My First Home Gyn Exam

The Dr. and I had been talking online for about a year.. exchanging stories and pics of gyn exams and rectal temps. I was so curious to find out if it would be as much a turn on to actually do it as it was to read about it.

This past summer I got the nerve and we were able to coordinate our schedules. He came to my home and he brought all his medical equipment with him. At his request I had done a fleet enema the night before and early that morning. after chatting a bit to make me comfortable he asked me to remove my t shirt (not wearing a bra underneath.) so he could do a breast exam. While I stood in front of him he examined each breast and each nipple (hard and sticking out by now)

After the breast exam he said he needed to take my temperature, rectally of course. I took of my undies and lay on my tummy on my bed. The Dr then put on an exam glove and got the lube and spread my cheeks and first with his lubed index finger gently massaged my hole and relaxed it… ( I had never ever had my temperature taken rectally before and I was a bit nervous).. then he slowly slid his finger in a little.. then out.. then in a little more.. then out… finally slid it all the way in to make sure I had enough KY inside to make the thermometer enter smoothly. Now I was relaxed and he slid the thermometer in s l o w l y ……. mmmmm it felt better than I had imagined it would. The doctor then adjusted it some and twisted it around some and slid it in and out a little. I lay there for awhile.. he ran his hand up and down my legs and butt while we waited…when the time had passed he slid the thermometer out very slowly…

Dr. Matt had just finished taking my temperature. He said he needed to examine me further and asked me to roll over on my back and put my feet on the bed, knees bent, opened wide. He put on a fresh rubber glove. I was a little nervous again. I shouldn’t have been. Dr. Matt was so gentle. He examined my outer lip, running his fingers up and down slowly and gently.

Then parted them to examine my inner lips. I was getting so wet form his gentle ministrations. I almost jumped out of my skin when he gently ran his finger over my clit. I remember moaning loudly. He continued touching my clit and then slid one lubed finger ( he didn’t really need extra lube) into my pussy at which point I came hard. God I remember thinking how I hadn’t expected to be able to cum ( I sometimes have a hard time cumming). He let me relax and said we would get back to doing the vaginal exam later. He then decided I needed to be shaved before he could continue the examination. As I lay there relaxing form that great cum he went to the bathroom and got a wash cloth, warm water, a razor and some shaving cream. He came back. He wet the wash cloth, wet my pussy…. it felt wonderful…. and he proceeded to shave me.

Ok.. so here I am all shaved. Another first for me. I am relaxed and have my eyes closed. I hear a new rubber glove being put on. This time I didn’t open my eyes… trusted Dr. Matt completely. He was going to do a real vaginal exam now. He asked me to open my eyes and showed me the speculum he was going to use. I got back into position.. feet planted, opened wide… ready and very willing. I had been afraid that I wouldn’t be turned on by the actual exam.. I was wrong…. I felt like every nerve was on fire….

Ok, digital exam again. He ran his fingers over every nook and cranny of my vagina.. slowly, gently. I was trying very hard not to move my hips too much…. then he got some KY and slid one finger into my vagina… felt around inside… found my g-spot.. oh yes it does exist!!! then slid a second finger in. That felt sooo great!!! As he moved them around I felt like I was going to cum again. I told Dr. Matt this and he moved his fingers in and out a little quicker.. and slid his finger up on my clit….. that did it… I came….. Now it was time for the speculum. A little more lube on the speculum and he slid it right in.. turned it and opened it up wide. After having cum it felt incredible. Dr. Matt then slid his fingers in and also a long q tip. After declaring that all was normal down there he closed the speculum and slid it out. He then told me he wanted to take my temperature vaginally and showed me this thicker thermometer. He slid that in. mmmmmm.

After this he lubed another finger slid one in my vagina and without warning.. slid a finger in my butt….. what a feeling….. fingers in both holes…. incredible. He moved both fingers in and out. First both at the same time then one in as the other was slid out…. almost came again. By this time I was so sensitive.. every touch was electric. Now it was time to move on to a full rectal exam……..

I was a little apprehensive about this part. I had had anal sex with someone with a small penis and had had my vibrator in my ass but this was all new to me. Dr. Matt told me to get into the knee chest position and that he was going to do a manual rectal exam first. Not a problem.

He put on a fresh pair of gloves and the anticipation grew. I heard the snap of the rubber, heard him open the KY. He was behind me and I couldn’t see and I think this made everything better.. made everything seem more. I waited. I felt his hand on my butt, felt him spread my cheeks and then I felt the coolness of his lubed finger on my hole. I wanted that finger inside my ass. I moved back some. He pulled back and told me to relax. Ok, OK….

Again I felt his finger on my anus. He moved his finger around and spread the KY around some then he slid his finger slowly into my waiting ass. Damn that felt good. Again he moved it all around and slid it in and out. He told me everything looked good he also told me ha wanted to take my temperature again. This time he used a long 8 inch thin thermometer. Following this he said he was going to test my sensitivity. He took a swab and moved it around the edge of anus. It tickled and it felt very good. Then he slid this swab in my ass and moved it around the walls of my rectum. It tickled and yet it didn’t… it did much more… then he stopped. Time for the next part and he had to put more lubricant in order to insert the anoscope. He did this and now it was time to insert the anoscope. Still in the knee chest position he slowly inserted it. Damn that felt good. I wanted him to move it in and out.. he didn’t. I was so sensitized down there… he used a flashlight and checked things out. All fine he said and then told me he needed to check sensitivity further. Ok I said. I don’t even remember him removing the anoscope and inserting a speculum but looking at the pictures he took I see that is what he did.

This whole part if the exam is so tied into what happened next that something’s are a blur. What I remember most is the sensations. Dr. Matt used the swab again to test for sensitivity. He gently moves the swab around the opening made by the speculum on my ass…. I started to squirm…. it felt wonderful.. this time I felt the swab MUCH more that I did earlier. Dr. Matt moved the swab further in and moved it all around the walls of my rectum….

OMIGOD!!!!! it was in credible…. I felt things all through my body.. I got wet… I started moving my ass back into Dr. Matt. It was so intense… it felt so wonderful… it tickled it stimulated.. it MADE ME CUM HARD!!!!!!! I didn’t have to touch my clit, my pussy, my breasts.. nothing.. I came so incredibly hard just form the swab moving around inside my ass. (I still get wet just remembering and I can almost feel what it felt like… ) At this point he removed the speculum and I lay down on my stomach and tried to slow my breathing and heartbeat down …

Dr. Matt told me to rest but asked me if I still wanted to try something new. I told him to give me some time but of course I didn’t want to stop. We decided to try out the anal beads. 1/2 inch beads. Back into the knee chest position once again. Dr. Matt then inserted them slowly into my kinda sore very sensitive butt. Then before I realized what he was going to do he pulled them out one at a time. One more incredible sensation. WOW….. He suggested I try using my vibrator on my clit at this point… I tried but it was all too much sensation…. damn it was too intense….

I also realized at this point that my body had had enough… I collapsed on my tummy. Dr Matt said he wanted to see how all this activity had affected my temperature and he inserted a thicker than normal thermometer in my butt and told me to just there and relax. I couldn’t do anything else. Dr. Matt sat next to me and rubbed my butt and legs. He removed the thermometer.. told me it was slightly elevated but that was to be expected after the exam I had just been through.

He packed up all his equipment while I lay there replete. Then we agreed to schedule a follow up visit… and Dr. Matt bid me farewell and left.