My First Enema

I was just past my thirteenth birthday when for some reason I started having cramps stronger then normal with my periods. When they became so severe that it was necessary to see a doctor, my mother took me.

Up to this point in my life every thing had been what would be considered fairly normal as far as my physical development was concerned. In other words I had not had to see a female doctor for any thing to this point in my life. So naturally I did not know what to expect with my up coming first visit.

The morning of my appointment I stayed home from school so that I could take a bath and fix my hair before seeing the doctor. When we left home for the drive down town to his office I started getting somewhat apprehensive about what was going to happen. Once we arrived my mother went up to the desk and told them that I was there and got a form to fill out for my first visit. She then came over to where I was now sitting and we filled out the papers so that I could be called into one of the back examination rooms.

It was not very long after my mother returned the filled out papers back to the nurse at the desk before I was called. My mother and I walked toward the doorway where the nurse then showed us which room I would be in. When we were inside the nurse handed me a gown and told me to remove my clothes and put the gown on. Then she left!

I did as she asked and then jumped up and sat on the edge of the leather examination table. It was just a short time before the door opened again and the nurse and doctor came in together. The nurse came over to me and helped me scoot around so that I had my butt at the edge of the table and I could lie flat on the rest of the exam table. Then she took one foot at a time and placed them into the stirrups so that my knees were bent and my legs were some what spread. The gown I was wearing had fallen between my legs so that I was still completely covered from view. But as soon as the doctor had put on some gloves he walked up to me from between my legs and started talking to me. The next thing I knew was that my one leg was now being moved farther out to the side, and then the other one was moved.

He was still talking to me when I felt my gown being lifted so that I was no longer covered from the waste down. That is when I remember him telling me that this might hurt some.

All of a sudden I felt his finger push inside me as NO ONE had ever done before. Then he started moving it around from side to side and then from front to back. I felt myself tighten up more and more as he kept moving his finger inside me. Then just as fast as he put his finger in me, he took it out. The next thing he did was show me a funny looking silver thing that he told me would open me so that he could look inside for anything that didn’t look right. I felt it going in because it was cold, real cold. Then I started feeling myself opening as if being pulled apart. When he started looking inside me he got right down between my legs to really stare deep inside me. At the same time he took a long stick with cotton at the end and wiped some thing from inside me. Boy I was sure glad when he removed what ever it was from inside me and pulled my gown back down.

As I was still lying there he asked what the reason was that had brought me here in the first place. I told him that I was having severe abdominal pain long after my period was over. He then inquired if my periods seem normal, and how long they usually lasted. I told him what I could and left it at that. The next thing I knew he was pushing his finger inside my butt and moving it around inside there. At the same time he started pushing down on the lower part of my stomach as if to feel his finger that was still inside me. The more he pushed the more it hurt until I told him just how much it hurt and please stop. He pushed just a time or two more and then removed both his finger and his hand.

He was silent for what seemed about five minutes before asking me if my bowel movements were regular? I told him that I had not had a movement in three days and the last one I had was real hard. That is when he told me that I could sit up and get dressed as he left the room. While he was gone I really got dressed quick because I did not know when he would be back. Actually I had plenty of time because he was gone quite a while.

When he returned he knocked and then came in to talk to us about what he had found. He told mother and I that it appeared to him I was just constipated and possibly a change of diet would help. He handed mother a small blue bottle that he said was a laxative and I should take it before I went to bed that night. After that his nurse came in and showed us the way out to the lobby again.

On the way back home mother dropped me off at school so that I would not miss the entire day after all.

That night I took that nasty tasting white stuff as the doctor had said, but I didn’t like it one bit. The next morning the cramps were far worse then the day before and I was just about doubled over. Mother called the doctor’s office to see if there was not some thing else that could be done to relieve my pain. When the doctor got on the phone all mother was saying was OK if that is what it will take, and she has never had one before so how big should it be, things like that. I had no idea of what she was talking about until she got off the phone and looked at me with funny eyes. Then she said that she was going to call my aunt and then go to the drug store and pick up a few things, and out the door she went.

By the time she got back my aunt had arrived and was waiting for her. My aunt took the bag that mother was carrying and disappeared into the bathroom with it. She was in there several minutes before coming out and telling mother that all was ready. At that point I just had to ask what was all ready? Mother explained that the doctor had told her to give me an enema to loosen what was inside me up and then it would come out on its own.

I told her NO WAY, there had to be some thing else that she could do first to see if I could go to the bathroom. She said that this would be the fastest way and that was` all there was to it. While I was still begging her not to make me take it, she was telling me to go to my room and take my cloths off and put on my robe. I stayed in my room until I heard her call me to come out. When I walked out of my room she pointed toward the bathroom and told me to march myself right in there.

On the short way to the bathroom I started to cry hoping she would feel sorry for me and not make me do it. When I opened the bathroom door my aunt had already laid a mat on the floor and a red bag with a white hose was hanging from the shower curtain rod. My aunt told me to take off my robe and lay down on the mat on my side. I did not want to, but I did as she said. I saw my aunt take a small amount of Vaseline and put some on the end of the white hose. Then she took what was left on her finger and rubbed it around my butt hole and even inside some. After that I could feel her putting the tip of the hose just up to my skin and then with one push it was inside me. As I laid there with the hose now stuck in me I heard a click of the plastic clamp that held the water back snap open. All of a sudden I felt water coming inside me and the filling feeling that came with it. The bag seemed only about half full, but it was enough to make my stomach tighten up when it was all in.

My aunt told me to try and lay there as long as I could before using the bathroom. I did my best but the urge came on quick and I just had to get up. When I sat on the stool, what was inside me came out with such force that it splashed all over my backside.

Needless to say I did feel much better and the pressure and pain had already started going down. I told mother that it seemed to have worked because I was feeling so much better. That is when she told me that the doctor told her that I was to have another “full” bag enema one hour after this one. I told her that I was feeling fine and that I did not need it. I even told her to call the doctor back and tell him that I felt fine and ask him if I could skip the other one. She just told me to keep my cloths off as I was going to follow the doctors orders whether I wanted to “or not.”

As she left the bathroom she told me to rinse myself off when I was finished and to come into the living room until it was time for my next enema.

I thought that I was in the bathroom longer than I really was because I had only used up a half-hour of my hour waiting period. So I did as mother said and came into the living room without even putting my robe back on. Mother was sitting in her favorite chair and my aunt was on the couch. So I went over and sat at the other end of the couch with my aunt. While we all waited for the time to pass some one rang the doorbell. I started to get up and go to my room when mother said to “sit” and she would see who it was. It turned out that it was two of my girlfriends from the next block and mother invited them in. When they saw me sitting on the couch naked they asked what was going on? Mother told them that I was having stomach pains and that I had to have another enema in a few minutes.

Almost as if they had rehearsed it both of them asked if they could watch at the same time.

Without asking me mother told them that she did not see any reason that they could not stay seeing that we all knew each other.

Well the time had come and my aunt had gone into the bathroom to fill the red bag completely to the top and have it ready for me. When she called I got up and went to the bathroom and every one else followed. When all five of us were in there it became very obvious that we all could not fit at the same time. So my aunt said that if some one would clean off the coffee table in the living room, she would give me my enema there. Mother was the last one in, so she was the first one to reach the coffee table. It took just a few seconds to clean it off and my aunt quickly laid the mat down on top of it.

My aunt told me to lie on my side, but the table being what it was that didn’t work. Finally one of the girls said that her mother just has her lay on her back and lift her legs while the hose was put in.

I got down and laid on my back and lifted my legs as was suggested so that my aunt could slip the end back inside me. Once it was in I lowered my legs and just lay there waiting. The girl spoke up again saying that if they did not want me to leak they needed to put a belt around my hips and really tighten it like her mother did. Well mother went and got one of dad’s belts and asked the girl to show her what she was talking about.

My friend told me to lift my butt as she put the belt around the lower part of my hips. When it was around me she pulled it and buckled it so tight that I could feel my butt cheeks really pulled together tight. Then she told my mother that was the way her mother gave her enemas at home all the time.

Once I was back flat on the table my aunt opened the hose clamp and raised the bag so that the water would start flowing inside me. The higher she raised the bag the faster the water flowed. I could see that the bag was now about half empty and I was filling up real fast. I asked my aunt to stop as the water was starting to hurt me now. She told me that the doctor said to give me a full bag, and that was what I was going to get.

My girl friend told me to try and not think about it and before I knew it I would have got it all in. So I really tried, but it was just not working. The more the water flowed the more I was hurting. Yet by the time I was just about ready to role off the table my aunt said that it was all in. My girlfriend was still looking down at me and said, “I told you so.” Nevertheless I was still more than ready for someone to let me up so I could go to the bathroom as fast as I could.

My aunt told me that I really needed to lay there for at least ten minutes if I wanted the water to really loosen what was inside me, and let it come out. My girlfriend told me that her mother would make her lay with a full bag in her for a half-hour or more before letting her use the bathroom. She said it depended how mad her mother was at her when she made her take an enema. As I was lying there I asked her how often she got enemas? She said some time as many as three times a week. I left the discussion there as I felt the belt being loosened and I quickly headed for the bathroom to do what just had to be done.

This was the first time that I ever had any one give me an enema, and I still remember it as if it were yesterday.