My First Lesbian Anal Experience

This is a true story about my first experience with Sapphic anal sex. I must admit I’ve always been

curious about anal sex but have never followed up on the urges. I guess I first began to think about it as a result of experiences at work.

Part 1

I work as a nurse in a Doctor’s office. Our clinic specializes in fitness assessments and doing executive physicals for local corporations. I deal with assholes (literally and figuratively) on a daily basis.

On a typical day I supervise the prepping of patients for proctological exams and, in the case of female patients, assist the male physicians in performing the “procto” exam.

The prep work on patients consists of instructing them on how to administer an enema prior to the procto. Most of the time the patients administer their own enemas but occasionally a patient does not want to do so and I administer the enema. On extremely rare occasions I get to give an enema to a beautiful woman!

One case that I will never forget involves Emma. Emma is a stunningly attractive marketing executive with a local firm. Two years ago she came in for her routine annual company physical. Emma had broken her arm in a skiing accident 4 weeks before and still had her right arm in a half cast. As I was doing the preliminary work-up on her prior to the physical, I noticed that she had recently turned 36. I told her, “Emma the policy of your company is to include a proctological examination of your colon in the physical exam past the age of 35.”

Emma sort of gulped and said, “OK I guess so if it’s a requirement.”

I said, “We’ll finish all the routine parts of the physical first and then I’ll prep you for the procto before you see the Dr.”

After we finished the eye tests, hearing tests, and respiratory evaluations I told Emma to follow me to the patient dressing area. There I gave her a gown to put on and told her to meet me in the adjacent restroom when she was finished changing. A few moments later she entered the restroom.

I had already spread a disposable sheet on the floor and had filled a one quart disposable bag enema. I asked Emma, “Are you going to be able to do this yourself with your broken arm?”

She replied, “I don’t think so. I guess you’ll have to help me.”

I said, “OK. Since it’s just us girls it here, why don’t you remove the examination gown. It will probably be easier and less messy if you do so.” I helped her off with her gown. She was a breath taking sight as she stood before me stark naked. She had long auburn hair. Her measurements were 37C-28-38. Seeing naked women is routine for me but in her case I was getting extremely turned on.

My vagina was beginning to juice up. “The best position for this is on your knees with your fanny up in the air,” I told her. She knelt on the sheet with her legs spread and bent over until her chest and face were resting on the floor. I stood behind her admiring the sight. In her bent over position her ass was spread wide open. Her puckered little anus was beautiful, perfectly symmetric in shape, devoid of hair, and ready to be kissed. The thought of licking her asshole made me juice up even more. I wanted to smell her ass and stick my tongue as deep into her rectum as I could. I had never had these kinds of thoughts before! My gaze next went from her asshole down to her pussy which was also slightly gaping. I could not see any evidence that she was getting wet. Just as well; if I had, I might have done something unprofessional that I would have regretted later.

As I was admiring her ass and pussy I was lubricating the enema nozzle. I slipped a finger cot on my right index finger and smeared it with KY jelly. “I need to insert my finger to lubricate your anus,” I told her. She tensed when I slipped my finger in to the second joint. I rotated it a few times and promptly withdrew it. I was strictly nurse-like in my approach. Inside I was going crazy. I wanted to explore her ass deeply with fingers, hand, and tongue!

Next I told her, “Don’t be alarmed by the size of the enema bag. The Dr. is only going to do a shallow procto, so you only need to take about half the bag.” I slipped the nozzle into her ass, going in much deeper than the recommended 2.5 inches. I then opened the hose clip. She lurched as the cool water entered her bowels. After she had taken about one fourth of the bag, I closed the hose clip. I reached between her legs, brushing her pussy with my hand, and massaged her distended belly. After I had massaged away her cramps, I opened the hose clip once again. After she took a little more than half the bag, I shut it off again and withdrew the nozzle from her hole.

I said, “Hold this position for about 3 minutes before expelling the enema. I’ll massage your belly until then to minimize the cramping.” I put my thumb on her asshole while I massaged her to prevent any water from leaking. After 3 minutes I said, “OK hop up on the toilet and expel.” She immediately jumped up and sat on the toilet. I told her to put on her examination gown and join me in the examining room when she was finished . I left the room and gave her some privacy as she used the toilet.

That enema experience piqued my interest in anal sex and watersports. From that point on I wanted increasingly more and more anal sex in my lesbian love life. I don’t think Emma enjoyed the experience much, but I sure did.

The remainder of the exam was fairly formal. The Doctors. at the clinic perform about 5 pelvic/procto exams a day and do them as quickly as possible. When Emma came into the examining room I positioned her on the table for her pelvic exam. I draped her and had her put her feet in the stirrups.

The Dr. then came in and started the exam. I helped him put on a pair of examination gloves and squirted a dab of KY into his palm. He then examined her vagina and rectum simultaneously with his digits. I stared at his hands kneading and probing her pussy and asshole. Oh how I would love to suck the latex gloves after he removed them! After the digital exam he examined her pussy with a speculum. As a training experience he allowed me to peer into her vagina through the speculum and take a swab sample from her cervix. I was entranced as I stared deep into her love hole. I wanted to stick my entire head into her pussy! Emma’s pussy was beautiful. It was pink and glistening and had an enticing odor. My cunt was starting to flow.

When the Dr. completed the pelvic exam I gave her some tissues to wipe the lubricant off of her pussy and asshole. I then told her to kneel on the table with her behind in the air like she did when I gave her the enema. She promptly assumed the position on the table. All the while the Dr. was preparing the proctoscope. I stood by her head and told her to breathe deeply through her mouth. Her eyes popped open wide as the Dr. slid the proctoscope past her anus and into her colon. He examined her colon to a depth of about 30 centimeters. The whole time he was examining her I massaged her temples; she seemed extremely tense. When the Dr. was finished he abruptly withdrew the scope and said, “Everything looks fine. You can get dressed now.”

Thus ended my unforgettable experience with Emma. After she dressed and left the clinic I took my coffee break. I sat on the toilet in one of the bathroom stalls and masturbated to orgasm twice. I could not get the thought of her ass out of my mind.

Part 2

My first lesbian anal sex experience, after the Emma episode, occurred with Beth. I met Beth through a women’s nursing organization that I belong to. Beth is an RN at a local Doctor’s office. The nursing organization holds “happy hours” at local clubs every other Friday after work. It was at one of these happy hours that I met Beth and became good friends with her. As our friendship progressed and became stronger, I opened up to Beth and told her that I was gay.

This did not phase her at all. She indicated that she had thought a lot about making love to another woman but had never found the right situation. Beth is a good looking woman, pretty but not ravishingly beautiful. She is tall (5’ 10”) and slender (118 #, 36-28-34) with short blonde hair. She is quite a contrast to me : 5’ 2”, 110#, 36-30-36.

The first time we had sex together occurred on a Saturday afternoon last spring. She was over at my apartment to go jogging with me in an area park. After jogging 3 miles, we returned to the apartment to relax a bit. I opened a bottle of wine and after our tongues were loosed by the wine we began a explicit discussion about female/female sex.

One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was leading Beth by the hand into my bedroom. I turned to her and said, “You know, after jogging and getting very sweaty, we really need to bathe and clean up before we make love to each other.” We then removed our running clothes and I led Beth into the bathroom where I began drawing a warm bath. When the bath was drawn, I asked Beth to get into the tub. I then turned around and opened the doors to the storage area beneath my sink. I pulled out two ready to use douche dispensers and two squeeze bottle enema dispensers. I was not sure what she was going to think about the enemas equipment. I didn’t say a word I just left the douche and enema equipment prominently on the sink and got into the tub with her.

I began washing her from head to toe. I told her that I wanted to devour every square inch of her body. I washed her feet and between her toes and then had her stand up in the tub while I lathered her pubic area. I did not insert any fingers into her, I just lavishly soaped and washed her pubic mound and the vestibule of her vagina. When I finished washing her groin area I asked her to turn around, bend over, and spread her butt cheeks open. This request coupled with the enema bottles sitting on the sink probably gave her a strong suspicion that I was into anal sex. She obeyed my request. She turned around, bent over, and spread her cheeks as wide as she could. I just stared at her gaping ass for a while. After a minute of staring I began to lather and wash her anal area. I did not penetrate her anus deeply with my finger but I did insert the tip of my soaped index finger slightly into her sphincter. After I finished washing her Beth returned the favor by washing me.

When we were finished bathing we both got out of the tub without saying a word. I said, “Now that we’ve cleaned our external bodies, we will next clean our internal bodies. As a nurse I am a firm believer in complete hygiene, both internal and external.” I then raised the toilet seat and asked her to sit on it with legs spread open. As she was sitting on the toilet I was busy preparing the douche applicator. I removed the protective cover from the douche nozzle and lubricated it with KY jelly. I took my fingers which had residual KY on them and rubbed them between her vaginal lips a few times. Next I inserted the douche nozzle into her pussy and squeezed the contents of the bottle into her vagina. The douche fluid gushed into her pussy and immediately flowed out into the toilet. I refilled the douche bottle with tap water and douched her again.

After the second douche I could tell that she was getting hesitant and nervous. We both knew that the next step was the enema. I was nervous too , and worried about how she would react. She bit the bullet and said, “I’m nervous about this, but I trust you and I’m willing to have a new experience.” The tension in her face immediately disappeared. I spread a bath towel on the floor of the bathroom and asked her to kneel on it. While she was kneeling I prepared the enema equipment. I removed the nozzle cover and squirted a small amount of liquid out of the bottle. Next I lubricated the nozzle with a thin film of KY. I then placed one hand in the middle of her shoulders below the neck, the other one between her breasts, and gently pushed her forward until her chest was on the floor.

At this point my emotions were running wild. She was extremely excited but, at the same time, was feeling dominated and exposed. I took my lubricated index finger and inserted it into her anus as far as it would go. She gasped at the sudden penetration of her most private of orifices. Things began to proceed rapidly at this juncture. I removed my finger, inserted the enema nozzle in its place, and squeezed the contents of the bottle into her rectum. I said, “This is a low volume enema. Hold the water as long as you can before expelling it.” After I filled her with water, she remained motionless for 2 minutes, chest on the floor and ass high in the air while I massaged her asshole with my thumb. Then I tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Go ahead and relieve yourself.” She popped up from the floor and leapt upon the toilet. She expelled the entire volume of water in 10 seconds flat. She had had a BM before she came to my apartment; hence, the enema discharge was relatively clear and inoffensive.

I refilled the enema bottle and repeated the process. “I want to rinse you until your expulsion is clear.” After the third enema she was expelling clear water. “That’s enough,” I said, “You’re finished now.” Next I took a towel and wiped her vaginal and anal areas. I then took a few sheets of baby wipes and thoroughly cleansed her pussy and asshole.

I asked if she would douche me and give me an enema as well. She agreed to do so but was so nervous that she just strictly followed my leads. She douched me two times. After the douche I kneeled in the same position I had placed her in. I did not say a word. I simply pointed to my anus. She did not finger my asshole, she simply administered the enema. She was not ready to probe and explore my anal orifice quite yet. She gave me three enemas and just watched as I expelled them in the toilet. After the third enema my discharge was quite clear.

After an hour and a half of bathing, douching, and taking enemas we were cleansed as ready to explore our bodies. I led her into the bedroom and placed a fresh sheet over the bedspread. I then positioned her on her back on the bed. She was quaking and shivering as she lay in anticipation on the bed. I began our love making with her feet. I started by licking the soles of her feet. The sensation of it caused her to shiver even more. I licked between her toes and individually sucked each of them. Both of our pussies were oozing with wetness. After I lavished her feet with my mouth I began licking my way up her right leg. When I got to her vee I said, “Open your legs, I want to devour your pussy.”

Needless to say she immediately opened her legs as wide as she could. I lingered for a few moments with my nose nestled in the web of her pubic hair inhaling the aroma of her dripping vagina. Then I started rooting my way into her pussy, forcing her labia open with my nose and mouth. I wedged my face as far as I could into her pussy. I licked and sucked and slurped vigorously! She was rushing to the brink. The bridge of my nose was pressuring her clit and driving her toward orgasm. I was drinking her vaginal juices. Suddenly I shifted my attention to her clitoris, sucking it deeply into my mouth. She was about 2 gnats hairs away from coming when I abruptly stopped and pulled my mouth away from my mound. She screamed at me, “Don’t stop! Make me come! I can’t take the teasing anymore.”

I said, “In due time my dear, in due time.”

As she sobbed on the bed I said, “I want to examine your asshole now. Get your ass up in the air now!” She instantly flipped over and assumed the position on the bed. As she was positioned there, ass in the air, I was slipping on a pair of latex examination gloves. I moved in behind her and grasped an ass cheek in each hand. After I spread her cheeks as wide apart as possible, I planted a deep and long soul kiss right on her asshole. I kissed her anus as if I was kissing her mouth. I gently placed my mouth entirely over her hole and licked and suckled it. I did this for five minutes straight. I had never felt so dirty, so evil, and so turned on in my life. The experience was beyond description! Her head sunk into the bed and all her feelings became focused on her asshole. After I had rimmed her for five minutes, I removed my mouth from her crack and rested for a moment. I said, “Wow my jaw and mouth muscles are a little cramped from all that licking!”

As she rested a bit I lubricated my gloved hands with KY jelly. “I want to see how much of my hand I can get into your ass,” I said. I inserted the index finger of each hand into her asshole with my palms together. Next I laterally spread my hands apart causing her sphincter to gape open. I opened and closed her sphincter in a rhythmical manner slightly increasing the radius of expansion each time. I could tell that it hurt her at first but soon her asshole relaxed and expanded to a diameter of about an inch and a half.

While I had her hole stretched open as far a possible, I lowered my mouth to her anus and actually inserted my tongue through her gaping asshole into her rectum. I explored her rectum as deeply as I could with my tongue and licked every inch of her anal opening and sphincter. When I had finished sticking my tongue in her, I began to see how many fingers I could get up her ass. She immediately accepted two since her sphincter was well dilated by all the probing and stretching I had done. Three were handled about as easily. When I inserted the fourth, things started to get a little painful. I stopped for a while to allow her ass to accommodate the four fingers. Then I started pushing my fingers deeper in.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stop in a moment. I’m not going to try to fist you,” I said. I stopped when I pushed in up to my knuckles. With my free left hand I began to finger her pussy. I inserted my first two fingers into her cunt and used my thumb to rub her clit. Beth was getting frantic at this point. She was bucking forward and then backward against my hands lodged in her cunt and asshole. I could feel both of my hands rubbing together separated by the thin membrane between her anal and vaginal cavities. I rubbed her clit harder and harder while grinding my hand as far as it would go into her ass.

Suddenly Beth stiffened as her orgasm exploded within her. She let out a deep guttural moan that seemed to last for a minute. Her rectum and cunt were rhythmically contracting and spasming around my intruding hands. The pulsation of her ass and cunt gripping my hands felt exquisite! God I love this woman.

After her orgasm slowly subsided, I slowly removed my hand from her asshole and rocked back on my haunches to survey her still gaping anus. It was still open to a diameter of about an inch and was pulsing, slowly closing down with each pulse. Suddenly she let out a huge fart. I had pumped her so full of air with my thrusting that she couldn’t prevent it from escaping. Beth then collapsed in a heap on the bed.

After she regained her senses she rolled over and stared into my eyes. She was so overcome by the experience and so full of overpowering sexual desire that she did something I would have never thought she would do. She rose and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I had not yet removed the latex gloves from my hands that had just been probing her asshole and cunt. She removed her mouth from mine and grabbed the hand that had just been in her rear. As she stared into my eyes she slowly directed my hand toward her face. Without saying a word she took the four fingers into her mouth and sucked them. She then sucked each finger individually. The effect on me was stunning. I came on the spot.