My First Enema from a Girlfriend

By Anonymous

First a little background on how I came to know about this girlfriends interest in enemas. I had gone to this girls house to pick her up for a date. I arrived a little before I told her I would be there and she was not quite ready. When she answered the door she had only a bath robe on and I could tell there was nothing else underneath but her body. It was also quite obvious she had to go to the toilet really bad. She let me in and said she would be ready soon. Then she made a run for the toilet. The door was closed but I could hear the unmistakable sounds of her expelling what sounded like an enema. I waited for a few minutes and went over to the door and asked if she was okay. She said she was and would be out in a few minutes. After which I went back into the living room and waited for her. A few minutes later she came out. She was dressed and ready for our date.

Since we had a little time before we had to go I decided to pry a little and see if it was indeed an enema she had taken. No, I did not come right out and ask her if she had taken an enema. I sort of hedged around it a little. Instead I asked her if she had eaten something that didn’t agree with her. Her reply was no, that is was something else but she was now okay. I said to her that I heard her sitting there and it sounded like she had diarrhea. We were going to go out somewhere to eat and I was concerned she may not be able to eat. She said that it wasn’t exactly diarrhea but yes there was some liquid that she was expelling from her bowels. It was then I asked her if she had put the water there. Her reply was yes that she had just given herself an enema.

At first I acted a little surprised that she had taken an enema. She confided with me that she had taken enemas before and it was not her first. I then told her I too was somewhat into enemas and had taken them before. We talked about it for a while and decided that perhaps someday we’d give each other an enema or two. Her parents would be home in a few minutes so we did not have time to do it then. We left for our date.

When I took her home we decided to meet again a few days later to give each other enemas. She told me her parents would not be home at all that day as they were going out of town for the entire day. It was a Sunday. I told my parents I was going to take her out somewhere and we’d be gone all day. I waited until the right moment and got my enema bag and quickly left the house before they could see that I was carrying something and ask me about it. It was about a five minute ride on my bicycle to her house. Neither of us had a drivers license. When we went out on dates we would both ride our bicycles. I was 14 years old at the time and she was 15 years old, only a few weeks older than me.

When I arrived she opened the door and let me in. She had on the same robe she had on the last time. We sat down and talked for a few minutes about what the enemas would be like and how we would decide who would have to take an enema first. It was decided that we would give each other two enemas of two quarts each and that the retention time would be left up to the one giving the enemas. We would flip a coin to see who had to take first. If the coin landed on heads it would be me and if the coin landed on tails it would be her. We would, however, both strip naked before even filling the first bag. It would be the first time I had ever seen a girl, other than my sister, naked. Also, it would be the first time a girl, other than my sister, and maybe my mother when I was younger, had ever seen me naked.

We flipped the coin and I lost so I had to get my enemas first. With out any further talk we took our clothes off. Of course, she only had the robe on and waited until I was down to my underwear before starting to remove her robe. As I removed my underwear she opened the robe and took it off. We were both now naked and just stood there looking at each others bodies. I asked her if she had ever seen a male naked before. She said only in pictures. No she did not have any brothers or sisters. She told that she was ready to give me my first enema and that I was to lie down on her bed. I did as she told me and she went into the bathroom to fill my enema bag. She came back a minute or two later and hung the bag from the curtain rod over the window. Then she slowly spread my ass cheeks pushed the nozzle into me. When it was fully in she told me she was going to let the clamp loose and allow the enema to flow. I relaxed as she let the clamp go and immediately the water started flowing into me. She told me I would have to take the full two quarts and then she would tell me how long she would make retain it. It took about three minutes for the entire two quarts to go into me. It was then she told me that since it took three minutes to go in I would have to retain it for six minutes, twice what it took to go in.

She quickly removed the nozzle and told me to stand up and that I had better not leak anything out. I did as she told me and squeezed hard to keep the enema inside of me. It was obvious that I had just had an enema. My stomach was swollen and I looked almost pregnant. She made me stand at attention and told me to relax as much as possible. She then led me to the bathroom and told me to stand in the shower just in case anything leaked out. I would have to stand there until six minutes had passed. When the six minutes were up she told me to get out of the shower and sit on the toilet but not to go just yet. When I was seated she told me that I could go and she was going to stand there and watch. In the enemas my sister and I took neither one of us had ever watched the other go to the toilet. This would be the first time anyone had ever watched me go to the toilet after an enema.

Yes, it was quite embarrassing but I did it anyway. When it was all out she told me I was going to get my second enema. It was back on her bed and another two quarts went into me. This time I only had to hold it for a minute or so and she let me go to the toilet. Again, she watched as I expelled my enema.

It was now time for her to get her enemas. I did it to her exactly the same way she did it to me. However, it took her almost four minutes to get the first enema in and I made her retain it for a full eight minutes. It was the first time anyone had ever watched her going to the toilet after an enema as well. She was also quite embarrassed by it.

After we had given each other enemas we remained naked for a while and talked. A little while alter we decided to examine each others bodies. We would weigh each other, measure each others height and body measurements and then feel each other up. Both of us were virgins. She had noticed that my cock was a little hard. She told me that even though it was obvious that I was a little aroused she didn’t want to let me have sex with her that she wanted to remain a virgin. I told her I didn’t want to do it either as I too wanted to remain a virgin. After we felt each other up though she did rub my cock with her hands until I came.

We then got dressed and went out for a few hours. We hid our enema bags where she hid hers from her parents. When we finally arrived back at her house her parents were not yet back home. I called over to my house to let my parents know I would be home shortly. My sister answered the phone. She knew that I had gone to my girl friends and why. She told me that our parents had gone out grocery shopping and would not be home for a while. That was perfect! I could get home and put my enema equipment away before they got home. My girlfriend and I decided we would do it again another time but not when.

I left for home and when I got home put away my enema equipment. My sister and I talked for a few minutes about my girl friend giving me enemas and I told her what it was like for another girl to give me enemas. She asked me if I would ever consider allowing both her and my girl friend to give me enemas. I said as long as I could do it to both of them at the same time as well. She agreed it would okay with her. I told her I would talk to my girl friend about it when I got the chance. Our parents were arriving home so we had to stop talking about it.