He then stuck his finger in her anus and positioned my finger where he wanted mine to be. He told me I should do this often, as this was a good way to help Anne’s stomach muscles break down the scare tissue.

He said that she had some tight internal muscles, the ones that pull her front up. They were the muscles which where making her back looks like she had a hump on her back. He said that he could get her to loosen these muscles. He took what looked as a large dildo and inserted it into her vagina. It had electrodes on it. He said, that the experience that she would feel when he turned it on would be like a giant orgasm. He said that this would contract and expand the muscles into releasing their grip on her.

The Dr. told me to hold her hands from moving, and to help give her support. He turned the switch on. Her body starts to shake and shudder, then she lets out this low deep moan, as if she had been hit in the stomach, as all of her air leaves her lungs. Anne’s face turns from fear and shock, to contentment in nothing flat, as if nothing else in the world mattered. The doctor then begins to increase the voltage.

Her hips moving up and down on the table, she flopped back and forth her large breasts almost hitting the table. She was just about ready to fall off the table when he quit. She looked at him in disbelief “what just happened? Without answer he turned the switch on again. This time, her eyes closed and she screamed out in a higher empty pitch, arching her back off the table at least a foot when he shut the switch off. She collapsed back on the table, like dead meat, oblivious to what just happened. It all had seemed to take about 10 minutes but he said that it was only 30 to 90 seconds.

He pulled the machine out of her and wiped off Anne’s wet soggy vagina, (which by now looked as if a gray hound bus could be driven into) saying ‘the exam and treatment are over’. ‘She will probably feel pretty stiff for a few days but she should be fine’ he says to me as Anne still had her eyes closed and looked like she was still up in the clouds somewhere.

After laying there for about 3 to 4 minutes Anne got slowly up and we all then went back to the camera room for some more “after” pictures. Wow what a difference. Talk about instant success, we could see that her height had increased at least 2 to 3 inches and she no longer slumped over.

He said she should come back in a week or two for another treatment. (I do not know if we will be back, but by the smile on Anne’s face.) Maybe.